Taught me how to dance

When You Taught Me How To Dance (Album Version) — Katie Melua

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What Dance Taught Me

With near 30 years of dance training, competing and performing, it would be safe to say that for me, a stage and a studio have been like second homes. As a teacher and a professional dancer, there are so many lessons you get the opportunity to observe and wish so often you could share with others, especially those who are starting out.

The one truth I have realized while coaching dance competitive cheer squads and dance teams is that Dance, like any other career, has a learning curve. With time and experience, you find ways to navigate your daily life in this art form–and piece by piece you learn what works best for you regarding a career path. It isn't always easy–especially in the beginning–but over time, most dancers find their way.

So what are those myriad lessons that you can learn and put into action long after the last curtain call? What can a child and his or her parents learn after being enrolled in a dance class? I attempt to share with you these lessons I have learned along my journey in dance.

1. Use Criticism To Your Advantage.

In dance, you receive a lot of criticism -- some constructive, and some not. However, I learned fairly early that while there is always some truth in the criticism, you can block out any accompanying negative thoughts and use every correction you receive on your technique to your advantage.

Don't feel ashamed or take it too personally if you get a correction. Feel grateful that you have a chance to improve. Strive to hear a correction only once, and for this very reason, I used to write the corrections down in the notebook in my dance bag. And do give yourself the time to apply it.

Instead of throwing yourself into doing something poorly or incorrectly over and over again pause and think about why and how you could approach it differently. You'll find you have more control over your body and improve more rapidly. Staying present and focused on the dance movements will help you tune out anxiety related to reviews and the audience's potential not- so- favorable reactions.

2. Let Passion Be Your Guiding Force

When you observe a good dance teacher, what do you see? The corrections and criticism are aplenty, but if you look real close, you will see that their heart is in what they are saying and that stems from passion. Passion for the art form and passion for their student to give their best. Having the desire for dance can make you self-motivated and discipline and persevere, against all the odds, it seems at times.

3. In One Word, Persevere.

If you stuck on to your chosen dance form vs. someone who didn't, there is just one explanation for it. And that is perseverance. If we dancers had given up every time a challenging combination came our way, we would not have gone far in our dance career. Practicing that one difficult combination, week after week for hours through the day builds stamina and helps persevere, not just in dance but in any rough patch you encounter.

4. There Is No Substitute For Hard Work

Thomas Edison said this, and you learn the value of hard work as you evaluate the random bruises, the continual struggle of sore muscles and the frustration of that one 8-count that trips you up every time.

There are no shortcuts to glory and success. Practicing for hours on end, getting the steps to a point where you can’t go wrong and being always ready for that dream audition are traits of a super successful dancer. And all of these involve hard work. A dance career, especially in ballet career is so short that you have to remind yourself of your goals and to keep pushing forward until you got the results you wanted.

5. The Dance World Is A Small One, So Be Nice

Not every dancer may become a dance legend, but just being nice is also an incredible legacy to leave behind. I have learned that when I criticize others, I take energy away from improving myself.

In a world as small as professional dance, gossip will not make you a better dancer, but it will make you a less desirable person to be around. Remember that the dance world is incredibly small and you risk shunning the support of a community when you are not very nice.

By becoming aware of the contribution and efforts of the countless people we come across in our dance careers - parents, teachers, the artistic staff, production crew, I have developed perspective and gained balance in a career that is so easily rocked. Be grateful to these people in your life and when you get a chance, pass it on.

6. Know The Power Of Good Health

As a dancer and athlete, I knew what my body is capable of and what fuels it to get there. As athletes, we know how to fuel ourselves properly with the right types of food. We also know that injuries happen, and it's important to take time off and rest. Listening to your body is so important in college, and helps you make smart decisions, such as eating a salad once in a while or staying in when you're really tired.

Even when you cannot dance, look for ways to take care of your body, roll out your muscles, have a warm-up and cool-down routine, cross-train, and even schedule sleep time (if that's what’s required to whip your body into shape for performance. It’s imperative that you mindfully take care of your body because if you don't, you risk compromising all the hard work that went into prepping for a performance.

