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Techno Dance Moves that Never Fail on the Dancefloor

Author : Skylar Schossberger
June 16, 2022

Let’s be real. When you find yourself in a warehouse party, whether you’re a seasoned raver or newbie to the scene, your body wants to move when you hear that four-on-the-floor techno pulse. Although techno dancing isn’t classically defined in the dance world, its found a niche among underground partygoers. The dance moves can be as free and experimental as the underground scene itself. There’s no judgement. Really, the only expectation is that you’re able to let go of what others think and truly feel the music move your body in fantastic ways. If you need help getting started, then here are some dance moves that never fail on the dancefloor. 

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How to Dance to Techno

Both the beauty and the curse of techno dancing is that there’s no “right” way to move to techno. It’s very personal. Contrast, for example, dancing to different genres. The way your body will move to a dub techno track at 120 BPMs may be quite different from the way it responds to a mind melting acid techno track at 135+ BPMs.

The best course of action is to learn the foundation for dancing to techno. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can add your own unique spin and begin free styling. Start by accustoming your body to the underlying rhythm. Sway your hips to the beat: “1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, etc.” Tap your feet: “Left, right, left, right, left, right, etc.” Once you feel confident that you’ve captured the rhythm, capture the textures of the track with your arms and your fingers. You can incorporate your entire body into the track, let the music take you to new heights. The key, at the end of the night, is to feel the track from start to finish. 


The March with a little bit of stomp

— Ryan (@Ryan18689138) May 5, 2020


Techno Dance Moves

As mentioned previously there is no right way to dance to techno. Get creative with your movements, dance is a powerful form of expression. Now there’s no official names for these dance moves but “Das Techno Team” has thought up some great creative names of actual dance moves you’ll typically find with techno parties.


The Italian Stomp

Here is a simple variation of basic feet stomping. You start with the sway of your hips and then you incorporate your feet. After you feel comfortable with this movement you can begin experimenting with patterns. Instead of going “left, right, etc.”, consider changing the pattern. Double it up, “left, left, right, left, right, right, etc.” Heck, triple it if you’re feeling fancy. 

@electronicbeats Not me polishing up my dance moves for the next rave. @technoteam #technodance #technotok #dance #technomusic ♬ original sound – electronicbeats


The Royal Brexit Drop

Now that you’ve got your feet underneath you it’s time to use those arms. Fist pumps, wrist flicks, snaky arms… go full Gumby mode. Your hips and your legs can jack to the rhythm and the rest of your body can feel out the other elements of the track.  

@technoteam @pana.crush antworten #TechnoTeam and #Techno #Basics 13 #fy #fürdich #parati #рек #perte #pourtoi #paravoce #おすすめ #lernenmittiktok #TechnoTok #Rave ♬ Trepidation by Stan Christ TechnoTeam Cut – Das Techno Team


Sidewalk Voguing 

No techno dance guide would be complete without mentioning “voguing.” Voguing or “vogue” is a kind of improvisational dance style influenced by the poses of models in fashion magazines. Whether angular and precise or slow and sensuous, this style of dance is about telling a story through movement. 

@technoteam #TechnoTeam with #Techno #Basics 3. 1.2 and the #Cross #Walk #Voguing #Hands #fy #fürdich #parati #рек #lernenmittiktok #TechnoTok #Rave #season ♬ Follow – Amelie Lens


5 Best Techno Dance Songs


Charlotte de Witte “Age of Love – The Age of Love” (Charlotte de Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano Remix) 

The original track “The Age of Love” by Age of Love is over 30 years old. It was popular in the nineties and continues to be a dance floor destroyer to this day. Charlotte de Witte and Enrico Sangiuliano‘s remix of the hit track is just as banging. The lyrics “come on, dance with me” beckon ravers to the dance floor to stomp to the heavy four-to-the-floor kick and lose themselves in the trance that is “The Age of Love.”

