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EASY DIY Ribbon Wands (Ready In 5 Mins)

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Here is a simple and easy tutorial on how to make ribbon wands that your kids are sure to love! These are perfect for a princess party or a fun project to make with your kids. These ribbon wands will bring hours of fun any day of the week!

Easy DIY Ribbon Wands

If you’re looking for a simple, affordable, FUN spring craft that your kids will love- this one is for you! I recently made one of these ribbon wands for each of my 4 kids. They literally spent over an hour running around in our backyard playing with them! I love when something so simple is so much fun!

My oldest daughter loved pretending to be Elsa from Frozen and she used the ribbons as make believe snow and ice coming from her hands- she thought it was pretty amazing!

Ribbon wands are super simple to make, and after watching how much fun my kids had with them, I knew this craft was a winner! Here’s a video that walks you through exactly how to make these ribbon wands. As you can see, it’s super simple to do and can be done in about 5 minutes or less.

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How to Make Ribbon Wands

Materials You’ll Need To Make Ribbon Wands:
  • Wooden dowels (you can buy a pack of 10 or 12 at Walmart for around $2!)
  • Various colorful ribbon (I prefer to use satin ribbon)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Matches or a lighter, optional
DIY Ribbon Wands Directions:
  1. Cut the ribbon to your desired lengths.
  2. Optional: Burn the edges of the ribbon to keep them from fraying.
  3. Tie one ribbon at a time to the end of the dowel. Secure it from sliding or coming undone with some hot glue, and let it dry completely.
  4. Once dry, hand one ribbon wand to each kid and let them run around outside on a pretty spring day!

They are seriously going to have so much fun with their new wands!

I love making simple crafts that my kids can have fun with.

The colors are seriously so fun, and the kids loved them! Even the boys!

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How to Make Ribbon Wands

These ribbon wands are easy to put together and so much fun to play with!

Prep Time 1 minute

Cook Time 4 minutes

Total Time 5 minutes

Servings 24 Wands

Cost $10

  • scissors

  • Hot glue gun

  • Matches or a lighter, optional

  • 12 Wood dowels
  • Rolls Satin ribbon any color
  • Cut the ribbon to your desired lengths.

  • Optional: Burn the edges of the ribbon to keep them from fraying.

  • Tie one ribbon at a time to the end of the dowel. Secure it from sliding or coming undone with some hot glue, and let it dry completely.

  • Once dry, hand one ribbon wand to each kid and let them run around outside on a pretty spring day!

Best Mom Ever Award goes to… ME!

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An Easy Craft for Kids: How to Make Dancing Ribbons

Make dancing ribbons on a budget with a few simple supplies…. an easy craft for kids. This is a cute party activity and the ribbons can be used for dancing, math, and literacy activities.

Here is an easy craft idea for preschoolers.  Kids enjoy using these simple dance ribbons for music and movement activities and even literacy activities.  Let me show you how to make these cute, budget-friendly dancing ribbons.

Craft Supplies for your Dancing Ribbons


Please note that these ribbon rings are intended to be created and used with adult supervision.   If real ribbon fits into your budget….go for it.  I like to use rectangular plastic table cloths to make inexpensive ribbons.  You can find inexpensive table cloths in a wide variety of colors at the Dollar Store, discount store, or party store.


You will also need some type of ring to complete this craft.  Here are some ideas for items that you can use for rings:

  • jelly bracelets (looks for them in party favor section of stores)
  • plastic lids (cut out a circle in the center)
  • small paper plates (cut out a circle in the center)
  • chenille stems (tie them into a circle)
  • rubber slingshot frogs, bunnies, or other animals

How To Assemble the Dancing Ribbons

First, you will need to cut the tablecloths into strips or ribbons.   To make the task of cutting the tablecloths easy, DO NOT unfold them all the way.  If you happen to have a rotary cutter, you can cut strips just as you would cut strips of fabric for quilts.  I couldn’t find my quilt cutting supplies, so  I just used a ruler to measure the strips equally, marked them with a pen, and cut them with my scissors.

When I unfolded the strips, I had a bunch of nice, colorful ribbons to add to the rings. Now it’s time, to attach the ribbons to a ring.

Before attaching the ribbons to a bracelet, I folded them in half.  I stuck the folded edge through the bracelet.

