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Replying to @ketotherapy #dougietutorial #dougiedance

30.3K Likes, 105 Comments. TikTok video from .obenj (@.obenj): "Replying to @ketotherapy #dougietutorial #dougiedance". 1. Get on toes | 2. Knees go in and out | point out to help | .... Teach Me How To Dougie.


Teach Me How To Dougie - Classics Reborn



Thank us later😄 IG: nafritwins❗️#fy #fyp #foryou #viral #dougie #dance #twins #tutorial #xyzbca

156K Likes, 511 Comments. TikTok video from Nafritwins (@nafritwins53): "Thank us later😄 IG: nafritwins❗️#fy#fyp#foryou#viral#dougie#dance#twins#tutorial#xyzbca". How people do the Dougie wrong ❌ | How you do it right✅ | FOLLOW FOR MORE. Teach Me How To Dougie.


Teach Me How To Dougie - Classics Reborn



Which one you rocking with?? #teachmehowtodougie

10.7K Likes, 150 Comments. TikTok video from Dimi (@dimitribeauchamp): "Which one you rocking with?? #teachmehowtodougie". Dougie | Dance Trend. original sound.


original sound - whojvn


Jamie C.Mejeh

Easy simple dance moves for the club #cmejeh #doitbetterthanme #fypシ゚viral #foryoupages #clubbingdance #easystep

2. 6K Likes, 14 Comments. TikTok video from Jamie C.Mejeh (@jamie_mejeh): "Easy simple dance moves for the club #cmejeh #doitbetterthanme #fypシ゚viral #foryoupages #clubbingdance #easystep". Easy dance moves for the club | 1.Lesson.Teach Me How to Dougie | 1 step | .... Teach Me How To Dougie.


Teach Me How To Dougie - Cali Swag District



الرد على @Mrs.Puff you get it!! #teachmehowtodougie #tutorial #dance #trending #viral #اكسبلورر

2.5K Likes, 36 Comments. TikTok video from Ria (@ria_bright): "الرد على @Mrs.Puff you get it!! #teachmehowtodougie #tutorial #dance #trending #viral #اكسبلورر". original sound.


original sound - whojvn



Heel Toe Cross (Teach Me How To Dougie) TUTORIAL 👟 #teachmehowtodougie #shuffletutorial #trending #steptutorial #easyshuffle #shufflebeginner #baile #シャッフルダンス #tanzen #trend #footwork

TikTok video from JuNeLLe (@mjunelle): "Heel Toe Cross (Teach Me How To Dougie) TUTORIAL 👟 #teachmehowtodougie #shuffletutorial #trending #steptutorial #easyshuffle #shufflebeginner #baile #シャッフルダンス #tanzen #trend #footwork". original sound.


original sound - whojvn


Amit Thing

Dc; @enhypen hehe teach me how to dougie 🐽 ✅ (follow me on ig: amit_thing) #classyboysquad #trend #fypシ #viral #trending #fyp #xyzcba #foryou #lateonthetrend #nepalidancer #dancechallenge #challenges_tiktok #dougie

38.8K Likes, 288 Comments. TikTok video from Amit Thing (@amitthing.29): "Dc; @enhypen hehe teach me how to dougie 🐽 ✅ (follow me on ig: amit_thing) #classyboysquad #trend #fypシ #viral #trending #fyp #xyzcba #foryou #lateonthetrend #nepalidancer #dancechallenge #challenges_tiktok #dougie". original sound.


original sound - whojvn


Brittany Revell

Replying to @cavenglok you know we had to hit @🪶 WREN 🪶 ‘s dougie one more time. 😂🫶🏼 #fatherdaughterdance #weddingtok #dougie

7.2M Likes, 24K Comments. TikTok video from Brittany Revell (@bnrevell): "Replying to @cavenglok you know we had to hit @🪶 WREN 🪶 ‘s dougie one more time. 😂🫶🏼 #fatherdaughterdance #weddingtok #dougie". original sound.


original sound - Brittany Revell



Replying to @Daisy there we are! enjoy guys, hope this was detailed enough! Have a go and tag me in it💗 wishing u all the best of luck hehe 😜 #fyp #dance #tutorial #detailed #dougie #teachmehowtodougie #foryoupage #viral #blowup

