Chenelle teach me how to dance



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could ya could ya couldya teach me x2

verse 1

straight up do u hav rythmn underneath your feet,
does the beat flow through that fine body do u enjoy sweatin out like me

wow, did u jus bust that move freestylin,
do u do much choreographin your wildin out boy great timing ,
ha i like a man who can dance

pre chorus

show me how u shake it, twist it like your breakin
pop it like yr bones are disllocatetd
grind me like yr horny, turn me round slowly
drop me to the floor and pull me up again honey (x2)


u rockin it swingin it bangin it, teach me how ta
step n flow, how to roll boy if u could teach me howta dance

could ya could ya could ya teach me
teach me how ta
could ya could ya could ya teach me
teach me how ta dance

uh uh uh uh uh ye uh uh uh uh HA
uh uh uh uh ye uh uh uh uh LISTEN

Verse 2

excuse me while i check out yr style
u move so good all i could do is sigh
ur makin me start to fantasize

oh is it tru if a guy can really move
they use it jus as good in the bedroom
oops didnt mean to come across so rude ooh

Pre Chorus


let me get ur number please
i dont care if theres a fee
book me now i really need u to teach me how to dance

we can keep it strictly business
one on one i'll bring a witness
i jus wanna work on ma fitness

so teach me

Chorus repeat

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    Che'Nelle - Teach Me How To Dance lyrics

    Could ya could ya could ya teach me [x2]

    [Verse 1]
    Straight up do you have rythm underneath ur feet?
    Does the beat flow through that fine body? Do you enjoy sweatin all on me?
    Whoa! Did you jus bust that move freestylin?
    Do you do much choreographin? Ur wildin out boy, great timing
    Ha, I like a man who can dance....

    [Pre Chorus]
    Show me how you shake it, twist it like ur breakin
    Pop it like ur bones are dislocating
    Grind me like ur horny, turn me round slowly
    Drop me to the floor and pull me up again honey [x2]

    You rockin it, swingin it, bangin it, teach me how ta
    Step n flow, how to roll, boy if you could teach me how ta dance
    Could ya could ya could ya teach me
    Teach me how ta
    Could ya could ya could ya teach me
    Teach me how ta dance

    Uh uh uh uh uh yea uh uh uh uh ha
    Uh uh uh uh yea uh uh uh uh listen

    [Verse 2]
    Excuse me while I check out ur style
    You move so good all I could do is sigh
    Ur makin me start to fantasize
    Oh! Is it tru if a guy can really move
    They use it jus as good in the bedroom?
    Oops didn't mean to come across so rude ooh

    [Pre Chorus]

    Let me get ur number please
    I don't care if theres a fee
    Book me now I really need you to teach me how to dance
    We can keep it strictly business
    One on one i'll bring a witness
    I jus wanna work on ma fitness
    So teach me


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    Teach Me How To Dance lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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    Overcoat/Coat - Moscow Theater "School of Modern Play"

    about the performance

    The performance participates in the "Pushkin Map" program.

    Only in the "School of the Modern Play" can an overcoat turn into a fashionable coat, and Gogol's sad story into a bright and dynamic performance!

    The story of Akaki Bashmachkin takes on a new meaning in the production of Iosif Reichelgauz. The main character is reflected in every actor on stage: he sings, dances, skates, laughs, jokes, cries.

    The cheerful mood of the performance is added by the music, which Maxim Dunayevsky wrote specially for the "School of the Modern Play". The compositions are performed by theater artist Dmitry Khoronko. Don't be surprised if you sing along to our actors at the end!

    At the end, you will be able to try on a giant Gogol's "Overcoat", which will be unfolded in front of the whole hall by Petrovich, the famous St.

    Directed by Iosif Reichelgauz:

    “Our audience laughs throughout the performance. And in the end - everyone sympathizes with Bashmachkin. After all, even the most unsympathetic and miserable person deserves sympathy. The role of Bashmachkin began to rehearse the great artist Albert Filozov, but did not have time to play it. Having decided that it cannot be replaced, we came up with a solution that will surprise and impress our viewers. Which? Come and see."

    Irina Alferova:

    Overcoat/Coat is a very unusual performance. Gogol is preserved there, and at the same time there is good hooliganism. All the young artists of the ShSP are busy. The spectators who come are always delighted!”.

    Audience reviews:

    « Iosif Reichelgauz managed to tell this sad story in such a way that the smile does not leave the faces of the audience for two hours, and sometimes ringing laughter is heard in the hall! At the same time, the canvas of Gogol's work remained unshakable.