Charlotte de Witte · Age Of Love – The Age Of Love (Charlotte de Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano Remix)


Joey Beltram “Energy Flash” – R & S Records

“Energy Flash” was released in 1990 to critical acclaim. A definitive techno track during its time, the track sits nicely in any modern techno set as well (good music is timeless after all). Joey Beltram’s song is minimal, yet playful. The 909 percussive elements frame Beltram’s interlocking sonic patterns and lush string samples. This track is a dancer’s dream, his infamous whispered “ecstasy” rolls over your body and hypnotizes it to move from start to finish. 

R & S Records · Joey Beltram – Energy Flash

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F.U.S.E. “Substance Abuse” 

F.U.S.E., aka Richie Hawtin, is a classic nineties acid track that produces full body spastik action. You can’t help but rock out to the squelching 303. Turn the speakers up to max level, you’re in for a trip. 

Richie Hawtin · F.U.S.E.: Substance Abuse (1991) PLUS8013

Darude · Sandstorm (Radio Edit)

Da Hool “Meet Her At The Love Parade” (Original Mix) 

“Meet Her At The Love Parade” references the Love Parade, a former German electronic dance music festival and parade in Berlin. This song builds up quite nicely, like a good party. The percussive elements are simple and layer well. But, the best part is the melody. It’s introduced about a quarter into the song. Once you hear it, you’re hooked. Commence the head bobs and hip sways. 

soundnavigator · Da Hool – Meet her at the love parade (Original full mix – 1997)


Jeff Mills “The Bells” 

“The Bells” by Detroit legend Jeff Mills is a techno anthem. The glitchy kick and playful percussive elements create a euphoric feeling. Its infectious melody compels the body to do as it pleases. Your legs will stomp to the rhythm and the rest of you will react to every sonic element in the track.

vincentimes · Jeff mills – the bells

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A Raver’s Delight

Movement is sacred. It expresses emotion without words and propels us forward. Techno is special because it unites us to move together and dance. A raver’s delight is knowing that no matter where you’re from or who you are, we’re all equal on the dance floor. We all share the same dreams, the same fears, and crave love and happiness. If and when you find yourself dancing to techno, dance like no one’s watching. Freedom inspires others to move freely. 

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‎Dance Techno Podcast on Apple Podcasts

17 episodes

Welcome to Dance Techno Podcast, this is an open space for the best underground dance music, listen with us and enjoy the journey, be open for the experiences of Techno music. You will connect with us and the best Djs sets in the industry in every episode and just let the your music experience connect with your identity

  1. DanceTechno 017 - Deviant

    DanceTechno 017 - Deviant

    Deviant from Cologne Techno City from Germany.  Underground, Mind-bending and Obscure best describe the mix. Love Layering vocals with dark and trippy tunes and creating a foggy sweaty atmosphere with fluid transitions from breaks to techno over industrial and back.

    He was heavily inspired by the likes of Helena Hauff or Function so he can’t leave out the occasional electro stomper. Long intros and outros are essential to me to tie everything together as one.


    More Info:




    You can listen to it in:

    #dancetechno #dancetechnopodcast #techno #podcast #djset #deviant

  2. DanceTechno 016 - Anti-P.L.U.R

    DanceTechno 016 - Anti-P.L.U.R

    ‘The Last Techno Mix in Preston’ is mixed by Anti-P. L.U.R, a Techno, Drum & Bass and Psy Trance/ Goa producer from Melbourne, Australia.  This mix was the last time a Techno mix was recorded in the one-bedroom apartment in Preston during the height of Covid lockdowns, whilst anticipating the move that led to the series of mixes known as “Thommo Tek.” (Techno from Thomastown.) 

    The mix is full of thundering beats and hypnotic rhythms with a heavy acid techno undertone.  Some parts will lift you up, others will slam you down.  Definitely designed to be listened to at loud volumes and in dark rooms.  This is the Techno that drug trips can’t touch!


