How to do zumba dance at home

How to Do Zumba at Home

Bring the dance party to your house through video instruction, a video game, an app or simply by using some creativity. At-home Zumba workouts free you from any embarrassment you might have of showing off your moves in front of a large crowd. Plus, you can play the music as loud as you want.

Plenty of options exist for today's Zumba connoisseur, including workouts through your phone, TV or video game system. There are even free options for people who are burdened by the cost of expensive group classes. Find your favorite way to access these fast and fun workouts from home and reap the health and fitness benefits.

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Zumba Dance App

With Zumba workouts on your smartphone, you can work out anywhere in your home. The app itself costs $2, and there are additional purchases you can make in the app if you want to buy new classes.

Each class is taught by a professional instructor. Some of the classes are even taught by Beto Perez, a co-founder of Zumba. Chart-topping songs from popular artists keep the workouts moving and grooving.

You can use this app on an iPhone or iPad if you want a bigger screen. The only drawback is that you need to keep the phone or iPad close so you can see what the instructor is doing. Eventually, you'll get used to the workouts, and won't have to stare at the screen to follow along.

Zumba DVDs

Use an instructional Zumba DVD on your TV at home to make it feel like you're actually in a class.

Zumba Super Cardio Dance Party Workout

Intense cardio burst intervals are the secret behind this DVD's success. As you go through the routine, there will be periodic 30-second gaps of intensity thrown in to tire you out. The color of the video changes to black and white, only showing the color of the instructor's bright clothing.

For 30 seconds you'll do one or two moves quickly and without stopping. Then, the interval is over and you go back to regular Zumba. In the description of the DVD, Zumba claims that you can burn up to 1,000 calories in 50 minutes of this workout.

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Zumba Fitness Incredible Slimdown DVD System

If the sole Zumba Super Cardio Dance Party Workout DVD isn't enough for you, or you're looking for something more comprehensive, try this DVD system. With five videos in this series, you'll be busy for a while learning the different workouts.

The first DVD has a quick instructional section and 20-minute workout to give you a slow introduction to the world of Zumba. The other four DVDs have traditional Zumba workouts mixed with quick 30-second bursts of fast-paced dancing. There's even a global dance workout with music from every corner of the globe.

How to Do Zumba at Home

Nintendo Wii Zumba Fitness

In this video game, the interactive Nintendo Wii meets the high-energy dance moves of Zumba. The game comes with a belt that fastens around your waist and holds the Nintendo Wii controllers. Your hips should do most of the action in this game, which is why the motion-sensing controllers are strapped tightly to them.

Thirty routines are included in this game, which is more than any other DVD series. The songs are specifically tailored to each dance routine, and some of the songs were actually made for the game. Up to four people can join in on the fun, so you can start a virtual dance party in your home.

Do it Yourself

Depending on how comfortable you are with Zumba, you can make up your own routine at home. Put together a playlist of your favorite songs from different genres like reggae, hip-hop, salsa, merengue and more.

Play your collection of songs and dance along with them, using all of the Zumba moves you've memorized in classes and from instructional videos.

If you're comfortable enough to make up your own routine, try searching YouTube for inspiration. You can find some free classes with professional instruction to take the guesswork out of your at-home Zumba workout. The best part about these videos is that they're free and you can play them on your phone or TV at home.

Best Online Zumba Classes of 2022

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Increase your heart rate, and have some fun.


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Zumba classes can be a great way to get your heart rate up while having a little fun. The dance cardio fitness program has found a way to combine Latin American dance moves with classic bodyweight exercises to deliver a workout that, at times, feels a little like a party. (And the fact that many classes are set to an upbeat soundtrack certainly doesn’t hurt.) 

What’s nice? Zumba classes aren’t just available in-person. Many are available online, and these online Zumba classes tend to be even budget-friendlier than their in-person counterparts (and just as much fun).

Interested in adding a few online Zumba classes to your routine? We’ve rounded up the best ones to get you started.

