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how to fortnite default dance



For You




Responder a @kriseli04 #dance #defaultdance #fortnite

843 Likes, 68 Comments. TikTok video from Haydee (@chaydeeuwu): "Responder a @kriseli04 #dance #defaultdance #fortnite". Default Dance: Dance Emote (From "Fortnite Battle Royale").


Default Dance: Dance Emote (From "Fortnite Battle Royale") - Gaming World



Reply to @lifeofapaperclip Default Dance Tutorial #Z7duckx #fyp

19.1K Likes, 156 Comments. TikTok video from Z7duckx (@zsevenduckx): "Reply to @lifeofapaperclip Default Dance Tutorial #Z7duckx #fyp". Tutorial | Default Dance . Peggy Suave Posin.


Peggy Suave Posin - Zanouji Kun


Zanouji Kun

Reply to @bella.zi007 Default Dance Tutorial

44.7K Likes, 196 Comments. TikTok video from Zanouji Kun (@zanouji): "Reply to @bella.zi007 Default Dance Tutorial". 50% speed | Tutorial | Default Dance | .... Deafult dance.


Deafult dance - Kartul


Amosdoll Music

Learn how to play Fortnite Default Dance music on piano! #fortnite #fortnitedefaultdance #defaultdance #LearnOnTikTok #pianotutorial #pianoguides

486 Likes, 5 Comments. TikTok video from Amosdoll Music (@amosdoll): "Learn how to play Fortnite Default Dance music on piano! #fortnite #fortnitedefaultdance #defaultdance #LearnOnTikTok #pianotutorial #pianoguides". original sound.


original sound - Amosdoll Music



#fortnite #meme how to do the default dance

TikTok video from moathon (@moathon): "#fortnite #meme how to do the default dance". original sound.


original sound - moathon


MG Samurai

Fortnite dance! #4u #foryoupage #fyp #fortnite #dance #gaming

TikTok video from MG Samurai (@mg_samurai): "Fortnite dance! #4u #foryoupage #fyp #fortnite #dance #gaming". Fortnite default dance Origin. צליל מקורי.


צליל מקורי - MG Samurai



voulez vous d'autres tutorial ? #tuto #tutorial #defaultdance #fortnite #fortnitedance #fyp #gigachads #fypシ #pourtoi #gigachadj0j0

TikTok video from 🗿🍷 (@gigatler): "voulez vous d'autres tutorial ? #tuto #tutorial #defaultdance #fortnite #fortnitedance #fyp #gigachads #fypシ #pourtoi #gigachadj0j0". Deafult dance.


Deafult dance - Kartul



Replying to @userzzbeqyicy9 Dance Tutorial: How to Default Dance

707 Likes, 12 Comments. TikTok video from SojuShi (@soju.shi): "Replying to @userzzbeqyicy9 Dance Tutorial: How to Default Dance". HOW TO... | DEFAULT DANCE | 1) Running Man + Arm Pumps ➡️ Clap | .... Cure for Me.


Cure for Me - AURORA


Chris Rosas

easy fortnite default dance on piano! #fortnite #piano #tutorial

TikTok video from Chris Rosas (@piano_withchris): "easy fortnite default dance on piano! #fortnite #piano #tutorial". original sound.


original sound - Chris Rosas



#default #dance #fortnite #fyp #hamstercult🐹

10. 2K Likes, 255 Comments. TikTok video from Kartul (@kartulk): "#default#dance#fortnite#fyp#hamstercult🐹". Default dance. Deafult dance.


Deafult dance - Kartul

top 5 dance memes | Music and clubs

On October 9, the number of views of the viral clip "The Fox" by the Norwegians Ylvis on YouTube exceeded 100 million. We recall other incendiary viral videos: from Medvedev's dance to Miley Cyrus' twerking.

"The Fox"

What it's about A song choreographed by Norwegian comedian brothers Vegard and Bord Ylvisoker (Ylvis) about what sounds foxes can make. The video was created for the presentation of the talk show.

Key element Recalling a matinee in kindergarten: you are a bunny (or a squirrel), though overexcited and therefore actively rotating your hips. The second part of the dance is botting (“robot”), an element of breakdancing, which, by the way, was exploited by choreographer Kylie Minogue in the famous video “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” (2001). Don't forget to put on your favorite animal's mask!

Result 100 million views on YouTube in a little more than a month, dozens of parodies, 8th place in the American hit parade and the contract of the brothers with Warner Music to release a full album.