Then, I opened the fold to make a loop.  I stuck my hand through the loop, grabbed the other end of the ribbon, pulled it through the loop, and pulled it tight around the bracelet.

Young kids will need some assistance with this.  I like to add 3-5 ribbons to each ring.  If you have enough supplies and kids enjoy the craft, they can add more.  If you want to make the ends even, you can give them a little haircut.

Additional Elements

In addition to the tablecloth ribbons, you can add curling ribbon (I think the addition of silver curling ribbon would look great on mine) to your rings.  Jingle bells might be a fun addition as well.

Paper Plate Dancing Ribbons

If your kids aren’t quite ready to tie the ribbons onto rings as I showed above, they can use a stapler instead.  We used two paper plates to make the ring a little sturdier.  Kids can staple ribbons around the paper plate.  They can then complete their craft by decorating or coloring the paper plate ring.  In the picture below, we used Valentine’s Day stickers, but this craft can be used for any holiday or theme.

Ideas for Using Dancing Ribbons

The thing that I love about these ribbon rings is there are so many fun ways to use them.  Here are a few ideas.

  • Use them for a special birthday song during classroom circle time
  • Create shapes, letters, or numbers in the air with the dancing ribbons
  • Use dancing ribbons to count and emphasize syllables in words or names
  • Make them as a party activity and use them as part of the celebration
  • Have a parade featuring dancing ribbons
  • And you can always use them for a dance party.

There you have it….an easy craft for kids.  I’m sure that you can think of more ways to use dancing ribbons with your kids.  I would love to hear your ideas.

Here are some resources from my store that can be used with the ribbon rings


9 programs for streaming games and not only

September 26, 2020LikbezTekhnologii

It is not necessary to have a powerful computer, a tablet or smartphone is enough.



1. OBS Studio

  • Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux.
  • Price: free.

The best tool for any broadcast, including games, which is well-deservedly popular with many streamers. OBS stands out for its functionality and customization flexibility. It is completely free and open source.

The application supports Twitch, YouTube, Facebook*, Mixer and many other platforms, allowing you to stream to several of them at once. On the air, you can combine images from various sources (webcam, open windows), overlaying text, pictures and other content.

Download from the official website →

2. Streamlabs OBS

  • Compatibility: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android.
  • Price: free.

Powerful, user-friendly streaming solution based on OBS Studio. Despite the abundance of advanced features, the application is easy to learn and perfect for beginners.

Streamlabs OBS automatically optimizes quality settings based on computer performance and connection speed. The key features include the choice of the layout of interface elements, quick switching of sources, overlays with statistics and useful information.

Download from official website →


Price: Free


Price: Free

3. XSplit Gamecaster

  • Compatibility: Windows.
  • Price: free or $5 per month.

A specialized utility for game streaming, the already considerable possibilities of which are expanded with the help of plug-ins. XSplit Gamecaster allows you to stream to multiple platforms including Twitch, YouTube and Mixer. There is support for multiple content sources, as well as multi-platform broadcasts.

The free version of the app displays a watermark and the quality is limited to 720p. In addition, advanced features such as chroma key, video capture from consoles, broadcast branding, and in-game Twitch chat are not available.

Download from the official website →

4. Nvidia Shadowplay

Image: Nvidia
  • Compatibility: Windows.
  • Price: free.

Nvidia's proprietary application for GeForce graphics card owners, designed for both screen capture and broadcasting. It features minimal resource consumption and ease of operation - to start the stream, just press a couple of buttons.

Supports Twitch, YouTube, Facebook*. With a powerful graphics card, you can stream content in 4K HDR (60 fps) and even 8K HDR (30 fps).

Download from the official website →

5. Twitch Studio

  • Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android.
  • Price: free.

An exclusive streaming tool provided by Twitch and currently in testing. The application is aimed primarily at beginners and lacks advanced options. However, it has everything you need: a simplified setup procedure, broadcast templates, overlays, as well as support for chat and multiple audio sources.

In addition, the program automatically selects the stream settings depending on the equipment - for the best picture and sound quality.

Download from the official website →

6. vMix

  • Compatibility: Windows.
  • Price: free or from $60.

Professional broadcast software that goes beyond game streaming. vMix has a lot of settings and a rather difficult interface to learn, but its functions are head and shoulders above all competitors.

