How to play slow dancing in a burning room piano

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Slow Dancing In A Burning Room Sheet Music | John Mayer

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Home   /  John Mayer   /  Slow Dancing In A Burning Room   /  Piano, Vocal & Guitar Chords (Right-Hand Melody)

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Product Details

  • Artist John Mayer
  • Score Type Interactive, PDF, Included with PASS
  • Format Digital Sheet Music
  • Pages 5
  • Arrangement Piano, Vocal & Guitar Chords (Right-Hand Melody)
  • Publisher Hal Leonard
  • Product ID 58116

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As You Like It Dance Music

As You Like It Dance music - piano sheet music

Waltzes, tangos, foxtrots

  • Issue 1
  • Issue 2
  • Issue 3
  • Issue 4
  • Issue 5
  • Edition 6
  • Issue 7
  • Edition 8
  • Issue 9
  • Issue 10
  • Edition 11
  • Issue 12
  • Issue 13
  • Issue 14

Piano sheet music for dance music by Soviet composers

As you like it
collection of dances by Soviet composers for piano
issue 1
"MUZGIZ", 1957
number 26585


  • S. Tulikov. Waltz from the music for the play "Love, director and apartment"
  • N. Rakov. Concert Waltz
  • N. Rakov. Tango
  • V. Volkov. Spring streams (waltz)
  • V. Volkov. Slow waltz
  • V. Volkov. Slow Fox
  • A. Tsfasman. "I want to dance" (foxtrot)
  • A. Tsfasman. "Stay with me" (slow foxtrot)
  • Yu. Slonov. Waltz
  • Yu. Slonov. Lyrical waltz
  • A. Eshpay. Two dance pieces
    • I. Fast foxtrot tempo
    • II. In slow foxtrot tempo
    • nine0019

    Compiled by K. SOROKIN

    Download collection

    Thanks to Alexander for the collection!

    As You Like It
    collection of dances by Soviet composers for piano
    issue 2
    "MUZGIZ", 1958
    number 26607


    • A. Lepin
      • Youth waltz from the film "Carnival Night"
      • Evening Waltz (Boston Waltz) from the film "Carnival Night"
      • Waltz from the film "Carnival Night"
      • Posadobl from the film "Carnival Night"
      • Masks (foxtrot) from the film "Carnival Night"
    • B. Meisel . Evening voices. Dance suite on Negro folk themes:
      • Blues
      • Fast Foxtrot
      • Slow Waltz

    Download collection

    Thank you Alexandra for the collection!

    As You Like It
    collection of dances by Soviet composers for piano
    issue 3
    "MUZGIZ", 1959
    number 27436


    • S. Tulikov. Slow waltz
    • S. Tulikov. Happiness returned
    • V. Volkov. Polka
    • V. Volkov. Tango
    • I. Sheremetev. Forgotten Waltz, arranged by K. Sorokin
    • K. Sorokin. Ballet dance
    • A. Chaplygin. Waltz
    • Yu. Vladimirov. Slow waltz
    • Yu. Slonov. Starlight (Slow Foxtrot)
    • Y. Slonov. Slow waltz
    • A. Lepin. Foxtrot from the movie "The Girl with No Address"
    • A. Tsfasman. Tango
    • A. Tsfasman. Foxtrot

    Download the sheet music

    Thanks to Alexander for the collection!

    As You Like It
    collection of dances by Soviet composers for piano
    issue 4
    "MUZGIZ", 1959g.
    number 27780


    • S. Tulikov. Foxtrot
    • I. Morozov. Waltz Impromptu
    • Yu. Slonov. Twilight (Slow Waltz)
    • Yu. Slonov. Slow Foxtrot
    • Vyach. Volkov. Tango
    • Yu. Vladimirov. Confession (Slow Waltz)
    • A. Tsfasman. "Unsuccessful date" (foxtrot)
    • A. Tsfasman. Slow waltz (from the movie "Jolly Stars")
    • L. Tsfasman. "Dance more cheerfully!" (Rumba).
    • M. Partskhaladze. slow dance
    • A. Lepin. Waltz (from the film "Voices of Spring")

    Download the sheet music

    Thanks to Alexander for the collection!

