How to set up just dance 2015

Want to play Just Dance 2015? You can now do so with your smartphone

Think being without a motion controller stops you from playing Just Dance 2015? Ubisoft have come to the rescue.

If you are one of those without Kinect for Xbox One (or indeed the Playstation variants), you may have thought you wouldn’t be able to play Ubisoft’s latest dance title, Just Dance 2015….but you would be wrong.

Ubisoft have now announced the availability of the Just Dance 2015 Motion Controller app, allowing anyone running Android 4+ or Apple iOS 6+ on their smartphones, the chance to play the game. Even better news is it will allow up to six players getting involved on Xbox One.

The Just Dance development team created an experience that keeps all Just Dance 2015 gameplay exactly the same – the only difference is that the smartphone is used to keep score. If a Kinect for Xbox One or PlayStation Camera isn’t detected when the game is launched, the following message will appear: “You will need a mobile device to play Just Dance 2015. ” Then the player will follow these simple steps: 

  1. Download the free Just Dance 2015 Motion Controller app to their smartphone.
  2. Make sure their phone is connected via Wi-Fi to the same network as their console.
  3. Select their automatically detected console within the app and click Play.

Just Dance 2015 is out now on Xbox One and Xbox 360 and includes more than 40 tracks from some of today’s hottest artists.

We’ll have a full review of the game (and indeed the new smartphone app) in the next few days. 


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Just Dance 2015 – Everything you need to know about the game

  • Video Game Wikis

Everything you need to know about Just Dance 2015

​Just Dance 2015 is an upcoming dancing and music simulation video game that is currently in development under Ubisoft Paris. Ubisoft Paris has an extremely wide range when it comes to developing videogames, in the past having worked on Real Time Strategy games like Tom Clancy’s End War, Third Person Shooters like Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, family games like Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time and other music and dancing video games like Michael Jackson: The Experience and Just Dance 1 – 2015.

The game is currently set to be published by the parent company, Ubisoft, the same developers and publishers that release the hugely popular Assassin’s Creed series and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell series. Just Dance 2015 is set to be the sixth entry into the popular franchise, it’s also making use of a new gameplay meets technology mechanic, see the Gameplay and Development portions of this wiki for more information.

The game is currently set to launch on October 21st 2014 in North America, October 23rd 2014 in Europe and October 24th 2014 in the UK. It’s currently slated for a cross generational launch, making ut s way to the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii and Wii U.

+ Quick Jump To


Just Dance is one of Ubisoft’s best selling games in one of its most popular series, so despite not having been confirmed, everybody knew that Just Dance 2015 was in development long before it was officially announced. The games official announcement came during the Electronic Entertainment Expo on June 9th of 2014 when Ubisoft took to the stage for their press conference. During this conference they announced Just Dance 2015 and its counterpart (which is an entirely separate and stand alone title) Just Dance Now.

With the titles gameplay mechanics already being rather basic and fundamentally impossible to change without robbing the game of its implied goal which is to, Just Dance. So the developers opted to give the game a broader appeal by making it more accessible to more gamers. They accomplished this by turning something that basically everyone carries into the games Microphone and Sensor. The players Smartphone can be used as the games main input source meaning that you no longer need a handful of plastic microphones and other peripherals to play the game. You need only synchronise your phone with the game through the appropriate website and that’s it, you’re good to go.

This simple but game changing tweak (pun intended) alters the entire feel of the game, giving it a much more “pick up and play” party game feeling rather than a game that requires setting up and doling out of equipment, because most gamers in the target demographic carry a Smartphone, this decision is likely going to reflect well on the game as a whole. It also offers more opportunities for gameplay because more individual players can take part in a game now because of the Smartphone functionality.


Just Dance 2015 is the sixth game in the popular franchise and as such, the formula was getting a little more bit old and drawn out with each successful iteration of the game series. So Ubisoft decided to give the game a more party-like feel by being able to include more players through their new Smartphone Microphone and Sensor functionality.

This allows more people to join in on a game of Just Dance 2015 while keeping the room largely peripheral free, players can join in easily by synchronising their device with the website and just like that, they’re in.

