How to win a freestyle dance competition

9 Ways to Improve Your Scores at Dance Competition

Dance Informa is always asked — whether it be by email, text or in person — about ways to improve a dancer’s score at dance competition. As a teacher, choreographer and judge, I’ve compiled a list that can help you to achieve higher scores and success this season:

#1. Clean lines (costumes and choreography)

When judging competition pieces, my two personal pet peeves are dancers not knowing their formations and/or having tan tights bunched around their ankles. Clean lines in performance and clean lines in appearance will take you so far. This includes neat hair and uniform makeup that matches everyone in your group.

#2. Take ballet seriously

I think the level and seriousness of ballet training by competition dancers is drastically improving across the country. I still say over and over again while judging, however, for dancers to articulate through their toes and feet, and to stretch the backs of their knees. Ballet 101!

#3. Get grounded

One common phrase I say while judging is to get “grounded” into the floor. What I mean by that is there has to be a strong connection to the floor in order to attain maximum height in jumps and maximum turns in pirouettes. Also for transitions, the little things in between, I see so much hopping and jumping. Melt into the floor with a solid plié and connect to the floor.

#4. Performance quality

Fake emotion is completely transparent to a judge. Most of us judges were performers ourselves. We can see right through the fake. A genuine breath or a genuine smile will go a very, very long way.

Also, confidence is so important. When speaking with competition judge Kyle Moulter he told me, “The only way to have success is confidence. Confidence is key!”

#5. Eye Contact (with judges)

Please do not stare at me in the face your entire solo…however, do not ignore the fact that judges are there. You’re performing for us, the judges, and we love to be acknowledged. The winking and staring can be a little uncomfortable if the dancers are over the age of six, but looking over our heads the entire performance can be too distant and might decrease your overall score.

#6. Know your level

This is mainly for teachers and choreographers. It is so hard to judge a dancer who is clearly a more recreational student when their choreography is all tricks that they are not ready to execute technically. I can only judge what I see on stage in that moment. So if you give a dancer four fouetté turns and their hip is lifted, their plié is hoppy and their foot isn’t pointed, I have to take off points in the technique score. But also, I will probably have to take off points in the performance score because it reads all over the dancer’s face that they are insecure about their turns. Give dancers choreography that they can successfully execute every single time.

#7. Watch each other

I always like to see a clean dance, but also a well-connected group of dancers. We can tell if the group is connecting well on stage and if they have rehearsed and danced together for years. Watch each other’s timing, and feed off of each other for emotional cues and breaths.

#8. Crowd energy

Especially during productions and large group numbers, crowd energy always makes me have more fun while watching the number. Now, there is a limit! Too much crazy from the audience can be quite distracting, but as long as the judges can hear the music and stay connected to the dancers on stage, be loud and energetic to show support for the dancers on stage.

#9. Leave a lasting impression

Moulter shares, “If you don’t trust in your technique and ability, how will you make three people think you are the best and select you to win? You have to demand it. With that, you will find more success and consistent placement. Demand you are the best, yet be humble in your winnings.”

Be the dancer that, at the end of the day, we cannot leave out! We have to place your dance somewhere because it made such an impression. Whether it was through your emotion, energy, cleanliness of execution or just overall fun, you left us with a smile on our face and a warmth in our heart.

To view the 2016-17 Dance Competition and Convention Guide, outlining the hottest dance opportunities this season, visit

By Allison Gupton of Dance Informa.

Photo (top): A dancer performing at the Artists Simply Human competition. Photo courtesy of ASH.

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What You Should Know Before Going To A Freestyle Jam

You’ve seen You Got Served. You know the hype we’re talking about. Two people goin’ at it on the dance floor, constantly trying to one-up the other.

The air is thick with anticipation. The crowd grows wilder and wilder. Oof. Chills.

You may dance primarily through taking classes or being on a team, but the history of our urban dance culture is still rooted in street dance!

This scene of a battle is not so removed from the “choreo” scene as you may think.

(Our freestyler friend Ben Lee, AKA “Smoke,” wrote about this relationship in “The Fundamental Difference In Attitudes Between The Freestyle And Choreography Communities.”)

If you’re interested in learning more about the street dance scene, then go to a freestyle jam! Freestyle jams are a tournament of dance battles.

Movies kind of portray what it’s like to witness a freestyle battle, but they’re nothing like experiencing one in real life.

