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Krumping is a street dance the evolved from Clown Dancing or C-Walking.  It originates in Los Angelas, California in the South Central neighborhood.  It is impossible to talk about Krumping and its history without mentioning Clowning.

Clowning started in 1992 when Tommy the Clown started attending birthday parties as entertainment.  He was the hip-hop dancing clown.  He had kids young and old alike droppin’, poppin’,, and rollin’ with it.  Tommy is a ghetto celebrity that helped his community by being a role model and acting as a father figure for many young dancers.

The clowning movement took off and today there are over 50 clowning groups.  There are the House of Clowns, Cartoon Clowns, World Wide, No Comparison, Titanium, and Rice Track to name few.  A clown group entertains, shows up to parties, and performs in shows.  These clown groups feel they are doing something positive in a place where there is a lot of negativity.

Krumping came about when young Clowns got older and started to drift away from Tommy the Clown and his philosophy.   They wanted something new and original, something they could call their own.  They wanted to express themselves and felt they needed something different than “commercial hip-hop” that was gaining more attention in the media.

For a lot of Clowns and Krumpers it is the dance that they felt kept them alive.  They use the dance as an outlet.  Rather than joining a gang kids will join a dance group.  When people see Krumping they often think it is violent.  A Krumper said they are not fighting and in fact that is the last thing on their minds.  You can get pushed in your dance or battle but you don’t think anything of it.  It is just a part of the dance.  The dancers feel safe when they Krump.  Dancing is a comfort for those who have grown up in a violent neighborhood.



Tommy the Clown (Thomas Johnson) – Creator of Clowning.

Check out his website and book him at your next event here:




Tight Eyes (Ceasare Willis)  – Creator of Krump and dance group “Street Kingdom,” a dance group that specializes in Krump.

Check out Tight Eyez on Twitter:

Street Kingdom on facebook:



Big Mijo (Jo’Artis Ratti) – The “King of Krump” and co creator of Krump.

Mijo’s Bio and more:



Battle – A one-on-one dance competition where competitors take turns demonstrating their best moves.

“Did you see Tight Eyez vs Big Mijo at the battle last week?”

Biter – A person who watches battles for the purpose of using others’ moves, styles, and originality to later claim as their own.  One who takes credit for “new” dance styles that they did not create.

“That biter won’t make it to far with this crew”

Buck – a word used to describe someone who is extremely good at Krumping

“That kid is buck.”

Call-Out – When a dancer challenges another dancer to a battle

“Wait until you get called out by Tight Eyez.   That’ll be the day. 

Jabs – when the arms move from the chest outwards in short, sharp, staccato movements.

His jabs were so quick, you’d think this video was in fast forward.”

Kill Off – When a dancer performs a series of moves that gets the crowd excited to a point where the crowd surrounds the dancer and the battle is over.  The opponent is “killed off.”

“Noflo was killed off quicker than you could say KRUMP”

Labbing – When dancers gather to create new moves or share a new style.

“I’m gonna be labbing later today with the crew” 

Session – When a circle is formed in hip-hop and dancers take turns going into the middle to freestyle.

“Tight Eyez killed it during that session”

-Visit the Krumptionary for more terms and definitions.



Arm Swings

Chest Pops



An Instructional on Krump by Tight Eyez and Kokie.



We have seen the future of Krumping played out today.   Many dancers from Southern California have gone from clowning to krumping and on to other, new styles of dance.  Jerkin’ is one of the dances that some Krumpers have moved to.  Each street dancer will take a style and adapt it to his or her own style to make it his or her own.  This is how new styles of street dance evolve.


Krumping came about because dancers Tight Eyez and Big Mijo wanted to do something original and this is exactly how these dances keep progressing forward.  They are always pushing new ideas and encouraging each other to be innovative.



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If so, “street dance” might be your style. Street and club dance is an umbrella term that includes countless other dance forms. Some people think street dance is not a real dance form as it is more like personalized choreography. Krump and popping are two popular dance forms of street and club dance.

Both styles use distinguishing techniques. Popping dances use jerks — contracting and relaxing the muscles. Krumping hip hop, on the other hand, is a more expressive and aggressive dance style including arm swings, jabs, and storms. 

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Did you know krump dance or krumping is raging in popularity after superstars like Missy Elliot and The Black Eyed Peas featured them in their videos?

While this dance form, including the pop locking dance, has stirred controversy for its sensual and aggressive style, it has become the most celebrated dance form. People who like the krump dance style consider it a “powerful refusal to profanity and violence”.

Born in South Central LA, Krump (Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise) has come far from its underground roots. In fact, the aggressive yet artistic form has turned into a significant subculture that emphasizes nonviolence and non profanity in society.

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Pop lock and dance isn’t new in the world of dance and choreography. The history of this popular dance form goes back to the 1970s music era. Most dancers used this to dance to disco and funk music. Later, popping hip hop dance combined new wave, industrial dance, and electro styles.

One reason why pop-locking dance is among dancers’ favorites is that they get to move and shake on a steady and straight beat. The distinct beats (4/4 time signature) allow them to follow the rhythm freely. You can mix plenty of dance techniques and styles while popping to improve your performance as a dancer.