    “Almost 2 hours of the performance flew by in one breath, it was even a pity when an intermission was announced in the middle. The performance is fully consistent with its genre, here the viewer is also waiting for a heap of bizarre images - a cardboard box instead of the coffin of Akaky Akakievich, the unexpected appearance of actors on skates; a naked saxophonist, and visions - a play of light, elements of filmstrips, and fantasies, and chaos, and confusion, and the grotesque.

    Reviews about the performance

    Press about the play:

    “Everything is twisted in the style of shows: songs, dancing, roller skating and all kinds of“ stands ”
    Natalya Savvateeva,“ Theater Courier ”

    “In action, epochs, styles, signs are famously mixed, and this is not a modernization of the classics, but just a dish in the fusion style”
    Natalia Shainyan, Teatral of old times, when the sky was blue, the rolls were tastier, and the winters were so frosty and snowy that the only way to get around the streets was on skates. 0008
    Ivan Kedrov, Theatrical Seasons

    Characters and performers

    The performance will take place at: Neglinnaya street, 29 p. 1. The Hermitage stage. Starting at 19:00

    tell your friends

    👻 Overcoat in 9 minutes. Summary of Gogol's story

    Micro-retelling: The poor official saved up with difficulty for a new overcoat, but the new thing was stolen the same evening. From frost and longing for the most precious thing he had, the official died, and his ghost began to take overcoats from passers-by.

    The division of the retelling into chapters is conditional.

    Akaki Akakievich Bashmachkin

    Akaki Akakievich Bashmachkin served in one department.

    Akaky Akakiyevich Bashmachkin - a poor official of about fifty, a short, pockmarked, reddish, blind-sighted man with a bald head on his forehead, wrinkles on his cheeks and a gray face, timid, quiet, harmless.

    His late mother did not find a suitable name in the calendar and named her son after his father.


    Bashmachkin was an eternal titular adviser.

    No matter how many directors changed... he was seen... by the same official for a letter; so that later they were convinced that he ... was born into the world already completely ready, in a uniform and with a bald spot on his head.

    All colleagues mocked Bashmachkin: they made up jokes about him and his seventy-year-old landlady, they threw papers on his head. When jokes began to interfere with work, Bashmachkin said: “Leave me, why are you offending me?”. There was something so pathetic in these words that one young man, upon hearing them, turned away from his fellow jokers. Subsequently, he more than once "shuddered ... seeing how much inhumanity is in a person, how much ferocious rudeness is hidden in a refined, educated secularism."

    Bashmachkin served with love. He copied papers, and this brought him joy. One day, the boss entrusted him with a more difficult job: to rewrite the document, making minor changes to it, but Bashmachkin was afraid of unusual work, refused and remained a scribe forever.


    Bashmachkin did not think about appearance and clothes, did not look around on the street and noticed almost nothing around him. Arriving home, he ate dinner, not feeling the taste of food, and again sat down to rewrite. He never went to parties or to the theater, and in the evenings, having peed enough, he went to bed smiling at the thought of tomorrow and his favorite work.

    Bashmachkin decides to sew a new overcoat

    This is how Bashmachkin would have lived until old age if he hadn’t discovered at the age of fifty that his uniform overcoat was frayed on his back and did not warm at all. This overcoat was very old, her collar was almost completely used for patches, and in the department everyone mocked her, calling her a “bonnet” (robe).

    Bashmachkin took the overcoat to Petrovich, who was fixing official clothes, hoping that he would somehow fix it.

    Petrovich - tailor, former serf, drunkard, formerly called Grigory.

    Petrovich, sober and angry, examined the overcoat and sniffed from the snuffbox, on which the general was depicted with a face sealed with paper instead of a hole. After thinking, he declared that it was impossible to repair the overcoat: the old rotten cloth would spread, no matter how much you sew it up. And the new overcoat will cost too much for Bashmachkin, who received a meager salary. A week later, Bashmachkin again tried to persuade Petrovich, who had drunk and become kinder, to fix his overcoat, but he again refused and promised to sew a new one.


    Bashmachkin realized that he couldn't do without a new overcoat. Knowing that Petrovich likes to exaggerate, he estimated that the new thing would cost about half as much as the amount announced by the tailor. Bashmachkin already had half of this money, he managed to save money, saving a penny from every ruble spent. In order to collect the other half, he refused evening tea and candles, less often he gave the laundry to the laundry.

    Bashmachkin's dream come true

    For six months, Bashmachkin got used to starving in the evenings, and his life was filled with meaning, as if "some nice friend of life agreed to walk the road of life together with him. " A friend for Bashmachkin was a new overcoat, about which he thought day and night.

    Having decided to make his dream come true, Bashmachkin became a livelier and stronger character. A fire burned in his eyes, and bold thoughts came to his head: why not make the collar of a greatcoat out of a marten? Every month he discussed with Petrovich the cut of the future overcoat, the quality and color of the cloth, and went into the shops to ask the price.

