How to sell more lap dances

How to sell VIP Rooms – Racks to Riches

A few years back I had a colleague ask me this, and it kind of blew my mind.

Because her stage performances were awesome, she was super friendly, and stunning.

But she was still struggling in this area.

Why were customers still holding off on staying in VIP rooms with her for multiple hours? 

Well, it’s because they’re different skillsets!

Your presentation, your stage skills, and your communication skills are all different ways you can make income..

And being great at one isn’t a guarantee you’ll be great at the other!

Now, I don’t want to be mistaken for braggadocious...because a stage performer I am NOT. And while my work look is put together, I am not the most stylish person in my everyday life. 

However, getting customers to VIP is something I’ve had a lot of practice doing and I seek out clubs where this is the primary skillset on display. 

And while there are tons of ways to get it right, if this is a stopping point in your income at the club, here are some tips that may help you get more wins on the floor:

Identify what you’re selling

What is it that your customers get for their money? 

And don’t tell me “a fun time” or “a dance” or “more privacy.

Sure, that’s what he gets.  But he can also get that with any other dancer at your club.


I mean what does he get when he buys from YOU?


What’s the unique experience you’re selling?

What can you do with one hour...much less 5 hours together?

And by the way, what can you do with that time within your boundaries


If you can answer that question clearly for yourself, you’re going to get a lot more mileage out of VIP.  

And if you can’t yet answer this question, I encourage you to take advantage of my FREE list of 50 Ideas for Things to Do In VIP here.

While having plenty of ideas is great, the good news is you only need to do 2-3 things really well to DRASTICALLY improve your VIP sales and renewals.

So, what is it that you’re selling? 

Before you sell it, buy it yourself

I know, I know, cheesy.

But it’s true! 

You will get pushback, and objections, and rejection, and doubt

And if you can’t overcome them, you can’t make the sale! 

So, when I say buy it yourself, I don’t just mean believing in yourself, or affirming yourself, or hyping yourself up (which are all good too, by the way).  

What I mean by “buy it yourself” is to start practicing your responses to all the common objections and excuses customers will give you not to spend.

Show up completely sold on what you’re selling and ready to answer their questions.

You must be ready to tell them why they should buy and be confident that what you’re offering is exactly what they need in their life.

Which, by the way, means you’ll need to... 

Change up your lines

Do you know what every customer hears, multiple times every night?


After a while, you’re going to sound like a broken record to your customer... 

Like every other entertainer that has approached them.

Like a big blog of text that blends into the rest of their day.

Like something that won’t capture their attention or make them change their course of action.

If you want your customers to pay attention to you, pay attention to what you say.

From your first approach to your closing lines, you have so many options to upsell and connect with your customers!

Give your customers a reason to buy from you by stepping up your lines. 

By the way, if this sounds like a lot of work, consider... 

Not Preparing is MORE work

Getting thrown off your game by easy objections (like “it costs too much!”, “what happens in the back?”) is WORK.

Missing out on great tips because you’re not sure about how to ask is WORK.

And walking through the room again and again because you think can only connect with 1 or 2 customers in the room (while missing out on all the other ones) is a ton of work!

Instead of avoiding work or settling for less, the last tip I’ll drop here is…

Face the music

Every single customer will tell you no. 

There will be no perfect customer.

Even the best customer will have a spending limit and a time they leave the club.

And the worst thing a terrible customer can pay you is $0.  

Most customers you interact with may pay you $0, but it’s not about them! They are only extras in your story.

Your goal is to find supporting characters that will be happy to pay for the privilege of your time and company.

And you will find them so much faster once you stop being afraid of rejection

The single best way to find more customers, to learn more lessons, and to earn more income, is to get excited about rejection! Yes - EXCITED! 

I promise you that rejection is something you can train your brain to love.

And once you do, you’re going to see better results.


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Nov 12 2011

Let’s face it—the better you are at maintaining a good conversation, the more money you will make at your club. This will also set you apart from the other dancers. There is a vast array of beautiful women walking around; you need to have more than just looks. Personality goes very far in this business.

