How to make dancing dolls with paper

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TikTok video from BLACKCHIBIDOLLS (@blackchibidolls): "BLACK CHIBI DANCING DOLL II #blackchibis #blackchibidoll #blackpaperdoll #blackpaperdolls #paperdoll #paperdolls #papercraft". original sound.


original sound - BLACKCHIBIDOLLS



Dancing doll scam 🤣

2K Likes, 126 Comments. TikTok video from TTVPersianLatina (@persianlatina): "Dancing doll scam 🤣". Wait for it… . original sound.


original sound - TTVPersianLatina



#fyp #paperdoll

TikTok video from 👁 (@w31rdc0re_paperd0lls): "#fyp #paperdoll". watch my paper doll dance! :D. mOtomAmis tOy pHonE.


mOtomAmis tOy pHonE - javier



Reply to @theyashiro shes so cute! creds to @🌈💕 virtual meow! 💕🌈 for the moving parts! Their tutorial is really easy to follow #jibakushounenhanakokun #hanakokun #theyashiro #yashironene

2. 6K Likes, 107 Comments. TikTok video from theyashiro🌈🌷🌺 (@theyashiro): "Reply to @theyashiro shes so cute! creds to @🌈💕 virtual meow! 💕🌈 for the moving parts! Their tutorial is really easy to follow #jibakushounenhanakokun #hanakokun #theyashiro #yashironene". Part 3/3 of making a nene moving paper doll! | Snip snip snip | She moves! | .... The Other Woman.


The Other Woman - Lana Del Rey


The Critter Co | Rachel

They were a little stiff maybe. Dance cred @niaxnycole #thecritterco #paperdoll #watercolour #illustration #kineticart #bunnytok #rabbittok #dancing

TikTok video from The Critter Co | Rachel (@thecritterco): "They were a little stiff maybe. Dance cred @niaxnycole #thecritterco #paperdoll #watercolour #illustration #kineticart #bunnytok #rabbittok #dancing". These little buns wanted to try out the dance challenge | How did they do?. POOF BE GONE.


POOF BE GONE - KyleYouMadeThat


Charlie Nishimura

on your feet! Let's dance! #science #experiment #fyp #footloose

TikTok video from Charlie Nishimura (@science.entertainment): "on your feet! Let's dance! #science #experiment #fyp #footloose". Electrostatic Dance | Pull the paper doll with static electricity!. Footloose.


Footloose - Blake Shelton



Lucy is finished enjoy her little dance. #foryourpages #paperdoll #artncraft #ocgirlsideas #cutedrawing #fypシ

95 Likes, 6 Comments. TikTok video from MissSnowyPie_doodles (@mssnowypie): "Lucy is finished enjoy her little dance. #foryourpages #paperdoll #artncraft #ocgirlsideas #cutedrawing #fypシ". she is complete! and I love her so much | I gave stop motion a try again, you might see my finger😬 | I won't stop practicing and I will present all of my characters for people to enjoy, thank you for all your likes and positive comments 🥰. Lalalatte.


Lalalatte - Tsundere Twintails



Morning routine of Rich vs Broke Doll! DIY Lol OMG Dance Dance Paper Dolls on my channel #diy #doll #lolomg

347 Likes, 5 Comments. TikTok video from MY JOYS PINK (@myjoyspink): "Morning routine of Rich vs Broke Doll! DIY Lol OMG Dance Dance Paper Dolls on my channel #diy #doll #lolomg". Queens Don't.


Queens Don't - RaeLynn

Doll haircut. Dancing grass doll


Haircut doll is a popular doll among the Slavs. Children especially like it, as a properly made haircut can dance. Such toys are made from natural materials: from grass, hay or straw with the interweaving of fragrant healing herbs - thanks to which playing with them turns into a healing action - into aromatherapy.

The main feature of this doll is that its bottom is not braided, but on the contrary, it unwinds so that it looks like a straw skirt. And this skirt is cut evenly so that the doll can stand on any horizontal surface. That's why people call her a haircut.

