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Shake It Up - I

1Zendaya And Bella Thorne–Contagious Love
2Bella Thorne And Zendaya–This Is My Dance Floor
3Zendaya–Beat Of My Drum
4Bella Thorne–Blow The System
5Roshon Fegan And Caroline Sunshine–Afterparty
6Coco Jones (3)–Holla At The DJ (The DJ Mike D Remix)

Remix – DJ Mike D (4)

Remix – DJ Mike D (4)

7Olivia Holt–These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
8McClain Sisters–Sharp As A Razor
9Dove Cameron–Future Sounds Like Us
10Y. LA*–I Can Do Better
11Selena Gomez–Shake It Up Theme Song (Cole Plante Reboot Remix)

Remix – Cole Plante

Remix – Cole Plante

Bonus Track
12Bridgit Mendler–We're Dancing (Alex Ghenea 3.0 Remix)

Remix – Alex Ghenea

Remix – Alex Ghenea

  • Copyright © – Disney
  • Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Walt Disney Records
  • Licensed To – Universal Music Canada Inc.
  • Manufactured By – Universal Music Canada Inc.
  • Distributed By – Universal Music Canada Inc.
  • Product Manager [Executive In Charge Of Music And Soundtracks For Disney Channel] – Steven Vincent (2)

© Disney ℗ 2013 Walt Disney Records under license to Universal Music Canada Inc. Manufactured and distributed by Universal Music Canada Inc.

Hype sticker on shrink-wrap states: "Includes new hit singles "Contagious Love" and "This Is My Dance Floor". Featuring tracks from: Zendaya, Bella Thorne, Bridgit Mendler, Coco Jones, Selena Gomez, Olivia Holt and more! D001809692".

  • Barcode: 0 50087 28583 8
  • Barcode: 050087285838

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Shake It Up | Disney Shows




Comedy, Live Action

Cece Jones and Rocky Blue are two ambitious pre-teen girls growing up in Chicago with the dream of becoming professional dancers. They get the opportunity after auditioning for and earning a spot on the popular weekly dance show, Shake It Up, Chicago! CeCe’s goals are supported for the most part by her single mother Georgia, as long as she helps out with Flynn, her mischievous younger brother. Ty, Rocky’s older brother, offers his encouragement, as does Deuce, their mutual friend. Devious exchange students Gunther and Tinka, who also want to dance competitively, constantly try to undermine the girls’ goals.

Rated: TV-G

  • Directed By

  • Written By

  • Produced By

  • Cast

    Bella Thorne, Roshon Fegan, Davis Cleveland, Kenton Duty, Adam Irigoyen (canon), Caroline Sunshine, Tyra Banks, Cat Deely, Zendaya

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Dance Fever watch online Season 1 in Russian will talk about the girls Sisi and Rocky who study at the same school and even in the same class, they are friends since childhood and dream of achieving the highest results in professional dance. Our heroines dance simply class, but this must also be proved to everyone, because ahead of them are a lot of trials, after overcoming which they will choose one of the best dancers. Rocky has a brother named Ty who is just as good as his sister on the dance floor. You will find out whether our heroes will be able to win this dance battle by watching the dance series from Disney "Dance Fever All Seasons" online on our website.
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dance fever watch online season 1 in russian

Movie info:
Title: Dance fever
Original name: SHAKE It Up
Exit year: 2010-2013
Genre: Comedy
released: Disney 9000 Director: Joel Tsvik 9003: Bella Thorne, Zendaya Coleman, Davis Cleveland, Roshon Fegan, Adam Irigoyen
Translation: Professional (Disney Channel)
Video quality: WEB-DLRip
Added: All episodes

About movie: Children and teenagers love to dance - especially girls, do you agree with me? I think so, then you will definitely like the Disney movie "Dance Fever". Sisi and Rocky are in the same class, have been friends since childhood, they are both thirteen years old, and they have a common dream - to become professional dancers. The girls are undoubtedly talented, but everyone needs to prove it to everyone, and the dance show “Shake It Up, Chicago!” is the best for this. But how to get there? There are many applicants for performance in it, and only the best will be chosen. Rocky and Sisi begin to train hard to become participants in the show and win. Tai - Rocky's older brother is also not indifferent to dancing, and performs them no worse than his sister, he fully supports her on the way to her goal. Sisi also has a younger brother - Flann, a funny boy who respects his sister's passion for dancing, Ty's friend. It is worth noting that this is the second role in the movie of the young Disney actress - Zendaya Coleman, who is currently shining in the serial film "Katie Cooper Undercover / K. C. Undercover."

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Walt Disney Artist-Multiplier, founder of the film studio Disney (Disney) and the Dysneyland Attration Park. Disney has won the hearts of viewers around the world, creating wonderful fairy tales, cartoons and films for them. In the autumn of 1923, the best artists gathered in the Disney studio to make great cartoons under his direction. Walt Disney's favorite character, Mickey Mouse, became the first character in the Steamboat Willie sound cartoon. Disney himself voiced Mickey Mouse, who later became one of the most popular Disney cartoon characters that brought him fame and recognition from the audience.

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Movie info:
Title: Dance fever
Original name: Shake It Up
Exit year: 20107
Genre: Comedy
released: Director VCVIK: Joel in : Bella Thorne, Zendaya Coleman, Davis Cleveland, Roshon Fegan, Adam Yrigoyen
imdb rating: 4.9
duration: 22 min
Translation: Professional (Disney Channel)
Video quality: WEB-DLRip
Added: All episodes

Disney himself voiced Mickey Mouse, who later became one of the most popular Disney cartoon characters that brought him fame and recognition of the audience.

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