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Tips, Tricks, and Information! : JustDance

Hi everyone!

I'm sorry if this isn't the correct place, method, or format for this kind of thing, but I'd thought I'd share some of the knowledge I've gained about this game lurking across the community as well as my own 145+ hours playing the game.

Before I get into it, a few disclaimers:

  1. My knowledge of the game is limited to what I have read and personally witnessed. There's an almost certain chance I am wrong about something or that I missed something important. Please leave a comment when this happens and I'll update this post.

  2. I play on Switch using Joy-Cons, so that is the perspective I'm writing from. Most of the information here should still hold true on Kinect/PlayStation Camera, but I'll try to mark instances where it might not. Again, if you catch anything that might be inaccurate on your platform, please leave a comment.

  3. Some of the information in this post is based on my own speculation. I'll try to make it clear when that's the case.

  4. This post is about Just Dance 2021. Some, if not most, of this information should apply to the last couple of entries, however.

  5. I welcome any feedback or additional information so this can serve as a source of reference for future players. Let me know what can be improved!

With all of that out of the way, let's get started.


Disclaimer: This section is almost entirely speculation, as Ubisoft stubbornly refuses to tell us how scoring actually works. However, it is based on my own experiences as well as those of other users of this subreddit.

What is the maximum score possible?

The maxium score you can get as of JD2021 is 13333. In order to achieve this score, you must perfectly execute every move in the choreo.

What are the thresholds for each star?

The first 5 stars are each 2000 points apart, with each one after being 1000 points. Below is a table to illustrate this.

1 Star2000 Points
2 Stars4000 Points
3 Stars6000 Points
4 Stars8000 Points
5 Stars10000 Points
Superstar11000 Points
Megastar12000 Points
13k*13000 Points

* not an actual star, but still a fan-recognized threshold

How is each move scored?/I got all perfects, why did I not get 13333?

I really wish Ubisoft would come out and explain this one. The following information has been agreed upon by fans, and is probably how it works, but who knows, maybe Ubi will come out one day and tell us we're all wrong.

Anyways, you probably know about the 6 different feedback levels you can recieve, being X, OK, Good, Super, Perfect, and Yeah!. While it may seem like these all add a set amount to your score, that's not the case. Instead, think of them like letter grades. All you can see is the letter, but each grade has a range of percents that apply to it. Below is a table to illustrate this, and it might even be accurate, but it's best just to take it as an illustrative example. I've also included a description of each score.

XNo movement was detected.0%
OKMovement was detected, but it was either way too early or late, or was not the move that was expected.1%-40%
GoodYou were either too early, too late, or the move was not executed correctly.40%-60%
SuperYou almost got it! You were either slightly to early or light, or were just slightly off of what the game expected. This isn't a bad score at all!60%-80%
PerfectYou executed the move with perfect timing and accuracy! Good job!80%-100%
Yeah!You must score what would otherwise be a good or better to score a gold move. 40%-100%

Now, here's the important part: Your percent accuracy determines how many points you get from a move, not the feedback you were given. This is why you can get all perfects, and get a 13.2k, or why all perfects and 1 super can be better than all perfects. The way the game calculates this percent can seem very random at times but keeep at it and you'll get there eventually!

How do you know how many points each move is worth?

So, this is totally something I've observed on my own, so if it's not correct please let me know.

Each move in a song is worth the same number of points, with the exception being gold moves which are worth 5 times a normal move. This does make it kind of difficult to calculate the exact value for each move, but a good estimation is 13333 divided by the number of moves in the song. You can only see the number of moves in a song on the singleplayer results screen in JD2021, right under the bar that shows how many of each feedback level you got.

Learning Difficult Choreos

Learning extremes and even some hard choreos can be overwhelming! Don't worry, there is an easier way!

What I usually do when I decide on a new extreme to learn is first run through it normally, with a controller in my hand, just to see what score I get and to see what I need to work on. Some extremes are easier than they look, while others it seems like you have the whole song to work on! That's totally okay and normal! It takes practice to learn these, and so you move on to the next step.

