How long does it take to learn tap dance

Is Tap Dancing Hard? (11 Things You Can Expect)

Tap dancing can be physically demanding but requires tremendous coordination and balance to master. Dancers become downright acrobatic as they move around the stage and into a freestyle dance routine.

You can see people everywhere trying to learn the skill, but it’s not something everyone can do quickly. So, if you’ve ever been curious about tap, here’s what you can expect when you try it!

Tap dancing is a genre of dance that originated in America, and it’s one of the most complicated types of dance to master. This skill requires a high level of energy, agility, and coordination! Moreover, Tap dance demands perfect balance, coordination, and artistic interpretation. However, Tap dancing is an uplifting, fun, and exciting form of dance. The best part? You don’t even need any previous experience!

Tune in as we discuss what to expect when learning tap dancing that might help you improve!

1. Tap Dance is Unique 

Tap dancing is a unique style that necessitates accurate and rapid footwork. In addition, the dancer’s shoe functions as a timbre since each part produces a distinctive beat and sound.

It is also considered the most distinctive and sensual dance genre. On the other hand, rhythm and broadway’s tap are the two primary forms of tap dancing.

Broadway frequently showcases musical theater, emphasizes dancing with musicality, and its artists believe they are continuing the jazz legacy through rhythm tap.

As you can see, some performers claim that tap dancing is the purest form of dance because the action creates music on its own!

2. Tap Dance is Tough to Master

Some individuals claim that tap dancing is the most challenging dance style to learn.

If you’ve never tapped before, it can take you a few weeks to become comfortable with your shoes and the fast weight shifting that is a considerable part of tap dancing.

However, tap dance music often contains more rhythms and higher intensity as such young dancers can develop a strong sense of rhythm and timing.

Tap dancing requires the development of performance abilities like expression, focus, musicality, communication, emphasis, and timing.

Beginners should be encouraged to learn necessary time signatures and be able to apply them to the tap steps in addition to mastering the tap vocabulary such as buck, brush, dig and draw!

Overall, instructors agree that learning this type of dance might take longer, from six months to two years!

3. Tap Dance is an Indigenous American Dance Genre

Tap dance, an American dance form, has been practiced for around 300 years.

It first appeared in the southern United States in the 1700s as a synthesis of British and West African musicals and is now globally embraced worldwide.

4. Tap Dancing is Energizing and Easier than Ballet

Tap dancing is often a very energizing form of dance that can be performed independently or in groups.

You must be able to move swiftly from one area to another and perform quick footwork movements with your feet and legs.

While Tap dancing requires a significant amount of discipline, it isn’t as strict as other dance disciplines, like ballet.

It’s usually best to take tap dance lessons from a certified instructor. 

However, you can also learn how to tap dance even if no classes are nearby. Check online platforms for free tutorials.

Overall, Americans claim that tap dancing was the original type of street dance! 

5. Tap Dance Resources

You don’t need special tap shoes to learn some basic tap dance moves. Dress shoes, homemade tap shoes, or even a pair of worn sneakers are all acceptable options.

However, to get professional training, you must have certain essential things, such as tap shoes, a practice floor, music, and workout clothes.

If you have that extra budget, you may invest in a new tap shoe that would cost between $27-$99 from online shops and local stores.

Lastly, find a tap dance studio in your area by doing some online search!

6. Join Tap Dance Classes

After acquiring your tap-dancing resources, as previously mentioned, it is time to focus on your dance classes and lessons.

Enroll in adult tap courses to learn more challenging routines and exercises that will help you tap dance more proficiently.

Some dance schools may offer various options, from fun exercises to beginner lessons. 

Tap lessons are often taught at dancing studios, costing between $45 to $150, depending on the difficulty and experience. 

7. Learning from Mistakes in Tap Dance

Continue to learn while making mistakes! 

Any time is good to review or practice that combo tap move. Tappers usually get carried away and rush through the combinations to keep up with the tempo. 

However, this could unintentionally become a bad habit if steps overlap and you skip some combinations. So, go slowly and make an effort to dance more clearly.

Regardless, you may fall behind in some classes. In that case, you can practice more at home using free YouTube videos or take more paid online lessons. 

You must learn the four fundamental tap-dancing steps—shuffle ball, ball change, step-heel and heel-step, and single buffalo.

Like other dances, it’s essential to keep learning and regularly practice tap routines.  

8. Challenges and Complexity of Steps in Tap Dance

In Tap dancing, dancers can mix up the steps easily. 

Additionally, the complexity of the moves can occasionally be challenging for dancers.

Some repeat the dance because they have trouble remembering the steps. Undoubtedly, things got off to a rough start.

