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Easy Beginner Burlesque Dance Choreography To Try At Home

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We’re getting sexy and saucy with some Burlesque style dance choreography today. Spice up your dance routine with Erica, Kelli and myself and get those leg warmers ready babes. It’s going to get hot, hot, hot in here.

I have to be honest, the idea of burlesque dance is intimidating to me. I’m not really used to feminine moves and to be honest I get intimidated trying to bring my sexy out. I’m pretty awkward and nerdy to be honest. So channeling my inner fierce takes time. I’ve taken Erica‘s pilates class before so I know that she’s a really good teacher but can she help me get over my anxiety on how to Burlesque dance? What I love about Erica is that she really takes care of you on the dance floor. She lets you be you and guides you through a sexy, burlesque journey. I learned that Burlesque is not really intimidating at all. The moves are super easy to learn and feel very organic. Burlesque dance makes me feel so fierce and very in touch with my body. I think I even gained some confidence after the class. It helps a lot that we are wearing these cute leg warmers. Who else is obsessed with leg warmers right now? Get the ones we’re wearing HERE. If you’ve never tried Burlesque dance before, come learn these 5 easy steps with me and get your sexy on babe! PLUS, show off your moves on instagram and use #hipshaker so we can give you some love!  

Oooh this move is so hot, I love it! Spin for me babe and then tease the floor with your little toes. Pull that leg back up and back down and work it. This move is so flirty and fun, you can add it to any choreography or add it as flair when you’re walking down the street!

Hairography is back on the menu, babes. These flips are dangerously sexy because you’re using the momentum from that leg down move to flip your hair back. So flip it real good and release that inner wild side in you.

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Sexy divas let’s walk it and throw it! I know you’ve perfected your diva walk from our hip hop dance classes, so now add a little sweep of the hair and throw your sexiness to the ground.

This is my new favorite dance flavor. Arch and tease to reach the floor then swirl your hips to one side. It’s such a spunky move and you can put your own spin on it like making the arch slow and the swirl small.

I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid, but I also loved having two legs. This move gives me the best of both worlds. I’ll be doing this mermaid roll EVERYWHERE, then I can show off my leg warmers– I definitely have some stretching to do before this.

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Burlesque Dance Classes For Beginners

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I’ve always wanted to try burlesque dance classes, but it was hard to make the studios schedule work for me. Luckily, now there are at home dance workouts that can fit anyone’s schedule and it includes burlesque.

Burlesque dance classes are my go to workout when I want to feel sexy and confident. I love our Burlesque Burn workout because it combines the strength of pilates and the sultry movements of burlesque. Trust me, Erica will make you sweat! There’s something wonderful that happens to your body when you dance and it just gets ten times better after dancing to burlesque. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry babe, Erica will teach you nice and slow. The best part is, you can always replay a move that you missed or want to repeat. Our burlesque dance classes will make you feel like a leggy goddess and will teach you to be one with your amazing body. I’ve compiled some of our beginner friendly burlesque dance classes just for you. We’ll go through floor routines, faking a split and we’ll even try some chair tricks. Are you in? Let’s do this goddesses. Love burlesque dance classes after this? Show off your burlesque dance moves on instagram and use #hipshaker. Tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love ?

Let’s start with a little snippet of a burlesque dance class. This is super friendly for beginners and will give you a glimpse of a modern take on burlesque. You’ll learn moves like the Turn Too Hot, Arch Back & Swirl and Hip Throws. My fave from this class is the Arch Back & Swirl because you can get a little or a lot cheeky!

Get your warmies out and let’s learn how to fake a split. Burlesque dance classes can help you with technique and how to make it look good. You don’t have to know how to actually do a split, you can fake it and make it look sexy. I like how easy Erica makes this move look and for that I’m grateful.

Unleash your feminine expression by learning to dance! We’ve got online dance classes that empower women on our virtual dance studio. Burlesque Burn combines the control and stamina of Pilates with the sexy theatrics of Burlesque dance. You’re gonna feel empowered and ready to take on the world!

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Now that you’ve got some of the moves down, let’s get to work on a non-stop choreography. I like to watch the whole choreo first so I know what I’m getting into. Then, I do the first verse of a song and get the moves down. You’ll get a few tries throughout the song to really get the choreography down and then hit that replay button and shine.

Ladies, grab your throne and put that hair in a pony because you’ll be learning some burlesque chair tricks today! I was a little worried when I tried this at first, but I assure you, your chair isn’t going anywhere. I love the Leg Up to the Body Drop move because it feels so empowering to just let go and you feel like flying.

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Germans discovered Burleske - DW - 07/12/2013

Photo: Leon Neak/AFP/Getty Images

Katrin Erdman, Natalia Koroleva

July 12, 2013

The once popular Burlake experiences the Renaissance in Germany. "He helps us feel like women," - this is how the German woman explains her passion for this erotic dance.