The application can process multiple content sources of different formats, has a built-in 3D accelerator, contains various effects for streams and allows you to create broadcasts of any complexity - up to gaming tournaments, concerts or sports. There is support for multi-streaming, video calls, as well as titles, audio mixing and other useful features.

Download from the official website →

7. Omlet Arcade

  • Compatibility: iOS, Android.
  • Price: free (with in-app purchases).

A mobile application of the broadcast promotion platform of the same name that allows you to stream PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Minecraft, Brawl Stars and other games directly from your smartphone. In addition to its own, Omlet Arcade supports platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook*.

Thematic overlays, team broadcasts, in-game voice chat, and donations in Omlet tokens are available to users. Streams can be recorded, processed in the built-in editor and published on social networks.


Price: Free


Price: Free

8. Mobcrush

  • Compatibility: iOS, Android.
  • Price: free.

Nice app from yet another streaming platform. It allows you to broadcast to Facebook*, YouTube, Twitch, Periscope and Twitter. Mobcrush is able to transmit a picture captured from the screen, adding an image from the camera, as well as display messages from the chat. Just select a game from the list, and the application will automatically fill in all the necessary information about the broadcast and create a link to invite friends.

appbox fallback

appbox fallback https://play.

9. Twitch

  • Compatible: iOS, Android.
  • Price: free (with in-app purchases).

The Twitch mobile app allows you to not only watch, but also create your own gaming and IRL streams. Basic features: you can switch cameras and a microphone, read messages in a chat, put markers and tags, and save a stream for posting on a channel. Twitch itself is used as a platform, others are not available for obvious reasons.


Price: Free


Price: Free


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  • "Games are a risky business, but the winners take it all." Interview with Pavel Tokarev, founder of INLINGO 9 game localization studio0014
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  • *Meta Platforms Inc. and its social networks Facebook and Instagram are prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation.

    TikTok: the underrated promotion tool for the streamer


    Published: December 17, 2021


    There is no design without discipline. There is no

    It's almost impossible to get an audience on Twitch just by streaming on the platform itself. Need to attract viewers from social networks. In this article I will tell you why a streamer should go to TikTok and how you can promote there.

    Everything in the material is based on my personal observations and study of TikTok in theory and practice and the experience of successful streamers-tiktokers who shared with me their stories of the development of Tiktok and Twitch.

    Three streamers helped me deal with TikTok:
    Ilya Shamanin - 307K subscribers at TikTok , 5. 9K at Twitch ;
    Maxim Selivonchik - 410K at Tiktok , 77K at Twitch ;
    Andrey Orlov - 85K at TikTok , 16K at Twitch .

    Ilya Shamanin — streamer, tiktoker

    Maxim Selivonchik — founder of the stream house, tiktoker

    Andrey Orlov — streamer, tiktoker

    Why it makes sense to promote on TikTok

    A constantly growing audience. In the summer of 2020, there were 20 million users of this platform in Russia, and as of March 2021, there are already 36 million. It turns out that in a year the audience has grown one and a half times. All kinds of people come to TikTok. This is no longer just a social network with dances and challenges.

    Very smart recommendation system. Tiktok quickly reads the interests of the user and recommends those videos that he is likely to like. Like cats - you will have cats. Well, if you like videos on the topic of games, streams and Twitch, there will be such videos. At the same time, in order for Tiktok to understand the subject of the video, he does not need hashtags. Due to this, and the system of algorithms, which I will talk about in more detail later, it is easier for a beginner to advance than on other sites.

    « Tiktok is 100% better to start, because if you only stream on Twitch, you can stream there for a year with zero online and no one will even notice you. In Tiktok, you can start and practice streaming. It seems to everyone that you stream and stream, but no, you also need to be able to do this, train like in the gym. In Tiktok, if you are interesting, you will definitely be noticed. And then you can slowly drag people to Twitch » — Ilya Shamanin, tiktoker streamer

    Creating content doesn't take much time. No need to separately record video and edit it in special programs - this can be done in Tiktok much faster. There are a lot of different features inside the application that would take longer outside of Tiktok: remove the background, insert pictures, videos, sound effects and much more.

    Loyal attitude to copyright. In Tiktok, you can officially use famous music, sounds from films, video bloggers, overlaying your content on them. This makes it possible for TikTokers to create trends for certain sounds and for beginners to gain thousands, and sometimes millions, of views in this way.

