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ShellGhost (@gloompatrol) on TikTok

22.9K Likes, 126 Comments. TikTok video from ShellGhost (@gloompatrol). "It's time you realized that you have something in you more powerful and miraculous than the things that affect you and make you dance like a puppet." Marcus Aurelius. original sound.


original sound - Susanna Hoffs


Erick Marquez Jr.

I got RA, but keep Voltaren tf away from me. I’d rather have my joints locked up 😭😭😭😭😭#MakeADogsDay #SaveIt4TheEndZone

TikTok video from Erick Marquez Jr. (@chipotle_papi89): "I got RA, but keep Voltaren tf away from me. I’d rather have my joints locked up 😭😭😭😭😭#MakeADogsDay #SaveIt4TheEndZone". Voltaren got this man dancing like a damn puppet! 🥴😭😭😭😭. original sound.


original sound - Erick Marquez Jr.



lil did he know how things end😔 #fyp #fy #viral #flstudio #hyperpop #hyperpopmusic #lilbro #undergroundartist #zZzG4NG

TikTok video from 𝖘𝖑𝖊𝖊𝖕𝖞𝖇𝖔𝖞 (@sliipyboi): "lil did he know how things end😔 #fyp #fy #viral #flstudio #hyperpop #hyperpopmusic #lilbro #undergroundartist #zZzG4NG". she got lil bro dancin like a puppet show😭💀💔 | 😔-since I lost it all | 💔-ruined me to the core | .... Originalton.


Originalton - 𝖘𝖑𝖊𝖊𝖕𝖞𝖇𝖔𝖞


lili 🪷

They rlly put this music on for st Patrick’s day lol he’s dancing like a puppet #frenchiecontent #fyp #stpatricksday

TikTok video from lili 🪷 (@notwlilz): "They rlly put this music on for st Patrick’s day lol he’s dancing like a puppet #frenchiecontent #fyp #stpatricksday". original sound.


original sound - lili 🪷


Line Helsted Jørgens

He saw him dancing🥰🥰🥰 Stay strong, Ukraine🇺🇦💙💛 #westandwithukraine #staystrongukraine #peace #stopwaronukraine #ukraine #pray #europe #us #fy #putin #trump #soclose #puppet #war #dictator #freedomofspeech #love #passion #inlove

TikTok video from Line Helsted Jørgens (@femalicious): "He saw him dancing🥰🥰🥰 Stay strong, Ukraine🇺🇦💙💛 #westandwithukraine #staystrongukraine #peace #stopwaronukraine #ukraine #pray #europe #us #fy #putin #trump #soclose #puppet #war #dictator #freedomofspeech #love #passion #inlove". He saw him dancing like a puppet on a string❤️🥰. I Saw You Dancing (Album Version).


I Saw You Dancing (Album Version) - Yaki-Da


Heidilynn Quigley

Puppet dancer#ComeDanceWithMe #puppet #laugh #funny #acdc #backinblack #comedy #stripper #hilarious

414.3K Likes, 6.7K Comments. TikTok video from Heidilynn Quigley (@heidilynn093): "Puppet dancer#ComeDanceWithMe #puppet #laugh #funny #acdc #backinblack #comedy #stripper #hilarious". Back In Black.


Back In Black - AC/DC



Opera in black and white Dressed up Wearing a Mask this Show Dance like a puppet

TikTok video from LaurenGilbert8 (@laurengilbert787): "Opera in black and white Dressed up Wearing a Mask this Show Dance like a puppet". Opera.


Opera - Claudio Simonetti


Bjork the Stork likes Disco :) #puppet #puppets #birddance #bird #birdpuppet #70s #disco

1.4M Likes, 13.3K Comments. TikTok video from Amanda ( "Bjork the Stork likes Disco :) #puppet #puppets #birddance #bird #birdpuppet #70s #disco". original sound.


original sound - veggibeats


Dalton Yeatman

“Cut the strings of desire that keep you dancing like a puppet”- #marcusaurelius . . . . . . . #stoicphilosophy #selfcontrol #gettingoutofmycomfortzone #meditations #Theempororshandbook #morningmotivations #morningmotivation

TikTok video from Dalton Yeatman (@ironlionhealth): "“Cut the strings of desire that keep you dancing like a puppet”- #marcusaurelius . . . . . . . #stoicphilosophy #selfcontrol #gettingoutofmycomfortzone #meditations #Theempororshandbook #morningmotivations #morningmotivation". Drifting - Tim Schaufert Remix.


Drifting - Tim Schaufert Remix - TWO LANES


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A subreddit for the game Everhood.

Created Mar 28, 2020

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Exercise "Puppet dance". The art of effective self-healing

Puppet dance exercise

1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, parallel to each other.

