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Is it truly a “party” without a dance floor rental?!? I don’t think so. The most fun I’ve had at events (some embarrassing) have be on the dance floor – either dancing or just watching. It’s great entertainment, but you can’t just call a rental company and say “I want a dance floor.” You have to know what you want to get the best quote for your dance floor rental.

Here is a calculator to help you determine the approximate square feet you need:

On the chart below, I’m giving you an estimate based on common dance floor sizes. For the average party, you can expect that the most amount of people on the dance floor at a given time is around 30 – 40%. Now, there are exceptions to every rule. When I was 23, my life long friend, Claire, got married. She had 10 attendants and most of the guests were in their 20s. For that party, a lot more than 40% were dancing (some even on stage with the band – I won’t name names ;-). Contrast that to my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary: I bet less than 10% were dancing.  (I got the honor of dancing with my grandfather so I was glad they had it there: dance floors make the best memories).


For each person, you need approximately 4 square feet. The chart below is an oversimplification for 2 reasons:

  1. I based this on the least expensive dance floor option at $1.50 per square foot, and
  2. You can’t get the exact amount of square feet you need because the dance floors typically come in 3×3 or 3×4 sections. I’ve rounded to the common dance floor sizes, but you will have to adjust based on the size of the sections you rent.

(Pro Tip: just email [email protected], and we’ll figure it out for you for free).

Dance Floor Rental Size Chart




at one time


Square Feet

Common Dance

Floor Size



100 30 – 40 144 12 x 12 $216
150 50 – 60 225 15 x 15 $340
200 70 – 80  324 18 x 18 $485
300 110 – 120  441 21 x 21 $670
400 140 -160  576 24 x 24 $870
500 180 – 200  729  27 x 27 $1100

Note: these are prices without delivery fees, and most of the rental companies will require that they deliver and professionally install for liability purposes. Standard delivery fees will vary dramatically based on location, but you can expect them to be  around $75 each way or $150 total. You can easily double that amount if the pick up has to happen after hours (for example after the event ends at night or on Sunday).

Types of Dance Floor Rentals

In my chart above, I used an average square foot price of $1.50 per square foot (this is for the commonly used, light wood floor). There are many different types of dance floors with a wide range of prices. This chart will give you the average prices of popular types of floors:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best dance floor size for 100 guests?

A 12×12 dance floor is a good size for an event with 100 people. This will accommodate 30-40 people dancing at one time. The average price for a 12×12 is $225 plus delivery.

What is the best dance floor size for 150 guests?

A 15×15 dance floor is a good size for an event with 150 people. This will accommodate 50-60 people dancing at one time. The average price for a 15×15 is $350 plus delivery.

What is the best dance floor size for 200 guests?

A 18×18 dance floor is a good size for an event with 200 people. This will accommodate 70-80 people dancing at one time. The average price for a 18×18 is $485 plus delivery.

What is the best dance floor size for 500 guests?

A 27×27 dance floor is a good size for an event with 500 people. This will accommodate 180-200 people dancing at one time. The average price for a 27×27 is $1100 plus delivery.

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Let me know what you think or what other topics you’d like me to cover.

DANCE FLOOR for our wedding or corporate event- How big to go?

When planning a wedding reception, party, or corporate event and hiring a DJ, most clients have visions of a non-stop dance party.

Regardless of what else is on the agenda, the goal inevitably at some point (if not the main focal point) is to get as many guests on the dance floor as possible for as long as possible.

They imagine all they have to do is hire an amazing DJ, and their floor will magically be packed all night!

Yes, we believe it’s crucial to hire an experienced & talented DJ with great room awareness, but even the best DJ can only work so much magic if the logistics of the room are working directly against them.

A common oversight from clients when planning their wedding or corporate event is overestimating how big the dance floor needs to be in the room or event venue in relation to the number of guests.  Another mistake is not renting an actual square dance floor because they venue floor is already made of wood, concrete etc. .

If room layout and dance floor size are planned incorrectly,  the dance party can sadly look like this:

At Hey Mister DJ, we specialize in keeping dance floors constantly packed in Los Angeles and the greater Southern California area. 
It’s our specialty, but there are many factors which will help or hinder the our ability to create and maintain dancing.

Room size, lighting levels, guest count, timeline floor, bar & photobooth placement etc.. which all play a crucial role in funneling guests where you want them moment by moment.

For today we are just talking specifically about dance floor SIZE and placement.

In a nutshell…the key points are these:

  • A small floor that is packed and hard to get onto always looks better than a giant floor you can’t quite fill.
  • A dance floor that is too far removed from the dinner area or logistically hard to get to may end up empty.
  • A room that has no dance floor and instead just an open wood/concrete floor is confusing to guests.

