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An aspiring actress makes a pact with her fiance to take a job as an exotic dancer to care for her cancer stricken father. Once the pact the couple made is broken, their lives are changed fo... Read allAn aspiring actress makes a pact with her fiance to take a job as an exotic dancer to care for her cancer stricken father. Once the pact the couple made is broken, their lives are changed forever. An aspiring actress makes a pact with her fiance to take a job as an exotic dancer to care for her cancer stricken father. Once the pact the couple made is broken, their lives are changed forever.





  • Director
    • Greg Carter
  • Writer
    • Greg Carter(screenplay)
  • Stars
    • Stacey Dash
    • James Remar
    • Kenny Wormald
  • Director
    • Greg Carter
  • Writer
    • Greg Carter(screenplay)
  • Stars
    • Stacey Dash
    • James Remar
    • Kenny Wormald
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    Stacey Dash

    • Dr. Annie Jones

    James Remar

    • Patrick Moore

    Kenny Wormald

    Omari Hardwick

    • Dr. Don Cook

    Carmen Electra

    Briana Evigan

    Nia Peeples

    Mariel Hemingway

    • Aunt Billie

    K.D. Aubert

    • Jade Lee

    Ali Cobrin

    • Monica

    Quinton Aaron

    Lynn Whitfield

    • Momma Pearl

    Lew Temple

    • Matt Ewing

    Obba Babatundé

    • Roscoe

    Christian Keyes

    Wesley Jonathan

    Robert Hoffman

    • Kevin Shepherd

    Omar Gooding

    • Director
      • Greg Carter
    • Writer
      • Greg Carter(screenplay) (story)
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    Just not good enough

    Considering the title and the fact it stars Carmen Electra made me think this movie would be a lot more entertaining.

    I was hoping for something like Burlesque and after watching the first 20 minutes maybe something as Showgirls... After all it felt like the kind of movie made for TV: just a story in a life of a couple that almost drifts them apart.

    Not intriguing, not surprising, not entertaining.

    I believe the director put as many stripper/lap dance scenes as he could to compensate for the lack of story. I think all these horrible POV angles with very questioning lightning didn't help the movie either.

    Not worth watching.



    • margareth4000
    • Dec 14, 2014


    • Release date
      • December 5, 2014 (United States)
    • Country of origin
      • United States
    • Language
      • English
    • Also known as
      • Monica
    • Production companies
      • Gordon Bijelonic / Datari Turner Films
      • Imprint Entertainment
      • Datari Turner Productions
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      1 hour 40 minutes

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    Before gaining popularity, these stars managed to work as strippers

    February 9, 1893 in Paris, the dancer of the now world-famous cabaret "Moulin Rouge" Mona, right during the performance, allowed herself liberties. The girl took off all her clothes. And for 129 years now, this date has been the birthday of the striptease. At one time, erotic dances were performed by Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum, Lady Gaga, Cardi B. Who hasn't been shy about getting naked in public? Gathered a collection.

    Catherine Zeta-Jones

    Catherine Zeta-Jones. Photo © Instagram / catherinezetajones

    The wife of actor Michael Douglas, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, admitted that she stopped spinning on a pole as soon as she saved up enough money for rhinoplasty. "Obviously a fearless woman!" - the journalists noted, because the star in one fell swoop told both about the operation and about a career in striptease.

    Carmen Electra

    Carmen Electra. Photo © Instagram / carmenelectra

    Candid shots of American model Carmen Electra have been published by Playboy magazine more than once. The star starred in popular films and TV shows, such as Baywatch. Before the start of 90's break into the world of show business, the girl graced the stage, working as a stripper. Years later, she even released a series of aerobic striptease fitness videos. And she also introduced a line of portable poles, with the help of which a frank dance can be danced anywhere.

    Courtney Love

    Courtney Love. Photo © Instagram / courtneylove

    The widow of Nirvana leader Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, made the rock band Hole with the money she earned by striptease. The vocalist in an interview with LA Weekly said that frank dancing brought her $ 300 a day.


    Singer Iv. Photo © Instagram / therealeve

    Now 43-year-old rap singer Eve is a diligent wife expecting her first child. The scene has long submitted to the singer, but it was not always so. In his youth, the star had to work in a strip club in the Bronx. She could barely make ends meet. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the rapper claimed that she did not regret the past, because she was only 18 years old then. “Working as a stripper helped me find myself, become serious. It was depressing - many of the girls had three or four children. I sat and said to myself: “Eve, you don’t belong here, this is not your world.”

    Anna Nicole Smith

    Anna Nicole Smith. Photo © Getty Images / Jeff Kravitz

    1990s sex symbol Anna Nicole Smith was a stripper 30 years ago before appearing on the cover of Playboy. The girl was tired of working in a network of restaurants popular in the United States, trying to feed her six-month-old son, and got a job at a strip club in Houston. According to the model's mother, who was very unhappy with her daughter's choice, Smith liked to undress more than deliver trays.