Best Online Zumba Classes of 2022

  • Best Overall: Zumba
  • Best for Beginners: Zumba Master Class (Udemy)
  • Best Variety: Ailey Extension
  • Best Strength-Building: STRONG Nation
  • Best Time-Saving: DanceFIT University (YouTube)
  • Best Live Classes: Live Love Party
  • Best Fitness Concert: Zumba Fitness Concert Live

Best Overall: Zumba


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Why We Chose It: We chose Zumba because it was the first-ever Zumba program, and it’s still one of the best options around. The platform is loaded with live and on-demand classes.

What We Like

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Live and on-demand classes
  • Lots of variety
  • Tons of new classes every day

What We Don’t Like

  • Paid program
  • Sign-up required
  • Experience varies from instructor to instructor
  • On-demand classes expire

Zumba invented the Zumba class. And its library of Zumba workouts is easily the largest and most diverse around.

Each day, you’ll find hundreds of live classes to register for—and thousands of on-demand workouts to stream. These sessions are hosted by a range of different instructors, so they vary in length, intensity, style, and cost.

In many ways, this variety is a good thing: You’ll have tons of different classes to choose from. But it can also be tough to find one instructor (or a few) you love and want to come back to time and time again.

The only other downside of the service? On-demand classes aren’t available forever. You’ll have to register (and pay) for the one you want to take—and even then, the class is only available for 24 hours. So if you want to take the same one twice, you’ll have to pay for it twice. (Or, you’ll have to find a way to do it two times in 24 hours!)

Best for Beginners: Zumba Master Class (Udemy)

Zumba Master Class (Udemy) 

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Why We Chose It: Udemy’s Zumba Master Class will give you everything you need to tackle Zumba workouts like a pro. During the lesson, you’ll learn to master some of Zumba’s most basic and popular moves, so you can head into future classes feeling confident and prepared.

What We Like

  • Beginner-friendly
  • On-demand lessons, as well as workouts
  • Budget-friendly
  • Lifetime access
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

What We Don’t Like

  • Paid program
  • Only 3 workouts

If you want to learn more about Zumba, Udemy’s Zumba Master Class is a great way to do it. The beginner-friendly course is only two hours long.

The class starts with a 56-minute Zumba workout, which is beginner-friendly—but designed to throw you right into the action. The workout will help you work up a sweat, and it will give you a taste of what Zumba's all about.

After that, you’ll get a 40-minute Zumba session. This lesson will walk you through some of the steps you just saw, helping you nail them the next time they pop up in class. Once you’ve made your way through the lesson, you’ll get a 25-minute bonus workout to try. 

Since Udemy charges a one-time fee, you’ll get lifetime access to all of these videos. Although the regular price is $85, you may get a new student offer for about $15. And you can preview parts of the course for free before you commit to buying it.

Best Variety: Ailey Extension

 Ailey Extension

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Why We Chose It: We selected The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater because it's a best-in-class dance company, based in New York City. Here, you’ll find everything from ballet and Broadway jazz to—you guessed it—Zumba.

What We Like

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Live classes
  • Budget-friendly
  • Lots of other classes on offer

What We Don’t Like

  • Paid program
  • Limited Zumba workouts
  • Live classes only

If you’ve heard of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, you likely understand how exciting it is that it offers dance fitness classes. The idea of taking a dance class from one of the best dance companies in the world is incredibly exciting—and the fact that it offers Zumba classes just makes the whole thing more fun.

Though Ailey Extension’s dance classes are excellent and budget-friendly (about $14 to $15 per class), there is one major downside: All of the classes are live. So, you have to fit them into your schedule, and you can’t catch up on-demand. This also means you won’t get a massive library of classes to sift through.

You’ll have to focus on what’s available in a given week. Luckily, most weeks seem to involve four, live Zumba classes, along with a range of other dance cardio lessons you can take when Zumba isn’t available.

Best Strength-Building: STRONG Nation

 STRONG Nation

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Why We Chose It: STRONG Nation is one of the many exercise programs Zumba offers, and because of its commitment to intensity and strength-building, it warranted its own mention on this list.

