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The Complete Guide to Dance Belts

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DRESS CODE for men and boys: black tights, white T-shirt, white socks, white ballet shoes, dance belt.

The New Student Guide from most ballet schools reads something like that, introducing new male dancers to the great adventure. By the time a guy decides to actually start taking ballet class, he’s probably already made his peace with wearing tights. Socks, Shoes, T-shirt - no problem. 

What's a Dance Belt?

Dance belts are specialized athletic supporters designed specifically for dance. Tights create the quandary. The gods of ballet have decreed that male dancers wear them for class and performances, but somehow without little Johnny’s 'johnny' providing a graphic male anatomy lesson for the other students or audience. Also in ballet, mid-class ‘readjustments' are considered bad form. Solid genital protection and support is required. Yet, because tights are skin-tight and form-fitting, any conventional underwear, compression shorts, or jockstrap shows right through them.  Dance belts avoid these lines by eliminating the jockstrap’s rear straps, replacing them with a single thong that goes between the buttocks.

Dance belts form a smooth idealized male bulge under tights with no visible lines, while keeping your testicles safely and securely held up and away from the danger of being bounced or bruised between your legs.  Another benefit is a dance belt's ability to hide any visible evidence of a spontaneous erection, which could be quite embarrassing in class and even worse on stage.  Although you’ve probably never worn anything else half as tight as a dance belt, a well fitting one can actually be quite comfortable once you get used to the unusual feel.  Dancers like the security of knowing their genitals are firmly protected and out of danger, no matter how radical a move they throw. The secret is finding the right dance belt.

It’s only in the past few years that manufacturers realized that even pre-pubescent ballet boys needed dance belt protection and introduced youth models.  Still, dance belts for young boys are hard to find (This site can help with that).

Male Physiology
The male genitals are the only major organ in the human body that is placed outside the protection of the skeletal structure. This evolutionary quirk must work or the species would have been a victim of evolutionary extinction eons ago. But modern life’s activities can place strains on the genitals that can be extremely painful or even threatening to your reproductive health.  In other words, your body really isn’t designed for marathon running, being whacked by a lacrosse stick, or ballet 5th position. Urologists theorize that many male fertility problems stem from long forgotten minor incidents in the youth and teen years. Clanging, banging, and strains can be minimized by wearing the right support garment when participating in strenuous activities like sports and dance.

Dance Belt Design
Imagine the challenge faced by dance belt designers to come up with something that deals with these design parameters:  
Physiology – The male genitals must be kept out of harm’s way. A simple 5th position or scissoring batterie movements such as Entrechats can crush an errant testicle left dangling below the crotch line. The testicles must be solidly supported to avoid bouncing and clanging during leaps. The penis must be held in place. Tight fabric must not restrict nor inhibit movement of active muscles in the trunk and legs like the gluteus, hamstrings, abductors, etc.  
Comfort – Nothing as controlling and tight as a dance belt will ever be confused with a pair of silk boxers, but it must be comfortable enough to be worn for long hours of classes, rehearsals, and performance.
Appearance - A dance belt should be as close to invisible as possible under tights. The male bulge - while inevitable - should be smoothed, compacted, and centered. And once it’s on and adjusted, nothing should move inside the dance belt, regardless of the stretching, leaping, and contortions the dancer engages in.

Why a Thong?
Initially, what kind of dance belt you choose is up to you, but I am not a fan of the full bottom or "comfort" compromise models. The traditional thong style was invented and is the most popular for several reasons: 
-They are closer to invisible under tights, don't show underwear lines, and package the male package best.
-They have the most solid genital support. 
-They don't cover your buttocks, so the gluteus and hamstring muscles aren't restricted or inhibited from working to full length.  
-It will always stay in place with a constant tension no matter how radically you move. You won't find yourself off in the corner making mid-class ‘readjustments' or trying to pull down a so-called full coverage seat that has migrated halfway up your butt.  

