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The Best Simon Says List of Commands (200 Ideas)

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Simon Says is a timeless game played by kids of all ages. It’s fun, it’s educational, and it’s a great way to engage children.

This Simon Says list of commands (there are 200) will keep you busy and includes different types of commands – simple, funny, silly, active, etc.

What are the Benefits of Playing Simon Says?

Why is Simon Says a good game for preschoolers and older kids? 

Here are just a few reasons:

  • It teaches kids listening skills
  • It improves concentration and memory
  • It’s an active game that can build gross motor skills
  • It teaches kids to follow instructions
  • It builds vocabulary
  • It’s good for cognitive development

What are the Rules of Simon Says?

How do you play Simon Says in class or with a group of children at home?

The Simon Says rules are simple:

  • One child is chosen to be Simon.  
  • Simon faces the group of children and must give action commands for them to follow.
  • If Simon gives a command beginning with the words “Simon Says,” as in “Simon Says clap your hands,” the children must follow the instruction.
  • To trick someone on Simon Says, Simon must give a command that doesn’t begin with the words “Simon Says.” As an example, if Simon just says “Clap your hands,” the children must stand still and not follow the command.
  • Anyone who moves when the command does not include “Simon Says” is out and must sit down.
  • The winner is the last child standing.
  • The winner can then be Simon in the next round.
  • If playing with very young children, an adult can think of the commands and play the role of Simon.

Can you play Simon Says with one child?

Yes, you can still play Simon Says if you don’t have a group of children. You and your child can take turns being Simon and thinking of commands for the other to act out.

Playing one-on-one is a great way to introduce this game to a toddler.

List of Simon Says Game Commands

Simon Says tasks or commands are the actions that Simon instructs the children to perform (or pretend to perform in some cases). Here is a list of 200 to choose from.

Many of these will have kids giggling away as they pretend to perform some ridiculous actions.

Either give these commands as they are, or leave off the words “Simon Says” to see if children are paying attention.