I then will close the game and open up YouTube and try to find the choreo on there. Most, if not all, JD choreos are on there. I'll start by going through it once all the way through at 0.5x or 0.75x playback speed, and then I'll slow each section down individually until I'm comfortable with it. You'd be surprised at how much you can learn this way!

Note About YouTube: Ubisoft has started to ban full-screen gameplays of Just Dance. For newer songs, you may only be able to find videos with the game in a small window and somebody doing the dance alongside it. These videos are helpful in their own way, but may not be what your looking for. 

Since I play on Switch, another thing I'll do to get one down a bit better is put my controller down and just focus on trying to do exactly what the coach is doing. That way, since I'm not focused on getting a good score, I can just focus on all the little details of the movements. You'd be surprised how much you pick up on.

Getting Good

A common question/complaint/issue that I hear a lot from newer players and family members (and even myself sometimes) is that "I'm doing the moves, but it keeps giving me (OK/Good/Super)s!" Every player experiences this at some point or another, especially when playing on Switch. Usually, this is due to one of two reasons:

Reason #1a: The game's detection is really, really stupid sometimes (Joy-Cons)

If you play on Switch, you know exactly what I'm talking about when I say that the detection with the Joy-Cons is straight up mean. There are some moves that it straight up doesn't register, while some others it demands absolute perfection from. The best advice I can give in these situations is to try moving the controller a bit more or less. If you're getting Xs, that game straight up is registering your movements. In that case, you have to apply more force when moving your controller. Sure, you'll get an OK or a Good, but both of those are certainly better than an X.

Reason #1b: The camera's detection is really, really stupid sometimes (Kinect/PS Camera)

Now, I can't speak for this very well as I don't have any first hand experience on these platforms, however I have watched quite a few streams of people playing on them as well as lurked on this sub for quite a while. From that, I've gathered a few tips for when your camera is losing track of you.

Make sure your room is well lit. Your TV alone probably can't provide enough light for it to keep track of you very well, so make sure you have some other source of lighting. I think natural light is better, but I'm not sure.

Try raising or lowering the position of your camera to ensure it can easily see your whole body.

Apparently, certain types of clothes can cause parts of your body to be completely invisible to the camera. Not sure why this occurs but if you are having problems, this might be the case.

If anybody who plays on this platform has any more tips, let me know.

Reason #2a: You might not be doing as well as you think you are (in general) (more likely)

Now, we can complain about the game's detection all day long, but the reality of it is that the game is probably not the problem.

It can be easy to feel like you're doing a move correctly, but you're actually not. It can be helpful to record yourself dancing, or dance in a mirror and try to catch what you're doing wrong. If you have somebody who is willing, it might also be helpful to have somebody else observe you dancing and have them provide feedback.

It can also be pretty easy to zone out while dancing, and that's when, at least for me, mistakes start to happen. Try your best to stay focused on the coach and mirroring their movements.

Sometimes, I also catch myself dancing faster than the coaches. I'm not sure why this happens, but it does tend to happen more on songs I'm more familliar with. Again, stay focused on your coach and try to match them just like a mirror.

Reason #2b: You might not be doing as well as you think you are (relating to Joy-Cons) (more likely)

So I know something every single Switch player ends up doing, especially when they are more of a beginner at the game, is trying to trick the game. You may not even conciously realize that you're doing it, but the game absolutely will notice and dock points for it.

The solution? Well, it's the one the game reminds you of time and time again. It's in the title! Just Dance! Sometimes, you can get so caught up in trying to get a good score that you end up only focusing on the hand the controller is in and straight up ignoring some moves that you don't think it will detect. I like to pretend that the controller just isn't there and that the game can see my entire body. I focus on making sure I am actually dancing and doing the whole choreo, even moves I think it won't be able to detect. Besides scoring, it's just more fun to play this way, so next time you play, I encourage you to give this tip a shot.

Some Things of Note

Here is a collection of additional important tips pointed out in the comments section below.