Unfortunately, beginner dancers might be highly eager. Still, they might not have the coordination necessary to pick up sophisticated routines!

9. Tap Dance Benefits 

For beginners, learning tap dancing can be an excellent workout that increases the heart rate. Additionally, it is probably more fun than jogging around the block.

Many want to train the significant muscles in the legs and the core, and they see tap dancing as a fun method to keep in shape.

Others assume that learning tap will improve their balance and lower their chance of developing back problems.

At the same time, some of these students merely see it as a newly emerging hobby and a creative setup!

10. Susceptible To Injuries

Because tap dancers’ moves require maintaining the hip and knee motionless as the feet move quickly, they are particularly vulnerable to kneecap injuries.

Common knee problems include tendonitis, cartilage tears, sprained or torn ligaments, and arthritis, all of which can lead to pain and swelling.

11. A Career in Tap Dance as an Instructor

With years of learning, practice, and immense effort, one can have a successful tap dancing journey, from student to professional coach. 

There are various career paths, such as a dance instructor, choreographer, dance photographer, dance filmmaker, or dance medicine specialist. 

Additionally, tap dance instructors can charge between $45 to $150 per hour for their studio sessions.

To learn more, you can also see our posts on Ballet and Zumba.


Tap dancing is not just about having the right shoes. Tap dancing is about rhythm. 

It’s vital to have good posture and proper balance. There are complexities in tap dance, but remember that your instructors can help you improve your routine and core balance. Still, exercise enough caution because tap dance is intricate on your body, and you cannot simply risk exposing yourself to injuries!

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How Long Does It Take to Learn Tap Dance

In the previous blog, we talked broadly about tap dance, its history, and how to learn tap dance at home, and we got a lot of questions from at least 50% of the people who, after reading, asked how long it takes to learn tap dance. So, do well to check it out if you haven’t.

The truth is it’s impossible to give a direct answer on how long it takes to learn tap dance because we all learn at a different pace. What might take you one day to learn might take another a month to grasp.

In tap dancing, your progress is dependent on how much you practice.

That leads us to the real question, how badly do you want this? That would then determine how much you practice. A good investment of time to yield optimum progress would be enrolling for weekly tap dance classes and a professional beside you to support real-time.

Though there’s no one size fit all learning approach in tap dance, there’s a one program fits all levels of classes at T3 Triple Threat.

In simple terms, tap dance is a one-of-a-kind style of dance that involves a dancer wearing unique shoes fitted with metal heel and toe taps, which make a rhythmic sound when they hit the floor.

Since its first appearance, particularly in North America, tap dancing has promptly been an integral part of Jazz music and culture. It has become famous to such an extent that it had, at last, become a hobby for a great many individuals.

If you’re reading this, odds are, you are now acquainted with what tap dance is about and wish to find out how long it takes to learn tap dance.

So how long does it take to learn tap dance? Here are some tips to get by more quickly.
Relax and loosen up!

Relax! You joined the tap class because you love and enjoy the art, and have been itching to learn, so prepare yourself to have some good times, walk into tap dance classes with heads high, and don’t mind any missteps that may happen. Even professional dancers still miss a step or two sometimes. When dancing, you need to relax your ankle, so it’s flexible and accessible for enhanced movements to avoid injuries.

Communicate with your teacher if you need more understanding.

Enrolling in our professional tap dance gives you access to first-hand training from an expert. Always ask questions if you need clarity on something.

Learn from other dancers.

Adult Theater San Diego T3 Triple Threat always has a support community of mixed-level dancers with more experience than you do. Tap into the years of experience of your fellow tappers and have a good time.

Just as there’s no perfect age to learn tap dancing, there’s also no time frame to master tap dancing. Just do it for the fun of it, and in no time, your happy feet will be tapping to perfection.

Live in the moment.

While you might want to memorize the steps in tap dancing, try not to get carried away. Ensure to stay in tune with the rhythm by slowing down and creating more precise sounds without overlapping so you can have an excellent performance.

The dancers at our studio say they enjoy doing it for the fun of it with little or no added pressure. So don’t fret if you can’t grab the techniques at once, as long as you read these tips and register for a tap dance class today. You are one step to becoming a better dancer than the average person who doesn’t.

We at T3 Triple Threat this year, in particular, is taking advantage of San Diego’s beautiful weather and holding our classes outside at the ‘North Park Recreation Center, located at 4044 Idaho Street San Diego, CA 92104’ By providing classes outside, we’re able to make ballet dance more accessible in the safest and healthiest of environments while dancers enjoy some of the ‘natural sunshine vitamins’.