To make the Shearer dance, they put her on a plank, wooden table, stool or other surface and knock next to her with fists or palms. From vibration, the doll literally starts dancing, spinning and spinning, which gives extraordinary pleasure to children, especially the smallest ones. And if such a doll is not one, but their whole company, then such a dance turns into a whole performance, where the dolls become in pairs, spin in round dances. So a simple and unpretentious toy gives a truly joyful feeling and has a beneficial effect on the players: both children and adults.

These dolls have a long history.

When you used to have to take your children to work in the fields, you had to keep them busy. Then they collected everything that was at hand, and most often it was grass or straw, and in a couple of minutes they twisted a doll out of this, which they gave to the children.

Those dolls that were made at home were created without haste, used more materials, and they were much more elegant than their field sisters. Such haircuts were dressed in bright skirts with aprons, scarves with warriors, they were decorated with braid, beads, embroidery and other decorative elements. If you try, then on the basis of a haircut you can create a real work of art - an author's doll.

As items of Russian antiquity, shear dolls are even presented in the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg and the State Toy Museum in Sergiev Posad near Moscow.

How to make a shearing doll

Making such a toy is easy, but the process and the result are a lot of fun.

  • Making a doll is the development of motor skills and logical thinking.
  • This is the inhalation of phytoncides from fresh herbs, admiring the greenery.
  • This is the ability to interact in a team, work together, help each other.
  • This is the formation of ecological consciousness: children learn to understand the importance of caring for the planet's resources, learn to enjoy the simple and see the beauty in the natural. People spend a lot of resources, literally depleting the planet, and we can make a toy from natural resources with our own hands, which will please us and, returning back to nature, will not harm it.
  • A toy made by hand is warmer and closer to the heart.
  • And also knowing how to make all sorts of items such as these dolls, we can live calmly and confidently, because we know that we can do everything that we need, we will be able to do it ourselves. We will be able to survive in any difficult conditions, and we will help others.

Whatever the haircut doll is - the most ordinary one made of grass or an elegant souvenir with a whole wardrobe, the process of its creation is the same in all cases.

To make a shearing doll, dry straw, dry grass or fresh grass, as well as bast, thin twigs of grass, shrubs and trees are suitable. Some craftswomen recommend steaming the straw in hot water, or at least holding it a little over hot steam so that it does not break when it needs to be bent almost in half.

As for grass, only certain grass is suitable for products. It is long and thin, grows around trees in small bushes and looks like a lawn. The structure of the plant is very beautiful, it is easy to work with, and in addition, such a product is stored for a long time.

So, a bunch of grass, straw or other suitable material is taken, cut evenly around the edges, and folded in half. In the upper part, at the level of the neck, the bundle is tied with a red thread or ribbon to make a kind of roundness that will represent the head.

Next, you need to make hands for the doll. The arms are made from a new bundle of straw that can be twisted or simply tied at the ends with strings. The resulting hands are inserted into the body of the doll, below the red thread (neck), after which the main bundle is tied up again below the hands - at the waist.

You can also make miniature braids out of straw, which you then need to attach to your head. After that, you need to trim the bottom of the doll so that it is a kind of straw skirt.

You can choose healing herbs for weaving into a doll, depending on what kind of healing effect you want to achieve, here or here.

A sundress can be specially sewn for a shearer from different fabrics with embroidery and braid. Do not forget about the hands, armlets are made for them or a shirt is cut out. Bast or straw are perfectly combined with natural fabrics and in this case you get an original, interesting doll. Sometimes they even make a papier-mâché head and draw a face. But this is already in the order of creative search, each master determines for himself the limits of permissible liberties.

The shearing doll is ready.

Grass dolls from time immemorial were amulets and protectors against diseases for children. In our time, many folk recipes and secret actions for making such dolls have been forgotten. However, nothing disappears into nowhere, just as nothing is taken from nowhere. And forgotten recipes come from the past and new ones come into the light.

So while the herbs are fragrant and juicy, collect them and create charms for yourself and your loved ones. Prepare medical supplies for the winter.