Sort by: Pertinence

According to user u/Mr_Gold_Move, in PAL regions (like Europe) have a seperate sorting method called "Pertinence" that, like Catalog, seperates by JD2021, JDU, and Kids. Unlike Catalog, however, it seems to sort by songs you haven't played first, including ones you haven't unlocked. Good to be aware of.

Song Difficulties

...suck. They just do. Nobody agrees on what any of them should be but everybody agrees that most of them are wrong. They make a good starting point, but its good to just try a variety of different songs and decide for yourself.


I think that just about wraps up everything I know about the game. It's unlikely that I covered everything important and that I made zero mistakes. If you catch any mistakes or have any additional tips or knowledge you'd like to add, please do let me know in a comment. I'm happy to fix any mistakes.

I hope this guide proves useful! Let me know if you try these tips out and if they were helpful!

Edit History

02/01/2021 14:45 EST: Added information provided by u/Mr_Gold_Move. Thanks!

Just Dance 3 Medal List

One of the joys of playing Just Dance 3 is collecting all the medals. Here's the list of medals, and some tips on how to get them!

Constellation Maker
get 1 star on every song (this is where I am)
get 3 stars on every song
get 5 stars on every song
NOTE: Fairly straightforward. You have to work hard to master each song's moves. You can see the current star count by going out to the "one by one" song screen that moves through them like a jukebox. I wish they showed the star count on the all-on-one-page screen, since that's the one I use the most. They only show which songs have 5 stars on here. At this point I have 3 stars on everything and am working towards the 5 star point song by song.

Sweat and Score
reach 300 sweat points with a 3 star rating on any song
reach 400 sweat points with a 4 star rating on any song
reach 500 sweat points with a 5 star rating on any song
NOTE: Again, fairly straightforward. I find the easiest one to get 500 sweat points on is Jamaican Dance, and once you figure out the moves on that song, it's repetitive and easy.

Just Dancer
play 10 songs
play 75 songs
play 150 songs
NOTE: This is an easy one, it's simply a cumulative counter. So after a while it will naturally happen.

The Good Dancer
become a star drummer in "she's got me dancing" (score "GOOD" or better)
NOTE: this part is easy, there's two chances and it's right up front.

become a crystal miner in "pump it" (score "GOOD" or better)
NOTE: It took me FOREVER to get this to trigger. In my case I got the entry "mining part" (where crystals come from the floor) perfect, an OK in the two middle sections, and a perfect at the end mining part. It gave me the medal. So it might just be the first or last that you need. I had gotten a single perfect middle area before and it didn't trigger so it could also be that you need 2 out of the 4 of them perfect.

become a real pianist in "take on me" (score "GOOD" or better)
NOTE: Compared with the pain and agony of the crystal miner, this was a one-shot easy one. Just do well in the hands-angled-down two parts.

The Good Duet
fall in love in "Something Stupid" (score "GOOD" or better with both dancers)
NOTE: The part where she bends down to hold his hand, just move smoothly and you should get it.

go through the x-ray in "Da Funk" (score "GOOD" or better with both dancers)
NOTE: The part where you can see their bones, again not too tricky

know your moves on the ground in "Beautiful Liar" (score "GOOD" or better with both dancers)
NOTE: The part when they're both kneeling. This just takes practice.

The Good Crew
show your love in "boogie wonderland" (score "GOOD" or better with 4 dancers)
NOTE: I'm afraid I don't have four dancers, so I can't test these. Does anyone know what the rest are?

Master Simon
don't lose a single point on "STOP" moves during Simon Says mode
NOTE: The key here is to not worry about other points, because you'll always end up in a sweeping move when they tell you to stop :) Just move as little as possible so when the stop comes up you can.

Get at least 1000 points on every "SHAKE" move on Simon Says mode
NOTE: You have to shake like crazy to get it to fill up, but it is possible.

score every "CLAP" move on simon says mode
NOTE: Takes good timing, but again, possible. Luckily the clap thing gives you some warning, so it only took me a few tries to get it.

