How to play dancing in the sky on guitar

Dancing In The Sky Chords - Dani And Lizzy

  • G
Capo 5
 G D 
 What does it look like in heaven 
 Em C 
 is it peaceful is it free like they say 
 G D 
 does the sun shining bright forever 
 Em C 
 have your fears and your pain gone away 
 Am Em D 
 cause Here on earth it feels like everything.. good is missing, since you 
 Em C G D 
 left and here on earth everything is different, there is an emptiness 
 Em C 
 oh I, I hope you're dancing in the sky 
 G D 
 I hope you're singing in the angels's choir 
 Em C 
 I hope the angels, know what they have 
 G D 
 I bet it's so nice up in heaven since you arrived 
 G D 
 So tell me what, do you do up in heaven 
 Em C 
 are your days filled with love and light 
 G D 
 is there music? is there art and invention 
 Em C 
 tell me are you happy are you more alive 
 Am Em D 
 cause Here on earth it feels like everything. . good is missing, since you 
 Em C G D 
 left and here on earth everything is different, there is an emptiness 
 Em C 
 Oh I, I hope you're dancing in the sky 
 G D 
 I hope you're singing in the angels's choir 
 Em C 
 I hope the angels, know what they have 
 G D 
 I bet it's so nice up in heaven since you arrived 
 Since you arrived. 

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90,000 it dancing minus chords 🎸 Disassembly of a song for guitar

for reading: 2 Minated: Category: Dancing minus


  1. Chords
  2. Boya
  3. Builder (minus)

All health!

Let's pick up today a simple song of the Dances Minus group - It.

With the same name we analyzed the song in the Friday section: 5nizza - It. True, in today's song the meaning is somewhat different! So, dance chords minus it in the video clip, analysis below.

Lyrics of the Song

No one knows what came out of the water
It stood on the edge, we are in its shadow
Maybe there was nothing, nothing at all
And it didn’t grin and frown
And the moon took it and closed its eyes

And the fog returns to the sky
My dear smiles at me
I squeeze it tighter than strong
The heart beats again, but I thought it was gone

Shadows and bridges, jumped into the bushes
Something terrible, something from within
They scatter, someone's rustles
Everything is hidden, only flashes


It is not known what, it was blown away by the wind
Maybe there was nothing at all
And it didn't grin or frown
And the moon took it and closed its eyes



The song is simple, and the tonality of A-minor simplifies it even more. True, if you sing like Petkun, some notes come out very low (for me, at least). Everything is clear on the chords, no surprises, all the fingerings on the video are available.

Guitar fight

Guitar fight is not difficult either, we have already played the chorus in this song in a similar way: We are not angels, boy. Just in case, I will give the direction of the battle in the picture:

But in words: down, down, up, up, up-down-up-down-up. Such a cycle of guitar fight accelerating towards the end. I see no reason to do tablature, the guitar fight does not change throughout the song, the chords are on the video, so today there are no notes.

Phonogram (minus)

Also for this song I was ordered a quality minus - this is a phonogram without a voice, I was ordered this work for a fee, so for a symbolic reward you can also download this file. MP3 file format. You can buy by clicking on the button:


As usual, for example, I give a cut of pieces of a phonogram (minus), so that you can appreciate the quality of my work:

That's all for today, it turned out quickly. If you have any questions - write comments. Subscribe to not miss new covers and reviews.

All the best to you!

I am really very worried about the current generation, even though the phrase sounds trite. Petkun

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Analysis of songs on the guitar with a detailed description. List of songs.

Contents of the article

  • 1 General information0010
  • 3 Analysis of songs by fighting
  • 4 Analysis of songs by overbringing
  • 5 Songs by fighting and overkill
  • 6 Counting songs on the guitar - Complex compositions
  • 7 How to play the guitar Favorite songs
  • 8 What songs to play on the guitar
  • total total info

    To make it easier for you to search for information and the songs you are interested in, we have prepared a list divided into categories. No matter what level you have reached in your playing skill - here you can definitely find what you like. Especially for beginners, there is a section "Songs without barre", which contains all the analyzes of compositions in which this technique is not found. More experienced guitarists will find songs played with complex fingerings and so on.

