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The saying “once a dancer, always a dancer” rings true for some more than others. Maybe you danced as a child and are finding yourself craving to get back on the floor as an adult. Maybe you were a professional dancer but an injury put an end to your career. Regardless of the reason why you chose to stop dancing, the good news is that you can always start again! Check out these tips for getting back into dance now that you are an older, wiser adult.

Don’t expect to pick up right where you left off

It’s important to get in the right mindset before choosing and starting your class. Understand that your body has changed, and it will need time to adjust. We recommend starting with a beginner class regardless of your previous experience to avoid unnecessary injury and confusion. You can always go up a level or two if you’re finding things too easy! Remember that relearning is a slow process, but it is faster than learning for the first time. So while you might be a little confused at the onset, your muscle memory will eventually kick in and you’ll find that you progress much faster than someone who is a total newbie.

Be open to trying new things

Don’t let your past dance profile dictate what you try later on in life. Just because you danced ballet as a child doesn’t mean you can’t try hip hop now. Each new style you try will challenge your mind and body in a different way, helping you grow as a dancer. If you’ve suffered an injury, certain styles of dance may irritate it more than others. The goal is to find a style of dance that suits your body today, not what may have suited your body 15 years ago.

Get back into the routine of stretching

Even stepping away from dance for six months will have major impacts on your flexibility. Gaining flexibility requires a steady and consistent approach. Ask your teacher for a list of stretches they recommend, and try to incorporate them into your daily routine. With greater flexibility you’ll not only reduce your chance of injury, but you’ll find many of the moves much easier to execute.

Listen to your body

It’s okay to stop or modify if a movement feels painful. When re-entering the dance world, it’s incredibly important to listen to your body and adjust accordingly. You may not be able to execute the moves with the same intensity as when you were a teen. If you are recovering from an injury, be sure to follow the recommendations of your physiotherapist or doctor. Jumping back into things too early will only set you up for future injuries. If you have a particular physical concern, make sure you let your teacher know. They can suggest modifications to any moves that you find painful.

Elite Dance Studio offers a wide variety of dance classes for beginners to experienced adults. Check out our class offerings and don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions.


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How To Get Back Into Dancing After A Break

So, you want to get back into dancing? Let me guess, you miss the butterflies that hit before a performance. Or just vibing out with your teammates and dancer friends.

You find yourself watching old footage, itching to move again... But aren't sure how to get back into dancing.

Sometimes we have to step away from the dance scene and focus on other parts of our lives.

We can relate: How To Survive Being An Alumnus Of A Dance Team

Whether the reason was a full time job, extra units at school (or both!), quitting dance is tough, and getting back into dancing can be tougher.

But not if you know what to do. Here are some tips on getting your groove back!

Drop-in a class with a friend

Look up what classes are held at your local studio. Workshops are constantly posted on social media.

Stay updated through Facebook event pages and follow dance crews on Instagram. But it can be intimidating to jump back in by yourself.

“I haven’t danced in forever! I’m so scared to go by myself. I won’t be able to keep up…”

If you feel this way, then find an active dance friend or someone who feels the same to go with you. You can motivate each other!

If your pick up feels rusty, read this first: Dance Tips To Pick Up Choreography Fast

And watch this video!

Be your friend’s assistant

Having trouble regaining your inner confidence? Help assist your friend’s class. This is a great way to learn and be a good example at the front of the class.

The way to develop self-confidence is to do the thing you fear and get a record of successful experiences behind you.

– William Jennings Bryan

Tip: Learn the choreography prior to class! This way, your friend can practice teaching and see how the piece looks on another person.

In addition, you can practice the piece ahead of time so some of those jitters fade away.

Go to a dance competition or showcase

Getting back into dancing is more than just the physical part. It's also about getting involved in the dance community again. So support a show.  

You’ll see what teams are creating nowadays, what moves are "in," who's up and coming, etc.

You'll get the inspiration you’ve been seeking and the familiarity of the dance community!

Audition for something

An audition day can reevaluate where you stand in your dancing. Find a dance team audition and go through the process.

Even if you don't plan on joining (ask if this is allowed first) wanting to feel confident on audition day will give you something to work for.

And in the audition, you won't just learn a piece like you do in class, but be pushed to give your best performance possible.

