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Just Dance Now

What is Just Dance Now?

Just Dance Now is a mobile game that brings you the biggest music video game franchise of all time, without the need for a video game console!
All you need is an internet-connected screen, and a smartphone as a controller.
Pick a song from the catalog of over 700 tracks, hold your smartphone in your right hand and follow the Coach on screen! Your movements are tracked and scored by the game, so perfect those moves and get a perfect score!
There's no limit to the number of players you can dance with - and your friends and family can jump in at any time for even more fun.

What do I need to play?

You need:
1- The Just Dance Now App on your smartphone that will be used as a controller.
2- An internet-connected screen (such as your PC, Mac, tablet, Apple TV, Android TV or a TV with Chromecast)
Read below according to which screen you wish to use.

How do I earn more coins?

Your coin wallet automatically refills over time, with the time to your next coins displayed just below the wallet.
Only a certain amount of coins will be refilled, as coins are here to let you test the game before purchasing a VIP Pass.

Can my friends or family play with me?

Your friends and family can dance with you by downloading the free Just Dance Now app on their smartphones. Once installed, they just need to join your Dance Room by scanning the QR code, or entering the Dance Room number displayed in the top left of the screen.

How many people can join my dance session?

There's no limit to the number of players!

The game is choppy or running very slow.

Please check you have an internet connection speed of at least 1Mbit.

Where do I download the game?

On an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV: open the App Store, search and install the Just Dance Now app.
On an Android smartphone or tablet: open the Google Play Store, search and install the Just Dance Now app.
Scan the QR code with your mobile camera to download the Just Dance Now app on your phone.

What is a QR code?

A QR code is a 2 dimensional barcode, which looks something like this:

In Just Dance Now, we use QR codes to store your Dance Room number. When you want to play, the app will ask you to scan the code displayed on your screen (PC/Mac/TV/tablet/Apple TV) to automatically join your Dance Room.

What is a Dance Room number?

A Dance Room number is a unique number designating your Dance Room.
Your Dance Room number is displayed together with a QR code on the screen (PC, Mac, tablet or Apple TV) you want to use to play Just Dance Now.
Read the questions above to find out how to play on those devices.
Enter your Dance Room number (or scan the QR code) using the Just Dance Now smartphone app to enter your Dance Room.

List of compatible devices

Motion controller
- iPhone: iOS 12 or higher
- Android phone: Android 5.1 or higher
Main Screen
- Mac: macOS 10.14 or higher
- Apple TV 4th Generation or better
- TV with Google Chromecast (Miracast on TV is not supported)
- Android TV : Puffin Browser is recommended to play on Android TV
- Web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 10, Apple Safari

The Apple TV Remote is not detecting my dance moves.

- Just Dance Now only supports the 1st generation of Apple TV/Siri Remotes and older Apple TV Remotes. The 2nd generation of Apple TV/Siri Remotes is not supported due to hardware limitations; however, you can use the new Apple TV Controller feature in the Just Dance Now mobile app to connect to Apple TV and play Just Dance Now.
To connect your phone as the Apple TV dance controller, you need to enter the Master Code and the Dance Room number in the Just Dance Now mobile app. The Master Code is shown below the Dance Room number in Just Dance Now on your TV screen. Enter both of these in the “Apple TV Controller” option in your mobile Just Dance Now app.
The first phone to connect using the “Apple TV Controller” option will become the Dance Room master on Apple TV. If a mobile phone is already connected as the Dance Room master then all the others who try to connect their mobile phones using the “Apple TV Controller” option will automatically join the Dance Room as secondary users.

I made a purchase in the shop but never received my item.

Try to close the App and launch it again. If the problem persists please contact us.


- What is a VIP Pass

VIP Passes allow you to play as many songs as you wish for the duration of your pass. When a VIP player enters a room, all songs become free to play, making it perfect for everyday use; to play with friends and family; or for organizing parties.

There are two types of passes:
- 24 hour pass: a one time purchase that gives you total access for twenty four hours.

- Long duration passes: you can choose between a one month, 3 month or 12 month subscription.

The long duration passes are renewed automatically. The cost of the pass will be billed to your bank account 24 hours before the end of the time period. For example, if you purchased a 3 month subscription, your account will be billed one day before the end of the 3 month period.
You can cancel at any time, for any reason, by using your first party account. The 1 year VIP Pass subscription is only available in selected regions.

- How do I modify my active VIP pass subscription?

In the Just Dance Now app on iOS:
- Open the Just Dance Now app on your phone.
- Tap on the Play icon.
- In the coverflow tap on the Shop at the top right corner of the screen.
- Scroll down and tap on Manage Subscriptions. This will open the App Store subscription list.
- In the Subscription list tap Just Dance Now.
- Here, in the Options, you can switch to a different VIP Pass.
- The new subscription plan will be activated once the current pass expires.
In the App Store:
- Go to Settings > Tap on your name on the top of the screen > iTunes & App Store.
- Tap your Apple ID on the top of the screen and select View Apple ID.
- Scroll down and tap on Subscriptions.
- In the Subscription list tap Just Dance Now.
- Here, in the Options, you can switch to a different VIP Pass.
- The new subscription plan will be activated once the current one expires.
On Apple TV:
- Open Settings.
- Select Accounts.
- Select Manage Subscriptions under Subscriptions.
- Choose Just Dance Now.
- Use the Options to switch to a different VIP Pass.
- The new subscription plan will be activated once the current pass expires.

- How do I cancel my active VIP pass subscription?

The 1 month, 3 month and 1 year duration VIP Passes are subscriptions that automatically renew unless they're cancelled.
In the Just Dance Now app on iOS:
- Open the Just Dance Now app on your phone.
- Tap on the Play icon.
- In the coverflow tap on the Shop at the top right corner of the screen.
- Scroll down and tap on Manage Subscriptions. This will open the App Store subscription list.
- In the Subscription list, tap Just Dance Now.
- Here, in the Options, you can choose to cancel your subscription.
- Once cancelled, your subscription will continue until the end of the current billing cycle.
In the App Store:
- Go to Settings > Tap on your name on the top of the screen > iTunes & App Store.
- Tap your Apple ID on the top of the screen and select View Apple ID.
- Scroll down and tap on Subscriptions.
- In the Subscription list, tap Just Dance Now.
- Here, in the Options, you can choose to cancel your subscription.
- Once cancelled, your subscription will continue until the end of the current billing cycle.
On Apple TV:
- Open Settings.
- Select Accounts.
- Select Manage Subscriptions under Subscriptions.
- Choose Just Dance Now.
- Use the Options to change or cancel your VIP pass subscription.
- Once cancelled, your subscription will continue until the end of the current billing cycle.
In the Just Dance Now app on Android:
- Open the Just Dance Now app on your phone.
- Tap on the Play icon.
- In the coverflow tap on the Shop at the top right corner of the screen.
- Scroll down and tap on Manage Subscriptions. This will open the Google Play Store subscription list.
- In the Subscription list, select Just Dance Now.
- Tap Cancel Subscription.
- Once cancelled, your subscription will continue until the end of the current billing cycle.
In the Google Play Store:
- Open Google Play Store on your Android phone or tablet.
- Tap Menu > Subscriptions.
- Select Just Dance Now.
- Tap Cancel Subscription.
- Once cancelled, your subscription will continue until the end of the current billing cycle.