Returning game modes from previous Just Dance titles include the World Dance floor and Auto Dance modes and features. One of the new gameplay modes with new features being introduced is the Community Remix mode. This new gameplay mode allows players to dance along to songs as per usual but with other players on the screen rather than the generic dancers. Other than this, the gameplay of Just Dance 2015 remains largely unchanged from that of its predecessors. Just Dance 2015 is the sixth game in the main series and shouldn’t be confused with its 2014 counterpart Just Dance Now.


The track roster is yet to be shown in its full form, so it’s expected to expand through DLC as per usual, here are some of the tracks you will find in the game.

The following is a compiled track listing gathered from numerous sources, similar to the most other pages covering the track listing, a * shows that the song is a cover and not the original whereas (P) shows that the song is a PAL region exclusive tack and a (N) shows that the song is an NTSC region exclusive track.

“4×4” – Miley Cyrus
“Addicted To You” – Avicii feat. Audra Mae
“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” – Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell
“Bad Romance” – Lady Gaga
“Bailando” – Enrique Iglesias feat. Descemer Bueno, Gente de Zona
“Bang Bang” – Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj
“Best Song Ever” – One Direction
“Birthday” – Katy Perry
“Black Widow” -Iggy Azalea feat. Rita Ora
“Built For This” – Becky G
“Burn” – Ellie Goulding
“Diamonds” – Rihanna
“Don’t Worry, Be Happy”* – Bobby McFerrin (The Bench Men)
“Epic Sirtaki”* – Cast of Zorba the Greek (The Bouzouki’s)
“Fatima” – Cheb Salama 2014
“Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)
“Get Low” – Dillon Francis feat. DJ Snake
“Happy” – Pharrell Williams
“Holding Out For A Hero” – Bonnie Tyler
“I Love It” – Icona Pop feat. Charli XCX
“It’s My Birthday” – feat. Cody Wise
“Let It Go” – Disney’s Frozen
“Love Is All”* – Roger Glover and the Butterfly Ball (The Sunlight Shakers)
“Love Me Again” -John Newman
“Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix)”* – Los Del Rio (The Girly Team)
“Mahna Mahna”* – Piero Umiliani (Frankie Bostello)
“Maps” – Maroon 5
“Me and My Broken Heart” – Rixton
“Never Can Say Goodbye” – Gloria Gaynor
“Only You (and You Alone)”* – Platters !The Platters (Love Letter)
“Papaoutai” (P) – Stromae
“Problem” – Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea and Big Sean
“She Looks So Perfect” – 5 Seconds of Summer
“Speedy Gonzales”* – David Dante (Los Pimientos Locos)
“Summer” – Calvin Harris
“Tetris”* – Hirokazu Tanaka (Dancing Bros.)
“Till I Find You” (N) – Austin Mahone
“Walk This Way” – Run DMC and Aerosmith
“Xmas Tree” – Bollywood Santa
“You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) – Dead or Alive
“You’re On My Mind” – Imposs feat. J. Perry

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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Gameplay - Just Dance Now

Can my friends and family play with me?

Your friends and family can dance with you by downloading the free Just Dance Now app on their smartphones. After installing the app, they will need to enter your dance room by scanning the QR code or by entering the dance room number displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.

How many people can join my game session?

There are no restrictions on the number of players!

How to play on the computer?

1. Download the app Just Dance Now on your smartphone (Android or iOS) and run it
2. Launch the Internet browser on your computer and go to
3. On the website, you will see the room number and her QR code. This number and code is unique and created just for you. On request Z11:AA11application Just Dance Now scan the code and you will be connected to the dance room.
4. Done! Now the song selected on the smartphone should also be displayed on the computer screen.
5. Select any song and play it
6. Hold your smartphone in your right hand and mirror the dancer's movements on the screen!
Additional players can download the game on their smartphones and join your dance room

How to play on a tablet (Android or iPad)?

