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How To Dance Sexy For Beginners

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Whether you want to learn how to dance sexy for your partner or just for yourself, you came to the right place. We’ll go through basic dance moves that will make you feel sexy and confident.

Anyone can learn how to dance sexy as long as you have fun with it and own your movements. Remember, feeling sexy is a state of mind so love every part of yourself and let your sexiness ooze out. I am so inspired by the instructors on our platform because they’re such empowering and confident women. Getting guidance from these ladies make it easier to feel sexy while dancing. When you’re trying to learn how to dance sexy, being in a safe space is key. So being able to try these sexy dance moves at home is really important so you can really let go. Bonus tip: wear something you feel super sexy in and watch your confidence go sky high! Show off your favorite sexy dance moves on instagram by using #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness on your post so we can give you some love!

Sexy dancing in heels can be scary, but you can always start barefoot and work you way up. I started with thick wedges for my first time and I think it really helped me figure out my balance for heels dance. In this class, you’ll learn how to work a body roll and a short fierce routine. There’s power in them heels, babe.

A really popular form of sexy dancing is burlesque. In this class you’ll learn standing burlesque dance moves and some floor work. What I love about this class is that the moves cater to you, so you will execute the moves differently but I promise you, you’ll still look hot doing them.

Unleash your feminine expression by learning to dance! We’ve got online dance classes that empower women on our virtual dance studio. Burlesque Burn combines the control and stamina of Pilates with the sexy theatrics of Burlesque dance. You’re gonna feel empowered and ready to take on the world!

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Grab your throne and dance on it! If you want a little more of a challenge, add a chair to your sexy dance routine. This class will take you through different ways to dance around and on a chair. Plus, there’s a bonus at the end where you’ll learn how to dance sexy for your partner while they sit on the chair 😏

Show off what your mama gave you with a lesson on how to twerk. Learn some basic sexy twerk moves and try doing them fast too. I really love how this class helps improve my self confidence while teaching me how to take myself less seriously. It takes a brave woman to start her twerk journey, are you in?


We’ve got so many sexy dance classes to choose from and you can get unlimited access today. We’ve got 200+ fierce and feminine dance workouts available for you online anytime anywhere. Join our dance studio today and get a 15 day free trial.

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Burlesque Burn combines the control and stamina of Pilates with the sexy theatrics of Burlesque. We start each class with pilates based toning workouts and end with a flirty and fun choreography. You’re gonna feel empowered and ready to take on the world! Join us for Burlesque Booty. A 20 minute Burlesque Burn Workout. Level up your booty gains with Erica and your resistance bands. She’ll go through moves that will really sculpt your glutes and then some. Then, get a good stretch and learn how to do 2 fun and sexy chair tricks. Unlock your FREE Burlesque Burn Dance Workout video today.

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How To Dance Sexy: An Easy 5-Step Guide

No matter your age or general dance skills, attempting to dance sexy for the first time can make you feel incredibly awkward.

It's normal to feel a sense of shame when even thinking about dancing sexy, let alone doing it!

In order to break that mindset and start dancing sexy, you HAVE to build your confidence step-by-step.

Check out our guide below and learn how to let your inner goddess out.

1. Get In The Mood

If you want to dance sexy, you have to be in the moment.

You’re just not gonna look sexy if you’re thinking about your grocery list while you dance.

Before you get on your feet to start dancing, prep yourself by getting in your sexiest mindset by practicing some self-care!

Put on your best smokey eye, slip into that dress that makes you feel like a femme fatale, and take yourself out on a date for the night.

Jadalyn Estrada, a dancer who’s challenging herself with sexy dance classes on STEEZY, even adjusts the look of her bedroom to help set the mood.

“If you feel awkward, it’s okay,” Jadalyn says, “dim the lights, light that favorite candle of yours… whatever makes you feel comfortable!”

You see, love is more than a feeling. It’s a practice.

So show yourself some love before you start dancing – once you get moving, you’ll already feel amazing.

2. Pick Your Persona

The sexiest dancers channel a unique personality that draws you into their performance.

But if you met those dancers in person, you might find that their real life personality is totally different!

