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In Naruto, it was said that you need both Senju and Uchiha DNA to achieve Rinnegan, right? So why didn't Danzo get Rinnegan? He had Senju DNA holding Uchiha DNA.

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Well, that's becasue you also need to be competent enough to master both these powers.

Madara was strong enough, and was able to awaken it. Danzo however, was not.

Danzo's DNA originates from experiments and body modifications. He wasn't a "Natural", while Madara had natural mastery over the Uchiha powers, and after being defeated by Hashirama, mastery over the Senju powers.

It was also implied that you need to be very close to the end of your lifespan to awaken the Rinnegan.

Edit - Spoilers!

Based on the recent chapters, it is implied that it isn't Senju + Uchiha which is needed to awaken the Rinnegan, but Indra's and Ashura's (Sage of Six Paths' sons) chakras. That is why Madara (the incarnation of Indra) was able to awaken them after implanting Hashirama's (the incarnation of Ashura) cells into his wounds.


Danzo didn't awaken a Rinnegan because he is not a reincarnation of Indra. Even if he did, he only has the chakra reserves for like one or two moves. The manga and anime state that in order to awaken the Rinnegan without means of transplantation, one must possess a Sharingan, be Indra's reincarnate, take chakra from Ashura's reincarnate (these are Hagoromo, the Sage of Six Paths two sons) thus reforming Hagoromo's chakra, leading to the Rinnegan awakening. If a non-Indra reincarnate does what Danzo did, all he would get is Izanagi-spam, lesser cooldown on Kotoamatsukami wait, and Mokuton (wood style.)

Put simply, Danzo didn't awaken a Rinnegan because he isn't an Indra reincarnate.

Just in case you still don't understand, here's an image from the manga when Hagoromo himself explains how Madara awakened the Rinnegan.

Danzo was not able to awaken the rinnegan because he had senju DNA and Uchiha eyes but had neither enough chakra to effectively utilize either ability (hashirama' s wood style or the sharingan in his arms). While madara was an Uchiha who implanted hashirama's DNA throughout his whole body he did not awaken the rinnegan until he was near death. It would not be expected for someone like Danzo to be capable of manifesting the rinnegan, at least at the point in time that he was living.

Like many said, you kinda need the "blood" or "chakra" of the Uchiha and Senju to awakened, which many stated to be implied at the end of one's life. Danzo doesn't have any, only body modifications. Danzo had the Sharingan because he STOLE them, he ripped them out of the Uchiha who had them, therefore he will never awaken the Rinnegan. That's why he was bandaged, so it doesn't drain his chakra. It's not that Madara was strong enough, he basically had the requirements to do so, just at the end of his life did it awakened.

Nagato was implanted the Rinnegan at a early age by Madara before he died, and Nagato is of the Uzumaki, hence how he could easily handle the Rinnegan (I am sure if he had both Rinnegan or just the one).

Also, you need an EMS to evolve into the rinnegan unless you were born with it, which hagoromo was.We all know that even if you have senju and uchiha blood, you need the EMS to evolve into rinnegan. If hashirama wanted the rinnegan, he would have to transplant madara's sharingan to get it. If someone was the descendant of an incarnate of indra and also an incarnate of asura, he would be able to awaken the Sharingan, just the sharingan unless he was an incarnate of Asura.

How Did Danzo Get Sharingan On His Arm?

by Kane Dan

After the Uchiha massacre, Danzo took many of their Sharingans. And later he transplanted them in his arm. Implanting Sharingan is nothing new as we saw Kakashi with his friend’s eye implanted. However, Danzo had Sharingan in his arm as well. As he had a connection with Orochimaru, it is quite possible for him to do the transplantation for Danzo.

Danzo Shimura is perhaps the most hated character in the Naruto series. He is hated for his actions without a doubt. He is the reason behind Yahiko’s death. Which later triggered Nagato to turn evil and who later started hunting down the Tailed beasts.

He even tried to assassinate the 3rd Hokage once. And the national enemy Orochimaru was under his shelter. He had no shortage of bad doing under his name. Not to mention the Foundation which was a shadow organization similar to the Anbu Black Ops was also under his command. It was notoriously famous for cruelty and dirty jobs. He had numerous sharingan eyes in his arm. But how did danzo get sharingan? We will discuss that.