And you can watch a series of battles at a jam. Whoa.

Not only will you get an authentic taste of battling, but you will also be introduced to the community of freestyle dancers who keep the culture alive.

Want your first freestyle jam to be awesome and know what’s going on? With Ben’s help, here’s what you should know.

How Freestyle Battles Started

In the 70’s, individuals started to battle each other because dancing was a way for them to blow off steam, prove themselves, or be accepted as members of crews in the community.

Dance saved lives. In New York, battling was a common way to settle beef.

Instead of resorting to violence and gangs, dancers had a way to sort through issues with other groups without being physically attacked.

It was a system based on skill and respect rather than brutality.

Battle culture exploded on the scene during the 70’s and 80’s in America.

Movies like Beat Street, Wild Style, and Breakin’ played a big role in exposing the street dance and battle culture to the general public.

When you think of other types of dance (like ballet or belly dance), there’s no component of battling face to face with someone else.

But when you think of street dance, your mind intuitively think of battling. Later, movies like You Got Served and Stomp The Yard reinforced this image.

As produced as they are, these movies shined a spotlight on the dance world.

Audiences and movie studios are naturally drawn to the classic story arc embedded in dance battles. The conflict, the resolution, and the victor who became a hero.

The Structures Of Battles

The rounds in a freestyle jam are organized with brackets, tournament-style.

The tournament has limited spaces, so if too many dancers register, there is a preliminary round.

This is where each dancer will freestyle in front of the judges, who choose the top 16 there.

From the prelims, the dancers (or groups of dancers) will take turns dancing in “rounds” of the battle.

This is usually around 30 seconds to a minute on the floor for each dancer.

After each of the dancers take their turn, the judges will decide on a winner (usually indicated by pointing / gesturing at the dancer they thought deserved to win the round).

The winner advances up the brackets to battle another winner from a different round.

Freestyle jams are getting more creative with how they seed battles.

Especially ones (like in Europe or Asia) where there are thousands of participants, it is inefficient to use the traditional structures for battling.

For example, there are battles where the participants are split into groups, and a judge runs their own prelim round for that group.

The dancers who make it past the prelims from each of those groups will go on to the battle with the rest of the winners.

Solo battles and team battles

A 1 versus 1 battle is when an individual dancer goes up against other individual dancers.

2v2, 3v3, 4v4… (and so on) refers to the number of people in each crew. In these battles, the crew members each have a turn in each round of the battle.

Judging is done a bit differently for team battles.

In 1v1 battles, the emphasis is on your individual skill and style.

In 2v2 and on, judges look for all this plus chemistry. They ask themselves, “Are they able to dance together? Did they come prepared as a unit? Are they having fun?”

Single style vs. All-styles battles

You may also see battles in specific styles (such as a “1v1 Locking” or “2v2 Popping”). And there are “All-Styles” and “Open Styles” battles.

The battles in specific styles are judged based on the dancer’s mastery within that style.

In an All-Styles battle, judges look for a dancer’s exhibition of at least 2 styles, as well as their ability to transition between those styles within their round.

What You Should (And Shouldn’t) Do At A Freestyle Battle

Will it be your first time attending a freestyle jam? Here are some useful tips on how to make the most of your experience!

1. Don’t just… stare

You will be blown away by the talent, creativity, and personalities at a freestyle jam.

While you definitely should watch and appreciate, staring creates a barrier between you and the community, closing off the connection that could happen if you were more casual.

“By being in that space, you’re already a part of that community.”– Ben

Just be comfortable! We’re all fans and friends.

2. Cheer!

The energy at a jam is everything. And giving props is the easiest ways to raise the vibe of the room.

“If you don’t cheer, you’re actually lowering the vibe of the room because you are contributing to the silence.”

So when you see something you like, show it! Do that hand shaky thing, “WOO!,” call out a name, moan... whatever way you prefer to give props.

“As dancers, we’re trained to cheer for other dancers. It’s an act of acknowledgement and of celebration.”

3. Be humbled

As in any community, the freestyle community experiences a constant influx of young talent – as well as the refinement of old talent.

All this talent, your own included, should humble you.

The biggest reason freestyle battlers have been able to grow so much is because everyone knows to stay on their game.

No matter what path they took, every single dancer has lost several times. And it’s understood that anyone who has become beastly really worked to get there.

There are no shortcuts in freestyle.

“Be humbled from the get go. Your humility should be apparent.”