What We Like

  • Intense
  • Live and on-demand classes
  • Lots of variety
  • Tons of new courses every day

What We Don’t Like

  • Paid program
  • Sign-up required
  • Experience varies by instructor
  • On-demand classes expire

If you prefer your Zumba workouts with a side of strength-training, Zumba’s STRONG Nation may be the program for you. It takes classic Zumba workouts and makes them even more challenging, helping you build strength, work up a sweat, and have a little fun all at once.

To take a STRONG Nation class, simply visit Zumba’s live class library and filter by “STRONG Nation.” There, you’ll find an extensive list of live STRONG Nation courses you can participate in today—and an even longer list of classes you can register to take on-demand. (Unfortunately, these on-demand classes expire 24 hours after registration—so they’re not that much more convenient than the live lessons.) 

These courses are led by instructors around the world, so length, intensity, and class style can vary immensely. Price can, too, although they are not listed on the website. This variety is both a perk and a downside. It’s great to have so many options to choose from, but sifting through them all can get a little overwhelming.

Best Time-Saving: DanceFIT University (YouTube)

 DanceFIT University (YouTube)

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Why We Chose It: Since most of the videos on DanceFIT University are less than 5 minutes long, it’s easy to work one into your day.

What We Like

  • Beginner-friendly
  • On-demand classes
  • Short workouts
  • Some variety
  • Completely free

What We Don’t Like

  • Very few long workouts

DanceFIT University makes it incredibly easy to take a Zumba class. All you need is access to YouTube, a few minutes to spare, and you're good to go. (That means no new accounts, no complicated scheduling, and no class costs, either.) 

Instructor Jessica Hoogendyk uploads new videos every week, so you’ll have tons of dance cardio videos to choose from. And since most of them are just a few minutes long, you can easily piece together a customized workout, based on how much time you have and what you’re in the mood for on a given day.

Hoogendyk is trained in Zumba, Zumba Gold, and Barre, and most of her classes reflect this expertise. But occasionally, she branches out into other styles of dance cardio—like salsa, flamenco, and reggaeton, so you can try something new.

Best Live Classes: Live Love Party

 Live Love Party

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Why We Chose It: We chose Live Love Party because its live Zumba classes happen every day and they're the definition of fun.

What We Like

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Live and on-demand classes
  • Live lessons hosted every day
  • On-demand courses are uploaded every week
  • Budget-friendly

What We Don’t Like

  • Longer classes are paid only

Live Love Party sets high-energy Zumba workouts to your favorite pop songs, giving you an easy way to have fun while working up a sweat. The Philippines-based company specializes in live Zumba classes with one-to-two one-hour classes per day. And though these classes aren't free, they only cost about $5 (note that the currency online is in Phillipine pesos).

If you want to try before you buy, you can check out Live Love Party’s YouTube channel, which is full of short, free Zumba classes. If you’re short on time, you can take one of these courses to squeeze a quick workout into your day. Or, you can string a few different videos together to create a custom workout that suits your mood and schedule. 

Best Fitness Concert: Zumba Fitness Concert Live

 Zumba Fitness Concert

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Why We Chose It: We selected Zumba Fitness Concert Live because it's a unique experience that feels like a live show.

What We Like

  • Long, on-demand workout
  • Nice change of pace
  • Completely free (with an Amazon Prime membership)

What We Don’t Like

  • Just one workout
  • Requires an Amazon Prime membership

The Zumba Fitness Concert Live isn’t enough to support an entire fitness routine. But it might offer a nice change of pace between your other Zumba classes—or your other workouts, in general. 

The 70-minute Zumba workout is led by Beto Perez, the man who created Zumba in the 1990s. So you can rest assured knowing it’s good stuff.

Spend 70 minutes tackling some of Zumba's classic, high-energy moves. While most workouts would be annoying (or exhausting) in such a high dose, Zumba is a genuinely good time.

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can experience this fitness concert from home—and even better, you can do so for free. 

What Are Online Zumba Classes?

Zumba is a cardio fitness program with roots in Latin American dance. Most online Zumba classes look a lot like in-person Zumba lessons: An instructor will lead you through a series of dance cardio steps, which you’ll perform to fun, upbeat music.

Occasionally, online Zumba classes will break away from this format. You may find lessons that are dedicated entirely to teaching you choreography instead of having you perform it. You may also find shorter workouts that span the length of a single song. 