1. Download the app Just Dance Now to your smartphone and launch it
2. Download the app Just Dance Now to your tablet and launch it
3. The dance room number and QR code will appear on your tablet. This number and code is unique and created just for you. When requested by the app Just Dance Now , scan the code and you will be connected to the dance room.
4. Done! Now the song selected on the smartphone should also be displayed on the tablet screen.
5. Select any song and play it
6. Hold your smartphone in your right hand and mirror the dancer's movements on the screen!
Additional players can download the game to their smartphones and enter the room number to dance with you.

How to play on Apple TV?

1. Open the App Store on your Apple TV
2. Find the app Just Dance Now and install it
3. Launch the game and use the remote as a controller to select a song
4. Hold the remote in your right hand and mirror the movements of the dancer on the screen!

Note: You don't need a smartphone to play on Apple TV, but additional players can download the game to their smartphones and join your dance room (in the upper left corner of the screen).

What is a QR code?

A QR code is a 2D barcode. It looks like this:

In Just Dance Now QR codes are used to encrypt your dance room number. Before playing, you will be prompted to scan a code on the screen of your device (PC, TV or tablet) to automatically enter the dance room.

What is a "dance room number"?

The dance room number is a unique number displayed on the screen that you enter into your smartphone. Using this number, the smartphone connects to the screen and the game session starts.
This number appears on the second screen selected to play Just Dance Now (any screen connected to the Internet that can access JustDanceNow. com: Smart TV, computer, tablet, Apple TV, etc.).

Just Dance Now is a popular dance sim

Many people are familiar with Just Dance 2015 or at least have seen how it is played on PlayStation and Xbox consoles and danced in front of TV screens. Just Dance Now is the same game made for those who don't have a console.

However, a smartphone is not enough to play Just Dance Now. You will also need a PC, laptop, Smart TV or tablet - any device with a screen and Internet access. All actions will take place on a large screen in a browser window, while the smartphone will become a motion controller.

To start playing, launch the Just Dance Now app on your smartphone and open the game website on your second device.

After launching the application, you will see a catalog of songs. Now there are 346 of them, the music library continues to grow. The songs are divided into categories: “Smile and dance”, “Rhythm Latino”, “Hall of fame”, “Fitness”, “Children's corner”. There is also a search by name.

Before choosing a song, you can see how to dance to it. If you liked the track, add it to "Favorites" or go to the "Dance Room".

To start dancing to the selected song, you will need in-game currency. You can earn it by dancing to free songs. If you want to buy coins for real money, then there is an in-game store for this.

After selecting a song on your smartphone, you will need to enter the numbers from the Just Dance Now website or scan the QR code from there to enter the party. So the application on the smartphone is synchronized with the web game. Then take the smartphone in your right hand - this is now your game controller.

Stand comfortably in front of the screen and start mimicking the movements of the dancers as if it were your reflection in a mirror. If it's difficult, look in the lower right corner of the screen - there will be a hint which movements and when to repeat. Each correct wave of the hand will bring you points, which the smartphone will inform you with vibration and a sound signal. Increase your level - get coins. And don't forget to check your profile to see how many calories you've burned.

You can play Just Dance Now with your friends. To do this, everyone needs to have the Just Dance Now app on their smartphones and that everyone enters the same “Dance Room” by entering the same code. Hot party guaranteed!

Price: Free

Price: Free

How to play just dance now with a TV?

Invalid Tronis . Just Dance Now This is not a console version. Kinect does not apply here. To play you need a computer and a smartphone. Instead of a computer, you can also use Smart-TV (regular TV will not work here, only if you connect it to a PC or tablet as a monitor) or, for example, an ipad. And so all questions about the Just Dance series (Just Dance, Just Dance 2, Just Dance 3, Just Dance 4, Just Dance 2014 and Just Dance 2015) can be asked in the VK group: vk. com/justdancegame

Kinect only.

Look guy, you need to buy a cable that connects to the TV and to a computer (laptop), where can you buy it ask how I use it...

Just buy a console with kinect and of course the game

and everything works, you go into the TV mini and you're done

Easy, connect your computer to the TV, download just dance now to your phone. Go to the Justdancenow website. com (just delete the space before com), the site will show your room number, enter this number on your phone and you're done!

just connect the computer to the TV and if you want to play somnoy through kinekt my nickname is Rexo

igor kharitonov go play?

