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July 18, 2016

You Will Need:

Fevicol MR, Fevistik, Toothpaste box, Crepe paper, Sketch pen, Marker, Scissor.

Description :
It's amazing video of Dancing Doll from an empty toothpaste box. Even small kids can make this doll very easily. Just we have to use our creativity to make this doll more pretty.

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Doll haircut.

Dancing grass doll


Haircut doll is a popular doll among the Slavs. Children especially like it, as a properly made haircut can dance. Such toys are made from natural materials: from grass, hay or straw with the interweaving of fragrant healing herbs - thanks to which playing with them turns into a healing action - into aromatherapy.

The main feature of this doll is that its bottom is not braided, but on the contrary, it unwinds so that it looks like a straw skirt. And this skirt is cut evenly so that the doll can stand on any horizontal surface. That's why people call her a haircut.

To make the Shearer dance, they put her on a plank, wooden table, stool or other surface and knock next to her with fists or palms. From vibration, the doll literally starts dancing, spinning and spinning, which gives extraordinary pleasure to children, especially the smallest ones. And if such a doll is not one, but their whole company, then such a dance turns into a whole performance, where the dolls become in pairs, spin in round dances. So a simple and unpretentious toy gives a truly joyful feeling and has a beneficial effect on the players: both children and adults.

These dolls have a long history.

When you used to have to take your children to work in the fields, you had to keep them busy. Then they collected everything that was at hand, and most often it was grass or straw, and in a couple of minutes they twisted a doll out of this, which they gave to the children.

Those dolls that were made at home were created without haste, used more materials, and they were much more elegant than their field sisters. Such haircuts were dressed in bright skirts with aprons, scarves with warriors, they were decorated with braid, beads, embroidery and other decorative elements. If you try, then on the basis of a haircut you can create a real work of art - an author's doll.

As items of Russian antiquity, shear dolls are even presented in the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg and the State Toy Museum in Sergiev Posad near Moscow.

How to make a shearing doll

Making such a toy is easy, but the process and the result are a lot of fun.

  • Making a doll is the development of motor skills and logical thinking.
  • This is the inhalation of phytoncides from fresh herbs, admiring the greenery.
  • This is the ability to interact in a team, work together, help each other.
  • This is the formation of ecological consciousness: children learn to understand the importance of caring for the planet's resources, learn to enjoy the simple and see the beauty in the natural. People spend a lot of resources, literally depleting the planet, and we can make a toy from natural resources with our own hands, which will please us and, returning back to nature, will not harm it.
  • A toy made by hand is warmer and closer to the heart.
  • And also knowing how to make all sorts of items such as these dolls, we can live calmly and confidently, because we know that we can do everything that we need, we will be able to do it ourselves. We will be able to survive in any difficult conditions, and we will help others.

Whatever the haircut doll is - the most ordinary one made of grass or an elegant souvenir with a whole wardrobe, the process of its creation is the same in all cases.

To make a shearing doll, dry straw, dry grass or fresh grass, as well as bast, thin twigs of grass, shrubs and trees are suitable. Some craftswomen recommend steaming the straw in hot water, or at least holding it a little over hot steam so that it does not break when it needs to be bent almost in half.

As for grass, only certain grass is suitable for products. It is long and thin, grows around trees in small bushes and looks like a lawn. The structure of the plant is very beautiful, it is easy to work with, and in addition, such a product is stored for a long time.

So, a bunch of grass, straw or other suitable material is taken, cut evenly around the edges, and folded in half. In the upper part, at the level of the neck, the bundle is tied with a red thread or ribbon to make a kind of roundness that will represent the head.

Next, you need to make hands for the doll. The arms are made from a new bundle of straw that can be twisted or simply tied at the ends with strings. The resulting hands are inserted into the body of the doll, below the red thread (neck), after which the main bundle is tied up again below the hands - at the waist.

You can also make miniature braids out of straw, which you then need to attach to your head. After that, you need to trim the bottom of the doll so that it is a kind of straw skirt.

You can choose healing herbs for weaving into a doll, depending on what kind of healing effect you want to achieve, here or here.

A sundress can be specially sewn for a shearer from different fabrics with embroidery and braid. Do not forget about the hands, armlets are made for them or a shirt is cut out. Bast or straw are perfectly combined with natural fabrics and in this case you get an original, interesting doll. Sometimes they even make a papier-mâché head and draw a face. But this is already in the order of creative search, each master determines for himself the limits of permissible liberties.

The shearing doll is ready.

Grass dolls from time immemorial were amulets and protectors against diseases for children. In our time, many folk recipes and secret actions for making such dolls have been forgotten. However, nothing disappears into nowhere, just as nothing is taken from nowhere. And forgotten recipes come from the past and new ones come into the light.

So while the herbs are fragrant and juicy, collect them and create charms for yourself and your loved ones. Prepare medical supplies for the winter.

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Ceremonial doll "Shear" | GBU "Tatkultresurstsentr"

Ancient customs of making ritual animals and dolls from straw have come into our life. They have become a theme for the work of many contemporary masters and artists.

A hand-made folk doll is part of the folk tradition. Making it, the child learns the history of his people. A doll is not born by itself, it is created by a person, and the most inspired doll creators are children.

To make this doll, you will need straw, compressed by hand - then it will be even and long. The straw must be dried and tied into a sheaf. Before work, to make the straw softer and more elastic, it can be soaked in hot water (a little salt can be added to the water). Some craftswomen recommend steaming the straw in hot water, or at least hold it a little over hot steam. Then it will not break when it needs to be bent almost in half. A haircut can also be made from other materials: from bast, twigs or long even rods, and even from some herbs (herbs of the cereal family are suitable, for example, bluegrass, timothy). Sometimes fragrant and healing herbs are woven into such dolls so that, in addition to the game moment, the haircuts have healing properties. Today it is called aromatherapy. It is also customary to dress dolls in special sarafans, miniature scarves, and skirts.

The main feature of this doll is that its bottom is not braided, but, on the contrary, is unraveled so that it looks like a straw skirt. The bottom is cut evenly so that the doll can stand on any horizontal surface.

1. Take a large bunch of grass or hay and fold it in half. This will be the body of the doll.

2. In place of the proposed neck, we tie it with a thread or ribbon to get a kind of roundness that will represent the head.

3. Prepare hands - another bunch of grass or hay, half as long as the previous one.

4. Bandage it at the ends, forming palms.

5. We put the hands in the body and tie them below the red thread (neck), after which the main bundle of straw is tied again below the hands - at the waist. Also, miniature braids can be made from straw, which will then need to be attached to the head.

6. After that, you need to trim the bottom of the doll so that it looks like a kind of straw skirt. It is worth noting that it was precisely because the bottom of such dancing dolls was not tied up, but cut in the form of a straw skirt, that they were called haircuts.

7. The base of the doll is ready. In order for the doll to look like a person, now you can dress it up - put on a skirt and an apron, tie a ribbon on a braid, put on a necklace, sew a sundress, a shirt, weave a beautiful belt, etc.

8. Let's dress the doll in a sundress with an apron. To do this, we cross two narrow strips of fabric on the chest and back of the doll.

9. Put a narrow piece of fabric on top of a square one, fold it in half and put a ribbon in the middle. Got a skirt with an apron.

To make the Shearer dance, they put her on a plank, wooden table, stool or other surface and knock next to her with fists or palms.

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