    Leisure music
    As you like it

    issue 5
    for piano
    "MUZGIZ", 1962g.
    number 30222


    • I. Boldyrev. Slow waltz
    • F. Boyko. Spring scents (Waltz)
    • V. Volkov. Dance
    • S. Veniaminov. By the sea (Waltz)
    • A. Zhivtsov. Parting Look (Quick Foxtrot)
    • E. Zharkovsky. Twilight (Slow Foxtrot)
    • D. Lvov-Kompaneets. Svetlana (Foxtrot)
    • nine0009 D. Lvov-Kompaneets. Slow waltz
    • M. Partskhaladze. Polka
    • N. Rakov. Polka
    • Yu. Slonov. Slow waltz
    • S. Stempnevsky. Spring Waltz
    • S. Stempnevsky. March Foxtrot
    • S. Tulikov. Gavotte (Pas de Grasse)
    • S. Tulikov. Waltz
    • A. Tsfasman. Evening on the river (Slow waltz)
    • A. Tsfasman. Never be sad (Foxtrot)
    • A. Eshpay. Simple waltz

    Download the sheet music

    Thanks to Alexander for the collection!

    As You Like It
    collection of dances by Soviet composers for piano
    issue 6
    "State Musical Publishing House", 1961
    number 28860


    • I. Morozov. Polka. From the ballet "Doctor Aibolit"
    • I. Morozov. slow dance
    • Yu. Slonov. Waltz
    • S. Stempnevsky. Two dances
    • Yu. Chichkov. Sentimental Waltz
    • Yu. Vladimirov. Slow waltz
    • Vyach. Volkov. Slow Foxtrot
    • S. Veniaminov. White Lily (Waltz)
    • A. Zhivtsov. Polka
    • M. Partskhaladze. Foxtrot. From the movie "Unusual Encounters"
    • A. Tsfasman. Fox march. From the movie "Behind the Store Window"
    • A. Tsfasman. Lyric Melody (Slow Foxtrot)

    Download sheet music

    As You Like It
    collection of dances by Soviet composers for piano
    issue 7
    "MUZGIZ", 1963
    number 30906
    (pdf, 2.67 Mb)


    • R. Boyko. Remembrance (Slow Foxtrot).
    • R. Boyko. Cheerful dance (From music to the film "Our cook Vasya")
    • I. Boldyrev. In a misty haze (Foxtrot)
    • Yu. Biryukov. Hungarian
    • Vyan. Volkov. Confession (Slow Waltz)
    • Vyach. Volkov. Pleasant meeting (Foxtrot)
    • A. Zhivtsov. Slow waltz
    • nine0009 L. Sidelnikov. I won't forget (Waltz)
    • A. Kirillov. Polka
    • A. Lepin. Graduation ball (Waltz from the music to the film "Green Shores")
    • D. Lvov-Kompaneets. Flowers (Slow Foxtrot).
    • D. Lvov-Kompaneets. Cheerful Juggler (Fast Foxtrot)
    • I. Morozov. Waltz
    • Yu. Slonov. I'm waiting for you (Tango)
    • Yu. Slonov. I'm sad (Slow waltz)
    • A. Tsfasman. I'm happy with you (Foxtrot)
    • A. Tsfasman. Let's dance the rumba (Rumba)
    • A. Eshpay. No, you say (Foxtrot)
    • A. Eshpay. Not Tonight (Foxtrot)

    Download sheet music - collection

    As You Like It
    collection of dances by Soviet and foreign composers for piano
    issue 8
    "Music", 1965
    number 2566


    • 1. A. Tsfasman. Hurry to friends! Fox March
    • 2. A. Babajanyan. Friendship
    • Z. A. Eshpay. You only you! Foxtrot. Arranged by M. Partskhaladze
    • 4. V.Volkov. Thoughtful Waltz
    • 5. M.Partskhaladze. Spring. Foxtrot
    • 6. K. Titarenko. Snowdrop. Slow Foxtrot
    • 7. A. Lepin. Humorous polka from the movie "How Robinson was made"
    • 8. R. Boyko. Foxtrot Joke
    • 9. Yu.Slonov. Grand Waltz
    • 10. Yu Saulsky. Smile
    • 11. V. Ludvikovsky. rhythmic dance
    • 12. I. Shakhov. Terrikon
    • 13. A. Polonsky. I am waiting for you. Tango
    • 14. D.Kralich. Little girl. Foxtrot song. Arranged by E. Rokhlin

    Download the sheet music

    Thanks to Alexander for the collection!