Eyes Wide Shut
get 5 stars on any song after disabling pictograms in the options menu
get 5 stars on any 3 songs after disabling pictograms in the options menu
get 5 stars on any 5 songs after disabling pictograms in the options menu
NOTE: This one is fairly easy once you get into the game. I now play with pictograms turned off all the time and it doesn't bother me at all.

Highway to Stars
get 5 stars for 2 songs in a row
get 5 stars for 4 songs in a row
get 5 stars for 6 songs in a row
NOTE: They have to be DIFFERENT SONGS so this is a matter of building your skills up in a number of songs and then doing them all in a row.

Sweat Me a River
earn 1,000 sweat points
earn 10,000 sweat points
earn 30,000 sweat points
NOTE: This is cumulative. You might as well just play in sweat mode all the time since you can get to all the songs and games anyway, and you have the added bonus of the sweat points being added up for you. You earn this fairly quickly if you do.

play at least 5 songs in a row on non-stop shuffle
play at least 15 songs in a row on non-stop shuffle
play at least 30 songs in a row on non-stop shuffle
NOTE: I've only hit the 5 song mark because there are a number of songs in the mix that I'm just not that fond of. I'd rather choose songs I love to play. I wish you could make your own personalized playlist - in that case I'd definitely do this!

finish any song with no x
finish any song with 90% of good or perfect moves
finish any song with 100% of good or perfect moves
NOTE: I'm at the 90% mark but can't get 100% yet. I'm very close on Jamaican Dance but there's always that stray "ok" that sneaks in there on the hand-swirling part :)

Ace Pair
finish any duet with 2 players getting 3 stars on both choreographies
finish any duet with 2 players getting 4 stars on both choreographies
finish any duet with 2 players getting 5 stars on both choreographies
NOTE: I'm only at 4 stars with this. I just can't get the 5 stars on Something Stupid with the mermaid which is my chosen song to try the duet with. I do fine with the diver!

Big Band Theory
finish any dance crew with all 4 players getting 3 stars
finish any dance crew with all 4 players getting 4 stars
finish any dance crew with all 4 players getting 5 stars
NOTE: I don't have four players, so I can't do this one.

Sweaty Hands
get 4 scores of 3 stars on a hold my hand choreography
get 4 scores of 4 stars on a hold my hand choreography
get 4 scores of 5 stars on a hold my hand choreography
NOTE: You have to have a dedicated partner to work on this one :) This is a SPECIFIC SONG in the specials area that you have to do, and all four "players" have to each get 3 stars to achieve the medal. If you only have two people, each person can hold one controller in their left hand and one in their right to give it a shot.

I admit I was so bad at this one that I enlisted my boyfriend and he had to go above and beyond the call of duty to achieve it. He held two controllers in one hand and one in the other. Then halfway through the song we paused and he took the controller I was trying to use, gave me the other one he'd already gotten to 3 stars, and finished the song up. It was the only way we could get to three stars on all four. It's a rough song!

get 3 of the 7 different styles
get 5 of the 7 different styles
get all the styles: twins, energetic, smooth, in rhythm, creative, wild, lazy
NOTE: Most of these you get as you go through normal gameplay. It's just the "twins" one you'll need to get help with.

Also in addition I'll note that you don't get anything at all for crossing 1,000 mojo points. The points just keep counting up.

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Content copyright © 2022 by Lisa Shea. All rights reserved.
This content was written by Lisa Shea. If you wish to use this content in any manner, you need written permission. Contact Lisa Shea for details.

Codes for the game Just Dance 4

Earn the achievements below to earn the corresponding number of Gamerscore points.