    The required amount was collected thanks to the director, who gave Bashmachkin a large annual bonus. Bashmachkin and Petrovich went to the shops and bought excellent cloth, and instead of a marten, the best cat, which from a distance looked like a marten. Then Petrovich sewed a beautiful, warm overcoat. Bashmachkin immediately went to work in it, and Petrovich, proud of his skill, followed Bashmachkin for a long time and admired the overcoat.


    Everyone in the department immediately learned that "the bonnet no longer exists. " Colleagues began to congratulate Bashmachkin so cordially that he even felt ashamed. Finally, a new thing was offered to “splash”.

    Bashmachkin loses his overcoat

    Bashmachkin had no money for the party, and one of the bosses invited everyone to his place, deciding to combine the “spray” with his own name days. Bashmachkin could not refuse.

    However, he was pleased later on when he remembered that he would have the opportunity to walk even in the evening in a new overcoat.

    In the evening, Bashmachkin went to see his boss, who lived in a wealthy district of St. Petersburg. There they fed him, gave him champagne to drink, which made him very late and went home at twelve o'clock in the morning.

    It was fun to walk along the well-lit streets of the wealthy area. The tipsy Bashmachkin became so bold that he even ran after some lady, "whose every part of her body was full of unusual movement." But soon poor, poorly lit and deserted streets with wooden fences stretched out, and his gaiety greatly diminished.


    Street led Bashmachkin to a huge and empty square - only at its other end was a booth with a lone watchman. Closing his eyes in fear, Bashmachkin walked across the square, when suddenly some people stopped him, took off his overcoat and gave him a kick.

    Bashmachkin fell into a snowdrift, unable to scream out of fear. After recovering a little, he reached the watchman, who could not do anything, only advised him to go to the quarter warden. At home, the disheveled Bashmachkin was met by the landlady and advised to go to a private bailiff.

    "A Significant Person"

    The next day, Bashmachkin skipped work, went to a private bailiff and got him to accept him. The private began to ask where Akaki Bashmachkin was returning from so late, if not from a brothel, and did not pay attention at all to the identities of the robbers. Whether the case would be given a move, the unfortunate Bashmachkin did not understand.

    He came to work in "his old hood, which has become even more deplorable. " Some laughed, the rest decided to raise money for Bashmachkin, but the amount turned out to be quite miserable. One of his colleagues advised him to contact a "significant person" who could speed up the capture of the robbers.

    Significant person - a person recently appointed to a high position, outwardly important and rude, but deep down he is not bad and not stupid, capable of sympathy, married, has three children, his name is not mentioned in the story.


    A significant person used to be not so significant, but he was recently appointed to a general position.

    ... there will always be a circle of people for whom what is insignificant in the eyes of others is already significant.

    He was a good person at heart, but the rank of general confused him. He tried with all his might to increase his importance and as a result became very rude to those of lower rank.

    Bashmachkin went to see a significant person, but at that time he was talking with an old acquaintance who had recently arrived in Petersburg. Seeing an elderly man in an old uniform, a significant person decided to show his severity to his acquaintances. He did not listen to Bashmachkin and yelled at him so much that the unfortunate official almost fainted. The watchman carried the insensitive Bashmachkin out, and the important person was very pleased with the effect.

    Bashmachkin dies and becomes a ghost

    The unfortunate Bashmachkin was walking home, feeling neither his arms nor his legs. A blizzard began, and it blew hard. He took to his bed and soon died. Before his death, in a fever and delirium, he addressed a significant person, "badly blasphemed" and yearned for the lost overcoat, which for a moment enlivened his poor life.

    And Petersburg was left without Akaky Akakievich, as if he had never been in it. A creature that was not protected by anyone, dear to anyone, not interesting to anyone, disappeared and disappeared ...

    The department learned about Bashmachkin's death four days after the funeral. The next day, a new official was already sitting in his place.

    Then the story suddenly took on a "fantastic ending". Petersburg, there was a rumor that at the place where Akaky Akakievich was robbed, a dead official was tearing off people's overcoats, not looking at ranks and titles. One of the department officials saw a dead man and recognized him as Bashmachkin. The police couldn't catch the dead man.


    A significant person, not devoid of compassion, was disturbed by the thought of poor Bashmachkin. A week later, he was informed that Bashmachkin had died. Wanting to have fun and drown out the reproaches of conscience, a significant person went to a party, and then to his mistress. On the way, the dead Bashmachkin tore off his overcoat and declared that it was compensation for the damage inflicted on him by a significant person.

    This incident frightened the important person so much that he began to be less rude to his subordinates and listen more attentively to the petitioners.

    Learn more