© Methodological Center "Tree of the Family"

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detailed master class. Colored paper accordion doll

Paper dolls were very popular with our mothers and fathers, grandparents. Then, at the peak of the production of soft toys and all kinds of baby dolls, the demand for them fell very much. Today, their popularity is once again gaining momentum. Moreover, you can not only buy them, but also make them yourself.

We offer you a workshop "How to make a paper doll with clothes". In the article you will also find templates for paper men.

Tools and Materials Required

Paper doll with clothes is very easy and quick to make. For this process, you will need the following tools and materials:

  1. Heavy cardboard (not necessarily white).
  2. A4 white plain paper.
  3. PVA glue or double sided tape.
  4. Plain tape.
  5. Sharp scissors.
  6. Tracing paper.
  7. Simple pencil.
  8. Eraser.
  9. Colored pencils, pens, markers or markers.

Template: paper doll with clothes

In order to make a paper doll, you will first need a template for a man. There are several ways to create it:

  1. Find a ready-made template. For example, you can see photos of paper dolls with clothes in this article.
  2. Buy books with models of paper dolls in the sections of stationery and literature for children.
  3. Draw the pattern yourself.

Making your own doll template

Paper doll with clothes is made as follows:

  1. Look in magazines for pictures or photos of a full-length person facing the camera. Most often, such illustrations can be found in fashion magazines.
  2. When you find a suitable picture, attach the tracing paper to it.
  3. Transfer the illustration to tracing paper with a pencil. Draw some details of the body yourself. By the way, don't forget your hair.
  4. Cut out the silhouette from the tracing paper with scissors.
  5. Attach the cut out silhouette to a white sheet of paper or card.
  6. Outline the silhouette with a pencil.
  7. Cut out the doll. If you transferred the silhouette to plain paper, then first stick it on cardboard, then cut it out.
  8. When you cut out a paper doll, you should draw her face - lips, eyes, nose, eyebrows. If this is a girl, then do a light make-up (for example, paint on cilia and highlight cheeks with blush).
  9. Don't forget to draw her underwear. For the boy doll it's swimming trunks, and for the girl doll it's panties and a small strapless top, as you might want to create bare-shouldered clothes for her.

Paper doll with clothes is ready!

Making a paper doll wardrobe

Do-it-yourself clothes for paper dolls are created as follows:

  1. The finished paper doll is attached to a piece of cardboard.
  2. Completely circle the silhouette of the doll with a pencil.
  3. Cut out the silhouette from cardboard.
  4. Attach the cardboard silhouette to a plain white sheet of paper and draw around it.
  5. Sketch clothes for the silhouette.
  6. Decorate the created clothes.
  7. Draw special hooks along the edges of the garment.
  8. Cut out the outfit with scissors.

Everything is ready! Similarly, the entire wardrobe for paper dolls is created.

Boy and girl doll outfits

The girl doll's wardrobe consists of the following basic items:

  1. T-shirts.
  2. T-shirts.
  3. Blouses.
  4. Shirts.
  5. Pants.
  6. Jeans.
  7. Shorts.
  8. Skirts.
  9. Dresses.
  10. Sundresses.
  11. Evening gowns (eg ball gowns).
  12. Robe.
  13. Nightgowns or pajamas.
  14. Swimsuit.
  15. Outerwear.
  16. Headwear (eg hat, cap, wreath, etc.).
  17. Shoes for various outfits (eg sneakers, several pairs of shoes, fluffy house slippers, etc.).