This is useful: How To Make Your Dream Dance Team

This can also be useful: How To Cope With Not Making Your Dream Dance Team

Freestyle session

Do it alone or vibe out with your homies. Remember there is no wrong way to freestyle – this is your chance to be YOU!

Your ability to freestyle anywhere, anytime is one of the reasons Why You'll Always Be A Dancer, Even After You Stop Dancing

Going to class, a cypher, audition – all of these will feel more comfortable if you get back into dancing on your own.

Dance may have left your schedule but the passion still remains!

If it had a place for you before, you can always come back.

STEEZY Studio is a great way to get back into dancing. It's convenient – you can access it anytime, anywhere.

This means you can learn comfortably, at the pace you want, in the privacy of your own home. Try it out for free by signing up today!

Return to content in dance rhythm

♫ the ancient Greeks patronized music Euterpe, songs - Polyhymnia, and who patronized the dance art?

(Terpsichore. Muse of dance was considered the youngest, ninth in the retinue god Apollo.)

♫ What the dance was the most famous dance of the ancient peace?

(Dance of the Pharaoh. Before how to accept an important state decision, the ruler of Egypt retired to sanctuary and addressing the sun god Ra, dancing, asked him for wisdom and advice.)

♫ Name ancient form of folk dance art, common to all peoples.

(Round dance. Combines choreography with dramatic action, dance, song.)

♫ Where did the first dance schools appear?

(In Ancient Egypt. They existed at the temples. They took it there girls from six years old . In addition to dancing, they were trained in acrobatics, playing musical instruments and juggling.)

♫ What dance in their homeland, in Germany, in old name was roller - spinner and dreher - spinner?

(Waltz. In German "walzer", which means rotation, dance-rotation.)

♫ Say French for "circle" if it is one circle waltz around the hall.


♫ What there is a chair and a waltz?


♫ Waltz from Rosenmaum's hit - this is ... Which one? nine0003


♫ What Is the country considered the birthplace of the Boston Waltz?


♫ Name "dance" musical emblem capitals of Ukraine.

(The famous "Kyiv waltz”, music - P. Mayboroda, lyrics - A. Malyshko.)

♫ What Russian composer wrote great movie waltz "Watch out for the car"?

(Andrey Petrov.)

♫ What the Moldovan composer owns the authorship of the waltz from the movie "My affectionate and gentle beast"? nine0003

(To the composer E. Doge.)

♫ Like called an old french dance bipartite meter: bassoon or gavotte?

(Gavotte. And the bassoon is woodwind musical tool.)

♫ Name quick dance named american cities.


♫ V Brazil to teach children its art and government subsidies are and community grants. Name this one dance.

nine0009 (Samba.)

♫ What temperamental dances are included in the score of Borodin's opera "Prince Igor"?

(Polovtsian dances.)

♫ What Spanish dance made Ravel famous?


♫ What dances composed by a Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninoff?

("Symphonic Dances" for orchestra.)

♫ What German composer is the author concert piece for piano "An invitation to dance"? nine0003

(Carl Maria von Weber.)

♫ What melee weapons are necessary for execution hit dance by Aram Khachaturian?

(Sabres. Saber Dance.)

♫ Fragment What ballet is Saber Dance?

(Ballet A. Khachaturian "Gayane".)

♫ Like called Old Polish procession dance?


♫ What means the word "polka" - the name dance?

(Half step. Dance manner - move small fast jumping. This is a Czech dance, not Polish origin.)

♫ What the great composer owns the whole "encyclopedia" of piano mazurkas?

(to F. Chopin.)

♫ What ballroom dance of French origin combines waltz, mazurka and polka?


♫ V What country was the padespan dance born in?

(In Spain.)

♫ Boston, Krakow, Taranto... What did these cities?

(Dance named after these cities: Boston, Krakowiak, Tarantella.)

♫ What dance owes its origin and the name of the capital of Cuba - Havana?

(Habanera. Spanish habanera from La Habana - Havana. Literally habanera - "inhabitant of Havana")

♫ What the country is home to a group of steam rooms fandango dance?

(Spain. Performed under accompaniment of guitar and castanets.)

♫ 11 December everyone dances in Argentina. After all this day by special decree government declared national holiday and it is called ... How?

(Feast of the Tango. "Argentinean tango "- known and loved in everything world dance.)

♫ How much performers dance "gypsy tango"?