Learns to dance lezginka for boys. How to learn to dance lezginka. Seven steps for self-learning lezginka

How to dance lezginka correctly

Lezginka is the most ancient dance of the peoples of the Caucasus. It has been danced both in the mountains and on the plains for many years. Lezginka itself is a very rhythmic dance. This is a mixture of sensuality, pride and temperament inherent in the Caucasian peoples. This is a dance for people of all ages and social statuses. Lezginka is danced both at celebrations and at an ordinary city disco. This dance has established itself as an integral part of the centuries-old culture of the Caucasus. Today, many people want to learn how to dance lezginka at home, because recently this dance has gained immense popularity.

About the types of lezginka

There are many varieties of this dance. It is danced alone, danced in pairs. With a paired lezginka, the dance acts as a demonstration of the man's temperament, while his gaze should not take his eyes off the partner. Character must be expressed in all dance movements, from beginning to end. This is a dance that demonstrates strength, agility, and at the same time restraint in the manifestation of feelings, since chaotic movements or movements of an erotic nature in dance are not typical for a man, which is massively promoted by foreign media.

A variety of lezginka in the world

In Caucasian culture, the lezginka associates a man with a proud wild bird - an eagle, while a woman is associated with a swan. To understand how to learn how to dance lezginka correctly, it is worth remembering that body language can convey feelings no worse than ordinary human speech. In Lezginka pair dances, the couple conveys a silent acquaintance, but group dances are always aimed at demonstrating strength, endurance and dexterity. Previously, dancers were able to continue dancing lezginka for hours, periodically replacing each other. In the case of a single dance, lezginka is contact with the audience without words, a manifestation of one's best qualities.

Where can I take lessons?

From recent times to the present day, lezginka remains a very popular dance among young people. This cannot but cause joy. Today there are many dance schools, sections, dance groups, where they will show you how quickly you will learn to dance lezginka, and how many opportunities it opens up. This is a great way to have a good time, get your body in order, or just keep fit. The art of dance will help you and your loved ones develop spiritually, gain self-confidence, as well as make many new and interesting acquaintances, because creative people, people of art never go unnoticed.

Get lezginka dance lessons

To teach a guy how to dance lezginka means helping him become more confident, courageous, and believe in himself. In dance studios, young people get to know each other, make new friends, which, of course, is also an advantage. The studios often host corporate parties and events that will help you to relax and get a new, interesting circle of acquaintances.

Street lezginka for people

Today lezginka is the most popular Caucasian dance, it is danced by all Caucasians, regardless of whether they live in their homeland. For a long time, lezginka was danced before decisive battles. Even a hunting trip was not complete without preliminary lezginka dances. The descendants of the highlanders know perfectly well how to learn how to dance the lezginka correctly, and will certainly teach you its technique at your request. After all, Lezginka is the pride of the peoples of the Caucasus, a traditional dance, the value of transferring the technique of which is a matter of honor for any Caucasian.

The best ways to learn to dance

In Russia today there are many representatives of the Caucasian culture, which means that regardless of nationality, every self-respecting person should have an idea about the culture of other nationalities, whose representatives live with him in the same country. On the Internet, you can find video lessons of learning lezginka to get some idea about this ancient dance. Today, not only representatives of the Caucasian youth are fond of lezginka, but also young people of other nationalities. After all, having once seen this beautiful sensual dance performed by professionals, it is impossible to remain indifferent. The main thing to remember is that learning to dance lezginka at home is quite realistic, the main thing is desire and patience.

The best way to learn how to dance lezginka

It should be noted that in schools and dance studios where the ancient lezginka dance is taught, there are absolutely no age restrictions. The groups recruit both adults and children, starting from 3-4 years. Among the Caucasian traditions, there is certainly the teaching of lezginka boys, and they begin it, often from a very early age, so that the boy in the future will grow up to be a real horseman. That's right, it's beautiful to move to incendiary music, dancing lezginka, how, for example, to fight or ride a horse, the boys know how already in early childhood.

Lezginka lessons delight not only boys, but also girls of all ages. Learning how to move smoothly, gracefully and femininely, like a swan, is very important for a future woman. Since it is femininity that makes a woman truly beautiful, desirable and loved. This is what makes a woman a woman, after all.

Do lezginka at special lessons

Without femininity, she will hardly be able to become happy and realize herself in the full sense of the word. It is enough to look at the female performance of lezginka - it seems that the dancer does not touch the floor with her feet at all, but simply hovers above the floor. The body is above the level of the waist, while dancing the woman remains motionless. It is also impossible not to pay attention to the hands, because the female lezginka is also distinguished by their smooth, bewitching movements.

