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327.4K Likes, 445 Comments. TikTok video from BRITT (@brit.ta.neee): "#jamaicangirls🇯🇲 #whinningchallenge #islandgirls🌺♥️🔥 #jamaicandancehall🇯🇲 #jamaicandances #islandgyaltingz #🇯🇲jamaica #🇯🇲jamaicantiktok". How To Whine For ✨Beginners✨ | Do NOT move your upper body ❌ | Only move your hips, and keep your feet flat on the ground 🦶🏽 | .... Move Ya Body.


Move Ya Body - Nina Sky


Jasmine Ambarwati

Reply to @user133118678220 This is my tutorial number 3 lmk if it helps 🥰 #waistlinetutorial #whine #fyp #dancetutorial

3K Likes, 9 Comments. TikTok video from Jasmine Ambarwati (@jassyyfizzle): "Reply to @user133118678220 This is my tutorial number 3 lmk if it helps 🥰 #waistlinetutorial #whine #fyp #dancetutorial". okay here’s another technique that helped me 😍 | move your hips in a circular motion 🔄 | we are exaggerating movements for learning purposes 😎 | .... Demon Girl.


Demon Girl - Tommy Lee Sparta


| ℝ 𝔸 𝕍 𝔼 𝔼 ℕ 𝔸 |

Reply to @watradaguuu hope this helps! 🥰 #whinetutorial #dancehall #vibes #raveenaramdin #caribbeantiktok

172K Likes, 330 Comments. TikTok video from | ℝ 𝔸 𝕍 𝔼 𝔼 ℕ 𝔸 | (@raveenaramdin_): "Reply to @watradaguuu hope this helps! 🥰 #whinetutorial #dancehall #vibes #raveenaramdin #caribbeantiktok". TUTORIAL ON HOW TO REVERSE WHINE‼️ | 1. Practice tapping with your hips | 2. Whine 1-2-3-4. Stop on the 4th and turn | .... Bun Fi Bun Slow Edition X Jazzy Vybz.


Bun Fi Bun Slow Edition X Jazzy Vybz - realJazzyVybz✔️



Reply to @electraa2 #caribbeantiktokeurs #voiceeffects #nyc #whiningtutorial #foryou #fyp Lmk if this helped ladies 😩🥺👉🏽👈🏽

142.8K Likes, 1.6K Comments. TikTok video from CEECEE🦋 (@_theofficialcc): "Reply to @electraa2 #caribbeantiktokeurs#voiceeffects #nyc #whiningtutorial #foryou #fyp Lmk if this helped ladies 😩🥺👉🏽👈🏽". HOW TO WHINE 101: 🇵🇦🇰🇳🇹🇹🇧🇧🇯🇲🇧🇸🇵🇷🇩🇴🇸🇷🇻🇨🇭🇳🇨🇺🇱🇨🇬🇾🇵🇭🇦🇬🇬🇩🇭🇹🇩🇲🇻🇮🇧🇿 | LEFT👈🏽 | TO DUH BACK🤪 | .... original sound.


original sound - swaggarherself



Basic Whine Tutorial #ColorCustomizer #dancehall #jamaicantiktok #westindian #whine #carribean #dance #NissanShowUp

226. 4K Likes, 826 Comments. TikTok video from Ksofly (@ksofly26): "Basic Whine Tutorial #ColorCustomizer #dancehall #jamaicantiktok #westindian #whine #carribean #dance #NissanShowUp". Basic Whine Tutorial . original sound.


original sound - C A R I B B E A N


Kurt Taala

whine up dance tutorial slow mo #viral #tiktok #fypシ #fyp

113.6K Likes, 184 Comments. TikTok video from Kurt Taala (@taala_khurt): "whine up dance tutorial slow mo #viral #tiktok #fypシ #fyp". original sound - yana ✨.


original sound - yana ✨ - yanna ✨


Flora Mp

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5. 2K Likes, 39 Comments. TikTok video from Flora Mp (@blavsivn): "#ad Hope this is helpful lol #tutorial #waistline #howtowhine #howtoreverse #waistline #whining #🇨🇩 #dancechallenge #howtodance #whinetutorial #howtowine #reversewhine #reversewhining #reversechallenge #fypシ゚viral #fypシ #learntodance #practice". 🚨HOW TO REVERSE WAIST TUTORIAL 🚨. original sound.


original sound - Flora Mp


Michelle A. | Dancer ✨️❤️

#whiningtutorial #whiningchallenge #waistcontrol #whiningqueen #waistlineceo #waistline #waistlinechallenge

696.2K Likes, 1.8K Comments. TikTok video from Michelle A. | Dancer ✨️❤️ (@makosity2.0): "#whiningtutorial #whiningchallenge #waistcontrol #whiningqueen #waistlineceo #waistline #waistlinechallenge". How To Whine and Tic toc on the ground | Open up your legs to the triangle shape and make sure . And most importantly make sure your feet are pointed and placed well to avoid injury | As usual, we will use the Inwards, side , Outwards and side method as in previous videos . | .... Joro.


