How to make lion dance head

how to make a lion head

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It’s been a long while since my last post.
I’ve moved houses and gone bush for a work stint hence the delay.

I’ve come home for the weekend and managed to work on the eyelids and stick on the rabbit fur. The thickness of the rabbit fur is different in the various areas of the lion. I wanted it to be as sparse as possible to give the lion’s furry bit an uneven almost unclean look. At the back of my mind as I was gluing it on was a scene early on in Jet Li’s Once Upon a Time in China part 3 when Wong Fei Hung’s father grabs a hold of one of his student’s brushes and gives him a tip on how to paint the lion heads face. His main message was along the lines of the strokes shouldn’t be too clean because no face is ever perfect or even.

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It’s been a long time since my last post.
I’ve been busily papering my lion and the more I add on layers and see the lion come into fruitition, the more excited that I get.
In the end, I’ve used 3 layers of calligraphy paper and the initial one layer of netting.
So far it feels strong and solid. The shape of the lion is more than I can imagine.
I got a bit excited while I started papering and decided to go and get me some paint!!

Before I finished, my girlfriend also got a bit excited and started painting the top lip.

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As with my previous lion that I restored, I found the best way apply the paper mache was to hot glue netting onto the bamboo frame first, This worked by giving the paper something to stick to as well as providing a body to the paper (similar to concreters using metal rods through during construction). In the past, I have used mosquito netting. This time round, I had some cheap curtain netting that I found at IKEA which I used.

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It took me over from the 12th February 2011- 27th May 2012 to get to this stage.
So a bit over a year. I must admit, the lion did hang on my wall idle for a fair bit of time as a I stared it down not really wanting to gather my equipment and sit and ponder which piece to measure next and which piece to attach on.
I’m glad I’ve gotten to this point.

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A little bit of Everything: DIY Lion Dance Head

It is still a long way to CNY but I have to share this post. Why i do it? because Jelly had been very obsessed with Lion Dance lately that she demanded I open links in YouTube on lion dance... In order to let her unleashed her passion in lion dance, I made this cute lion head with only a small carton box, small length of cloth, 2 pom poms and a few color papers. Just sharing this idea and it's up to individual's creativity to do it! You can also replace colored paper for the pompoms. There are tones of video on how to DIY your own pompoms by just using cardboard in Youtube... 

Chinese Lion Head

It's just an idea and up to your own creativity to create your very own lion head to let your little one have some fun! Just as you wanted to know how I create this Chinese lion head below are my materials, u can replace and change as how you please... 💗  But FYI, I did all the cutting free hand, no template. .. just make sure when you are doing cutting for anything that is symmetrical (like the eyes or the mustache) you cut them together... Just let your imagination go wild~~

Materials to prepare:-

Carton Box - approximate 20 cm(H) X 19.5cm (W) X 19.5cm (L)
Red Cloth - approximate 40cm (W) X 110cm (L)
Color Papers - I choose Red, White , Black and a little brown and yellow
Pom Poms - 2 pcs around 5cm diameter
A little raffia string to tie the mouth together.

Cost of the Lion Head
Cartox Box - FOC, get it from supermarket or order online to receive free carton box... LOL
Cloth - RM3/meter
Color Paper - RM 1 X 5 colors - RM5
Pom Pom from balance yarns that I have.
Raffiah string - get it FOC from tapao drinks from kopi tiam.
Glue - 1 bottle - RM 1.00
Silicone Hot Melt Glue - RM 2 for a packet of 6 - required only 1pc (RM 0.33)
Tools - RM 0.50
Total - RM 9.83

- Sciccors
- Glue
- Stapler & Staples
- Black Tape
- Pen knife
- Puncher

Small Carton Box and Pom Poms

1) Stick the side of the carton with tape

2) Glue the whole box with the color you prefer. (I use white paper)

3) Prepare another small carton piece for the lower mouth piece and paste white paper

4) Cut another hole (semi circle) at the carton as the opening for kids to peek through

5) Paste color paper as the mouth (Red or other color you prefer)

6) Puncher the sides of the mouth in order to tie the mouth together later  

1) I paste a red paper as the background for the lion's face and show out it's jaws

2) I use black for the mustache

3) Cut another 5 petal flower with a circle (the yellow paper can replace with aluminium paper)

4) Cut out the Eye shape - preferred to be angry looking, I paste 5 layers over layers for the eyes

5) Paste on the cloth / cape on the lion head. I use Silicone Hot Melt Glue and later stapler the sides

to prevent the cape from coming out. Make sure to check the inside of the carton to check the 

staples not to stick out which can injured kids.