2. Relax your arms along your torso.

3. It is advisable to close your eyes at first.

4. Release your attention and wait for the onset of relaxation.

5. Focus on your natural breathing for 3 to 5 minutes, passively observing it and not interfering with its work.

6. Feel your entire spinal column while maintaining this perception for 1-2 minutes.

7. Bring your attention to the crown area and imagine a flow of energy coming up to the crown from above and gently pulling it up.

8. Feel how, while maintaining the moment of stretching up, the energy, smoothly descending, envelops each of your vertebrae, up to the 5th lumbar vertebrae.

9. Feel the stretching of the entire spinal column up behind the crown, maintaining this perception for 1-2 minutes.

10. Imagine that the energy source that pulls your spine up is 20 to 30 cm above the crown of your head.

11. Transfer most of your attention to the source of the upward stretching of the spine, at the same time holding the entire upwardly stretching spine with the edge of your consciousness.

12. Feel like a puppet suspended by the top of your head to a point located at a height of 20 - 30 cm above the top of your head.

13. Be aware that your "I" is watching from above your own body and the source of spinal tension.

14. Start pulling on the string that connects the energy source and your spine, as if you were a puppeteer who is pulling the string of a doll suspended from it.

15. As a result of pulling on the "imaginary" thread, your body will begin to make various movements. Don't try to manage or control them.

16. Your task is to direct all your attention to pulling the thread that connects your spine and energy source.

17. Pull the string and let your body move back. And only after that pull the connecting thread again. They pulled the string - detachedly, without interfering, watched the reciprocal bodily movement until it completely faded - again pulled the puppet's string.

18. Keeping your attention on the source of tension, the thread of tension and the entire spinal column, try to continuously feel that all movements of the body come from a source located above the top of the head at a height of 20 - 30 cm. .

19. Dance until you are completely saturated with the process of movement.

20. Take the position indicated in points 1-3.

21. Focus on your bodily sensations and, unobtrusively observing them, wait for them to merge into an even, uniform bodily background.

22. Open your eyes. Stretch. Shake it up.

This exercise develops and strengthens the effects of the previous exercise, essentially complementing it

. The fact is that in addition to a static position, our spine needs a variety of movement for normal functioning. After all, people, unlike trees, are mobile creatures.

In the process of life, we very rarely allow our spinal column to receive a sufficient portion of various movements or overload it with a monotonous, monotonous load.

As a result, our spine accumulates a lot of unrealized motor needs, which responds very badly to its functional state.

That is why the exercises “Crown Spinal Extension” and “Puppet Dance” should be practiced in pairs. This will allow you to get the maximum effect in the full restoration of the health and functionality of our spinal column.


DANCE AS MEDITATION DISAPPEAR IN THE DANCE Forget the dancer, the center of the ego; become a dance. This is what meditation is. Dance so deeply that you completely forget that "you" are dancing and feel that you are the dance. The division has to disappear, then the dance becomes meditation. If

Dance without legs

Dance without legs Once there was a prisoner in a concentration camp who - despite being sentenced to death - remained fearless and freedom-loving. Once he was playing the guitar in the middle of the prison yard. A huge crowd of prisoners came to hear him, and,


MOON DANCE ... Dance under the full moon, sing under the full moon, and soon you will find that another being arises in you, which is not your personality, which is your essence. The moon will bring it to the surface, you just need to be aware of it. Dance into the night

Dance of strategies

Dance of Strategies In intimate relationships, most of the time we dance the "dance of strategies. " Instead of expressing our desires, frustrations, and fears directly, we usually resort to strategy. The other responds to this strategy with his own strategy - and dance

Dance of the Salamanders

"Dance of the Salamanders" Doesn't lend itself to description.

Real puppet

Institution subordinate to the Department of Culture of the City of Moscow

State budgetary institution of culture Moscow city
Moscow theater children's book
"Magic Lamp"

Real puppet


You will need:

  • Small ball. Styrofoam is best (sold in craft and craft stores), but rubber (such as tennis) or plastic will also work
  • Skein of thick line
  • Flexible and strong steel wire
  • Wooden clothespin
  • PVA glue
  • 3 small screws with a loop on the end (these are usually attached to the frame when hanging pictures)
  • Several thin narrow slats
  • Shampoo bottle
  • Scraps of fabric
  • Pieces of colored felt or colored paper
  • Braiding straw (can be replaced with natural fiber rope, thick wool, etc.
  • Wide tape
  • Medium grit sandpaper
  • 8 sheets of newspaper
  • Scissors
  • Line
  • Pliers
  • Several cotton swabs
  • Large darning needle
  • Drill with thin bit

Job Description:


Cut a piece of fabric 30x30 cm. Canvas is used to make the head of the doll in the figure, but you can use a piece of an old T-shirt or a sock (it's more convenient).

Wrap the ball with the cloth, pull it as tight as possible and tie with thick thread. for strength, you can sew several stitches by inserting the end of the thread into a darning needle. Don't worry if there are creases on the neck: most of them will be covered by clothes and a hat.