The thought of wearing a thong is scarier than the reality, although they do take a bit of getting used to.

Dance belts are measured by waist size.  Although most local dance stores don't carry an extensive selection of men's dancewear, they usually have a small selection of men's tights and dance belts stashed away somewhere.  You'll probably have to ask the clerk where they hide the men's gear.  You can also shop online if you live in a town too small to have a dance store, but be prepared for sizing problems until you figure out exactly what each manufacturer means when they say ‘medium’*.  

*Many dance clothing manufacturers have standardized their entire product line using female sizing which is generally one size smaller than men’s, so even though dance belts are strictly for male dancers, that's how they are sized.  
Go up one size from your normal underwear size.  If you normally wear an M, buy an L.

The best color dance belt to buy is flesh colored.  The same dance belt can then be worn under black practice tights and white performance tights.   A flesh colored dance belt is more invisible under white tights than a white one, in the same way a white T-shirt under a white dress shirt creates a 'super white' look that's brighter than a single white layer.  Recently, some dance belt makers have added darker colors for non-caucasian male dancers.

Comfort - how to wear a dance belt
When putting on a dance belt it's important to take the time to get all your male parts placed where you want them, as comfortably as possible, because once it's on, nothing is supposed to move until you take it off.  Sometimes there will be minor internal slippage inside a dance belt as you wear it, but too much shifting indicates a bad fit.  You may have to try different brands and sizes to find the one that works best for you.

To put it on, pull your dance belt up over your hipbones, to the height you normally wear your pants.  Don't try to cheat by wearing it low, hoping to avoid thong tension.  Your penis is supposed to end up facing upwards towards your belly button, so you can get that process started by letting the dance belt catch it as you pull it on.  

Next comes the fun part, sometimes known as the 'swoop and scoop’:
Reach inside the dance belt and pull your scrotum up inside the pouch.  Your testicles need to be up and front, above the crotch line and well clear of their usual hanging position.  Adjust your penis position to face straight up (‘North').  Then, make sure the pouch isn't riding too far up in front by pulling the pouch's bottom back down and back.  The pouch bottom should meet the thong at the perineum (the very bottom of your crotch, also know as the 'taint', because it "t'ain't your balls and it t'ain't your ass").  Spread your butt cheeks to make sure the thong is firmly seated, then pull any looseness towards the rear waistband.  Again, don't attempt to cheat by letting the thong float loosely.  It's going to end up as far up your crack as possible halfway through class, so you should place it where you want it to go rather than leave its comfort to chance.

Highly recommended: Wear your new dance belt around the house to get used to it, rather than dealing with it for the first time in a dance class that restricts your opportunities to make adjustments.  Be aware that sitting stretches the thong, making it tighter, so you might want to avoid sitting at the computer while breaking in your new dance belt.

At first, you can expect some discomfort wearing a dance belt.  However, a properly fitting one will soon stop bothering you and you will come to appreciate your ability to let loose, jumping and leaping around with wild abandon, knowing you won't feel a painful bounce when you land.

Doing the Laundry - caring for your dance clothes
Wear your dance belt only once before laundering!
They are gross after that and should probably be handled with tongs & rubber gloves.

Most dance belts, tights, and leotards have a high spandex content. Spandex loses its stretch and is destroyed by hot water.  It can also be damaged by sweat and skin oils, so don't let dirty damp dance clothes fester for days in your dance bag.
Spandex is sometimes know by other names:
-Lycra if it comes from Dupont 
-Milliskin if it’s a MStevens garment
-elastane in the U. K.

Cold water is the key to keeping your dancewear happy in the laundry.  
It's OK to use the washing machine set to cold, on the 'delicate' cycle.  
Hang everything to dry.  
Never put dance clothes in the dryer.

If you live in a humid climate and it seems like your dancewear takes forever to dry, squeeze freshly washed clothes in a towel to remove excess water prior to hanging.