It's easy, there are two ways: 1. You can connect your computer to your TV and go to www.justdancenow. com, there will be a room number that you will need to enter on your phone, and you can also play without a phone 2. if you have a Smart TV, you can join it by just pressing on your smartphone (in the application ) in the upper right corner is a button that looks like a TV with network waves. These are the two ways that I know to play the game on a TV. I think I was able to help you, goodbye!

warfare cool game

Connection difficulties for the Controller app

How does the app work?

The application works when connected to a WiFi network, the smartphone transmits data to the console, and the console, in turn, must detect the smartphone and establish a connection.

Why can't my phone connect to the console?
Please note that the Controller app is no longer supported for Just Dance 2015. See the NEXT SECTION for a complete list of supported games.

Here are some steps that can help you resolve the situation:

Before you start following the instructions:
Are your smartphone and console connected to the same network? Both devices must be connected to the same WiFi network in order to transmit information to each other.

Please make sure you have the latest OS updates for your Xbox One console installed. Also, please install the latest version of the Just Dance Controller App from Google Play or the App Store.

On smartphone:
Check that the WiFi connection is complete and active. Also make sure your smartphone is not in Airplane or Do Not Disturb mode

On console:
Make sure WiFi is connected and active on the console and that the console is connected to your WiFi network.

If the console is connected via a LAN cable:
Is the cable connected to the WiFi modem? Make sure the LAN cable is connected to the WiFi modem and that the smartphone is connected to the same network. The console and smartphone can communicate with each other even if the console is connected via a LAN cable.

Why can't my smartphone connect to the console even though both devices are on the same WiFi network?
Please follow the instructions below:

1. Launch Just Dance on your device: Wii U™, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, or Switch (Just Dance 2018 only)
2. Sign in and select Mobile device as a controller. The console will start searching for devices on the network.
3. Open the Just Dance Controller app on your iOS or Android device. Please carefully read the instructions that will appear, or take a look at the Help tab located in the lower right corner.

4. If the smartphone and the console are connected to the same WiFi network, then the smartphone should recognize the console settings, and then the console name should be displayed on the screen.
a. If the console name is not displayed, check your WiFi settings. smartphone and console settings, and then follow the steps carefully.
b. If the console name is displayed, select it and a connection will be established between the smartphone and the console.

5. Launch the game using your smartphone and dance while holding the phone firmly in your right hand.

The application cannot find the console, why?

Have you tried connecting your smartphone and console at the correct time? Please try to connect your smartphone only after the smartphone is selected as a controller on the Just Dance 2018 home screen. In this case, the console will know to scan the network for the smartphone.

Please note that using your smartphone as a controller is only available for the following consoles:

- PlayStation®4 and Xbox One for Just Dance 2019
- Wii U™, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch for Just Dance 2018
- Wii U™, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and PC for Just Dance 2017
- Wii U™, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One for Just Dance 2016
- And for the following smartphones: iOS (version 6.0 and later), Android (version 4.1 and later), Windows Phone 10 (Xbox One only compatible) for Just Dance 2016)

Please note that the Controller app is no longer supported for Just Dance 2015.

The application cannot detect the console even though both devices are on the same WiFi network, why?
Verify that the console detection feature was enabled after the mobile device was selected as a controller. Only in this case, the console will be available for detection by the smartphone.
You have the option to restart the console search function by clicking on the "Refresh" option in the application window.

Why does the smartphone lose connection during the game?
Please see the list of possible reasons that may prevent your smartphone from connecting during a game session:
- Alert window
- Low battery level
- Screen off
- Smartphone turns off due to low battery

The application was determined by the console, but I can't select because the device keeps searching. How can I choose a console?
Try closing the application and reopening it. You can try rebooting the device, this should help resolve the situation.

The application gives a message that the smartphone is not connected to the WiFi network, however, it is connected. Why does this situation arise?
Make sure that Airplane mode is not active, that the smartphone is not in night mode or do not disturb mode. If these modes are active, it will prevent WiFi connection.