- I no longer have an Apple device, how can I cancel my VIP pass subscription?

If you no longer have an Apple device, you can cancel your VIP pass subscription in the App Store on Mac or in iTunes on Mac or PC.

On a Mac with the App Store:
- Open the App Store app on your Mac.
- Click on your Apple ID at the bottom of the sidebar.
- Click View Information at the top.
- Scroll to the Manage section on the Account Information page.
- Click on Manage to the right of Subscriptions.
- Click Edit to the right of Just Dance Now.
- Use the options to change or cancel your subscription.
- Once cancelled, your subscription will continue until the end of the current billing cycle.

On a Mac or PC with iTunes:
- Open iTunes.
- At the top Menu bar click on Account > View My Account.
- Sign in with your Apple ID and click View Account.
- Scroll to the Settings section on the Account Information page.
- Click on Manage to the right of Just Dance Now.
- Use the options to change or cancel your subscription.
- Once cancelled, your subscription will continue until the end of the current billing cycle.

- I no longer have an Android device, how can I cancel my VIP pass subscription?

If you no longer have an Android device, you can cancel your VIP pass subscription using a computer.

On the Computer:
- Go to
- Make sure you are logged in with the correct Google Account.
- Click My Subscriptions on the left.
- Select Just Dance Now.
- Click on Manage > Cancel Subscription.
- Once cancelled, your subscription will continue until the end of the current billing cycle.

- How do I restore my VIP pass?

You can restore your active VIP pass subscription from within the Just Dance Now app.
- Make sure that you’ve logged in with the correct Apple ID used to purchase the VIP pass.
- Launch Just Dance Now
- Go to Settings > Restore Purchases
Apple TV:
- Open Just Dance Now.
- Swipe up and select VIP Shop.
- In the shop, swipe down and select Restore Purchases.

- Can I use my VIP pass on multiple devices?

iPhone, iPad, Apple TV:
The VIP pass purchased by you can only be used on one device at a time, provided you have logged in with the Apple ID that was used to purchase it.
The VIP pass purchased by you can only be used on one device at a time, provided you have logged in with the Google Account that was used to purchase it.

- Can I share or transfer my VIP pass to my friends/family on their Just Dance Now app?

You need to be logged in with the account that was used to purchase the VIP Pass. The VIP Pass cannot be shared with, or transferred to, a different account.


- What is the benefit of logging in with a Ubisoft account?

Logging in with your Ubisoft account lets you sync your Just Dance Now save data on the cloud, and access it across different mobile platforms and Apple TV.

- I don't have a Ubisoft account, what should I do?

You can create a new Ubisoft account when you choose to log in.

- How do I log in with my Ubisoft account?

You can log in with your Ubisoft account from the Settings menu, or the Login pop-up on mobile.
You can log in with your Ubisoft account by using the “Login” menu option on Apple TV.

- Can I continue playing with my save data on another mobile device?

Yes, you can use the same Ubisoft account to log in to Just Dance Now on another device to fetch your save data on that device.

- Can I use my VIP Pass on another platform by using the same Ubisoft account?

No. The VIP Pass is not synced with your Ubisoft account, and can only be used on the platform it was purchased on. Just Dance Now only syncs your game progression data like Avatars, songs played, scores etc. with your Ubisoft account.

- How do I log out?

You can log out from the Settings menu on mobile.
You can log out using the “Logout” menu option on Apple TV.

- What happens to my save data after I log out?

You can continue to play after logging out, but your progress will not be synced with your Ubisoft account.

- Can I log in with a different Ubisoft account on the same device?

Yes. After you log out, you can log in with a different Ubisoft account on the same device, and Just Dance Now will use that account's save data. If it’s a new account, Just Dance Now will create a new user profile.

- I forgot my Ubisoft account username and password. What do I do?

You can retrieve your username and/or reset your password using the “Forgot Password” option on the Login screen.

- Is it necessary to log in with my Ubisoft account to play Just Dance Now?

You can continue to play Just Dance Now without a Ubisoft account. However, you won’t be able to take advantage of the benefits offered with a Ubisoft account.

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‎Just Dance Now on the App Store


Enjoy Just Dance's greatest songs and moves on the go!

Dance to a free song every day! Get ready to dance to over 700+ top global hits from around the world, including the best tunes from the Just Dance 2022 console game!

Experience the best music from all over the world with awesome choreography and gameplay! Featuring the hottest tracks from your favorite chart-topping artists:
• Ice Cream by BLACKPINK x Selena Gomez
• I Am The Best (내가 제일 잘 나가) by 2NE1
• Bangarang by Skrillex Ft. Sirah
• Don't Go Yet by Camila Cabello
• Levitating by Dua Lipa
• Happier Than Ever by Billie Eilish
• Mood by 24kGoldn Ft. iann dior
• Run The World (Girls) by Beyoncé
• Rock Your Body by Justin Timberlake
• Judas by Lady Gaga
• Sua Cara by Major Lazer Ft. Anitta & Pabllo Vittar
• China by Anuel AA, Daddy Yankee, Karol G Ft. Ozuna, J Balvin
• Chandelier by Sia
• SaveYourTears by The Weeknd & Ariana Grande
• Believer by Imagine Dragons

Enjoy the Just Dance experience:
• Instant: Dance to your favorite songs in just a few taps!
• Social: Show-off your dance moves and skills to the world and share your personalized Dancer Card with your friends!
• Fresh: New songs and exclusive content are added every month!
• Customize: Create your own playlist with your favorite songs!
• Apple HealthKit: Track calories burned in Just Dance Now directly on your Apple HealthKit dashboard!
• Compete: Dance your way to the top of the charts to be named Dancer of the Week, and get featured in the game!

