How to make rain dance setup

Rain Dance / Set up Manufacturer Installation Surat , Gujarat, Mumbai, India by Blue Sky International


Blue Sky International installs an awesome Rain dance set up which brings an excellent recreation to your get to gether parties.!!!


This equipment is highly demanded in amusement park, water fun activity, hotel and resorts, personal farm houses.


The setup includes Water Pipes are fitted with Water Jets. The jets release water with high pressure pump and gives continuous flow of water like rain.


It is really giant, bulky, strong & ever lasting. We offer this equipment of customized size on demand of clients.



 ♦   Construction & Installation

This water system equipment is designed, planned and structured from horizontal and vertical pipes matrix. The pipes used in matrix are of GI material.

Its unique water sprinkler nozzles dispense water in the form of Rain consistently through entire system. 


It is in fact huge, immense, tough & everlasting and well-built . We offer this apparatus of personalized size on require of consumers.

This water system equipment is designed, planned and structured from horizontal and vertical pipes matrix. The pipes used in matrix are of GI material.                      


 ♦   Wonderful...It is ready to PLAY...!!!



Its unique water sprinkler nozzles dispense water in the form of Rain consistently through entire system. The nozzles are made from high grade of Brass material. This will generate extraordinary effect of rain showers and creates the vision of rainbows also.




 ♦   Extreme Excitement Chill & Thrill in our RAIN DANCE SET UP...!!!


Further, the nonstop music in addition to innovative lighting effects will be to make an affluent manifestation of the parties.

This most modern water system will sure to insert a new magnetism to your unusual occasions, get-together and festivity.

We offered Rain Dance Set Up Water System to our precious customers according to their requirement.



Hey !!! Its our time ..said juniors ... Rain Dance Party organized by school at our Rain dance. Little children experience thrilling ...


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Indian rain dance




| Folk dances

World Dances

Rain Dance

The traditional Native American rain dance is one of several rain dance rituals in the world. Many indigenous cultures have had similar dances in their history, but the Native American Rain Dance in North America is one of the most famous versions. nine0004

Rain dance

Purpose of the rain dance

In agricultural societies where survival depends on growing and harvesting crops, rain dances are common and used to make rain. Of course, both rain and sunshine are needed for a good harvest, so there is some confusion as to whether rain dances are primarily meant to bring rain, or whether they are simply dances for a good harvest. In some Native American tribes, the rain and sun dances are the same, just called differently. The US federal government banned the rain dance during a period when Native Americans were forced to move west of the Mississippi. nine0004

Rain dance

Home of the rain dance

There are many different Indian tribes in North America. One of the common characteristics of this dance regardless of the tribe is that it is performed by both men and women, unlike most other dances which are performed only by the men of the tribe. The dance requires special costumes and headgear, which are traditionally kept for the rest of the year and are only taken out for the ceremonial rain dance every August. At present, many of the cultural dances among the Indian tribes have disappeared, the rain dance still exists, especially in the southwestern United States, where summers are often very dry. nine0004

Rain dance


Indian rain dances require special costumes to perform. Common to the costumes of various tribes are feathers and jewelry with turquoise in them. These two special materials symbolize wind and rain.

Rain Dance


While traditional dances and traditions among Native American tribes are disappearing, and the Indians have become more and more integrated into American culture, the rain dance is still almost intact. . Some tribes still perform the dance for their original purpose, while others perform the rain dance for tourists interested in Native American culture. The rain dance is an integral part of not only the dance culture of Native Americans, but also the culture of the Indians in general. nine0004

USA, Indians, culture, ethnicity

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"U" Balkars, like other peoples of the Caucasus, there were rites associated with “calling rain." These rituals were accompanied by special songs and dances. Before the action Balkars dressed up a wooden shovel in a women's clothes. This scarecrow was called "Kyurek biche” (“Shovel Princess)”. Then two teenagers took “Kurek biche” by the arms and started the procession. They were followed by other teenagers. Stopping in the yard of this or that house, members sang the song:

Princess-shovel, we ask rain!
The rain is pouring without ceasing,
Abundant bread grows,
With the help of Allah, Great Allah,
We all went out very amicably,
To ask Teyri for rain (236).