  • First Dance (10): Complete your first song.
  • 3 Star Performance (15): Receive 3 stars for a song.
  • Highway to the Stars (20): Get 3 stars on 5 songs.
  • 5 Star Performance (20): Receive 5 stars for a song.
  • Rising Star (30): Get 5 stars in 5 songs.
  • Golden! (15): Perform all golden moves in a song.
  • Solid Gold Baby! (25): Perform all golden moves in 5 songs.
  • Looking Good (25): Perform only golden moves or better in a song.
  • You got the Moves! (40): Perform only golden moves or better in 5 songs.
  • Perfect Finish (10): Perform the last movement on Perfect in the song.
  • Streaker! (20): Perform 10 Perfect Moves in a row in any song.
  • Reflection of Perfection (30): Perform a song with at least 80% Perfect moves.
  • There's no I in Dance (20): In any co-op song, all 4 players get 3 stars or better.
  • In-Sync (35): In any co-op song, all 4 players received 5 stars or better.
  • Dynamic Duo (25): Complete a two-player duo with both choreographies of 5.
  • Mixing it up (20): Get 5 stars in any mash-up.
  • On a Quest (20): Complete 5 dance quests.
  • Superstar! (30): Get 3 stars on all songs.
  • Megastar! (50): Get 5 stars on all songs.
  • Winning! (20): Win the battle.
  • Epic Winning! (30): Win each battle once.
  • Wheel... of... Gifts! (10): Unlock an item with the gift wheel.
  • Just Sweatin' (5): Complete a Sweat Class.
  • I Work Out (10): Complete a full 10 minutes of Sweat Class.
  • Bring it on! (20): Complete a full 25 minutes of Sweat Class.
  • Spartan (45): Complete a full 45 minutes of the Sweat Class.
  • Getting Warmed Up (25): Burn 500 calories in Sweat Mode.
  • Feel the Burn (50): Burn 1000 calories in Sweat Mode.
  • Burn Baby Burn! (100): Burn 2000 calories in Sweat Mode.
  • The Complete Package (50): Complete at least one class of each of the 5 Sweat programs.
  • Stuck on Replay (15): Dance one song 3 times in a row.
  • Blind Ambition (25): Get 5 stars with icons disabled.
  • New Sheriff in Town (25): Get 5 stars in Wild Wild West Extreme.
  • Baby is in the Corner (20): Dance The Time of my Life solo.
  • Dancing Friends! (20): Dance We No Speak Americano with 3 partners.
  • Let's do the Time Warp Again (15): Dance to Time Warp twice in a row.
  • RickRoll'd (15): Win a battle as the Never Gonna Give You Up trainer.
  • Musical Statues (30): In any co-op song, all 4 players remain for an additional 30 seconds.

GreatGamer rating: Not rated

Player rating: No rating

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Just Dance 4 - Just Dance 4

Just Dance 4 is a music video game developed by Ubisoft as the fourth major installment of the Just Dance series. Announced at E3 2012 by Flo Rida and Aisha Tyler, it was released on the Wii, the Wii U, the PlayStation 3 (for the PlayStation Move), and the Xbox 360 (for the Kinect) and was for the Xbox 360, Wii, and PlayStation 3 version of the Wii U was released in Europe and Australia on October 2, 2012 and 9October 2012 in North America. The Wii U version was released on November 18, 2012 in North America and released on November 30, 2012 in Europe and Australia along with the system. [1] [2] A sequel, Just Dance 2014 , was released in October 2013 for all motion control consoles and released as a launch title for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


  • 1 Gameplay
  • 2 Tracking
    • 2. 1 Downloadable content
      • 2.1.1 WII
      • 2.1.2 Xbox 360
      • 2.1.3 PS3
      • 2.1.4 WII U
  • 3 Reception
  • 4 Awards and nomination
  • 5 used literature



Just Dance 4 at E3 2012

Further information: Gameplay of the Just Dance


Gameplay remains similar to the previous Just Dance game as players are judged on their ability to imitate on-screen dancers performing a routine to a selected song. New features in Just Dance 4 includes dance battles, game add-ons Just sweat mode, unlockable bonus song routines, and a Wii U-exclusive Puppet Master mode that allows the player to use the Wii U controller as the "Master" to manage routine and visual effects. [3] Previous additional modes (Simon Says Mode, Playlists, Medley, Speed-Shuffle, Just Create and 8-Player) have been removed. In addition, the "On Fire" motif (mostly from "Goods" and "Perfection" in a row) and the effort scores were removed, leaving only the difficulty scores. Dancers' outfits and hairstyles are now colored in a realistic style instead of just plain colors.

