How do you dab dance

What is dabbing? Meaning, origin and videos of celebrities performing the dance move

DABBING has become a global craze over the past year with celebrities, politicians and even royals performing the dance move in public.

If you've never heard of it or simply aren't quite sure what all the fuss is about, then read on...


Manchester United superstar Paul Pogba shared this snap of him 'dabbing'Credit:

What is dabbing? Who started it?

The dabbing craze sees people point one arm upwards towards the sky while also bowing their head into their other arm. Yes, that's it.

The trend is thought to have been initially started in Atlanta by rappers from the group Migos and a few other artists that collaborate on their tracks, including Jose Guapo, Skippa Da Flippa, and PeeWee Longway.

Just like the Nae Nae, artists popularised the dance move by featuring it in their music videos and mixtapes and it was soon picked up by the American football player Cam Newton.

The Carolina Panthers quarterback has now become an ambassador for the dab and helped it become a household trend.

And over the past year dabbing has taken over social media, with almost everyone giving it a go at any occasion, including during one of Hillary Clinton's speeches in IowaCaucus.

What does dabbing mean?

While dabbing may seem like just an innocent dance move, it does actually have a darker meaning behind it.

The expression is also a term for smoking butane hash oil and extracting 90 per cent of the THC (the primary ingredient in marijuana).

Some have said the dance move is supposed to represent sneezing, something that often happens to people when they've taken  a lot of cannabis.


The dabbing dance move is an internet craze which was made famous by American footballer Cam NewtonCredit:


Which famous faces and celebs have dabbed?

Since the dabbing craze begun a lot of celebs, politicians and royals have performed the move in public. Here are some of the latest and greatest...

Woman dabs in Donald Trump's office

M.A., woman who sued, dances as Pres. Trump signs bill combatting online sex trafficking. "It's about damn time."

— ABC News (@ABC) April 11, 2018

On April 11 2018, a woman was filmed dabbing as Donald Trump signed a bill combating online sex trafficking in the Oval office.

The activist, known as M.A., was the first woman to sue classified advertising website Backpage, for allowing adverts touting sex with underage kids.

If anyone can, Chuka can

Even Labour MP Chuka Umunna performed a dab in public (kind of), presumably under pressure from his young audience.

.@tom_watson me and all the kids at @Hitherfield15 following your lead! #Lambeth #Streatham #Dab

— ChukaUmunna (@ChukaUmunna) April 21, 2017

Labour leader gets animated

This cartoon version of Jeremy Corbyn dabbing first appeared on social media some time ago, but was resurfaced recently by election campaign supporters.

Throw out the rules of this rigged economy and change them to benefit the many, not the few. #VoteLabour #GE2017

— For The Many (@ForTheMany2020) April 20, 2017

Tom Watson during Theresa May's PMQs

Labour MP Tom Watson dabbed during PMQs after Jeremy Corbyn hit out at Theresa May about the NHS.

The politician performed the move as Mr Corbyn sat down next to him.

Manchester United's Jesse Lingard loves a good dab

Manchester United fan runs onto pitch to dab with Jesse Lingard after FA Cup win at Yeovil

Prince Harry partakes in the trend while visiting Aberdeen's Robert Gordon University



My girlfriend only showers fortnightly so I sleep on the couch due to the smell


Windsor Castle & Buckingham Palace set to stay empty after Queen's death


Meghan 'watched aide name-drop Harry & demand private area at restaurant'


Primark fans are scrambling to get their hands on the new £28 winter coat

Popular Saudi Arabian singer and TV host Abdallah Al Shahani 

Abdallah was arrested for “dabbing” at a music festival in the city of Taif in south-west Saudi Arabia - an act which is is illegal in the conservative country.

Good Morning Britain’s Susanna Reid tried it

After worrying that Kate Garraway would ‘knock herself out’ with the move, Susanna decided to get involved.

Kay Burley dabbing (badly) on Sky News

After Tom Watson dabbed on PMQs, Sky News presenter Kay Burley attempted a dab but it looked more like a Usain Bolt celebration.


Dance Origin And Why Everyone Is Doing It

About ten years ago, an article on how to dab may have featured some concise instruction on using a tissue or handkerchief to lessen the moisture on your face but now a how-to dab article focuses on the dance move and pop culture phenomenon that is dabbing.