    Diablo Cody

    Diablo Cody. Photo © Getty Images / BRIAN LINDENSMITH / Patrick McMullan

    Diablo Cody is world-famous for writing the screenplay for Juno (2007), for which the American won an Oscar. Not everyone is aware that the brilliant screenwriter started out as a stripper and even kept a frank blog on this topic. In an interview with The Telegraph, Cody said that as a writer she feels much more naked than as a strip dancer. “When I was undressing, I felt pretty emotionally neutral, because it was not a huge event in my life. And when I watch Juno, there are fragments that I can only look through my fingers, because it makes me cringe at how It's personal," she said.

    Strippers reveal what's really hidden in private dance rooms

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    9002 Zivert singers revealed her dark past when she worked as a go-go dancer
    Lap dance video



    Lap dance - video that will reveal all the secrets of seduction to you. Strip dance is the most sensual dance of the soul! This is an opportunity to know oneself, to reveal the possibilities given at birth to everyone, to diversify a well-established love situation over the years. Strip dancing is not only a private dance. Among other things, it is also an important psychological training. Indeed, in order to perform it, you must learn to concentrate your emotions and attract the attention of all those around you, causing them to admire your body and the ability to control it. Start lap dance exercises and very soon you will significantly improve the sexual plasticity of your body!
    Lap dance - video , which you can watch online at any time convenient for you. Happy viewing!

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    Cat plastic surgery



    Cat plastic surgery - video that will teach you to move gracefully, and most importantly - to seduce with the help of this man. Striptease is not just chaotic mechanical movements. This is the whole art of owning your beautiful body. Plasticity of a cat - a video lesson that will reveal to you all the delights of an amazing dance - striptease. It will not seem vulgar to you, rather the opposite. It is very easy and simple to seduce a man using various tricks, such as the sexual movements of a cat's plastique. The most important thing is to own your body 100%.
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    Striptease for a loved one



    Striptease for a loved one - video , in which you will find answers to your questions about how you can please your loved one with the help of dance. Body signals sent by a woman through dance, often better than words, can communicate her desires, feelings, mood. The flexibility of the female body, rhythmic and graceful movements, can have an almost magical effect on a man. It is for this reason that many men like to watch the body movements of a striptease for a loved one. That is why every woman who wants to be desirable and seductive needs to have her own dance in her arsenal - a striptease for her beloved.
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    Strip training
    User Rating: / 1
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    Strip training - video , which will help you master all the most important elements of this most sexy dance. The main task is to learn how to move in such a way that, in a completely closed dress, give such a feeling of the female body that men cannot take their eyes off you! The female body is beautiful if it is plastic and moves gracefully. By learning strip plastic, you reincarnate, reveal your most secret desires and, most importantly, you bring them to life! Moving non-stop, you train your heart and get rid of the hated kilograms. Also, this training in stripplasty contributes to the development of flexibility and plasticity, toning muscles, developing coordination of movements and harmonizing the psycho-emotional state.
    Strip training - video , which you can watch online at any time convenient for you. Enjoy watching!

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    Strip fitness



    Strip fitness video in which you will see the famous actress and model Carmen Electra teach the basics of the world famous strip fitness. The videos will be very useful for ladies who want to learn how to dance striptease at home. In addition to the seductive moves of the strip fitness, you will receive recommendations on the use of accessories and how to create an image in the dance. And at the same time, everything, again, is extremely simple, that is, it does not require a high level of training. Strip fitness is a great way to show everyone your charms and keep yourself in good shape.


    Strip dance - great video with which you will learn how to dance the sexiest dance - striptease. Strip dance - a dance of emancipation, passion and sensuality creates a small performance that captivates not only your hearts, but also makes random, and maybe not very random, observers hold their breath! Dancing strip dance you will feel freer. Even in everyday life, your movements will become more confident and softer, and many complexes will leave you forever.
    Strip dance - video available for viewing online. We wish you pleasant viewing and easy learning!

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    Strip school



    Striptease school - another exciting video for learning strip dance. Historians say: Cleopatra was not an outstanding beauty, but it is known for certain that with the help of the Dance of Love she could bewitch anyone. Confirmation of this is the long-term passion for her, great men: first, Julius Caesar, and later, the commander Mark Antony. Plasticity and grace, sexuality expressed through movements are the most important qualities that help a woman in the art of seduction. Video "Strip School" will give you a great start in learning this sexy dance.
    Striptease school - video available for viewing online. We wish you a pleasant viewing!

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    Stripping lessons video



    Striptease lessons - training video on how to dance striptease correctly and beautifully. The study and development of all known elements on the pylon (pole) - twists, temples, swings, hooks, etc. The main emphasis of the stripplasty lessons is on the study of the pole, as the basis in the art of striptease (safe warm-up and stretching exercises, the gradual development of 30 graceful movements with the pole, the correct positions of the arms, body and legs, the necessary “professional advice”). In the Video lessons of stripplasty you will see how to easily learn to control your body and seduce any man.
    Stripping lessons - video available for viewing online. Happy viewing!

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    Striptease training



    Striptease training - video , for those who are interested in striptease classes. Do you want to attract attention, arouse interest? Then this striptease training video is what you need. Fascinating classes under the guidance of an experienced trainer will allow you to quickly master the basic movements of the most fashionable modern dances. Striptease training is a fire of growing passion - his sensuality is a prelude, an invitation to develop relationships beyond the dance floor.

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