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  • High-Quality Michaela Medium Length Loose Soft Curl Wig- Full Wig

    High-Quality Michaela Medium Length Loose Soft Curl Wig- Full Wig

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    $99.95 Sale

  • Michaela Long Length Loose Curl Hair Wig for Irish Dancing Competition

    Michaela Long Length Loose Curl Hair Wig for Irish Dancing Competition

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    $129. 00 Sale

  • Keara Irish Dancing Single Curl Hair Bun Wig in Various Colors

    Keara Irish Dancing Single Curl Hair Bun Wig in Various Colors

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    $71.00 Sale

  • Keara Irish Dance Double Curl Hair Bun Wig Made in Ireland

    Keara Irish Dance Double Curl Hair Bun Wig Made in Ireland

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    $84.00 Sale

  • Natural Kara Double Loose Curl Irish Dance Bun Wig

    Natural Kara Double Loose Curl Irish Dance Bun Wig

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    $54.00 Sale

  • Stunning Irish Dance Flexible Headband with Clear and Violet Crystals On White Backing

    Stunning Irish Dance Flexible Headband with Clear and Violet Crystals On White Backing

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    $65.99 Sale

  • Stylish Irish Dance Flexi Headband with AB Clear and Navette Crystals On Black Backing

    Stylish Irish Dance Flexi Headband with AB Clear and Navette Crystals On Black Backing

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    $65. 99

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    $65.99 Sale

  • Gorgeous Sophie Irish Dancing Headband with Small Rhinestone Crystals

    Gorgeous Sophie Irish Dancing Headband with Small Rhinestone Crystals

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  • Exquisite Sinead Irish Dancing Headband with Rhinestone Crystals

    Exquisite Sinead Irish Dancing Headband with Rhinestone Crystals

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    $11.50 Sale

  • Irish Dance Lucy Headband Rhinestone Crystal Headband for Girls

    Irish Dance Lucy Headband Rhinestone Crystal Headband for Girls

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    $11.50 Sale

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Sarah Loose Curl Bun Wig – I Dance Irish

Wig Colour:

#4 Espresso - Nearly Black

#2 Midnight - Jet Black#4 Espresso - Nearly Black#6 - Coffeebean - Very Dark Brown#8 Cocoa - Medium Chestnut Brown#10 Luscious Caramel - Light Medium Brown#12 Pecan - Very Light Brown#14t/24 Creme Soda - Light Golden Brown mix with blonde#24bt/18 Buttered Toast - Light Brown with Golden Blonde Tips#613 Canary - Bright Barbie Platinum Blonde#22A - Chardonnay - Bright Ash Blonde with a hint of golden sun#27T/613 Marshmallow - Canary Blonde with Golden Tones#24A Honey Glaze - Golden Blonde#24BT613A Creme Brulee - Light Canary Blonde#133c - Strawberry Shortcake - Medium dark Red#144A - Shortcake - Mousey Blonde

Product Options #2 Midnight - Jet Black - Sold out #4 Espresso - Nearly Black - £44. 50 #6 - Coffeebean - Very Dark Brown - £44.50 #8 Cocoa - Medium Chestnut Brown - £44.50 #10 Luscious Caramel - Light Medium Brown - £44.50 #12 Pecan - Very Light Brown - £44.50 #14t/24 Creme Soda - Light Golden Brown mix with blonde - £44.50 #24bt/18 Buttered Toast - Light Brown with Golden Blonde Tips - £44.50 #613 Canary - Bright Barbie Platinum Blonde - £44.50 #22A - Chardonnay - Bright Ash Blonde with a hint of golden sun - £44.50 #27T/613 Marshmallow - Canary Blonde with Golden Tones - £44.50 #24A Honey Glaze - Golden Blonde - £44.50 #24BT613A Creme Brulee - Light Canary Blonde - £44.50 #133c - Strawberry Shortcake - Medium dark Red - £44. 50 #144A - Shortcake - Mousey Blonde - £44.50



Sarah Bun Wig                                                                              

Do you want to transform your look?  Does natural elegance appeal to you?   Are you looking for a lightweight upstyle to enhance your dancer's profile on stage?

Then Look no further: -

idanceirish offer top of the range Irish Dancing Wigs, the Ultimate in elegance.

The team at idanceirish are thrilled to introduce our very own range of Irish Dancing Wigs.  Designed and manufactured with an unconditional guarantee of quality, The Sarah Range of wigs truly offers natural glamour at a quality price.  We are the preferred supplier of fantastic, quality wigs to thousands of Irish Dancers and Dance Schools who return time and again to experience the exemplary quality and choice of products along with our first rate individual service.