Here are some tips for conversing successfully with your client:

1.  Listen. The key to being a great conversationalist is not about what you say, but what you don’t. Being a good listener is what it’s all about. Your client should be doing fully three-quarters of the talking, and you should be there for him all the way, helping him talk and skillfully guiding the conversation. Let him know you are listening by smiling, nodding, or commenting appropriately. Don’t let your mind wander or you will miss important cues and information you can use to make sales. By listening well to your client, not only will he have the experience he came to the club for (and possibly become one of your regulars as a result) but by listening and paying attention you will learn everything you need to know to make your ultimate sales with him. He will remember you as fascinating and captivating. Most importantly, he will remember you. Read more


Nov 8 2011

Mirroring is a basic and subtle human tendency to copy another’s expression, movements or posture during conversation or other direct forms of communication.

When people are talking, or simply sharing an experience together, they will often mimic each other’s posture, movements, vocal inflection, or even words or phrases. This subtle show of affinity is called “mirroring,” and though most people are not even aware of performing this social ritual, most people do it quite naturally and consistently. As an exotic dancer, mirroring is a tool that you can become aware of and adept at using to your advantage.

Mirroring is like a communication dance. Participants match gestures and responses during their conversation, as if in a dance. People do this naturally with both their silent body language and spoken words.

Read more


Oct 30 2011

Probably one of the most effective – as well as most enjoyable – ways to show someone you are attracted to them is through the seductive art of flirting. It is a vital part of engaging your client in conversation, which I cover in detail in Freedom V, and it can be expressed though words, touch, posture, movement, or even a look. Flirting is one of the few means of communicating erotic interest while maintaining social propriety. Often the greatest power you can command through flirting is the ability to be subtle yet undeniable in your approach.

Sometimes flirting is done among friends as well, just to tell each other that they care.  It is very important to show that you are interested in your client because it’s one of men’s basic needs– to be admired and appreciated for who they are and what they do.

Here Are Some Of My Top Flirting Techniques:
Read more


Oct 17 2011

The sales process is one of the most difficult to learn, yet is the most rewarding – and is the most necessary skill to be successful as an exotic dancer. I have had so many girls ask me, “How do you do it?!” or they make comments like, “Oh, I just don’t have hustling skills like you do!” Well, you can, and you will after you read this chapter.

The sales process is extremely exciting! I have determined the most efficient ways of successfully selling your time and services as an exotic dancer, and have outlined them for you in this video series. You can think of it as a kind of Exotic Dancer’s Sales Process! This is the time you invest in speaking with your customer before you close the deal. And a closed deal should result in multiple VIPs or multiple dances.

In the remaining five videos of this series we are going to talk about:

1.   Creative Selling
2.  Flirting
3.  Mirroring
4.  Engaging Conversation
5.  Value Selling

Read more


Oct 1 2011

So many dancers have come to me and asked, “How do I know that a customer wants to spend money on me and how long do I need to sit there before I know when to ask the closing question?”  There are Five Ways To Tell If Your Client Is Interested In Spending Money On You:
Read more


Sep 25 2011

Transcript:  Hi I’m Jennifer McCumber, president of, author of Champagne Every Night and Feature Columnist in our TOP Industry Magazines, ED Publications and Club Bulletin.  This is video two in our eight part series on how to sell more lap dances and VIP’s, also known as the champagne room.

Sometimes you will have to initiate conversation and get things rolling, so here are a few good lines to try out. After you introduce yourself and have your initial small talk, ask them these questions:

1.   So, what brings you out tonight?
2.  How about that baseball game! (or other sport)
3.  Have you been to these parts before?
4.  Where are you from?
5.  So, what have you been up to today?

There are a few subjects that you must know a little about to be able to hit it off with most any client.

Read more


Sep 12 2011

Hi I’m Jennifer McCumber, president of, author of Champagne Every Night and Feature Columnist in our TOP Industry Magazines, ED Publications and Club Bulletin.  This is video one in our eight part series on how to sell more lap dances and VIP’s, also known as the champagne room.

How you approach your potential customers will set your stage for success
or failure! There are three distinctively powerful influences you can employ:

1. Display
2. Delivery
3. Demeanor Read more


Nov 27 2010


Dec 10 2011

And they're saying THIS doesn't take skills?!

We had the pleasure of making Bloomberg News in regards to the debate, “Is Lap Dancing Art?”   Just take a look at the pictures and videos in this blog post for your answer!  “Here’s Your Sign!”