What Is a Zumba Class Like?

Zumba classes tend to be relatively formulaic. An instructor will perform a series of dance cardio steps and instruct you to follow. (And don’t worry, if the choreography gets complicated, instructors will take a moment to walk you through it.) Each Zumba workout is set to a series of fun, upbeat songs. And the choreography tends to change when the songs do—though you’ll probably see the same steps repeated a few times. 

Most Zumba workouts start with a warm-up and end with a cool-down. But these are just easier, more stretching-based dance cardio routines. And like every other segment of a Zumba workout, each usually spans the length of one song. 

How Much Do Zumba Classes Cost?

In-person Zumba classes tend to cost roughly $5 to $25 per class. Online Zumba courses cost about $15 per class, though you’ll find options that are free, as well.

How We Chose the Best Online Zumba Classes

Zumba classes tend to be pretty similar across the board. So we looked for programs where courses were budget-friendly and abundant. And we welcomed diversity (in terms of class style, length, and intensity) wherever we found it. 

All of our favorite programs are affordable. Nearly every program we featured (with the exceptions of the Udemy course and the Zumba fitness concert) gives you access to new Zumba workouts every single week, and many of them boast massive on-demand libraries, as well.

The 10 Best Dance Workouts Even Non-Dancers Can Appreciate

Zumba fitness: 10 lessons for weight loss (video)

Dance, rejoice and lose weight - this is the essence of "zumba fitness" in a nutshell. This dance fitness program combines elements of Latin American dances and hip-hop, and anyone can master it.

SovetskySport understood how to lose weight and pump up the press with the help of Zumba

What is Zumba fitness for weight loss

The founder of Zumba is a choreographer from Colombia, Alberto Perez. Zumba is an intense fitness program based on simple dance moves from rumba, salsa, bachata, merengue, hip hop and other dances. Zumba weight loss classes are held to music. The session lasts an average of 40-60 minutes. Advanced Zumba dancers use light weights to make it harder. nine0005

What is the effect of Zumba fitness for weight loss

An hour of intense Zumba movements effectively burns fat, trains the muscles of the legs and back. The dance also gives a load to the pectoral muscles, shoulder muscles and arms. Zumba fitness trains the cardiovascular system and increases your endurance.

You can learn and perform Zumba movements for weight loss at home using video tutorials for beginners.

Video Lesson 1: Zumba Fitness for Weight Loss – Learn Zumba Movements

Affordable zumba weight loss video tutorial that explains the basics and teaches you the basic initial movements - steps and twists.

Video Lesson 2: Zumba Fitness for Weight Loss - Making Basic Movements Harder

Easy to understand Zumba weight loss video tutorial. Here you will be taught how to link zumba movements to one another, keep the right rhythm during training and control yourself for mistakes.

Video Lesson 3: Zumba Fitness for Weight Loss - Abs and Legs Specialization

The load in Zumba fitness can be varied by increasing the pace or highlighting individual muscle groups and making “specialization days” for them. This beginner zumba fitness video tutorial is all about how to work your abs and hips while dancing.


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Have you mastered the basic zumba movements and how to vary them? It's time to go through the full 50 minute lesson. Repeat the movements after the trainer, try not to stop or pause.

Video Lesson 5: Zumba Fitness for Weight Loss - Hip Hop Zumba Movements

Intensive 25-minute Zumba video lesson for beginners with a focus on hip hop movements. In addition, the trainer will add a lot of squats to hip-hop - this way you will work out the hips, buttocks and remove fat from the sides even more effectively. Don't be surprised if sitting down and getting up is difficult for the next couple of days. nine0005

Video Lesson 6: Zumba Fitness for Weight Loss - Zumba with Dumbbells

The Zumba toning program involves increasing the load of the standard zumba. Here, all exercises are performed with dumbbells weighing 1-2.5 kg. How to use vzumba dumbbells correctly is in this video tutorial for beginners.