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As we all know, Sharingan is a Kekkei Genkai which is found only in Uchiha bloodline. Then the question is how did Danzo get them. Well, he at first ordered Itachi to massacre his entire clan. And after Itachi did that with Obito’s help, he collected all the Sharingan eyes he wanted.

It’s not like he ordered to kill them for their eyes. Rather he used that opportunity as he always does. Then again, maybe he had that intent. He’s Danzo after all, anything is possible for him.

He has the first Hokage Hashirama cell in his arm. That is how he could maintain and use those Sharingan eyes.

How Many Sharingan Does Danzo Have?

Danzo had 10 sharingan eyes in his right arm. And on his right eye, he transplanted Shisui’s sharingan. So in total, he had 11 sharingan eyes. 

The Uchiha clan members have a pair of Sharingan eyes. Kakashi had one sharingan given by his friend. And at the very end of the series, he got 2 sharingan eyes for a short period of time.

Did Danzo Have A Sharingan Before Shisui?

Danzo had Sharingan even before he fought Shisui. In the fight against Shisui, he used Izanagi and broke out of the Genjutsu. And it is clearly visible in the anime that his right eye becomes white just like it’s supposed to be after using Izanagi.

It was before the Uchiha massacre. So, he got it either from his teammate Kagami Uchiha or from any other Uchiha with the help of Orochimaru. As we all know, Orochimaru used to kidnap villagers and ran test on them. So, it’s not impossible.   

Why Didn’t Danzo Use Kotoamatsukami? 

Sharingan drains a lot of chakra. And those who aren’t from Uchiha cannot turn that off, it keeps draining chakra constantly. That is why Kakashi ran out of chakra quickly after he got the sharingan. Well, Danzo used Hashirama’s cell to cover that up. However, having or using 10/11 Sharingan is no joke. Even with that chakra boost, he couldn’t manage to use them efficiently. 

And Kotoamatsukami is a high-level Genjutsu that requires a lot of chakra and precision. With his chakra draining constantly and little mastery over Sharingan, Danzo couldn’t use Kotoamatskumi on Sasuke. If he could, he would have used that on Hiruzen to announce him the Hokage. 

Is Danzo An Uchiha?

No, Danzo is not an Uchiha. He belongs to the Shimura clan. There is no information about his Shimura clan in anime, manga, or databook. The only thing we get is his full name, which is Danzo Shimura. 

What Episode Does Sasuke Fight Danzo?

After the five Kage summit, Danzo was coming back to the village. Tobi intercepted him and took his bodyguard out in order to let Sasuke fight Danzo freely. Then Sasuke comes and starts fighting Danzo.

The fight between Danzo and Sasuke begins in 209th episode and it ends in 211th episode. So the fight lasts for 3 episodes.


Danzo got his sharingan from the dead Uchiha clan members after the Uchiha massacre. Also, he snatched one of Shisui Uchiha’s sharingan eyes. He implanted that in his eye. And even before doing that, he already had a sharingan. It could be from Kagami Uchiha or any other dead Uchiha from the village.

Shisui Uchiha: age, girl, techniques, quotes

Photo: UGC

Shisui Uchiha (Shisui Uchiha) is a character in the Naruto universe, one of the most talented and strong representatives of the Uchiha clan. Fame and public love for the hero brought unique skills, the strength of his personality and devotion to ideals. Learn more about Shisui, read character quotes.

Shisui Uchiha: personality, age, girlchapter, and anime viewers get to know him in episode 130. The child was born on October 19 in the Uchiha clan in the village of Konoha. Shisui's year of birth is not given in the anime. The age of the character in various sources is different. Some indicate that the hero was about 15-16 years old, others claim that he lived to be 25 years old. But if we take into account that Shisui was only a couple of years older than Itachi, it becomes clear that at the time of his death he was no more than 17 years old.

Shisui's appearance is very similar to Kagami Uchiha, who is his ancestor. On the head of a young man, dark short disheveled hair, a slightly wide nose and eyelashes with ends sticking up. The character is dressed in typical Uchiha clothes - dark pants and a shirt with a large high collar. Behind his shoulders, the character wears a leather mount for a small blade called a tanto. Shisui's head is adorned with a forehead protector that bears the Konoha emblem. nine0009

When Shisui Uchiha served in the regular forces, he wore the standard Konoha ninja uniform.