4. Listen to the music

“If you don’t listen to the music, then you’ll never understand the culture.”

Jams are all about the collective energy in the space and the energy is set by the music.

By listening to what everyone else is listening to and watching what everyone else is watching, the energy in the room multiplies.

“The aim is to reach a state of elevated consciousness. Battling unlocks a part of your brain that unites you with another. Dancing creates a message that resounds in you, in the person you’re battling, and in anyone watching. By doing so, we’re sending out the message that you don’t need violence to solve conflict. It’s in the togetherness that we figure it out.

So be there. Be present. Be with. It all starts with something as simple as listening to the music.

5. Listen to the Emcee

The emcee is there to unite everyone at the jam.

Don’t ignore them or try to talk over them. They’re trying to get everyone to do something together – which is the exact point of the battle.

By being unified in thought and action, the event becomes a movement.

So help them help you have a good time. Being unruly at a jam is disrespectful to everyone there.

Listen to the emcee, vibe with the rest of the crowd, and become a part of the movement!

6. HAVE FUN!!!

These are a few notes to keep in mind, but the most important thing for you to do is to just have fun and appreciate the energy around you!

“The essence of battling is that no matter what issue you’re dealing with, even if it seems like one with another person, you will always find the answer within yourself. The external is just a way to visualize and express it. Although battling can be seen as a release of aggression, it’s because we never want to be aggressive. Dance is a way people transcend through their struggles, not going above or around it. It’s about appreciating those experiences and making something good from going through it.”

This individual strength becomes a collective strength. And the strength of the community is what attracts dancers all over the world to freestyle dance.

It’s what builds communities, tells stories, and starts movements.

The dance community opens its doors for anyone willing to step in.

We hope this helped you in your first steps at a freestyle jam! Huge shoutout to Ben “Smoke” Lee for helping us write this article!

What do you love most about the freestyle community? Comment below to share with us!

Need some new moves and inspiration to add to your freestyle?

Take some classes on STEEZY Studio. Sign up today to start your training!

How to start dancing right now — choreographers tell


“It's easier to find yourself in dancing”.
How to take the first step towards the fact that you like

Four professional dancer
about where to find freedom and how to stop comparing yourself with the other

Text: Aina Preston


Michelle Beatz

Tagir Gindullin


Music is a universal instrument that moves the world, it is literally inscribed in our DNA. With its help, we can inspire and shape the pop culture of the present and future here and now. Music is inextricably linked with dance. Dancers feel the rhythm and are able to harmoniously complement the musical composition with movements. It is dance that gives them a powerful emotional release and helps them relax. And to feel this, it is worth taking one small risk - allowing yourself to dissolve into the music and turn off your head. How to take the first step and not be afraid to try what you are drawn to? We deal with Tommy Jeans, PRODANCES and our heroes, who found a common language with their fears and learned to express emotions through music and movements.



Choice between directions

I consider myself a versatile artist, doing several types of dance, but most of all I am known for the Vogue culture. This is not just a dance style, but a whole culture about protecting the rights of sexual minorities. This culture is very daring: here and now you can look whatever you like - fully comply with fantasies, externally and internally, carry yourself proudly, inventing new images. Vogue is a great occasion to dress up, surprise, delight. Exactly 10 years I have been developing in this direction, and it does not bother me, I constantly learn new things.

Synergy of dance and music

Good composition inspires dance. First came the music, then came the dance. But it also happens that a dance is born in silence, without sounds: when you have the right mood and a visualization of movements is born in your head. But this comes with experience. Of course, dance and music are closely related.

An alternative to dancing

Now, in parallel with dancing, I am developing as a director, producer and co-organizer of dance events, doing photography and video. Therefore, it seems that if it were not for the dance, then my activity would be connected with the organization of cultural events. I like to create, develop and bring something new, inspire myself and others, reveal people, come up with new ideas. I also love to cook, so I could be a great cook.

How the image begins

I focus on my mood, how I look: I can be in different weights, with different colors and lengths of hair. Trends play an important role here. Of course, first of all, I start from my expectations and how I want to look. I try not to repeat myself, to be different. I ask myself what kind of makeup I want: bright, aggressive, calm, romantic, defiant. Do I want to be sexy or conservative. This is how I collect the image. I take things from my own wardrobe or turn to stylists, ateliers, sometimes I can rent something from showrooms. Creating an image is always very interesting, it helps to show creativity.