Lezginka dance lessons

As mentioned above, lezginka lessons can be taken both in specialized studios, dance schools, and by watching video lessons, learning some typical lezginka movements, lunges.

The method of collective learning of lezginka with your friends and girlfriends is also considered very effective. Get together in the same room and try to repeat the movements of the lezginka by watching video lessons. Some ensembles were created just like that! This method appeals to those who like to organize noisy parties and various flash mobs. You just need to make a list of those who want to and find or rent a room for dancing.

Take lezginka dance lessons

Should I learn lezginka? The conclusion suggests itself - of course yes!. This dance will give you many benefits, such as self-confidence, ability to move, spiritual development and, of course, many new interesting acquaintances. Try one day to attend a class to learn this beautiful ancient Caucasian dance, and it will remain in your heart forever.


Crazy speed, bright costumes and boundless artistry of dancers, all this is not the whole list that characterizes such an excellent dance - lezginka. It includes acrobatic elements, sportiness, the ability to hold on. Lezginka is a dance that is gaining more and more popularity, for a reason. Today you can learn it in almost any dance school, on your own with the help of recommendations.

How to learn to dance lezginka

In general, the dance originally belonged to the warriors, since ancient times it has been distributed among the Caucasian peoples with different names. This is a solo male or pair dance. He, of course, is more spectacular when performed in national costumes, accompanied by a musical ensemble. As in any fairy tale of the eastern type, there is a legend, in the performance of the lezginka, the prototype of an eagle is used, alternating a slow, rapid pace. The second image, with the participation of a girl, is a kind of dove, acting smoothly, gracefully, with an even posture. Usually a girl follows a man, duplicating his movements, only performing them more feminine, calmer, but gradually increasing the pace. But, and the most spectacular, at the same time complex element, is when a man performs movements on his toes, with arm swings to the sides.

How to learn to dance lezginka for a girl

Previously, this old custom passed exclusively from generation to generation, families of Eastern countries, for example, in Dagestan, Iran and, of course, in Georgia. Our time, the world of dance is so popular that the borders on the division of national, gender and the like, divisions no longer exist.
Schools of absolutely different directions appear in Russia, many of which specialize in particular in this dance. Alternatively, you can sign up for one of these groups in your city. Also, it is quite feasible to learn the basics of lezginka at home, but this is not a simple dance. It is not enough to memorize the same movements, it must be performed with a warm heart. The performer needs to be an actor, try to let the rhythm through you. An active tempo, incendiary musical accompaniment boils the hot blood of a Caucasian person, so original, noble. In general, one of the important parts of the dance performance is a vivid manifestation of emotions. As for the technique, learning it is the same task for both a man and a girl, but the movements are significantly different. It's great if you have the ability to tap-dance, here, similarly, an even kick during actions is important, getting into the beat. The rhythm is frantic, you can’t argue here, with experience the necessary skills appear, showing perseverance, you can improve your capabilities at any age. Download more suitable music and listen to the beats, accents, so you will quickly understand when to take which steps. Since this is, first of all, a good physical activity that requires proper physical preparation, you need to work on your condition. These are primary muscle warm-ups, warm-ups, gymnastic exercises. It will even become easier for you to train, after warming up. Pay special attention to the work of the hands, the smoothness and clarity of movements are extremely important here.

How to learn to dance lezginka at home

This folk Caucasian dance is becoming more and more popular in different countries. It became possible to learn it in special paid sections and dance clubs, but due to lack of time, money and various factors, not everyone can afford it. The only way out is to learn on your own at home. The first thing you can start training with is to watch a couple of videos on the Internet with dancers performing. This is a great opportunity to dedicate your free and convenient time to your goal. Moreover, no funds are required for the cost. Dance movements require flexibility and well-developed physical form, so use stretching exercises.

How to learn to dance lezginka for a man

It's probably even a bit wrong to call this action only a dance, this is a serious performance imitating a competition between men. It requires endurance, strength, agility, but for the fair sex, performing this dance in tandem with a man, on the contrary, smoothness and grace. Among the representatives of the peoples of Eastern blood, it is customary from childhood to learn the lezginka technique. But if you were not taught from infancy to create an indomitable whirlwind of movements, you should not despair at all and throw such a goal out of your head. Consider the following recommendations:
In addition to listening to suitable tracks, learn from video lessons, repeat all the movements several times.
Before exercising, warm up well and stretch your muscles in order to avoid unwanted injuries. Yes, and heated ligaments stretch much better.
Wear suitable workout clothes, tight tank tops and tight pants, they will only interfere with movement.