    More Info:






    You can listen to it in:

    https://dancetechno. co/portfolio-list/dance/

    #dancetechno #dancetechnopodcast #techno #podcast #djset #anti-plur

  3. DanceTechno 015 - Dj Funk Freeka

    DanceTechno 015 - Dj Funk Freeka

    06 Oct 2022

    Dance Techno Podcast 015

    Presented by: JARBO


    DJ Funk Freeka

    Hailing from the Central Coast of NSW, one hour north of Sydney, DJ Funk Freeka’s style can be described as a mix of jazzy, atmospheric and deep liquid dnb with a bit of funk thrown in for good measure.

    Originally introduced to electronic music in the early 90’s Sydney rave scene, DJ Funk Freeka, a.k.a Steve, made the ‘logical progression’ from happy hardcore to house, trance and breakbeat before discovering drum and bass.

    From the imported jungle mix tapes of DJs Kenny Ken and Randall, Steve stumbled across LTJ Bukem and became hooked on the deeper, atmospheric sounds.

    Steve began DJing seven years ago as a personal challenge on his 40th birthday and in late 2021 won Sounds of Liquid Sydney’s (SOLIS) new talent competition where he played at their November gig with Sun and Bass’s Delicat, DJ Severity and DJ Reload. Since then has played at a number of private parties and had mixes featured on the Sound Stream Sessions and Medit DnB podcasts,

    This mix, titled ‘Cosmic Atmospherics’, features atmospheric dnb aimed to take listeners on a journey to deep space. So, sit back, relax and let Cosmic Atmospherics take you on a journey to the outer realms of the cosmos.

    More Info:




    You can listen to it in:

    #dancetechno #dancetechnopodcast #techno #podcast #djset #djfunkfreeka

  4. DanceTechno 014 - Rogers. ec

    DanceTechno 014 -

    16 Sep 2022

    Dance Techno Podcast 014

    Presented by: JARBO


    Angel Sanz Also knows as started playing music at a really young age in Ecuador where he experienced its punk rock scene and he had the opportunity to be part of many musical projects.

    In 2012 he moved to Brooklyn NY where he started to feel interested in techno music, and started playing in small gigs and underground clubs. Influenced by genres including punk rock, hardcore, disco, house, techno, melodic and deep electronic sounds he started a Solo career.
    Professionally started to play in 2019, where he quickly earned a name for himself in the DJ scene becoming a resident for the collectives of Taken NYC and Shift+.

    Sharing the stage with great local and touring DJs he has performed in both underground and clubbing scenes in New York City. has been part of podcasts and mixes for international labels and collectives such as Corrupt Systems and Techno Files from UK, 3pTechno from Slovenia, Eagle Sessions, Kontrollverlust and konflikt from Germany, Sound Experiment from Italy, Vector Radio from Brazil, OFF group from Bahrain, much and more.

    In 2021 he started producing and couple of months later he starts signing his firsts label contracts with Warrior City Records, feel hype black and Let's Techno Records has developed his unique style by experimenting with the most melodic and dark sounds and innovative mixing methods.

    You can find more of his music and his productions and the description of this podcast and like always, enjoy the next 1h with the excelente techno music with Rogers.



    90's hammer (DJ Ross Remix) - RVDE
    Dismal (original mix) - Buitrago
    Sector 9 (original mix) - Acid Junkies
    Heartbeat (Roger Lavelle Remix) - DJ Jordan
    Rave the Planet (original mix) - Kai Tracid, ASYS
    Transition (original mix) - Mikel Gil
    Things have changed (Fhase 87 Remix) - S-file
    Inside the ride (original mix) - Mik&Ale
    Mad Cheddar (original mix) - Aitor Ronda
    Why are we here (original mix) - Christian Smith & Drunken Kong
    Darkness (original mix) - Chris Veron
    Glorious (original mix) - Dast (italy)
    Forbidden light (original mix) - CELEC
    Flies in the grass (original mix) - T-DOK
    New World (original mix) - T78, AKKI(DE)
    unreleased - Rogers. ec