Joro - Wizkid



Slow whine away! I hope this helps ❤️What do you guys want to see next? #howtowhine #howtowine #winetutorial #whinetutorial #slowwine #slowwhine #fypシ #islandgyal🌴🌺👑 #jamaicatok #caribbeantiktok #jamaicatok

10.6K Likes, 57 Comments. TikTok video from BRITT (@brit.ta.neee): "Slow whine away! I hope this helps ❤️What do you guys want to see next? #howtowhine #howtowine #winetutorial #whinetutorial #slowwine #slowwhine #fypシ #islandgyal🌴🌺👑 #jamaicatok #caribbeantiktok #jamaicatok". Slow whine Tutorial | ☝🏽Bend those knees! | Now you’re going to wine, and tap your heels to keep you on beat like I am | .... Murder She Wrote.


Murder She Wrote - Chaka Demus & Pliers



WHINE QUICK TIP! #learnontiktok #whine #waistline #dancehall #dancetutorial

1K Likes, 13 Comments. TikTok video from anitaoniria (@anitaoniria): "WHINE QUICK TIP! #learnontiktok #whine #waistline #dancehall #dancetutorial". BEND YOUR KNEES | BRING YOUR HIPS RIGHT & LEFT | BRING YOUR HIPS FRONT & BACK | .... Rebel.


Rebel - Zum

Easy online dance tutorials to help you master new moves — no matter your experience level

For exercise, Friday night fun at home, or to prepare for your eventual return to the floor!

(Credit: iStock/Getty Images)

American modern dancer and choreographer Martha Graham once said, "Dance is the hidden language of the soul.

It's one of the most basic forms of human expression. Dance comes so naturally to us humans, in fact, that infants start rhythmically moving to music before they even learn how to walk. In adults, research has found that rhythmic movements and free flow can enhance happiness. Amateur dancing has also been reported to have a positive influence on self-esteem and social relations and to be a significant coping strategy for daily stress and difficult times.

So if you find yourself regularly bopping along to songs or attempting every new TikTok dance, take it up a notch and let your body guide you into new forms of expression. With so many online dance classes available, it's easy to explore different kinds and find your favourites. We've rounded up tutorials for 10 styles of dance to get you started — as well as some paid classes if you'd like to connect with others and get live instruction.

Before you begin, a few safety tips to consider: ensure you have enough clutter-free space so you can move around without bumping into anything or tripping; wear appropriate footwear for your flooring, especially if your floors are slippery; and lastly, as with all forms of exercise, ensure you warm up first and go at your own pace to prevent injury.

Pop choreography

We've all been there: watching pop stars in music videos and wishing we had their moves — and now you can. Pop choreography isn't a style of dance per se — in fact it incorporates many of the ones you'll find in the list below — but it's a fantastic way to jump into movement and be re-enlivened by your favourite songs, old and new. Mihran Kirakosian's YouTube channel has dozens of easy-to-follow tutorials to choose from. Get started on a kid-friendly Ariana Grande dance or a JT throwback, dance along with the Biebs to DJ Khaled's Popstar (intermediate level), or master classic moves like the moonwalk and body wave.

Hip hop

Hip-hop dance emerged out of the larger hip-hop culture created by Black Americans in New York in the late 1970s. From the Humpty Dance to the dougie, there are countless hip-hop moves to weave into your dance sesh, whether you're following along to a choreographed routine or freestyling to the latest (or old-school) tracks. Get a sense of the moves you'd like to try with this compilation of 50 plus hip-hop foundation dance steps — or jump right into it with a full class like this tutorial by dance instructor Vincent Vianen to Justin Bieber's "Peaches."