The Sarah Bun Wig features

  • Looser curls with extra length and volume.
  • Natural Movement
  • Perfect Density
  • Superior Sheen
  • Gorgeous Full Size
  • Range of Colours
  • Natural glamour and elegance

Wigs are as much about comfort and confidence as anything else.  It is important to get a wig that is right for your needs.  Idanceirish are wig specialists.  Please contact us for help and advice regarding your colour and wig requirements on [email protected] , [email protected]  or call us +44 (0) 2844 831043

 Wigs can be exchanged if returned in its full original packaging with labels etc. still attached and in a perfect unworn state, within a reasonable time scale. 

Please contact one of our friendly staff if you require further assistance on +44(0)2844831043/ email us at [email protected]



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How to collect hair under a wig: tips from professionals

It's not enough to choose the perfect wig, you still need to put it on correctly. And if for people who have lost their own hair, this is not a problem, then for girls with long thick braids the question is “how to put your hair under a wig?” very relevant. You want no one to know about wearing a wig. And to make you feel comfortable throughout the day. And of course, it is imperative to look beautiful and natural in a wig.

Therefore, we decided to write a detailed checklist for our customers and just people who want to know how to properly wear a wig with their hair. We hope that the recommendations of our experts will help you look stunning in any wig.

How to properly tuck your hair under a wig

  • If you have shoulder-length or lower curls, divide them into two equal parts and style them with flagella at the back of the head. You can fix the styling with small invisibility.
  • If the hair is not only long, but also thick, it is better to divide it into small strands and pin it all over the head. To do this, take a small strand, twist it around your finger, and lay it in a ring on the back of your head. On the head, you will get a smooth surface on which the wig cap will sit securely and comfortably.
  • With short hair, everything is much easier - just comb it back and remove the parting. To fix the bangs, you can use a fabric bandage or a thin bezel.

After the hair is combed, it must be treated with a fixing varnish or a degreasing alcohol solution. This will make the surface of the head perfectly smooth and remove excess oil from the hair.

How to hide your hair and wear a wig: checklist from the experts

1. Adjust the size of the wig

To do this, try it on, and then reduce or increase the size of the hat with the help of rubber bands that are inside each product, in the back of the head.

It is very important to choose the right size wig from the very beginning, because how it fits on your head affects not only your appearance, but also your feeling of comfort. Too small will constantly move out or put pressure on the temples. Too big will cause eternal anxiety "is my hair in place." The hands themselves will reach for the false hair to “seat” them into place.

Specialists recommend making purchases in a specialized wig store , where you can not only touch the product, but also try it on, choose the perfect size, color, design.

2. Put on the net

It does several things at once:

  • Holds hair securely. No matter how high-quality invisibles and hairpins you use, there is always a risk that a bang or a strand of your hair will slip out from under the wig. With a grid, such embarrassment will not happen. It also prevents your own hair from getting tangled under the wig.
  • Keeps the wig from slipping and sliding during the day. This is especially true for women who actively move at work or go to a dance party. The mesh material is completely non-slip, so any displacement of artificial hair is excluded.
  • In
  • , the mesh creates a small layer between the wig cap and your head, allowing the skin to breathe. This barrier reduces perspiration, and if you do get sweaty, the mesh will absorb moisture into itself, leaving your wig cleaner for much longer.

Parikof store each purchased wig receives a net as a gift, because we want our customers to look perfect and feel comfortable every minute.

How to put long hair under a wig with a fishnet:

  1. Pull the net, starting at the back of the head, gradually gathering all the hair under it.
  2. The front edge of the mesh should reach the natural hairline.
  3. Part the hair under the cap so that there are no “humps”.
  4. Fasten the mesh with invisibility to secure it.

The same mesh can be used for different wigs. It is made of hypoallergenic fabric, has a universal size and is easy to wash.

3. Putting on the wig

Start pulling it with both hands, from the hairline on the forehead, slowly and carefully distributing it all over the head to the back of the head. Customize your hair. Make sure that the wig sits symmetrically and does not slip over your forehead, below your natural hairline.

If there is a feeling that the product does not fit tightly, secure it with invisible hair at the temples, grabbing a net and your own hair. Make sure that the invisible ones are not noticeable and do not spoil the hairstyle.

It remains to style the hair beautifully and check whether it is the same length on all sides. If you did everything right, the wig will “sit” on your head like a native and will not cause you any trouble. If in doubt, remove and repeat the procedure.

