How does beyonce dance in heels

Beyoncé Even Rehearses for Live Performance in Heels

Whether she’s rehearsing for her Coachella performance or her live performances with husband Jay-Z, Beyoncé shared that oftentimes she’s rehearsing in heels. Of course, the artist is also performing in heels, surprising crowds with her stunning visuals and perfect dance moves.

Here’s what we know about the work that goes into preparing for Beyoncé shows. 

Beyoncé performs onstage during the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards rehearsals | Kevin Mazur/MTV1415/WireImage

Beyoncé is the artist behind visual albums ‘Black is King’ and ‘Lemonade’

A diva never sleeps. Beyoncé has been hard at work, speaking at the “Dear Class of 2020” live stream, organized by the Obamas, performing on the Disney Family Singalong, and releasing her groundbreaking visual album, titled Black is King.

When she’s not social distancing, though, Beyoncé is often rehearsing for live performances with her dancers and band, Thanks to a few interviews, fans have a better understanding regarding her rehearsal process — and attire.  

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Turns out, Beyoncé rehearses for a number of performances in her heels

Even a diva like Beyoncé Knowles-Carter needs to rehearse for her performances. When she does, she explained, she often does so in heels. That way, she’s even more perfect when she hits the stage in front of her fans.

“I don’t run on a treadmill in heels. That’s a bit extreme,” Beyoncé said during an interview with Ok Magazine during 2009. “But I do practice my choreography in heels. And I have a rule that when I have my heels on, everyone has to have their heels on, too. Sometimes the dancers are like, ‘Oh, God, we hope Beyoncé comes in late,’ because I’ll go all day.”

After she took the Super Bowl stage during 2013, the artist did an interview with Vogue Magazine. Beyoncé stated that she doesn’t even notice her shoes while she’s performing, but afterward, she can’t wait to keep off her heels. 

“I don’t feel the pain on stage,” Beyoncé Knowles-Carter said. “The adrenaline, you know, takes over. But when I get off the stage? They come off.”

Beyoncé shared clips of her rehearsing with the Netflix documentary special, ‘Homecoming’

This artist doesn’t always rehearse in heels, though. When Beyoncé first returned to the stage after her pregnancy with the twins, she explained that it was challenging getting her endurance back. 

She went on a diet, limiting caffeine, sugar, dairy, and meat until she was ready to give her groundbreaking performance. This was the same performance explored during the award-winning Netflix documentary, Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé. Some clips even showed her rehearsing songs like “Diva.”

Music by Beyoncé, including the album The Lion King: The Gift, is available on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. Her visual album, Black is King is available on the Walt Disney Company’s subscription service, titled Disney+. To learn more about Disney+, visit their website. 

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Jenna Dewan Called Out Beyoncé for Not Knowing How to Dance in Heels

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Jenna Dewan said that Beyoncé used to dance incorrectly while wearing high heels. Bravo and Joel C Ryan/Invision/AP
  • Jenna Dewan appeared on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" on Wednesday and was asked about her "No. 1 pet peeve when it comes to seeing pop stars dance."
  • The "Gracefully You" author, who started her career in Hollywood as a professional dancer, said that she's most bothered by singers who stomp while dancing, rather than "walking through your feet."
  • Dewan said that "back in the day," Beyoncé danced incorrectly, "but now she walks perfectly through her heels." 
  • "The whole world is about to come for me right now," she continued. "Beyhive, I love Bey."
  • Dewan added: "I worship her. I think she's amazing."
  • Watch the video below. 
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Before BTS and TikTok. How Beyoncé came up with modern trends back in the 2000s

September 3, 2021, 10:00


When Beyoncé Knowles was eight years old, she entered a popular talent show but lost. It was a big blow for her, it seemed to her that music and singing were not at all what she should be doing. Although I really wanted to.

But, as you can see, she did not stop, and this is a vivid example of how, from an early age, Beyoncé was able to pull herself together and demonstrate an amazing strength. Later, she became the lead singer of the 90s cult group Destiny's Child, and then began a solo career.

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Now the singer is married to one of the most influential and wealthy rappers in the world Jay Z (Sean Carter) and the mother of three children, one of the most titled and popular artists of our time. Beyoncé has gone from raunchy pop songs of the 90s to the quality and style of R&B that many artists now look up to. And in 2021, she did for her nine-year-old daughter what many mature musicians dream of: helped her win her first Grammy statuette. Blue Ivy Carter became a member of her mother's large-scale video Brown skin girl about the beauty of black women.

Beyoncé has become an icon of the music of the 21st century and in many ways foresaw the trends that are now filled with social networks. We recall four compositions that not only shocked the audience, but also amazed even the most sophisticated critics.

Crazy in Love


In July 2002, Beyonce was preparing to release her debut solo album Dangerously in love. She has already recorded quite a few songs, but for some reason the label kept pushing back the release. Taking advantage of her free time, the singer decided to record a few more tracks and began to look for new producers for the material. So at some point, Rich Harris showed up in the studio, hungover and with a brass sample from the old track Are You My Woman (Tell Me So) by The Chi-Lites.

© YouTube / Beyoncé

Beyoncé was hooked on something about the track, but the suggested sample seemed old-fashioned to her. Harris tried to convince the singer of the opposite - that it was this zest that would help a new hit be born. In the end, the artist gave in, but on the condition that the producer finish the track within two hours. As history has shown, he succeeded, and it turns out that one of the iconic compositions of the 2000s was written with a hangover.