    As You Like It
    collection of dances by Soviet and foreign composers for piano
    issue 9
    compiled by M. Partskhaladze
    "Music", 1966
    number 2671


    • 1. A. Tsfasman. Because I have you. Slow Foxtrot
    • 2. B. Gorbulskis. Carefree moment. Foxtrot
    • 3. A. Lepin. Evening in Moscow. Lipsi from the movie "Give me a book of complaints"
    • 4. E. Rokhlin. Silhouettes. Foxtrot
    • 5. D. Lvov-Kompaneets. By the sea. Slow Foxtrot
    • 6. M. Partskhaladze. At peak times. Foxtrot
    • 7. B. Dolinsky. The stars are fading. Slow Foxtrot
    • 8. I. Shakhov. Merry Krakowiak
    • 9. V. Grokhovsky. Holidays. Foxtrot

    Download the sheet music

    Thanks to Alexander for the collection!

    As You Like It
    collection of dances by Soviet and foreign composers for piano
    issue 10
    compiled by M.Partskhaladze
    "Music", 1966
    number 2672


    • 1. N. Rakov. Spring Polka
    • 2. A. Tsfasman. Wild flower. Slow waltz
    • 3. B. Trotsyuk. Marina Fox
    • 4. Yu. Slonov. Remember, dear friend. Slow Foxtrot
    • 5. B. Karamyshev. Unforgettable evening. Tango
    • 6. V. Volkov. Blues Romance
    • 7. B. Kiyanov. Beep beep. New dance
    • 8. A. Tsfasman. Happy meeting. Tango
    • 9. D. Lvov-Kompaneets. Sunny Beach. Friendship
    • 10. M. Partskhaladze. In the shade of palm trees. Slow Foxtrot
    • 11. A. Polonsky. Golden leaves. Tango

    Download the sheet music

    Thanks to Alexander for the collection!

    As You Like It
    collection of dances by Soviet and foreign composers for piano
    issue 11
    compiled by M.Partskhaladze
    "Music", 1966
    number 3770


    • 1. A. Tsfasman. Smile more. Foxtrot
    • 2. V. Zhubinskaya. Polka
    • 3. A. Abramov. Slow Foxtrot
    • 4. A. Polonsky. My flowers. Slow waltz
    • 5. B. Figotin. On the beach. Slow Foxtrot
    • 6. B. Dolinsky. Memory. Foxtrot
    • 7. M. Partskhaladze. You are near. Foxtrot
    • 8. A. Arsky. Lipsi
    • 9. Anella. Foxtrot. (Yugoslavia). Arranged by E. Rokhlin

    Download the sheet music

    Thanks to Alexander for the collection!

    Leisure Music - Amateur Piano Library
    As you like it

    Collection of dance pieces by Soviet composers for piano
    issue 12
    compiled by I. Zakharov
    "Music", 1969
    number 5725


    • N. Rakov. Confession (waltz-boston)
    • N. Rakov. Tango
    • L. Bakalov. Dragonfly (polka)
    • A. Tsfasman. Samba
    • A. Tsfasman. Slow start
    • M. Partskhaladve. Meditation (Slow Foxtrot)
    • nine0009 M. Partskhaladee. Slow foxtrot from the music for the radio show "Sally Saunders - American Soldier"
    • A. Polonsky. Dream (tango)
    • A. Polonsky. Together Again (Foxtrot)
    • D. Beloborodov. Youth (variety march)
    • A. Zhivtsov. Appointed a date dear to me (quick foxtrot)
    • R. Boyko. Fun walk (foxtrot)
    • R. Boyko. Under the southern sun (Bosa Nova)
    • A. Abramov. Don't be angry (humoresque)
    • A. Abramov. At dawn (blues)
    • E. Botyarov. Dance Piece
    • 3. Binkin. Slow Foxtrot
    • 3. Binkin. Stagecoach Ride (Charleston)
    • A. Zargaryan. Kings on Ice
    • I. Kefalidi. Reflection

    Download the sheet music

    Thanks to Anna for the collection!