Enjoy the features you know and love from consoles:
• Immersive: Immerse yourself in the music and show off your cool dance moves to the entire world! The ultimate dancing experience on your smartphone!
• Genres: Enjoy a wide variety of music across all genres such as EDM, KPop, Pop, Rock, and Latin, along with timeless classics!
• Content: Dance to over 700+ of the best songs from around the world with fresh content added regularly!
• Quality: Only the best chart-topping hits, all licensed, choreographed and optimized for your personal dancefloor! Quality playlists and collections added every week!
• Innovative: Stay fit, have fun, and enjoy the rhythm with an arcade like experience!
• Party: Play casually or join the online competitive game where you compete to become Dancer of the Week and get featured on the app! Casual or competitive, it’s your call!
• Original: Stay fit without the need for any gym membership or equipment!

Enjoy the best dance and workout app! A music app like no other! Take your dancefloor with you in your back pocket. Work out, stay fit and party to your favorite beats! Learn, dance, work out and become the star that you are!

Just Dance Now is a product of Ubisoft Entertainment, one of the best developers and publishers in the world with a variety of critically acclaimed and AAA titles under their belt. With Ubisoft behind it, you're guaranteed a polished and optimized game that is both unique and innovative in the smartphone market! Jive and groove to over 700+ licensed top hits from around the world with new tracks being added regularly!

Are you ready to Just Dance?

Legal -
End User License Agreement -
Terms of Use -
Privacy Policy -

Version 5.7.0

• Dance to exclusive, all-new Just Dance 2022 songs in Just Dance Now!
• Get the highest score in a song to be featured as "Dancer of the Week"
• Performance tweaks and bug fixes

Ratings and Reviews

56. 5K Ratings

An idea for this very game

So I have an idea for this game, I think you should add a feature so that we can use our phone cameras to dance. It works just like a PlayStation camera or a Kinect sensor, expect when you load your phone into the game you can choose to use your phones camera to dance. So basically it’s like when you go into a dance room you have two options: 1. Your phone (obviously) and 2. Your phone camera, now this is very simple. Your go ahead and let your phone camera access to jdn. Then, you go get into your phones camera and once you do that then it will verify your face and then take you to the main menu to choose your song. Then once you choose your song it says on your phone “Get into the camera!“ and then dance! It may not accurately get your moves based on your phone camera and phone version (like for example a very old iPhone and then a iPhone 12 or an iPod touch or sumthing) and then play! I think this may be a bit hard for coding and adding and stuff considering the fact that updates take so long sometimes and it could slow down the game servers but I think after a day or two it will get back together. Thank you for reading this review. Sincerely - som the bomb

A Few Flaws

I’ve had this app for about a month now, and it’s honestly a lot of fun, especially from having to be stuck inside all day because of quarantine. It’s nice how the Just Dance franchise is sticking around by going mobile since the wii and other older gaming systems are going away. Everything on here is pretty good, updated songs, easy pairing access, just...the coin system. I agree with all these other reviews; the coin system is flawed. When you first join you start off with 200 complementary coins, but you can technically only do two rounds a day since all the dances are 100 coins each, and you have to wait 24 hours to regain 200 coins again. Also, why are all the songs the same price? Maybe make some songs 25 or 50 coins to add some price diversity? Also, it’s annoying how the coin limit is 200 and you can’t gain anything above that number, so when you spend all of them, it’s like the developers are basically forcing you to hand them your money and pay with a card to reload your coins faster, or just sit through the 24 hour wait time.

Overall, this app is great fun for all ages. It has a wide range of difficulty levels, which makes it more enjoyable. I’ve played tons of times with my family on the weekends and they enjoy it just as much as I do, but they also agree that the coin system should either be changed or cut off. But besides that, I recommend! Have fun dancing! 💃🕺


At first when I download this app it was so worthy I loved it I love dancing I had gotten many stars but you could only do 2 song when you first start and you have to wait for another 24 hours just for 100 coins and it don’t go higher than 200 and each song cost 100 coins to dance so two song only. I paid for this game a few times cause I love dancing I had fun even with my family and 2 days later the 2nd time I paid for it I couldn’t dance to it keeps telling me that my wifi isn’t connected which I refresh so many times and it still doesn’t work and I wasted that payment. Now the 3rd time I paid for it which is very stupid it’s still the same nothing changed I deleted this app thinking if I reinstall it’ll work again but nope if you delete and reinstall it won’t let you get back to your old account which gets me more upset it will just start you all over to level 1 and the payment I made won’t expire until tomorrow and i’m very upset and disappointed the waste of my payment I made 2 times. I don’t write any reviews but this the first review i’m going to write because i’m starting to think all they want us to do is pay so they give us only 2 songs to dance too and when you pay it start off good then it gets messy before your payment gets expire so be very alert before you start buying it. FYI I deleted this game cause I got very disappointed I couldn’t get my old account back and what’s the point of starting all over again at lv1?

Hello. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. I kindly ask you to open a new support ticket at and give your, DCID and full details of the issue. Our support agents will be more than happy to provide you with assistance for your issue.

The developer, Ubisoft, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

Data Used to Track You

The following data may be used to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies:

  • Purchases
  • Location
  • User Content
  • Identifiers
  • Usage Data
  • Diagnostics

Data Linked to You

The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:

  • Purchases
  • Location
  • User Content
  • Identifiers
  • Usage Data
  • Diagnostics

Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

  • Health & Fitness
  • Diagnostics

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More



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Age Rating

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Perhaps the first part of the ME was remembered for the fact that you can see in it ... no, no, not only Captain Shepard shifting / swaying on the dance floor, but first of all, the only dancing volus in the entire trilogy - the owner of the "Supernova" Doran, leaving breakaway after decently completing a rogue salarian mission. It should be noted that only in Mass Effect 1 there is a female and male version of Shepard's movements - a little softer and more plastic, or "I'm too cool to move much" - both options are present right there among those who come off on the dance floor.

This is also the only part where the commander's romantically interested party members support his/her dance passion - Kayden Alenko, Ashley Williams or Liara T'Soni will happily dance with you in the Supernova bar: delve into the wilds of the dancers so that the team follows you, and help him/her loosen up with the help of "talk", which will probably not come true the first time, because thoughts and feelings about the environment will certainly be expressed to you. The viewpoint of the dancers can be changed at will.