Is the app compatible with the Wii, PS3 or Xbox 360 console?
The Just Dance Controller app is not compatible with Wii, PlayStation 3, or Xbox 360 systems.
The new Just Dance Controller app has been specifically designed for the new Just Dance features on Wii U™, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Switch consoles.

How to play Just Dance Now 🚩 Computer games

The main goal of the game is to give joy and good mood. And only then it turns out that the time spent online was useful: gradually your body becomes more plastic, loses extra pounds, and you suddenly find that you can move well to the music. Which is very nice and motivates to dance more.

The difference between J ust Dance Now and regular games is that you won't be able to sit on your ass, click the mouse and stare hard at the monitor screen as usual. You will have to work hard, move vigorously and relentlessly monitor the accuracy of your movements.

The game has its own charms:

  • Dancing online, you compete with strangers and, trying to outdo your rivals, get points for skill.

  • For each successfully repeated song, you earn not only points, but also coins, which you can use to buy songs.

  • Each new song is a transition to a new, more complex level.

  • If you wish, you can create original melodies and communicate with dancers from different parts of the world.

There are several ways to play - using the console, TV and computer. The choice of device is up to you, but there are some details to consider. For example, if you want to play from a console, you will have to purchase a special sensor on your hand that will read all your movements. It's convenient, but not very cheap. In the case of a computer and a laptop, everything is much simpler - to transmit impulses, you need a smartphone with a working Internet. In game mode, the Internet must work simultaneously on both the phone and the computer. It is desirable that the network on both devices is supported by one. J9 game0265 ust Dance Now supports 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi. If you want to dance with a big company in reality, then friends can connect to the game in any number and from any network. The only thing that affects the quality of the game is the speed of the Internet, since it can be different for each device. The spent traffic will pleasantly surprise you - one song will take less than 1 kbps.

To install the game, you need to go to the Google Play Market or App Store virtual store from your phone and download the application. When the download is complete, you create a character, give it a name, and enter a room number. After that, you need to turn on the game online (or download it to your desktop) on a laptop or computer, find your room on the screen and enter the number there. After all the formalities, you will be offered a song to dance. Wait for the rivals and dance! Most importantly, keep your smartphone firmly in your hand. If you perform movements without a phone, then there will be no control over the movements, and therefore there will be no excitement from the dance either.

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Just Dance 2015 PS3 Review

The popular game series from Ubisoft continues every year grow with new parts, delighting fans with new songs and modes. Just Dance 2015 released last month, is the sixth part of the main series and has visited a huge the number of consoles, starting from the old woman Wii and ending powerful PlayStation 4 and Xbox One . All declared game systems have one thing in common: Just Dance 2015 is still fun Play alone, and even more fun in the company. New technologies certainly benefited the project: so, thanks to a special app Just Dance 2015, your mobile phone will be reincarnated motion controller, allowing your friends to join in any time for a party.

Before proceeding to the description of the gameplay, let's focus on ways to play in Just Dance 2015. The sixth part of the dance series visited, among other things, the consoles of the new generation, which had a result, first of all, on the PlayStation Camera, developed for PlayStation 4. Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners playing without controllers is nothing new thanks to Kinect.

So there are three different ways to play Just Dance 2015:

  1. With PlayStation Camera (PS4) / Microsoft Kinect (X360, XOne)
    PlayStation 4 owners finally got their hands on a game that makes full use of such an expensive system as the PS camera. Now players will not be able to cheat and "cheat" the program, because the camera closely monitors all the movements of your body. By far the most fun and unforgettable gaming experience you will get when playing with the camera, completely inspired by dance and music. However, in this wonderful technology not without drawbacks: for example, in the main menu, switching songs somehow happens with the DualShock 4, and not with using hand movements, as in Kinect, and when playing a song with frame rate drop occurs at some intervals, which was not seen when playing with PS Move.
  2. With PlayStation Move (PS4) and PlayStation Eye + PlayStation Move (PS3) / Wii Remote (Wii, Wii U)
    The most familiar way to play Just Dance for PS3 and Wii U. Players pick up a specific controller and repeat dancer's movements on the screen. Remarkably, the PlayStation 4 does not have no need to connect an additional PlayStation camera Eye, as in the case of the PlayStation 3. Now PS Move works exclusively on gyroscopes - very convenient!
  3. Using a mobile phone in the operating room iOS or Android system (PS4, XOne)
    The developers from Ubisoft pleasantly surprised the gaming community, because version of the dance game for new generation consoles excelled that can "transform" your mobile phone into a real additional controller. A really big plus for those who has not yet purchased a camera for one reason or another. To play with using your phone, you need to download the Just Dance 2015 app, connect it to the same Wi-Fi network that the console is connected to, and join the game.