From early childhood, the child showed strength, analytical skills and amazing insight. He could easily recognize the location of the target by such insignificant signs as wetness or dryness on stones, trees, footprints left on soft moss. Shisui was convinced that the goal could only be found if one learned to think like her. nine0009

Thanks to his analytical skills and the ability to clearly recognize the feelings of other people, he thought through his own plans in several stages. It was Shisui who developed the idea of ​​how to stop the coup d'etat and even planned what to do with his own body after death so that it would not become a weapon in the hands of the enemy.

Photo:, Pierrot, Shueisha: UGC

One day at the end of the III Shinobi World War, the boy witnessed the death of his best friend, but at that moment he could not do anything to save him. This event awakened his Mangekyo Sharingan - a unique ability that manifests itself through the emotions that a person experiences in connection with the death of a loved one. nine0009

A year later, Shisui met a five-year-old boy, Itachi Uchiha, who became his best friend. Their relationship was so close that it was more like a brotherly bond than a friendship. Later, Itachi said that it was Shisui who taught him the correct real laws of Shinobi. Family ties and family were of great importance to Shisui.

Despite his enormous amount of talent, Shisui Uchiha remained modest at any age. There was not even an ounce of arrogance in his character. From an early age, he was able to see the emotional nature of others, was intuitive and insightful. The character deeply believed in the true rules of the Shinobi and adhered to them throughout his life. nine0009

The hero selflessly loved his native village and was ready to stop the coup with the help of genjutsu manipulation, but one of his eyes was stolen by the traitor Danzō. Why was one of the strongest representatives of the Uchiha defeated in Shisui's duel against Danzō? Fans in the comments write that initially Shisui did not expect such a betrayal from Danzo and was not ready for confrontation, and after he lost one of his eyes, he did not have the strength to cope with his people. The only thing left for him was to run away. nine0009 Photo:, Pierrot, Shueisha: UGC

To prevent Danzō from taking over the other eye and harming Konoha, Shisui went to Itachi and tore out the remaining eye, which he transplanted into the crow. He told the sworn brother to use the power of the eye to protect the village. After that, Shisui committed suicide - stepped back and drowned in the river. Shisui, whose death was a delicate calculation, deliberately sacrificed his own life to prevent the upcoming coup. He carefully thought out how to avoid further resurrection, which helped him to avoid fighting the village against his own will in the future. nine0009

Fans of the character are convinced that the author gave the bright, strong, purposeful hero too little time. Many of the fans seek to expand on the character's story and create fanfiction on various topics. One of the most popular of them is Shisui Uchiha and his girlfriend.

Here's who his fans want to see the character with:

  • Shisui and Hinata;
  • Shisui and Aneko;
  • Shisui and Sakura.

Many authors propose in fanfiction the development of the relationship between Shisui and the original female characters, who in their works are simply called Shisui's girl. In some of them, the character has not only a lover, but even children. nine0009

Also popular among fans are stories about Shisui and Itachi's friendship. Fanfiction tells a new vision of the history of the characters, their relationships and views of the world.

See also: "Naruto": the most powerful characters clan. Thanks to his unique abilities, he was able to become a Jonin at a young age. Ao considered him a dangerous opponent and said that the hero's aura is impossible to forget. Shimura Danzo called Uchiha the strongest fighter of his time. nine0009

Here are the techniques that the character has:

  • Shunshin no Jutsu.

Shisui Uchiha possessed a whole complex of skills and techniques, in particular, Shunshin no Jutsu, for which he received the nickname Shunshin no Shisui. The essence of the technique is that the hero moves at an incredible speed. It was so great that Shisui, when moving, left behind several material mirages, which were able to inflict significant physical damage on the enemy. Using chakra, the character could suddenly appear or disappear. This skill helped Shisui move very quickly in battle. In civilian life, he often used it when he wanted to meet Itachi, and at that moment he was not alone. nine0009

  • Sharingan.

Shisui Uchiha mastered the Sharingan, a skill that awakened in a boy at an early age. When Shisui received the Sharingan, he had access to all the existing abilities of this Dojutsu: predicting the movements of an opponent, seeing chakra, casting genjutsu with a single glance.