Elevate your skills: for hip-hop dance classes at your fingertips, paid subscription sites like Steezy or Dance Tutorials TV provide a catalogue of recorded sessions that include breakdowns of individual steps, choreo to classic Lauryn Hill, and so much more.


Breaking, or breakdancing, is a style of dance created by Black and Latin Americans that originated from the streets of the Bronx in the late '60s and early '70s and developed out of the hip-hop movement. If you've ever witnessed a break battle, you won't soon forget the mesmerizing, energetic spectacle, so it's no wonder this dance style has become popular worldwide — the International Olympic Committee has even approved it as a sport in the 2024 Summer Games in Paris.

While we're counting down to that, there's time to perfect some break moves. Bonita Saldaña, aka Bgirl Bonita, starts beginners with the toprock before getting into the floor-work that's typical of breaking, like the spin down, six-step and baby freeze. It's fun for kids to do too!


Dancer and choreographer Auti Kamal, aka Miss Auti, introduces newbies to ballet through basic moves, including foot positions, pliés, jumps and turns (complete with a separate instructional on how to properly spot so you don't get dizzy). Her dance tutorials are a beginner's dream: with her positive energy and an approach that's easy to follow and well-paced, her years of experience teaching people of all ages really shines through.

Elevate your skills: for those looking for more serious instruction, the National Ballet of Canada offers premium ballet classes with top-tier instructors. Learn more about their online beginner workshop here.


If you're unfamiliar with jazz dance, think about the moves featured in many Broadway musicals, particularly the hip rolls and jazz hands popularized by famed choreographer Bob Fosse. This style of movement is rooted in Black American social dances, the artistic expression of enslaved people, and vaudeville. It was later influenced by ballet, so you'll often find both styles taught by the same instructors or company. Miss Auti offers a great beginner jazz class, but if you'd like to start with Broadway-style instruction, try the 48-minute step-by-step beginner tutorial for Chicago's All That Jazz number. 

Elevate your skills: Harbour Dance Centre, based in Vancouver, offers plenty of jazz classes from cabaret jazz to jazz funk. Try one of their live daily online classes through their app.


A type of jazz social dance, swing definitely deserves its own category given its many different variations and styles, such as the Lindy hop, East Coast swing and Charleston, to name a select few. There's nothing quite like watching this fast-paced partnered dance in action. Swing dancing is typically done with a partner, but if you're dancing solo, you can still try out the footwork and brush up on your technique with iLindy's basic tutorials.

Salsa and bachata

Grab a partner and tune into the rhythm of salsa — a partnered Latin American dance with footwork that's fun to practice solo as a beginner as well. 

The Bachata Dance Academy also offers tutorials on bachata, a style of Latin American dance originating from the Dominican Republic. Get started by learning bachata footwork here or if you have a dance partner ready to go, these beginner tutorials make for a fun activity.

Elevate your skills: Toronto's Steps Dance Studio teaches both salsa and bachata. Attend a live class or access their dance-on-demand library of recorded classes.


Dancehall is a style of both music and dance originating from Jamaica which is energetic, freeing and upbeat. Need some inspiration? Check out this compilation of dancehall moves to get you motivated, before diving into a tutorial by Jenny JC, a Toronto dancer who has been featured in Rihanna and Sean Paul music videos, among others. She'll show you how to tick tock your hips, wine and go through a beginner dancehall routine.

Elevate your skills: the Underground Dance Centre based in Toronto offers recorded dancehall classes, among other styles, with a monthly subscription.

Irish dance

Irish dancing has a long history: the Irish jig originates as far back as the 1600s. Fast-forward a few centuries later, and this dance style has become globally popular thanks in part to the phenomenon of Riverdance. There's a lot of jumping in Irish dancing, so be prepared for a workout — and a ton of fun! You'll be amazed at the fast footwork of dancer Tyler Schwartz as he teaches various Irish dance tricks and steps.

Elevate your skills: check out Joy of Dance Centre, based in Toronto, which offers virtual Irish step-dance classes taught by Mark B, who finished in the Top 20 at the World Irish Dancing Championship.

Bollywood dance

Bollywood dance is named after, you guessed it, Bollywood films, where the elaborate choreography is often featured. In the movies, whose popularity took off in India in the 1930s, actors sometimes sing or lip-synch to songs while dancing in a style that combines various forms of Indian classical and folk dance, involving specific hand gestures, facial expressions and foot movements. Over time, the form has evolved to incorporate Western dance moves as well.