    Each of the articles includes a detailed breakdown of all playing techniques, introductions, verses and choruses, as well as alternative ways of performing. In addition, inside you will also find the lyrics and the chord grid of the composition, as well as diagrams of all triads.

    Latest publications:

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    10. King and jester -“ Sorcerer’s doll ”
    11. Nautilus Pompilius -“ Breath ”
    12. Aria -“ Shtil ”

    Parsing the guitar without barre

    V. This section contains all the songs, in the chords of which there are no triads using barre. These compositions are ideal for beginners who have just begun to master the instrument - and have not even had time to even put their fingers on it. In addition, there are many simple and popular songs that can be performed with friends, and which will not take a lot of time to analyze. The list is given below.

    1. Lube - "Call me quietly by my name"
    2. DDT - "Snowstorm"
    3. IOWA - "This song is simple"
    4. Spleen - "Two do not sleep"
    5. Gaza Strip - "The night before Christmas"
    6. IceCreamOff , Aria, Bi-2 - "Legion"
    7. DDT - "White River"
    8. Lyapis Trubetskoy - "Apple trees"
    9. Spleen - "Dance"

    10. Trofim - "Wind in the head"
    11. Mumiy Trol Vladivostok 2000"
    12. Gas sector - "Near your house"
    13. Agatha Christie - "Like at war"
    14. DDT - "Wind" (Oh beautiful distance)
    15. Yuri Antonov - "Sea Sea"
    16. Semantic Hallucinations - "Forever young" »
    17. Gas sector - "Kazachya"

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    23. Alice - "Sky of the Slavs"
    24. Lyapis Trubetskoy - “I Believe”
    25. Chizh and Co. - “Tanks rumbled on the field”

    Analysis of songs in battle

    This large category contains all the songs that are played in the original with an alternating stroke. Here you can find both the most simple compositions, for which you need to know only the classic "Six", and complex rhythmic pieces, which you will be able to play only after long training and practice.

    Nevertheless, it is with these compositions that a beginner should start his training - a combination of a song with a fight without a barre in general will be the most ideal in this respect. In general, this category is suitable for both beginners with no experience in playing, and seasoned musicians who just want to learn something new.

    1. Beasts - "Rain Pistols"
    2. Bi-2 - "No one writes to the Colonel"
    3. Chaif ​​- "17 years old"
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    5. Leprikonsy - "Khali-gali"
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    10. Lyapis Trubetskoy winds - "Au 90 -
    11. " (Found a scythe on a stone)
    12. Mongol Shuudan - "Moscow"
    13. Chizh and Co - "Here the bullet whistled"
    14. Bravo - "This city"
    15. Animals - "See you soon"
    16. V. Butusov - "Girl in the city"
    17. Spleen - "Orbit without sugar"
    18. Chaif ​​- "No one will hear (Oh-yo)"

    19. Hands Up - "My Baby"
    20. The King and the Jester - "Memories of Past Love"
    21. The King and the Jester - "Northern Fleet"
    22. Zemfira - " If you want"
    23. Gas sector - "Kolkhozny punk"
    24. IOWA - "My poems, your guitar"
    25. Bi-2 - "Compromise"
    26. Kino - "Mother Anarchy"
    27. Kino (V. Tsoi) - "Good night"

    28. Time Machine - "Turn"
    29. Gaza Strip - "30 years"
    30. Spleen - "My heart stopped"
    31. Beasts - "Just such a strong love" (Heart beats)

    Brute force analysis of songs

    In this category we have collected all songs, the main way of playing which is brute force. Just as in the case of the fighting category, here you can find songs with a simple pattern - "six" or "four", and intricate fingerstyle drawings that only an experienced guitarist can play. This category is also suitable for beginners to start developing finger coordination. In addition, before you start learning these songs, it is recommended that you read the article on hand placement when playing bust. In addition, experienced guitarists can also find something new here.