True, this innocent entertainment is available only after spiritual revelations and light flirting after passing the first story mission outside the Citadel, with Liara - to rescue Terum from the clutches of a fiery volcano. Otherwise, the comrades-in-arms will stand indifferently waiting for the commander to creatively express himself in a peaceful field of activity. It can be noted that Kaidan will dance in the "male" style, Ashley, of course, the female version, and Liara - the simplest of the bunch of dancers of the bar "Cora's Lair".

In the second accessible bar of the Citadel, visitors do not dance, but stare at the dancers hired by the owner. This gives you a chance to flirt with one of them - you can sit down, lean closer or, bored, leave. I can’t imagine what this slope would mean, perhaps they left a dead end here for a more interesting idea, but in view of saving space on the disk or lack of time, everything had to be cut off. However, in Mass Effect 2, this idea was developed and implemented in the lower tier of the Afterlife bar on Omega, where, sitting down to the dancer, you have the opportunity to pay her a tip, for which she smiles sweetly at you and wags her hip especially passionately.

In the second part of the trilogy, there are twice as many places for dancing. In the "Dark Star" on the Citadel, there will be a reason to arrange festivities, and Miranda, who is nearby, will offer to relax and rejoice at the final closure of the "Lair of Kora" after the attack of the geth. The lower tier of the "Afterlife" will also provide a similar service, and on the task of Samara's loyalty to a good hero, one cannot do without expressive waving of hands to achieve one's goal. Unfortunately, the rest of the planets and star systems available to us cannot boast of this, and the captain will dance exactly at the point at which you activated the opportunity, there is no three-dimensional view of the characters.

On the other hand, you can admire the dancing in all available bars in the Galaxy: the dance floors of Omega are bursting with the number of dancers, in "Eternity" on Illium we are waiting for an interspecies bachelor party with the same stripper, and the bar on the Citadel also, at the very least, boasts several disco ringleaders (see Azari'Dance Part 1 Mass Effect 2, Azari'Dance Part 2 Mass Effect 2, Azari'Dance Part 3 Mass Effect 2). In addition, Shepards of both sexes will have the opportunity to have a personal stripper in the person of Kelly's secretary, if, of course, they give her the proper amount of attention.

Alas, this time the carefully assembled team will not wish to share the modest performance of the authorities to the public, instead giving the opportunity to discover the passion for performances from party members who seem to be completely far from entertainment: the salarian Mordin conducts widely with his hands and sings in the laboratory; not at all organic, but even a mobile platform run by the geth community, the Legion performs several dance moves in its free time from battles and communication. Even the fragile-looking Joker will mimic the robot at the ship's control panel at the time of the captain's negotiations with the geth-party member.

The third part of the game will again narrow down our options for fun, but will return the chance to share moments of joy with friends on an island of comparative calm amid the universal chaos in the "Purgatory" on the Citadel (see Azari'Dance Mass Effect 3), available after visiting the moon Menae of the Trebia system Clusters of the Alpine Cross. You can dance solo next to the asari, repeating the erotic bunch of "flower child" Miss Chambers. After the Cerberus attack on the Citadel, and provided you rescue the wicked Jacqueline Zero with her biotically gifted pets from the Grissom Academy, you can invite her to the upper dance floor of Purgatory. The goofy and witty Geoff Moreau will open your soul and thoughts regarding a love adventure with the most humane artificial intelligence on the Normandy, and if you approve of his adventures, he will perform a couple of timid steps there under the watchful supervision of a benevolent EDI.


  • in the first part, asari, earthlings and salarians dance, one volus, in the second several turians join them, but you will not see a krogan, batarian, elkor, drell or hanar shifting from paw to paw anywhere.

  • the original dancers' sequences of all three parts (not counting Shepard's arm waving, the Legion relaxing, or simply shifting the dancers from one foot to the other) last: in the first part, only 32 seconds, in the second, 3 minutes 10 seconds, and in the third, 2 minutes and 6 seconds. The longest passage is almost a minute performed by a craftswoman demonstrating the wonders of stretching on a flying platform in the third part of

  • some of the fans have been wondering since the first game: how can you dance in armor? Let's think - in addition to protection, it is designed for long-term physical exertion, running, jumping over obstacles, therefore . .. that's right, there is nothing better for dancing, well, except that not all movements work out

P.S. The commander's passion for dancing did not leave indifferent the horde of Mass Effect fans. Under the spoiler are possible initial options plus some interesting art objects found on the Internet. Not enough? Look for cuts from mods, with the replacement of the appearance of the characters, etc., just enter two magic words "Shepard" and "dance" into the YouTube search.


Drinks, music, dancers - no one will remain indifferent. Moreover, the friendly team of "Normandy" and the characters passing by periodically touch on this subject in their conversations.

Collected here are the characters' remarks and remarks related to the theme of dancing in the Mass Effect universe.


"Give me the Normandie and I'll make it dance for you. Just don't ask me to stand up and dance, unless you like the sound of cracking ankles."
(Jeff Moreau writing his own biography)

When visiting the bar "Cora's Lair", Citadel, Widow of the Serpent Nebula system:

"A million light-years from the cradle of mankind, we walk into a bar full of men drooling from women, shaking their butts on stage. I don't even know whether to laugh or cry."
(Ashley Williams)

"Heh, now I understand why this place is so popular. There's a lot to see, um."
(Kaiden Alenko)

"We asari value our sexuality above others. Some club owners take advantage of this and hire us as dancers."
(Liara T'Soni)

"My people have a lot of respect for dancers. But I don't think these women are treated with much respect."
(Tali'Zorah nar Raya)

"Dance is the most enjoyable way to unwind in the evening. " "She has such a pretty smile."
"Why don't you go see the dancers?"
(Turian Visitor)

When visiting Supernova Bar:

"Drinks and dancers downstairs, gambling upstairs... not a bad place to unwind."
(Kaiden Alenko)

"Oh man! My sisters would love this place. Maybe when this is all over, I'll bring them here for the girls' party."
"If we weren't performing, I'd show you some of my dance moves... sir."
(Ashley Williams)


"Coming of age? Can't we just bring him to Omega and buy him a few dances?"
(Garrus Vakarian on Tuchanka, Aralakh system, Krogan DMZ)

"Incredible. He constantly moved like he was dancing, and there was so much power and grace in every movement..."
Teyna, Illium, Tazale system, Crescent Nebula)