Try this wonderfully fun and expressive style of dance with beginner tutorials for party moves and basic steps before moving on to paid classes.

Elevate your skills: Bollywood Dance School Canada offers 12-session online Bollywood dance programs for kids and adult beginners.

Janet Ho is a writer and hobby artist. You can follow her at @janetonpaper.

Vina and nina bidashi biography personal life > Personalities

Padma: When did you start dancing and what kind of training did you go thorough? Did you go through Classical Indian dance training?

When did you start dancing and what type of training did you receive? Was it a classic Indian dance?
Veena & Neena: We grew up with bhangra dancing, because we're Punjabis. When we were little, we would put on shows for our family and friends all the time. It wasn’t until later on when we started taking dance lessons – probably every kind that exists – many years of belly dancing, ballet, Bharata Natyam – but also, hip hop, Kathak, Flamenco, and even some Mohiniattam, and Odissi. We were naturals at anything related to movement.

We grew up with bhangra dancing because we are punjabis. When we were little we put on shows for our family and friends all the time. Later, when we started taking dance lessons, it didn't - we probably learned all the varieties that exist over the years - belly dance, ballet, Bharata Natyam (I don't know what it is), also hip hop, Kathak, flamenco, and even a little Mohiniattam, and Odissi. We perceived everything that somehow related to the movement

Padma: Do your audiences prefer belly dancing or Indian dancing?

Does your audience prefer belly dance or Indian dance?
Veena & Neena: Some audience like belly dancing, and others prefer Indian dance. Many tell us they can't decide - and like both.

Part of the audience likes TJ, others prefer Indian dance. Many have told us they can't decide - they like both.

Padma: What are the main differences in the dance techniques in belly dance vs. Indian dance?

What are the main differences in the dance technique of TJ from Indian dance?
Veena & Neena: The differences in the techniques in Indian dance and belly dance will depend on the style of Indian dance. There are many different styles of dances in India. Unlike belly dance, all Indian classical and some folk dancers require wearing ghungroos or bells on their feet or even knees.

The difference in technique between Indian dance and TJ will depend on the style of Indian dance. There are many different dance styles in India. Unlike TJ, dancers of all Indian classical and some folk dances require ghungroos or bells to be worn on the feet or even knees.

Rajasthani style – both classical (Kathak) and folk is probably the closest to belly dancing. Classical because of the arms, and folk (gypsy) because of the hip movements. Bharata Natyam, as well as other southern style classical dances, is completely opposite. The dancers dance in half sitting position (ardi-mundi), strong arms, flexed hands, and exaggerated facial expressions (abhinaya).

The Rajasthani style - both classical (Kathak) and folk - is probably closer to TJ. Classic because of the hands, and folk (gypsy) because of the movements of the hips. Bharata Natyam, as well as other classical southern dances, are diametrically opposed. The dancers dance in a semi-sitting position (ardi-mundi), with strong hands, flexible arms, and an exaggerated facial expression (abhinaya).

Padma: How do you feel about being so popular with your videos, performances and classes in California and around the world?

How does it feel to be popular with your videos, performances and dance classes in California and around the world?
Veena & Neena: We never thought we were popular until other celebrities told us we were – Steven Tyler and Ricki Martin. We are very happy that people love our videos and classes, and that we receive so many emails from many people from all over the world. We answer everyone – sometimes it takes a while.

We never thought we were popular until other celebrities told us about it - Steven Tyler and Ricki Martin. We are very happy that people like our videos and lessons and that we receive so many emails from different people all over the world. We respond to everyone – sometimes it takes a while.

Padma: You have worked on several music videos with different celebrities. Can you tell us about it?

You have worked on several music videos for various celebrities. Tell about it
Veena & Neena: We’ve worked with so many great artists on music videos – Aerosmith, Ricky Martin, Michael Jackson, Dr. Dre, Outkast, Depeche Mode, Tom Petty, these are only a few of the music videos we've danced on, not including TV, films, stage shows. We’ve also danced at many celebrity events – U2, Eddie Murphy, Hugh Hefner, former Prime Minister of India, etc. Each was a great and unique experience. Some of our favorites were when we recently performed at Sting's home, and at Ozzy Osbourne's 50th birthday bash. What fun! Many celebrities.

