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Wu-Tang Clan - Dancing With Wolves Lyrics

[Beretta 9:]
Summer ride show-down, it's about to go down
Beretta 9 creepin' through the fold, nigga, one round
Bloodhound, no sound, check out how I get down
One knee aimin' for yo' headpiece, lay down
This is not a playground, did you in, a tre-pound
I'm so loud that y'all niggas throw a pound
So it's a must that I explain her
Don't want no dog's retainer
Forever will I shine and remain a—a—a
Champ without a warnin, I cherish every moment
I shoot like if I'm on my last
Yo check it out how I blast
My subjects went out and got bought
Take a circle breast shot, took us to the rooftop.. top
Don't play my next onslaught, this is how a wolf fought
You could get a get-got, Gods watched the hill top
Nigga check the red dot, fakin off yo' Dodge parked
All you heard was yo' heart stop, my nigga

Yo, check the topic to this essay
It's murder in the first, ese
As I bust a slug through yo' fragile statue
But that's actual, precise timed and on point like a marksman
Four-four, rubber grip, Summer of Sam specialist
Take this four-hunnid grain thought that'll pierce ya cranium
From the rear, I don't give a fuck, this is my year
I'm takin' this rap shit back from the wack
Fuck who you are kid, fuck where you representin
And after, basically my mentality is on some '93 shit
When you had to protect ya neck in this shit
To be an MC, now it's al about the tight clothes
Crossover flows, platinum jewelery to get a plaque in the industry
But never the I-S-L-O-R-D, I keep my shit muddy
Stay gummy, ya fake ass gangstas

[Prodigal Sunn:]
Ayo, we still comin', stay gunnin', stay sunnin'
Shine top of the fourth hit, we run shit
Classic black matches, Killarm', ice charm
In the black Yukon, you fuckin' bastard

Still comin', stay gunnin', stay sunnin'
Shine top of the fourth hit, we run shit
Classic black matches, Killarm', ice charm
In the black Yukon, you fuckin' bastard

[P. R. Terrorist:]
Call me the rebel, bust thirty-three shots at the Devil
Tell 'im I love 'im just because I made 'im
Plus there ain't no way to escape him
On the fire escape with the narocotic from the one-two-oh
Station, I'm impatient, my firearm driftin' with starvation
Divine mind, I Power Rule, United Nation
My DJ's spinnin' the latest from the out the crates and
Killarm's rockin' the stage like a brigade and
My own congress, government rocket launchers shit
Strikin' on ya Five Consciouses
NARCes men didn't know I put the toxic in
Til they got burnt by the scorpion (Uh-huh)
I spit lyrics that's like bad for ya health
I'd blow gun powder right off of he shelf
My brain power cause a rain shower
Restrain cowards, pull out to the heat and flame at ours

[9th Prince:]
A Soviet deep in Paris, Playboy rabbits want carrots
Luxury marriage, life, ain't havin' it
I keep the forty-five automatic like Mathematics
Start terminatin' savages, I'm raw like 'caine to easy addicts
Street tactics, layin' down the caskets
On biblical war, perform Michael Jackson Thriller but way iller
A slave killer, protected by Shaolin and Brooklyn Zu guerillas
Under my pillow, I sleep with grenades, untraceable heaters
Stay deeper than scientific readers
My cipher sounds will ding pound, I blast you on ya nightgown
Kidnap ya child, might give him to the crowd
On my way Uptown in my '95 Millenium
Seen Killa Sin and 'em, that nigga sound feminine
Remember 9th Prince, I'll forever get up in 'em

[Killa Sin:]
Killa loco, vocals hold you hostage
Gothic, size out live shit, catch a wise quick, focus
We stone fist explosive, load 'em like fo'-fifths
To roast clicks, ferocious as ro-bitch, with no cinch
My thoughts so dense they form mist
I swarm quicker than norm, my Bee stingers stay dipped in corn liquor
Warn niggas from the last time, my past time hobby be
Robbin' niggas in they lobby, G, come out ya Wallabees
Fifty-six penny-weight chain limit the policy
Modernize crime comodity, now let us get what?