Clients always worry about if the floor will be big enough, but if you have guests dancing on the carpet that is a happy problem. In other words, the larger the dance floor the harder it is to keep it full and create the appearance of a rocking party.

Does this look inviting to you?

With these, there is no lighting on the actual floor itself and no perimeter to define where dancing begins or ends it still feels intimidating and uncomfortable to the eye.

Guests need the dance floor area to be clearly defined and separated from the rest of the room so they feel comfortable.  

With this next one, they did a great job lighting the perimeter of the room, but again, the dance floor has no defined beginning or end.  In this situation we’d use pattern & wash lighting to help create a perimeter in lieu of an actual dance floor boarder.

Lighting can help to offset this problem (See our BLOG) “Why dance floor lighting matters” but clearly defining the area you want guests to dance is always a plus and helps draw them in. Human nature dictates that people like clear direction and containment, it’s just how the brain works.
When you have 4 corners it’s easy for the brain to day “I should dance here” but when you have an open space it creates anxiety because the brain can’t map where the space begins or ends.

Now, let’s look at a room that has placed down a dance floor that is the appropriate size in relation to the room and lit it nicely to make it appealing and inviting.  They even used couches for framing and to fill in “dead” space in the room instead of adding more tiles to the floor. Your wedding planner or room designer will usually have ideas on how to utilize furniture, lighting, pipe & drape, and other elements to make a big room feel more cozy and inviting.

Keep in mind that you will maybe have about 40% of your guests dancing at any given time.
Others may be at the bar, conversing, bathroom, photo booth, updating their Instagram, eating dessert, etc.

Our Jewish wedding or Mitzvah clients are usually concerned with doing an amazing HORA (group) dance and want enough space for everyone.  But it’s a critical mistake to build a dance floor that accommodates the entire guest count for only those 10 minutes when we will be struggling the rest of the night to keep it filled.

If during the HORA some guests are on the carpet, it’s totally fine!

One of the most common situations that put clients in this challenging position is when they book a venue that is too large for their guest count.  Once the venue figures out how many tables they need and exact placement, they realize they have too much dead space, so start adding extra tiles to the dance floor to fill in space.  Now you have a HUGE floor that you’ll never be able to fill with enough guests, but the edges of the room don’t look as empty.

It’s ok to have some empty space on the perimeters of the room.  Here’s another great example of a room with a dance floor that is an appropriate size in relation to total room size:

Here is a handy chart to use as a reference based on guest count assuming that roughly 40% of your guests are dancing simultaneously:

#of guests      # of dancers      Size of dance floor

60                        14-20                 10 x 10

100                      32-40                 12 x12

150                     50-70                15 x 15

200                     78-90                18 x 18

The industry standard suggests that each wedding will need 9 sq ft per couple (that’s over 4. 5 ft per person).   Example: Let’s assume a party has 200 guests. 40%, or 80 guests, will be dancing at any one time. This means that you would need approximately 360 square feet of dance floor for this party, or about a 16×20 dance floor.

If you figure 40 of 100 guests will dance, then you need about a 200 square foot dance floor. If you double that for 200 guests you would need a 400 square foot dance floor. With 300 guests you need a 600 foot dance floor.  You can see how easily that rule could get out of hand.
(When it comes to choosing your dance floor size, we have found that a 12’x12’ dance floor usually accommodates a small to medium size wedding or event. That’s 144 square feet)

However, you do have to consider other factors like the age of your guests, and how many people you really think will be dancing at one time.

Keep in mind that every event has 3 times of people:

  • Group #1: I will dance for sure no matter what! (The party starters- small in numbers but reliable)
  • Group #2: I most likely will NOT dance (Although with enough alcohol…)
  • Group #3: I am unsure/on the fence but might dance if the situation is ideal (usually the largest # of guests)

This last group is who we should always be thinking about when designing a room/event venue for a wedding, party or corporate event. Group #3 is saying “well, if I feel comfortable enough and the energy is good I will possibly jump on board” so the room must always be setup in a way that maximizes the potential for them to join.

So take this dance party for example:

If you count, there are about 45 people on the floor, and they are clearly having fun.

But because the entire room is a wood floor and there are no corners telling guests where the dance floor ends, they all spread out, and consequently it looks like it’s not a packed floor and thus not as much energy in the room as possible.

Now compare that to this dance party:

Notice that there are only about 20 people on this floor.  Almost HALF less than the previous photo but it appears to have more energy because everyone is grouped together tight because they are on a rental dance floor that has defined edges.

There is also much better lighting in this room which helps add additional energy visually.

To Recap: Hey Mister DJ always recommends having some type of dance floor for every event…even when the venue has a natural concrete or wood floor.   Again, the reason is that the perimeter creates what we call “defined space” that draws people in and helps ensure more dancing. An open area is “undefined space” and often guests feel uncomfortable dancing in such an area.