4. Laying

The hair of the wig is combed with a wide-toothed comb or massage brush. The styling option depends on the hair material:

  • Kanekalon and modacrylic are easy to model. These materials are based on an extract from seaweed, and the fibers themselves have a memory effect - they return to the shape set in production even after multiple washes. Kanekalon wigs look natural and have the same aesthetics as natural hair, and are much more affordable. The only negative is that they cannot be curled and exposed to high temperatures.
  • thermofibre wigs offer more styling and fashion experimentation – they can be curled, ironed, dried and blow-dried. Thermal fiber hair is free from artificial shine, soft and pleasant to the touch, does not cause allergies and is suitable for daily wear.
  • Natural wigs are eternal favorites despite the price. With proper care, they last at least 3 years, look as natural as possible and allow you to change hairstyles at least every day. Natural hair can be dyed and tinted, curled and straightened. You can make your hair smoother or lush - it all depends solely on personal preferences.

If the bangs are too long, this can be easily corrected directly in the store where the wig is purchased. Bangs are usually modeled with a margin, for any forehead height and face shape.

How to hide long hair under a wig

Packing a thick waist-length braid under the wig so that the strands do not come out and stick out in all directions is not an easy task. Wigs are bought not only to hide the lack of hair, but also for a complete transformation, vivid experiments with images, and sometimes for a radical change in image and lifestyle.

If you part with long curls, subject them to dyeing, straightening or curling your hand, just buy short hair wig . This is an inexpensive, comfortable way to change your appearance without harming your own hair. There is only one question left - how to collect your long hair under a wig?

Here's how experts recommend doing it:

  • Braid your hair into three "dragons" (if the hair is very thick, there may be 4-5).
  • Pigtails should be distributed evenly and carefully pick up all the strands in them.
  • The ends of the braids should be driven to the back of the head and fixed there with hairpins. Lonely hairs can be “combed” with gel.

How to put hair under a wig without a net

A wig net is a very convenient and necessary accessory. You can buy it in a salon that sells wigs, or order it in an online store. And you can do it yourself - from nylon tights or stockings. It is enough to tie a knot at one end, put the resulting hat on your head and cut off all the excess.

Of course, a homemade mesh will not be as functional and aesthetic as a professional one. She is not able to securely fix the hair and keep it under the wig during sudden movements, active actions.

Long hair can be tucked under a wig without a net if it is tightly braided and securely fixed with invisibility. If you have an ultra-short haircut, you may not need a mesh. But girls with squares cannot do without this accessory - it is difficult to braid pigtails, but it is necessary to pick up hair sticking out in all directions. Therefore, it is better not to experiment and put on a mesh. Moreover, it is comfortable to wear, and it is inexpensive.

By following these simple tips, you can easily hide your hair under a wig without worrying that your own curl will come out from under it at the most inopportune moment. Be sure to check out our blog for interesting articles and helpful professional advice on choosing, wearing and caring for wigs.

How to put on a wig: easy, fast, safe

If you are going to wear a wig, do it right and in style! In this step-by-step article, we'll walk you through how to wear your wig correctly to look your best and feel comfortable at the same time.

How to put on a wig quickly and easily: instructions from the pros

1. Prepare your hair. Short ones need to be combed back and fix the bangs with a thin rim. Divide the length to the shoulders and below into several parts, braid with pigtails or tie with ponytails, and fasten the ends with invisibility. If there is no hair, there is no problem. It is enough to treat the scalp with an alcohol solution and you can put on a wig.

2. Put on the special mesh. It tightly fixes the wig and does not allow it to slip off with active movements of the head. Plus - it hides all the irregularities of the hairstyle. The mesh is first put on the neck, and then lifted onto the head, aligned along the hairline and begin to gently spread over the head, hiding the hair under it. The ends of the mesh are fixed with clips-hairpins in the back of the head.

3. Now it's the turn of the wig. Take it with both hands at once and begin to carefully pull it from your forehead, carefully spreading the cap over your entire head, to the very back of your head. It remains only to adjust the hairstyle for yourself so that the wig sits exactly, not below and not above the natural growth line of your hair. If it seems that the wig did not fit tightly, fix it with invisible hair in the temple area, capturing the net and a strand of your hair. Or put on glue (we will talk about this below).