  1. Simon says brush your teeth
  2. Simon says run on the spot
  3. Simon says blink your eyes 
  4. Simon says tell someone your name
  5. Simon says put your hands behind your back
  6. Simon says swim in the ocean
  7. Simon says stretch as high up as you can
  8. Simon says bend over and look through your legs at the people behind you
  9. Simon says turn the spaghetti on your fork
  10. Simon says purr like a cat
  11. Simon says stick out your tongue
  12. Simon says turn your body into a banana shape
  13. Simon says kick your knees high up
  14. Simon says run to the wall and run back
  15. Simon says read your book
  16. Simon says wink at someone next to you
  17. Simon says shout as loud as you can
  18. Simon says feel your heartbeat
  19. Simon says make a sandwich
  20. Simon says rub your tummy
  21. Simon says crawl like a baby
  22. Simon says bark like an excited dog
  23. Simon says do a handstand
  24. Simon says balance on your surfboard
  25. Simon says give a thumbs up
  26. Simon says clap your hands
  27. Simon says be an octopus
  28. Simon says tickle yourself under your arms
  29. Simon says smell your feet
  30. Simon says close your eyes and make a wish
  31. Simon says hop on one foot
  32. Simon says sing your favourite song
  33. Simon says balance on the tips of your toes
  34. Simon says smile at someone near you
  35. Simon says touch something blue
  36. Simon says go to sleep
  37. Simon says fly your dragon
  38. Simon says jump as high as you can
  1. Simon says cry like a baby
  2. Simon says sit down and cross your legs
  3. Simon says spin like a propellor
  4. Simon says put your glasses on
  5. Simon says bite into your apple
  6. Simon says push your baby in a pram
  7. Simon says draw a star in the air
  8. Simon says high five the person next to you
  9. Simon says count your fingers
  10. Simon says lie on your back and pedal your bicycle
  11. Simon says have a chat on your phone
  12. Simon says throw your fishing line in the lake
  13. Simon says make a big yawn
  14. Simon says tell a knock-knock joke
  15. Simon says climb up a mountain
  16. Simon says wash your hair in the shower
  17. Simon says everyone make a big circle
  18. Simon says everyone stand in a line
  19. Simon says hide behind someone else
  20. Simon says milk the cow
  21. Simon says brush your hair
  22. Simon says laugh like you have heard the funniest joke
  23. Simon says draw a shape in the air
  24. Simon says give someone near you a hair cut
  25. Simon says balance a dish of plates in your hand
  26. Simon says hiss like a snake
  27. Simon says move along the ground like a snail
  28. Simon says catch a flying bug with your tongue
  29. Simon says flap your wings and fly like a butterfly
  30. Simon says trumpet like an elephant as loudly as you can
  31. Simon says snap like a crocodile
  32. Simon says leap like a frog
  33. Simon says yawn like a hippo
  34. Simon says run faster than a leopard
  35. Simon says walk like a crab
  36. Simon says roar as loud as you can
  37. Simon says hoot like an owl
  38. Simon says wobble like a jellyfish
  39. Simon says jump around like a monkey, saying “oo-oo-ee-ee”
  40. Simon says tweet like a bird
  41. Simon says ride a horse
  42. Simon says be an angry elephant
  43. Simon says congratulate someone by shaking their hand
  44. Simon says look angry
  1. Simon says look excited
  2. Simon says ask someone a question
  3. Simon says plant a flower
  4. Simon says point to your ears
  5. Simon says touch your ankles
  6. Simon says touch your left shoulder
  7. Simon says twist yourself into a pretzel
  8. Simon says stand back to back with someone
  9. Simon says touch your knees together
  10. Simon says give yourself a big hug
  11. Simon says fold your arms
  12. Simon says do a dance
  13. Simon says wave your hands in the air
  14. Simon says be a tree in the wind
  15. Simon says look left and look right
  16. Simon says drive your racing car
  17. Simon says turn around 3 times
  18. Simon says climb up the stairs
  19. Simon says cross the river without falling in
  20. Simon says fly like a plane
  21. Simon says bend over and touch your shins
  22. Simon says do three jumping jacks
  23. Simon says pat yourself on the back
  24. Simon says count to 10
  25. Simon says wiggle your nose
  26. Simon says tickle your toes
  27. Simon says tap your head
  28. Simon says play the flute
  1. Simon says play the guitar
  2. Simon says play a tune on the piano
  3. Simon says pull your ears
  4. Simon says do a yoga pose
  5. Simon says turn your body into a circle
  6. Simon says sweep the floors
  7. Simon says hammer a nail into the ground
  8. Simon says rub the magic lamp
  9. Simon says tell the genie your three wishes
  10. Simon says have a sword fight
  11. Simon says be a hissing cobra
  12. Simon says cast a magic spell
  13. Simon says take a ride on a witches broom
  14. Simon says stir the soup
  15. Simon says balance on a tightrope
  16. Simon says build a house
  17. Simon says look through your telescope
  18. Simon says act like a pirate
  19. Simon says open a treasure chest and see what’s inside
  20. Simon says tell a story
  21. Simon says sing the Happy Birthday song
  22. Simon says blow up a balloon
  23. Simon says make a cup of tea
  1. Simon says fly a kite
  2. Simon says be an annoying mosquito
  3. Simon says eat a carrot like a bunny
  4. Simon says chase leaves flying in the wind
  5. Simon says open your umbrella
  6. Simon says build a tower with blocks and bash it down
  7. Simon says holds hands with someone
  8. Simon says put your socks and shoes on
  9. Simon says skate on ice
  10. Simon says row your boat
  11. Simon says wash your hands
  12. Simon says hit the tennis ball over the net
  13. Simon says push your baby in a pram
  14. Simon says sit on your chair
  15. Simon says vacuum the floor
  16. Simon says pick a flower and give it to someone
  17. Simon says lift up a heavy weight
  18. Simon says catch a butterfly with your net
  19. Simon says rock your baby to sleep
  20. Simon says walk in really high shoes
  21. Simon says be a scary zombie
  22. Simon says make fish lips
  23. Simon says slam the door closed
  24. Simon says crawl under someone’s legs
  25. Simon says rake the garden leaves
  26. Simon says blow out your candles and make a wish
  27. Simon says juggle your balls in the air
  28. Simon says take a bow
  29. Simon says link arms and make a train
  30. Simon says walk backwards
  31. Simon says link arms with each other
  32. Simon says whisper a word to someone
  33. Simon says make up a silly word
  34. Simon says wag your tail
  35. Simon says groom yourself like a cat
  36. Simon says throw a tantrum on the floor
  37. Simon says put on some earrings
  38. Simon says be a scary monster
  39. Simon says put on your crown and be a princess
  1. Simon says turn into a frog
  2. Simon says make up a new name for yourself and tell someone
  3. Simon says be a scarecrow
  4. Simon says cluck like a chicken
  5. Simon says bleat like a goat
  6. Simon says quack like a duck
  7. Simon says neigh like a horse
  8. Simon says grunt like a pig
  9. Simon says be a wriggly worm 
  10. Simon says have a nap
  11. Simon says water the flowers
  12. Simon says be a dinosaur breaking out of an egg
  13. Simon says be an adult dinosaur
  14. Simon says be a peacock and show off your feathers
  15. Simon says run as fast as the gingerbread man
  16. Simon says knit a scarf with your needles
  17. Simon says put your hat on
  18. Simon says stir some sugar into your tea
  19. Simon says be a cheeky monkey
  20. Simon says be a melting snowman
  21. Simon says pretend to kick a ball on your knees
  22. Simon says do a magic trick
  23. Simon says crack an egg on someone’s head
  24. Simon says lick your ice-cream
  25. Simon says count your chickens
  26. Simon says hide in your turtle shell
  27. Simon says pick apples from a tree
  28. Simon says ride your tractor on the farm