For instance, animation is a popular style of popping dance in which the popper imitates movie personalities being animated using stop motion. This popping technique incorporates abrupt muscle tension to make a “stop–motion illusion”.

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Can I bring someone with me?

Yes, bringing friends and family is allowed at OOS.

How long are the dance lessons?

 Typically, the duration of dance lessons at OOS is between 1 to 2 hours.

Are the dance lessons beginner-friendly?

All dance programs at OOS are great for beginners to step into the dance world.

Are there any specific requirements for dance lessons at OOS?

There are no specific requirements for dance lessons at OOS.

What are the best shoes to dance in?

Always wear high-quality comfortable sneakers to dance comfortably.

Is this the same as street and club-style dance techniques?

Popping and krumping are part of street and club-style dance but they have different dance techniques.

Do you teach private lessons?

Yes, you can consult the instructors to learn about private dance lessons.

90,000 Krump - Dancing is the inside of the world

KRUMP (OLD School) (Kramp ) - an abbreviated name, deciphered as: Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise (Imperiya Absolute Forces). All those who were the founders of Krump are believers. In spirit, this dance is energetic and rather sharp, aggressive. In addition, Krump is very diverse, as different people can use completely different styles from each other. The main thing is that Krump matches the character of the dancer and his attitude. Krump is a kind of alternative to street violence, which was very common in America at the end of the 20th century. Krump originated in South Los Angeles, a street dance style that jumped out of the dark corners of the ghetto and now makes bodies move around the world. We can say that krump is a stormy and hyper-speedy dance. The competitive structure of the Krump evolves along with the status and respect for the Krumping dancers and is called a "battle" (battle), just like in Break dance. If there is a massive krump-battle, then some American citizens may even call the police. Kramper dance is often confused with a real fight because it is so energetic. The word "krump" itself is often used to describe powerful and earth-shattering dance steps that sound like "KRUMP!" The uniqueness of krump lies in the nature of his movements - the krump dances jerky, moves quickly, often jumps, and comes into physical contact with partners in the dance "fight".

The dancers are organized into groups known as families. This organization is similar to the group structure in Break dance . Each of the families is formed around the main dancer Big Homie, who acts as a dance instructor and as a spiritual teacher to others. The internal structure of the family has its own hierarchy. The level of the dancer in it is based on professionalism and respect from other krumpers. There are other "positions" in the family. The younger and inexperienced krump dancers are under the patronage of the elders. Experienced krumpers teach beginners and allow them to perform on their behalf in dance battles. For example, Lil' Homies often get the name of their Big Homie. Lil' Homies, who dance under the patronage of Tight Eyez, include jr. Eyez, Lil Eyez, Soulja Eyez, Young Eyez. Krump has the following titles: jr(junior), lil, young, boy, kid, baby, child, tiny, infant, twin, prince, Souljah, General. Some dancers move in the level immediately and get a higher status. Sometimes another person takes the place of the dancer when the latter leaves the family or loses a name in a dance battle.

The main thing is the basic movements, the fundamental foundations, without which no dance can do, including Krumping. How to take the first step towards professionalism? How to become a buck dancer and really enjoy what you do? Tight Eyez answers these questions in a series of tutorial videos. So:

- Stomp (stump) . The first step to success is learning how to do the stomp movement correctly. Tight Eyez notes that everyone in the back family knows all about this basic move: “It's what turns you on, it's like the beginning of everything. Stomp is the first basic principle to be properly learned in dance. Everyone I teach Krumping starts with a stomp. To dance you need to know how to move your legs. Without this, you will stand like a donkey, and you will not be able to do anything.” There are several types of stomp. Some do it with both feet, some with one, it all depends on what the dancer is pursuing and what he wants to show. The most important thing is to feel what you are doing. Stomp is not just a stomp of the feet, as in the army, but also not a gentle fingering, like a girl on a first date. This is a whole art. In order to do it right, you need to be quite tough and strong person. Feel the dance floor, feel the touch of the shoe on the floor and understand that you have feet to dance with.

- Chest pop . This is the movement of the chest in different directions. But still, these are not simple chaotic body movements. Tight Eyes says, “Every Krump dancer initially has the problem of getting the chest pop right because it didn't fit into the rhythm. But it's not just the rhythm. The main thing is to catch the wave. To do this, you need to know where the movement comes from and where it is directed. If you just wave your shoulders like a chicken wings or a gypsy in the market, nothing will work. Just pulling your shoulders back is also not an option. It's like a sudden powerful explosion. You need to understand how to properly do a chest pop in order to come up with a stomp that usually comes with chest pop. Tight Eyez lists the main thing in this link: "Stomp turns you on, chest pop helps you move on and arm swing acts as the final explosion of the link."

- Arm swing . Tight Eyez likens it to a fist that punches an imaginary opponent first in the upper body and then in the lower. Arm swing is used to show strength, power and to do the best possible in order to be respected.