Playing a character can help you lose yourself in the moment and avoid getting too hung up on the moves.

To pick a persona, watch plenty of sexy dance videos and see what attracts you most!

Watch this video from Aliya Janell.

Pretty fierce right? She uses hard-hitting movements, high-energy songs, and more serious facial expressions to come off like a powerful lioness.

Now compare Aliya's video to this one from KAYDAY.

Here, the dancers used fluid movements, a slower song, and more expressive facials (they mouth the lyrics, make eye contact, and even smirk) to create a more sensual feel.

There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to do it. Just decide what you think looks sexy to you, and then try stepping into that character.

If your persona is playful, you might wink, use bouncier movements, and play with your hair while you dance.

If you’re more drawn to a fierce persona, practice your best “bad b*tch” face in the mirror.

As you get familiar with your sexy persona, you’ll find yourself focusing less on your insecurities and more on having fun.

3. Master a Few Moves

Rather than trying to memorize a bunch of choreography, you wanna focus on learning a few singular moves that you can always count on.

They should be simple enough that they work with just about any sexy song, and basic enough that you can add variations to them to fit your sexy persona.

A few examples?

The Hip Roll

The Booty Dip

The Sexy Walk

Moves like these are easy to master because they don’t involve a lot of complicated footwork or difficult techniques.

If you’re looking for some basics to get started with, try taking a few classes online!

Online classes are the perfect way to learn sexy moves because you don’t have to worry about people watching you during the class – you get all of the guidance and none of the stress.

If you wanna learn the moves mentioned above (and more!), try our Sexy, Single Move Class Series on STEEZY Studio.

It’s the perfect sexy dance move starter pack for beginners.

4. Practice Your Performance

If you want to look sexy while you dance, you have to practice performing for yourself.

The sexiest dancers end up looking so good because they’re not just doing dance moves… they’re putting on a show!

First, make a playlist of your favorite songs, and find a good place to practice.

If you don’t have full length mirror already, check out this video to learn how to create your own little dance studio, right at home.

You can also use the front facing camera on your computer to watch and record yourself, or use the camera mode feature while taking a STEEZY Studio class!

Once you find a place, just turn your music up and START DANCING.

You don’t need to put together any fancy choreography. Just do what comes to you in the moment and watch yourself as you move.

You’ll start to notice that certain movements and facial expressions look as good as they feel.

And some might not work! That’s ok!

The point of watching yourself in the mirror isn’t to nail every move.

The point is to give yourself an opportunity to see yourself and realize how good you actually look!

As you watch yourself improve, your confidence levels will start growing from within.

5. Commit to Your Sexiest Self

So, you’ve spent some time dancing in the mirror and you’re falling in love with your new sexy dance skills… so what comes after love?

Commitment! Lock it down boo!

The final step to becoming a truly sexy dancer is being comfortable letting people witness you in all your glory.

For most people, this can seem like the toughest step, but think about this way:

At this point, you know you look good.

You know you feel good.

You know that you have plenty of moves under your belt that anyone would appreciate.

So take yourself out to the club with your best friends, or bring your significant other into the room to not only watch you dance, but dance with you.

And when you do… GO. FULL. OUT.

Follow through on every movement! Every hair flip! Every look!

If you feel a little awkward at any moment, remind yourself that you can just focus on playing your sexy character and keep on moving.

Dancing sexy is mostly about feeling sexy – and once you feel it, everyone else will too.

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How to learn to dance striptease - advice from dancers Olga Yagodnitsyna and Regina Petrova.

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Every woman probably wants to please her man for as long as possible, to seduce him. But the longer a couple lives together, the harder it is to surprise your partner. When it comes to this, passion is not enough, women try to quickly find on the Internet "How to learn to dance striptease at home?" Indeed, you can master such dances without special training, the main thing is patience and a good mood.

To begin with, let's decide what a striptease is for, except to seduce a man. It turns out that if you do these dances more often, then they entail a lot of other advantages:

  • Correction of imperfections in your body;
  • Emphasizing the dignity of the figure;
  • Increased self-esteem;
  • Muscle toning;
  • Improvement of elasticity and stretch.


