Teach you how to dance

Does Just Dance Teach You How To Dance?

This amusing game has gained popularity amongst many adults and children worldwide with its fun moves, exciting playlists, and for the anxiety it brings you, hoping your feet are as quick as the game intends them to be!

While the game is thrilling, it tends to be at a faster speed than what you would prefer when you’re trying to learn some new moves, so it can get pretty tricky to ace all the steps needed to win the game. But, can this game break you out of your shell and teach you new moves? Stick around, as I will be discussing what the game entails and whether or not you can learn how to dance!

Just Dance teaches you how to move to the music, but it does not exactly teach you how to dance; it is a fast-paced game that includes a mix of songs that consists of a set choreography in which you have to mimic the dancer’s moves to win.

The best way to learn the movements is by practice and repetition, being that it can get tricky to memorize the dance moves in such a short amount of time.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Just Dance is a rhythm game that was released back in 2009 with the concept of being a fun way to get more active with friends and family. You win the game by scoring the highest scores based on how well you can mimic the dancer’s moves that reflect your screen. The quicker you learn how to execute each of the dance moves for each song,
the higher the rank levels you will receive.

One thing that’s a must is a good internet connection at home and your smartphone in your hand to start recording your scores as you try to copy the dancer’s moves on the screen. This game is a fun way to engage with everyone, playing up to 6 individuals at once to see who can score the highest points based on their dancing skills. It is a game that is popular amongst parties and
holidays where anyone can join in on the fun!

A fun fact about this lovely game is that for those of you looking to work out but aren’t into gyms, then this game’s perfect for you! Its diverse mix of songs and dance movements is a great way to work out and get your cardio in. It’s a fun way to keep you motivated towards your goals, and the convenience of playing this anywhere will surely make it easy for you to enjoy.

Many individuals have made this game their whole workout routine and find it an excellent way of staying active as each dance can feel like a complete body workout. The best way to reach your accomplishments would be by pushing yourself and trying to do them anywhere between 3 to 4 days a week and about 20 to 30 minutes each session.

If you make this into your workout routine, you will see an improvement in your muscle toning; you’ll become more flexible, and you’ll be burning those calories without even realizing it.

How do beginners start dancing?

As we mentioned above, this game can be somewhat tricky for those who are just beginning or anyone who isn’t dance savvy. That said, there are several things you may want to try before trying to master the game.

Some great things you can do to prepare yourself are: Does Just Dance (video game) teach you how to dance?

  • Do some stretches to warm your body up for the moves.
  • Try to pick easy songs when starting.
  • Practice the movements as much as you can.
  • Stay calm and relaxed!

Starting the game can be intimidating for some, but these are some excellent ways to get your body prepared for the movements you’ll need to perform while playing the game. One of the critical things is to make it a habit to pay attention to the pictograms that illustrate the indications for the next moves, which help you get a bit of a head start. Once you get the drift of it, trust me,
it gets fun!

If you’re unclear on what the game entails, the way it works is that you have to download and launch their app on your phone. Once it downloads, the next step is to open your browser on your computer and enter their website to set up the initial requirements. The final step is receiving a unique room number and QR code, which the game will generate for you.

Warming up and doing some stretches will be beneficial for this game since you’ll be using every part of your body during the rounds, so you’ll need to be flexible and ready to move your body at a fast speed. Stretching and warming up your muscles before the game will decrease the chances of you hurting yourself mid-game.

What are some of the easier dances to learn first?

Whether you’re a devoted player to the game or you’re trying it out for the first time, things can get hectic for anyone trying to keep up with the routines, which is why knowing which songs are easier to perform is primal when starting your first game. Be expected to do sudden movements, jumps, turns, splits, and lots of bending!

If this is new for you, the best option would be to research which songs are somewhat more manageable than the rest. If you are uncertain, you can always visit Just Dance communities online. Many individuals visit these websites to chat freely about everything that entails the game, where you can ask, comment, and find helpful resources to help you get started.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the song will range depending on which Just Dance game you play, as all 12 versions consist of different playlists and different ways of measuring the level of difficulty of the songs.