Dabbing became in the past couple of years one of the dance crazes that swept the internet and carried everyone along. It took over a space that the Nae Nae formerly occupied but went beyond the hip-hop community to trending worldwide.

The question of how to dab is a simple one to answer, the dance simply necessitates that one drops their head while raising their arm and rest their face inside their elbow as though sneezing into it.

To put how to dab in Sports Illustrated terms; “The dance is pretty simple; one leans into their elbow like they’re sneezing. That’s it, literally. You’ve dabbed before.”

The dab dance is said to have originated in Atlanta, Georgia but a bit of an argument persists on who the dance really should be credited to. A majority of the credit for the dance goes to the members of Quality Control label (including Migos, OG Maco, and Peewee Longway). Migos has gotten the bulk of the credit for the trend since releasing the song “Bitch Dab” on Sept. 3, 2015.

However, OG Maco called out Migos for saying they were the creators when it was actually Skippa Da Flippa, another label mate, who was the creator. Migos later confirmed Skippa as the originator of the dance.

Bow Wow, the American rapper, also attempted to explain the origin of the dab dance, saying it was derived from the cannabis dabbers community, which started in about 2012 before the dance move but other rappers were not having it and took to Twitter to disprove his claims.

In November of 2015, a FOX news local affiliate in South Carolina reported that “the dab” was named after Clemson University’s head football coach Dabo Swinney. This, however, was immediately met with backlash from the online community.

The dab dance has since hit peak popularity with some of its proponents even now declaring it tired. One of the dab’s most prominent moments was the 2015 eight-second celebration by footballer Cam Newton. The football quarterback had done an eight-second celebratory dab during a game against the Tennessee Titans.

According to a Sports Illustrated account of the incident;

“When two Titans players confronted [Newton] about the celebration, he continued to dance in their faces, even as he backed away.”

Newton explained the incident by crediting a 16-year-old for instructing him to “dab on them folks” The 16-year old in question was Newton’s younger brother Caylin. Newton announced that he would no longer perform the celebration on June 9, 2016, but after a touchdown against the Kansas City Chiefs, he dabbed again on November 13, 2016.

Dabbing became a popular victory dance in sports and Quavo and Takeoff of the hip-hop group Migos gave Cam Newton the official title of “Dab Daddy.”

The dance has, however, gone beyond hip-hop and sports. Politicians, little kids, everyone has gotten in on it. In January 2016, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton dabbed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, at the annual Scripps National Spelling Bee, the children celebrated their correct spellings by dabbing. Kendrick Lamar crashed into a wedding and started dabbing with his crew.

Even right here in Africa, the president of the Republic of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, invited a dance group to State House in February 2017, to perform the dab dance move with him. He apparently did it in a bid to appeal to the youthful population of Kenya to come out and register as voters but a lot of people were not pleased considering there were other pressing issues to handle in the country.

Some people are so over the dance that they may appreciate the fact that it is illegal in Saudi Arabia. The dance was made illegal by the National Committee for Drug Control as it was deemed that it “alludes to weed and other illegal substances.” In August of 2017, Saudi singer and actor Abdallah Al Shaharani was arrested for performing the move at a music festival in Ta’if.


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Cold light spread over the surface of the medical instruments. It smelled of iodine. The silence was broken by the slow pace of the clock. Mikael took off his robe and gloves. I washed my hands for a long time and thoroughly. In the office, he spent fifteen minutes filling out forms. The day was set, and making notes was a special pleasure. The phone rang. However, Mikael did not even look in his direction - the habit of doing quality work did not allow him to be distracted. Having finished, Mikael, as usual, lingered in the office for thirty minutes - waiting for his colleagues to leave the building. After adjusting the already neatly laid out papers for the hundredth time, he finally closed the office door behind him.

Fogs have swallowed up houses and streets - the city has disappeared. Mikael overtook rare, silent passers-by. The sound of his footsteps echoed far ahead, disappearing into a gray veil.

Lanterns flashed here and there when he woke up. Mikael was standing in an unfamiliar alley near a dark brick building. "Toy Museum," Mikael read on the sign. There was little time left before closing. The doors of the museum swung open as soon as he touched them. He coughed while waiting for the servants, but no one answered.