The boy doll's wardrobe consists of the following basic items:

  1. T-shirts.
  2. Shirts.
  3. Pants.
  4. Jeans.
  5. Shorts.
  6. Robe.
  7. Pajamas.
  8. Outerwear.
  9. Headwear (eg hats, baseball caps, caps).
  10. Footwear (eg shoes and sneakers).
  1. Not only clothes, but also different hairstyles can be made separately. For this purpose, old fashion magazines are suitable. Just carefully cut your favorite hairstyle to the right size and stick it on paper. Then make special holds.
  2. Clothes for paper dolls can be made not only from plain paper. Apply cardboard to wallpaper, colored paper, or other sheets with interesting patterns or abstractions. Thus, you will already have a finished pattern.
  3. To make the clothes hooks last longer, stick small strips of adhesive tape on the back.
  4. Make pets for your doll (cat, dog, bird, etc.). Don't forget to cut out pet accessories - bowl, sleeping pillow, toys.
  5. You can make an entire dollhouse out of paper and cardboard. It can be flat or voluminous. Furniture for him can not be drawn, but cut out of magazines. If you want to make a flat house, you can take a sketchbook in which one spread is for one room.
  6. In addition to creating a house, you can create special places in the sketchbook. For example, yard, park, shop, cafe and so on. At the end of the album, stick a file in which it is convenient to store clothes for the doll.

We wish you creative success!

Dress up paper dolls with cut out clothes set.

Today there are many ways to diversify a child's leisure time, but teenage girls do not stop playing with paper dolls. The usual cutting and selection of outfits turn into a surprisingly exciting activity for a young fashionista.

  • You can add new things to your ready-made wardrobe by spending hours inventing, decorating as you like, and experimenting.
  • You can change the wardrobe, borrow your favorite models of clothes from other paper doll sets, invent your own story and add decorations cut from magazines.

The material of this article is devoted to paper dolls: cute baby dolls, slender and beautiful Barbie, Winx and Monster High dolls, boy dolls, without which no toy beauty can do. Here you will find both templates for the most popular carving dolls and clothes for them.

Barbie Paper Dolls with Clothes to Cut Out: Printable Template

A real Barbie doll, which every self-respecting girl has, has a limited wardrobe: a puffy ornate dress is difficult to sew on your own. Whether it's a paper slender beauty!

The finished curvy girl silhouette can be printed on thick paper and cut out. If a girl likes cute babies more, then there is a large selection of clothes for them. Then everything is simple: the finished clothing template is cut out with folds left over the shoulders, and you can start the real girly game - turn on your imagination and develop design skills.

  • If the doll needs to update her wardrobe, it is enough to outline her figure on a piece of paper and the issue of finding the right “clothing size” is solved! It remains only to give the little thing the desired shape and decorate it with colored pencils or felt-tip pens.
  • Among ready-made clothing sets for Barbie there are various models of dresses, skirts, blouses and trousers. For paper doll wealth, you can select or glue the original box, write a name, and constantly replenish the collection of clothes.
  • If your daughter has already gathered a mountain of toys in her room, then it's time to remember the girly fun, the beginning of the beginning of children's creativity, which introduces fashion design and modeling - the game "Dress the Paper Doll".

Barbie doll and evening dress to cut out

If your daughter is not yet able to draw dolls with cute faces and fashionable hairstyles, and also invent dresses for them, then use ready-made templates. You just need to select a paper doll and print it.

If the doll's outfit gets torn, it's easy to replace it with another colorful, re-printed outfit. And who knows, maybe your girl, thanks to such an activity, will become a famous fashion designer in the future!

Model parameters, beautiful face, amazing smile, long thick hair - it's all about the classic Barbie doll. What girl does not dream of having a lot of such dolls in her collection? Create bold looks with your daughter and experiment with your wardrobe.

  • Tall, long-legged with thick and lush hair - these dolls have become the embodiment of not only beauty, but also courage, because these girls resist the witchcraft of strong and dangerous enemies.
  • And only bright wings remind of their true purpose of girls - to build a personal life and win their place under the sun in a fairy-tale land.
  • Unusual Winx girls have unusual elements of clothing. That is why it is so interesting to experiment and come up with new magical images for them.
  • Winx dolls and clothes templates for cutting:

    Winx paper dolls for cutting

    Paper Kukes Monster high

    • Monster High is a series of fashion dolls inspired by horror movies and monster stories. Wizards with unusual appearance and unusual wardrobe items compete with cute Barbie in pink outfits.
    • Charming, friendly and sociable, these dolls quickly found their admirers among teenage girls. If you can't afford the Monster High ball-jointed dolls, we suggest collecting a paper collection of dolls from this series.
    • You just need to print ready-made templates for dolls, stylish mini-skirts, high-heeled shoes, T-shirts. All this is cut out along the contour and the stylish modern wardrobe of the Monster High doll is ready!