Cut a piece of wire 20 cm long. Using pliers, make a loop at one end. Pierce the head with a wire (you can use a stronger tool, such as a darning needle or an awl) and pass it through at the level where the ears should be. Make a loop at the other end of the wire.

From colored felt or paper , cut out eyes, mouth, nose. Make hair out of straw. Glue with PVA glue.

While the head is drying, let's take care of the body.


Wash and dry a suitable size plastic shampoo bottle.

Cut 5 pieces of wire, 20 cm each. Bend at the end of each loop with pliers.

Use a darning needle to make holes where the doll's shoulders will be (see fig. 6). Insert the wires into these holes so that the loops are at shoulder level.

Bend wires back behind the bottle and secure with tape.

Do the same at the bottom of the bottle where the legs will be attached.


The legs and arms of the puppet are made from rolled strips of newspaper. you will need 8 of these rolls in total. First of all, prepare 8 pieces of fishing line, approx. 20 cm each.

Take the double sheet of newspaper . Fold it in quarters lengthwise. As a result, you should get a strip about 8 cm long and 25 cm long. Smooth out the resulting strip with a ruler.

Take a piece of fishing line and place it on the strip of newspaper as shown. On both sides, the same pieces of fishing line should remain. Secure the string with tape.

Roll the strip of newspaper into a tight roll, starting at the end where the line is attached.

Tape on both sides.

Make 8 of these rolls

Tie two rolls together. You will have two arms and two legs.

Tie the arms and legs to the wire loops you made on the top and bottom of the doll's torso. secure with tape.

Take a small bundle of weaving straw, tie it in the middle and fold it in half. Straws can be replaced with thick threads and even thinly cut paper. You will get feet and hands. Glue them to the arms and legs of the doll.
To make clothes for the doll, attach it to a sheet of newspaper and circle the contours of the legs and upper body separately: you will get a pattern of pants and a shirt.
Transfer the pattern to the fabric, leaving a 1 cm seam allowance. Cut and sew the garment.
Dress up the puppet. For strength, you can fix the clothes with glue.
Sew a hat and put it on the doll's head.
To control the puppet, we need 3 wooden bars: the main (MAIN BAR), 25 cm long, the front (LEG BAR) 15 cm long and the back (HEAD BAR) 13 cm long. (it is very convenient to make them from wooden student rulers)
To avoid sharp corners, use sandpaper to sand the edges of each plank.
Take the back bar (HEAD BAR) and drill two holes along the edges (shown by arrows in the figure). On the front bar (LEG BAR), drill one hole from each to the edge (see picture). Drill just one hole in the MAIN BAR.
Glue a clothespin to the MAIN BAR. as it shown on the picture. When it dries, it will hold the front bar (LEG BAR).
Glue the HEAD BAR right behind the clothespin. When dry, thread the string through the holes that are further from the edges of the plank. On the back, tie a small knot at each end of the string. With this string you will hang the puppet on the hook.
Turn the MAIN BAR over when everything is dry. Screw three screws with a loop on the end into it, as shown in the picture: two directly above the clothespin, and one - above the middle of the back bar (HEAD BAR). Turn the whole structure over again so that the resulting loops are under the bar. You can start hanging the line.
Cut 2 pieces of line 50 cm each. Pierce the doll's shirt with darning needle and thread the line through the wire loops on the shoulders.
Then pass each piece of line through the eyelet on the doll's head and finally through the hole on the edge of the HEAD BAR. Tie up well.
Take another piece of fishing line, about 42 cm long. Sew it to the tip of the hat, and then pass it through the central loop on the back bar (HEAD BAR), Secure. Make sure your head reaches your neck (bottle neck). But there is no need to fix the head on the neck, it should hang freely on a thread.
In order for the puppet to move its legs, jump, dance, the front bar (LEG BAR) must be removed from the clothespin and moved from side to side. Controlling the puppet is not so easy, so you will have to practice a little first. Move each thread from side to side, pull one, then the other. Well, when your doll learns to run fast, jump dexterously and dance merrily to the music, invite your friends to the show!
Cut a piece of fishing line 70 cm long. Using a needle, pass the fishing line through the loop on the rear of the doll. Fasten. Pull the other end through the hole at the back end of the main bar (MAIN BAR) Now the doll can bend over.
Now cut a very long piece of fishing line (about 1.5 m). Tie one end to the doll's wrist. Pass the line through the two rings on the front edge of the main bar (see picture) and tie the other end to the other wrist.
And finally, cut 2 pieces of fishing line about 90 cm each. Sew one end to the doll's knee, where the two newspaper rolls were tied. Fasten. Pass the second end of the fishing line through the hole on the front bar (LEG BAR). Tie properly. Check. whether the rear bar is evenly fixed.

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