Salarian: "I can appreciate her dancing in terms of aesthetics, but I don't feel., she has a very pretty blue tint."
Turian: "Okay, I'm just looking and my legs are already hurting. And my knees have to bend that way."
Salarian: "But we're breeding... I'd say she's... so... flexible..."
Earthman: "Calm down, kid! Don't make me blush in front of a stripper."
Salarian: "Okay, I guess one more dance won't hurt."
(bachelor party at the Eternity Bar, Illium)

"We need our daughters to start working earlier and not spend their girl years in strip clubs or mercenary gangs."
"I was about a hundred years old, I was shaking my ass in some shabby bar. They contacted me, said that they were going to deal with everything, made me promise that I would love whoever was left alive. Everything turned out to be very simple - nobody survived."
(Matriarch Aethyta, at Eternity Bar, Illium)

"I spent my youth moving, adventuring. Killing people, mating with them, or just dancing the night away."
(Samara, talking about her mission on the Normandy)

Mölln: "Don't break your heart - I pay generously. Let's go to my place. My tastes are quite simple."
Hallia: "Fuck off, I'm a dancer, not a whore!"
(Brawl in the VIP area of ​​the Afterlife Club, Omega, Omega Nebula)

"I thought it was another dancer. Ha! She killed half of my people and convinced the rest that she could run this place better than me. "
(Krogan Patriarch on Aria T'Loak, Omega, lower club rooms)

Shepard: "I'll be dancing next to you. If you want to pretend we're dancing together, that's up to you."
Vera: "I would love to introduce this. You can dance with me anytime."


Shepard: "Do you want to dance? Look."
Vera: "No thanks! I don't need anything but music..."
(in the VIP area of ​​the Afterlife Club, Omega)


"But the Nimbus Cluster has already fallen, and our people are busy dancing, not war."
(Asari Military Instructor, Purgatory Club, Citadel)

"Then why the hell haven't you bought me a drink yet? Then let's go look for dancers. Pretty ones.."
(Alliance Marine, Purgatory Club, Citadel)

Jeff Moreau: "Can't you see their desperation? It's not a happy dance. It's a dance to forget about the problems: look how they wave their hands. If a dude does this, then he has bigger worries than the fear of looking like an idiot on the dance floor. I had enough time to watch the dances from the side."
Shepard: "If you were on the dance floor right now, would you be waving your arms?"
Jeff Moreau: "Yes." and a little later, on the dance floor: "Nothing broken yet. Good start!"
(in the club after the Cerberus attack on the Citadel)

"Shepard, everyone knows you can't dance."
(Jack in the club after the Cerberus attack on the Citadel)

"I'm not saying you can't handle a weapon. I'm just saying that some can make it really dance." and a little later: "Yeah, but I actually saw you dancing. I won't comment."
(Garrus Vakarian on the rafters of the Citadel)

"Yeah, I used to know a sly-ass marine named Jimmy Vega - a name like an Omega dancer - he really got on my nerves. But overall he was a normal guy."
(Garrus Vakarian on Normandy Habitat)

"Tessia, huh? I guess the asari would really like to have more commandos and fewer dancers right now."
(Jeff Moreau on the Normandy after Thessia's fall)

P.S. Dancing dancing? Dancing!!! Links to some popular fan art in artwork:

Everyone is dancing. Drunken brawl on the Normandy, pencil drawing
Dance to the music (Garrus with Tali)
Azari - Marilyn Monroe
Kasumi Goto and Yondum Bau
Tali with a purple scarf
Asari Spanish Passion (other version)


You can go to the laboratory for a while. Just shhh, don't touch anything or make any noise - Professor Solus really doesn't like being interrupted in his work. Don't let his busy look fool you - I don't advise you to make him angry, even if he mutters a frivolous tune under his breath.

Just a few words about how it's done and about the history of motion transmission in computer games.

As you probably know, Mass Effect used motion capture technology to create cute asari - and all other bipedal sentient species.

The simplest, but extremely time-consuming version of this technology first appeared in animation. By the way, it is rather symbolic that the now considered the first Russian cartoon was made in 1906 by none other than the choreographer of the Mariinsky Theater Alexander Shiryaev, and he depicted 12 dancing puppet figures. With the advent and spread of cinema, artists began to use the method of drawing characters on top of human figures captured on camera. For this, a rotoscope, invented in 1914 by Max Fleischer and commercially used by Disney since the 1940s. The image of the actor was frame-by-frame projected onto tracing paper and manually outlined by the artist.

With the invention and gradual spread in the 1950s and 60s of the computer, the role of the redrawer was increasingly being blamed on it. Theoretically, everything seems elementary: put the camera, shoot the actor and digitize the resulting image, outlining the main fold points, and then compose the movements of your choice. In practice, it turned out to be far from being so simple.

First of all, the fidelity of the recognition of the position of the actor in space by the computer is important, in addition, clothes and the body look different in motion even under static lighting, which increases the options for selecting appropriate textures and sculpting the character in relief, not to mention the fact that people three-dimensional creatures, and computers could only create pictures in two-dimensional space.

However, the idea was too tempting, and not only for game creators or students of dance studios, but could be widely used in film, television and even medicine. Therefore, the search continued at the beginning of 19In the 1980s, the idea was born of fixing special markers on the human body, marking the points of location of the joints of the skeleton, which gave several directions for solving the problem.

One of the first games where the movement of the protagonist amazingly resembled the real one can be considered "Myth" (see photo on the left, "Myth: History in the Making", developed by ZX Spectrum, 1989). The game received rave reviews from users for graphics and motion animation. In the same year, the first game was released on the Apple II, which became the beginning of the cult Prince of Persia series ("Prince of Persia", developed by Jordan Mechner, 1989), where the character jumped, ran and fought like a man.

"Mortal Kombat" ("Mortal Kombat" by Midway), released in 1993 for arcade machines, brought to life a large number of diversely moving characters with a claim to believability. Subsequently, the graphics and animation improved and reached certain heights, however, the actions of the heroes can be called dances only with a big stretch and only in a figurative sense.

Terpsichore's art has had a hard time making its way into the PC gaming industry and hasn't been very popular with consumers over the past two decades. The high cost of the production process and the processing time of the received data did not allow small companies to implement their small projects, giving an advantage to bulk orders. We can note large long-lived projects like the simulator of life situations The Sims 2 ("The Sims", developer Maxis, 2000), in the additions of which the characters have parties. By the way, this game is also published by EA. The Grand Theft Auto 4 ("Grand Theft Auto", Developed by Rockstar Games, 2008) undoubtedly used motion capture technology from live actors. In large multiplayer games, experience points were added to characters for dancing, for example, in Lineage 2 ("Lineage II", developed by NCsoft, 2003).