Photo:, Pierrot, Shueisha: UGC

He could make an opponent instantly numb or submit. This technique has also been used to remove another illusion or to obtain reliable information during interrogation. Shisui is the greatest master of the Sharingan. Once in a genjutsu, he submerged several targets from a long distance. nine0009

  • Mangekyou Sharingan.

Rarely did anyone in the clan awaken the skill that Shisui possessed - Mangekyou Sharingan. The boy awakened this talent in himself when he watched a person dear to him die. This ability granted the hero access to the most powerful genjutsu, the most powerful of which is the exceptional Dojutsu, Kotomamtsukami. The technique gave Shisui the ability to completely control the will of any person. At the same time, the subordinate did not realize that he was led by another person. This technique allowed Shisui to direct influence on the members of the clan and inspire them with the idea of ​​refusing the coup. Shisui's eyes were highly prized and hunted. nine0009

  • Kuchiese no Jutsu.

A technique that allows the user to summon animals and birds to help in combat. Shisui Uchiha summoned ravens.

In the Naruto anime, Shisui also possessed the following techniques:

Photo:, Pierrot, Shueisha: UGC
  • Zanzo Bunshin.

In the manga and anime, Shisui Uchiha combines Ninjutsu and Shunshin no Jutsu. When a character uses this technique, he gains the ability to move between the mirages he has created in order to strike at the enemy. When attacked, it instantly moves to the next mirage, avoiding damage. nine0009

  • Susanoo.

The most powerful technique wielded by members of the Uchiha clan. It can only be used by those who possess the Mangewe Sharingan. The master has the ability to create a ghostly samurai to help the master in a duel. Shisui Uchiha didn't lose this skill even when one of his eyes, which held great power, was stolen. In this form, Shisui gains the ability to create huge chakra senbon.

  • Susanoo Tsukumo. nine0038

A ninjutsu that Shisui possessed. When a character uses Susanoo, he attacks the enemy with green chakra senbons flying out of his chest.

Due to Shisui's careful care to hide the remains after death, Yakushi Kabuto was unable to find the body and extract the DNA to revive Shisui. The character was completely devoted to the village and above all revered the true values ​​​​of shinobi.

Photo:, Pierrot, Shueisha: UGC

Here's what he says:

Self-sacrifice... Nameless Shinobi protecting the world from the shadows... This is the true Shinobi. nine0113

Shisui understood like no one else that war and murder would not bring order to the world. Here are his words:

Order established by arms is not peace!

Shisui loyally believes in Itachi. He is sure that if someone can save the second eye, then this is only a true friend. This is what he says to Itachi when he gives the second eye:

You are the only person I can count on since you are my best friend.

And later, giving his eye to the named brother, he adds:

Please protect the village. And the name Uchiha.

Shisui Uchiha has become one of the most beloved characters of anime and manga fans for the right ideals, great self-sacrifice and other outstanding qualities. For many years, public interest in the Naruto universe has not weakened, but increased. On various resources, fans post Shisui art, which depicts their favorite character.

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Original article:

Kakashi Hatake

Third Shinobi World War
Kakashi becomes a jōnin at the age of 13. In honor of this, Rin gives Kakashi a first aid kit, Minato a special kunai. At that time, the Third Shinobi World War was going on. Minato's team is given a mission to track down the enemy. During a fight with an enemy, Kakashi was seriously injured in the shoulder. Minato appoints Kakashi as commander for the day and goes to fight the enemy, leaving the team under Kakashi's care. nine0009

During the second fight, Rin was kidnapped by a shinobi from Iwagakure. Obito suggests going after Rin, but Kakashi thinks that completing the mission is more important. Kakashi then changes his mind and, in a skirmish with an enemy, sacrifices his left eye to protect Obito. Moved by this act, Obito awakens the Sharingan and kills the enemy. They manage to save Rin, but the enemy collapses the cave on them. Obito saves Kakashi, but gets hit by a boulder himself. When Kakashi and Rin wake up after the collapse, they see Obito, whose right side of his body is blocked by a rock. Kakashi blames himself for not listening to Obito right away. But Obito says that everything is fine and Kakashi is a great Shinobi. As a gift to Kakashi in honor of becoming a jōnin, Obito gives away his surviving left Sharingan. Before dying, Obito asks Kakashi to protect Rin. Kakashi makes a promise. Enemy reinforcements are approaching. Kakashi and Rin abandon Obito and run away. Kakashi tells Rin that Obito gave his life for her and he loved Rin. Minato arrived in time for his team later, when Kakashi had already defeated everyone with the Raikiri. nine0009