    As you like it

    Collection of pop pieces for piano
    issue 13
    compiled by I. Zakharov
    "Music", 1970
    number 6349


    • N. Rakov. With you. Foxtrot
    • N. Rakov. Sharmanochka. Quick waltz
    • A. Osnovikov. Leningrad Avenue. Foxtrot
    • A. Polonsky. Alone. Blues
    • A. Polonsky. With friends. Foxtrot
    • A. Polonsky. Above the mists. Blues
    • M. Partskhaladze. Our bay. Begin
    • A. Zargaryan. Cheerful Tourist
    • R. Boyko. Morning mood. Mambo
    • R. Boyko. Evening mood. Mambo
    • R. Boyko. Walk
    • V. Gamalia. Last star. Foxtrot
    • V. Gamalia. Doll. Charleston
    • A. Zhivtsov. Give me a hand, friend. Waltz
    • A. Zhivtsov. Don't call. Foxtrot
    • O. Zvonarev. Happy day. Foxtrot
    • O. Zvonarev. Always with you. Foxtrot
    • Yu. Chichkov. Lipsey. From the movie "Today, Tomorrow and Always"
    • Yu. Chichkov. Intermezzo
    • Yu. Sorokin. Parting. Tango
    • 3. Binkin. Spring meetings
    • 3. Binkin. Russian Foxtrot
    • 3. Binkin. Walking
    • I. Zakharov. Song
    • I. Zakharov. Improvisation
    • A. Abramov. Bright day. Foxtrot
    • A. Abramov. On old street
    • E. Botyarov. Thoughtful dance. bossa nova
    • E. Botyarov. Song-dance. bossa nova
    • L. Eshpay. Three Jazz Melodies
    • nine0009 I. Kefalidi. bespectacled man
    • I. Kefalidi. Old friend
    • V. Solovyov. Walk

    Download the sheet music

    Thanks to Anna for the collection!

    As you like it

    Collection of pop pieces for piano
    release 14
    compiled by I. Zakharov
    "Music", 1971
    number 6981


    • A. Zatsepin. In the park. Slow Foxtrot
    • A. Zatsepin. Cheerful city. From the movie "Red Tent"
    • Yu. Chinkov. Jazz Melody
    • Yu. Chinkov. Slow Foxtrot. From the movie "Carnival"
    • Yu. Chinkov. Naive song. From the movie "Yesterday, Today and Always"
    • M. Partskhaladze. Dreams about you
    • P. Aedonitsky. Dance. From the movie "Meetings at Dawn"
    • P. Aedonitsky. Nocturne. From the film "The Last Vacation"
    • R. Boyko. Tango
    • R. Boyko. Interlude
    • A. Bykanov. Lianas. bossa nova
    • A. Bykanov. Weather vane
    • N. Rakov. In a shady park
    • N. Rakov. Boogie Woogie
    • A. Lepin. Evening mood. Blues
    • A. Polonsky. Waltz
    • A. Polonsky. Herringbone. Polka
    • V. Cuban. Yellow leaves. Slow Foxtrot
    • K. Sorokin. half asleep
    • S. Stempnevsky. Under the dome of the circus. Waltz
    • S. Stempnevsky. Dance
    • A. Tsfasman. Slow waltz
    • A. Tsfasman. KVN
    • 3. Binkin. good morning
    • 3. Binkin. Nocturne
    • E. Botyarov. Old pendulum
    • E. Botyarov. Evening walk
    • V. Artemov. Charleston
    • A. Abramov. Air Search
    • A. Abramov. familiar silhouette. Waltz
    • I. Zakharov. I sing about you. Begin
    • I. Zakharov. Evening City
    • A. Samonov. When you are gone, I light a candle of memories
    • A. Samonov. Hello Cuba!
    • O. Zvonarev. Dreams. Blues
    • O. Zvonarev. White Night. bossa nova
    • I. Zevin. Evening Melody
    • I. Kefalidi. Morengo
    • I. Kefalidi. Song about cactus and guitar

    Download the sheet music

    Thanks to Evgeny for the collection!