This is what we told Bloomberg:  “To make a lap dance work, I had to combine concepts from gymnastics, things I learned from pole dancing, belly dancing I learned in college and even martial arts,” McCumber said in a telephone interview. “You have to have physical and mental agility to perform, while also making it seductive and alluring.”

A prominent dance anthropologist and professor at the University of Maryland who specializes in studying all types of dance, Judith Hanna, has stated:

“Exotic dance shares with virtually all dance genres the fact that it is a purposeful, intentionally rhythmical, culturally patterned, nonverbal, body movement communication in time and space.  It conveys meaning by the use of space, touch, proximity to an observer, nudity, stillness and specific body movements.”

Coming from an artistic education background myself, it is a shame that exotic dancing has been marginalized for the nudity it contains, as if nudity were bad in and of itself.  That’s like saying guns kill people.  I have news for you:  people kill people!  We are all born nude, we shower nude, we were walking around nude before people told us we had to do otherwise.  It is completely natural and evolved to be able to openly express nudity in art.   Nudity is contained in Operas, musicals, theater, most movies that you go and see, and it is all over cable TV.  So why is it that when it happens in real life in a gentlemen’s club, people get all bent out of shape?

Eric Langan, CEO of Rick’s Cabaret even states in the Bloomberg article Read more


Nov 30 2011

Value selling simply means that you are selling the value of your services, and not the price point. This is the perfect tool to get your client’s mind off of how much money he will spend, and to focus on the benefit he is enjoying: YOU! This technique can be used to sell lap dances, between the transitions to getting multiple dances, and then off to the Champagne Room.

Value selling will take a little more time and is perfect when your club isn’t that busy. It is very effective with clients who can be readily identified as Prime Prospects: usually middle-aged to older gentlemen who are dressed well and who show all of the signs of being willing to spend money on you, such as buying you drinks within the first few minutes of sharing your company. The ways to identify a Whale were discussed in video one of this series. Read more


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Wicked Whims - Strip Clubs - Let's Dance - The Sims 4 - Articles

Article Author : Turbo
Translated Author : Petr541
Requires the Get to Work extension.

Start a new strip club business! Set the stage, hire seductive dancers, turn on the music and watch the money flow!

Creators involved

Thanks to these amazing creators who helped bring this feature to life with 23 new custom animations for Pole Dancing, Spot Dancing and Lap Dancing. I really hope that you appreciate their work and support their efforts.

Lupobianco Animations - Patreon , LoversLab
Azmodan22 Animations - Patreon , LoversLab
ooOLaLa World Animations - Patreon , LoversLab
Mike24 Animations - Patreon , LoversLab
Zorak Animations - Patreon , LoversLab
wild_guy Animations - Patreon , LoversLab
Anarcis Animations - Patreon , LoversLab
Thanks to Noir and Dark Sims for helping me create the Dancing Pole object.
Noir and Dark Sims - Patreon ,
Blog And thanks to Nolan-Sims for designing the strip club icon.
Nolan-Sims - Tumblr, Twitter

Starting a business
Create a brand new strip club business. Similar to retail stores, restaurants, and veterinary clinics, set aside a lot for your strip club business and build it from the ground up. Just take out your phone and buy a club!

Strip clubs are not a type of venue, you need to use your phone or computer to purchase them.

Build a strip club
Business strip clubs have no requirements, you can build it however you want, but some objects are required for certain functions. Consider locating conventional strip clubs such as the Drinks Bar, Dancing Poles/Seats and Dancing and Viewing Seats, and Additional Seats in private lap dance venues.

You can build your club however you want, but the Dancing Pole and Dancing Spot objects require extra attention. Once you decide where you want your dancers to dance and place the Dancing Pole or Dancing Roller there, keep the comfort of your customers in mind as well. Each customer is looking for a place to take a seat as soon as they start watching the dancers, so be sure to place several seats around each dance pole and dance area.

It is not necessary for each hired dancer to purchase a Dancing Pole or Dancing Spot, as they will be busy with other tasks such as Bartending and Charming.

Tip: If you've built a stage for your dancers, it's a good idea to isolate it in such a way that clients don't climb on it instead of looking for a place. If the club is built in a way that makes it difficult to find a suitable spot to watch the dancers, this can lead to customers being placed in undesirable locations.

Strip club management
All management functions are controlled from a special club management category on your phone. Including designing employee clothing, working after hours, and viewing financial reports. You can even hire yourself as a dancer in your own club.