How Can I Make Simon Says Easier for Young Kids?

Make these commands easier for younger children by:

  • Giving only one command at a time (no multi-step commands)
  • Calling them out slowly and clearly
  • Starting with the simpler commands (usually those that involve simple body movements such as “put your hands on your head”)

Here are more Simon Says ideas and some games similar to Simon Says.

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Just Dance 3 Medal List

One of the joys of playing Just Dance 3 is collecting all the medals. Here's the list of medals, and some tips on how to get them!

Constellation Maker
get 1 star on every song (this is where I am)
get 3 stars on every song
get 5 stars on every song
NOTE: Fairly straightforward. You have to work hard to master each song's moves. You can see the current star count by going out to the "one by one" song screen that moves through them like a jukebox. I wish they showed the star count on the all-on-one-page screen, since that's the one I use the most. They only show which songs have 5 stars on here. At this point I have 3 stars on everything and am working towards the 5 star point song by song.

Sweat and Score
reach 300 sweat points with a 3 star rating on any song
reach 400 sweat points with a 4 star rating on any song
reach 500 sweat points with a 5 star rating on any song
NOTE: Again, fairly straightforward. I find the easiest one to get 500 sweat points on is Jamaican Dance, and once you figure out the moves on that song, it's repetitive and easy.

Just Dancer
play 10 songs
play 75 songs
play 150 songs
NOTE: This is an easy one, it's simply a cumulative counter. So after a while it will naturally happen.

The Good Dancer
become a star drummer in "she's got me dancing" (score "GOOD" or better)
NOTE: this part is easy, there's two chances and it's right up front.

become a crystal miner in "pump it" (score "GOOD" or better)
NOTE: It took me FOREVER to get this to trigger. In my case I got the entry "mining part" (where crystals come from the floor) perfect, an OK in the two middle sections, and a perfect at the end mining part. It gave me the medal. So it might just be the first or last that you need. I had gotten a single perfect middle area before and it didn't trigger so it could also be that you need 2 out of the 4 of them perfect.

become a real pianist in "take on me" (score "GOOD" or better)
NOTE: Compared with the pain and agony of the crystal miner, this was a one-shot easy one. Just do well in the hands-angled-down two parts.