    A Dangerous Game read online by Anita Mills (Page 12)

    But that's not all that important. He still can't afford to continue to get to know her. He will have enough of his troubles, but meanwhile, to get into the loop, just one mistake is enough. If he is caught here, Alexandre Giroud will go to any lengths to intimidate or bribe the right people to have him hanged. Well, for those who do not know what power the old man has, the mere fact that Matthew Morgan fled will be enough to consider him guilty. So he has no choice but to move on, to Helena, to this city of fugitives, and hide there. nine0003

    "You're not very talkative," Verena broke the silence.

    — What?

    - I say you haven't said a word in ten minutes.

    “True, but the same can be said about you,” he replied, interrupting his thoughts.

    - Is that how it is?

    - Well, yes. I even thought that this was the first time you've truly left me alone since we met.

    "But it wasn't me who forced myself on you as an acquaintance," she reminded him, pursing her lips. nine0003

    At that moment, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that some stranger was looking at her very intently. Perhaps it was just one of the hired hands, but he did not want to leave it to chance. Grabbing a low-hanging branch, he got to his feet and, leaning towards Verena, quietly asked:

    “Of course you don’t know this guy either?”

    — What other guy?

    - No, don't look there yet. I will now stand so that he is behind me, and then you can look at him over my shoulder. nine0003

    He took her by the hand and helped her up:

    — Are you dancing?

    - Not very good, but what?

    - And the fact that we will now dance with you.

    — What else was missing! No, I won’t - I just can’t, and even in front of this whole audience. Apart from the waltz, I don't know how to dance anything, but even that only a little bit, believe me. I even…

    — Shh!

    “If you think he is looking for me…” she said with desperation in her voice, but he did not let her finish. nine0003

    — Have you ever heard that you can hide in plain sight? he whispered, tilting his head close to her. - Right now, for example, you will just dance to your pleasure to the violin with your husband, that's all.

    She recoiled from him, and he began to reason with her:

    — Understand, if you rush to run like a frightened rabbit, you will give yourself away completely.

    — What is it?

    - Please believe me. And he put his arm around her waist. “Make a smile on your face, put your hand on my shoulder and follow me. nine0003

    But she stood stock-still, and he continued:

    — If you look at me admiringly once or twice, it won't hurt the case either. The main thing for you now is to play your part so that no one gets suspicious.

    "But I'm not an actress, Mr. McCready," she protested.

    - I don't know, I don't know: you did a damn good job with fainting. And by the way, I'm Mac, in case you forgot.

    “Matthew,” she clarified and, with a sweet smile, added: “And keep in mind that if I had not found myself in such a hopeless situation, I would have stayed as far away from you as possible - I say this just in case you get into your head different playful thoughts. nine0003

    — Is that how you talk to your loved ones? he scolded her, going out with her to a place free from the dancers.

    Grasping her hand with his left hand, he placed his right on her back and drew her so close to him that she felt his breath on her face.

    — Think of it all as a honeymoon trip, and pretend that there is no one else in this world besides you and me.

    "I feel like I'm in hell," she muttered. “Besides, I have no idea what dance he is playing; I only know it's not a waltz. nine0003

    — What difference does it make to you? Do everything exactly as I do, only in reverse: I take a step forward, and you step back, and so on.

    — So when you go to the left, I have to go to the right?

    “Tell me one thing,” he uttered, turning it to the beat of the music, “are you so feisty from birth or have you developed this quality in yourself all your life?”

    — Do you really think that I will smile at you all the time? she asked caustically in response and, feeling how he pressed her to him more and more, so that her cheek almost touched his cheek, she exclaimed indignantly: - What is it, I wonder, are you doing? nine0003

    - I'm dancing, although it's not so easy with you.