Your club is set by default to open at 19:00 (19:00) and close at 4:00 (04:00), as these are the busiest hours for strip clubs. You can set the opening hours by using your phone and clicking "Manage Opening Hours" in the "Striptease Club" category. You can open your club at any time by choosing the same opening and closing hours.

Employment of dancers has no restrictions, except that they can no longer have a job. You are allowed to hire up to 6 dancers (unless they are distributed via cheats) and assign them to any tasks you want during business hours. If you want to work in your own club, then the "Employ Yourself as a Dancer" option will do so if you have an available job and your Sim is not working somewhere else.

Hint: the menu with available recruitable sims can be expanded to display more options with the command "ww.set_stripclub_employee_pool_size < amount >". And you can increase the number of dancers you can hire to 12 using the command "ww.set_dancers_employee_limit < amount >".

When hiring a dancer, pay attention to their skills. Dancers with a good charisma skill will do better in charming clients. Dancers with a high mixology skill will be able to offer the best drinks that increase profits. And dancers with high fitness skill, one of the nudity skills and dancing will be better in "Stage Dance".

All hired dancers define your club type based on their gender and preferences, allowing you to create a regular club, a gay club, or a mixed club. This affects which customers will visit your place. Carefully selecting your employees will prevent certain clients from appearing.

Dancers hired at your club will perform one of three main tasks: Stage Dancing, Bartending, or Charming Clients. Each task can be assigned manually, or you can let the dancers decide for themselves depending on the current situation in the club. Micromanaging or helping yourself will increase the performance of your club, but dancers are fully capable of doing everything themselves.

To assign a task, click on the Dancer employee and select the "Assign Task" option in the Strip Club category. When playing as a dancer, simply start a specific task to automatically jump to it.

Stage Dancing and Viewing
Dancers with the Stage Dancing task will search for a nearby or designated Dancing Pole or Dancing Spot. Each dance program is randomly generated and can be changed at any time by clicking on a dancer. Stage dancers are one of the main reasons clients visit the club, so make sure you always have at least one on stage.

Every dancer on stage attracts the attention of customers who are willing to pay to see some impressive moves. Dance performance is the main factor that determines the amount of customer attention and the amount of advice a dancer receives. The main elements that contribute to a dance performance are dance skills, relationships with certain clients, and currently playing music. If a dancer is performing poorly, you will most likely notice uncontrollable yawns.

The better the skills and relationships with clients, the higher the performance, which directly affects how often and how often dancers receive advice. The more advice the dancer receives, the less clothes on the body.

Good performance is nothing when it doesn't last long enough Dancer, fitness, striptease and dance skills are a major factor in their duration. Each dance routine aims to last as long as possible, so once the dancer is done, they need a few minutes to rest. This obviously doesn't stop them from talking to customers and offering lap dances.

Tip: Dancing Spot Marker is used as an alternative to the dancing pole. It offers a brand new set of dances that do not include the pole dance. Dancers dancing on the Dancing Spot marker are free to move their bodies as they wish. In addition, Dancing Spot Marker comes with an invisible swatch that is hidden in live mode but still clickable. Try it!

Dancing pillars created by Azmodan22, Noir and MJ95 are supported by default.
Pole or seat dancing is available outside of strip clubs and allows you to develop the striptease skill.

Bartender and drinks
Bartending dancers will focus on making and serving drinks. The sale of drinks is the most lucrative source of income for the club, so it is imperative that someone look after the bar.

The process is quite simple, the customer enters the club, orders a drink, finishes it. .. and leaves the empty glass behind. Wait a few hours and your entire club will be filled with empty glasses. To deal with this chaos, consider hiring a janitor. Leaving empty glasses around not only takes up space, it also makes everyone quite uncomfortable.

Although the bartending dancers are involved in the sale of drinks, the management of prices and supplies of the bar remains with the owner.

Every drink you make consumes the bar supplies needed to keep it running. Drinks cannot be sold when your club runs out of stock. It is advisable to order bar supplies in advance so that they can arrive the next day. Plus, fewer bar supplies means fewer drinks to make. Customers who cannot order what they want will be very unhappy with it.

You can order supplies by clicking on any panel to access the Order Supplies menu at the strip club. The items purchased are made up of the total number of items ordered, which will be delivered the next day around noon. The cost of deliveries depends on the base price of drinks ordered by customers. Selling expensive drinks requires buying expensive goods.