A Final Comment
Most vintage dance belts (prior to the 1980’s) were extremely uncomfortable, designed as some sort of penance for the few men bold enough to wear tights in those unenlightened days.  Although new designs have made giant strides forward in dance belt comfort, it's still a tradition for male dancers to complain about them. But they wear them willingly, knowing dance belts are the best thing to keep their male parts safe & secure, and their line smooth.  In the words of one adult student, "the only thing worse than wearing a dance belt is not wearing one.  I can't imagine dancing without it."

ABT dancer Sascha Rudetsky (quoted in Dance Magazine) said, "Some men rely on a lucky dance belt to cradle them in security and elevate their performance."

Many students attending performing arts high schools, college dance majors, and professional dancers wear a dance belt all day, every day.
Don't whine too much about having to wear one for a single class.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       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Posted: Jul 10 2020

What DO boys wear for ballet?

What on Earth is a DANCE BELT?

Is it the same as a jock strap? And when should a male dancer start wearing one?


Let’s tackle the tricky-one first… what is a dance belt? Well, to put it simply, it’s underwear for male dancers and it’s absolutely vital for ‘keeping things in place’ while dancing. Although it’s sometimes called a jock strap, it’s actually different to a standard jock strap that one might use for sport; a dance belt is padded for comfort and normally has a thong back so that there is clean line from the top of your leg to your foot.


One of the questions we get asked most often by parents of male dancers is “when should he start wearing a dance belt?” And a common follow-up is that most boys are totally freaked out when they see one, because it’s a THONG! Arghhh!


… we’ve spoken to many many many male dancers and the answer is always the same: a male dancer would be mad not to wear a dance belt! Cristiano La Bozzetta, who we interviewed in our previous blog post, even suggested that a male dancer should try a class without one, and then a class with one, and they would definitely choose to wear a dance belt from there on in.


Most dance schools will have a uniform and a dance belt will form a part of this uniform. Late starters will almost certainly be told to wear one right from their first class. But what about boys who start ballet at a young age? It’s clear that a dance belt isn’t needed when they’re young, so when should they start?

According to Simon Hundley of the Phoenix Boys it’s a good idea to start as early as possible so that it becomes normal. WearMoi even make a full-seat dance belt to help boys get used to it, and they can progress onto a thong when they feel ready. Simon says that he expects all of his boys to be wearing dance belts whatever their age, and also stresses that it’s helpful when they’re around other boys who dance because it normalises it. We recognise that it can be a real challenge for boys if they are the only male dancer in their class (or school!) and it can therefore be quite scary.

Now, we'd like to introduce you to Logan.

He is due to go to White Lodge in September. Well done Logan!

Logan has a very proud dad called Bruce, and he runs an awesome website called My boy does ballet, which is all about their experiences of being a boy dancer.  You can find all sorts of extra nuggets of information and entertainment on their website as well as their YouTube channel.

We'd especially like to share one of their YouTube videos with you, called What do boy ballet dancers wear?  We think you're going to enjoy this one so with their permission we've embedded it below:



If after reading this blog post you’re interested in purchasing a dance belt, then please follow the links below to find what you need:

Full seat dance belt for boys

Thong dance belt for boys

Narrow waistband dance belt for men

Wide waistband dance belt for men


And, if you’ve got questions don’t hesitate to comment below or email us at [email protected]


Don’t forget to get in contact if you’ve got ideas and themes that you’d like us to explore in these blog posts, by emailing hello@boysdancetooUK. com

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5 TikTok dance challenges you'll want to repeat

September 18, 2020Reno5Inspiration

Selected and reproduced the cool dances that have been put on by tiktokers around the world. It turned out to be not so difficult. You can do it too!



Masha Rubtsova

Actress of the Sovremennik Theatre. Helped us deal with challenges.

1. Like That Challenge

  • Difficulty: 1 out of 5.