    — I warned you about this.

    - All right. Since you don’t dance anything but a waltz, then we will dance a waltz.

    He removed his hand from Verena's back and with the other hand dragged her along to the violinist. Then he took a shiny new dollar out of his pocket and tossed it to the musician. He deftly caught the coin and smiled broadly.

    “The slowest waltz you have,” Matt told him, “for the prettiest woman this side of the Atlantic—my wife. nine0003

    — Yes, sir, of course, sir!

    — But you gave him a whole dollar! she was horrified.

    “And the most frugal hostess, too,” Matt added with a deadpan expression. “Ready, dear?”

    Before she could pull away from him, he pressed his cheek against her cheek and whispered in her ear:

    “Try not to look at me like I'm going to strangle you, okay?

    This time, when he led her to the dance floor, everyone parted and left them alone on it. His arm wrapped around her waist, and the crowd cheered in encouragement. She felt the blood rush to her head and her whole body was thrown into a fever. Out of embarrassment, she hid her head on his chest and snuggled closer to him. nine0003

    “Well, it would have been like that for a long time,” he said softly.

    Slow music was playing, Matthew McCready's hand firmly supported Verena, but she felt uncomfortable and she could not give her movements the necessary smoothness. Her whole body was somehow tense, as if wooden, and this feeling of unease increased even more when he spoke again:

    “I think you would not shine in the ballrooms of New Orleans.

    - And I never aspired to this.

    “Perhaps if you start humming a melody to yourself, it will be easier for you to move to the beat of the music,” he suggested hopefully.

    “I am completely deaf to music,” she said through clenched teeth.

    - This does not happen - everyone has at least a little hearing.

    - I don't have the slightest. When they tried to teach me how to play the piano, the teacher did not even take money from my mother, explaining that it was hopeless to get me the ability to feel the rhythm of music or hear the difference between notes. nine0003

    - So you can't sing? And I thought that for a real lady this is a necessary dignity.

    - When I sing, it's impossible to recognize the melody... And now I ask you - since you and I have established that I can neither sing nor dance, maybe let's go and sit down?

    - Excluded - at least until we dance my dollar.

    — But you put us in a stupid position; I hope you understand this?

    "Sorry, but you were the one who told me you could waltz," he reminded her. nine0003

    "You didn't listen to me well," she retorted sharply. - I said that I dance it, but not very well.

    - You know, it begins to seem to me that everything about you is a complete pretense and falsehood.

    Are you saying this because I can't dance? I have never heard anything more ridiculous in my life.

    — No, because everything you say turns out to be false in the end. I'm not even sure now that you're Verena Howard.

    - Well, you know, this is already too much! In addition, absolutely everything that I told you is the purest truth, believe it or not. But you - you can't say that about yourself, Matthew McCready! nine0003

    - Smile, Rena.

    — Why?

    - He is still looking at you.

    — And this should worry me? Enough, I already look like a clumsy fool in their eyes.

    - Do you know him?

    — Who exactly?

    - The one that smokes a cigar - over there, near the tree.

    MacCready led her in a wider circle, and she, putting on the most dazzling smile she could muster, dared to look in the direction indicated to her. nine0003

    “I see him for the first time,” she said firmly.

    — Maybe he is simply blinded by your beauty?

    “Rather, he thinks that I have exposed myself to ridicule,” she answered coldly.

    - Don't stop smiling.

    - My jaw is already clenched from this constant smile.

    And suddenly, as if by the grace of God, the music stopped playing - either the violinist decided that two rounds of the waltz was enough, or he simply took pity on Verena. To top off all her humiliations, Matthew McCready swirled her one last time, picked her up, wrapped his arms around her, and planted a spectacular kiss on his lips. Fearing that resistance would make the situation even more ridiculous, she did not interfere with him, limiting herself to saying in an undertone:

    - Your behavior does not honor you; I hope you understand this?

    - And I hope you understand that you are unlikely to be able to convince Sheriff Hood that two strangers are chasing you, claiming to be your relatives, and at the same time threatening to kill you without any reason; therefore, you have no choice but to endure my company in order to reach Columbus safe and sound. At the moment, apart from me, you have no one else.