Selling drinks at a base price and buying consumables to replenish the bar is not the most profitable loop. As the owner, you must adjust the price markup of drinks so that every drink sold is profitable. While selling drinks at 100% markup sounds great, it will fail very quickly when customers are left with drinks they don't want.

High mark-ups and low bar costs make customers less likely to buy drinks. The scarcity of consumables means fewer drinks, and the increased price makes them less attractive to buy. When you can't sell a customer's favorite drinks, cut the markup to make other drinks an attractive proposition... at least until bar supplies arrive.

You can adjust the markup by clicking on any panel to access the Strip Club's Markup menu. Don't get frustrated with setting the markup as high as you want. If someone does not complain, what harm.

Strip clubs have a special feature that increases the number of drinks Sims can order from 4 to 39, including drinks made by Icemunmun . And if you use the real names of drinks from Basemental, it's completely compatible.

Charm and Dancing
Charm challenge dancers focus on finding clients who are interested in socializing or lap dancing. Lap dancing is the biggest source of income for dancers and the most popular role in the club. In most situations, an outgoing client will look for an available dancer and ask them to dance.

Lap dances are performed in manually assigned places. Appointment of lap dance seats is required for clients to request a private dance. Any seating chair, sofa, armchair or chair in a club can be designated as a lap dance seat.

Simply build a separate room, place a seat in it and click on it to designate a lap dance seat. Any client wishing to dance will use the designated areas to receive a lap dance. Please note that all seats designated as lap dance venues are used exclusively for lap dancing, so sitting or napping is not permitted.

When clients do not want to ask for a lap dance, the dancer must take the initiative. After greeting the client, 6 new charming social interactions become available. Using a charming interaction works like a romance without actually creating a romantic connection between the dancer and the client. Instead, Charming increases the level of Charm, which affects how much the customer likes the dancer and the club itself. The higher the charm, the higher the tip.

Charming clients influence every aspect of the club. High charm with a dancer not only increases the tips they receive. When a customer orders a drink, they are more willing to pay a higher price. And when a dancer fails to charm a client, he may not want to return to the club.

During the lap dance, the same rules apply as for the stage dance. The better the skills and relationship with the client, the higher the performance, which directly affects how much the dancer earns, in addition to the usual pay.

Technical Details

All Strip Club settings are found in the Nude Settings -> Strip Club Settings menu.

Dress Up After Dance setup is quite simple, after each dance the dancers dress up in their career if they are partially naked.

The "Personal Lap Dance Cheat" setting unlocks the ability to request a lap dance at any time as a club owner.

The Static Clients Count option allows you to override the number of clients that show up in your club on a regular basis. By default, the club is considered the most active from 7pm to 3am, but changing this setting will force customers to show up every hour. To disable this cheat, change the number back to 0 (zero).

The Dancer Profit Percentage parameter allows you to change the revenue share for each individual tip the dancer receives. After a client throws money at a dancer or a dancer gets paid for a lap dance, a portion of that profit goes directly to the club. If you don't want dancers to share their profits with the club, change this setting to 0%.

The Dancer Earning Multiplier allows you to change how much the dancer earns from tips and lap dance. Changing the value to "200" will double the profit, while changing the value to "50" will increase half the profit.

The Bar Multiplier setting allows you to change how much the bar earns from selling drinks. Changing the value to "200" will double the profit, while changing the value to "50" will increase half the profit.

The "Native Undressing Behavior" setting focuses on how dancers undress while dancing. By default, dancers follow special rules that prevent them from taking off their gloves, shoes, and socks while dancing. When this setting is enabled, dancers will follow the rules you set in Nude Settings -> Clothing Settings.

The option "Auto assign dancers' tasks" allows you to disable the ability of dancers to automatically change their tasks. When a dancer performs a task that is not needed in the current situation, they will change it automatically unless this setting is disabled.

Focused interactions with dancing objects, if disabled, will unlock all interactions that will be available on dancing poles, dancing spot markers, and circle dance seats. By default, this setting limits interactivity with these objects to dance-related actions.

Client Visit Limits, if disabled, allows all Sims in the world to visit the club regardless of their current relationship status. By default, Sims in established relationships are less likely to visit the strip club.