[Prodigal Sunn:]
Ayo, we still comin', stay gunnin', stay sunnin'
Shine top of the fourth hit, we run shit
Classic black matches, Killarm', ice charm
In the black Yukon, you fuckin' bastard

Still comin', stay gunnin', stay sunnin'
Shine top of the fourth hit, we run shit
Classic black matches, Killarm', ice charm
In the black Yukon, you fuckin' bastard

Ayo, we still comin', stay gunnin', stay sunnin'
Shine top of the fourth hit, we run shit
Classic black matches, Killarm', ice charm
In the black Yukon, you fuckin' bastard

Still comin', stay gunnin', stay sunnin'
Shine top of the fourth hit, we run shit
Classic black matches, Killarm', ice charm
In the black Yukon, you fuckin' bastard

We got fire
Hot—burnin' hot
We got fire from the Sun
Still gon' win from the streets 'cause there's no smoke with no heat
Still gon' win from the streets 'cause we ain't go no heat
We got fire from the Sun

Fortnite Wu-Tang Is Forever Dance

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💃 Wu-Tang Is Forever dance is a Uncommon Fortnite Emote. Is Part of the Wu Wear set.

📅 This emote was added at Fortnite Battle Royale on 21 April 2022 (Chapter 3 Season 20 Patch 20.20).

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Wu-Tang Is Forever belongs to Chapter 3 Season 20. This gesture can be purchased in the Fortnite Item Shop for 300 V-Bucks when it reappears in its diary rotation or with the Wu Wear Gear Bundle for 1,600 V-Bucks.

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TypeFortnite Dances
AvailabilityFortnite Shop
ChapterChapter 3
SeasonSeason 2
Price VBucks300
Added21 April 2022
Release Date24 April 2022
Last Seen20 November 2022

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Nov 20, 2022 Today300
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Basics of classical dance

Classical dance is the basis of choreography. Classics allows you to learn all the subtleties of ballet art, to feel the harmony of movements and music. Many will think why do the “old” when there are many new modern trends. But you need to understand that everything new originates from the dances of past centuries. So the classics absorbed all the most elegant movements from folk and everyday dances of several centuries, gradually improving the positions of the arms and legs, the position of the head and body. All dance movements in classical dance have names in French, so dancers from different countries can easily understand each other. Classical dance classes allow you to develop flexibility, coordination of movements, strengthen the musculoskeletal system, promote endurance, physical and intellectual development, and also teach control your body. Various combinations allow you to dance beautifully and elegantly, even if it is simple movements of the hand, foot or head.

Children involved in classical music are corrected and laid down the correct posture, some cases of spinal curvature are corrected. Often, even experienced dancers of various dance styles continue to practice the classics, because its foundations are universal. In classical dance classes, they teach the basic positions of the arms and legs, the correct position of the body, introduce professional terminology and the history of the development of ballet, educate musicality, develop stability and coordination, and also prepare small classical performances in the form of etudes, adagios or various variations. All movements in classical dance are based on turnout - one of the most important qualities in the classics, which is simply necessary for any stage dance. Turnout and step development are necessary regardless of the height to which the leg is raised, turnout seems to hold the leg, leads it to the desired position, contributing to the purity of plastic movements and smoothing the angles formed by the heels when lifting the legs. Insufficiently flexible knee, ankle and instep hamper the free movements of the legs, making them cramped and unexpressive. Based on turnout, there are five foot positions in classical dance. Moreover, in all these positions, not only the feet are twisted, but the legs completely, starting from the hip joint. Regular long-term flexibility and endurance training allows you to take the necessary positions without much effort.

When starting to practice, you need to remember about the stance, because nothing will work if you do not stretch the body vertically, avoiding a bent or arched spine, and do not distribute the weight between the legs. It takes a lot of patience and time to develop correct posture. You should never forget about your posture - neither during classical lessons, nor during independent training, nor on any other day. Classical dance, like many others, is not only a set of movements, it needs to be revived, emotions and feelings must be put into it. And as soon as strong feelings are revealed in the dance, the impression of it changes to a large extent, it fascinates with its plastic expressiveness, leaving complete aesthetic pleasure.
In the 17th century (1701), the Frenchman Raoul Feuillet created a system for recording the elements of classical dance. These terms are recognized by experts in the field of world choreography and at the present time. Knowledge of technical terms speeds up the learning process. This is the international language of dance, the ability to communicate with choreographers, understanding of special literature, the ability to briefly record training combinations, lessons, etudes, floor exercises, compositions.

Choreographic terminology - a system of special names designed to indicate exercises or concepts that are difficult to briefly explain or describe.
Exercise at the support or in the middle - This is a set of training exercises in ballet that contribute to the development of muscles, ligaments, and the development of coordination of movements in the dancer. Exercises are performed at the “machine” (attached to the wall with brackets) and in the middle of the training hall every day. Exercises consist of the same elements.