7. Humility Goes A Long Way In Upping Your Performance

Every one of us, even the most amazing of dancers, started as a beginner. Remembering that it is only through humility that we can discover, train, and grow made a considerable difference in adjusting my attitude to the constant learning, falling, failing and challenging moments of my dance career.

As an artist, we are privy to what goes on behind the scenes, and how much work goes into making something look effortless. Appreciate the arts and don't let your role as a dancer be the end all and be all of the equation.

Remembering that the opening night is just one night and it will pass in the blink of an eye; it’s the daily classes and rehearsals, that are there to stay. You might have the most glorious show of your life, but the next day you're going to have to go back to that barre. Love the work itself because that will never go away. Enjoy the process of reaching the top

8. Cherish Your Community

Dance taught me the importance of community. The other dancers in your group or studio or class are the only ones who can honestly hear you, empathize and understand what you are going through. In a super competitive sport like dance, the encouragement and guidance received by peers who know her best at crucial junctures can make or break a dancer.

Because there are so much collaboration and teamwork required to pull off a show, cultivating a healthy work environment between the dancers can infuse a performance with positive energy and give that unique quality that will dazzle the audience.

9. Feel Free To Express Yourself

Dance is a brilliant medium to express oneself, and it gave me the opportunity to explore my thoughts and emotions and what my body was capable of. It sparked off confidence that I could push the limits of what I was capable of to find my edge.

Allow yourself to ask questions, and drench yourself in the knowledge of more than just your steps and sequence. Being a well-rounded person will make you a better dancer because you will have more experiences and emotions to draw from. Choreographers are often more interested in openness than technique.

10. Know That There Is Always Going To Be Somebody Better

Everybody in this competitive dance world strives to be the best, and for sure you will encounter sooner or later that there will always be someone out there who is and will be better than you. But if you let that person be somebody that pushes you to be a better dancer, then you can come out a winner.

I realized that in the pursuit of greatness, I had to be gentle with myself at times and not put myself down. Dancers work hard, by being patient with what you want to achieve and ignoring the naysayers (even if it's only you), you can make a better version of you, and that should be the only measure of greatness.

You may choose dance for a while or for several decades but know this - once a dancer, always a dancer. The final curtain may have fallen; the applause died; the trophy may have passed on, but those life lessons you learned in the studio and stage are yours to keep.

Family Tree - This year has taught me…

Anastasia Izyumskaya, founder of Family tree

This year has taught me, that sometimes letting it go is the most winning strategy.

that the more you invest in yourself, the more you have to give to your child. And that first you need to set aside money for personal therapy, and only then for children's books.

… how to quarrel with your husband. It now takes us about 15 minutes. The algorithm is usually this: they flared up - they fled to breathe - they ran and discussed - then the scene of applying varying degrees of hotness.

… that friendship is not afraid of borders and distances. And you can support a loved one even from the other side of the earth.

… that in every loss, even the most bitter one, there is a priceless gift.

Ksenia Biryukova, digital strategist

Probably the most difficult year in my life, I lost my Mom, I found my father, I lost several friends, I found new people, came to an interesting project, left a toxic project, found another world-changing project. Such an emotional, rich daisy of the year.

This year taught and still teaches me to let go, people, emotions, pain, situations, projects, myself.

Stand still, ask for support and give it to those who need it most.

To be brave and human, without cuts and bluster, simply because we are all connected.

It was a difficult year and at the same time it was filled with powerful new experiences that definitely changed me and I became a little closer to the world, understanding the importance of all events in this life.

Marina Klimova, Partner Manager

This year taught me that if your loved ones go into therapy, then changes are inevitable not only for them, but also for you and for your relationship in general.

That it is impossible to be equally successful in all spheres of life, that motherhood and work are almost always the game “Just you wait!” from childhood. The main thing is to learn not to feel guilty for every broken egg! :) Being guilty and feeling guilty are 2 big differences! That after 15 years, love can be deeper, stronger and brighter! And what, a protracted remote work, is not always about fatigue and divorce! :))

Olga Baranova, YouTube channel administrator

This year has taught me how to dance . I work from home, and my daughter does not go to kindergarten, sometimes it is hard for us. Yes, sometimes it is very difficult for us! At such moments, the one about whom they say: “Well, what kind of mother?” Turns on in me, and in my daughter “It's all because you don't go to kindergarten, that's how wild they are!” And so I began to dance. The daughter goes for a walk with her grandparents during the day, and I leave the work, even the very important one, cooking dinner, even if it’s “already boiling”, put on noise-canceling headphones and dance. Well, how I dance ... waving my legs and arms to the music. I recently decided that the movements that I see in the mirror are very similar to something from jazz and signed up for dancing in the new year, I will swing my limbs in the company of other people, which is also very useful for a mother working from home and her not going to daughter's garden.