Why is the lot set to General?

To ensure maximum compatibility with the game, WickedWhim's custom business lots are specifically set to "Universal". Everything should work fine.

I don't want my dancers to tend the bar. Can I hire a bartender?

No, for maximum flexibility, dancers can also care for the bar, as some clubs around the world do just that. All you have to do to have a dedicated bartender is hire a dancer to do just that task.

Assign a bartender task to a dancer, he will remember it every time he works and change into something that looks like a bartender. Performed.

Would you like to take the place of an employee dancer for the bartender? Just use the ww.set_dancers_employee_limit cheat command to increase the number of dancers you can hire.

Technical limitations

It was originally intended to use the Business Management window/tab to manage the strip club, but its extremely limited implementation prevented this. Then the alternative was to completely get rid of it and make all business operations manageable from the phone.

The strip club is managed using the phone, but the "Business Management" window/tab appears with a warning not to use it, as a complete blockage was causing errors in the game. The way you own a business in the game does not provide any other solutions.

Music & DJs [Future]

Music is one of the most important aspects of dance, every move seems less impressive if it doesn't match the rhythm of your favorite song. Every dancer should have their favorite genre of music, which is directly related to the music the DJ is playing.

The dancers will come with their favorite genre of music, and when it is played by a DJ, the performance of the dance is greatly increased. Playing the wrong music, or no music at all, hinders the performance, which subsequently reduces the amount of advice the dancers receive.

Since DJs only come with a few types of music they can play, the plan is to increase that number and allow them to play all the music the game has to offer. This is necessary if you decide to replace the DJ with a stereo system and control it manually.

In addition, dancers should be able to make friends with the DJ and share their tips to improve their dance performance. Friendly DJs will play the right music for the dancers on stage and will work really hard to make sure they look good while dancing.

Impact, Events and Security [Future]

The current implementation of the strip club function is a baseline experience that aims to provide a club management environment. Starting a strip club is minor, except for the possible loss of money. Dancer employees still require the emotional response and job satisfaction features that can impact your business performance if you neglect your staff.

Running a business can be pretty boring, so adding random events and events should add more variety. Anxious and needy customers, emotional and confused dancers, random accidents, potential quarrels and fights, and other events that require the player's involvement. Each day of running a club will be unique in some way.

When a problem arrives, the best thing to do is to let security deal with it. The bouncer who manages the entrance and charges extra for entry, as well as the security guard who kicks the butt of troubled customers. Anyone who breaks the rules of the club will be met by security and the pavement in front of the club.

Lack of impact makes everyone in the club feel empty. To fill this void, a lasting result is required from visiting the club for the first time, from excessive drinking, from lap dancing or from interacting with charming dancers. Relationship modifiers, individual moods, and reputation changes will come into play after you spend time in the club.

Significant Career [Future]

The main focus of creating a Strip Club is to manage it. The purpose of this function is to create a club, hire dancers and respond to what is happening. Where it is possible to hire a playable sim as a dancer, dancer gameplay is not the most fun experience.

Creating a meaningful gaming career is a challenge in its own right, which is about presenting interesting missions, variety of options, and reasonably fun gameplay. The fact is that the job of a dancer is not very interesting, so turning it into a main function requires much more attention and planning.

When playing as a dancer, you will perform typical tasks that the owner orders you to perform. You are free to do whatever you want as any dancer, but club work is up to you. Perhaps the introduction of more tasks for dancers, but not the exact purpose of the strip club.

Customization [Future]

Managing a club that never gets better can get tedious, so introducing specialized perks that make things easier and better will change that. The higher the tip, the easier it is to satisfy customers, the lower the cost of bar supplies, the less cleaning or accidents. There are many things that can make running your club easier.

The identity of your club should depend not only on the outside, but also on the rules that prevail inside. Defining the rules of your business will allow you to change its atmosphere and character. Maybe you want to require an entry fee, maybe you expect every customer to pay for at least one drink, maybe you have a very strict "do not touch" policy, or you don't want the dancers to talk to anyone and just offer dancing. Being able to manage your business is very important.

Everything you wanted to know about the strip club but were afraid to ask

Let's not be modest - many people love striptease. Looking at a beautiful body is a pleasure. The “oldies” already know: when, where and how. But for those who go to a strip club for the first time, there is a lot to understand. Experienced friends, of course, will tell, but are their judgments correct and what is really possible and what is not?