Uniqueness - awareness

Comparison does not give us anything, it takes energy and strength that can be spent on developing and multiplying potential. The uniqueness must really be realized, each person defines himself. Sometimes you need to think about what you want. As soon as you realize your own value, then claims to yourself will disappear. You can’t compare your beginning of the path with someone else’s middle.

Finding yourself

It is not worth holding on to people and things, no matter how selfish it may sound. Then you will understand what you like, and what is imposed by society. When looking for your own business, it is important to start from inner feelings, focus on those very “butterflies in the stomach”.

Philosophy of dance

Dance is body language. I dreamed of being a presenter, but oratory is difficult for me, it’s easier for me not to speak, but to dance. When I hear music, I breathe, the body emits vibrations, vibrations are reflected in the plasticity of forms, in movements, emotions. Dancing helps to develop personality. It's a unique way of expressing yourself. Sometimes words are not needed to understand us.



Sports and creativity

My dancing journey began 10-12 years ago. I quit playing professional football, where I got seriously injured, burned out emotionally and physically, and could not walk normally. A friend called me to support him at a dance performance, where I saw how people can control and feel their body, I missed this in football. I think dance and football are similar: football also has a pace, a rhythm, it's a dance with a ball. But the structure is different, football is a sport, and dance is creativity.

The right music

I'm looking for music on streaming services. Usually I think about which track is more suitable for a performance, I put on performers who meet the requirements, and I look for a suitable track. Everything is pretty simple.


Usually at such moments I get distracted: I review some large-scale shows, performances of stars, listen to music. There is another way - to abstract. If everything is tired, you need to give yourself time to relax, switch to another activity. You can cook food, watch a movie. Taking a break from what you do all the time can provide inspiration and motivation.

Dance clothes

Clothes are one of the main attributes of dance. It gives character to movements, creates mood. I love to dance in jeans, voluminous t-shirts. It is very important for dancers that we ourselves like how we look, this sets the tone for the performance.

Comparing is okay

When you're at the start, it's okay to compare yourself to others. Helps you understand what you are missing. But then it is better to focus on your own feelings. Everyone has their own style, physiology and musicality, you just need to work on technique. When people follow someone, try to copy, it only leads them astray.

Tune TO

Friendship with Tommy Jeans

The first project with Tommy Jeans was something very unusual for me. I got to know the brand better, learned a lot of new things, despite the fact that I have been wearing their clothes for a long time. The collaboration was a pleasant surprise. The emotions are very cool, I hope that in the future we will be friends and work with Tommy Jeans.




The main thing is to continue

I have been dancing for 16 years and I never once thought of quitting. In 2012, I broke my arm, and after the operation there was practically no rehabilitation period - two weeks later I was already in the gym. For some time he danced only on his feet, with his hand bandaged, and two months later he already participated in the championship. With apprehension, of course, but he participated. The main thing here is to continue.

Hobby can become a profession

I have been dancing since I was 10 years old, but in childhood I did not realize what and why I was doing, did not set big goals. Some results began to appear in the first years of training. At the age of 14, I went to live in Moscow, without parents, then the realization came that dancing could become my life's work. This transition of a hobby into a profession happened very smoothly and organically, but it could not be otherwise.

Music is paramount

When it comes to performing, music is very important. If the audience likes the composition, then my solo will definitely be remembered. It is also important for me how my body and soul respond to the track. At competitions, the DJ is responsible for the music, the dancers do not know what they will perform under. This is freestyle, improvisation, connection with the composition. If you fall into a musical "pit" during a battle - this is the most difficult moment, you need the right settings. In general, music is paramount. If the dance has a great soundtrack, then there are more chances to show your maximum.

Clothing as a guide

I wear what I feel comfortable and easy to move in. I perform mainly in sports things. In breakdancing, style is very important. I always separate things: for everyday life, training, competitions, festivals. Each separate occasion requires a corresponding image.

Metamorphoses in a career

At the very beginning of the journey, it was not difficult at all: there were no obligations, deadlines, projects. I remember that in my childhood a bank was built next to my house and tiles were laid - I was happy just because I could spin on this tile. Now it is more difficult - more responsibility. You begin to treat your body differently, study yourself, fill bumps. For example, there is such an element of air twist (power rotational movement in breakdance), all my life I did it intuitively, and only after 10 years I realized that there is a technique that you just need to master.