(This is a solo female dance with castanets, which was common in Andalusia until the middle of the XIX century. On the basis of his music arose "Andalusian tango "- a comic street song, popular in Seville in the 1850s. )

♫ Melody what Russian folk dance song and dance immortalized by M.I. Glinka, writing based on it, a symphonic piece by same names? nine0003


♫ What country is considered the birthplace of the dance "lady"?


♫ Passion how lively, cheerful folk dance, especially popular in Ukraine, captured by A. S. Dargomyzhsky in your orchestral fantasy?

(Cossack dance. "Little Russian Cossack")

♫ V modern English ballroom dancing, according to their names, the performers spinning and shaking. Is it so? nine0003

(Yes, twist and shake translated from English “to spin” and “to shake”.)

♫ What the geometric figure gave its name the once popular square dance?

(Square. According to the rules four couples line up in fours corners of the square. Dance name from French quadrille - square)

♫ Title what american ballroom dance translated into Russian as "two step"?

(Tu-step - two-step. Spread across many countries 1920s. Time signature 2/4.)

♫ Title what a fashionable american dance 1950s literally means "swing and spin"?

( Rock - N - roll . Eng 0 . rock'n'roll or rock and roll. This dance is one of the main sources modern rock music.)

♫ Dance with cries of "Assa!" - This is... What?


♫ What ballroom dance got the name of one from the gaits of horses?


♫ Name "feathered" variety dance.

(Tap dance. Mostly male dance, tapping the rhythm with the foot.)

Polka bird danced,

Because it's fun!

Nose left, tail right -

That's how it was!

And whose name was this polka?

(Karabasa. Polka "Karabas" from the Golden Key.)

♫ Stapler - this is a dancer, dancing step (tap dance), Or stationery?


♫ What dance has become the heart of Latin American carnival, which takes place every year in Rio de Janeiro? nine0003

(Incendiary, passionate dance of love - samba. )

♫ Foxtrot, samba, paso doble, rumba, tarantella, quickstep. Among these dances, only one is not ballroom. What is it?

(Tarantella. This is Italian folk dance.)

♫ What dance "adopted" techniques from Brazilian martial art capoeira?


♫ Dance without rules is... What?

(Dance. No one dances teaches, they dance, as the soul asks, how the legs themselves require.)

♫ What French painter painted three paintings "Dancing"?

(Auguste Renoir. In 1883 he began a series of paintings depicting dancing couples. It's "Dance in Bougeval" "Dance in the City" and "Dance in the Country". One who loves both painting and dancing, looking on these pictures, will surely feel and the atmosphere of the holiday, and the mood characters, and even hear "music" pic.)

♫ What Russian pop singer and composer strongly advises in his song "dance while you are young. .."? nine0003

(Oleg Gazmanov.)

♫ Where and when for the first time in the history of modern Russia hosted the famous Vienna ball?

( Summer 2003 year, in Moscow.)

♫ When Is it International Dance Day?

(April 29. Everybody dance!)

♫ What the dance was called "the king of dances and the dance of kings?

AND. Polonaise. AT. Minion. nine0003

B. Minuet. G. Mazurka.

♫ What dance is most often performed on stage cabaret?

A. Cancan. B. Tango.

B. Waltz. G. Rumba.

♫ Polonaise translated from French means:

A. Polish dance. B. Polovtsian dances.

B. March of the polo players. G. The creak of skids. nine0003

♫ What of these dances is not Polish?

AND. Polonaise. AT. Mazurka.

B. Krakovyak. G. Polka .

(This is a Czech folk dance.)

♫ Dancing which country are polonaise, mazurka, Krakowiak?

AND. Hungary. B. Poland .

B. Ukraine. G. France. nine0003

♫ Brilliant a sample of which dance was created by M.I. Glinka in the so-called "Polish act" (II act) opera A Life for the Tsar (Ivan Susanin)?

A. Krakowiak . AT. Polka.

B. Polonaise. G. Hopak.

♫ Residents which country do they dance chardash?

A. Hungary . AT. Moldova.

B. Georgia. G. Italy. nine0003

♫ What, translated from Hungarian means the name of the dance is chardash?

A. Restaurant. V. Tavern .

B. Cafe. G. Casino.

(What speaks of the vernacular the origin of this beloved in everything the world of dance. in XIX century chardash became a ballroom dance.)