On the other hand, manufacturers of game consoles and slot machines did not miss their chance, delighting those who like to repeat after the drawn characters. At one time, the Japanese paid attention to this niche, the pioneer of which is DDR (full name "Dance Dance Revolution", developer Konami Digital Entertainment Inc. , 1998). Released as an arcade game, it has since gone on to have numerous clones and cross-platform support, spawning a series of console games and related online projects, such as "do it yourself if you can" (if a dance mat is used) or "make the character twitch like this" (TV set-top box version). She even became famous in the world cinema: remember how the suddenly acquired daughter of the protagonist Jean Reno had fun in the movie "Wasabi".

2009 saw the debut of a dedicated peripheral using Kinect (Developed by Microsoft) for the Xbox 360 console and its accompanying line of games, which included a dance title called "Dance Central" (Developed by Harmonix) among others. Now you do not need to press the buttons - turn on the equipment, the game and stand in front of the TV. In 2012, this technology was finally adapted for Windows PCs.

Back to BioWare. Among the games 3D dancers are found in the solo and MMO versions of the game "Star Wars: The Old Republic" - the hero visits (about the 15th minute of the video) the quarter of the dancers guild in the old galactic market, where you need to talk with one of them. The prima ballerina's arsenal of movements was limited to a couple of steps with eights of the hips and raising and lowering her arms. Uncomplicated, but colorful - except for a rag that periodically disappears in the textures of the flesh, dangling a la fig leaf. As you can easily see, this couple is similar in color to the favorite colors of the asari - blue and green. However, at the entrance you can see them in another, quite yellowish color.

Mass Effect was perhaps the only action role-playing video game at that time where dances were presented in such a high quality and variety - well, you yourself saw everything. The motion capture for the first part of the trilogy was done with the help of Giant Studios, Los Angeles, USA, where they filmed material for games and films that have become new classics: this is the first "Lord of the Ring", "Avatar", etc.

Strip dance (not to be confused with striptease) and go-go (eng. go-go) movements are clearly simplified and reduced to a common denominator that is convenient for scanning, they do not fall into the music, which may be due to the approval of the final version voiceovers already after the processing of movements, however, they differ in the quality of the correlation of the array of points of the performers and the surrounding objects. The clothes are made according to the standards of normal human cut, the seams are located in the right places and do not create the impression of surrealism, suddenly escaping from the depths of the subconscious.

Apparently the creative team was actively pushing the idea of ​​creating different dances, so the second part of Mass Effect contains more than three times more original chords compared to the previous one. The Afterlife Club breaks all records for the number and variety of dancers, overcompensating for the poor selection on the Citadel and Illium. From this point of view, the alliance between EA and BioWare was extremely productive, as the team gained access to the capabilities of the corporate EA Worldwide Motion Capture Studio in Burnaby, a suburb of Vancouver, Canada.

Dancing has changed for the better - the adopted dance styles were still pleasing to the eye, the chords became more confident, more dynamic, and technically more complex movements were added with a pole (English pole dance), against the wall and on the table (English table dance) . Even folklore has not been ignored - remember a couple of activists desperately rocking a squat in the VIP zone and on the lower level of the "Afterlife"! The Legion performs a robot dance (English robot or botting), which is one of the varieties of the break.

But alas, peacetime is over, and the third part flashed a small amount, but very high-quality novelties. What are the ligaments with small movements - shaking the shoulders and tail in an extremely frank Latin American style shaking the tail (the so-called booty dance or booty shake), or an erotically crawling lady who has never fallen into the soaring platform. They also didn’t forget about hip-hop - the asari in the middle of the dance floor clearly performs a simple version of the so-called. wave dance (English waving, also one of the break styles).

With the advent of digital doubles for actors, a legal and financial issue arose about the ownership of the appearance and movements of newly created computer characters: you must admit that the main bread of the actors is their appearance, style of movements and voice. It is unlikely that you will be satisfied if two sources of your existence are taken away from you at once. On the other hand, there are special requirements for these people, necessary for the quality work of the studio and the processing of information, which actors from outside cannot always fulfill.

As a rule, companies immediately indicate in contracts with volunteers that the files they create will belong to the studio, not the model. Apparently, BioWare made a little joke on this topic by creating the Captain's VI - and by the way, did you manage to agree on the profits from the sale? And what did Shepard say when he saw himself hovering near the hangar?

P.S. Below, under the spoiler, there are links to various articles and interesting videos that perfectly illustrate the possibilities of technologies of both modern times and the last century:

Art of the Game : Mass Effect 2 [parts 1-5; link to torrent, but you can also search on YouTube, Author: Machinima]

Cinematics case study: Mass Effect 3

Developer Forum - Motion capture [article-interview with specialists, Author: Vladimir Bolvin]

Casting for Motion Capture [English, article about standard requirements for human actors to participate in motion capture; there are many other interesting articles on the topic on the same resource]

A Brief History of Motion Capture for Computer Character Animation

Examples of free flash games for PC, one way or another related to dancing, on the Russian-language resource of the same name

2007 fan made motion video of The Sims characters [By AudreyBauer]

Feel the difference? Something similar can be seen in Line. And here is the star of the dance floor from The Sims 3. If you read the comments, it's very dance-advanced. This video is already 2010

Curious Interpenetration of Games: The Sims-aka-Azarks.

Video from GTA 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony [Credit: XboxViewTV, released 2009]

The movements look much more natural than in the above variants, don't they? Strippers and private dancers were also not spared.

Dance Central 2 Video - Review [Author: KanobuNetwork]

Video review of the second version of the game. Advertising? Yes. But clearly.

Raiders of the Lost Archives video [English, blog, Posted by Jordan Mechner]

In short: the author found the code on 5" floppy disks in the archives, restored and opened for free download the original version of the game written in Assembly language in 1985-88 years

For a second, it's DOS and IBM 286th just appeared then. Very visual video.

Video "Avatar Making Art [Part 1].flv" [Author: movieananet]

Some of the "Avatar" left behind the scenes, the wrong side of the technological process.

Many interesting moments. From the main: special helmets that allow you to simultaneously record facial expressions from sensors and the actor's voice; there is a significant difference between the animated face resulting from the capture and the final appearance of the character - cinema is much more demanding on naturalism than a computer game.


Don't like to invent and get your hands dirty with simple work? Then you shouldn't come into our kitchen - Chief Gardner is on guard and points to the exit disgruntled. Everyone else is welcome!