That said, I was able to gather some of the easiest dances to lend a hand if you’re a newbie to the game:

  • Call Me Maybe
  • I Will Survive
  • I Kissed A Girl
  • God Is A Woman
  • I Feel It Coming

These fell within the “easy” category because they don’t require as many strenuous moves as the more challenging songs, and the choreographies are easier to comprehend. You can try some of these out to see if it’s the right match for you, or you may find yourself discovering a new song that works for you!

All in all, you should get a feel for the game and try out all the songs to see which one you find easier to learn the movements needed to perform. You can’t forget to practice; the more you practice the dance moves, the easier it will become until it feels natural once the music starts.

Once you start feeling more confident, the best way to improve your skills is to challenge yourself to try out more complex songs. It will help improve your coordination and provide you with the confidence needed to compete against fellow Just Dance aficionados.

Summing it all up, Just Dance is proven to be a great alternative to living a healthy, active lifestyle. So whether you’re looking to experiment with something new or wish to gain some confidence on the dance floor, this game is worth trying. You’ll gain some new moves, all while having fun with your family and friends. That said, you’re more than ready to become a master in the game!

Teach how to dance with you

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Let Me Show You How To Dance - Bathilda - Chronicles of Narnia


Fandom: The Chronicles of Narnia

Beta: alas, no

Rating: 0005

Peyring: NO

Heroes: Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy

Genre: Jen, Mini

Resolution to the Translation: Request was sent, but

from the author was not received from the author : the lines of the song by Richard Maltby Jr. (Richard Maltby Jnr) are used in the fic


Let me teach you how to dance

"I don't see why we have to do this," Edmund grumbled. He was embarrassed, even though only his brother and sisters were in the room. Why should I study this?

He stood with his back straight and his arms crossed over his chest, and watched as Peter moved all the chairs against the wall.

“Aslan wants a ball in our honor after the coronation ceremony,” Susan replied calmly again and took off her shoes. Everyone will be waiting for us to take part in the dance.

“And you can't avoid it under the pretense of being king now,” Peter chuckled, noticing his brother's disappointed look.

- Ed, don't make a fuss! Lucy exclaimed and, smiling contentedly, spun around the room. “Maybe you'll even like it.

Judging by the expression on his face, this was unlikely. Edmund muttered something under his breath and then sighed, showing that he had given up. Lucy clapped her hands.

“All right, take off your shoes,” Susan ordered. “We don’t need crushed legs at all.

– Susan, how are we going to learn Narnian dancing if we've never heard Narnian music or seen it danced? Lucy asked, and almost fell over, tripping over her shoes and Peter's, so eager to start the lesson.

“We'll just have to keep an eye on how everyone else dances tonight and memorize the moves,” Susan frowned thoughtfully.

- Or ask Mr. Tumnus! Lucy's eyes lit up at the thought, and Peter smiled broadly at her.

– Then what are we going to do now? Edmund asked reluctantly.

“Peter and I are going to teach you an easy waltz,” Susan explained, putting her hands on Edmund's shoulders and bringing him in front of her.

– Can Peter dance? said Edmund with mocking surprise.

“My mother taught me,” Peter blushed, standing next to Susan and opposite Lucy.

“And my dad,” Susan said. - With the help of my grandmother's music box.

“But we don't have it,” said Edmund.

"Stop looking for excuses to sneak out, Ed," Peter said irritably.

“We don't need her,” Susan said confidently. - I remember the words that dad sang at the same time.

Swaying slightly to the music in her head, Susan held out her hand to Edmund and, smiling reassuringly, sang: "Let me teach you to dance, give me this dance. "

Edmund rolled his eyes, but allowed his older sister to take his hand, and they took their starting position for the waltz. Lucy and Peter followed suit, with Lucy having to stand on her tiptoes to reach her brother's shoulder.

– Just lead me and don't think about anything.