Players have "Dance Quests", six missions for each song that can be completed. Each quest earns the player Mojo points. Downloadable songs do not have dance quests. Players can also create "Dancer Cards" that display their favorite songs, high scores, challenges, and more. Personal leaderboards are also available for the Wii version of the game.


There are 50 music tracks in the game.

JUSTIN0270 ) PSY " November " don't stop)" / NOW-F " (K2014) December 11, 2012) Golden dust .
Song Artist
"(I had) my life time" Bill Moy and Jennifer Varns 1987
"No other person" [A] [A] [A] Thanks to Christina Aguilera) 2006
"Asereje (Ketchup song)" Las Ketchup 2002
"Krasavitsa and BIT"
"Everyone needs to love someone" Dancing brothers (famous brothers Blues) 1980
"Last countdown" [D] EUROP 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 FLO Reeda 2011
"Good girl" [E] Carrie Anderwood 2012
"HIT 'EM UP STYLE (OI!)0263 "I love you as a song about love" Selena Gomez and scene 2011
"Ludoyed" Nelly Furtado "Do not stop) Bunny Beatz with the participation of Liquid 2012
"MAS Que Nada" Serzhio ​​Mendes with the participation of The Black Eyed "Driving0201 Rihanna with the participation of Jay-Z 2007
"I want you back" [hour] Cher Lloyd with the participation of ASTRO "We do not say in American" " The Electro Beat (as Ilanda Generated Cool and DCUP) 2010
"What makes you excellent" [D] One direction
"0273 Cobra Starship featuring Sabi 2011 November 21, 2012 (PAL), January 22, 2013 (NTSC)
"gangam style" (2014D) / (9027D) / (2014D) / ( 2012 November 21, 2012
"Funhouse" (2014d) / (2015d) / Now-F PROPECIAL "November
Bunny Beatz feat. Liquid 2012 November 21, 2012
Dagoba (2016u) Sorcerer 2003 November 21, 2012 ) (2014d) / Now-F One direction 2012 December 11, 2012
"Heavy Cross" Gossip 2009 Sveta 1122 "Decree December
Selena Gomez and scene 2012 December 11, 2012
"So Glamurno" Girls Team 2012 Cher Lloyd with the participation of ASTRO 2012 December 11, 2012
"We R I R" (2014D) Kesha 22 January 22 January 22 January 22 January 22 January, , 9026, 9026, 9026, 9026, 9026, " Cher Lloyd with the participation of Bekka Ji 2012 January 22, 2013
"BOM" REGAETON STORM (as glorified MC MAGICO and ALEX Wilson) 2005 9027 Retribution )
"Lazy song"/ now-P Bruno Mars 2010 5, 2013
"Professor Pumpelstik" Nick Phoenix and Thomas J. Bergersen 2006 March 5, 2013 ( JD2 Review )
"Umri Young) / (2015) (2015) (2015) (2015) (2015) (2015) (2015) (2015) (2015) (2015) (2015) (2015) (2015) (2015) (2015) (2015) (2015) (2015) (2015) (2015) (2015 Kesha 2012 April 2, 2013
"Primadonna" Marina and diamonds 2012 "Malo0273 April 2, 2013 ( JD2 reissue )
  • The "()" indicates the artist who covered the song.
  • The "(H)" icon means that the song is also included. Hip Hop Dance Experience .
  • "(JWiiU)" means the song is also included. Just Dance Wii U .
  • "(K2014)" means the song is also included Just Dance Kids 2014 .
  • "(2014D)" means the song is also an addition to 2012 Oct 09, 2012 You make me feel…" "Ganges Style" (2014d) / (JWIIU) / (2015d) PSY 2012 November 21, 2012 "Funhouse" (2014d) / (2014d) / (2014d) / (2014d) / (2014 2009 November 21, 2012 "Dagoba" (2016u) Sorcerer 2003 November 21, 2012 JD2 Retribution ) "One thing" (K2014) / (2014d) 9022 December 11, 2012 "Heavy cross" Gossip 2009 December 11, 2012 "Kami) Gomez and stage of the Selena Gomez and Stage Selena Selena and Stage Selena Selena and Stage of the Seen December 2012 2003 April 2, 2013 ( JD2 reissue )
    • The "()" indicates the artist who covered the song.
    • The "(H)" icon means that the song is also included. Hip Hop Dance Experience .
    • "(K2014)" means this song is also included Just Dance Kids 2014
    • "(2014D)" means this song is also included Just Dance 2014 .
    • "(2015D)" means this song is also included Just Dance 2015 .
    • "(2016U)" means the song is exclusive to Uplay Just Dance 2016 .
    • "(JWiiU)" means the song is also included. Just Dance Wii U .