Song-dance "Kurek biche" includes sports games, toasts, ritual items, prayers. Wooden doll dressed up according to popular ideas about river mermaids. The outfit included loakouts of colorful fabrics, ribbons, bells, etc. donkey, which was covered with a colorful veil, on a colorful scarf was tied around the head, to the tail tied multi-colored ribbons, hung around the neck large homemade beads; to the lower jaw attached a homemade beard, put on legs homemade bracelets. Then he sat on a donkey the young man and took the Princess-shovel in his hands. The donkey was led a young man in women's clothing and a girl in men's clothing. Ahead of them were a capsorka (clown), a young man with green flag and the girl who held a frog dressed up in a woman's dress. Behind them - another with a sieve and a guy with a bowl in which was spring water. They were accompanied by a group boys and girls. The procession was met at. certain place girl in the role respectively Suu Anasy (mother of water) and boyfriend Suu Atasy (father of water). Participants of the ceremony tried make the show as big as possible attractive and exciting. nine0122 The procession went around the village with songs, dances, games, theatrical moments from people's life and went to someone's house. A ritual concert was held in the courtyard of the house. Water was poured from a bowl through a sieve, depicting a pouring rain. “The owners of the house where we stayed participants of this ceremony, treated teenagers pies, eggs, meat, khychins, cakes and poured water over them” (237). Having finished bypassing all the houses of the villages, the procession headed for the old graves. Teens with donations were divided among the elderly. Baring their chests, the elders turned to Teyri and asked for rain to fall on the earth. nine0122 According to informants, the rite this one took place on a Thursday (238). The performers of the rite went around the old grave and dug a hole nearby. If you started walking rain, then the pit was filled with earth, otherwise case, the hole was left open.
V. Ya. Teptsov noted that for causing rain tore apart a pit - a grave (239). From gravestones pieces were broken off and thrown into the water to cause rain. “Rainstones were also known Vainakhs, Ossetians, Karachays, Circassians, Armenians, Georgians, Turks, Japanese, Anglo-Saxons” (240). Procession participants overturned large stones on the way. If under they were wet, rain was predicted. Into the lake or the river was thrown by small white pebbles, which had to slide on the surface of the water, Then they thought it would rain. If along the way there were anthills, they were destroyed, also to make it rain. If during the ritual "Kurek biche" dog or cat, met on the street, turned over, then It was predicted that it would rain. bathing donkey in the river - it was a good omen: it will certainly go rain. By the river, the stones were poured abundantly with water so that make it rain. This procedure was accompanied dancing. If during the ceremony someone passed or passed by the participants, then his doused with water and demanded a ransom, pouring water and myself. G. F. Chursin noted: “Pouring water on a friend friend is a very common custom in the Caucasus. This innocent fun has a far from innocent origin. In the good old days propitiate the angry lord of the waters, as a sacrifice he was thrown into the river silt-and the lake of a man. Later instead of drowning a person, they began be content with being only dipped and pushed into the water. This is where it starts ritual dousing each other with water” (241). Poured not only people and stones, but also animals and trees. nine0122 In Karachay, the rite of “causing rain” spent at Zhangyz terek (a lonely pine tree). During this ritual they sang a prayer song:

Oh, Zhangyz Terek, (you) tree life!
(To us) the harvest that yields the tree;
The whole world is engulfed in drought,
Open wide the doors of rain!
Let the lightning flash,
Let it rain now (242).

B villages of Balkaria in the Baksan Gorge during drought, all the inhabitants went to an elevated place. The participants in the ritual wore their clothes inside out. The old men took seven skulls wild and domestic animals and strengthened them on long sticks. Women caught seven frogs and put them on clothes of seven colors. The men turned to supreme god Teyri, women - to Ummakhan with asking for rain (243). AT dance of the skull and the frog were replaced by props or masks. nine0122 In Karachay (v. Khurzuk) tied to a stone with a goat's hole and made it bleat. The more and louder the goat bleated, the more there was a chance that it would rain (244). They did the same with the donkey.
There were other signs: if the donkey often turned over in the sand, then by all means it will be raining. If a cat or dog licks their paws, then it's rain. To make it rain clods of earth threw clean spring water. From bonfires burned raw firewood; burka watered clean water. nine0122 In summer, with frequent rains, which interfered with harvesting and mowing, performed a ceremony "summoning the sun". For this they rattled the basins, buckets, bells, knocked with a stick on the board, stone on stone, they clapped, whistled, shouted... villages of Balkaria in the Chegem Gorge for carrying out this ritual chose the most beautiful village girl, who is sure to should have been the first child in her family. The participants of the ceremony went to the river, where the girl sang song:

I am the firstborn, the firstborn
I reveal my face of the firstborn,
(And) I disperse the fogs!
I tie a louse and a flea together and throw it into the river,
Not rain, but the sun choose! (245)

By a lake or river three large bonfires were built from dry wood to "summon the sun".

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