    Monster High doesn't have as many wardrobe items as Barbie or other doll beauties, but it's fixable! By connecting fantasy, the Monster High doll can be dressed up not only in her usual clothes, but also come up with her own original things: puffy or cocktail dresses, outfits for an operetta.

    Monster High doll templates and clothes to cut out:


    Video: Paper dolls with a house in the album

    Disney Princess paper dolls with cut out clothes

    Disney princesses (Belle, Aurora, Jasmine, Cinderella, Pocahontas, Little Mermaid) can also be cut out of paper and made for each of them in an individual wardrobe, because different clothes are attached to each doll.

    IMPORTANT: when cutting out clothes for a paper doll, do not forget about small "clasps": leave white stripes with which the little thing can be attached to the doll.

    Disney Princess Doll Templates and Clothes to Cut Out:

    Paper Carving Doll: Princess Aurora

    • Paper dolls with clothes to cut out can be very different. There are even animals for which you can pick up a set of necessary things. But the traditional and favorite toy is the usual beautiful paper doll girl.
    • It is easy for a young housewife to imagine and draw a wardrobe for such a doll, creating different images. Such a doll is graceful and cute, but, unfortunately, it is not durable. The white flaps on the clothes, which are used to attach to the doll's body, can also come off.
    • Therefore, it will be difficult for a very young girl to play with a doll cut out of paper, because she cannot be planted, bought or fed.
    • No matter how diverse the world of toys is, girls' interest in the game "Dress up a paper doll" with sets of paper costumes, dresses, shoes will not weaken. And if their mothers had to be content with that paper doll for cutting, which was printed in a magazine, then today you can download a doll for every taste, and certainly the girl next door will not have one!

    Patterns of modern girls dolls and clothes for cutting:

    Paper dolls for carving

    In this section you will find a "soul mate" for a paper beauty.

    Paper dolls-boys are just as necessary in girls' games as beautiful ladies, because without friends and love you can't come up with an interesting story! This is where a ready-made cutout boy template with a set of clothes will come to the rescue.

    • If your daughter has a classic paper doll, then the “soulmate” option for her is better to choose with the appearance of Ken or an ordinary handsome young man.
    • For a paper doll, Winx or Monster High and a friend must have the appropriate appearance. Here it is worth paying attention to the heroes of animated films.

    Templates for boy dolls and clothes to cut out:

    Baby paper dolls with cut out clothes

    Adorable baby dolls for little girls aged 2-3. Such dolls repeat the facial features of babies, and their wardrobe is made up of many interesting accessories.

    Baby doll and clothes templates to cut:

    • Black-Black-white paper dolls
    • Black and white dolls are usually drawn in bathing suits, they are accompanied by a set of clothes for coloring.
    • The advantage of black and white dolls for carving is that a young fashionista can decorate their clothes at her own discretion, which will completely immerse the girl in the world of creativity. This activity develops fine motor skills, attention and perseverance.
    • For a girl who is passionate about creativity, such a black and white doll with a set of clothes will be a wonderful gift! You can cut out ready-made templates for black and white dolls and decorate them, or you can come up with and draw a doll yourself.

    Patterns for coloring dolls and clothes to cut out:

    Print paper stuff for dolls

    • Doll's wealth can be replenished with various necessary little things: jewelry, handbags, hats, and other original accessories. You can even make a laptop for the doll and collect all the necessary gadgets.
    • If they are not in the selected picture with a doll and a set of clothes, then it will not be difficult to find and download them separately. Do not forget about white fasteners, because all accessories are also attached to the doll, like clothes.