How to dance a striptease?

Before you start learning the basic movements, you should know that the sexuality of the dance depends on the situation in the room and on your mood. Your flexibility, stretching and posture also play an important role in such dances.


Choose a better bedroom for dancing. This is the right place. Remove all interfering objects in the room: floor lamps, lamps, fragile vases. So that when dancing, they do not interfere with your movement in a relaxed way. Place a comfortable chair in the room so that your partner watches you while sitting, and you can lean on him while dancing. If you decide to arrange candles, then do not put them close to the place where you will dance.


For an attractive and passionate dance image has an important place. Has your man ever talked about outfits from an intimate store? If so, then you should listen to his opinion and buy them for striptease. If this does not matter, then choose light lacy underwear. Do not forget that striptease involves gradual exposure. Therefore, underwear still needs shoes with heels. It will make your body sexier, fitter. You can also complement the image with a tie, scarf or bandage with a whip. It is better to dissolve the hair, make the makeup bright.


Here you can choose either special striptease music or any light tune. A man will be focused on you, so music will not matter to him. But, of course, you should not choose pop music with a strong rhythm.

A selection of popular music for striptease

You can use the music in this video for the first lessons, so as not to bother and look for another one. And in the future, you will already select the music to your taste. Or you will like our suggestion.

Basic movements.

After you have prepared yourself and the surroundings. You can begin to study the basic movements in strip plastic. This video from Olga Yagodnitsyna is about how to learn how to dance a striptease for a guy. It shows in detail the basic movements for beginners.

Pole dance for beginners.

In addition to simple basic movements in strip plastic, you can dilute the floor dance. What is it? Pole dance is a pole dance, pole acrobatics. It is impossible without a special pole. Probably most people don't have a pole at home. It can be purchased, it is sold in a folding form. Thus, you can put it to dance and put it back.

Pole dance is more than just a striptease. It needs more time for it. You must be ready during the dance by:

  • Elements for flexibility: twine, back arches, folds;
  • Strength elements: grips and flags for which you must have strength and good balance;
  • Toe elements: hold the body on the pole with the help of any part of the body, for example, with the help of knees, elbows.

The advantages of pole dance are that you can:

  1. Strengthen your body and muscles;
  2. To tone the whole figure;
  3. Increase your self-esteem;
  4. Develop stamina;
  5. Improve your whole body flexibility.

But there are also disadvantages: during the dance you will have increased sweating, also for beginners there will be fear, and, of course, bruises.


  • Epilepsy;
  • Frequent dizziness;
  • Tinnitus;
  • Vascular disorders;
  • Inflammatory diseases of the joints;
  • Postoperative period;
  • Herniated cervical and lumbar spine;
  • Overweight.

Where to start?

1.Purchase pole at home if it is not possible to go to group classes.

2. Clothing and footwear. All clothing should be made from natural materials, comfortable, not restricting movement. The set will turn out like this:

  • T-shirt, top or T-shirt - in this type of dance it is customary that the stomach, arms and shoulders should be open;
  • shorts - legs must also be open;
  • as shoes you can choose Czech shoes, ballet shoes, sneakers for dancing, soft ballroom shoes;
  • fingerless gloves - to keep you from slipping on the pole.

3. Right music.

Music for pole dance

After you have picked up everything, you can begin to practice. To begin with, you must master everything correctly and well, and then dance in front of a man.

Algorithm of actions for beginners.

  1. Warm-up. While you are learning, you must definitely do it, then, when it comes to dancing in front of a man, you can dance without a warm-up.
  2. Implementation of basic elements.
  3. Performing dynamic movements: twists, flips, etc.
  4. Intricate stretches for body flexibility.
  5. Gentle body stretch.
  6. Hitch. In this stage, achieve complete relaxation and rest


We told you tips from professional dancers in strip plastic and pole dance. We sorted out what requirements for the entry level, what clothes and shoes are best to choose, what kind of music will make you look sexier. We have selected videos for you that explain the exercises in detail, explain how to breathe correctly, the right complex for beginners, a fully recorded workout from warm-up to stretching. Train while your man is at work and make him feel good in the evening.