The excitement hasn't gone away

I've competed in championships in over 30 countries, performed on big stages, acted in TV projects, but the excitement hasn't gone away. At small events, it is a little less, but at the World Cup, where legends look at you, this feeling pervades the body. I use it to my advantage - as soon as I take a step, I release adrenaline and accelerate.

Everyone is unique

We are all special, no two people are the same. Uniqueness is not something to strive for, it is already in everyone. You need to be able to feel yourself and your needs, to do what you really like. Working on oneself and realizing one's potential is what makes a person himself.

Eva Uvarova

Eva Uvarova

restrictions and freedom

since childhood I have been engaged in gymnastics (until the video with my VOG was scattered on the Internet) and today I understand - both sports and dancing require a full return. In addition, they become part of your life, which brings you a storm of emotions. The main difference is that in sports you are limited, you adhere to discipline, and in dancing you are free, open to new things. It is easier to find yourself in dancing.

Dancing is an opportunity

A professional dance career has opened up many opportunities. Thanks to dancing, I met interesting people - sport would hardly have given me such a chance. The people who appeared in my life incredibly support and inspire me, it helps to develop. I was able to visit different countries, see what other dancers are capable of. I also starred in music videos, collaborated with major brands, for example, in October I participated in the Tommy Jeans x PRODANCE project for the first time. Then I was able to show my dance to a large audience and proved to myself that I can achieve a lot. I have long liked the Tommy Jeans brand, and the opportunity to work together made me very happy.

Style is a mix

Honestly, I can't describe my dancing style in one word. I tried many directions, most of all contemporary or modern dance resonates with me. The plasticity and technique of this style are very close to me, I like the sensations during movements. To summarize, my dance style is a mix of different directions, improvisation, taking into account different dance experiences.

Motivation and willpower

Willpower helps to achieve goals. I make decisions and start working and giving my best. If you really do what you love, then no additional motivation is needed. What you love doesn't require much effort.

Clothes are a reflection of yourself

Clothes help complete the dance. If I go to hip-hop, then I choose voluminous things. I associate this style with freedom, so clothes should not hinder movement. If I go vogue, I choose tight-fitting clothes that emphasize the curves of the body and help me feel more confident.

Music guides

Place of music in dance

Normally dancers choose music first. With the help of the body, we try to convey the lyrics of the song, the mood. I first look for a track, and then I select a choreography that describes the melody, words and feelings.


Comparison is a fine line

By comparing, we evaluate ourselves, and this affects our confidence, general condition and desire to move on. Comparison sometimes helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses, but most people tend to look for flaws in themselves, so more often it is quite destructive and interferes with the implementation of plans. There is a fine line here: if a person is able to objectively evaluate his own and other people's abilities, then the comparison is acceptable, but if not, it is better not to even start.

Become part of the community

Tommy Jeans Global Brand Initiative supports talented people who are disrupting the existing order for positive change.

Right now @tommyjeans is becoming a content platform where everyone can get creative and take the first step towards their dreams.

For example, take part in a competition and get the opportunity to win an online course, during which you will be supported by choreographers in a private chat. There will also be prizes from Tommy Jeans and PRODANCES.


Post your story on Instagram about why you want to dance. It can be a short video with a story, a dance, or a photo with text. The main condition is to mark three accounts: @tommyjeans,,

On March 23, we will choose the 50 most inspiring stories, and their authors will receive prizes and the opportunity to completely change their lives.

Learn more about Tommy Jeans X PRODANCE

Tommy Jeans supports those who want to express themselves in a new way, discover new talents and emphasize their own uniqueness. Look for the brand's classics and the new spring collection in branded stores in Moscow:

Metropolis shopping center
2nd floor

European shopping center
3rd floor, atrium Berlin

Aviapark shopping center
1st FLOOR, OPENING 20 MAGINA "width":1200,"column_width":86,"columns_n":12,"gutter":15,"line":15}false7671300falsetruetrue[object Object]{"mode":"page","transition_type":"slide ","transition_direction":"horizontal","transition_look":"belt","slides_form":{}}{"css":". editor {font-family: tautz; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 400; line-height: 21px;}"}

Three Ukrainian couples won at the Blackpool Dance Festival

At the prestigious international festival of sports and ballroom dancing Blackpool Dance Festival 2021, 3 Ukrainian couples won at once, and 8 more became finalists.