A short and rather easy dance that won't cause any trouble even if you have never done choreography. It can be worked out even in the bathroom in front of the mirror. The challenge song is a hit by rapper Doja Cat. Tiktokers joke that she doesn't have any tracks left that wouldn't go viral because of dancing on TikTok. By the way, this bunch will easily fall on other music. So if you usually do not know where to put yourself on the dance floor, the challenge will help you relax and start dancing.

@ayiram21##1♬ Just like that come my way — jordanaudiož

Tutorial from Masha:

  • Try to get to the beginning of the music - it will be easier to follow the rhythm;
  • make a wave under the right hand, click with the fingers of the hands, then wave under the left hand and click;
  • bend back in a wave, and then twist your arms in front of you;
  • swing forward with arms in front of you and immediately another swing on the right leg;
  • stretch your right arm forward and point your finger at the camera or at the person you are dancing for, circle your arm around your head;
  • stretch both hands forward one by one, call to yourself with your right palm, sitting down. Difficulty: 2 out of 5 She is uncomplicated. The main thing is to roll a wave with your body, point to the clock and effectively leave in the style of Michael Jackson. It is performed to the song of the English singer Dua Lipa - a great lover of the charm of those times. This challenge was first recorded by a Tiktoker named Hannah Kaye Balanay, and then her dance was repeated by 3.8 million people around the world.

    @ayiram21##2♬ Don’t Start Now — Dua Lipa

    Tutorial from Masha:

    • Dance in place and emphasize by straightening your half-bent arms down and pointing your palms to the floor;
    • clench your hands into fists, bend your knees and rock your hips. Move your arms along with your pelvis;
    • keep swinging your hips, release two fingers from each fist;
    • wave to the right, clap your hands and open your arms;
    • dance on soft knees (as at the beginning of the dance), put your right hand behind your head, and then smoothly straighten it;
    • place your fists on your pelvic bones, then tap your fingers on your wrist as if telling the time;
    • clench your hands into fists again, bend your knees and swing your hips from side to side;
    • make a small circle with your shoulder, turn sideways and moonwalk out of the frame.

    3. Supalonely Challenge

    • Difficulty: 3 out of 5.

    Funny dance to the sad song of New Zealand singer BENEE. If you do not listen to the text, you will not even suspect that the content is rather depressing by the cheerful rhythm. In general, if you get bored alone - here's an activity for the evening. A bunch can be learned pretty quickly: tap on an imaginary drum, spread your arms, pretend that you are drinking from a bottle - you're done. And smile! How did the tiktoker with the nickname zoifishh, who launched the challenge.

    @ayiram21##3♬ Supalonely (feat. Gus Dapperton) — BENEE

    Tutorial from Masha:

    • Wait for the right beat, bring the clenched fist of your left hand to your right shoulder and swing your shoulder forward, pretending to pull by his hand;
    • turn your head to the left, punch an imaginary wall on the right;
    • stretch your left arm to the right and then up. Emphasize head to the left along with the pelvis, then a small circle with the hand to the left;
    • Raise your arms in front of you as if holding a camera. "Take a photo" in front of you and to the right;
    • cross your arms over your chest and straighten them down twice;
    • make a “table” out of the hands: the right hand under the left elbow, and the left hand under the chin;
    • strike with the left hand on the left pelvis bone, with the right hand on the right;
    • lunge forward on half-toes on bent knees, and at the same time make a wave forward with your hands;
    • circle back with your right hand and step in place, then with your left hand and step in place;
    • fold your hands into a “bottle” and pretend to drink, making a wave in both directions;
    • take two steps in place, twist your finger at your temple and straighten both arms up.

    4. Challenge Kill This Love

    • Difficulty: 4 out of 5.

    Suitable for fans of K-pop and fast movements. The challenge is inspired by a song by the Korean band BLACKPINK. The performer will need some choreographic skills. Or it just takes you a little more time to learn. But you can spin from the heart and throw out energy. The dance looks great when performed alone or with a group of friends. The music is very dynamic - the best thing is if a house party begins to fade.