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We worked on music videos with many great artists - Aerosmith, Ricky Martin, Michael Jackson, Dr. Dre, Outkast, Depeche Mode, Tom Petty, this is just a small part of the video where we danced, not counting TV, movies, stage plays. We also danced at various celebrity parties - U2, Eddie Murphy, Hugh Hefner, former Prime Minister of India, etc. Each event was a great and unique experience. Some of our favorite events are the recent performance at Sting's house, Ozzy Osbourne's 50th birthday bash. Here is a scream! Lots of celebrities.

Padma: What advice do you have for Indian dancers to be successful in their careers?

What advice would you give Indian dancers to succeed in their careers?
Veena & Neena: Go after your dream! This applies to any career. It takes a lot of hard work, but the pay off is worth it.

Follow your dreams! This applies to any career. It takes hard work, but it's worth the effort.

Padma: How do you maintain the balance between commercial success and the artistic side of your career?

How do you balance commercial success and fulfillment as an actor in your career?
Veena & Neena: It’s hard to maintain a balance between artistic and non-artistic. But in the arts, as well as any profession, one must also learn to be a good business person – this is a business. Just like a doctor or lawyer, or engineer have their business(es), so do we. We treat it like one. Although it is a business we enjoy doing, it isn't a “hobby.” And just like a doctor, lawyer, or engineer, it took many years of training to achieve the skills – in fact, even more years than most professions.

Balancing is difficult. But in art, as in any other profession, a person must also learn how to do business well - this is a business. Just like a doctor or a lawyer, or an engineer (driver, designer, manager) has his own business, so do we. We care about our business like any other. Although we do it with pleasure, it is not a "hobby". And just like a doctor, a lawyer, or an engineer, it takes many years of training to become a master—in fact, it takes us even longer than most professions.

Padma: Most immigrant Indian parents want their children to learn their culture though music and dance. As you grew up in US, you must have seen where it worked and where it did not work. What do you think parents can do to encourage their children to be in touch with their roots?

Most Indian immigrant parents want their children to still learn their culture, music and dance. Since you grew up in the States, you should have seen where it worked and where it didn't. What do you think can help parents encourage children to come into contact with their roots?
Veena & Neena: I think any opportunity where parents can encourage their children to stay in touch with their roots is good, whether it’s through music, dance, or basket weaving – more important – anything the children will feel connected with themselves. We should be proud we’re Indians – there is a lot of richness in our history and culture.

I think it's a good opportunity for parents to help their children get in touch with their roots, whether it's music, dancing, or matting (I'm not sure if the translation is correct). Most importantly, children feel connected to themselves. We should be proud, we are of Indian origin, the richness of our history and culture.

Padma: What kind advice do you have for the dance teachers in US to spark their students’ interest in Indian dance?

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What advice can you give to dance teachers in the States so that they can spark interest in Indian dance in students?
Veena & Neena: Encouraging is always a great tool to be successful with all students – especially kids. Children can be very affected in their later years by teachers and parents.

Encouragement is always a great tool for achieving success among students - especially children. This can have a big impact on children by their parents and teachers in the future (then).

Padma: What is your favorite style of dancing, regardless of whether you learned it or performed it? Why?

What is your favorite style of dance, regardless of where you learned or introduced it? Why?
Veena & Neena: We happen to like most styles – many of them Indian and Middle Eastern because we love the music so much. Many others we’ve either taken classes in or practiced – salsa, flamenco, hip-hop… almost anything with movement!

We have been fortunate to like most of the styles because we love music so much - many of them are Indian and Middle Eastern. Many others that we also take lessons or practice on, such as Salsa, Flamenco, Hip-Hop... everything to do with movement!

Padma: You have accomplished a lot at a very young age. What is next in your dance career?

You accomplished so much at such a young age. What will be the next step in your dancing career?
Veena & Neena: Our own TV show, more videos. We’re currently opening our own clothing line, which will be out in a few months.

Our own TV Show, more videos. Now we are opening our own clothing line, which will appear in a few months.

Veena and Neena Bidasha can be contacted at [email protected] and more information can be found on their website:

Padma Chebrolu is the artistic director for Cultural Center of India. She performs, teaches, writes, and produces videos related to dances of India.
e-mail: [email protected].
You can visit the web site at

I hope the rest is clear!