30.2K Likes, 315 Comments. TikTok video from amara🤭 (@user___preppy..x): "Replying to @Daisy there we are! enjoy guys, hope this was detailed enough! Have a go and tag me in it💗 wishing u all the best of luck hehe 😜 #fyp #dance #tutorial #detailed #dougie #teachmehowtodougie #foryoupage #viral #blowup". hi guys! here is a detailed tutorial of how to do the dougie dance 💃 💕🥰 | first just start moving your feet outwards and copy what im doing! | then bend your knees for extra spring.. | .... original sound.


original sound - amara🤭

History of the Best Hip-Hop Dance Songs Since the 2000s

There's a dance revolution that's been going strong since the 2000s and hip-hop continues to add its own sauce to the mix with chart-topping songs and viral-worthy moves. Last month, Drake launched his own social media dance craze on TikTok when he introduced a new dance step on his No. 1 hit single, "Toosie Slide." The hashtag #ToosieSlide hit a billion views in just two days on TikTok, making it the fastest music trend on the social video sharing platform.

This isn't the first time Drake had celebrities and fans alike dancing to one of his songs. Three years ago, his #InMyFeelings challenge took off thanks to comedian and internet personality Shiggy. Over 787,000 people have posted their versions on Instagram. But Drake is not the first rapper to spark a viral dance craze. In fact, rappers have been creating dances that have become a nationwide trend since the 1980s. However, it was the 2000s when the hip-hop dance tracks went into overdrive.

In the 2000s, when the internet was in its infinite stages, rappers often used dance crazes to promote their singles. In 2007, Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy had fans leaping into the Superman pose with his rap-dance song "Crank That." Meanwhile, Lil Jon pushed snap music and its dance to the mainstream with his track, "Snap Yo Fingers." On the West Coast, Cali Swag District was teaching folks how to do the Dougie with the aptly titled "Teach Me How to Dougie."

In New York, G.Dep introduced fans to the Harlem Shake, which later morphed into the "Chicken Noodle Soup" dance by DJ Webstar. Fat Joe and Remy Ma also had thugs swaying back and forth with his classic club banger "Lean Back."

Currently, the TikTok generation has sparked dance crazes through rappers' songs. Megan Thee Stallion's "Savage" launched a dance challenge courtesy of 19-year-old choreographer and TikTok personality Keara Wilson. And K Camp's "Lottery (Renegade)" received a huge boost in streams after TikTok dancer Jalaiah Harmon went viral with her version of the Renegade dance.

Since dance challenges are the new trend on TikTok and rappers are still capitalizing off dances in their music, XXL highlights best hip-hop dances songs since the 2000s. Check it out.

  • "Let's Get It"

    G. Dep

    Released: 2001

    In the early 2000s, former Bad Boys Records rapper G.Dep introduced fans to the Harlem Shake in his video for "Special Delivery." For the Director X-helmed "Let's Get It" visual, G.Dep invited some teens to perform their jittery dance moves for the camera. The Harlem Shake would spawn the "Chicken Noodle Soup" dance years later thanks to DJ Webstar and Young B's 2006 song and video of the same name.

  • "Right Thurr"


    Released: 2003

    Chingy's "Right Thurr” video introduced fans to the Midwest dance called the Monastery (or the Chickenhead). The dance consists of moving your shoulders and a quick two-step. Chingy also dropped a “Right Thurr (Remix)” video with Jermaine Dupri and Trina showing the proper technique when doing the Monastery.

  • "Salt Shaker"

    Ying Yang Twins Featuring Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz

    Released: 2003

    At the height of the crunk movement, Ying Yang Twins delivered their dance anthem "Salt Shaker" in October 2003. The dance is very simple as it allows women to shake their moneymakers. The Atlanta duo's track helped usher in the twerking movement.