Lezginka lessons

By far the best and most effective way to learn dance is to do it from childhood. The second way is to regularly attend courses and group classes in this area. Usually, the intensity of such classes is very high, it takes about two hours and the training itself takes place at least three times a week, which you yourself understand will not be wasted. Studying on your own, it is not a fact that all the techniques will be followed correctly, and yet, you can try. If you have ever seen this incendiary dance, you probably noticed a large number of jumps, swings and active actions with your feet. In other matters, there are few difficulties, it is important to prepare yourself well in terms of loads. You understand, jumping to full height from a sitting position, and even to the music, getting in time, is a task of colossal energy. Well, this is with regards to the actions of the male, the ladies need to take an example from the swans, their calm movements, it is necessary to move, as if on water, without unnecessary jerks. At the same time, it is important to direct the hands, regardless of the movements of the lower body, as softly as possible, the hands are flexible. And do not forget about the straight back, even posture gives the silhouette of both sexes, incredible strength and grace. The basic technique is sharpened in practice, listen to music, hit the beat and practice as often as possible, for longer. The one who does nothing is not mistaken, record yourself on video, or ask someone to look at your movements, work on yourself and everything will work out!

Lezginka is a very interesting and original dance. Its progenitors are the Lezgins, a people inhabiting the Caucasus. Ancient warriors danced this slightly aggressive dance before a hunt or battle to raise their spirits.

Very interesting women's party. The girl seems to be floating in the air with her head held high, her arms spread out beautifully like wings, she does not pay attention to her partner at all, thereby forcing him to prove his presence and seek attention from his beautiful chosen one.

Traditions transmitted through dance

Caucasians are rich in traditions, rituals and customs, which are strictly honored and carried in their culture for many centuries. One of these is the relationship between a young girl and a guy. According to them, the guy has no right to touch the chosen one, and for her, even touching the edge of the dress on a man is a real shame. Here, proceeding from this, the whole composition of the dance is built. An ardent lover, he circles around, not letting go, demonstrating his feelings with his movements. And she keeps pulling away, trying to move away, not to touch. So graceful, calm and graceful.

If you look closely, you can see that he embodies a proud mountain eagle in his movements, and she is like a white swan. That's what a lezginka is.

What you need to know

It takes a lot of effort to learn how to dance the lezginka. Although in the Caucasus, even a little girl will be able to perform beautifully and correctly all steps.

The stage image is also important, which is created through the costume, accessories and make-up. It is also necessary to convey to the viewer emotional experiences, mood and emotional state experienced by partners in the dance. If, looking at the incendiary performance of the artists, the viewer also lights up with the desire to join the dance, then it is considered that the lezginka was a success.

But in order to learn this amazing dance, a girl needs to learn the movements that create the whole pattern. And there are not very many of them:

  • front and side steps;
  • single and double steps;
  • a peculiar move called the Chechen one;
  • turntable version;
  • various lunges and exits.

In order to be able to dance the lezginka correctly, it is better to undergo special training.

Where is the best place to learn lezginka

The study, as well as the performance of lezginka, requires a certain physical preparation. An important factor in order to learn how to dance is a good stretch. Being very similar to tap or tap dance, the dance requires good training and endurance of the legs in order to get accurate and rather sharp beats produced to the rhythm of the music.

And the hands play a completely different role. Their movements resemble the flapping of the wings of an eagle or a swan. They fly up smoothly and gracefully, holding at chest level. If you dance using all the movements together, it turns out to be very dynamic, but at the same time lyrical. And you can learn all the tricks by taking a course with a good choreographer at a dance school. Here you will be introduced to all the nuances of lezginka and will be helped to learn how to dance it.

Particularly lucky were those who managed to visit the mountain villages of the Caucasus, where the lezginka is still the main dance today. Having seen all the dance movements in traditional folk performance, you can try and master them yourself.

It's great to try and learn how to dance using the Internet. It is enough to choose high-quality lessons, of which there are a large number and periodically engage. Thanks to them, it will be possible to master different moves, turns, combine the basic movements of the legs with the movements of the hands into a single whole. And then everything will work out.

The lezginka dance is a real performance imitating competition between men. It requires endurance, strength and good physical fitness from guys, and from women (yes, they can also dance lezginka, but the movements are completely different) - smoothness and grace of movements. The person who has ever seen the performance of lezginka by dexterous, strong and energetic men will definitely want to learn how to perform it in order to amaze others.

The history of this dance goes back to pagan rituals and cults, and one of its main elements is the image of an eagle (it appears when the dancers spread their arms and rise on their toes). This is a must for those who want to learn this dance.