    Paper cut accessory templates:

    Paper things for dolls: newspaper

    Paper furniture for dolls print

    • The game will become much more interesting if you create a suitable atmosphere for paper dolls and make furniture.
    • Once you print the template, all you need to do is fold the blanks along the fold lines and glue the pieces together using the white stripes. After that, you can begin to "build" a paper or cardboard house and "populate" it with residents.

    Furniture templates for cutting:

    Doll furniture: pillows, mirror, cabinet

    Video: The story of the paper doll


    Paper dolls are one of the most popular hobbies of Soviet girls. However, even today they have not lost their popularity. Today we will tell you how to make such a doll with your own hands that will surely charm any girl.

    In this article, you will find not only the origin of this game, but also the most popular silhouettes, as well as paper dolls with clothes to cut out, ready to be printed. Some of them will need to be painted, while others are already made in the finished color.

    A paper doll is a very interesting toy, because it can change clothes in just a few seconds. Of course, little fashionistas love it very much. However, this fun is not only exciting, but also useful. However, like any other role-playing game.

    Why are dolls so popular?

    Paper dolls, for which you can cut out a variety of outfits, quickly conquered the Soviet girls. The thing is that they combined the charm of the game and accessibility. Not every family could afford toys, but dolls could always be drawn.

    The girls cut them out of magazines and made their own dresses for them. Of course, teachers and parents encouraged this. So the children developed taste, artistic skills, as well as the ability to communicate, which is brought up in the process of role-playing games. In a word, games with paper dolls appealed to everyone for their beauty and the absence of any shortcomings.

    A bit of history

    The first industrial production of paper dolls dates back to 1810. A well-known British factory has released a carving kit called "Little Funny". The public accepted the idea with interest, and the process was put on stream. Exactly two years later, an American version of paper dolls was released called "The Story and Adventures of Little Henry." It is noteworthy that this version of the game was designed for children of both sexes.

    The success of the first editions of "paper stories" led to the mass production of albums with various cut-out figures. Factories from different countries began to produce albums for paper modeling with a variety of figures for cutting. Some offered to cut out clothes and a doll, others - to assemble the characters in parts from scratch.

    In 1959, the first non-themed paper doll appeared in Godey's Lady's Book, a major women's magazine. The publishers attached to her a ready-made version of the costume and evening dress. The demand for the magazine has increased significantly. Later, the idea was picked up by other periodicals, and paper dolls for cutting began to appear regularly on the pages of newspapers and magazines.

    What are dolls like?

    There are several types of paper dolls:

    1. Collection . As a rule, these are images of various personalities. For games, they are almost never used.
    2. Baby dolls . These dolls are usually large; most often they are made on cardboard, as they are intended for the smallest.
    3. Standard . These are ordinary dolls that every Soviet girl had. They are on the shelves to this day.
    4. Barbie . Graceful waist, long legs and gorgeous hair. These dolls are usually accompanied by the most beautiful outfits for carving.
    5. Princesses . Most often these are famous Disney characters. Standard recognizable costumes are cut out for them.
    6. Popular contemporary heroes . So, recently all records were broken by paper cutting sets with Winx fairies.

    Of course, other cutting sets are available; this is only a conditional division. However, most dolls can be classified into these groups.

    Dolls can be made from paper or cardboard. However, they are often glossy or shiny. We advise you to pay attention to interesting textures of papers like corrugation and velvet if you are going to cut outfits for dolls with your own hands and decorate them additionally.


    Little girls are more interested in playing with large dolls of large size and with a minimum set of costumes. They will love the figures of babies and baby dolls, as well as outfits that are attached to large fixing strips. Older girls prefer dolls that can be dressed up in chic ball gowns or stylish cocktail dresses, diluting their look with handbags and shoes. In addition, they are always delighted with recognizable heroines from their favorite cartoons. All this is also in the sets of cutting templates that we have prepared for you.

    You can choose any of the presented stencils, print paper dolls and outfits on one sheet, or split the image in a graphic editor and output each figure to the printer separately. Pictures are clickable, they are all in good quality.