♫ Like called operetta by Imre Kalman? nine0003

A. "Queen of Czardas".

B. "Empress Polonaise".

V. "Queen of the Mazurka".

G. "Princess Polka".

♫ What of these dances is not American?

AND. Twist. AT. Charleston.

B. Shake. G. Boogie Woogie.

(This is modern English ballroom dance.)

♫ What people came up with dances "Levonikha" and "Kryzhachok"?

A. Belarusian . AT. Russian.

B. Ukrainian. G. Georgian.

♫ Like called an old Russian dance in at a fast pace with fractional trampling?

AND. Yap. B. Trepak .

B. Chatterbox. G. Chatterbox. nine0003

(Musical time signature 2/4. The trepak genre was used in their works of A.G. Rubinstein, P.I. Tchaikovsky, M.P. Mussorgsky and others)

♫ C what temperamental exclamations dance fast and cheerful Ukrainian hopak dance?

AND. Assa! V. Hurrah!

B. Hop! G. Wow!

(Hence the name of the dance.)

♫ What the name was given to the dance, popular in the 19th century?

AND. Career. B. Gallop .

B. Lynx. G. Amble.

♫ What of these dances are performed in slow motion tempo?

AND. Lezginka. V. Tarantella.

B. Gallop. G. Polonaise .

♫ Like the name is literally translated American ballroom dance foxtrot

A. Lisiy step. B. Serpentine bend.

V. Canine rack. G. Eagle flight.

♫ Like called incendiary Latin American dance?

AND. Lampada. B. Lambada .

B. Lambda. G. Balanda. nine0003

♫ What of these words means not only dance, but also a male subject clothes?

AND. Farandole. AT. Mazurka.

B. Samba. G. Bolero .

♫ Like called a sailor's song and dance?

AND. "Sailor". AT. "Matroska".

B. "Apple" . G. "Boat". nine0003

♫ Famous song by Dmitry Kabalevsky "School years” is... What?

AND. Tango. AT. Lambada.

B. Waltz . G. Twist.

♫ Like called world famous Russian academic choreographic ensemble?

AND. "Poplar". AT. "Rowan".

B. "Birch" . G. "Ivushka".

♫ What does a virtuoso dancer do?

AND. Lap. B. Elbows .

B. knees. G. Crankshaft.

(Exactly so in terms of Russian grammar.)

♫ Like name a partner in the dance?

AND. Order bearer. V. Laureate. nine0003

B. Cavalier . G. Cavalryman.

Without sports: 6 types of dances for weight loss with video

Are you worried in advance how to get back in shape? Dancing is the most pleasant, emotional and interesting way to a beautiful figure. But what kind of dances will help us find the perfect body the fastest?


Zumba is not really a dance, it's more of a dance fitness. This is an aerobic workout based on rhythmic movements performed to incendiary music. It is a mixture of salsa, cumbia, flamenco, calypso, mamba, rumba. This is not only useful and energy-intensive, but also really fun! nine0003

Effect. Training involves all muscles, but the main load falls on the lower body - legs and buttocks. Zumba develops plasticity, flexibility, endurance, trains the respiratory and cardiovascular systems and, of course, improves mood.

How much can you burn in an hour of training? 400-500 kcal.

Difficulties. None! In fact, this is the only type of dance for which you do not need any special physical training. At the end of the lesson, you do not need to combine the learned chords into a beautiful dance, you can improvise, and the coach will not force you to perfectly repeat all his movements. You just dance, rejoice and get rid of extra pounds. nine0003

Here is a little workout so you know what zumba really is:

Pole dance

Pole dance (pole dance) will not only loosen up and surprise your loved one, but also lose weight. Classes include all types of load: power, aerobic, stretching, acrobatics. Pole dance is not a striptease, as many people think, but only its imitation. The main emphasis here is on the technique of execution, and it is worth noting that it is not easy.

Effect. nine0706 Pole training tightens all muscle groups (the muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle work, the abs and back muscles, legs and buttocks, as well as the calf muscles), improve flexibility, stretching, transform posture and gait. Exercise has a positive effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

After just a few sessions, you will notice that you have become more graceful, feminine, self-confident. Pole dance helps to get rid of complexes, to feel attractive and sexy.

How much can you burn in an hour of training? 450-450 kcal.