All the advice given in this article will help you learn how to dance striptease correctly, as well as learn how to dance on the pole. Mastering strip plastic for beginners is a lot of work. Therefore, stock up on patience and strength. And remember that the main thing in such dances is the right attitude.

Dance for a loved one or how not to lose face when dancing a homemade striptease Online edition "Elements of Dance"

What is female light and warmth cannot be explained in words. However, everyone can distinguish real charm from a game. But, it really lends itself to some kind of "training". Namely, it consists of your positive attitude and the ability to give yourself emotionally. Dance is very conducive to such "training", especially if it is aimed at ... seducing a man.
In order to bring some incendiary note into the relationship, two dances are suitable: the first (let's not be afraid of this word) - striptease or a more modest and intriguing version - strip plastic, and the second - oriental. It is quite possible to master both to the extent that will bring real pleasure to you and your viewer.
The lack of dance skills and dance technique at home can be compensated for with attributes.
Among them:

1. Subdued light and lit candles. Remember the saying "do not choose a wife by candlelight and by the moon." Why is that? Yes, because the light of a flickering candle makes a beauty out of any simpleton, gives the atmosphere a mystery, an unearthly beauty to the face, and an enchanting sparkle to the eyes.

Charming a man by candlelight is easy. The atmosphere is romantic, besides, the subdued light and “dancing” highlights level out all the flaws of the figure. In the palaces of the Ottoman Empire, where belly dance was almost the only performance of odalisques before the eyes of the sultans, torches were lit at all.
Now imagine the effect of the same dance in bright electric light and surrounded by candles. Of course, we will not light torches, we will take care of the safety of property and loved ones too. But the candles are a must!

2. Suit. The most important thing that is not enough just to buy or rent. It's probably not even worth doing it. Out of habit, a man, seeing his lady in a “bra” and a silk belt hung with monists, may mistake her for a gypsy, but we don’t know for sure what effect such an association will have .... A man should see his own, familiar woman, but in the image, be surprised, but not afraid. And this means that theatricality is not at all appropriate here.

The first rule of a costume for such homely seductive dances is its pleasantness in all respects for a man, and especially in terms of tactile sensations.
Ideal to do it yourself.

  • For belly dance , for example, buy a light beautiful transparent fabric and wrap it around the hips in an oriental style. Sheathe the bust with the same fabric or simply drape it on top with the same silk, organza or chiffon, overlapping in front and tying the ends behind the back. On top of all this, of course, there is intrigue. Intrigue is what allows you to expose yourself gradually. Those. when you just go out to your beloved, your hands, a small strip of the abdomen may be open. The face should be covered with a veil, the shoulders with the thinnest stole, attention should be focused only on the eyes, hand movements, bare feet. Think over the costume in such a way that it has many “removable” details, which, during the dance, with a slight movement of the hand, allow you to open your most seductive places.

The stole falls from the shoulders, the veil reveals the face at one of the last moments, and perhaps the beloved himself will rip it off for a kiss. Legs, excluding bare feet, always remain closed. Intrigue is more erotic than nudity. Let the man deal with not only the veil, but also the lower part of the suit.

  • Performing home striptease does not put any limits on the costume. Because striptease is a role-playing dance. Choose a role, dress according to the image.

An example for young, romantic girls with a bit of a bitch in their character: Malvina - you will need a wig of blue wavy hair, crimson leather shorts and a leather bust of the same color. In makeup, emphasis on the eyes: lengthening mascara and arrows are a must. Soft lip gloss. Perfume is a complex attribute that must be studied in advance and be pleasant and familiar to both you and the man. Experiments are inappropriate here. Or perfume should be absent altogether.

Unlike oriental dance, it is better to prepare a striptease at home under sufficiently bright lighting. It is worth remembering that the main thing in this case is self-confidence. This confidence, combined with the costume and well-chosen music, more than compensates for all the shortcomings in technique and figure.

3. Now the actual dance

For those who practice in dance studios, organizing a home performance is as easy as shelling pears.

Learn more