What it's about At the beginning of the summer, Miley Cyrus' video for the song "We Can't Stop" appeared - about the loss of self-control. In the video, the artist and her friends enthusiastically demonstrate elements of hip-hop dance twerking. But the dance became an Internet meme on the morning of August 26 - the day after the MTV ceremony, during which Miley shook her fifth point to such an extent that British academics had nothing left to do but add the verb "twerk" to the Oxford Dictionary.

Key Element Squat so that the only part of your body you can move is your hips.

Result Hundreds of commercials in which pensioners, businessmen, pets, children and Teletubbies shake their asses. But before posting your video on the Web, in which you demonstrate such choreography, pay attention to the words of actress Sherri Shepherd (Ramona from Klava, come on!): “When I was growing up, we called this dance “Whore, move!” .

"Harlem Shake"

What it's all about A video of Australian schoolchildren in masks performing a strange, chaotic dance to a track by electronic artist Baauer appeared on YouTube in February 2013.

Key element The first 15 seconds: a person in a helmet or mask in the middle of the room makes intense movements of the pelvis, while the rest of the people present go about their business. Another 15 seconds: everyone in the room in masks, in suits or even without clothes is chaotically jerking, waving their arms and shaking their hips.

Result Hundreds of parodies - from videos with ordinary citizens to a clip with the staff of the American program The Daily Show or, for example, with the artists of the English National Ballet troupe. The single "Harlem Shake" topped the US and UK charts.

"Gangnam Style"

What it's about In the summer of 2012, South Korean artist Psy released a song dedicated to Gangnam, the Seoul equivalent of Rublyovka and a lady who "knows when to be wild and when to be sophisticated."

Key element We cross our arms at chest level and start jumping frantically in place.

The aftermath of Hundreds of parodies, Psy is the king of K-pop, and "Gangnam Style" is the most watched video in YouTube history (over 1.7 billion views).

Medvedev's dance

What is it about A video posted on YouTube in April 2011, in which Dmitry Medvedev, in the company of graduates from the Faculty of Law of the Leningrad State University, “beats his leg with a slender leg” under the “American Fight” of the Combination group.

Key element Very simple: put one foot on the other, back and forth. In the meantime, the hands move as if by inertia. The nuances don't matter.

Consequences of 12 million views, numerous flash mobs with "Medvedev's choreography", as well as the return of the retro hit to the dance floors.

5 TikTok dance challenges you'll want to repeat

September 18, 2020Reno5Inspiration

Selected and recreated the cool dances that have been put on by TikTokers around the world. It turned out to be not so difficult. You can do it too!



Masha Rubtsova

Actress of the Sovremennik Theatre. Helped us deal with challenges.

1. Like That Challenge

  • Difficulty: 1 out of 5.

A short and fairly easy dance that will not cause any difficulty even if you have never done choreography. It can be worked out even in the bathroom in front of the mirror. The challenge song is a hit by rapper Doja Cat. Tiktokers joke that she doesn't have any tracks left that wouldn't go viral because of dancing on TikTok. By the way, this bunch will easily fall on other music. So if you usually do not know where to put yourself on the dance floor, the challenge will help you relax and start dancing.

@ayiram21##1♬ Just like that come my way - jordanaudiož

Tutorial from Masha:

  • Try to get to the beginning of the music - it will be easier to follow the rhythm;
  • make a wave under the right hand, click with the fingers, then wave under the left hand and click;
  • bend back in a wave, and then twist your arms in front of you;
  • swing forward with your hands in front of you and immediately another swing on your right leg;
  • stretch your right arm forward and point your finger at the camera or at the person you are dancing for, circle your arm around your head;
  • stretch both hands forward one by one, call to you with your right palm, sitting down.

2nd Don't Start Now Challenge

  • Difficulty: 2 out of 5.

Learn this link to add an 80s vibe to your dancing She is uncomplicated. The main thing is to roll a wave with your body, point to the clock and effectively leave in the style of Michael Jackson. It is performed to the song of the English singer Dua Lipa - a great lover of the charm of those times. This challenge was first recorded by a Tiktoker named Hannah Kaye Balanay, and then her dance was repeated by 3.8 million people around the world.

@ayiram21##2♬ Don’t Start Now — Dua Lipa

Tutorial from Masha:

  • Dance in place and emphasize by straightening your half-bent arms down and pointing your palms to the floor;
  • clench your hands into fists, bend your knees and rock your hips. Move your arms along with your pelvis;
  • keep swinging your hips, release two fingers from each fist;
  • wave to the right, clap your hands and spread your arms;
  • dance on soft knees (as at the beginning of the dance), put your right hand behind your head, and then smoothly straighten it;
  • place your fists on your pelvic bones, then tap your fingers on your wrist as if telling the time;
  • clench your hands into fists again, bend your knees and swing your hips from side to side;
  • Make a small circle with your shoulder, turn sideways and moonwalk out of the frame.