    @ayiram21##4♬ Kill This Love - BLACKPINK

    Tutorial from Masha:

    • Bend your left arm - elbow points to the left, fist at the shoulder. Take a step back with your right foot and take your left hand back. Do the same on the other side;
    • turn to your left side, pretend that you are holding a machine gun from which you are shooting. Simultaneously with the “shots”, do a slow wave back;
    • put your foot on the toe and rotate the foot in different directions, “dancing” with bent arms near the body;
    • straighten up sharply, turning to face the camera: hands behind head, feet together. Take your right hand up diagonally, and put the other on your belt;
    • put your left leg out to the side, then put your left hand on your thigh and sit down on your left knee;
    • make a circle above your head with your right hand, turn your right side in the same position, touch your left shoulder with your right hand;
    • make three circles with your arm above your head and work your hip up. With two hands make a circle through the bottom, and then a point with the hands and thigh two times;
    • step with your left foot, pointing down with your hand. Take your elbows back as at the beginning of the dance;
    • gather your legs and put your arms in a frame, and then spread them apart. Make two waves with your body, lower your right fist to the floor.

    5. WAP Challenge

    • Difficulty: 5 out of 5.

    This is the bomb. Complicated, but very effective bunch. If you are doing well with stretching, you can impress everyone. Practice the dance in knee pads if you don't want to get hurt. Some inexperienced dancers ended up in the hospital with knee injuries due to bad landings. WAP was created by professional choreographer Brian Esperon from the small Pacific island of Guam. This dance has high batmans, twine, twerk - a full arsenal of dance and gymnastic elements.

    @ayiram21##5♬ WAP(feat. Megan Thee Stallion) - Cardi B

    Tutorial from Masha:

    • Jump in place with a leg lift: bent left knee to the shoulder, and then right straight up;
    • sit in a grand plié and open your arms. Get on all fours, but keep your knees on the floor. Turn your head and pelvis to the same side;
    • straighten up for a second: push your pelvis forward, take your arms and head back, bend your back. Then kneel down again in the "cat";
    • lie on your stomach through a soft wave: the right knee is in the “frog”, the left leg is straight. Hit the floor with your right hand and at the same moment lift off the floor and lower your buttocks to the beat;
    • turn over your left shoulder onto your back, roll, opening your legs into a cross split. Get back into the "cat";
    • walk three steps on your knees, alternately arching your back up and down;
    • Extend your knees, make a big circle with your right foot and sit on the longitudinal split. Raise and lower your buttocks to the beat of the music.

      Stay fit and connected with the OPPO Watch. They have 2 powerful processors, a bright AMOLED display, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC modules. And more than 90 training modes, including those designed specifically for ORRO. Train cooler with music, you can listen to it in streaming services or download tracks to the memory of the watch. If you want to enjoy clear sound, the OPPO ENCO W51 Wireless Headphones will come in handy. 8 mm speakers, an additional microphone for high-quality voice transmission and a stable connection will make listening to music and talking on the phone as comfortable as possible.

      Show smart watch and headphones! January 16, 2022 | All news

      When the mobilized will receive payments: news from the NWO for November 8

      The head of the Ministry of Labor named the amount of the new allowance for families with children

      The head of the Ministry of Labor told how maternity capital will grow in 2023

      of the Kostroma region

      In the Chelyabinsk region, security forces identified a teenager who sent a threatening letter to a school

      A mobilized man was buried in the Southern Urals who got married the day before he was sent to the service

      “There was a fear that I was also expecting twins”: one of the Siamese twins born in Chelyabinsk became a mother Chelyabinsk, opened a criminal case

      “I am selling an apartment in the Crimea. Urgent!”: Russians began to get rid of real estate on the peninsula

      What the Ariant sausage is made of: the agricultural holding revealed all the secrets of production

      Which of the servicemen will receive the presidential 195 thousand? The Ministry of Defense answered