  • "Shake Ya Tailfeather"

    Nelly, P. Diddy and Murphy Lee

    Released: 2003

    Nelly, Diddy and Murphy Lee's song "Shake Ya Tailfeather" is more of a call and response for people to move their bodies on the dance floor. As for the dance, it combines several moves including the Monastery and the two-step. The song, which was created for the Bad Boys II film soundtrack, earned Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group at the 2004 Grammy Awards.

  • "Lean Back"

    Terror Squad Featuring Fat Joe and Remy Ma

    Released: 2004

    Fat Joe and Remy Ma had everyone leaning in the summer of 2004 with their dance anthem “Lean Back.” Inspired by the dancehall move the Rockaway, the dance allows you to just simply cross your arms and sway side to side while leaning back. The Scott Storch-produced banger reigned at the apex of the Billboard Hot 100 chart for three consecutive weeks in August of 2004.

  • "Laffy Taffy"


    Released: 2005

    Initially, D4L's "Laffy Taffy" was sold as a ringtone. After pushing three million ringtones, the Atlanta group decided to release it as a song and launch a dance routine along with it. D4L's fun-filled video helped push the song to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2006.

  • "Chicken Noodle Soup"

    DJ Webstar and Young B Featuring AG

    Released: 2006

    In 2006, DJ Webstar had the East Coast rocking with his popular hit song “Chicken Noodle Soup. " Inspired by the Harlem Shake, which also appears on this list, the dance consists of feet shuffling and arms swinging. In September of 2019, BTS member J-Hope and singer Becky G remixed “Chicken Noodle Soup." The duo's video has garnered over 154 million views so far on YouTube.

  • "Pop, Lock & Drop It"


    Released: 2006

    Along with Chingy, fellow St. Louis rapper Huey also sparked a nationwide dance craze with “Pop, Lock & Drop It” in 2006. A precursor to twerking, the dance consists of a woman twisting her hips, popping her butt and dropping low to the ground. The video was a major hit on popular video shows BET’s 106 & Park and MTV Jams through February 2007.

  • "Snap Yo Fingers"

    Lil Jon

    Released: 2006

    Lil Jon is among the many rappers and producers who helped bring Atlanta's snap rap sound into the mainstream during the mid-2000s. After garnering success with his crew the Eastside Boyz, Lil Jon went solo and delivered his dance-rap anthem “Snap Yo Fingers. ” The ATL artist made the dance simple for everyone. Stand in place, twist your body, snap your fingers and you're done. And if you're feeling brave, add a few different dance moves in between the snaps.

  • "It's Goin Down"

    Yung Joc

    Released: 2006

    Atlanta rapper Yung Joc introduced fans to his crank dance in his "It's Goin' Down" video, which went viral on YouTube. The Nitty-produced banger, with its whining synths and clicking drumbeat, was part of the rising snap rap wave coming out of the ATL. The single earned Yung Joc a Grammy Award nomination for Best Rap Song in 2007, and a platinum plaque from the RIAA for one million copies sold.

  • "Tell Me When to Go"


    Released: 2006

    The late rapper Mac Dre pioneered the hyphy movement before his tragic death in 2004. In 2006, the hyphy scene was in the spotlight thanks to Bay Area legend E-40 and fellow rapper Keak Da Sneak. The duo highlighted the movement in their visually-stunning, black-and-white video for “Tell Me When to Go. ” The hyphy dance consists of shaking your head and jumping (or jerking) around with your crew.

  • "Crank That"

    Soulja Boy

    Released: 2007

    At the height of the Atlanta snap-rap trend, a 17-year-old Soulja Boy dropped “Crank That,” a catchy, steel drum-driven hit that propelled him into a rap superstar. The accompanying dance move consists of bouncing on one foot from side to side, cranking of the wrists and leaping into a Superman pose. The song sat at the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for seven weeks and garnered him a Best Rap Song Grammy Award nomination in 2008.

  • "Walk It Out"

    DJ Unk

    Released: 2007

    Atlanta's DJ Unk had fans "Walk It Out" with his bouncy dance-rap jam. The dance consists of doing the two-step on your tiptoes and swinging your arms. “Walk It Out” became a top-10 single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Unk went on to gain even more success with his second dance-rap single "2 Step," which went viral on YouTube.