Summer evening. Ten dazzling women gathered in the hall of a small dance school, located on one of the streets of the Hamburg entertainment center - the famous St. Pauli district. Bright spicy dresses with corsets and revealing necklines, stockings with garters, shoes with high heels - well, just like cabaret artists!

In fact, they don’t dress up like that for ordinary classes: everything is limited to tops, jeans and flat shoes. But today is a showcase. In addition, burlesque is to be danced, and is it possible to imagine it without glamor!

Provocation dance

On a table in the corner are two bottles of champagne and several dishes of homemade cakes. "It's for the mood," a charming trainer who calls herself Miss Goldfish explains with a smile, and then initiates us into the history of burlesque.

The word "burlesque" comes from the Italian "burlesco" - "joking", "parodic". Actually, the dance called "burlesque" is a show reminiscent of the genre of cabaret or vaudeville. You need to dance it sensually, erotically, coquettishly, playfully, invitingly - to tease the viewer. With its features, burlesque is similar to a striptease, but the dancer performing it is not naked, but only, as it were, makes fun of the viewer - exaggeratedly flaps her eyelashes, deliberately wags her hips.

Hamburg dance school coach Photo: Miss Golden Treasure

Among those gathered at the Hamburg dance school are representatives of various professions, from nursing home nurses to business consultants. Why did they get into burlesque? As it turned out, everything is simple: in this dance you can fully reveal your emotions, femininity, sexuality, throw out the accumulated energy, which is completely out of place at work. In the service, you need to behave with restraint, correctly, but here - please, come off to the fullest, no one will give you a puzzled look.

With all features

However, learning how to dance this 1930s and 40s style comedy dance is by no means easy. First you need to work on your image, the teacher emphasizes.

According to her, a burlesque dancer should look catchy: a defiant outfit, bright makeup, a high hairstyle styled with waves and curls and emphasizing the beauty of the neck and shoulders.

An integral part of a burlesque performer's wardrobe is a cone bodice with pointed cups. It is important that with each movement the chest bounces amusingly: this will cause laughter in the hall and emphasize the comedy of the performance, emphasize its conventionality, the coach explains.

half joking half serious

But it's time to start. However, before starting the dance, the teacher works out with the wards the elements characteristic of him - first of all, the "shameless" swaying of the hips and chest.

She also teaches dancers the art of taking off long black gloves correctly - carefully, slowly, erotically pulling each finger in turn and at the same time flapping long "doll" eyelashes.

Photo: Golden Treasure

At the end of this short workout, the teacher presses the button of the CD player - and the sound of perky music instantly fills the hall. The trainer sets the tone: a slow turn of the head, a half-toned, half-sly look from under fluffy eyelashes, the straps of the bodice seem to fall by chance, the legs start dancing.

Along the way, the details of the choreography are worked out again and again. To the beat of the music, the dancers learn to "professionally get naked" - for example, without interrupting the dance, unbutton the buttons on the blouse with light hand movements.

Moving around in high heeled shoes is not so easy to do. Many people manage to achieve the desired result only from the fifth time. Women laugh merrily and jokingly cheer each other up. The session went on for six hours. But everyone is in high spirits. "Performing this dance, you feel beautiful and seductive - in other words, a woman with a capital letter," one of the students explains her attraction to burlesque.

There are even those in the group who do not mind doing this dance professionally. So far, one thing is stopping them: the need to work in high-heeled shoes. But can we imagine erotic burlesque without them!

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Interview with Leroux (Valeriya Orlova)

— What people influenced you the most in Lindy Hop, in balboa, in burlesque?

First, Olya Moiseeva, of course. She has always been and will remain my guru, she is a strong woman with so many different ideas. Of course, my dancing is still similar to hers in some ways. Further, Murrinka also had a great influence, if only by looking for these videos, showing them to us and generally helping us a lot to believe in ourselves. And Slam, of course. Without a partner, I would not have developed, and probably would have abandoned this business, but with a partner, of course, I was very lucky, because we had common ideas, common goals and some kind of love for training and working on ourselves. If I had a different partner, everything would have turned out differently. I am very grateful to my wife for this. In general, there are many people whom I want to thank.

For example, the people of St. Petersburg, whom we went to visit, also had a very big influence. Lindy hop flourished there in every possible way, however, it was not very similar to Lindy hop, it was more like salsa, but that's another story. But we really liked it there, there were many partners with whom it was possible to dance, we had few partners, we had a bunch of girls, and they had a bunch of boys, we went to dance with them.

And, of course, Frankie Manning. When I went to Herrang, I met him personally. And Lennart. These two famous personalities made an indelible impression on me: even if they are so lively and down to earth, they even talk to me, they even dance with me. It was an unreal happiness, in which it was impossible to believe, but here it is.