Zhenya Bernhardt, content manager

This year has taught me to stop and look around from time to time.

Do not compare yourself with your loved ones, but rejoice that they are near.

Allow yourself not to respond to messages in the second of receipt, or maybe not to respond at all, and not worry about it.
Drop everything and make yourself a mug of coffee by turning on your favorite music at full volume, even if sometimes with headphones.

Light candles, buy beautiful pens and notebooks, surround yourself with pleasure in the smallest detail.

Julia Kurbatova, smm instagram

This year has taught me to accept all his gifts along with losses. Because it was his losses and difficulties that taught me to be an adult, responsible, and know that I can.

This year has made me more sensitive to loved ones, because I felt how fragile and priceless every moment of our life is.

Olga Tugunova, Executive Director

This year taught me to appreciate what I have, to believe in myself and not to give up.

In the flow of endless work and fuss, it is very easy to forget about yourself, your friends, your values ​​and hobbies. This happened to me in 2019, when, being in a protracted burnout, I fell into depression. The world went dark for two whole years. But in February 2021, I finally remembered that my life actually goes on and found the strength to get up in bed.

Little by little, every day I learned to live anew. There was indecently little strength, so I was often upset and tormented myself with the question “Well, when will everything be fine again?”. Looking back today, I understand that all these small actions that I took on the way to that very “everything will be fine” were already very good, otherwise I would have been lying in bed. Any movement, one way or another, leads to changes. This is already very good.

I changed my life very dramatically in 2021. New hobbies have come for themselves, which have become entrenched - yoga, meditation, massages, long walks. I managed to overcome the codependency pattern: my relationships with relatives and friends reached a new level - the level of my personal comfort. For half a year I lived in another country, where I learned to enjoy nature again and not to rush anywhere. I was able to start my own micro-business and find interesting jobs that feed the strength of my life values.

I really appreciate what I have today. I know that I can change a lot in my life on my own - for this you need to be patient, not give up and continue to act.

Believe in yourself in 2022, appreciate what you have today, and then everything will definitely work out!

When you taught me how to dance — Katie Melua

When you taught me how to dance

When you taught me how to dance
Years ago, with misty eyes,
Every step and silent glance,
Every move, a sweet surprise.
Someone must have taught you well,
To beguile and to entrance,
For that night you cast your spell,
And you taught me how to dance.

Like reflections in a lake
I recall what went before.
As I give, I'll learn to take,
And will be alone no more
Other lights may light my way
I may even find romance;
But I won't forget that night
When you taught me how to dance

Cold winds blow, but up on those hills you'll find me
And I know you're walking right behind me,

me how to dance
Years ago, with misty eyes,
Every step and silent glance,
Every move, a sweet surprise.
Someone must have taught you well,
To beguile and to entrance,
For that night you cast your spell,
And you taught me how to dance.

When you taught me how to dance,
many years ago, with misty eyes.
Every step and quiet look.
Every move, a sweet surprise.
Someone must have taught you well
to captivate and fascinate.
For that night you put a spell on me
and taught me how to dance.

Like a reflection on the surface of the lake
I remember the past.
By giving, I will learn to receive,
and I won't be alone anymore.
Other lights can light my way
I might even start a romance
but I won't forget that night
when you taught me how to dance.

Cold winds are blowing, but you will find me over those hills.
And I know you're coming right behind me.

When you taught me how to dance,
many years ago, eyes blurred.
Every step and quiet look.
Every move, a sweet surprise.
Someone must have taught you well
to captivate and fascinate.
For that night you put the
spell on me and taught me how to dance.

The author of the translation is Lana
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