    1. K. Nikolsky - "Musician"
    2. Aquarium - "Golden City" (Under the blue sky)
    3. Lube - "Birches" (Why are birch trees so noisy in Russia)

    2 , which presents songs for which we have identified two versions of the performance. They don't always sound equally good, but it gives choice and opportunity to learn a composition for a beginner who has problems with finger coordination, as well as for an experienced guitarist who wants to not only disassemble a song, but also modify it with his own chords and add-ons to them.

    1. Chizh and Co. - "Why don't I sing a song"
    2. Lyapis Trubetskoy - "In a white dress"
    3. Dancing Minus - "The City of a Fairy Tale"
    4. Egor Letov - "My Defense" (Plastic World)
    5. Lyube - "Horse" (I'll go out at night in the field with a horse)
    6. Oleg Mityaev - "The bend of the yellow guitar"
    7. M. Krug - "Girl share"
    8. DDT - "Rain"
    9. Garik Sukachev - "My grandmother smokes a pipe"

    10. Chris Kelmi — Closing the Circle
    11. A. Rosenbaum — Duck Hunt
    12. Animal JaZ - "Three Stripes"
    13. Hands Up - "Alyoshka"
    14. The King and the Jester - "Cursed Old House"
    15. Nautilus Pompilius - "Wings"
    16. Igor Rasteryaev - "Combiners"
    17. Volkodavnitsa
    18. Agatha Christie - "Fairy Taiga"

    19. Lube - "There beyond the fogs"
    20. Lyapis Trubetskoy - "Capital"
    21. Denis Maidanov - "Eternal Love"
    22. Noize MC - my favorite - "Green"
    23. Nautilus - Walking on Water
    24. Time Machine - "Bonfire"
    25. Bi-2 - "Laiki"
    26. Songs from the movie - "Your Honor, Lady Luck"
    27. Blue Bird - "Where the maple rustles"

    28. Civil Defense - " Everything is going according to plan"
    29. Dancing Minus - "Half" (At the Night Fire)
    30. Lube - "Come on for life"
    31. Yu. If in the previous categories we have placed all the songs available on the site, then in this one we have collected only the most difficult ones. Beginners can try to learn some of them - it will take time, but it will significantly increase your guitar playing skills. However, this section was created primarily for experienced musicians who are tired of simple compositions and want something really complex - intricate picks or interesting rhythmic patterns. All the songs below are just like that - complex, but interesting.

      1. Time Machine - "Crossroads"
      2. Time Machine - "One day the world will bend under us"
      3. A. Rosenbaum - "Au"
      4. Noize MC - "My Sea"
      5. Mill - "Roads"
      6. - "Pray for parents"
      7. Picnic - "Egyptian"
      8. City 312 - "I will stay"
      9. Chaif ​​- "Argentina Jamaica 5:0"

      10. Picnic - "The shaman has three hands"
      11. - 900 "Burn" »

      How to play your favorite songs on the guitar

      First of all, you need to remember about the technique and purity of playing. No one wants to hear how your strings constantly rattle and do not sound - so take care of this, especially when playing by brute force.

      Always start slow if you can't learn the song right away. This will allow you to feel all the patterns and timings, as well as the moments when you need to change the chord. In addition, it is best to play songs with a metronome - especially if you want to not only learn how to play the guitar, but also do it professionally. Accustom yourself to it, as it will greatly help you in the future.

      Also , don't just play songs, watch them work. Which chord is used after which one, how best to beat the triad, what add-ons to use - this will help in composing your own compositions, and will allow you to diversify your musical vocabulary.

      What songs to play on the guitar

      For a beginner, in this case, sections with compositions that are played with a strike and without a barre are suitable.

      Learn more