It is also known that Kakashi failed to keep his promise to Obito. Rin was kidnapped and turned into a jinchūriki by Isobu shinobi of the Hidden Mist. They even let Kakashi free her without too much trouble, and sent out a supposedly ANBU squad to go after them. The Hidden Mist wanted to free Sanbi already in Konoha and use his fury to attack Leaf and destroy him. Rin soon realized that she was a danger to her native village and asked Kakashi to kill her. The latter did not dare to do this, however, when he fought off the Kirigakure shinobi, Rin deliberately set herself up under his Raikiri in order to die. Kakashi, after this tragedy, awakens the Mangekyo Sharingan in his left eye, and then weakens him. Later, he and Rin's body are taken by reinforcements from Konoha. After Minato's proposal, he becomes a member of the Konoha ANBU, but then leaves this organization and undertakes to train young graduates of the Shinobi Academy. nine0009

Anbu career
After losing his teammates, living with the knowledge that Rin had died at his hands, that he was thus unable to fulfill Obito's last will, Kakashi became depressed. In the anime, many shinobi were of the opinion that he deliberately killed Rin in order to prevent important information from leaking to his enemies, earning him the nickname "Kakashi's Friends Killer". Most people, including Anbu colleagues, believed that in order to successfully complete the mission, he could go to kill a comrade without hesitation. Kakashi tried to avoid his friends and former classmates, ignoring them, and at night he was constantly tormented by nightmares about how he repeatedly stabbed Rin with his Raikiri. The newly minted fourth Hokage, his former teacher Minato Namikaze, tried to dispel the atmosphere of Kakashi's apathy by appointing him to the Anbu. Kakashi excelled in his new position and eventually became Team Ro's captain, but his aggressiveness, ruthlessness, and extreme composure when carrying out missions made it clear he was still saddened by the loss of Rin. With this in mind, Minato decided to choose a different tactic: he assigned Kakashi to protect his wife, Kushina Uzumaki, during her pregnancy. Kakashi did his duty conscientiously, watching Kushina all the time. When he had free time, he visited Rin's grave and the memorial of the fallen heroes, on which Obito's name was carved, telling them how sorry he was for what had happened and how his life was going without them. nine0009

During the Nine-Tails' attack on Konoha, Kakashi and the rest of the young shinobi were banned from entering the battlefield with Kurama, forming a guard squad from them until the battle with the tailed beast was over. Minato ended up saving the village from the Nine-Tails, but at the cost of his own, and Kushina's, life. Even more annoyed, Kakashi, who has been spending time in the cemetery, meets Danzō Shimura, who has come with an offer to join the Root. In addition, Danzo manages, not without a reminder of the death of Rin and Obito, to inspire the teenager with the idea that the future of Konoha can no longer be trusted by the Third Hokage, because it was he who gave the order not to interfere with the children in the battle with the Nine-Tails, or maybe otherwise Kakashi, who possesses remarkable potential, could protect his teacher and his wife. Kakashi still agrees to work under Danzō and spy on the Third Hokage. While on a mission, Kakashi encounters a Root member called "Kinoe" who could use wood element. Knowing full well that only the First Hokage had the Wood element, Kakashi sneaked into the Hokage's residence at night to find out information about this anomaly. The third noticed Kakashi, but told everything he wanted to hear: Konoha tried to recreate the element of wood in the past, but the project had to be abandoned, because the test subjects could not stand it and died. Lost in thought, the Third suggested that if the research had been successful, the Nine-Tails could have been stopped without Minato's sacrifice. nine0009

After this meeting, Kakashi changed Danzō's opinion about the Third's personality, as he was not the ineffectual and impassive leader that Root's founder had imagined him to be. And besides, Danzō didn't try to use Kinoe to repel the Nine-Tails' attack. Realizing that he had chosen the wrong side, Kakashi decided to tell the Third about Danzō's intentions to kill him. The next day, Kakashi, in the guise of the Third, lured out the assassins, one of whom was Kinoe. Kakashi easily defeated him, but decided to spare him in the hope that he would become a valuable ally in the future. Kakashi then tried to leave the Anbu, as he agreed to work against the Hokage, but the Third insisted that he stay, saying that his service was invaluable, making Kakashi his right hand. nine0009