    - But this does not mean that you can kiss me without my consent, and I don't seem to give it to you. nine0003

    - I just thought I should let them all know that I didn't marry you because I was seduced by your ability to dance.

    Seeing how threateningly her face frowned, he hurried to take her hand again:

    — Well, well, calm down, my dear. And don't hide your smile at least until we're in our room.

    - You mean in my room.

    —Have you ever heard that the Lord does not love losers who do not admit their defeat? nine0003

    — Is that how it is? I would like to know where you found such a place in the Bible.

    The violin began to chirp again, and the couples began to fill the space free from people, and some of the cowboys began to stomp to the beat of the music, accompanying it with the ringing of spurs. In this new burst of merriment, no one seemed to notice Verena and Matthew's departure. As they passed the tree, Matt nodded to the stranger. He continued to stare at Verena for a moment, then raised his hat. He was of medium height, well-built, fair-haired, and quite good-looking. He looked to be about thirty-five or so. nine0003

    - Good evening, mr. Good evening ma'am.

    “Good evening,” she replied politely.

    When they were almost at the house, Matt asked quietly:

    — Well, what do you say?

    - Nothing new. Isn't this one of the two you saw before? I mean - there, at the bus stop, where they fed us? Did you take a good look at them?

    - No, I didn't see him there.

    “For my part, I can say that, judging by his voice and manner of speaking, it does not seem that he was one of the two whose conversation I overheard in the corridor,” she sighed. nine0003

    - In this case, we will assume that you have a new admirer.

    — I don't see anything funny in this, Mr. McCready. I don't have fans right now. All I want is to get to San Angelo as soon as possible, arrange my father's business, and return home safely. And after that, I do not rule out that I will again become a teacher.

    — Perhaps you would like to look at him again? he muttered. - It's not for me to judge what kind of men women like, but I would say that he is very good-looking. nine0003

    - I didn't notice it.

    - They didn't notice the hell.

    - Please don't swear, Mr. McCready.

    “But this guy just couldn’t take his eyes off you,” he insisted, opening the door to the room for her.

    “I already told you that I don’t know him,” she said decisively.

    Finding a kerosene lamp in the deepening darkness, she removed the glass from it and adjusted the wick. Behind him, McCready struck a match against the wall and blotted out the flames with his palm. The yellow glow of the fire, illuminating his face from below, combined with the smell of burning sulfur, gave his appearance some kind of ominous look. She lifted the lamp and held it in front of him while he lit it. The kerosene-soaked wick flared, causing flickering shadows to swirl on the wall, and he extinguished the match with a wave of his hand and went to close the door. Putting back the figured glass of the lamp, Verena moved it to the nightstand next to the bed. nine0003

    “You know, I keep trying to figure out who you really are, and I can’t,” McCready admitted unexpectedly. “I have never met women like you.

    She turned sharply to him and blurted out:

    “I'm afraid I've heard that before, Mr. McCready,” from Mr. Wendell. And I can assure you, I have not become more gullible than I was then.

    Her words aroused bewilderment in him, but he quickly realized what it was about:

    — You must have thought that I... Well, you are very mistaken. If you want to know, I would be a fool if I did something like this with you - and you yourself should understand this. nine0003

    Walking up to a chair, he pulled his tie off his neck and continued:

    — In case you forgot, I remind you that neither you nor I can afford to have any kind of squabble or squabble here.

    Still talking, he took off his jacket and hung it over the back of a chair, making sure there were no wrinkles on his shoulders:

    — I don't know about you, but personally I'm going to get a good night's sleep.

    “And I most likely won’t close my eyes, knowing that you are somewhere here in the room,” she said bitterly. “And although you will sleep on the floor, it is simply indecent for us to spend the night in the same room. nine0003

    — Mind you, I got the bed, — he said, opening the window. “We played it at cards, and if my memory serves me right, you lost. I advise you to fold the cover in half, and then put it on the floor - it will be softer.

    - Why, I wonder, did you open the window? she asked with concern in her voice. “Are you out of your mind, or what?”