    PS3 DLCs are region locked (for example, DLCs purchased from the US PSN Store will not work with region 3 discs).

    Song Artist Year Release date
    "Part of Me" (2014d) / (JWIII) Kati Perry 2012 October 23, 2012
    "You make me feel ..." Cobra Kobra Kobra with the participation of Sabi 2 2011 October 23, 2012 (PAL), January 29, 2013 (NTSC)
    Gangam Style (2014D) / (JWiiU) / (2015D) PSY 27322
    "Funhouse" (2014D) / (2015D) March 29, 2013 (NTSC) April 2, 2013 (PAL)
    "Baby" Reggaeton 2003 March 29, 2013 (NTSC) 2PAL 3 ( JD2 reissue )
    • The "()" indicates the artist who covered the song.
    • "(JWiiU)" means the song is also included. Just Dance Wii U .
    • "(2014D)" means the song is also an add-on to Just Dance 2014 .
    • "(2015D)" means the song is also a DLC for Just Dance 2015 .
    • The "(2016U)" icon means the song is unlocked on Uplay on Just Dance 2016
    Wii U

    The Wii U DLC can only be found on Nintendo eShop .

    COLDUN 2013 ") songs.
  • "(JWiiU)" means the song is also included. Just Dance Wii U .
  • "(2014D)" means the song is also an add-on to Just Dance 2014 .
  • "(2015D)" means the song is also DLC on Just Dance 2015 .
  • "(2016U)" means the song is exclusive to Uplay Just Dance 2016 .
  • An (XU) icon indicates that the DLC is not available on Wii U.
  • (JD2D) indicates that the song is available as DLC on Just Dance 2.
  • The icon (JD3D) indicates that the song is available as DLC on Just Dance 3.
  • Note : "You Make Me Feel..." on Wii and Xbox Kinect (NTSC region) is only available as downloadable content if it has not already been unlocked with a Cheetos exclusive code.


    Upon the release of Just Dance 4, received positive reviews from video game publishing. On review sites Game Rating and Metacritic, the Xbox 360 version of the game has an average rating of 75.

    Song Artist Year Release date
    Part of me (2014D) / (JWiiU) 903 Kathy0272 2012 January 3, 2013 (PAL), January 24, 2013 (NTSC)
    "Ganges Style" (2014d) / (2015d) PSY 2012 2013 (PAL) January 24, 2013 (NTSC)
    "Funhouse" (2014D) / (2015D) Pink 2009 Jan 3, 2013 Jan 2, 2013 (PAL014) 2 (NTSC)
    "So Glamorous" Girly Team 2012 January 3, 2013 (PAL), January 24, 2013 (NTSC)
    "One thing" (K2014) / (2014d) One direction 2012 February 15, 2013
    "Heavy Cross" "Heavy cross"
    "hit the light" (K2014) Selena Gomez and scene 2012 February 15, 2013
    "Dagoma) (JD3D) (JD3D) (JD3D) Kesha 2012 April 18, 2013
    "Primadonna" Marina 2012 April 18, 2013 "Decree

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