Belly dance Vina and Nina - a video for beginners who love the most elegant and delightful dance. Oriental Belly Dance is a symbol of femininity, and it gives beauty, vitality, health to every woman.
Show all…

Morocco, Mohammedia
2 dancers from Russia are required!
Work format: 2 shows in oriental style + 3 go-gos for 15 min. Weekend 1-2 per week (to be confirmed). Accommodation in apartments next to the hotel. Meals are provided by dinner at the hotel, plus AED 1000 per meal per month. Salary 1000 euros per month.
Tickets are paid in both directions. Contract from February 1, for a period of 3 months.
Dinner at 22.30, start of work in the restaurant at 23. 00, in the club at 02.00.
For all questions in PM



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Ilza Tukhbatullina pinned post

I am recruiting as an official presenter for the Bigo Live app.
What should be done?
- Broadcast live (like on periscope or instagram)
Priority is given to dancing girls, musicians or models. The official presenters are the face of the app.
Basically you need to show your talents to attract the audience and chat with the chat.
No vulgarity and vulgarity, only the development of talents and communication with people from different countries. (English is not required as we represent the Russian office)
I myself have been working like this for a year, now I am working on new ones.
If you're interested, I'll tell you more in PM)


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Olga Khodos pinned post

Our event and entertainment agency from the Red Sea coast, Hurghada, Egypt. Our job is to organize entertainment in hotels and major events. We are looking for a talented belly dancer to join our team. We invite you to become part of our team.
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Evgeniya Terra pinned post

Terra Jane, Tribal Fusion Improvisation “Your Heart Is As Black As Night”


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Oksana Gryaznova pinned post

Dear artists! Belly dancers are urgently needed for a 6 month contract in New Delhi! Visa , accommodation , tickets are paid by the company ! Work at weddings and other events, 4 working hours!



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Slim Downa & Neena Bellydance Fitness Fitness 2003 9000 9000 13000 9000 9000 9000

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Oksana Gryaznova pinned post

Work for dancers in India (oriental dance, belly dance)!
- Choreography and experience in the dance field is welcome
Performances with show ballet at weddings and other celebratory events in Delhi and all over India (non-HT&M). Contract 6 months. pay for tickets and visas



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What is the monthly payment? Is housing difficult?


Lina Polozyuk pinned post



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Lesya Rising-Stars pinned post

Open position for a belly dancer to work in Amman, Jordan.
Contract for a period of 6 months starting from April 2016
Total shows per month = 24 shows (6 shows per week and 1 day off).
If you are interested, please register in our list of dancers and our managers will contact you. Use the form at https://www.castingfordancers. com



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Natalya IV Record is fixed


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Belly Dancer Veena Bidasha ❀ HD

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How to discharge an ex-wife from the hostel


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Boogie-woogie, winemaking and fencing: what do Almaty residents do in their spare time?

Hobbies are an excellent tool for switching attention from domestic and work issues. Such activities are a great distraction from the routine and help to form a useful skill.

In the new article we talk about different hobbies of five Almaty residents.

Nasreddin and winemaking | Aruna and boogie-woogie | Askar and distillates

Sultan and fencing | Zhania and chocolate

Nasreddin Khodjaev, 53, garage winery

My matchmaker is an ethnic Georgian. Once we traveled around his historical homeland and we really liked the Georgian wine.

It seemed to me that it was impossible to produce quality wine outside the wine region. However, my matchmaker always insisted that we try to make wine on our own.

In 2015, we tried and made wine, everything worked out, and since then every autumn we have been making classic Georgian wine. At the end of September, it became a tradition in our family to invite friends and prepare new wine for the Georgian holiday Rtveli.

How to make your own wine

We make wine according to Georgian technology. First, we take grapes and crush them in a crusher that we ordered from Italy. We load grapes into it - the device throws out the brushes, but the berry remains.

We take local Turgen raw materials for production from our friends - they have their own vineyard. Next, we look at the grapes and check them for sugar. The quality of the wine material from our friends is very good: the sugar content here reaches 25 degrees Brix.

The sugar in the berry is measured with a special device - a refractometer. The measurement value - degree Brix - is named after the German scientist Alfred Brix. It was he who first measured the density of juices obtained from fruits.

What to pay attention to when making wine

Not every European grape is able to accumulate as much sugar as ours. Because cool evenings and hot sunny days are great conditions for growing grapes.

Then this berry is placed in barrels, infused, the so-called maceration process takes place. With it, the berry remains with the skin and seeds of the grapes from which wine is made. During maceration, the berry is not immediately squeezed out, but allowed to brew for a richer taste.

The precipitate is then removed. At this point, the wine needs to be placed in another bowl. We repeat this process for 30-40 days. When the wine settles, it is able to purify itself. We do not use filters, chemicals or sulfur.