Silence reigned inside - unfriendly, cold. Mikael walked from hall to hall. From all sides, clowns, bears and baby dolls stared at him with glassy and button eyes. It began to seem to Mikael that the space was narrowing, and the toys were approaching him with small steps.

A glass box caught his attention. Under a transparent cap stood a mechanical doll - the most complex interweaving of springs, gears, thin cables. The steel parts on display caused dislike. The doll's eyes were completely black. Mikael looked at them without looking away - it seemed that from this darkness they were watching him.

– The museum is closing!

Mikael turned around with a start. A man in uniform was waiting for him. At the very door, Mikael heard the chatter of the guards.

- What is it this time?

- Today, two dads were discussing in a whisper the news from the cabaret "Luxury Legs". A mysterious dancer has entered the city and will give only a few performances. It is in this cabaret!

- Gossip alone, and you hung your ears.

- I tell you, men lose their minds instantly! And the father hides his daughter before and after the number. I can't even imagine what she's doing! If only we could take a look...

- Well, yes, they are waiting for you impatiently! Luxurious Legs is not only a cabaret, but also an expensive brothel. Not everyone can afford a pass there.

Mikael left. He was not surprised by what he heard - everything points to the fact that it is no longer possible to wait. He waved his hand to the car with the checkers, and in a moment it carried him through the night streets.

A long-awaited meeting

The cabaret "Luxury Legs" lit up almost the entire block with neon. A huge three-story building, decorated with turrets, hung over the street like a witch's castle. Although in this part of the city every second house could become an illustration for a book of medieval fairy tales.

Music thumped behind the solid doors. Three big men, standing behind a massive chain, looked at each one intently before letting them inside. Blomkvist was embarrassed to have to push around here - he did not want to be mistaken for another fan of erotic dances and cheap love.

It was getting more and more crowded. Mikael, wincing inwardly, walked closer to the entrance. Many were tipsy. The girls working in the cabaret were discussed with gusto, guesses about the upcoming performance were heard. Mikael was struck by the conversation between two men who, as he understood, saw the performance yesterday. Not a single vulgarity was said about the mysterious dancer - words were carefully chosen, adoration was heard in voices.

Mikael looked at his watch - he had been here for thirty-seven minutes, but did not dare to enter. Calling himself a craven coward, he walked away along the crowd, whose tail was fading into darkness. Finally, the music and speech began to dissipate. Turning the corner, he almost ran into a tall man. A gray beard, the brim of an old hat, coupled with the dim light of a lantern, hid the face of a passerby. Mikael apologized and hurried on. However, the man stopped him, asking in a thick bass voice what time it was.

“Thirty-two minutes past nine,” Mikael replied.

The stranger asked:

- Aren't you going to stay for the performance?

- I don't think I'll find anything for myself there. I never liked this kind of dancing.

“Cancan can also touch the soul if you dance skillfully,” the man said, continuing to look at Mikael. – Believe me, you risk missing something incredible!

Mikael liked the voice of the speaker.

- How do you know? he smiled.

- How can I not know if my creation is dancing! - the stranger laughed, - Yes! My daughter is performing today.

Mikael's heart sank. This was the same person he had been waiting for so long to meet. Trying not to give himself away, Mikael said:

- I do not think that this is a reason for a good father to rejoice.

- You are wrong! Look, you definitely need to see everything for yourself. Otherwise, we will speak different languages.

- I'm afraid they won't let me in.

- So you will be with me. Please please an old man, - said the stranger, and after a pause he added sarcastically - And you, it is clear right away, are a very correct person.

The last words sounded like an insult. The stranger with a strong step moved towards the cabaret. “He is still very strong. Why did he hide the existence of his daughter? She is probably the same age as me,” thought Mikael, following him. The image of this woman molded in my head - thick make-up, designed to hide extra years, a yellow-toothed smile, fatigue in her eyes. Poor woman!

They walked around the building. A small door seemed to be drawn on the tattered wall. And there, too, people languished in anticipation. Pushing unceremoniously through the crowd, the stranger knocked and turned to Mikael.

- Did you see how many people there were? he whispered.