  • "My Dougie"

    Released: 2007

    Dallas, Texas rapper Lil Wil sparked a new dance craze with "My Dougie" in 2007, before Cali Swag District went mainstream with their 2010 dance-rap hit “Teach Me How to Dougie.” The dance was inspired by veteran rapper Doug E. Fresh.

  • "Stanky Legg"

    GS Boyz

    Released: 2008

    Texas birthed plenty of dance crazes in the late-2000s. Arlington, Texas rappers GS Boyz created a viral dance hit with their 2008 debut single "Stanky Legg." The dance consists of moving one leg in a circular motion and then switching it to the other leg. The single garnered GS Boyz a platinum plaque while the dance itself morphed into other movements like the Booty Dew and the Dougie.

  • "You're a Jerk"

    New Boyz

    Released: 2009

    Jerking was strictly a West Coast thing before The New Boyz delivered its national anthem “You’re a Jerk” and their video went viral on YouTube. In the same year, fellow Cali rappers Audio Push offered their own laid-back version of the jerk with their dance-rap song "Teach Me How to Jerk. "

  • "Teach Me How to Dougie"

    Cali Swag District

    Released: 2010

    Inglewood, Calif. rap group Cali Swag District took the Dougie to a whole new level with “Teach Me How to Dougie” in 2010. Their dance move is a slight variation of the “Stanky Legg,” which also appears on this list, and fuses the two-step movement of Doug E. Fresh’s Dougie dance.

  • "Cat Daddy"


    Released: 2010

    The Rej3ctz had Chris Brown and the nation grooving to their "Cat Daddy" song in 2010. The dance was so simple. Just move your arms like you are pushing a wheelchair. At the time, their video went viral garnering 70 million views on YouTube.

  • "Hot Nigga"

    Bobby Shmurda

    Released: 2013

    Bobby Shmurda's Shmoney dance moved into the mainstream after fans embraced his “Hot Nigga” video. In the clip, the Brooklyn rapper throws his hat in the air and moves his hips from side to side. The dance itself fits perfectly with Jahlil Beats’ menacing production on the track. The song and dance went viral nationwide and helped secure Bobby a record deal with Epic Records.

  • "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)"


    Released: 2015

    Silento's dance-rap song "Watch Me (Whip/ Nae Nae)" initially gained popularity after being uploaded to SoundCloud in 2014 with over 100,000 streams. In 2015, Capitol Records came calling and signed the then-17-year-old rap phenom to their label and pushed the song further into the mainstream. The Atlanta rapper's video was also a big hit on YouTube sparking the hashtag challenge #WatchMeDanceOn.

  • "Hit the Quan"


    Released: 2015

    Hit the Quan was a dance initially created by Rich Homie Quan in his 2015 video for "Flex (Ooh, Ooh, Ooh)." However, Memphis rapper iLoveMemphis added his twist to the dance routine with his bouncy track "Hit the Quan." The song and video subsequently went viral on YouTube. ILoveMemphis' dance moves became so popular that Kendrick Lamar and Terry Crews hit the Quan in the visual for K. Dot's song "These Walls."

  • "Milly Rock"

    2 Milly

    Released: 2015

    Two years after Bobby Shmurda gave us the Shmurda dance in 2013, fellow Brooklyn rapper 2 Milly ignited a new dance craze called the Milly Rock. The dance consists of a side step to the right while swinging the left arm diagonally across the chest to the right and then doing it in reverse. The dance, along with the eerie-sounding track, had people wanting to Milly Rock on every block nationwide.

  • "Look at My Dab (Bitch Dab)"


    Released: 2015

    Although the Migos are often credited with the invention of the dab moves, the Atlanta trio points to associate Skippa Da Flippa as the one who introduced it to them. Fellow rappers Peewee Longway and Rich The Kid have also popularized the dab. But the Migos put a stamp on the dance move with their video for "Look at My Dab" in 2015.

  • "Rolex"

    Ayo & Teo

    Released: 2017

    Michigan rappers Ayo & Teo sparked a nationwide dance craze with the Rollie dance. The movement combines the Dab and other dance moves. The duo’s video has garnered over 700 million views and sparked the #RollieChallenge on the now-defunct video-sharing app Vine. Interestingly, years before the coronavirus pandemic, Ayo & Teo wore face masks while performing their dance.