Once upon a time, men performed lezginka as a ritual combat dance to raise their morale. And he also allowed a guy to meet a girl (Caucasian girls could not go out alone). At weddings, the girls performed this dance, and when they were about to leave, the guys blocked their way with all sorts of movements in the dance. At the same time, they should not have touched the girls - for such a liberty, the guy could even be killed.

Today lezginka is a gorgeous sight, a symbol of love and happiness, as well as an opportunity for the stronger half to show their dexterity and strength.

Caucasians have a question “how to learn lezginka?” never arises at all - they know all the movements from childhood, and even a child can dance it correctly.

But if you were not taught to create this indomitable and proud whirlwind of movements from infancy, this does not mean that you yourself cannot learn. This will not be easy, but possible.

Seven steps for self-learning lezginka

  1. You need a professional video lesson that explains in detail how to learn how to dance lezginka on your own. You don’t need to look for it anywhere, at the end of this article UchiDoma will provide them for free.
  2. Lezginka is not an ordinary dance. It cannot be danced with a strict mind and a cold heart. The dancer must have acting talents. Incendiary music and a lively dance tempo embody the hot blood of a noble, original, proud people. If you have the same sharp emotions, half the job is done.
  3. It is an equally capacious task for a boy and a girl to learn how to dance this dance. It is worth noting that the movements for the two sexes are different.
  4. Watch the video tutorials very carefully and more than once. If you know how to tap dance, then you will understand that during lezginka, each foot strike on the floor should be in time with the music. The rhythm is frantic, but professionals can withstand such loads.
  5. Through the Internet you can download music for your workouts. Without appropriate musical accompaniment, you definitely won’t learn how to dance lezginka.
  6. Put on comfortable, loose-fitting clothes before you start your workout and, of course, warm up. If you do not do a warm-up, then you can pull something.
  7. Practice, practice and practice again. Exercise regularly. If you set a goal for yourself, then you will definitely achieve it. But you need to develop coordination of movements, flexibility of the body and the will to win. Don't forget that arm movements are just as important as leg movements. They not only add spice, but also help to keep balance.

Video lessons

For guys

For girls

The Lezginka heading contains free video lessons on this dance. Lezginka is an old, fast Caucasian dance, as well as music for it. Lezginka has been common among absolutely all Caucasian peoples since ancient times. The Lezginka dance is a kind of hallmark of any Caucasian, an expression of the soul of proud, temperamental and courageous highlanders. The dance is most spectacular when performed in national costumes and accompanied by a musical ensemble. The melody of the lezginka is clear and dynamic, the tempo is fast. Learning lezginka from video lessons online will be useful for both beginners and more experienced dancers. You can watch video lessons from the Lezginka category for free at any convenient time. Some video lessons on lezginka have additional training materials that can be downloaded. Happy learning!

Total materials: 13
Material shown: 1-10

How to dance Lezginka. Part 11. Combination Four

This online lesson tells you how to dance the wonderful energetic Lezginka dance. This is the eleventh video dedicated to the study of Lezginka from Asker Eneev. Here he will show you one small but very clear dance sequence. It begins with the left leg, which must first be bent at the knee, and then straightened and put forward on the heel. On the next count, a jump is made, the legs are brought together in the castle, while the main weight is concentrated on the left leg, and the right one is on . ..

Lezginka training. Part 1. Chechen move

Here is how to learn to dance Lezginka - Chechen move. If you want to dance clearly and hard, then from you, i.e. guys are required to burn their eyes and burn their souls when performing this dance. The author of the lesson Asker Eneev will show you the movements in a mirror version, i.e. his left leg will perform the actions that the right should actually perform. Thus, it will be more convenient for you to study Lezginka. So let's get started. Put your hands on your belt, keep your back ...

Lezginka. Part 5. Pinwheel

This video tutorial tells how to learn how to perform a beautiful Caucasian dance Lezginka. The author of the lesson Asker Eneev will tell and show you how to make the so-called Pinwheel. To learn how to perform this element is in an open space, or if you are at home, then for safety reasons, stay away from sharp corners and hard objects so as not to get injured if you suddenly fall during training. Let's start by doing pirouettes (turns). Spin...

Lezginka dance. Part 2

Video lesson “Dance of Lezginka. Part 2” is devoted to the question of how the movements of the wonderful Caucasian dance Lezginka are performed. So, let's begin. Let's take one step forward with the right foot, and the left one remains behind, but you need to put it on the toe and move it to the right. Then we step back to her, and set aside the right one a little back. Such movements are done twice, starting with one leg, and then twice with the other. The hand movements here are similar to those we studied in the previous lesson, i.e. in a Chechen lezkinka...