3. Supalonely Challenge

  • Difficulty: 3 out of 5.

Funny dance to the sad song of New Zealand singer BENEE. If you do not listen to the text, you will not even suspect that the content is rather depressing by the cheerful rhythm. In general, if you get bored alone - here's an activity for the evening. A bunch can be learned pretty quickly: tap on an imaginary drum, spread your arms, pretend that you are drinking from a bottle - you're done. And smile! How did the tiktoker with the nickname zoifishh, who launched the challenge.

@ayiram21##3♬ Supalonely (feat. Gus Dapperton) — BENEE

Tutorial from Masha:

  • Wait for the right beat, bring the clenched fist of the left hand to the right shoulder and swing the shoulder forward, pretending to pull by his hand;
  • turn your head to the left, punch an imaginary wall on the right;
  • Extend your left arm to the right and then up. Emphasize head to the left along with the pelvis, then a small circle with the hand to the left;
  • Raise your arms in front of you as if holding a camera. "Take a photo" in front of you and to the right;
  • cross your arms over your chest and straighten them down twice;
  • make a “table” out of the hands: the right hand under the left elbow, and the left hand under the chin;
  • strike with the left hand on the left bone of the pelvis, with the right hand on the right;
  • lunge forward on half-toes on bent knees, and at the same time make a wave forward with your hands;
  • circle back with your right hand and step in place, then with your left hand and step in place;
  • fold your hands into a “bottle” and pretend to drink, making a wave in both directions;
  • take two steps in place, twist your finger at your temple and straighten both arms up.

4. Kill This Love Challenge

  • Difficulty: 4 out of 5.

Suitable for fans of K-pop and fast movements. The challenge is inspired by a song by the Korean band BLACKPINK. The performer will need some choreographic skills. Or it just takes you a little more time to learn. But you can spin from the heart and throw out energy. The dance looks great when performed alone or with a group of friends. The music is very dynamic - the best thing is if a house party begins to fade.

@ayiram21##4♬ Kill This Love - BLACKPINK

Tutorial from Masha:

  • Bend your left arm - elbow points to the left, fist at the shoulder. Take a step back with your right foot and take your left hand back. Do the same on the other side;
  • turn left side, pretend that you have a machine gun in your hands, from which you shoot. Simultaneously with the “shots”, do a slow wave back;
  • put your foot on the toe and rotate the foot in different directions, “dancing” with bent arms near the body;
  • straighten up sharply, turning to face the camera: hands behind head, feet together. Take your right hand up diagonally, and put the other on your belt;
  • put your left leg out to the side, then put your left hand on your thigh and sit down on your left knee;
  • make a circle above your head with your right hand, turn your right side in the same position, touch your left shoulder with your right hand;
  • Make three circles with your arm above your head and work your hip up. With two hands make a circle through the bottom, and then a point with the hands and thigh two times;
  • step with your left foot, focus down with your hand. Take your elbows back as at the beginning of the dance;
  • gather your legs and put your hands in a frame, and then spread them apart. Make two waves with your body, lower your right fist to the floor.

5. WAP Challenge

  • Difficulty: 5 out of 5.

This is the bomb. Complicated, but very effective bunch. If you are doing well with stretching, you can impress everyone. Practice the dance in knee pads if you don't want to get hurt. Some inexperienced dancers ended up in the hospital with knee injuries due to bad landings. WAP was created by professional choreographer Brian Esperon from the small Pacific island of Guam. This dance has high batmans, twine, twerk - a full arsenal of dance and gymnastic elements.

@ayiram21##5♬ WAP(feat. Megan Thee Stallion) - Cardi B

Tutorial from Masha:

  • Jump in place with a leg lift: bent left knee to shoulder, and then right straight up;
  • sit in a grand plié and open your arms. Get on all fours, but keep your knees on the floor. Turn your head and pelvis to the same side;
  • straighten up for a second: push your pelvis forward, take your arms and head back, make a backbend. Then kneel down again in the "cat";
  • lie on your stomach through a soft wave: the right knee is in the “frog”, the left leg is straight. Hit the floor with your right hand and at the same moment lift off the floor and lower your buttocks to the beat;
  • turn over your left shoulder onto your back, roll, opening your legs into a cross split. Get back into the "cat";
  • walk three steps on your knees, alternately arching your back up and down;
  • Extend your knees, make a big circle with your right foot and sit on the longitudinal split. Raise and lower your buttocks to the beat of the music.

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