    Speaking of paper dolls, many people think of a typical flat paper cutout depicting a female or male figure, on which various paper outfits can be attached. But we decided to go further and show you that much more interesting things can be created from paper, which, in addition, can become an interior decoration, and not just a toy. See below for three different workshops on how to make a paper doll: a napkin ballerina, a fun paper clown or a cute accordion doll.

    Do-it-yourself napkin dolls

    Did you dream of becoming a ballerina as a child? Or maybe someone from your family is fond of ballet? Or maybe you just like delicate and graceful homemade decorations for the interior? Then you will definitely like these charming paper dolls, and to be quite precise - napkin dolls. Making paper ballerinas, by the way, can be a great activity for mothers and daughters who can chat while doing needlework and decorate a girl's room at the same time. Let's learn how to make a dancing paper doll!

    We will need:

    • white body sheets;
    • colored/white dress napkins;
    • flexible but strong wire;
    • diluted PVA/starch paste;
    • thin thread to match the color of the dress;
    • beaded line;
    • any scissors;
    • needle;
    • pliers.

    If you don't know how to make a starch paste, watch this video:

    How to make a paper doll out of napkins

    You can buy wire at a craft store, a hardware store, or take it out of an unnecessary cable, having cleaned it of insulation. With the rest of the tools and materials, difficulties should not arise. So, how to make a paper doll with your own hands - let's go:

    Kusudama paper clowns

    And now we offer you to master a very interesting technique, thanks to which you can make original and beautiful paper dolls with your own hands - it is called kusudama. This is the Japanese art of making different figures out of the same pieces of paper, which are stitched and/or glued together. We will try to learn how to make a clown paper doll - look how cute these toys look:

    To create a paper doll in the form of a clown, we need:

    The paper should be bright, suitable for clowns, in our case it is red plain and patterned paper with colored balls. We took orange corrugated paper, because we will make clown hair from it. From beads we will make eyes and a mouth, and a ball of foam or polystyrene foam is the future head of the doll. You can buy it in a needlework or florist shop, in extreme cases - make it yourself:

    How to make a kusudama paper doll

    Since these paper dolls are made up of individual modules, we need to prepare the paper to make them. Each part of the clown's body assumes different sizes of modules, so we cut out the following parts from paper:

    • Torso - 1 colored and 1 patterned square 15x15 cm;
    • Legs - 3 colors and 3 knots. square 10x10 cm;
    • Sleeves - 3 colors and 3 knots. square 8x8 cm;
    • Cap - 1 knot square 8x8 cm;
    • Collar - 8 colors squares 5x5 cm.

    How to fold a separate module

    Each of the paper squares must be folded into a module according to origami schemes, which you will see later in the photo.

    First, we fold a double square out of paper, wrong side up, then turn over one of its petals, bending and as if flattening it into a triangle, and repeat the same over the entire square, forming 8 faces in it so that it will be on top looks like an asterisk (see photo below).

    Then we turn one of the faces 180 degrees, make side bends on each half of the face so that they touch the central fold line, and then we bend the triangular edge of both halves towards the top of the module. Repeat the same on all sides of the part. Visually see the whole process in the picture:

    We make sure that all the fold lines are well pressed, and unfold the part back to the original square. Now the lines are clearly visible on it, along which we begin to fold our module, but already inside out. We begin to act from the upper left corner, bending each corner of the square one by one. More details shown in the photo:

    Our module is ready. Now, from each square blank for the torso, sleeves, legs, collar and cap of the doll, you need to make the same modules of different sizes. Here's what you should get approximately:

    How to make a paper clown - we assemble a doll

    That's it - now you know how to make a paper doll with your own hands using the original Kusudama technique!

    Colored paper doll "accordion"

    And now we will show you how to make a paper doll with your own hands, if there is very little time and you don't want to mess around with something more time-consuming. We offer to make such cute "accordion" dolls, to create which you need only two colors - white and red:0003

    These paper dolls can be used by children to play with and decorate the interior, and they can also be hung in a car. Well, let's get started?