      Families from neighboring countries were traveling in a minivan that got into a fatal accident near Chelyabinsk

      The Ministry of Health told how many people went to emergency centers in Chelyabinsk because of sleet

      A search party was named in memory of her. The story of Irina Bukhanova, who was killed by a former boyfriend - now he can get out on parole

      Mobilized from the Chelyabinsk region died a month after being called up for service

      The Ministry of Defense explained when the mobilized will receive payments

      On the M-5 near Asha, a Renault Logan driver who drove into the oncoming lane died, an accident caught on video The mobilized stated that they were forced to change the military school under threats

      The Ministry of Defense supported the idea of ​​returning primary military training to schools

      The authorities decided on a decision regarding two years of military service

      A conflict in a minibus, after which a schoolgirl was hospitalized with a head injury, escalated into a criminal case

      As a result of a collision between a minivan and a truck near Chelyabinsk, two people were killed, six more were injured

      Do you need a TIN? What documents may be required from you when applying for a job? no longer helps: what you need to know about the surgical treatment of obesity

      “No tile, no money”: a large tile sales network left customers in Chelyabinsk with nothing

      Worse than cancer and covid: what Russians most often die from and how to prevent the disease

      “We are not obliged to plaster them”: manager major management company clarified the status of bomb shelters in Chelyabinsk

      Midlife crisis: who in Russia rushed for loans

      How many mobilized people are participating in the battles and will they recruit more: news of the SVO for November 7

      The plane flying to Yekaterinburg made an emergency landing in Sochi. There was a depressurization on board

      The plane flying to Yekaterinburg suffered a cabin depressurization. The liner is being prepared for an emergency landing

      The head of the TFR became interested in the incident with the schoolgirl thrown out of the minibus in Chelyabinsk

      Putin promised to personally discuss with the Russians the payments to the mobilized

      Volunteers from Troitsk who died at the front were the stepfather and father of one girl

      It's embarrassing to admit it: revelations of a mother who constantly yells at children (and advice on how to stop yelling)

      A sculptor from Chelyabinsk made a monument to the cat Kuza, the murder of which was discussed by the flayers throughout the country

      Why do subpoenas continue to come after partial mobilization is completed?

      All news

      In the video in social networks, students in uniform are happily dancing to the prison chanson


      Chelyabinsk was outraged by the provocative videos posted by students of the local law college (CLL) on TikTok. The woman first wrote to the educational institution itself with a request to sort out the situation, but, having not received the expected response, she turned to the editors of 74.RU.

      - I accidentally stumbled upon the account of a girl studying there, the video was incriminating. Further, out of interest, by clicking on the hashtag of an educational institution, I found a lot of similar accounts, where everything was, - said the Chelyabinsk. - From dancing to "Vorovaek" and Instasamka to information that grades can be obtained in exchange for services of an intimate nature. All this in uniform, with chevrons, which indicate "NOU SPO CHUK" and full name. This discredits the honor of the police. What can such people do in positions that involve protecting citizens?

      Chelyabinka sent a complaint to the official ChYuK group, but no one answered her there. When, a few days later, she already wrote an appeal to ChYuK's e-mail, she was informed that preventive work was being carried out. And a post-warning appeared on the official VKontakte account of the college that day.

      - In accordance with the "Rules of Conduct for Cadets" and the internal regulations of students when using Internet resources, cadets are prohibited from using profanity, posting materials that discredit the college, the rank of a cadet, uniforms, - the college noted. - The above actions are a gross violation of discipline and are naturally punished with disciplinary sanctions: reprimand, reprimand, expulsion from college. Moreover, all of you took an oath, one of the points of which is the obligation to “wear the uniform of a cadet with honor.” It is impossible to ignore the norms of behavior of people in uniform. Therefore, if you post, for example, on the Web your photo with a weapon in a non-working environment, a picture taken under piquant circumstances, or a video from a feast, you will be deducted.

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