Mikael decided not to hide his thoughts:

- Some of this "people" spoke very ugly about your daughter. In your place, I would not be so enthusiastic.

A window has opened in the door.

“We have arrived,” the old man said.

The window has disappeared, the clicks of unlocking locks have been heard. The crowd came to life, spoke, reached out to them. A tall man squeezed through the door and pointed to Mikael:

- Is this one with you?

- Yes.

The man let them in, growling at the others.

Soft light spilled inside, muffled laughter could be heard. From the depths of the dark corridors, a fervent melody was muffled. The scents of perfume and kitchen created a mysterious mixture. Here everything was saturated with feminine, quivering. Mikael's heart beat faster for some reason.

The old man walked confidently ahead.

- They spoke ugly, you say? Those are the ones who haven't seen it yet. But nothing, - the man laughed, - many of them will come out of here as different people. Trust me, young man.

Mikael was struck by these words.

- Are you saying that seeing your daughter on the stage of a smoky tavern will change me? Your proud tone is disgusting. And I must say that you look more like a pimp than a caring father!

The old man stopped so abruptly that Mikael ran into him. For a few moments the stranger was silent. It was impossible to understand whether he was offended or angry - his face was in shadow. Finally, he opened the door and calmly said:

- Go there. I will agree with the hostess - you will have the best table. As for the question, yes. You will change. I will not respond to insults now, because I know that you do not understand what you are talking about. And at our next meeting, I will accept your apologies.

Throat was choked by anger born out of nowhere. I wanted to hit this man. Clenching his fists and muttering: "Well, we'll see!" Mikael quickly walked in the indicated direction. Towards flew music, voices, laughter. Now he won't leave, Mikael thought, now he will stay until the end. And then he will spit in the madman's face. The last curtain separated him from the hall. He flung it open, bracing himself for many puzzled looks. However, apart from the waitress, who was anxiously adjusting her earpiece, no one paid any attention to him.

- Do you need a table, - the girl did not ask, but said in the affirmative.

Looking away from the exposed breasts, Mikael nodded angrily:

– And I was promised the best of all there is!

The waitress smiled:

– Oh, of course. I was warned.

She wiggled her hips, weaving between sofas and chairs. The place was really good - on a hill, in partial shade. A group of men heading there became indignant. However, the waitress, and mainly the broad-shouldered guy who appeared behind her, quickly calmed them down.

“They are in order here! - thought Mikael, - No wonder they say that this cabaret is considered the best in the city. Well, you got carried away, buddy!" He mentally chuckled.

Mikael ordered a drink first. The old man knocked him off balance. There was no point in arranging bravado, getting angry. In the end, this is just an elderly man who has lost his mind. All that was required was to talk to him, ask a few questions. However, how contemptuously his words sounded: “You are the right person”! Mikael was proud of his principles. Striving to achieve your goals, discipline yourself is much more important than indulging in all serious pursuits in pursuit of pleasures.

The cabaret was filling up. Men sat at tables, hung from the railings of the upper floors, trampled along the walls. Poor and rich, young and old - in a word, men of any stripe. But the sensitive, almost tangible line was not between social classes. Those present were divided into merry, drunken companies and those who looked at the stage in tense expectation. The first laughed loudly, demanded girls. The second group of men, there were fewer of them, was very different. Someone was fiddling with the bouquet, someone was throwing indignant glances at those who were noisy. Dislike accumulated in the air. It felt like a little more and the two sides would clash. "Beginners" and those who have already seen its ,” Blomkvist guessed. He became curious.

Under a broken fanfare, the entertainer jumped onto the stage. Glare flew from her pomaded hair and a tailcoat embroidered with beads. A thin mustache seemed painted on a swollen face.

- Good night, gentlemen, good night! Cabaret "Luxury Legs" - and the legs of our charmers, I vouch, are really magnificent! - he winked conspiratorially - and Madame Joubert herself is happy to welcome you! - the entertainer with a bow turned to the box above the stage on the right.

A soffit beam fell on the railing and illuminated a portly lady who looked around at the audience without a smile. Claps were heard in the hall, shouts of “Vivat”, someone whistled daringly. Madame Joubert returned the dubious greetings with an important nod, the lights went out and she disappeared. The entertainer continued:

- I see our cabaret is crowded again. And you did the right thing by coming here. Tonight will be an unforgettable evening, I swear on my honor!