The Good Duet
fall in love in "Something Stupid" (score "GOOD" or better with both dancers)
NOTE: The part where she bends down to hold his hand, just move smoothly and you should get it.

go through the x-ray in "Da Funk" (score "GOOD" or better with both dancers)
NOTE: The part where you can see their bones, again not too tricky

know your moves on the ground in "Beautiful Liar" (score "GOOD" or better with both dancers)
NOTE: The part when they're both kneeling. This just takes practice.

The Good Crew
show your love in "boogie wonderland" (score "GOOD" or better with 4 dancers)
NOTE: I'm afraid I don't have four dancers, so I can't test these. Does anyone know what the rest are?

Master Simon
don't lose a single point on "STOP" moves during Simon Says mode
NOTE: The key here is to not worry about other points, because you'll always end up in a sweeping move when they tell you to stop :) Just move as little as possible so when the stop comes up you can.

Get at least 1000 points on every "SHAKE" move on Simon Says mode
NOTE: You have to shake like crazy to get it to fill up, but it is possible.

score every "CLAP" move on simon says mode
NOTE: Takes good timing, but again, possible. Luckily the clap thing gives you some warning, so it only took me a few tries to get it.

Eyes Wide Shut
get 5 stars on any song after disabling pictograms in the options menu
get 5 stars on any 3 songs after disabling pictograms in the options menu
get 5 stars on any 5 songs after disabling pictograms in the options menu
NOTE: This one is fairly easy once you get into the game. I now play with pictograms turned off all the time and it doesn't bother me at all.

Highway to Stars
get 5 stars for 2 songs in a row
get 5 stars for 4 songs in a row
get 5 stars for 6 songs in a row
NOTE: They have to be DIFFERENT SONGS so this is a matter of building your skills up in a number of songs and then doing them all in a row.

Sweat Me a River
earn 1,000 sweat points
earn 10,000 sweat points
earn 30,000 sweat points
NOTE: This is cumulative. You might as well just play in sweat mode all the time since you can get to all the songs and games anyway, and you have the added bonus of the sweat points being added up for you. You earn this fairly quickly if you do.

play at least 5 songs in a row on non-stop shuffle
play at least 15 songs in a row on non-stop shuffle
play at least 30 songs in a row on non-stop shuffle
NOTE: I've only hit the 5 song mark because there are a number of songs in the mix that I'm just not that fond of. I'd rather choose songs I love to play. I wish you could make your own personalized playlist - in that case I'd definitely do this!

finish any song with no x
finish any song with 90% of good or perfect moves
finish any song with 100% of good or perfect moves
NOTE: I'm at the 90% mark but can't get 100% yet. I'm very close on Jamaican Dance but there's always that stray "ok" that sneaks in there on the hand-swirling part :)

Ace Pair
finish any duet with 2 players getting 3 stars on both choreographies
finish any duet with 2 players getting 4 stars on both choreographies
finish any duet with 2 players getting 5 stars on both choreographies
NOTE: I'm only at 4 stars with this. I just can't get the 5 stars on Something Stupid with the mermaid which is my chosen song to try the duet with. I do fine with the diver!

Big Band Theory
finish any dance crew with all 4 players getting 3 stars
finish any dance crew with all 4 players getting 4 stars
finish any dance crew with all 4 players getting 5 stars
NOTE: I don't have four players, so I can't do this one.

Sweaty Hands
get 4 scores of 3 stars on a hold my hand choreography
get 4 scores of 4 stars on a hold my hand choreography
get 4 scores of 5 stars on a hold my hand choreography
NOTE: You have to have a dedicated partner to work on this one :) This is a SPECIFIC SONG in the specials area that you have to do, and all four "players" have to each get 3 stars to achieve the medal. If you only have two people, each person can hold one controller in their left hand and one in their right to give it a shot.