Video Lesson 7: Zumba Fitness for Weight Loss - Zumba for Seniors

Zumba is suitable for people of all ages. From here, what pace to maintain if you are engaged in Zumba, and you are well over 40, this video tutorial will tell you how to choose movements and music. nine0005

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Video lesson 8: zumba fitness for weight loss - zumba for children

You can involve your children in Zumba. If it's cold outside, Zumbafitness can replace them with a walk on the sports ground.

The movements in this video lesson are adapted for children 3-5 years old. They are simple and look like morning exercises. For a child, Zumba training will be an interesting game while you continue to burn your calories and lose weight

Video Lesson 9: Zumba Fitness for Weight Loss - Warm Up Before Zumba

This video lesson will teach you how to properly warm up before your Zumba class. There are many steps, swings of arms and legs - everything that will protect you from injuries and sprains. You can also perform this video lesson for beginners with music

Video lesson 10: zumba fitness for weight loss - hitch and stretching after training

stretching right - in this zumba video tutorial for beginners. nine0005


- Zumba is an intense form of training. To find out which load is right for you, consult your doctor. Check your cardiovascular system;

- you need to train according to the "Zumba-fitness for weight loss" method on average 3 times a week. Let your body rest for at least one day between workouts;

- do not neglect the warm-up and cool-down. Warm-up - will help prepare the body for stress, and the hitch - "calm" and relax the muscles after training. nine0123

source: Sovetsky Sport

12 Zumba workouts to the best hits

Beauty Ideas / Exercise Ideas

There is a category of people who do not like physical exercises on simulators and who have a psychological difficulty in sports and the process of losing weight. Unfortunately, I am from this group.

Having recently analyzed my limited fitness experience, I clearly understood that there was an occupation in my life that did not cause me rejection and boredom - dancing. During my student years, I attended a dance studio, and even helped organize the Dancing with Teachers event. After graduating from the university, there were oriental dances and even performances on a small stage. During this period of my life, I was at the peak of my form. nine0005

My story of “falling in love” with Zumba

Then I had a sedentary job (not quite my favorite one) when I began to look a little like my previous “model”. After the birth of a child, the issue of physical fitness became especially acute. I tried to go in for physical education "... eleven" times, but I was not enough for a long time.

And then I accidentally came across information about zumba - a mix of fitness and dancing. Zumba promised a positive, the development of a sense of rhythm, plasticity, dance skills, the study of all muscles, the elimination of cellulite, oxygenation of the body and massage of internal organs. "Saved!" I thought and started looking for an inspiring video on the Internet. nine0005

Very soon I realized that it was much more pleasant for me to practice just to my favorite songs than just to rhythmic music. I watched hundreds of videos: many were too simple, the quality of some left much to be desired. But gradually, a dozen of my most favorite videos emerged, which together turn into a necessary little more than a half-hour workout. I hasten to share!

Preparing for training

Before starting the class, put on comfortable sportswear (preferably stylish and beautiful), do not forget about a special bra so that the beauty of your bust does not suffer during jumps and sudden movements. You should also put on shoes with stable soles and prepare a bottle of water. nine0002 Training requires a lot of energy, so it's best not to exercise on an empty stomach or if you're on a strict diet. And one more little personal secret - do not be too lazy to get acquainted with the translation of the songs, and it is useful for your level of English, and the feeling of the dance process will improve. By the way, singing your favorite songs is also very good for health.

Top 12 Zumba Workouts

1. Pharrell Williams «Happy»

I recommend starting your workout with a light warm-up to Williams' upbeat song. RM Dance offers very simple movements that are easy to repeat even the first time. Stepping and jumping at a moderate pace will allow you to prepare for serious work and really feel happy with the joy of moving to good music. nine0047

2. Inna "Yalla"

Do you remember the clip with the dark-haired beauty and charming oriental atmosphere? Dovydas Veiverys prepared a zumba workout, in which he combined elements of modern dance and belly dance. The movements are also quite simple, after several attempts, you can easily repeat the workout, reviewing a beautiful clip or listening to a track on the player. Introducing yourself as an oriental seductress and go!

3. Major Lazer feat. DJ Snake & MØ "Lean On"

This song needs no introduction for most of us - a billion YouTube views speak for itself.

Learn more