As with previous games in the series, gameplay in Just Dance 2015 consists in repeating the movements of the dancer on the screen. For more amenities in the lower right corner, one after another, schematic images of movements to be performed. In this way, depending on your success, for each "pa" the game gives you rating: from "Perfect" or "Good" to "Ok" and "Miss". The better you dance, the more stars you get and the in-game Mojo currency on the results screen, which you can use to buy additional modes for songs or new avatars for the card dancer. Of course, Just Dance won't teach you how to dance, but it will give you you and your friends a pleasant physical activity and positive emotions.

There are 43 songs in total in the game, and many of them are for Russian listeners will probably be unknown. However, such hits like "What Does The Fox Say?" , Happy , Dark Horse" or "Don't Worry, Be Happy" , not spared Just Dance 2015. In addition, video game fans will rejoice musical composition dedicated to the game Tetris, authored by Dancing Bros. In it, players have to line up with familiar figures of his body, which, you see, are practically impossible to do without laughter. Some songs are focused on one person, others for a duet, and still others for a group dance. Besides, if your game is using a camera, it will record some moments from the dance, and at the end will show a small cut, allowing you and your friends to look at your movements from sides.

When starting the game for the first time, each player will receive "wall dancer" (Just Dance Wall) in which your successes: how many songs have you played, how many stars have you earned, and if you allow the game, a video cutting of movements from last song. Not done in Just Dance 2015 and without online functionality called World Dance Floor. There you can compete with players from all over the world and dance a song, dropped randomly. Another mode that me pleased with the game, it turned out to be “Just Dance VIP”, in which some celebrities from the internet. For example, last week the famous bloggers Smosh became the stars, who performed the dance Black Widow.

For trophy hunters, Just Dance 2015 presents significant interest, because, firstly, platinum is present, and, secondly, as many as 46 trophies. Most you will get just for playing, some for a long game with friend, others for dancing with players from all over the world online. One of the most difficult trophies is The Ultimate Just. Dance fan, for which you need to earn 5 stars during all songs. But, on the other hand, remembering the basic movements each song, earning "excellent" is not so difficult.

The game looks amazing and much brighter than the previous ones parts. Also noteworthy are the detailed backgrounds, quite individual and colorful. Many songs more than once change their appearance in one go, and some have an alternate appearance (such as "What Does The Fox Say?"). The dance movements themselves underwent significant differences: they become a little more complex and expressive than before.

Ubisoft knows full well that don't reinvent the wheel when a proven formula is perfect works. However, the developers managed to enrich Just Dance 2015 and make the dance game even brighter, even more fun. Just Dance 2015 will be great entertainment and will transform every party into an unforgettable show. There are 43 songs in total in the game, including time-tested (Bonnie Tyler - "Holding Out for a Hero") and modern (John Newman - "Love Me Again") hits. Quantity positive emotions and laughter will more than compensate for the shortcomings of the game, such like frame drops in some songs and not perfect tracking the movements of the player-dancer (to a direct competitor in the form Dance Central project has not matured yet).

The review is based on the disc version of the game for PlayStation 4, provided to our portal by the publisher.

The most difficult thing is not to dance for 5 stars, but to gain 5000 lvl plus gender years as a whole is required for platinum. The game is great! Energetic, funny, I really like the tracks more in the 2014 version, but in this also a lot of great songs. For the company, the game will go just fine and it's just as interesting to dance alone on the world's dance floor.