  • "The Woah"

    Tspeed and 5upamanhoe

    Released: September 2017

    The origins of who created The Woah dance remains a mystery with several rappers and dancers claiming to have created the viral dance. Rappers Tspeed and 5upamanhoe dropped a song called "The Woah" and credited the Rollie Bros, a troupe of Dallas dancers who had created a dance called the Rollie in 2015. Simultaneously, another rapper named A-1 SteakSauce released a track called "Hit My Woah" with the song's producer, DJ Dangerous, claiming to have created the dance. Meanwhile, students at Prairie View A&M claimed the dance originated at their school. In the end, it's all still very confusing. But what isn't is how dance has taken on a life of its own through songs and video old and new.

  • "Woah"

    KRYPTO9095 Featuring D3MSTREET

    Released: 2018

    Not to be confused with Tspeed and 5upamanhoe's "The Woah,” Miami rapper KRYPTO9095’s dance-rap song, simply titled “Woah,” went viral on TikTok in 2018 with over 21 million views so far. The instructional dance video itself has garnered over 94 million views on YouTube. KRYPTO’s dance takes cues from "The Woah” and can be combined with several other movements like the Rollie and even the Wicked dance.

  • "Lottery"

    K Camp

    Released: 2019

    K Camp's 2019 song "Lottery (Renegade)" became a smash hit on TikTok thanks to classically trained dancer Jalaiah Harmon. The 14-year-old teen and her friends debuted their new Renegade dance on Instagram using the Reazy Renegade-produced song as its soundtrack before it went crazy viral on TikTok with the #RenegadeChallenge. Initially, Harmon didn't get credit for creating her "Woah"-inspired dance, much to Black Twitter's outrage. But that changed after The New York Times profiled her, and Harmon got to show off her fancy footwork at the 2020 NBA All-Star Game and on Ellen. Harmon also met K Camp who thanked her for pushing "Lottery" over 100 million streams on DSPs.

  • "Toosie Slide"


    Released in: 2020

    In 2018, Drake’s hit song “In My Feelings” went viral on Instagram thanks to internet personality Shiggy’s viral dance clip. In 2020, Drizzy scored another dance hit when he dropped the instructional dance single, “Toosie Slide,” which went viral on TikTok. The catchy chorus mixed with its simple dance tutorial, almost similar to the "Cha Cha Slide," garnered Drake three billion views on the social video-sharing platform via the #ToosieSlide hashtag.

  • "Savage"

    Megan Thee Stallion

    Released in: 2020

    The ladies bring the fun to hip-hop dance tracks too. Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage” dance was first created by 19-year-old choreographer and TikTok personality Keara Wilson. Soon after, the Houston hottie started performing the dance steps in lingerie and sweats in her home while under quarantine, all seen on Instgagram. The flirtatious dance, which consists of moving your hips and swinging your arms, has garnered over 563 million views on TikTok through the hashtag #SavageChallenge.

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  • Teach Me How To Dougie
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    They be like smooth (what)
    can you teach me how to dougie
    you know why
    cause all the bitches love me back it up and dunk it
    put your arms out front lean side to side
    they gone be on you when they see
    you hit that dougie right
    ain't nobody fuckin with my bro from morningside
    he go by bubba and he hit that dance with thunder
    I ain't from dallas but I d town boogie
    I show my moves off everybody now tryna do me
    I leave the function and all the ladies try to screw me
    and you just do you and I'ma do me
    niggas love to hate so they try to screw me
    bitches be stuck to me I think they tryna glue me
    I make the party shine brite when it start boomin
    this beat is bubblegum so I had to chew it

    Teach me how to dougie
    teach me
    teach me how to dougie
    All my bitches love me
    all my
    all my bitches love me
    all my bitches love me
    you my fuckin with my dougie
    I can teach you how to dougie0022 all the bitches bug me
    all the niggas dancin
    and none of them know me do that
    he can dougie on the floor
    and when that nigga stop
    they like dougie some more
    I'm like a nigga kinda tired
    then I pass it to the bro m bone
    show these cats how they do that
    down south dance that
    we learned a little too fast
    and brought it to the hood
    and got the whole crew askin

