How to play dancing in the sky on piano

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how to play dancing in the sky on piano



For You



Callum Bruton

Duet this with me 💖 #fyp #foryoupage #fypシ #music #musica #foryourpage #piano #pianomusic #song #sing #singing #singer #sad #angel #love #heaven

TikTok video from Callum Bruton (@officialcallumbruton): "Duet this with me 💖 #fyp #foryoupage #fypシ #music #musica #foryourpage #piano #pianomusic #song #sing #singing #singer #sad #angel #love #heaven". Dancing in the sky - dani and lizzy 💖 | Duet with me 💗💗 | Oh i, i hope your dancing in the sky, i hope your singing in the angels choir, i hope the angels, know what they have, i bet its so nice up in heaven since you arrived.. Dancing In The Sky.


Dancing In The Sky - Dani and Lizzy


Nicole Reynolds

Answer to @the_stardust_system0 sending love x #dancinginthesky #specialsong #walkdowntheaisle #pianogirl #pianocole

12.3K Likes, 373 Comments. TikTok video from Nicole Reynolds (@pianocole): "Answer to @the_stardust_system0 sending love x #dancinginthesky #specialsong #walkdowntheaisle #pianogirl #pianocole". I’m so truly sorry for your loss, my heart goes out to you | Your guests are waiting.. | As you appear..❤️ | .... original sound.

384. 5K views|

original sound - Nicole Reynolds



Piano easiest song for beginners #pianotutorial #beginnerpiano #learning #newsongs #easyplay #like #foryou #tiktokpiano

36.7K Likes, 283 Comments. TikTok video from piano_for_beginners (@piano_for_beginners33): "Piano easiest song for beginners #pianotutorial #beginnerpiano #learning #newsongs #easyplay #like #foryou #tiktokpiano". Learn the easiest song | 3212 333 222 333 3212 3331 22321. sunet original.


sunet original - piano_for_beginners



dancing in the sky #singing #piano #Fyp

TikTok video from _miccccccc (@_miccccccc): "dancing in the sky #singing #piano #Fyp". I hope you’re dancing | in the sky | I hope you’re singing | .... son original.


son original - _miccccccc



Let’s jus ignore the mistakes 🤠#foryoupage #JamieMovie #TakingCareOfBiz #piano #secretaccount

TikTok video from user6615289303932 (@user6615289303932): "Let’s jus ignore the mistakes 🤠#foryoupage #JamieMovie #TakingCareOfBiz #piano #secretaccount". Dancing in the sky- danni & lizzy :). original sound.


original sound - user6615289303932



🎹 quick piano tutorial on how to play dancing in the moonlight 🌙 #pianotutorial #dancinginthemoonlight

TikTok video from M (@thuccsoup): "🎹 quick piano tutorial on how to play dancing in the moonlight 🌙 #pianotutorial #dancinginthemoonlight". original sound.


original sound - M



Dancing in the Sky🌌 #foryou #pianoplayers #TeamUSATryout #foryoupage #fyp #songcover #piano #music #fy

TikTok video from emma (@purple.piano): "Dancing in the Sky🌌 #foryou #pianoplayers #TeamUSATryout #foryoupage #fyp #songcover #piano #music #fy". original sound.


original sound - emma

New dance and variety pieces

New dance and pop pieces - Piano sheet music

Waltzes, tangos, foxtrots

  • Contemporary dances 1958
  • When the evening comes - we dance 1964
  • New dance and pop pieces 1972

Notes for piano for dance and pop music of Soviet composers

Modern dance
for piano
editor-compiler B. Kiyanov
"State Musical Publishing House", 1958
number 1774


From the editor

This publication is intended for a wide range of dance music lovers. The collection includes diverse dance works by Soviet composers, as well as some arrangements of music by foreign authors.
The degree of difficulty in arranging the dance pieces presented in the collection provides for their performance both by professional musicians, in dance schools, at dance evenings, and at home.
Pursuing the goal of popularizing dance music, the compiler of the collection, at the same time, did not reduce the basic professional and artistic requirements for performers, which justifies the well-known difficulty of some pieces of the presented repertoire.

  • Waltz "The First Meeting" by A. Vladimirtsov
  • Tango "Under the southern sky" by V. Ludvikovsky
  • Slow waltz "Dreams"
  • Figured polka B. Kiyanova
  • Slow Foxtrot "Evening Serenade" by A. Vladimirtsov
  • Russian Ballroom M. Ferkelman
  • Slow waltz "Remembrance"
  • Farewell Rome Tango
  • Polka "On the spring pavement" L. Lyadova
  • Slow Waltz "In the Alley" by D. Pritzker
  • Medium Foxtrot "Merry Sparrow"
  • Skaters E. Sirotkina
  • Tango "Hello friends" by A. Tsfasman
  • Medium Foxtrot Lullaby
  • Krakowiak B. Kiyanova
  • Slow Foxtrot "All About You"
  • Waltz gavotte A. Ashkenazi
  • Tango "Spring Melody"
  • Pa-marshmallow B. Kiyanova
  • Figured waltz K. Martyanova
  • March of V. Ludvikovsky

Download collection

Thanks to Alexander for the collection!