To become a true Krump master, you need to learn how to do basic chain movements. In addition, the movements must be done quickly and as clearly as possible, regardless of which one the dancer is going to perform.
Krump-up This is where Krump actually starts. Tight Eyez compares this movement to the operation of a car: “When you start your car, you put the key in the ignition, turn it, and your car is ready to go. Same with Krump. The key is Stomp, the ignition is chest pop and arm swing, and ready to ride is krump-up. That's all science."

Tricks lays the foundation that every dancer uses in the movement chain. The main thing in this technique is to work out the movements to automatism. It combines all the basic movements of Krump. But the peculiarity of dance tricks is simply to captivate others with the skill of performance.

Power moves . Tight Eyez says: "Power moves are like a period at the end of every sentence that tells people to shut up now. Power moves are made for tough people, for those who have some kind of special fire in their souls. Because some people lack that kind of power and spark.All the power and energy has to come out, and this movement can be anything from the Krump movements, the main thing is to show your power, your authority.0016

Kill-offs (kill-offs ), a move that is used at the very end of your dance. This is very important, because at the end of the session, people may be a little tired and only think about how to go home, get in, go fishing or do something else.

Tight Eyez reflects on this: “We have dance sessions every day. And kill-off is not just a movement. I want people to come and see me some more. So I have to go all out and show class.” The manner in which Tight Eyez kill-offs is called heel-toe. His dancer performs with the help of heel movement. And Tight Eyez compares the entire kill-off sequence with the regulation of movement, by analogy with the wave of the traffic controller’s hand to the side, so he does arm swing at the end of his dance.

In total, there are currently three types of this dance:

1)Clowning is the initial stage.

2) Old School of Krump - stable fixed stage.

3) New Style of Krump - a new modified stage.

dance, krump dance history, basic moves, krump dance style


Krump refers to the old school of hip hop (Old School), Krump is an acronym that stands for Kingdom Radially Uplifted Mighty Praise or Realm of Absolute Power of Spiritual Praise.

The founders of the style were believers, the spirit was sharp, energetic and aggressive. The style is very diverse, because when dancing it, people use completely different styles. The most important thing in performing krump is to match the performer's attitude and character. He is turbulent and hyper-speedy.

Residents of the neighborhood where krump battles take place sometimes call law enforcement officers, because the dance is very much like a real fight. Basic movements.

The movements are unique, they are jerky, fast, with frequent jumps, and, of course, there is physical contact with the opponent during the dance fight.

The most important, of course, are the basic movements, they are also the fundamentals:

  • Stomp (stomp) - learning how to perform this movement is considered the first step towards success in mastering krump. Everyone who is in the families of tank performers must know this movement. Stomp is divided into several types, someone performs it with both feet, someone with one - the movement depends on the goal pursued by the performer, you need to feel your action. Stomp is not a stomp or a march in the army - it is an art. To perform the movement correctly, you need to be a strong and tough person. The stomp is necessary to feel your feet and the dance floor.
  • Chest pop - this is the name of the movement in which the chest moves in different directions. Almost everyone who performs krump, at the very beginning, is faced with the problem of correctly performing the chest pop movement. The problem arises due to the fact that the performer does not have time to join the rhythm. However, the matter is not only in the rhythm, you need to catch the wave, know where the movement is directed and where it comes from. Usually, this is compared to a powerful explosion.
  • Arm swing - this movement is directed against the opponent, first an imaginary fist hits the upper body, then the lower. This is required to demonstrate strength, power, in order to earn respect.

For a real performer, it is necessary to learn how to perform basic movements, in the so-called link. Movement should be fast and as clear as possible.

  • Krump-up - this is where krump starts.
  • Tricks - the basis for a bunch of movements, you need to bring the movement to automatism.
  • Power moves - it can be compared with a period in a sentence, it makes it clear that now it is worth stopping and "shut up". These movements are for tough people who carry a special fire within them. All energy and strength must go out of the dancer into movement, and movement can be anything, the main thing is to prove authority.
  • Kill-offs - This move is performed at the very end. It exists so that people, after watching a dance competition, come again.

History of origin

The following people are considered the founders of the style:

  • Caesar Vilis, Tight Eyez, - Caesar Vilis, is the godfather;
  • Mijo - Jo'Artis Ratti;

Thomas Johnson, known as Clown Tommy (Clown Tommy), who is also the creator of the clown style, clawning, has a great relation to the birth, especially among children. Tight Eyez, along with Jay Smooth and Chez, came up with the wobble movement, then came the stomp. Then these figures started working together with Cartoonz, everyone wanted to make money, but it didn’t work out, only thanks to Mama Toon, who made classes available for teenagers who loved movement so that they didn’t make riots in the streets, a wonderful atmosphere was created for the development of krump.

The creators consider it a praise to God. Currently, there are several directions: old school, new style and clowning, the creator of which is Thomas Jones.

The clowning dance has changed over time, but retained its speed and aggressiveness, and even gloominess. Those who perform no longer wear make-up on their faces, but krump is still very dynamic and rhythmic. There is a feeling that the performer is in a trance and, with the help of movements, splashes out his accumulated rage.

The new style has changed a few performance, turning it into a slightly different style, and therefore there is a division of krump into new and old.

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