There was a derisive snort in the hall.

- Yes, yes! It is my honor, although I see that some of you doubt me, - a smile played on the face of the entertainer, but resentment splashed in his voice.

- Our beauties have prepared incendiary dances. Handsome Arno with his guys will perform mischievous and bold songs for you. And at midnight, a special guest, Dilin, will perform. Well, that's enough talking. Time to have fun!

The musicians played smartly, and the entertainer disappeared into the frills of colorful skirts. The dancers swirled on the stage.

Each performance was thought out to the smallest detail, striking with a kaleidoscope of vivid images and scenery. The perky shepherdesses were replaced by Egyptian priestesses, and those by eastern houris. Shameless movements, inviting glances - Mikael could not help but admit that the blood ran faster through the veins. And yet, after each dance, there was an unpleasant aftertaste - it seemed incredible to think that women like to expose themselves in such a light. He noticed how the girls began to descend into the hall from the upper floors. Some were already sitting at the tables and chirping something to the men who were not listening to them.

The uproar in the hall grew so much that sometimes it was covered by the roar of music. The entertainer threw confetti and dirty jokes off the stage. Curses and broken dishes rang out nearby - a quarrel broke out. Cigarette smoke wove into intricate patterns. The waitresses shone with sweaty bodies, flashing between the columns. Someone started dancing. Several drunkenly stumbling couples were climbing the stairs leading, presumably, to the rooms...

Blomkvist got up. He had had enough - he was filled with disgust at everything he saw. He didn't come here for that. But as soon as he took a step, the music stopped. The entertainer waved his hands at the wave of indignation.

- Gentlemen, don't worry! The ladies will be back! And poor Arno was hoarse while he sang. He urgently needs, if not a drop of love, then at least a sip of alcohol - to wet his throat! - the entertainer fell silent, obviously expecting laughter, but no one laughed. Then he raised his finger, urging them to listen. Somewhere in the heart of the cabaret, a clock chimed.

- Exactly midnight, gentlemen. Midnight is the time for Dilin's performance.

Broad-shouldered guys grew up like shadows around the stage. Crossing their arms, they gazed into the hall. The light slipped off the stage, leaving it in darkness and stopped on the curtain, behind which the dancers ran.

All eyes turned to the swaying curtain. It became quiet. For a whole minute nothing happened.

Suddenly the lightest sounds of a violin soared up to the ceiling. A sigh passed over the crowd. The curtain was thrown back and Dilin appeared.


First, Mikael saw how strong legs in pointe shoes gently step towards the stage. Feeling incomprehensible fear, he looked up. Flexible camp, tender wrists, easily breathing chest. Dilin went out without raising her head. Shoulders slumped, hair tied awkwardly with a pink ribbon. Frozen, she looked ahead with a smile.

The girl was eighteen years old. The narrow straps of the gray tank top and the tutu made her look even younger. Turning her big-eyed, doll-like face to the audience, she was waiting for something. When the music sounded bolder, Dilin began to dance.

Her arms and legs fluttered like butterflies. Each melting movement stabbed in the chest. Dilin tremblingly weaved magical letters with her body. Mikael did not see the dance, he read, he listened to the touching story about spring, about the sonorous drop. About how gardens bloom and streams murmur. About the first thunderstorms and stormy but short downpours. A fresh breeze blew in my face. I remembered the languor of first love, timid kisses. And the sky! a sky full of the brightest stars, as they are only in youth. The music led into the crystal depths, and Dilin followed her, swiftly running up the rainbow higher and higher. She played with the sounds of the violin, enjoying them, bathing in them. The rain fell behind them into the abyss, as if behind a flock of mischievous swallows, took off again, and every time the heart sank from the painful feeling of beauty.

Surrounded by bright pictures, Dilin stopped. Melted, trembling, the last note. The curtain fell down, hiding the girl. The silence was broken by applause. A wave of people surged towards the stage. Bouquets rained down, someone shouted: "An encore!" Shouts, weeping, stomping - the Babylonian pandemonium began in the cabaret.