The process of making wine is simple, but long.

Wine is like a person: if you take care of it, love it and look after it, it will turn out good and tasty.

Aruna, 24, boogie woogie

My name is Aruna. I am 24 years old and for the last five years I have been looking for an opportunity to learn how to dance boogie-woogie.

Like many children, I was engaged in folk and oriental dances in my childhood. But at the age of 18, I started going to adult ballet to prepare my muscles for future boogie-woogie loads. All in all, the ballet took me two or three years.

Once, I took online lessons in Lindy Hop, one of the closest dances to boogie-woogie.

For more than a year I studied rock and roll and boogie-woogie at the La Danza studio in Almaty. We didn't have competitions, but we had a reporting concert in November 2019 and it was super fun!

Now I plan to go online with cool Russian boogie-woogie coaches Evgenia Khavtorina and Nikolai Khitruk - this couple took fourth place in the World Cup and this is the best result of the Russian team.

The specifics of boogie-woogie

It seems to me that no dance in the world has such a drive and degree of recklessness as boogie-woogie. Just look on YouTube and you will see for yourself.

Boogie-woogie is popularly called rock and roll because it is danced to rock and roll.

But in fact, rock and roll is a simplified version of a dance, such as jive. There is also a twist - this is a dance that was performed by the characters of John Travolta and Uma Thurman in the movie Pulp Fiction. It can be learned in five minutes!

Boogie-woogie grew up on Lindy Hop and is considered the European interpretation of American swing. Initially, African Americans danced to the rhythms of jazz, but soon the dance gained popularity among the white population.

The most important thing for boogie-woogie is the speed of foot movements and constant contact with a partner. There are two types of competitions - fast and slow dance. In a fast dance, the legs beat off the wildest rhythm that the head is spinning! The cool thing about boogie-woogie is that improvisation is highly valued, and it adds to the fun and spontaneity.

Where to practice boogie-woogie in Almaty

The problem is that we don't teach boogie-woogie in principle. The only thing I found in 2015 when I was looking for a dance studio was a group for children and individual lessons for 90 thousand per month.

Dancing needs a community of energized people who will meet at dance parties and chat and dance because they enjoy it. You need competition to keep the dancers on their toes. Therefore, to study it only for oneself in order to amuse vanity is pointless.

In the spring of 2019, I again plunged into the search, thinking that something might have changed, but hoping for a chance - that's not the point. I was already ready to choose salsa at that time and went to trial lessons in various studios.

In the process of searching, I saw that one studio invites everyone to a party called "Rock and Roll". Oh happiness! After the lesson, I discussed with the administrator the possibility of opening a group in this direction. They gave me the go-ahead and I was looking for people in the group and I found it!

This is how our group lasted for more than a year - until the start of quarantine in 2020. Our coach was a salsa specialist, but he taught us the basics and techniques in boogie-woogie dancing.

Now that our group is closed, I have a plan to popularize this dance in Almaty and I want to implement it. It's a shame that Latin American dances receive such a lot of attention and coverage, but no one knows about boogie.

And I want to fix this and lay the foundation for community development in our city. The dance is cool! Now I am looking for a partner with experience in pair dancing, who is also interested in developing boogie-woogie.

Askar, 52 years old, home distillate production

My name is Askar and I have been making moonshine for four years. It all started with the fact that a neighbor called me to the bath, and after the bath he invited me to his table and put a bottle of his tincture - horseradish. I liked it so much that I decided to try making my own.

I started with ordinary store-bought vodka: I added boyarka to it to get a tincture. I also tried to recreate horseradish according to a neighbor's recipe. Then I accidentally stumbled upon Russian moonshine stills on the net and bought myself the simplest and cheapest option. However, I quickly realized that it did not suit me and purchased better equipment.

How exactly the distillate is made and what kind of vodka is obtained

I make distillates for everything! As Ostap Bender said, you can also drive from a stool, so any fruit or grain is suitable. Almost everyone who helped me say that the drink is wonderful - it never gives me a headache.

What I do is not called vodka, but distillate. As a rule, vodka is made from ethyl alcohol obtained at distilleries. It will not work to get it at home, but the distillate for tinctures with a strength of 92-94 degrees is quite.

Each run is different. Firstly, weather conditions affect this: if the weather is unstable, rain or snow, the pressure jumps, then the alcohol content varies. It is best to distill the distillate in clear and cool weather.