We dance it at our meetings from time to time))

The article is written in such a strange accent that it feels like 2014 did not go to next gene. But she went out there and it was with her joined the series.

Message from Vadim

The article is written with such a strange accent that feeling as if 2014 did not come out on the next gene. But she went out there. and it was from her that he joined the series.

The thing is that in JD2014 I played on PS3, there was no the chance to see it on PS4. That is why all new the game features of the latest version surprised and fascinated me so much Especially since in JD2015 they did more work on the camera, and on social pieces too.

Thanks for the review. It is a pity that they did not write how good the game is works with a mobile phone - the feature is still new and for the first time used in series. I'm also wondering if the Just mode remains Sweat (apparently not).

There all modes remained plus a new plus you can before the song download the results of random players and fight them.

Posted by kperep

Thanks for the review. It is a pity that they did not write how well the game works with mobile phone - feature still new and used for the first time in the series. Still interesting to me whether the Just Sweat mode remained (apparently not).

The new feature works fine, similar to Move. But with a camera much more fun to play. But if it is not available and not enough controllers, a mobile phone would be a great way out.

(to the direct competitor in the form of Dance Central the project is not yet matured).

Excuse me, what? Dance Central is Mike's dullest parody of the great JD. Are movements crookedly tracked? They are tracked well. it's you dancing crookedly. By the way from this year Just Dance officially became part of the esports league this year as well the first world championship was held. While Dance Central forcibly shoved into your Xbox One for free, the game failed, Here they are trying to attract people somehow.

Posted by Fendor

(to direct competitor Dance Central the project has not matured yet).

Excuse me, what? Dance Central is Mike's dullest parody of the great JD. Are movements crookedly tracked? They are tracked well. it's you dancing crookedly. By the way from this year Just Dance officially became part of the esports league this year as well the first world championship was held. While Dance Central forcibly shoved into your Xbox One for free, the game failed, Here they are trying to attract people somehow.

I cannot agree with you. I played the first and second dance Central on Xbox 360 and the movements themselves are much more interesting there than in JD2015. Just Dance, as befits the name, does not difficult dance moves and made more for fun, so that at any time a friend can join you and spend good time driving. In Dance Central, however, the system is different: first you need to learn the movement, and only then go to the song execute. I liked it more, because the song really imbued, and the movements are very cool! I can not, really, nothing to say about Dance Central Spotlight for Xbox One, but the first two parts pleasantly surprised me at one time and left me where more impressive than simple Just Dance.

And yes, believe me, I don't dance crookedly :)

[QUOTE=Fendor;910476] Excuse me, what? Dance Central is the saddest parody Mike to the great JD. Are movements crookedly tracked? They then are tracked normally, it's you dancing crookedly. Incidentally with this year, Just Dance officially became part of the esports league and this year the first world championship was held.QUOTE]
You should first learn how to dance somehow, and then your jokes about optimizing the game for kinect and the complexity of dance ligaments began to speak. Just Dance gained popularity thanks to the Wii, and fixes it due to the fact that it is not exclusive, but multiplatform. So this is a pretty sure step Yubikov arrange cyber discipline due to such popularity of the series, but this is by no means does not say that this is the best dance series. Especially with crooked optimization for kinect compared to Dance Central, yes and on the Wii and PS3 sticks, it's not as good as reading motions. So that curb your fanboyism or your "like dance knowledge" games". Just dance has a plus in more musical variety and less asynchronous between choreography and music.
I hope that in Dance Central Spotlight this is not a coincidence, but then in Dance Central 3 it was too noticeable.

Checked out on the Wii (yes, they still release it)) interesting the selection of songs was a pleasant surprise, more than half are already familiar to my wow, and about ten tracks are still playing on local radio, from which makes dancing even more enjoyable. Interesting mode and online, something like a tournament for eight people. And it is possible look at each song as world records, and separately Russian dancers. But, probably for each platform its own server ??? In general, playing with friends is just as fun, and even you can shake the old days and rattle the bones) I advise.

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