Difficulties . You cannot master pole dancing in one, three or even five lessons. This is hard work that requires perseverance, aspiration, and patience. A beginner can start training, but it’s still better to have a good stretch right away. In addition, if you are a shy person in life, then you will need to force yourself to get rid of awkwardness and start dancing. But believe me: a beautiful and seductive body is worth your effort! nine0003

This short pole dance video will prove to you that pole dance is so much more than just an erotic dance.

Belly dance

Belly dance is one of the most sexy and sensual dances. Do you think it does not contribute to weight loss, since only the stomach is involved in it, and all movements are smooth? In fact, many muscle groups work during belly dancing, and this is a very effective way to tighten your figure and lose unnecessary pounds.

Effect. Of course, the abdominal muscles have the hardest time of all. The oblique muscles work especially actively, which can be difficult to reach even in the gym. In addition, the muscles of the shoulder girdle and back are strengthened, beautiful hips are formed, extra centimeters are removed from the waist. It is believed that belly dancing has a beneficial effect on the female reproductive system, and also normalizes metabolism. And of course, a woman performing a belly dance feels attractive, desirable and beautiful! nine0003

How much can you burn in an hour of training? 350-400 kcal.

Difficulties . Yes, belly dancing is far from the easiest dance direction, but at the same time, the load on the joints and ligaments during classes is minimal, which means that a woman of any age and any weight can master this dance. You can dance at least every day - you do not need rest between workouts to restore muscles.

Mesmerizing belly dance video:

Irish Step

If your main problem is fat legs, try Irish step. These dances will replace your running, jump rope, and step aerobics. During the dance, the legs actively work, the torso remains practically motionless, and the arms perform only smooth movements. All types of Irish dances are performed to traditional Irish melodies: reels, jigs, hornpipes.

Effect. This is the perfect dance for those who want to really pump up their legs. Relief, tightened, slender hips, calves, buttocks - this is the main result of Irish step classes. In addition, this type of dance helps to pump up the press, correct posture, develop the respiratory system and strengthen the heart muscle. The dance is very rhythmic, which means that at each workout you will have to sweat a lot, but, as you know, not only harmful substances, but also extra pounds go away with sweat. nine0003

How much can you burn in an hour of training? 500-600 kcal.

Difficulties. Irish music is rhythmic and requires precise steps, so if you don't know how to feel the rhythm, it may be difficult for you to keep up with the tempo of the dance.

Irish step is a serious dance that cannot be learned in a couple of practices. Keep in mind that you will master the Irish step faster if you have never practiced other dance styles. The fact is that classical choreographic training sometimes prevents the body from remembering the positions of Irish dances, so it’s better to start learning from scratch. nine0003

When you dance just like the girl in the video, you will not have a single extra gram left:

Latin American dances

Incendiary, energetic, emotional Latin American dances are definitely what you need to quickly burn fat . Bachata, salsa, cha-cha-cha, rumba, jive - the choice is huge! Fatigue, weakness, bad mood - these concepts simply do not exist when you dance salsa or rumba. In addition, most of the Latin American dances are performed in pairs, which means that during the dance you can’t be lazy so as not to let your partner down. nine0003

Effect. During the training, all muscle groups are involved, but the emphasis is on the abs, thighs and buttocks. You will learn to keep your back, monitor coordination, move plastically and feel your body. Latin American dances will tighten the figure and help get rid of extra pounds. And of course, incendiary dances are the perfect cure for the blues!

How much can you burn in an hour of training? 400-500 kcal.

Difficulties. Not everyone can perform movements at such a frantic pace as required by Latin American dances. You have to give 100% to see the result. nine0003

Take a look, would you like to dance samba just like professional dancers do?

We advise you to pay attention to bachata. Like all Latin American dances, it helps to open up, shake off complexes, strengthens the cardiovascular system and keeps the body in good shape.

Bachata is also quite simple in choreography (which is especially important for beginner dancers). So much so that even people with some physical features can perform it. Actually, bachata is known as a healing dance that helps strengthen muscles after injuries. nine0003


A dance that makes not only the legs thin, but the whole body. A passionate Spanish dance, flamenco sets a very fast pace, so that the process of losing weight will not seem monotonous and boring to you. In flamenco classes you will gain self-confidence, achieve harmony of soul and body and feel what it means to be truly free!

Effect. Flamenco classes teach you how to beat a fraction, keep your back straight and arch your hands. After a couple of months of training, the hips and buttocks lose weight, and the calf muscles acquire a beautiful relief.

Learn more