Frankie even recognized me by my first name, I just couldn't believe it. Because we met a lot in Singapore. He came there every year, and I also came, lived there for 2-3 weeks, spent time together always. And he is a simple person, the most ordinary person, who doesn’t build anything out of himself and doesn’t even like it when some such things are said to him: “Oh, you are so great, our guru,” and so on, when they pray to him. He didn't like it very much.

Once we ate in Singapore at the camp. We ate, we all sit at the same table. Frankie gets up, takes his plate, he finished eating, and he asks me: “Are you finished?” I say: “Yes, yes, I will clean it myself.” “I didn’t ask that, I asked if you finished or not?”. I say, "Finished." He took my plate and carried it there. I'm just sitting in complete shock: Frankie Manning took the plate, cleaned it for me, I just didn't know what to do. He just picked up and went, it was completely normal for him. This characterizes him so much as a person! And I realized that being a good dancer and being a good person are not always the same thing. But, of course, it is always difficult to combine it. Because good dancers always turn their nose up a little. Although I do not want to blame anyone: it becomes difficult to dance with beginners, for example. It is difficult to go to parties and talk to everyone, greet everyone, somehow communicate with everyone. Here Frankie helped me not only in terms of dancing, but also socially helped me to avoid this. I dance with beginners, I like it, I always try to communicate with everyone, to know my students by name, which is really very difficult. I have already graduated, probably more than 1000 students in my 13 years. I try to remember them at least in person and greet them when I meet them on the street. And this happens often, but there are a lot of people dancing.

Do you follow the current Lindy Hop scene? What do you think about this? Do you like/dislike what you see?

I try to follow, but it's hard for me, because YouTube, Facebook, Google are blocked in China. Everything we have is Chinese. We have VPN and stuff like that (services bypass blocking), but now they are just atrocious: as soon as you connect the VPN, your ISP cuts you out, you sit for 5 minutes without the Internet, finally you connect back, when you connect the VPN, they are back to you the network is cut down. Therefore, it is very difficult to follow the Lindy Hop in the world: there is nowhere to watch it. And it’s very, very long and expensive for us to travel far, because traveling from Asia to America or Europe is at least $ 1,000 for tickets in the best case. And also a visa, accommodation, payment for the event, so we have very few people who can afford it, including me, because now I only earn money by dancing. I go once a year to Europe somewhere: to Herrang, for example. Or this year I went to Toulouse, with a stop in Moscow. And in the winter I travel around Asia. I go to Hong Kong, Korea and so on to dance.

It's really hard to follow the stage. But trends, of course, are visible as far as possible. But now we have completely different goals and objectives, because the Lindy Hop, even in Asia, not only in China, is young and we need to focus on basic things now, and not follow trends. Although, of course, this is also important, people also watch videos when they can get there. They look at what teachers are now reaching the finals of the competition, and ask them to bring them. Fortunately, the economy in China is now good, you can bring anyone, in principle.

But in general, the dancers here don't know any of the tops. It was so interesting when Kevin and Joe came to us, they are like, well, we are Kevin and Joe, everyone knows us. We told them no, they don't know you at all. They see you for the first time and hear about you for the first time, so do not turn up your nose, but let's teach everything that is needed. I'm exaggerating, of course, it's all funny, but nonetheless. I mean, they were very surprised that no one knew them. And we in China are like in a barrel, we can’t hear anything, we can’t see anything. In Russia, of course, we are all very lucky with this, because, firstly, we have very close Herrang (and Europe in general), you can go anywhere and see how people dance there - even live. Well, YouTube, of course, no one blocked.

— Do you think it is necessary to talk about oldtimers, show them, popularize them? Does it need to be done? Do your dancers know Frankie, anyone else besides him?

They probably don't know anyone except him. You may have heard a little about Norma Miller, but first of all, Frankie, yes. Previously, people did not know anything about him. When it was World Lindy Hop Day, and Frankie Manning birthday, we organized an event in connection with this. We have one girl who speaks both English and Chinese very well. She translated a huge article about Frankie Manning, made a whole lecture, showed videos, photos, because a lot of people don't know who he is. We told where the Lindy Hop came from, why we dance it, why we look at Frankie Manning when we talk about the roots of the Lindy Hop. Who is Shorty George. They said that there was such a dance, break away. The history of the Lindy Hop is almost unknown to the Chinese. Now people are reaching out for this knowledge, and this year we made a big festival dedicated to Frankie Manning, where we even did a performance where the dancers dressed like Hellzapoppin'. We danced first to slow music, did Frankie's favorite moves to Shiny Stockings, then we did the fast part to Savoy, and then Hellzapoppin' with tricks.

Learn more