6) Tie the mouth together with a raffia string (but i stick a few layers of reinforcement ring at the 

back of the carton to strengthen the board in case of pulling (can replace raffia with cable tie)

Side View

This is Jelly running around with the Lion Head~! LOL!

Selfie with my little lion dancer

Runnign around the house with her Lion Head!

Jelly trying to act cute... LOL!

Jelly Checking the head

Standby wearing it

Jelly can't wait to run outside!

Little Lion Dance

Explore the garden

Non Stop Running

Run Run Run

Overall Experience:- 

It didn't last long with a rough kid but it manages to survive my rough Jelly for 3 days fully playing with it. It is fun watching Jelly running around and jumping with the lion head, at least keep her utilize her energy and keeps her busy...

The price mentioned in this post are as of the date posted, as it may change from time to time. 

I don't get paid by this review and all are my humble and honest review.

Asian Lion Dance

Lion Dance

Throughout Asia, the Chinese dance, known as the lion dance, has managed to become one of the most popular religious and recreational dances. After being used in China more than a thousand years ago, neighboring countries such as Taiwan, Japan and Korea adopted this dance into their cultures, slightly changing it to local characteristics.

Lion dance

The basic principle of this traditional dance is to imitate the movements of a lion while wearing an elaborate lion costume (the design of some of the lion costumes can be very complex, and often such costumes may not look like a real lion). The main difference between the lion dance and the very similar popular dragon dance is that the lion dance requires only two people to perform. The dragon dance requires many people who, holding wooden props, control the movement of the dragon, as if hovering in the air above them (while the lion dancers are almost completely hidden by their costume). nine0004

Lion dance

The origin of the lion dance can be found in Chinese religion. According to ancient legends, one monk had a vision that only a dancing lion could protect the people from evil. Given that there were no lions in the region, people made a costume that looked like a lion, but it also included parts of many other non-dangerous animals that lived nearby.

Lion dance

Over the millennia of use of the lion dance throughout Asia, several different styles have developed. In Northern China, the lion dance was commonly performed as a means of entertainment for members of the imperial court and other nobles. Not surprisingly, this form of dance called for more colorful and elaborate costumes (usually red, orange, and yellow) and its choreography included many acrobatic elements (for example, two dancers performed balancing on a giant ball). This kind of dance was performed both by one lion (i.e., two dancers), and by a whole family - a lion, a lioness and their two cubs. nine0004

Lion dance

Chinese southern lion dance was more symbolic and religious. It was performed by all classes of people in a ceremony that warded off evil spirits and promoted good luck. Southern lion costumes were blessed before any performance. Some of the most notable features of this style are the large eyes of the lion (to more easily detect evil spirits), the mirror on the forehead (to ward off demonic spells), and the horns on the top of the head (to please the gods). In modern times, the symbolic lion dance, which brings wisdom, good luck and protection from evil, is often performed at weddings, shop openings and other celebrations. nine0004

Lion Dance

Performing a lion dance has always been considered a great honor in Chinese tradition, so for centuries, practitioners of kung fu and other martial arts have put their knowledge to use by creating a very specific style of dance, the kung fu lion dance. A special suit was developed that was stronger and heavier than conventional suits. The talented martial artists practiced for many years before being given the honor of performing in front of a crowd. One of the highest honors was to have a martial arts school with several pairs of lion dancers. nine0004

Lion dance

Taiwanese lion dance can be divided into two types - open-mouth lion and closed-mouth lion. Its popularity in the country is so great that children in schools are taught the choreography of this interesting dance. Lion dance in Japan is incorporated into Shinto religious ceremonies, with many different lion costume designs being used. Korea also has its own version of the lion dance, which is usually performed during New Year celebrations to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits. nine0004

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