Jay Z also quickly appeared on the track, who literally wrote his verse in ten minutes: he flew into the studio at three in the morning and performed it. Beyoncé wrote her own text for Crazy in Love with a special meaning. This track is one of the first where she speaks as a strong woman (which she will continue to do in the future and still does). The point here is not independence, but just the opposite: the main thing is that she is not afraid to confess her love to him and the whole world.

It was with this song that Beyoncé's success as a solo singer began. After the release of Crazy in Love, the journalists said: "Now she can call herself a diva. " Soon she will receive the first Grammy statuettes thanks to this track, perform at the Super Bowl, allow herself to do at concerts that are not available to all other artists, and almost 20 thousand people will register on the website of her official fan club. Crazy in Love defined the noughties, became a big pop hit that inspired other artists (like Rihanna).

Single Ladies


Long before BTS took over the world with their super-rhythmic and precise moves, Beyoncé created a completely unique single ladies hit. This work of the singer not only set the direction for pop music for several years to come, but also anticipated many social trends. For example, viral videos: the whole planet tried to repeat Beyoncé's incendiary dance (even President Obama somehow twisted his hand at the camera).

Single Ladies is a fateful work in the career of the singer and her closest associates. In 2016, Beyoncé interrupted her performance to call John Silver, the boyfriend of her main dancer Ashley Everett, onto the stage, which shocked her terribly. The guy was in the center of attention of a crowd of thousands, in a white suit, and of course, he got down on one knee and proposed to his beloved. Such an act fit perfectly into the lyrics of the song: "If you love her, then put a ring on her."

© YouTube / Beyoncé

It's unlikely that Beyoncé, working on the video, did not realize that she was creating a new cultural phenomenon that would forever leave her in the history of music. She has just finished working on the If I Were A Boy video - almost a mini-movie, where there are unexpected plot twists, intrigues, and the whole story is a frank love ballad. This video is still considered one of the most successful and talented among all the works of Beyoncé: it was there that she was able to fully reveal herself as a gifted actress.

But Single Ladies, of course, overshadowed this work, even despite the fact that, it would seem, the lyrics of the song are simpler here, and the video here has no plot, there are no complex, elaborate costumes and scenery. There is a white canvas on the screen, three girls in black bodysuits, hair in the style of the 60s, heels, makeup - nothing surprising. The only thing that immediately attracts attention is the mechanical glove that the singer wears on her left hand. Beyoncé wanted to keep the clip minimal, but she needed something that reflected the strength and power that lives inside women. And so this titanium glove was born.

The key moment was the dance. The video was directed by Jake Nava, one of the main video makers in England. It was important for him that every smallest detail fell into place. Pay attention to how the artists move around the circle of light, how the lighting changes, how Nava works with black and white, or how the girls run along an invisible ramp, taking off above the floor for a couple of seconds. His meticulous work helped to highlight the main highlight of the video - its choreography.

© YouTube / Beyoncé

It was Nava who came up with the idea of ​​adding a little J-setting - this student dance direction is now definitely mainstream. Take any dance video on TikTok or Instagram (like the one they perform to Dua Lipa or Cardi B) - it's all a j-set whose legs grow out of cheerleading. The movements may not be very complex, but they are all insanely energetic, changing quickly - because of this, the dance sequences seem very difficult, but sticky.

So, Beyoncé, along with the director and choreographer of the video, decided to take a chance and add a little j-setting. So there was that very bunch that the whole Earth tried to dance. And by the way, even now, scrolling through the feed, you can stumble upon challenges for this composition.

Single Ladies' work received enough attention not only from the audience, but also from professionals and critics: the composition received three Grammy statuettes, including in the "Song of the Year" nomination, the video repeatedly became the best in various awards, and the track started, of course same, on the first lines of the charts in dozens of countries. And Beyoncé herself, with her perfect choreography and gorgeous voice, finally established herself as one of the main pop singers of the 21st century.



Listening to this song, you can find many familiar things, such as piano plucking and seemingly artificial violins, certain chord progressions and specific melodic moves. This is because Ryan Tedder, one of the main songwriters and vocalist of the OneRepublic group, the author of the hits All The Right Things, Secrets and the all-consuming track of the 2000s Apologize, worked on the composition. That's why Halo seems insanely familiar and similar to you.

© YouTube / Beyoncé

As in many of her other works, Beyoncé pays a lot of attention to the visual here. She wanted to make an intimate and romantic video, where she would appear without makeup, complex choreographic ligaments - in general, a rather simple and ordinary girl. And so it happened, the whole story of the video revolves around a happy couple in love: they squeeze a puppy, read books together, wash their faces in the morning and fall asleep together; he likes to watch her rehearse, and she likes to teach him to dance.

The entire video is pierced with bright light, as if it were a reference to the title itself: Halo is a halo. And the lyrics are just as light: "Wherever I look, I'm drowning in your arms. Honey, I see your halo. You know, you're my saving grace."



Beyoncé is basically all about love and power. In 2018, the singer, along with her husband, rapper Jay-Z, released the album Everything Is Love, which contained the track Apeshit. And the main thing here is not even music or text, but the video that accompanied the release. And all because one of the main musical couples of the planet arranged her own night in the museum, and not just anywhere, but in the Louvre.

© YouTube / Beyoncé

Millions of people visit the museum in Paris every year. They all go there for the same thing: to look at the Mona Lisa, walk through the Egyptian halls, enjoy the Venetian paintings.

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