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Zendaya Breaks Down the Dark Side of Her ‘Euphoria’ Dance Sequence

By Meghan O'Keefe

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You could say that in Euphoria Season 2 Episode 3, Rue (Zendaya) dances with the devil. On the one hand, she makes a dangerous deal with Laurie (Martha Kelly), the drug dealer she and Fez (Angus Cloud) were terrorized by in the Euphoria Season 2 premiere on HBO. On a much lighter note, though, Rue gets to enjoy a rare moment of bliss in Euphoria Season 2 Episode 3 when she dances around her room to Frank Sinatra’s “Call Me Irresponsible.” The reverie ends when she twirls into the kitchen and Rue’s sister Gia (Storm Reid) straight up needs to ask her, “Rue, are you high?”

It’s a beautiful sequence that lets Rue express unfettered joy while taking advantage of Euphoria star Zendaya’s extensive dance training. More importantly it establishes that Rue still doesn’t know how to be happy without first being high. Euphoria shifts from this grounded fantasy sequence — I mean, who among us hasn’t twirled around our bedrooms pretending we’re in a musical? — to one of its classic heightened ones. As Rue has to confront her sister’s point blank question, she leads us (and Dominic Fike’s Elliot) through a tutorial on how to misdirect loved ones when one has relapsed. The whole sequence speaks to a larger narrative afflicting Rue in Euphoria Season 2.

“Yeah, I mean it seems that her most blissful moments are aided in some way,” Zendaya said when Decider asked her about the scene. “I think those moments remind us of why she does it in the first place. I think it’s her way of dealing with life and coping with it and trying to stay above water and be happy in the only way she knows how. I think that is a moment for her, when we live inside of her brain, that’s joyous and beautiful until we zoom out and remember what’s happening. There’s a very harsh reality to what’s happening to her.”

The harsh reality — as we see elsewhere in the episode — is that even with Jules (Hunter Schafer) back in her life, Rue isn’t able to stay on the straight and narrow.

As Zendaya explained: “I think the whole idea when we get into the first episode [of Euphoria Season 2] is, let’s give her everything that she thought she wanted, everything that she says that she wants to have, this perfect life, and let’s see how that goes for her. I think we all know as audience members, as people who care about Rue, as people who have grown to know her and understand her, that this isn’t going to last. This isn’t going to go well. We just have the foresight to see that and I don’t think she can quite get there yet.”

“So, you know, as there are beautiful moments. Nothing in Euphoria is one-sided. Nothing in Euphoria is black or white. It’s all nuance. It’s all living in the gray and it’s up for interpretation and there’s always more to it. A decision is never made for one reason, there’s always something behind it and there’s always usually pain and these characters have grown to be the way they are for certain reasons,” Zendaya said.

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How Zendaya's Stunts In The Greatest Showman Were Filmed

By Kayleigh Fongers


As trapeze artist Anne Wheeler in The Greatest Showman, Zendaya hardly used stunt doubles. Here's how the actress managed the gravity-defying feats.

Zendaya can sing, dance and act, and after doing many of her own stunts for The Greatest Showman, she has some trapeze skills under her belt, too. In her portrayal of Anne Wheeler, an acrobat and trapeze artist, the Zendaya The Greatest Showman character soars through the air using various ropes and bars in several of the film's musical numbers. During "Rewrite the Stars," the Greatest Showman Zendaya character and Zac Efron engage in intimate trapeze stunts together as they grapple with their romantic feelings and the fear that society won't accept their relationship.

Phillip and the Zendaya The Greatest Showman character's romance first began in the film when the playwright noticed one of her stunning trapeze routines, and it turns out that Zendaya did many of those eye-catching stunts herself, though it was far from easy. When production for the film first started (after a song had saved The Greatest Showman from development hell), Zendaya recalled that director Michael Gracey welcomed her to the set by saying, "You might want to start working out" (via Self). He went on to explain that she would have regular trapeze rehearsals and that he wanted her to use the stunt doubles as little as possible.The Greatest Showman Zendaya character had the actress working on her upper-body and core strength in order to pull off the gravity-defying feats.

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How Zendaya's Stunts In The Greatest Showman Were Filmed

After a while, Zendaya got the hang of the equipment she was using and the height at which she was performing during her training to become Anne Wheeler. She felt confident — until she showed up one day and discovered what the real set looked like. The actual set-up was about 15-20 feet taller than she had expected, according to the actress, making the stunt more Mission Impossible than musical. While she had also gotten used to practicing above a net, that wasn't an option for her real scenes because nets weren't commonplace during the film's time period. Just as she was about to ascend for the first time, Hugh Jackman happened to walk by. "Zendaya, you're a bada**," he said to his costar (via Elle). That was all the motivation she needed.