    Teach me how to dougie
    teach me
    teach me how to dougie
    all my bitches love me
    you ain't fuckin with my dougie

    Back of the party I don't really like to boogie
    I'm just tryna get bent and meet a thick red bone
    she do her dougie and all them bitches hatin
    but I'm bout to escape with a bitch and head home
    she got her friends so its a two man
    and I run a runner even if her legs long
    she like you hubby but I think she love me
    but I change the subject and I do my dougie
    cause I don't give a fuck blow trees get money
    me smooth effin in the bank with playboy bunnies
    we gone make em do the dougie in the middle of the bed
    and when I asked for some head the bitch looked at me funny
    Bye bitch you can' t tell me nothin
    star make the beat I just took it out the oven
    I just hit the dougie while everybody clubbin
    and I hate skinny jeans cause the burner keep rubbin

    all my bitches love me
    all my bitches love me
    you ain't fuckin with my dougie all bitches love me

    All I need to smash it is super bumpin
    and for you to back it up and dunk it
    put your hands front lean side to side
    they gone at you when they see
    you hit that dougie right
    ain't nobody fucking with my brother from morningside
    he ride bubba and he hit that thunder dance
    i'm not from dallas but i'm from d boogie town
    i show my moves outside now everybody do make me
    i leave the feature and all the ladies try to screw me
    and you just you and I make me
    niggas love to hate so they try to screw me
    bitches stuck with me I think they do me glue
    I do a Brite party shoe when she start boomin
    this beat is bubblegum. so i had to chew

    teach me dougie
    teach me
    teach me how dougie
    all my bitches love me
    all my
    all my bitches love me
    all my bitches love me
    you my fucking with my dougie

    Call young
    for them guys that don't know me
    I know from the West well
    I can teach you how to dougie
    I step in the club and
    all bitches mistake me
    all niggas dance And none of them know me and when it stop nigga
    they like dougie some more
    I'm like a nigga kinda tired
    then I pass it to the bone m bro
    show these cats how they do that
    down south dance
    we learned
    too fast and brought it to the hood
    and got the whole crew askin

    Teach me Dougie
    teach me
    teach me how to Dougie
    All my bitches love me
    all my
    all my bitches love me
    all my bitches love me
    You ain't fuckin with my Dougie

    Back party I don't really like boogie woogie
    I just do get a bent and meet a fat red bone
    she made her dougie and all them bitches hatin
    but i bout to run with the bitch and go home
    she got her friends so its two man
    and i run a runner even if the legs are long
    her like you husband but i think she love me
    but i change the subject and i do my dougie
    cuz i dont give a fuck blow trees get money
    me smooth effin in a jar of playboy bunnies
    we gone do em make an arc in the middle of the bed
    and when i asked for some head the bitch looked at me funny
    until the bitch you can't tell me nothin'
    the stars do the beat i just took it from the puffs
    i just hit while all dougie clubbin
    and i hate tight jeans 'cause the burners keep rubbin

    teach me dougie
    teach me
    teach me how dougie
    all my bitches love me
    all my
    all my bitches love me
    all my bitches love me
    you ain't fuckin with my dougie

    Artist: Cali Swag District

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    Dance in the United States

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    It is the home of hip-hop dance, the swing dance and its derivative Rock and Roll, and the modern square dance (associated with the United States of America due to its historical development in that country - twenty-three US states have named it their official state dance or official folk dance) and one of the main centers of modern dance [ need quote ] . There are numerous social dance and concert or performance dance forms with a number of Native American dance traditions.

    Reality & Competition So You Think You Can Dance , [1] America's Best Dance Crew , and Dancing With the Stars , expanded the dance audience.


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    African American dance

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    African American dances are those folk dances that have developed in the African American community in everyday spaces, not in dance studios, schools or companies. African American folk dances usually focus on social dance practice, although performance dance and concert dance often complement each other's social dances.