Here’s a few venues in Los Angeles area we play often that always get the dance floor size right:  

It’s counter-intuitive but when you have a SMALLER dance floor, you are likely to get MORE people dancing.   Now go out and have the best dance party ever!

Are you searching for an amazing DJ/MC for your wedding?
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Dance floor in Gatchina — 9 places 📍 (addresses, reviews, photos, rating)

— 9 places

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The best dance floor — rating, addresses and phones

  1. 26 reviews • ₽₽ • 7 Army, 22a • 8 (813) 717-62-12 • Mon-Thu from 12:00 to 01:00; Fri–Sat from 13:00 to 03:00; Sun from 13:00 to 01:00

    Thanks for the steak! It's wonderful and delicious! Just like everything else in your establishment!

  2. 14 reviews • ₽₽ • Khokhlova, 6a • 8 (903) 092-83-43 • Wed–Thu from 19:00 to 03:00; Fri–Sat from 19:00 to 06:00; Sun from 19:00 to 01:00

    Cheap alcohol. And karaoke. :-)

  3. 6 reviews • ₽₽ • Dostoevsky, 2 • 8 (921) 598-74-37 • around the clock

    As far as I know, now the restaurant is called "Alexandria". Very cozy place and amazing food. I visit whenever I'm in…

  4. 4 reviews • ₽₽ • Solodukhina, 1 • 8 (813) 712-21-88 • Tue–Thu, Sun from 12:00 to 00:00; Fri–Sat from 12:00 to 02:00

    Nice enough, if not for the sad event, I probably would not have been here :( and the fish in batter is really cool !!!

  5. Leningrad region, Pushkin highway, 13k3 • 8 (995) 600-42-62 • daily from 09:00 to 23:00

    The musical buffet "SOUL" is a coveted oasis of culture in the Gatchina district of the Leningrad region. Come visit us and have a drink...

  6. Leningrad region, street of the 7th Army, 22 • 8 (813) 717-62-12 • Fri–Sat from 23:00 to 06:00

    Do you want to feel the real fire in the blood? Dancing until you drop, a big bar and a relaxed atmosphere will help you forget about everything and indulge in fun.…

  7. ₽ • Karl Marx, 9• 8 (813) 719-02-51 • daily from 10:00 to 00:00

  8. Leningrad region, Khokhlova street, 16 • 8 (921) 740-34-42 • daily from 11:00 to 06:00

    We offer two halls for your event, one for romantic dates. The second large hall for various events. Day…

  9. Chkalova, 2 • 8 (813) 712-14-63 • Mon–Sat from 09:00 to 14:40

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Dance floor

You can relax after working days and have fun to the fullest in one of Gatchina's nightclubs with a dance floor. A variety of music, celebrity concerts and a rich cocktail list attract party and dance lovers. Connoisseurs of incendiary sets of famous DJs or live music will easily choose the right place with a dance floor for themselves.

Vacationers can dance to different styles of music:

  • techno
  • house
  • pop
  • retro
  • latina and more.

Some clubs and bars/restaurants with a dance floor are free to enter but have face control. Before you go to a party, you should find out if there is a dress code in the chosen club. To visit the dance floor, you will need to choose the right outfit: a cocktail dress or evening casual clothes.

Drive, great mood, fun dancing to stylish music - a great pastime for outdoor enthusiasts in a great company of friends. In many clubs, night parties start after midnight, but sometimes bars open their doors to visitors after 22:00. It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the poster in advance in order to clarify which musical program or theme party awaits you, as well as to find out in advance about the performance of famous DJs in Gatchina.

Interesting facts

Most often, people are looking for "dance floor", but there are other formulations, for example:

  • where to dance
  • where to dance

The most popular features of the places found are adult career guidance, drumming training, dentistry training, catering, breakfast, European cuisine, Lenten food, vegetarian food, Bavarian cuisine, Russian cuisine.

Dance floor (abbreviated as dance floor) - this was the name of the place where discos and evenings of rest were held in Soviet times.

As a rule, the dance floor was a small piece of land, enclosed by a fence, inside there could be a small stage on which the equipment was placed. Depending on the popularity of the dance floor, VIA or instrumental ensembles could perform on the stage, but in most cases, phonograms sounded on the dance floors.

Gatchina (fin. Hatsina) is a city (since 1796) in Russia, the administrative center of the Gatchina municipal district of the Leningrad Region, the City of Military Glory of Russia (since April 2015).

Population - 95 860 people. (2014) (the largest settlement in the Leningrad region).

The city is located in the southwestern part of the region, 8 km south of the border of St. Petersburg and 41 km from its historical center.

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