    More Info:

    Resident. Advisor:




    You can listen to it in:


    #dancetechno #dancetechnopodcast #techno #podcast #djset #rogersec

  5. DanceTechno 013 - Biorc

    DanceTechno 013 - Biorc

    09 Sep 2022

    Dance Techno Podcast 013

    Presented by: JARBO



    Techno DJ is based in Madrid, Spain. Focused on hypnotic, raw and groove Techno music. Playing powerful drums, mental melodies and long mixes, adding some different samples to get more energized sounds between tracks that will make you travel through the bowels of Techno music.

    His career began in 2010 playing Hard techno and Schranz at private parties and raves. After his music turned into classic and groovy techno. Collaborating with techno collectives and labels like 666666, Loopaina, Tanzgemeinschaft, Blastkick, Umbra and Alpha Black Label, is trying to share the best techno music for the actual electronic music scene.

    In this mix, you can listen to minimal melodies with dark and mental atmospheric techno sounds, playing 3 tracks simultaneously during the set, and adding some samples to generate energy. You can enjoy how the set gives you calm and intense different moments during this hour of complete and pure techno music.


    More Info:






    You can listen to it in:


    #dancetechno #dancetechnopodcast #techno #podcast #djset #Biorc

  6. DanceTechno 012 - R7A

    DanceTechno 012 - R7A


    17 Aug 2022

    Dance Techno Podcast 012

    Presented by: JARBO


    Andrés Idarraga

    Andrés Idarraga was born in the Armenian city of Quindío, now residing in Madrid, Spain.
    He is creating his own unique sound and has created an excellent set for the podcast.
    He is working on his own personal record label named R7A, where we will hear more of his music and creations.


    More Info:




    You can listen to it in:


    #dancetechno #dancetechnopodcast #techno #podcast #djset #R7A

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and with fire at your fingertips,
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Show me the horizon and I'll show you decadence,
A careful reminder of hearts filled with loneliness.
Give me all your worst words, I'll bring sticks and stones...
I would hate to use them.
It is impossible to dance with broken bones 1 ...

Oh, we are dancers!

Don't complain if you can't win.
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Show me how you dance and I'll tell you who you are!

Latest news

The manner of dancing betrays the secrets of personality. The researchers tested the subjects, dividing them into five groups: extroverts, neurotics, conformists, open and conscientious people. It turned out, for example, that neurasthenics and extroverts most of all like rock.


First, the researchers tested the subjects, dividing them into five groups, and then observed how the representatives of these groups dance to different music, writes the British The Daily Telegraph. It turned out that:

Extroverts most actively move around the dance floor, their head and hand movements are often energetic and even unnecessary.

Neurosthenics make sharp, jerky movements of the head and legs, this style is called \"fidgeting\" by visitors to clubs and weddings.

conformists tend to choose more fluid dance styles by moving around the dance floor and waving their arms.

Receptive people usually make rhythmic movements in a vertical direction and do not move around the dance floor as often as others.

Conscientious , dutiful people actively move around the dance floor and extend their arms further than other dancers.

The study was led by Dr. Jeff Luck from the University of Jyväskylä (Finland). He explained that music awakens strong feelings in a person, which are expressed in body movements. To observers, even the movements of robots seem to be an expression of their "personality".

The study involved 60 volunteers who were selected from 900 tested candidates. They chose the most pronounced carriers of certain personality traits.

Each of the participants performed free dances to 30 musical compositions in the styles of rock, techno, latin, jazz, funk and pop. Different types of music were used for a reason: it turned out that the same person dances in different ways to different music.

Rock music evoked the strongest response in the soul of extroverts. Susceptible reacted to techno more actively than others. The conformists mastered Latino music better than others, while the conscientious, like the receptive, tuned in to techno.

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