To give the drink a noble taste, it is infused in oak barrels. The production uses large 225-liter barrels, and the aging of alcohol lasts an average of five to ten years. If you buy a small barrel, then because of its area of ​​​​contact with the drink, it is larger, and therefore the drink matures faster.

Roughly speaking, a year in a 50 liter barrel corresponds to about five years in a 225 liter barrel.

The simplest moonshine still costs about 30-40 thousand tenge. It is worth buying it in order to understand whether the process itself is interesting to you.

The steam boiler is my most expensive purchase. It cost about 416 thousand tenge. It was a serious one-time investment, but the device serves me faithfully. I started making distillate in the kitchen, then moved to the bathroom and ended up doing it in my boiler room.

Here, as in Russia, the law allows moonshine and home winemaking exclusively for oneself. You can make moonshine, consume it yourself and distribute it to friends, but you do not have the right to sell your product. For this there is a criminal liability with confiscation of equipment and a fine.

Many distillers would like to monetize their hobby. I think that this issue could be considered.

In Georgia or Moldova, this is a common practice: you can buy alcohol in every house, no one is punished for it. You make your product for yourself and, as a rule, do not regret anything.

Sultan, 24 years old, fencing

My name is Sultan, I am 24 years old and I work in banking, but I always find time to practice at the Ferox gladio fencing club. I have been training for two years and during this time I managed to participate and win prizes in intra-club tournaments. More experienced guys attend foreign tournaments and bring home a considerable number of medals.

Dueling fencing is a martial art that includes the possession of bladed weapons, common in Europe from the 15th-19th centuries. The club exists as an association of like-minded people, where three main areas are practiced - HEMA, Modern sword fighting and dueling fencing.

The training consists of three parts: general physical training, technique development and sparring. The victory in the battle is awarded depending on the number of victory points. They are awarded for the correct stabbing and chopping blows to the enemy.

How much does the equipment cost

Equipment is not cheap, but it is bought only once and is used constantly:

  • Protective mask ≈ 20 thousand tenge
  • Sports weapons ≈ 60-70 thousand tenge
  • Protection of the body, arms and legs ≈ 100 thousand tenge

However, beginners do not need to immediately buy equipment - everything you need is in the club, experienced fencers willingly share everything with beginners.

Zhaniya, 27, handmade chocolate production

Three years ago, I took the risk of giving up my office job and focused all my energy on making chocolate and running my own Petit chocolate and coffee shop. Chocolate interested me during my student years and parallel work in the office. Over time, it became clear that office work was not suitable for me.

And then I heard about the arrival of the famous chocolatier Hans Ovando. After spending almost my entire salary and going through a three-day master class, I realized that this is what I want to do.

How to make chocolate

The master class gave me the basics in making chocolate - after that it was just a matter of practice. For our tiles, we use callets made from Peruvian cocoa beans processed in Italy.

The chocolate is then tempered. Chocolate tempering is a process in which the callets are heated to return the chocolate to its original shape and gradually cooled to work with the chocolate.

We select nuts, dried fruits and freeze-dried berries to give the chocolate an individual taste and aesthetic appearance. We come up with combinations ourselves, as well as use basic options such as hazelnuts and milk chocolate. One of our guests' favorite combinations is candied orange and strawberries.

We used to pour chocolate into molds first, and only then lay out the filling. But over time, they noticed that in this way the filling was not in close contact with the chocolate, and some nuts and dried fruits simply fell out. We concluded that if you lay out the filling, and only then pour it with chocolate, it will be much more convenient for our guests.

The final steps in chocolate production are refrigeration and packaging. Everything here is pretty standard, you can create your own packaging. With us, it is not solid, but only half a tile, which helps to see the filling and gives a more beautiful look to the chocolate.

How the coffee shop was opened

At first I sold chocolates at a small price in a university coffee shop. This helped me a lot in improving my skill, but from a financial point of view, I only went into the red.

While studying at the magistracy, I met my future husband, Nurlan. It was with him that we decided to open our own coffee shop. At first, the two of us worked on the creation of chocolate. The main buyers were relatives.

The next step for us was to supply chocolate to other coffee shops. There were many rejections due to the price of handmade chocolate. The first partners were coffee houses Urbo (at the time of cooperation Salem), Sensilyo and Bowler.

Opening our own coffee shop was an expected outcome for us.

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