4. Final touches. Comb the hair of the wig and style it as required Material:

  • Synthetic wigs made of kanekalon and modacryl are enough to comb, spray with water and style with your hands. These products should not be curled, dried with a hot hair dryer and generally subjected to thermal effects. The advantage is that kanekalon has the ability to "remember" and retains a given shape even after active use and numerous washes.
  • Thermofibre models , on the contrary, are not afraid of curling with curling irons and irons. They easily withstand exposure to 180-200 degrees, so they provide more opportunities for creativity and creating new hairstyles, curls and curls.
  • Natural wigs will need to be styled every time after washing, just like your own hair. But at the same time, they look natural, last at least three years and allow you to change hairstyles to your taste and mood every day.

When buying a wig, Parikof store specialists tell and show in detail how to put on a wig, style your hair, and take care of the product. You can always get a free consultation on any issue regarding the choice and wearing of artificial and natural wigs.

To wear with or without mesh?

Professionals recommend wearing wigs with a special mesh, and there are several good reasons for this:

  • It holds your own hair well and prevents it from getting tangled under the wig.
  • Eliminates the risk of any unruly strand or short bangs slipping out from under the wig cap.
  • Prevents the wig from slipping through the hair and scalp, prevents it from slipping when turning the head sharply and waving.
  • The mesh material is hypoallergenic and pleasant to the touch, it creates a small air gap between the scalp and the base of the wig, which makes wearing the latter more comfortable.
  • The mesh absorbs moisture well, so in the summer, when perspiration increases, the wig cap stays clean longer.

We give away a net for free with every wig purchased from Parikof stores, so that our customers not only look perfect, but also feel comfortable and at ease.

You can do without the mesh if you have a short pixie or boy haircut. But it is extremely difficult for girls with bob hair to tie ponytails or braid them to fix and hide them under a wig. Some girls, in an attempt to save money, use nylon stockings - they tie a knot at one end and cut off the excess length from the other. But don't expect a secure fit with such a homemade accessory.

The special mesh is inexpensive and very convenient to use. You can choose a light or dark shade, the color of your hair, or you can universal beige.

How to quickly and easily put on a wig for long hair

A wig allows you to instantly change your appearance, and for this it is not at all necessary to trim your hard-growing curls. It is enough to hide them well under the net and know the technology, how to put on a wig for long hair correctly, quickly and easily:

1. First, carefully comb your hair. If they are fluffy and electrified, a spray for hair smoothness with a thermal protection effect or ordinary mineral water will help to remove static.

2. Long curls are best divided into two parts, twisted crosswise at the back of the head and fixed with invisibility. But this must be done very carefully, as the invisible ones can crawl out through the base of the wig and damage it. From above, the laying must be fixed with a mesh (as we described above).

3. Now it's the turn of the wig. It also needs to be prepared before putting it on. First, adjust the size of the cap so that the product fits snugly on your head, but does not cause discomfort. Secondly, comb the hair of the wig well and put it on as described above in the instructions.

Remember, if you've worn a wig for 10-12 days, it's time to wash it. How to do this, we told in detail here .

Do not collect long curls in one voluminous bun - it will bulge ugly and can deform the base of the wig. If the hair is not only long, but also thick, just braid 3-4 "dragon-pigtails" or make two low ponytails, and then put the ends under the net (it will fix them securely).

How to put on a wig with and without bangs

A model with bangs is much easier to put on than a product without it ( lace front wigs ). In the first case, it is enough to hide your hair under the net and put a wig on your head. And then just “seat” it in place - visually compare the length of the hair from all sides, correct the fit if necessary, comb and style the strands to your liking. The bangs hide the front growth line of the curls, so no tricks are required here.

As for lace front wigs, you'll have to try hard. But the effect of a completely natural hairstyle is worth it. These models come without bangs. Instead, on the front line, there is a transparent mesh (monofaliment), into which hairs are woven (100% handmade). Thanks to this technology, a visual effect of natural hair growth is created, and the hairstyle looks as relaxed and natural as possible.

Wigs of this kind are called Hollywood hair because they are often worn by celebrities who want to hide the imperfections of their own hair.

How do you put lace front wigs on your head? Just like any other wig, they first hide their hair under the net, and then they put on the wig itself. Here the forehead line deserves special attention, so there are secrets and features:

1. If the wig is new, then you need to first cut the front mesh along the line of your hair growth, as the manufacturer leaves it too long.

2.. Lace front wigs without bangs are fixed with glue, which lubricates the edges of the mesh so that the hairstyle does not move out and stays firmly on the head all day. You can also use a special adhesive tape (it is double-sided), which is placed on the forehead and temples.

3. To prevent the wig from getting stained with glue, it is better to put it in a ponytail and fasten it. The glue should be applied with a thick brush and allowed to dry for 2-3 minutes before putting on the wig.

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