  1. demi plie - (demi plie) - incomplete "squat".
  2. grand plie - (grand plie) - deep, big "squat".
  3. relevé - (relevé) - "lifting", lifting to a rack on toes with lowering to the IP in any position of the legs.
  4. battement tendu - (batman tandyu) - "stretched" sliding movement of the foot into the position of the foot on the toe forward, to the side, back with a sliding movement returning to IP.
  5. battement tendu jeté - (batman tandyu jeté) "throw", swing to the downward position (25 °, 45 °) with a cross.
  6. demi rond - (demi rond) - incomplete circle, semicircle (toe on the floor, 45 ana 90 ° and above).
  7. rond dejamb parterre - (rond de jamb par ter) - a circle with a toe on the floor a circular movement of the toe on the floor.
  8. rond de jamb en l'air - (rond de jamb en l'air) - circle with the foot in the air, stand on the left right to the side, circular movement of the lower leg out or in.
  9. en dehors - (andeor) - circular movement away from oneself, circular movement outward in the hip or knee joint, as well as turns. 10.en dedans - (andedan) - circular movement towards oneself, circular movement inward.
  10. sur le cou de pied - (sur le cou de pied) - the position of the leg on the ankle (at the narrowest point of the leg), the position of the bent leg on the ankle joint in front or behind.
  11. battement fondu - (batman fondue) - "soft", "melting", simultaneous flexion and extension of the legs in the hip and knee joints.
  12. battement frappe - (batman frappe) - “hit” - a short kick with the foot on the ankle joint of the supporting leg, and quick extension in the knee joint (25 °, 45 °) to the toe or downward position.
  13. petit battement - (petit battman) - "little blow" - alternately small, short foot strikes in the cou-de-pied position in front and behind the supporting leg.
  14. battu - (botyu) - "beat" continuously, small, short blows to the ankle joint just in front or behind the supporting leg.
  15. double - (double) - "double", • battement tendu - double heel pressure • battement fondu - double half-squat • battement frapper - double blow.
  16. passe - (passe) - "to pass", "to pass", the position of the bent leg, the toe at the knee: in front, to the side, behind.
  17. relevelent - (relevant) - "raise" slowly, smoothly slowly on the count of 1-4 1-8 raising the leg forward, sideways or back and higher.
  18. battement soutenu - (batman for a hundred) - "fused" - from a stoic on toes with a half squat on the left, right by sliding forward to the toe (back or to the side) and sliding back to the IP.
  19. développe - (develope) - “opening”, “deployed”, from the stoic to the left, right with a sliding movement to the bent position (toe at the knee) and its extension in any direction (forward, side, back) or higher.
  20. adajio - (adagio) - slowly, smoothly includes grand plie, develope, revelant, all types of balances, pirouettes, turns. A fused bundle for 32, 64 accounts.
  21. attitude - (attetyud) - posture with the position of the bent leg behind, stand on the left, right to the side - back, lower leg to the left.
  22. terboushon - (terboushon) - a pose with the position of the bent leg in front (front attitude) stoic on the left, right forward, lower leg down to the left.
  23. degaje - (degaje) - "transition" from the rack to the left right forward to the toe, stepping forward through the semi-squat in IV position, straightening up, standing on the right, left back, on the toe. From the rack on the left right to the side on the toe, step to the side through the semi-squat in II position, the rack on the right, left to the side on the toe.
  24. grand battement - (grand batman) - "big throw, swing" 90 ° and higher through the position of the foot on the toe.
  25. tombée - (tombé) - "fall" from a toe stand in the fifth position lunge forward (to the side, back) with a return to the IP in a sliding motion.
  26. picce - (pikke) - "piercing", stand on the left right forward to the bottom, quick multiple touches of the toe on the floor.
  27. pounte - (pointe) - "on the toe", "touching the toe" from the stoic on the left, right forward, to the side or back on the toe swing in any direction with a return to the IP.
  28. balance - (balance) - “wiggle”, the pendulum movement of the legs forward up - back down, forward - back, forward - back up.
  29. allongée - (allange) - "stretching", the final movement of the arm, leg, torso.
  30. pordebras - (port de bra) - "excesses of the body", tilt forward, backward, to the side. The same in stretching.
  31. temps lie - (tan lie) - small adagio, 1-half squat on the left, 2 - right forward on the toe, 3 - shift the center of gravity to the right, left back to the toe, 4-IP 5. the same to the side and back .
  32. failli-(fai) - "flying", IP - 5 position right in front. Push 2 jump up, dropping into a cross lunge left to the side, left hand up, right back - push left and swing right back down jump up 2 hands down.
  33. allegro- (allegro) - “cheerful”, “joyful”, part of the lesson, consisting of jumps, performed at a fast pace.

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