How to learn to dance Lezginka. Part 3.2

This video is about how to perform some elements of the Lezginka dance. Asker Eneev is the author of this lesson, and a teacher of Lezginka. At the last lesson, he showed one very interesting dance combination at a fast pace. This combination is performed in three versions, namely in Chechen, Ingush and Balkar. In this lesson, you will see the execution of all movements separately at a slow pace in order to learn and remember them properly. In all three versions...

Lezginka training. Part 8.2. (explosive element)

This video shows how the Lezginka dance is performed correctly. This is the second part of the eighth lesson on teaching Lezginka. The author of the lesson, Asker Eneev, who is also a teacher of this dance, will show you some more interesting elements. Now we will analyze the movement with two variants of hands. A prerequisite for this dance element is that you need to keep your posture, to be as fit as possible. Leg movements are similar to those studied in the third video...

Lezginka dance lessons. Part 9. Combination three

This online lesson is devoted to the question of how to teach the Lezginka dance. Asker Eneev is the author of this video and a lecturer on Lezginka. Today we will analyze with you another Dagestan dance combination. At first glance, this combination may seem complicated, but in fact it is quite simple to perform. It begins with the four steps of the Chechen-Ingush lezginka, which we have already considered in the first video lesson of this course. Starts with the step of the right foot, with ...

Lezginka dance. Part 8.1. Step-Padding (explosive version)

Lesson “Dance of Lezginka. Part 8.1. Step-Padding (explosive version) ”is devoted to the question of how to perform the Lezginka element, which is called Step-Padding. This is the eighth lesson of this Lezginka dance training course. Now we will analyze exclusively the Dagestan version, the Dagestan school, the Dagestan style. We will study two movements and three hand variations. So, let's start studying the Step-Padding element. This, one might say, is a wedding option, i.e. we will disassemble not classical...

teaching basic movements and dance features


Hip-hop, like any other dance direction, is best studied at a professional school. After all, only a qualified teacher will find an individual approach to a new student and teach the necessary movements. But if this is not possible, or if you want to come to class prepared, you can try to master the direction of hip-hop at home. How to dance the first movements, now we will tell.

Like any dance, hip-hop training includes getting acquainted not only with the basic movements of the style, but also with a certain philosophy. And in this direction it is special. Hip-hop came to us in the second half of the last century from the most disadvantaged areas of New York and Los Angeles. Tired of injustice, aggression and blood, teenagers, who mostly did not have the cleanest reputation, invented their own special way to resolve conflicts - with the help of dance battles and rap parties. Hip-hop is a free dance, a challenge to society and a protest against any inequality. That is why the main thing in this style is not at all the clarity of the learned movements, but the sense of rhythm, improvisation and expression of the individuality of the performer.

Getting Started: Preparation and Basic Movements

Before learning hip-hop for beginners, you should make sure that you feel comfortable practicing. According to experienced dancers, there are three things that will help you relax and start learning:

  • Appropriate environment: flat floor, spacious room, full-length mirror.
  • Loose clothing and comfortable shoes. Nothing should hinder movement.
  • Hip-hop rhythmic music.

A little ritual will help you tune yourself into the wave of hip-hop: stand with your legs apart, put your hands down and close your eyes. Listen carefully to the sound of the music and try to learn to hear the beat. Rock to the beat. And now you have already mastered the first movement. Congratulations! It's time to move on to more complex elements.

The basic movements of hip-hop are swing and step. You are already familiar with the first one. Now try to put your right foot to the side and stretch your right hand up. Bend your right leg, transferring your body weight to it, and lower your arm to shoulder level. Turn the body to the left, bend the left leg, and put the right leg on the toe. Now lower your right knee, arch your back and reach your hands to the floor. When you manage to complete this combination, consider yourself a good start in hip-hop.

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Here are some more basic hip-hop moves for beginners:

  • Starting position - standing, feet shoulder-width apart, and arms along the body. We squeeze the brushes into a fist and alternately bring forward one hand, then the other. Then we connect the legs bent at the knee: left hand - right leg, right leg - left hand.
  • Starting position - standing. We jump in place and cross our legs, and bend our arms as if we were rowing.
  • Starting position - standing, feet slightly wider than shoulders. We put the right leg a little back, bend the legs at the knees, which at the same time look straight. With the right hand we cover the face, with the left, folded into a fist, we put it in the region of the heart. Then at the same time we tilt our head to the right and unclench the left hand, and after that we turn the right knee and right hand to the right.
  • Starting position - standing, feet firmly pressed to the floor, knees slightly bent. We put the spread fingers of the right hand on the chest, keep the elbow parallel to the floor. We bend in an arc, as if we received a blow right in the heart. Then we make two turns in different directions, straighten our back and return to the starting position. The hand at this time falls from the heart to the waist. At the end, we throw the pelvis forward again, round the back and tighten the buttocks.