Though the Zendaya The Greatest Showman character's trapeze scene with Zac Efron's character is one of the film's most stunning scenes, it took a lot of work to get to that point. During the song's climax, each is grasping a rope and drifting apart from one another midair before coming together and spinning in an entwined circle — at least, that was the finished product, which, despite The Greatest Showman's CGI and special effects, was done for real. The duo learned the entire routine on the ground, unsure of what it would look like once they were in the air. Once they were, multiple body slams and bruises ensued as the timing and coordination of the spin became tricky to master. "There are some very famous outtakes of them swinging in and just slamming [into each other] and just hanging limp. It's not graceful at all!" said Gracey (via MTV). However, the final result in The Greatest Showman proves that practice makes perfect. Who knows what Zendaya will master next.

Who Sang For Zendaya In The Greatest Showman

Although her role in Euphoria has proved how great Zendaya is as an actor, it may be surprising to learn that she can sing, too. Unlike Rebecca Ferguson's Jenny Lind — whose singing voice was provided by Loren Allred — Zendaya actually sang her own songs for the film. In The Greatest Showman, she can be heard singing in "Rewrite the Stars", "The Greatest Show", and "Come Alive" — proving that Zendaya truly was an excellent choice for her role in The Greatest Showman both physically and vocally.

Zendaya's Greatest Showman Stunts Have Increased Real-Life Circus Demand

Because Zendaya in The Greatest Showman hype surrounding seeing and engaging in circus performances reached an all-time high. It's clear that the actress' hard work made an impact, and that real grueling stunt work is preferable to CGI. All in all, the casting and the stunts are what made The Greatest Showman an incredible film, and the production team obviously made all the right choices regarding their execution. The Greatest Showman was immensely successful worldwide, and due to its expansive exposure, the interest in circus performing has never been higher. The number of requests is up for circus performers at private parties, weddings, and corporate events all around the world, and entertainers are finding work at a rate higher than ever before. The most requested acts for events have been aerial stunts, stilt walkers, freestanding aerial hoops, and fire performers. There has even been The Greatest Showman shows put on all over the world, recreating Zendaya's popular stunt routines all across the globe. The proof is in the pudding that Zendaya's stunt work in The Greatest Showman has truly paid off.

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12 funniest moments in Michelle Obama's life

On January 17, Michelle Obama celebrates her 50th birthday. HELLO.RU invites you to remember the funniest moments in the life of the first lady of the United States.

During her tenure as the wife of the head of state, Michelle Obama had to take part in more than a dozen different events - from formal to very informal, meet with hundreds of people and visit several TV shows. During public appearances, the first lady not only made solemn speeches, but also did not quite the usual things - she sang, danced, talked with Sesame Street characters, and even jumped in a bag.

1. Michelle Obama met the big yellow bird from Sesame Street in the kitchen of the White House, where they were filming a PSA for children. During the creation of the video, Michelle and the bird explained to the kids how healthy food and an active lifestyle are useful.

Michelle Obama and Big Bird from Sesame Street 2. Michelle Obama goes in for sports a lot, which he encourages all his fellow citizens to do. The first lady of the United States takes things seriously: she runs, shakes the press, does cardio exercises. But he also does not refuse to participate in the banal "fun starts".

3. During the Getting Active is Fun holiday in Orlando, Florida, Michelle Obama found herself an unusual dance teacher - the cartoon platypus Perry, who taught her to dance boogie-woogie. Perry the platypus teaches Michelle Obama to dance4. Another dance impromptu Michelle Obama - the first lady of the United States took part in a flash mob on the occasion of the birthday of the youth movement she founded Let's Move, aimed at combating obesity in children.5. Michelle Obama is no stranger to talking to toys. At a press conference promoting the First Lady's Let's Move! initiative already mentioned, the First Lady of the United States engaged in a dialogue with Sesame Street character Elmo. 6. Michelle Obama also passed this sporting test with honor: on the set of the comedy show Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in the White House, the first lady "jumped" the most leading - Jimmy Fallon.7. Michelle Obama is a jack of all trades. It is easy for her to do any kind of sports. Playing table tennis with the stars of the Nikelodeon children's channel in the White House Reception Room, Michelle impressed her rivals and fans.8. Michelle Obama seems to have to dance more often than give official speeches. On the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the first lady once again showed off her dancing skills. This time it's a twist master class. Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres dance the twist9. On Halloween in the White House in 2009, Michelle Obama dressed up as a cheetah, not forgetting to "attach" fluffy "ears" to her head. The children Michelle distributed sweets to were delighted. Michelle Obama dressed as a cheetah on Halloween in 200910. On the set of the author's show of America's most popular TV doctor Mehmet Oz, Michelle Obama again had to dance the "dance of health" with American schoolchildren. Michelle Obama on the set of the show of Dr. Mehmet Oz11. Not only men are ready to carry Michelle Obama in their arms - lifting the first lady, a member of the US Olympic team, wrestler Elena Pirozhkova demonstrated her readiness for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Michelle Obama is in the arms of an American wrestler, Elena Pirozhkova12. Michelle Obama is the most athletic first lady in the world. She is well versed in fitness, yoga, proper nutrition and diets. And, perhaps, no one in the White House knows how to twist the hoop so deftly and enthusiastically as she does. Michelle Obama - hula hoop spin specialist

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