    To make one doll, take the following materials and tools:

    • 1 sheet of white paper;
    • 1 red double-sided paper;
    • red marker/felt pen;
    • glue;
    • scissors;
    • rubber band;
    • red and white striped string or ribbon;
    • black pen.

    How to make a paper doll "accordion"

    Finally, we suggest you watch the following video, thanks to which you will learn how to make very beautiful paper dresses:

    Take it for yourself, tell your friends!

    Read also on our website:

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    Plastic bottles - container for liquids. But this is only at first glance. In fact, the range of their application is quite huge and is limited only by your imagination. In our article, you can see 5 effective ways to use plastic bottles that will be of interest to you.

    Paper dolls with clothes to cut out first appeared in the 18th century, but in those days they were used only by milliners who were comfortable using these inexpensive dolls to demonstrate new models of hats and clothes.

    And then, at the beginning of the 19th century, paper dolls with clothes became available to girls who carved dolls and clothes for them, thereby having opportunities for creativity from an early age.

    In the 1830s, the American firm McLoughlin Brothers created many affordable children's paper dolls and carving clothes. Dolls with clothes were sold for just a few cents, and therefore became affordable for most girls.

    Following McLoughlin Brothers, other companies began to print paper dolls. True, not all of their products had democratic prices. For example, dolls from the German company Raphael Tuck & Sons Publishing Co. were very expensive, because they were printed on thick paper, in excellent quality and packaged in colorful envelope boxes.

    These dolls were collapsible, the head of the dolls was removed in order to make it easier for the girls to change clothes. The dolls were produced in several sizes - large 20-35 cm in height, and small "postcard" versions that could be cut out, and if desired, used as postcards.

    During the war there was no time for dolls, and no one dealt with paper dolls. But after the war, the dolls returned again and played an important role, because everywhere there was devastation, there was a lack of the most elementary, including toys for children, and the production of paper dolls could be established very quickly and with minimal investment.

    The coming of the ideal beauty Barbie!
    Then came the Barbie doll, she conquered the whole world, flooded not only store shelves, but also mini-books, from which you can cut out Barbie figures and clothes for Barbie.

    The Original Paper Doll Artists Guild, abbreviated as OPDAG, was soon formed and continues to produce paper doll aficionados to this day, plus its own magazine called Paper Doll Studio Magazine.

    Modern paper dolls for carving.
    All photos of dolls increase by clicking, you can print.

    Soviet paper dolls with clothes to cut out

    In the USSR there was a great idea, but there were not enough elementary things, including children's things, children's toys. Therefore, paper dolls with clothes were the most affordable joy for little Soviet girls.

    The dolls were produced in special books and were also published in magazines. First of all, for children, such as "Funny Pictures", as well as in the magazines for women "Worker", "Peasant Woman". Later, paper dolls began to be sold in the form of high-quality books, from which it was necessary to cut out the doll itself and its clothes along the contours.

    Particularly caring parents themselves drew and cut dolls, new dresses, skirts, boots for dolls, thanks to which the girls had a huge wardrobe for their favorite dolls!

    Today, the Chinese industry produces millions of dolls, from small baby dolls to 70 cm BJD dolls, one shoe for which can cost more than a pair of shoes for a real girl. Despite this, paper dolls are still with us and are not going to go down in history, because they have many advantages!

    Advantages of paper dolls
    One of the main advantages of a paper doll is its lightness and elegance.

    Paper dolls can be made into countless outfits. This will not require much time from you, and in terms of money, it is an affordable hobby that does not require financial investments.

    Making paper doll outfits is a real flight of creativity in which you can try yourself as a fashion designer. However, at first, you can simply redraw clothes from paper glossy magazines and from fashion Internet portals.

    The doll can be crafted without hair, so in addition to outfits, you can also change her hairstyles by crafting wigs. Of course, there are wigs for ordinary dolls, for BJD, Moxie Teenz, but their wigs cannot be made by yourself, and they are not so cheap.

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