In conceiving a series of articles about dancing in Mass Effect, I hoped to help those who would really like to try this piece of the pie of life or reminisce about the taste of an old hobby. This part is for you.

To battle! Let's try to dream and follow the path of a classic costumed masquerade. Alas, it quickly becomes clear that this task is not easy.

With a little digging on the net, you can find, order, pay for and wait for delivery of a latex hat in the shape of asari tentacles (see photo on the right, by Kris Sayer). And also to get acquainted with the feelings of the lucky woman who put on such an artifact, who say that beauty requires considerable endurance and patience (if you don’t understand English, in short: the author complains about the heat, impermeability to air and it definitely hurts her ears). Add to this the need to apply a thick, very thick layer of makeup and ... how long do you think it will last with active movement, not to mention the time and cost of preparation?

Let's simplify the task and choose the path of hints, rather than blind repetition of characters - let's leave this to cosplay lovers who go out to the promenade a couple of times a year during the anime, Igromir or KRI festivals, especially since dancing does not imply stiffness of a participant in a costume show. Let's drop the literalism and turn to symbolism: let's focus on the details that eloquently make it clear that you are distantly related to the natives of Thessia.

Headdress: asari never go disheveled, so let's collect hair in a high ponytail or a bun at the back of the head, comb short hair with gel / varnish back - what is at hand and what holds better. An alternative is to hint at the separation of the tentacles by braiding several braids from the contour of the face to the tail with suitable contrasting material.

Do you have a desire, free finances and a few hours of time? Braids thicker, with fiber, afro braids or hang bulky di-dreadlocks and tie them in a ponytail. Do not get carried away with the length and quantity, otherwise the hairstyle will resemble a bundle of ship cables, and not an asari head. Remember that you will have to walk in such an ultra-extravagant image for another three weeks.

Make-up: let's try to do without blue aqua makeup, bearing in mind that they will have to smear a fairly large area with an even (which is almost difficult) layer - there are no blacks with white hands.

The dance lasts for minutes, and shaved eyebrows cannot be returned back, why you should pay attention to the Azarian tattoo options that repeat their outlines and choose the most suitable one for yourself. Don't go overboard with the spots - the border of the hair visually defines the contour of the face very clearly, in contrast to the smooth transition of the lines drawn all over the asari head. In addition, the "tentacles" begin a little further than the average hairline, and the fashion to shave the hair over the forehead has gone back to the Middle Ages.

It is not worth removing, covering up eyebrows with tonal creams or make-up. This does not fit essentially the chosen path of symbolism - let everything remain as it is, acquire the spirit of the blueskins, but do not become a crappy copy, strokes will still be visible up close.

Do you have artistic skills? Highlight the main directions of the lines of the pattern, follow the proportions and dare, create your own options, use the achievements of fan art. Here are the most successful examples from the game that can serve as a basis for creativity:

@-la Liara: dark eyebrow lines, heavy eyeliner and dark lipstick (Liara obviously didn't paint her lips in the first game). Characteristic freckles deserve special attention, as well as a sea of ​​light pigment spots near the "tentacle" line. By the way, the Azari fashion for black-rimmed eyes can really damage their visual size, so it's worth considering how you want to let them down.

@-la Zafira: elementary shading of the upper and lower eyelids combined with a glossy lipstick. Perhaps, jokingly, the "Azarian-Gothic" style can be extrapolated into a human one by applying wine-cognac shades and tea-rose lipstick. A good model for fair-haired dugouts with large, wide-set eyes.

@-la Nelina (or Samara's daughter): In the absence of a head decor, it is best to choose a paint that matches the current hair color as closely as possible or, if the dye allows, run a stick / brush / pencil through the hair. Or you can stock up on contrasting material in the color of your makeup (for example, artificial hair or yarn) and continue the lines on your head with ordinary braids.

@-la Samara: You can take a chance, but the problem is that initially the forehead pads are much higher than the eyebrow line and must somehow hold on. For a domestic cabal, it is quite acceptable to leave only the outlines and outline them along a characteristic contour. Don't forget to hint at freckles and pay attention to the shape of the distribution of pigment over the face (see cosplay video).

@-la Aria: Ideal for those who like to pluck their eyebrows into a thin thread, owners of a proud high forehead and an elongated face shape (see cosplay version).

@-la Shiala: A broken double V-shaped line at 60° to the brow line visually lengthens the forehead, pronounced accents around the eyes draw attention to them. By the way, Shiala's tattoos are repeated on other asari military - similar marks are worn by the spectrum of Tela Vasir, the commander of the Path of Destiny matriarch Lidaniya in the first game and the commanders of the Eclipse on Illium, not counting some dancers in bars and other special forces.

@-la Counselor: briefly it can be described as "fir-trees, sticks, dense forest. " This is the most complex makeup option, which has some similarities with the previous one. Clear brow lines, double V-shaped line on the forehead, framing around the eyes, slanting strokes on the cheeks. To simplify, you can and should focus on large strokes and not overuse small spots.

By the way, tattoos are worn by all representatives of the species originally included in the Council of the Citadel - these are both turians and salarians, so you can choose the appropriate pattern in any style, not just under the asari.

Materiel (or "owner, is this color suitable?"): Finding a theatrical or aqua make-up, contact lenses of any color and other accessories is not a problem, ordinary cosmetic pencils are also suitable. The question is how to choose a palette that suits you in color - which means that you need to take the shade of the skin of the face and hair as the basis.

In my opinion, two options will look the most advantageous: either you should prefer a contrasting, eye-catching color of the coloring and the color of the decor in the hair that echoes it, or vice versa, give preference to natural tones that repeat the current hair color. So you can avoid regrading in the palette and maintain the aesthetics and stylization of the appearance. For the purity of the experiment, the colors from the game are preferred: white, red, dark blue, deaf green.

Suit: the first thing you need to decide is where you are going to show it - in public, with friends or tête-à-tête. Frankness and ... hmm, ease of exposure depend on this - so as not to get into an awkward position in the latter case.

The dancer's costume in the game is quite difficult to implement - this is both a cut and a completely obvious choice of materials stretching along the longitudinal and transverse threads like supplex or python (and not latex at all, as many mistakenly believe) with two types of reflective coating, mesh insert on the back (see photo on the left), hidden fasteners, etc. It will not work to sew it "on the knee": at least you need a sewing machine for knitwear, threads and, of course, a couple of assistants or a tailor's mannequin made exactly to your measurements. Contacting a workshop is extremely expensive, plus material, plus time ...