    You can stream on Tiktok. Tiktok has recently supported the ability to stream from PC using OBS. Streamers who do this say that Tiktok streams bring in a lot of new followers.

    Phone streaming is available for channels with 1000+ subscribers, but to enable PC streaming, you need to apply. It can be submitted by channels with more than 20 thousand subscribers. When technical support approves you to enable streaming from your PC, you will be able to connect TikTok to OBS.

    “A huge plus of Tiktok is that you can stream an unpopular but interesting game and people will still come to you . They are hooked by the game, they start watching the stream. And they will continue to watch you if they like you. If you do this on Twitch, then it is unlikely that many viewers will come, it makes sense to stream only games that are in the top "- Ilya Shamanin , streamer-tiktoker

    What videos do streamers make on TikTok

    Fragments of their streams. They cut out funny moments of communication with the viewer or cool moments of passing the game and upload it to TikTok. The main thing is that this fragment is understandable without the context of the rest of the stream.

    Funny videos about games, streams. They shoot either their own sketches on the topic, or under the trend sounds that already exist in Tiktok.

    “I hit 400K in 9 months. I think this is not enough, it can be much faster. What should be considered for successful development in TT : regular posting, beautiful visuals, relevant content. It is advisable to start with a narrow topic and shoot at one point, that is, if gaming means gaming, only then scale up by adding new broad topics. Follow and catch trends. Do not be afraid to take and copy, because TT is basically based on this. But copying is not complete, but adding something of your own, improving it visually, with new ideas. After stuffing your hands, your unique ideas will appear. Maxim Selivonchik, tiktoker streamer, founder of the stream house

    Overview, news, training videos on the topics of your streams. Game streamers - about games, music streamers - about music, that is, on topics that coincide with the topics of the streams. This helps to reach the target audience.

    Translations. Another type of video that works well on Tiktok is translations. Some streamers translate videos of other streamers, gamers, thematic tiktokers.

    How to gain followers on TikTok

    In the case of Tiktok, there is some luck in gaining followers. To have subscribers, you need views, to have views, you need to get into the Tiktok recommendations. And here the interesting begins.

    No one can say for 100% what determines whether a video gets into recommendations or not. Yes, there are objective indicators by which Tiktok displays videos in rivers: viewing time, likes, comments, reposts. But sometimes videos come out in the recommendations that have nothing special, and everyone is perplexed how this happened. Especially when the channel of the same person is full of better videos that have received very few views. Here is a Tiktok mystery.

    How Tiktok recommends the video. If the account is new and without followers, the video is recommended first to a small portion of viewers who like related videos. If they like it, TikTok recommends the video to a wider group of viewers, and so on and so forth. When subscribers appear in the profile, the video is shown to them first, and then to a wider audience. Due to the fact that Tiktok recommends watching videos even from zero channels, a beginner can quickly take off there. And I repeat, sometimes Tiktok is just lucky.

    “In Tiktok, to be honest, it doesn't take much to gain the first thousand followers. At first I thought that it was generally random , since better content gets 200-300 views, and where a person swiped his finger, millions. So even an inexperienced person can handle it. I believe that we need homogeneous content, Tiktok will see your activity and will promote you itself, this is the whole point of Tiktok ”- Andrey Orlov, streamer, tiktoker

    Obviously, a streamer can and should gain followers on Tiktok by streaming. Ilya Shamanin shares that this helps a lot in promotion of Tiktok:

    I've had 2,000 subscribers after a stream."

    To convert TikTok subscribers into Twitch subscribers, streamers leave a link to Twitch in the profile header, in the comments to their videos, hold giveaways with the condition of subscribing to Twitch and encourage people to switch to Twitch in their videos. But here you need to be careful: streamers say that TikTok does not like Twitch, considers it a competitor and can give a short ban for calling to go there.

    “Tiktok is helping Twitch grow a lot. Testing my hypotheses and finding "the very formula", I managed to shoot and make 30,000 followers on Twitch in a month out of 1000, while the average online was 300-500"

    It is especially useful to drag an audience from Tiktok to Twitch for very young streamers who are just starting out. This will be a great start for the channel.

    I hope the new knowledge will help you in the development of the channel, streamer.

    Learn more