    Emphasizes improvisation African American folk dances are constantly changing and evolving. Because they exist in social spaces and their main "goal" is self-expression, they are constantly changing to reflect the needs, interests, and personalities of their members.

    Alvin Ailey and Alvin Ailey's American Dance Theater is an important example of African American participation in performance or concert dance.

    Swing dance

    swing dance "refers to a group of dances that developed simultaneously with Jazz in the 1920s, 30s and 40s. The most iconic of the various swing dance styles is the Lindy Hop, which originated in Harlem and is still danced today. While most swing dances began in the African American community as colloquial African American dances, [2] some forms, such as Balboa, developed in Euro-American or other ethnic groups.

    Dances such as the Black Bottom, Charleston, Shag, and Tap Dance traveled north from Dixieland Jazz to New York, Kansas City, and Chicago in the Great Migration (African American) of the 1920s, when rural blacks fled persecution , Jim Crow laws, lynching and unemployment in the south (during the Great Depression).

    Swing jazz includes syncopated timing associated with African American and West African music and dance - a combination of hook and tremble that many swing dancers interpret as 'triple steps' and 'steps' - but also introduces changes to the way these rhythms were played - a distinct delay or "relaxed" approach to timing.

    Swing dance is now found all over the world, with a wide variety of preferences for specific dances.

    Modern dance

    Isadora Duncan

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    American modern dance developed in the early 20th century along with American music. Modern dance pioneers included Isadora Duncan, the Ruth St. Denis dance company and her partner husband, Ted Schon, and their students Doris Humphrey and Martha Graham. The creators of early modern dance broke with European classical forms, succumbing to gravity, starting from the center, not the limbs, and emphasizing emotional directness in their choreography. Many of Graham's most popular works were created in collaboration with leading American composers - "Appalachian Spring" with Aaron Copland, for example.

    Later choreographers, Merce Cunningham introduced random routines and composition by area, and Alvin Ailey incorporated elements of African dance and black music into his work. Recently, Mark Morris and Liz Lerman showed that graceful, exciting moves are not limited by age or body type.

    Dance and Society

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    Golden Globe and MTV Video Music Awards which feature dancing.

    Some popular televised dance competitions: Dancing With the Stars , So you think you can dance and America's Best Dance Team . These dance shows allow the community to interact with them by choosing who they think is best suited to compete.

    Popular songs like Michael Jackson's "Thriller", Harlem Shake, and "Teach Me Dougie" influenced dance moves that became trends in society. At social gatherings, people may dance folk dances, ballroom dances, casual dances, or modern dances such as hip hop. 900. )

Other American Dances

  • Bomba
  • Boogaloo
  • Breakdance
  • Cakewalk
  • Charleston
  • Country/Western Two Step
  • Country / Western
  • CRIP Walk
  • Harlem Shabby
  • JULA
  • Jazz Dance
  • JIV
  • Modern Western Kadril 9000 9000 Salsa
  • Turkey Trot
  • Twerking
  • City Dance

Famous Dancers

  • Fred Astaire
  • Isadora Duncan
  • Suzanne Farrell
  • Bob Foss
  • Savion Glover
  • Graham
  • Gregori Hines
  • Hunter Johnson
        • 9000. 000 9000.000.000.
        • Jonathan Roberts
        • Ginger Rogers
        • Ariella Rush
        • Edward Villella
        • Mr. Wiggles
        • Misty Copeland


        Ballet troupes

        • Ballet Allen Sivik
        • Civil Ballet Alamed
        • American Ballet Theater
        • Ballet
        • ANAHAM BALL
        • 9000 West
        • Boston Ballet
        • Carolina Ballet
        • Chicago Ballet Festival
        • Cincinnati Ballet
        • Colorado Ballet
        • Dayton Ballet
        • Houston ballet
        • Joffrey Ballet
        • Kanzas City Ballet
        • Miami City Ballet
        • Nevada Ballet Theater
        • New York City Ballet
        • New York Ballets of the New York Theater 9000,000
        • Pacific North-Wester ballet
        • Oregon Ballet Theater
        • San Francisco Ballet
        • Sacramento Ballet
        Other Companies