Ukrainian dancers conquered the Blackpool Dance Festival 2021. And next year, a couple will go to the festival with the financial support of philanthropist Andriy Matsola, who will win the competition "Dance with your heart" as part of the show "Dancing with the Stars".

SEE ALSO: Dance with your heart project for everyone who wants to dance: this is your chance to be at the Blackpool Dance Festival 2022

Blackpool Dance Festival is the most prestigious and famous international ballroom dance festival in the world. Every year, since 1920, it has been held in the English city of Blackpool. It is an 8-day dance marathon and is the largest and oldest ballroom dance competition in the world.

In 2021, we remember this festival with special pride, because 3 Ukrainian couples won it, and 8 reached the final. Our winners are:

Olesya Getsko and Alexander Kravchuk - winners in the Latin American program in the category “Professionals. Rising Star"

PHOTO: Instagram/krava89

Elizaveta Matsulevich and Yevhen Borushko - winners in the Latin American program in the category "Under21"

PHOTO: Instagram/yevgenyborushko

Evgenia Pindyura and Timur Putyata are winners in 5 categories at once in the Juvenile age group. See photos of how young dancers were welcomed in their own Palace of Creativity.

PHOTO: Facebook/Palace of Creativity of Children and Youth of Brovary City for the sake of Kyiv region

A couple that wins an open competition will be able to go to the Blackpool Dance Festival in 2022 "Dance with your heart" with the support of philanthropist Andrei Matsola. The competition is held within the framework of the show "Dancing with the Stars", which every week at 21:00 on the 1 + 1 channel surprises the audience with bright performances. You can buy tickets for broadcasts and rehearsals at here.

SEE ALSO: Dance with your heart: considering the symbolic dress of Ivanna Onufriychuk, the new Dancing with the Stars goldroom host

0274 you need to fill out the questionnaire at this link and provide a video of your dance. The couples will be evaluated by the main choreographer of the show "Dancing with the Stars" Alena Shoptenko from September 6 to November 8, 2021. It is she who will select 5, in her opinion, the best videos of dance performances.

On November 14, 2021, during the 11th broadcast of Dancing with the Stars, these 5 finalist couples will perform in front of the show's judges. It is the Dancing with the Stars jury that will choose the winner of the Dance with Your Heart contest.

The winning couple will be able to show off their number during the final gala performance on the 13th Dancing with the Stars live on November 28, 2021.

The main prize of the “Dance with your heart” competition is participation in the Blackpool Dance Festival 2022 ballroom dancing tournament. All travel, accommodation, costumes, registration and performance expenses for the winner will be paid thanks to the support of philanthropist Andrei Matsola. See how famous Ukrainians, including Andrey Matsola, greet the participants of the new season of the show "Dancing with the Stars":

Olga Kupriyanova



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Dances with stars 8 season 13 issue

All videos

LAUD - There de ti - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Results Show: Week 13 - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Olga Kharlan and Dmitry Dikusar - Freestyle - Dancing with the Stars 2021
The winners of the contest "Dance with the Heart" danced samba at the show Dancing with the Stars
Artur Logay and Anna Karelina - Freestyle - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Konstantin Voitenko and Roksoliana Malanchuk - Freestyle - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Jamala - SLEEP - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Olga Kharlan and Dmitry Dikusar - Samba - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Karina Stashishchak and Igor Kuzmenko - Paso Doble - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Konstantin Voitenko and Roksoliana Malanchuk - Contempo - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Artur Logai and Anna Karelina - Contempo - Dancing with the Stars 2021
MOZGI – ZAVTRA – Dancing with the Stars 2021
Konstantin Voitenko and Roksoliana Malanchuk - Slow Waltz - Dancing with the Stars 2021
At the final of "Dancing with the Stars" it became known who will become the coach of the show "Voice of the Country-12"
The main prize of the charity project "Your Dream" appeared in the show Dancing with the Stars
Olga Kharlan and Dmitry Dikusar - Tango - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Artur Logay and Anna Karelina - Viennese Waltz - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Grand Super Final: Opening Number - Dancing with the Stars 2021.
13th Air

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Finalist of the show "Dancing with the Stars", actor Konstantin Voitenko against 10-year-old checkers champion Lera: who won in a charity party

July 20


Dances with stars

Participants of Dancing with the Stars Konstantin Voitenko and Anton Nesterko, together with philanthropists, raised 4.

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