When evening comes we dance
for piano
compiled by B. Kiyanov
"Music", 1964
number 206


  • A. Vladimirtsov. Our holiday. Waltz
  • Racine. Laura. Slow Foxtrot. Arranged by B. Kiyanov
  • A. Kolker. Spring Leningrad. Foxtrot
  • Jamaica. Arranged by K. Martyanov
  • D. Pritzker. Squealer. New dance
  • V. Kubicek. Light cloud. Foxtrot. Arranged by B. Kiyanov
  • F. Lemark. Ballad of Paris. Waltz. Arranged by B. Kiyanov
  • B. Kiyanov. Evening rhythm. New dance
  • G. Nosov. Russian patterns. New dance
  • Z. Binkin. Invitation. Slow Foxtrot
  • V. Ludvikovsky. Krakowiak
  • M. Adidakis. Song from the movie "The Piraeus Boys". Processed by E. Vevrik
  • A. Ashkenazi. Dawn. Slow Foxtrot
  • B. Kiyanov. Breeze. New dance
  • V. Shepovalov. Rain on the Neva. Foxtrot. Words by K. Grigoriev and B. Gersht
  • K. Martyanov. Slow waltz
  • Music box. Foxtrot. Arranged by K. Martyanov

Download collection

Thanks to Alexander for the collection!

New dance and variety pieces
for piano
issue 1
compiled by I. Zakharov
"Music", 1972
number 7199


  • A. Zatsepin. Tango from the movie "12 chairs"
  • A. Zatsepin. Artists from the movie "12 chairs"
  • A. Eshpay. The first song from the play "In the evening, after work"
  • M. Partskhaladze. Gali's waltz from the play Alone, Without Angels.
  • M. Partskhaladze. Cuban dance from the radio show "Return"
  • A. Mazhukov. Impromptu
  • A. Mazhukov. Deep down
  • P. Aedonitsky. Fast dance from the movie "Guardian".
  • P. Aedonitsky. On the embankment from the movie "Guardian".
  • Yu. Chinkov. Waltz (music box)
  • Yu. Chinkov. Bossa nova from the movie Carnival.
  • A. Arsky. Youth twist
  • A. Abramov. Guess!
  • A. Abramov. Hello morning!
  • 3. Binkin. Slow waltz
  • N. Rakov. Good mood
  • I. Rakov. Cheerful Clown
  • B. Zhubinskaya. Romance
  • V. Zhubinskaya. March Foxtrot
  • A. Bykanov. Dunes (bossa nova)
  • A. Bykanov. Rococo
  • Yu. Strzhelinsky. Allow me to invite
  • R. Boyko. Silhouettes
  • B. Solovyov. Music Moment
  • A. Polonsky. Slow waltz
  • E. Botyarov. Kapel
  • A. Simonov. sad clown
  • A. Samonov. The month was May
  • L. Tokarev. Evening Melody (Slow Foxtrot)
  • L. Tokarev. Impromptu
  • I. Korolev. Elegy
  • I. Korolev. Today, like yesterday.
  • I. Kefalidi. Portrait of a friend
  • I. Kefalidi. We are good!

Download collection

what dreams did the "Wish Tree" fulfill

December 30, 2020 21:36 Olga Armyakova

Premier presented a synthesizer to a girl from Tver and showed how to play it. What other dreams did the Wishing Tree fulfill?

New Year's Eve is a time of gifts, miracles and wish fulfillment. And for the third year in a row, everyone can become a good wizard for someone. As part of the All-Russian charity event "Wish Tree", hundreds of adults, including ministers and deputies, in their free time and at their own expense give gifts and unforgettable emotions to children with severe diagnoses, as well as from large and low-income families.

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin came to visit little Nadia, who turned five yesterday, with gifts to fulfill her musical dream and give a special girl faith in the New Year's miracle. Nadia asked Santa Claus for a large synthesizer. Her letter ended up on the government's Wishing Tree, where Mikhail Mishustin found it.

This present for Nadya was chosen by the head of the government himself. The girl dreams of learning to play the piano. And this is just the beginning of the journey. In the meantime - a master class from an experienced musician.

All kinds of childhood dreams come true on New Year's Eve at the Wishing Tree. This is an All-Russian charitable action of good deeds, when anyone who wishes, in his personal time and at his own expense, helps those who are seriously ill, left without parents or found themselves in a difficult life situation.

"Krasnaya Presnya" electric depot, from where every morning the trains of the most famous branch of the Moscow metro - the ring one - leave the line. The object is strategic, sensitive. But today is a special day. Here they meet an unusual guest.

This is how a big New Year fairy tale begins for ten-year-old Nikita. A short tour in the driver's cab - and immediately on the road. From the depot - go to the line. Nikita has had this passion for the metro since childhood. He dreams of becoming a machinist, knows the whole history of the subway and shoots videos about each station for his Internet blog. Of course, he will also tell about this journey. After all, this is such a welcome New Year's gift from Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak.

And this is already Kazan, where Lev Slepchenko is preparing for his first flight on a snow-covered airfield. An inspiring childhood dream - to see your favorite city from a height - has come true! After all, nothing is impossible on New Year's Eve. And now how many photos, impressions! Almost half an hour in the sky. An unforgettable trip for the whole family.

Seven-year-old Alina will definitely remember this dance for the rest of her life. Waltz with a dolphin, from which the head is spinning. From the "Moskvarium" - to an official meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs - he is her personal New Year's magician.

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