What if I completely lost my head and ran out of money?

Not uncommon, especially in a place like this. I want to try everything at once. According to the girls themselves, everything is resolved quickly.

- As a rule, they call friends and ask them to transfer or bring money, - says the dancer Anastasia.

There are, of course, cases when cries like “Do you know who I am? Do you know who my father/friend/brother is?” But they are not frequent, and such phrases do not work at all, - the girl says.

Another girl, Irina, gives the most banal and simple advice: do not get drunk and calculate your budget.

- Everything is the same here as in ordinary clubs. For the first time, of course, you will leave a round sum, because everything is new. But the more you walk, the more you see, and it's not so interesting anymore.

What should you never do in a strip club?

All the girls as one say: take pictures and shoot on camera. Everything in the club is strictly confidential and should not go beyond its walls. In addition, each dancer has her own personal life, and it is not a fact that she will want to talk about such work.

Just like everywhere else - a polite attitude towards all employees. Touching and insulting girls is taboo. For this, you will simply be thrown out of the institution and are unlikely to be allowed into it again.

What will a stripper thank you for?

Here the opinions of the girls differ. For some it is enough just to talk, and for others it is enough not to ask too many questions.

- Thank you they will definitely tell you if you don’t get into the girl’s personal life with questions like: “Do you have a boyfriend?”; “What did your parents say to you?”; "How much does it cost to sleep with you?" The last question is very fond of guests from China, - Irina shares.

And of course, many will be grateful for a tip and a good attitude.

What do girls usually "spin" their clients on?

It's trite - a cocktail, good tips, gifts.

- It happens that the girls simply do not warn the guest about this, and when they bring him a bill, a tidy sum appears there. As a rule, the guest pays the cost of the cocktail, - dancer Valeria tells about the secrets.

Is it allowed to touch girls?

Yes, but only back, hips and arms. Everything else is taboo.

- For many dancers it is considered offensive, even if the guest just put his arm around her waist, - says Valeria.

Although it all depends on the dancer herself: some allow you to touch your chest or ass. But if the girl does not allow this, then it is better not to try, otherwise you will not see her next to you anymore - she will simply write a refusal to dance with you.

Is it true that if you bribe the guards, you can count on a favorable attitude in case of unforeseen situations?

A categorical no. The girls themselves say: of course, both friends and acquaintances come, but if they get rowdy, they will put everyone out the door.

“Perhaps you will be forgiven for some trifles, but in the event of a serious failure, you will not have to wait for mercy,” says Irina.

It is impossible to bribe and scare the guards. They have the same attitude towards all guests.

Are they greeted by clothes or will a girl react better to a guest in a tuxedo?

From experience, many girls can say: this is not so. There are those who are well dressed, but behave disgustingly. At the same time, the girls also met those who are dressed "on a C grade", but at the same time - a true gentleman.

- I initially look at the guest himself, how he communicates with other staff. If the behavior is adequate, I go to him, says Valeria.

By the way, they do not like girls and students. As one of the dancers said, communication with such guests will not work: they come to drink and smoke a hookah, nothing more. Sometimes it is not easy for even the most “impudent” girl to tell a student.

Is it possible to find an approach to a girl faster if you make friends with the staff?

Yes, this happens and rarely. Often, guests simply "buy out" the phone numbers of strippers - and for a rather large sum.

A colleague once sold my number for 15,000. He told me about it, and then we just divided the money, - said Valeria.

Such cases are by no means uncommon. As another girl, Anastasia, explained to us, strippers themselves can sell numbers. They do it "foolishly".

- In general, this information should not be given to anyone. But some girls just want easy money. It’s enough for them to “love, buy and fly” for them to melt. And this is bad, because nothing good will come of it.

Do girls enter into relationships with guests?

For strippers, relations with a guest are under a big ban. For this they pay a heavy fine. However, what they do outside the club, no one cares. As the girls themselves said, there were also such cases that the dancer married a guest.

Do girls watch striptease?

Yes, yes, and yes again. Girls really like striptease. But… female. Some say that too pumped bodies of men do not cause pleasant emotions in them.

- Female striptease is more aesthetic, especially if the girl has a beautiful body and she dances, and does not do something vulgar on the pylon, - shares Valeria.

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