Susan continued to sing and she and Edmund exchanged happy looks when Ed realized he was doing quite well.

"Let the music do the magic..."

– Oh, Peter, that's my leg, not the parquet! Lucy giggled.

“… let the evening conquer you…”

– Lucy, it's not fair! Peter laughed. - Get off my feet!

“…just follow me…”

– I'm getting dizzy, Peter, stop! Lucy burst out laughing.

- "Let me teach you how to dance," Susan continued to sing, never breaking the rhythm and looking at the concentrated face of her younger brother. Once Edmund realized he was doing the right thing, he smiled gratefully at Susan. “See, Edmund, I told you you could do it,” she said.

Peter tripped over a mountain of shoes and fell, dragging Lucy with him. Both collapsed on the floor with a laugh. Edmund managed to gracefully go around them without interrupting the dance.

“I have a good teacher,” Edmund replied sincerely. And, looking at Lucy, who was trying to lift Peter from the floor, he added slyly: - But Peter could do with a couple more lessons.

Susan laughed and shook her head.

- Peter has both left feet, it takes a miracle to teach him to dance.

- I compensate for my inability with enthusiasm, - Peter answered cheerfully and resumed the dance.

- And crushed feet! Lucy teased him and squealed with delight as the future High King waltzed her around.

Text of the song Hands Up - Move Your Body on the site Rus-Songs.ru

Original text and lyrics of the song

Move Your Body :

I have one problem now -
Teach you to move your body
And when I teach you -
We will dance with you . ..

I have one problem now -
Teach you to move your body
I have one problem now ...

I have one now problem -
Teach you to move your body
I have one problem now ...
Move your body !!!

The sky is blue, eyes are blue
Legs are slender body - a thrill.
I'm crazy about girls
Fast song "its my life".
And you dance, you dance
Twirl and twist
You dance, you dance
Twirl and twist
And I watch you dance
Draw with your eyes
Draw me a kiss with sponges
You twist with your legs, stir up the water
Oh, girlfriend
Get caught and don't come back!

Hey you, come on, move your body
Hey you, come on...
Hey you, come on, come on, move your body
Hey you, come on...

Hey, listen to me today
I want 9 tonight0139 You say that you are very tired
You want to dance anyway!
Why aren't you so brave
You don't control your body
Turned your back on me
Hey, listen, don't play with me!

Now I have one problem -
Teach you to move your body.
I have one problem right now -
Move your body !!!

Hey you, come on, move your body
Hey you, come on...
Hey you, come on, come on, move your body
Hey you, come on...

I have a problem right now...

I have one problem right now...

I have one problem right now...

I have one problem right now -
Move your body!!!

Translation into Russian or English of the lyrics -

Move Your Body performer Hands up :

I now have another problem —
Teach you to move your body
And when I'll teach you —
We dance with you …

I now have another problem —
Teach you to move your body
I now have another problem …

I now have another problem —
Teach you to move your body
I now have another problem …
Move your body !!!

The sky is blue, blue eyes
Legs slender body - buzz.
I am a bastard from the girls its my life ".
And you dance, you dance
Werth and twist
You dance, you dance
Werth and twist
And I watch you dance
Glazkov draw
Sponge paint me a kiss
Legs are you cool, water Screwtape
Oh, girlfriend get caught
Get caught not come back!

Hey, come on, well, move your body
Hey, come on …
Hey, come on, well, move your body
Hey, come on …

Hey, listen to me today
I want this night
You say that she was tired very
Anyway you want to dance!
Why are you so not brave
Do not you possess your body
He turned his back on me
Hey, look do not play with me!

I now have another problem -
Teach you to move your body.
I now have another problem -
Move your body !!!

Hey, come on, well, move your body
Hey, come on …
Hey, come on, well, move your body
Hey, come on …

I now have another problem …

I now have another problem …

I now have another problem …

I now have another problem —
Move your body !!!

If you find a typo in the text or translation of the song Move Your Body, please let us know in the comments.

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