I admit I was so bad at this one that I enlisted my boyfriend and he had to go above and beyond the call of duty to achieve it. He held two controllers in one hand and one in the other. Then halfway through the song we paused and he took the controller I was trying to use, gave me the other one he'd already gotten to 3 stars, and finished the song up. It was the only way we could get to three stars on all four. It's a rough song!

get 3 of the 7 different styles
get 5 of the 7 different styles
get all the styles: twins, energetic, smooth, in rhythm, creative, wild, lazy
NOTE: Most of these you get as you go through normal gameplay. It's just the "twins" one you'll need to get help with.

Also in addition I'll note that you don't get anything at all for crossing 1,000 mojo points. The points just keep counting up.

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This content was written by Lisa Shea. If you wish to use this content in any manner, you need written permission. Contact Lisa Shea for details.

Just Dance 3 - release date, scores, system requirements,

official website




JUST DANCE 3-the third part of the popular musical and dance series JUST Dance from the French company Ubisoft .

Just Dance 3 is a dancing game in which up to 4 users can simultaneously copy the movements of the silhouette characters displayed on the screen. Depending on the platform, this is done using the Wii Remote or PlayStation Move controllers held in the right hand, or the Kinect touch device (on the Xbox 360) that reads the user's movements.

Just Dance 3 was the first game in the series to be released on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 - the previous installments were only available for the Nintendo Wii.


  • Fully animated backgrounds unique to each level. The dancer in the Black Eyed Peas song "Pump It" causes crystals to fall to the ground in sync with the music.
  • There is a "4-part" choreography in certain songs. So, in "I Was Made For Lovin' You", each player imitates one of the members of a group of 4 people.
  • Dance Mashup mode that combines the movements and patterns of multiple songs, providing a unique gaming experience each time.
  • Improved Just Sweat mode with more training plans.
  • Classic Mode, Duet Mode, Medley Mode and Simon Says are among the returned modes.
  • Just Create mode on Xbox 360 that allows you to shoot your own videos on your Kinect camera to upload them online.
  • Kinect version is the first Kinect dance game to support 4 users at the same time.


More than 45 songs will be recorded on the disc, including some new genres for the series, such as Bollywood and reggaeton. Of course, Ubisoft plans to release downloadable content for all 3 versions of Just Dance 3. The Best Buy Exclusive Edition features 2 additional songs - Teenage Dream and E.T. from singer Katy Perry.

  • 2 Unlimited - "No Limit"
  • A-ha – "Take On Me"
  • Anja - "Dance All Nite"
  • Bananarama - "Venus"
  • Black Eyed Peas - "Pump It"
  • Bollywood Rainbow - "Kurio ko uddah le jana"
  • Cee Lo Green - "Forget You"
  • Countdown Mix Masters - "Beautiful Liar"
  • Daft Punk - "Da Funk"
  • Danny Elfman - "This is Halloween"
  • Donna Summer - "I Feel Love"
  • Dr. Creole - "Baby Zouk"
  • Duck Sauce - "Barbara Streisand"
  • Girls Aloud - "Jump (For My Love)"
  • Groove Century - "Boogie Wonderland"
  • Gwen Stefani - "What You're Waiting For"
  • Inspector Marceau - "The Master Blaster"
  • Janelle Monae - "Tightrope (Solo Version)"
  • Jessie J featuring B.o.B - "Price Tag"
  • Brahms by Just Dance Classical Orchestra - "Hungarian Dance No. 5"
  • Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg - "California Gurls"
  • KISS - "I Was Made For Lovin' You"
  • Konshens - "Jamaican Dance"
  • African Ladies - "Pata Pata"
  • Latino Sunset - "mamasita"
  • Laura Bell Bundy - "Giddy On Up (Giddy On Out)"
  • Lena Meyer-Landrut - "Satellite"
  • LMFAO featuring Lauren Bennett and GoonRock – "Party Rock Anthem"
  • Madness - "Night Boat to Cairo"
  • MIKA - "Lollipop"
  • Nelly Furtado featuring Timbaland - "Promiscuous"
  • Pointer Sisters - "I'm So Excited"
  • Queen - "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"
  • Reggaeton Explosion - "Boom"
  • Rita Mitsouko - "Marcia Baila"
  • Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman – "Somethin' Stupid"
  • Scissor Sisters – "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'"
  • Sweat Invaders - "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)"
  • Taio Cruz - "Dynamite"
  • The Buggles – "Video Killed The Radio Star"
  • The Chemical Brothers - "Hey Boy Hey Girl"
  • The Girly Team - "Baby One More Time"
  • The London Theater Orchestra & Cast - "Think"
  • The Sugarhill Gang - "Apache (Jump On It)"
  • Tommy Sparks - "She's Got Me Dancing"
  • Wilson Pickett - "Land of 1000 Dances"