    — But it's damn hot in here.

    “Better be hot,” she snapped. - What if someone gets into his head to climb through the window?

    He turned to her; a mocking smile played on his lips:

    — I sleep very lightly, Rena. And, as far as I understand, the one who climbs will immediately trip over you; you will naturally squeal and that will wake me up. I will sleep with a Colt at hand and will be able to welcome our guest in the most dignified manner. But if I were you, I would not worry about such trifles - I would be more worried about this. And he pointedly nodded to the side.

    — What exactly?

    - This chain of large red ants is on the floor. I'm not sure that spending the night in their company will be so pleasant. nine0003

    — Where? I don’t see any ants…” And then she stopped in mid-sentence: across the room, heading for the inner wall, whole hordes of these insects were crawling in a continuous stream.

    “Well, well…” was all she could say.

    — Exactly. By the way, they say that the Indians have an original way of torture.

    — What other original method of torture? she asked in a dull voice.

    — I guess Philadelphia isn't very interested in Indians? he remarked, amused from the bottom of his heart. nine0003

    - You are right, not very, - So, there are cases when the Indians tied up their enemies and put them on an anthill, having previously smeared the victim with honey. It is said that by the time the ants finished their work, there was little left of such a poor fellow.

    - I don't believe you.

    "Though maybe the local ants eat only fat," he suggested doubtfully. “However, you yourself will soon find out.

    “Yes, it will be interesting to know,” she said in his tone and, going to the bed, pulled off the blanket and shook it out. “You know, Mr. McCready, I may be a naive person, but not to the same extent. nine0003

    Looking at how she folded the blanket in half, he said more seriously:

    — Jokes are jokes, but they really can eat you up overnight, excuse me. So here you go, hold on.

    — What exactly? she was worried.

    Sighing, he took off his belt and unfastened his holster with the Colt:

    — Take it.

    — Why is that? she wondered. “Do you want me to shoot those insects?” Do you feel like you're going too far with your jokes? nine0003

    - Revolver loaded with five bullets. You just need to cock the trigger, aim and pull the trigger. I assure you, these bullets can pierce anyone and anything. You can put it under your pillow.

    — So you will sleep on the floor? she breathed a sigh of relief.

    — No, I'm just giving you half the bed. Choose which side you like, and put the Colt where it's easier to get it. If I jump over to your side, grab him and shoot him. Believe me: one serving of lead in the belly will be enough to put anyone in their place. nine0003

    She looked at him with frank horror, and he implacably continued:

    — To make you feel calmer, I'm even ready to show you how he shoots.

    - No, no, don't.

    She glanced apprehensively at the floor and resolutely moved towards the chair. Clutching the covers to her, with her free hand, she removed McCready's jacket and tie from the back and tossed them on the bed:

    - Since you refuse to be a gentleman, I choose a chair instead of the floor.

    - But you can't sleep on it all night! nine0003

    “I overslept sitting most of the way from Philadelphia,” she said wearily. “And what difference does it make if there are one more such nights?”

    - I'm not so easy to shame, Verena.

    Turning her back to him, she began to lay the blanket in such a way that it would be easier to lean on the wooden back of the chair, made of several crossbars, but she did not succeed. There's nothing to be done, she thought with annoyance, she'll have to be content with what she has. She sank into the seat and carefully covered her legs with the hem of her dress. nine0003

    The creak of old, rusty springs made her look up. The mattress under Matthew McCready sagged dangerously, all the way to the floor.

    “The bed is a little loose,” he muttered, “but I think once I lie down everything will be all right.

    He sat slumped in bed so low off the floor that it was not easy for him to bend over and pull off his shoes. Then he straightened up again and took off his vest. Adjusting the feather bed on the other side of the bed, he carefully moved back and lay down, resting his feet on the foot of the bed. The released springs jumped up sharply. He glanced at Verena and smiled broadly. nine0003

    - I wonder what amuses you so much? she said through her teeth, hurt by his smirk.

    - you.

    - Stop staring at me, I know without you that I look like a scarecrow.

    “Actually, I didn’t even have that in my mind,” he answered, ceasing to smile.

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