You can achieve the first results quite quickly. But when you start to study closely how to dance hip hop, you will soon notice that there are no clear movements and rules in this direction. Having mastered a few basic elements, the dancers begin to improvise, create their own combinations and dance as creative fantasy suggests.

How to continue: choosing a style

If you have mastered the first movements of hip-hop from videos and photos on the Internet, it's time to choose the direction in which you will develop further. Hip-hop culture is a wide range of dance styles that differ from each other both in elements and in general mood. The main ones are:

  • Breakdance is still popular basic style of hip-hop, on which the direction originated.
  • Popping - rhythmic contraction of various muscle groups to the music so that it looks like jolts on the performer's body;
  • Wave - smooth and plastic movements of the body, the most famous of which is the wave with hands;
  • Afro-jazz - shaking mainly the lower and most prominent part of the body in women;
  • Crump - energetic shaking of various limbs to the music so that it seems as if someone has moved into the dancer;
  • New Style, also known as freestyle, is an improvisational dance that combines not only hip-hop movements, but also elements borrowed from more than a dozen other dance styles.
  • La Style - Hip-hop, where the emphasis is on entertainment, so this style is used mainly in videos and when staging shows.
  • Ragga jazz is a dance tuned to the music: the performer's legs work under the drums, and the hands become active during the recitative.
  • Locking - an energetic dance with "locks" - freezing in different positions for a few seconds or periodically slowing down the movement.
  • Power move - a spectacular style that includes complex acrobatic elements, handstands, various twists, and transitions.
  • C-walk is a “language” dance with a criminal past that emphasizes intense and very dynamic footwork.

Female and male hip-hop

The next step in how to learn hip-hop without leaving home is to bring a little femininity or, conversely, brutality into your existing skills - depending on your gender accessories. The thing is that female and male hip-hop are somewhat different from each other, and, therefore, representatives of the beautiful and strong half are trained in this direction in different ways.

Hip-hop dancing for beginner girls is based on plasticity, flexibility and unobtrusive sexuality. Girls wear baggy sweatpants and hoodies on a par with men, perform sweeping movements, but their execution looks different: hips, legs and shoulders are more involved, the elements are a little smoother and sexier.

Male hip-hop, on the contrary, is more daring, energetic and sometimes even aggressive. The focus is on the work of the arms and body, acrobatic elements and movements that require strength and male endurance.

If you prefer to learn this difficult direction from videos, it is better to initially choose hip hop training, where the movements will be performed by a dancer of your gender. Together with the right technique, you will be able to capture the gender characteristics of the choreographic elements.

A few more secrets

Learning to dance hip-hop at home, without classes with a professional teacher, is not easy, but real. Especially if you add training with a few more components. Here, as in learning a foreign language, only complete immersion in the culture will help. So, here are some tips from “experienced” hiphopers who have mastered a lot not under the guidance of a qualified mentor, but at home by the mirror:

  • Videos with basic exercises will help you master some of the moves, but for additional skills, it is better to turn to online courses. Hip-hop lessons for beginners are regularly held online, often live.
  • Hip-hop parties and get-togethers will help you melt into this culture and make new acquaintances. Yes, of course, everyone will laugh at your first dances, but no one drags you to the center of the circle. While you're learning, watch the pros dance, adopt a style, and memorize some moves to practice at home.
  • Clear training regimen. Only with regular practice can you achieve results. In addition, our body is set to a certain schedule, and if you exercise at a certain time, it will prepare for stress. As experienced dancers note, the optimal duration of even home workouts is two hours. This is enough for warming up, and for the lesson itself, and for stretching after.
  • Additional physical activities. If you are in the mood not just for basic hip-hop movements, but for serious hip-hop elements with tricks, strengthening the muscles of the whole body is indispensable. You will need strong arms, strong core muscles, and no extra weight. This can be achieved by exercising in the gym or additional weight training at home.
  • Compliance with safety regulations. Be sure to dance in comfortable non-slip shoes and loose clothing. Do not start training without a proper warm-up, and when practicing acrobatic elements, lay something soft on the floor.

Video tutorials will be enough to learn how to dance hip-hop. But to become a real dancer, you need to study the subculture from the inside. It is believed that a hiphoper has achieved true mastery when he is in perfect control of his body, does not “slow down” on the dance floor, knows how to improvise and select universal movements for any music. Hip-hop dance lends itself only to the very persistent and disciplined, those who are able to understand and accept its "philosophy of freedom".

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