While investigating a string of disappearances from Konoha, Kakashi played a leading role in finding Orochimaru, who was responsible for all of the disappearances, and discovered that it was through his experiments that Kinoe became a wood element. In the anime, Kakashi followed Orochimaru's trail, confronting them face-to-face at one of the shelters, but could not do anything in front of Orochimaru's murderous gaze, and he, albeit wounded from the trap, managed to escape. Recovering, Kakashi continued the pursuit, but was captured by the Iburi clan, associates of Orochimaru. Kinoe, their ally, convinced the clan to interrogate Kakashi alone, and when they left, told him that Danzo also wants to eliminate Orochimaru and, with the help of Yukimi, who does not share the views of the clan, helps Kakashi to get free. Kakashi decides to use Yukimi as bait for Orochimaru, as the girl was important to Orochimaru. Faced with Kinoe's misunderstanding, Kakashi explained that Yukimi's blood would give Orochimaru the ability to take advantage of the Iburi Clan's enhanced genome - transform into smoke and cross the border. Hearing this, Yukimi ran back to the cave. There, Orochimaru had already managed to kill all the members of the clan and captured Yukimi. Kakashi, realizing that Kinoe's relationship with Yukimi is the same as his own with Rin, agrees to save her and arrives to help. Orochimaru manages to escape, but Yukimi survives. After the whole adventure, Kakashi promises Kinoe not to tell Konoha anything about the Iburi clan and Root's meddling. nine0009

Kakashi continued to carry out missions to capture Orochimaru over the next few years, and one day the Konoha Anbu tracked down one of the enemy's laboratories. Kakashi was sent there to scout the area, where he was attacked by Kinoe, who was tasked by Danzo to retrieve Kakashi's sharingan. Kakashi tried to reason with Kinoe, arguing that friendship should take precedence over the success of the mission, but when the boy declared that he had violated his own credo by killing Rin, Kakashi did not hold back and nevertheless entered into an active battle. Kakashi is stronger and ties up Kinoe, intending to take him to the Third in person. Before they left the lab, one of Orochimaru's test snakes emerged from the capsule and attacked them. Kakashi managed to kill her, but the attacking creature began to emit poison. Kakashi fell under the influence of a poisonous substance, but was saved by Kinoe. Kinoe, remembering Kakashi's words about friendship, gives him an antidote, and counterfeits Danzō's sharingan with the help of the wood element. Waking up, Kakashi realized that Kinoe was waiting for a cruel punishment in the Root, and upon arrival in the village he asked for the help of the Third. With the Third's permission, Kakashi arrives at Root's headquarters and attempts to get Kinoe out. The Root forces, led by Danzō, had already begun to surround them, but the timely appearance of the Third resolved the matter amicably. From now on, thanks to Kakashi, Kinoe was relieved of his duties in Root and passed under the command of the Third in the Anbu of Konoha. Kakashi invited Kinoe to Team Ro and gave him a new name - "Tenzō". nine0009

Three years later, Itachi Uchiha joins Team Ro. Kakashi and Itachi were ordered to watch the meeting between Konoha shinobi and the Land of the Forest. When the Anbu of the Land of the Forest began to attack the representatives of Konoha, Kakashi and Itachi intervened and neutralized the enemies without any problems. Kakashi was very impressed with Itachi's ability to kill defeated opponents in cold blood, but opposed such a merciless method. One day, Itachi asked Kakashi if the requests of dead friends should be followed, to which Kakashi replied that it was necessary. After a certain amount of time, Itachi left Team Ro and was replaced by Yugao Uzuki. Team Ro was soon sent to the territory of the Uchiha clan in order to calm the impending uprising, but upon arrival they found that the clan had been exterminated. When news broke that Itachi was responsible for the Uchiha genocide, Kakashi noted with annoyance that he didn't know Itachi at all. nine0009

Due to the incident with Itachi, the Third Hokage came to the conclusion that people with good hearts should not be members of the Anbu. Therefore, he meets with Kakashi and, having thanked him for his faithful service, relieves him of his duties in the Anbu.

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