It is much easier to get by with something no less shiny and tight, but easily accessible, and also hiding what should not be on display - painted girls are boringly perfect from any angle, but live ones can afford to be original. Wardrobe does not allow? We type in the search "suit for a striptease" and enjoy a huge selection of a wide variety of erotic outfits. Minimize the amount of shine in the most uninteresting places, pay attention to gloves with cut off fingers, and by the way, the original wine color of burgundy looks great on pale skin (tanned, as a rule, doesn’t matter what you wear).

But the most important thing is shoes. If you stand without tension on your toes for more than half an hour, then the usual strip plastic can be danced barefoot, but without developed dance practices, you can forget about tricks. This is especially true for the pole dance: no flip flops, clogs or slates - the material must hold the foot very tightly, the instep is firmly fixed, the fingers are protected. The platform is optional, the height of the heel is at least 5 cm, as long as you are not "swung by the wind". You can and should take care of the health of your precious legs by fixing the foot with the help of special orthopedic shoe pads.

In conclusion, let me give you a little advice regarding the training regimen: do not overdo it and do not relax too much in the process of preparation. Are you dancing? Then these ligaments will not require you to do long daily exercises, just a simple warm-up-stretching for 10-15 minutes, and you can learn and repeat the dance every other day, preferably three times a week for about 40-50 minutes. Fewer classes may not give the expected result and progress. In the complete absence of skill, of course, it is better to be like stripping lessons in a local dance studio, they can help you understand the mechanics of the performance or work out specific movements.

P.S. Below is a link to a picture and an article with a similar theme on this site:

P. P.S. Some versions of Windows Internet Explorer may display list items with errors.

Edited: Vatrican

7 types of rest you need to fully recuperate

March 19LifeProductivity

No, it's not just sleep.



We usually associate leisure with passive pastime. It seems that he looks exactly like this: take a nap, lie on the couch in front of the TV, “hang out” on the phone, lie down in the sun on the beach.

But the human personality is too complex, and "just sleeping" is often not enough to restore all resources. Perhaps you yourself have noticed that when you are very exhausted, emotionally burnt out and generally feel bad morally, sleep does not really help you come to your senses.

Physician, author, and TEDx speaker Sandra Dalton-Smith explains this by saying that a person needs as many as seven types of rest for a comfortable existence. And most of them we, unfortunately, ignore.

What types of recreation exist

Sandra Dalton-Smith identifies such categories.

1. Physical

It covers everything that helps the body to recover and return to normal. This is not only a dream, a nap or an opportunity to lie down, but also, for example, massages, spa treatments, warm baths, relaxing yoga or stretching classes and other body-friendly practices.

2. Mental

This type of rest affects the mental processes and is needed when a person is overwhelmed with thoughts or is engaged in intellectual activity a lot. Mental rest can include taking a walk or relaxing in the middle of a busy day, journaling, and other ways to "unload your head."

3. Emotional

It is needed in order to calm the storm of feelings and experiences, to remain sincere with oneself and others. Everyone needs such a rest, but especially those who are constantly under stress, forced to please other people and hide their real emotions.

As an emotional rest, a sincere conversation with a loved one or a psychologist can work. It is also worth trying writing practices that give you the opportunity to express your emotions, or find any other activities that cause joy and peace.

4. Social

This is a break from communication, especially from tense and unpleasant, provoking stress. The format of such a holiday implies the opportunity to have a good time alone with yourself or be among people who are calm and comfortable next to them.

5. Sensory

It is especially needed when we overload our senses with sensory stimuli: we spend too much time at the computer, constantly listening and watching something. Sensory relaxation can be a walk in the park, a day away from screens and gadgets, a nap in silence and darkness.

6. Creative

This kind of rest is needed for those who feel stuck, burnt out, experiencing a creative block and cannot find inspiration or a good idea. Any creative activities that a person includes in his life for the sake of pleasure, and not for the sake of results or earnings, will help to overcome all this: going to a master class or a museum, meditative activities like needlework or coloring, even just buying goods for creativity.

7. Spiritual

It doesn't matter whether a person believes in God or not, in any case, from time to time he has a need to communicate with himself and with the world around him. Spiritual rest, according to Sandra Dalton-Smith, can be prayer, meditation, yoga, going out into nature.

How to understand what kind of rest you need

Unfortunately, there is no magic device that will scan a person and issue a diagnosis with recommendations: you have a lack of emotional and mental rest, start walking, keeping a diary and meditating.

If a person feels that he is exhausted, but traditional physical rest does not help him, he will have to analyze what he has been doing lately, in what areas of life he has overworked, what exactly he is tired of and what he lacks.

For example, if someone at work has dealt with difficult clients a lot, has to keep a face and have difficult negotiations, they may need emotional and social rest. And someone else who worked on a complex creative project, ran out of steam and lost inspiration, needs a mental and creative rest.

Sandra Dalton-Smith has developed a test that helps to understand what type of vacation a person needs most of all (to pass the test, you will need basic knowledge of English).

How to relax properly

To truly recuperate, feel good, be productive, avoid burnout, you need to find a balance between different types of recreation. These are the principles that Sandra Dalton-Smith advises to follow.

Figure out where to start

Most often, life sags in several areas at once, so it is important to determine where there is a more critical deficit. For example, a person is exhausted from a stressful job and realizes that he needs physical and emotional rest.

The first impulse, of course, would be to take a couple of days off to sleep well and lie under the covers. But if, at the same time, emotional overload does not allow you to relax, if a person cannot fall asleep due to anxiety, resentment and other unpleasant feelings, such “weekends” will exhaust him even more.

Therefore, it is logical to first put the emotional sphere in order in a comfortable way: talk with a loved one, go to a pleasant and interesting event, cuddle a cat, cuddle with a child. After that, it will be easier to relax physically.

In general, different types of rest work like dominoes: it is worth starting with the one that is most needed, and the rest will follow.

Plan a vacation

We tend to shelve self-care, hobbies, personal projects, and anything else we don't get paid for. Including rest. We tell ourselves that we need to keep a diary, walk more, have an evening without a phone - but in the end, all this remains plans.

Therefore, rest should be recorded in a diary and taken seriously, like a trip to the doctor or a work meeting.

Integrate different types of recreation into your schedule

Recreation is important not only on weekends. It would be great to make a list of short recovery practices that help you stay in shape and find a place for them on weekdays.

Learn more