ru - for parents and children.

If you are not familiar with this fun, active game, you are here. If you've already played it, you might be interested to know what unusual movement options (commands) you can use to make the game more fun.

Rules of the game “Simon says…”

“Simon says…” (Simon says…) is a very popular game in English-speaking countries. Three people can participate in it, where one participant becomes the leader, i.e. Simon, who gives commands, for example: "Simon says: Clap your hands". Other players must follow the command. Simon gives commands quickly, and the participants need to not hesitate, and also quickly execute them, otherwise they will be eliminated. In addition, the order must necessarily begin with the words Simon says...

This is a game to develop mindfulness and increase the speed of reaction in children, improve coordination of movement. And in our case, also on a clear understanding of commands in English.

Since the game is very active, it can be used in English lessons as a physical education session. A dynamic melody can sound in the background, but not loudly.

It is better for the teacher to play the role of Simon, as children cannot always keep up the pace of the game.

Possible movements:

Touch your nose. - Touch your nose.
Raise your hand(s). Raise your hand(s).
Raise you left (right) arm. - Raise your left (right) hand.
Close your eyes. Close your eyes.
Touch your ear(s). Touch your ear(s).
Sit down. - Sit down.
Stand up. - Get up.
Stretch up. - Stretch.
Touch you toe(s). - Touch your toe(s).
Rub you chick. Rub your cheek.
Move your head down (up, to the left, to the right). - Tilt your head forward (up, left, right).

Various verbs of motion can be used jump, run, hop, turn around, march and others.

How to make the game more difficult

The older the children, the more difficult the game can become. The host can say a command with the prefix "Simon didn't say ...". Children, of course, should not follow such a command. Those who started to execute the command are eliminated.

You can also use more complex commands, both to understand and to execute:

Touch your left leg with the right hand. - Touch your left leg with your right hand.
Touch you knee with your nose. - Touch your knee with your nose.
Draw with your feet. - Draw feet.
Lift your feet up as high as you can. - Raise your leg as high as you can.
Play air guitar . - Play an imaginary guitar.
Waddle like a penguin. - Waddle like a penguin.
Dance the chacha! - Dance cha-cha-cha.
Rub your tummy and pat your head. - Stroke the belly and tap on the head.
Be a beautiful butterfly princess! - Become a beautiful butterfly princess.
Crawl like a baby. - Crawl like a baby.
Pretend to climb a ladder. - Depict how you climb the stairs.
Bite your lip! - Bite your lip.
Cry like a baby. - Cry like a baby.
Be scissors. - Become scissors.
Start singing. - Start singing.
Walk on your knees. Walk on your knees.
Act like a monkey. - Act like a monkey.
Tickle your friend . - Tickle your friend.
Yawn . - Yawn.
Hide your head in the shirt. - Put your head in your shirt.
Stand on one feet.

Learn more