Mikael woke up. He stood, clutching the edge of the table so that his fingers were numb. Several men nearby were hurriedly rubbing their eyes. Many faces were bright, full of pure thought.

Whirlwinds of words, translucent images swept through my head. Ruthless applause beat and beat in the ears. Mikael, like a blind man, with his hands out in front of him, made his way through the crowd in search of a way out. Having stumbled upon the bar counter, he uttered with difficulty:

– Is that all for today?

The bartender did not answer right away - it seemed that he needed time to return to the present.

- Yes. Every midnight and only one dance.

There was still a queue at the entrance. He jumped out of the crowd of people and ran to the service entrance. Madame Joubert's menacing guard poured out of the building. Behind the impregnable wall of their backs, a bearded stranger led his daughter to an approaching car. The girl was wrapped in a long cloak with a hood. Only pointe shoes were visible.

- Dilin, I beg you, let me have one date! You are beautiful! Don't be so cruel! shouted the displaced crowd.

The old man and his daughter got into the car, and she, purring, took off. Several cars with guards followed them. With a disappointed sigh, people gradually dispersed.

The habitual restraint left Mikael. Dylin! That was the only name that suited her. How pure, how beautiful this girl is! The dance still swirled inside. And yet anxiety prickled at the fiery soul. It tossed and turned in the depths, cooling rapture and bringing confusion. There was something subtly close, dear to him in this magical dance.

He rushed through the cold streets, filled with either exultation or despair. Mikael could not and did not want to realize what had happened to him, and therefore he allowed his mind to drown in a boiling whirlpool of feelings.

The night was retreating, hiding from Mikael behind the corners of buildings, watching him from alleys. Completely ill, tormented, he entered his empty house when the night had already disappeared from the city without a trace.


The weight of the black sleep pressed the body into the bed. With an effort, Mikael sat up. His gaze habitually found the dial - he slept for two hours and four minutes.

In an attempt to drive the ache out of his body and the pain out of his head, he took a shower. The reflection in the mirror looked at him attentively. Sunken cheeks, small wrinkles around the eyes. What did Mikael know about this man? He is thirty three. He is alone. So it was necessary. The man in the glass looked, asking. And Mikael mentally answered:

- Yes, a lot is left overboard. But I went for it voluntarily. And I will not back down from my oath!

The image of Dilin appeared before him again and again. Her appearance on stage last night startled him. How many times has he looked at that pretty face in a black and white photograph...

He needs to see the girl, talk to her, get to know her. You need to figure everything out. Yes, there are many questions. And they need to be asked.

The old man's pride, Dilin's consent to dance in the brothel became clear to him. They apparently had a common goal. The place was chosen specifically so that not only the whimsical, wayward public would get to know Dilin. Mikael would now easily agree with Archibald. Everyone who saw Dilin's dance reacted sharply to this miracle. People, as if waking up from a dope, looked around in surprise. The men, ashamed of their behavior, awkwardly picked up the dishes, helping the waitresses. The girls were crying out loud. One of the peddlers threw down the tray and, wrapping herself in a jacket forgotten by someone, went to the exit. Yes, people have changed. The old man was right.

Coming out into the street, Mikael noted with amazement that the city shimmered with bright colors. The fogs dissipated. Autumn seemed to be an alloy of gold and crimson. Causeless joy seethed in my heart. Mikael walked, inhaling the delicious coolness, and smiled. He did not know where to look for the girl and the old man. And that's why I decided to go back to the beginning.

The sun has torn off the night gloss from the cabaret. The stone walls, covered, like a web, with a network of cracks, frowned at the life around. Here and there, scraps of paper, cigarette butts, broken bottles sparkled on the crumpled asphalt.

The doors were locked. Looking at his watch, Mikael chuckled. Only nine in the morning. He walked around the building. Several men were standing at the service entrance.

One of them attracted attention simply because he looked unhappy. Others were tormented by anticipation or filled with gratitude. On the face of the young man lived only suffering. Blue eyes burned. Lips compressed. The facial features are pointed, the skin is yellowish.

“Insomnia. Nervous exhaustion. Perhaps the liver is clogged, ”Mikael habitually noted. Surrendering to intuition, he went to this man and introduced himself.

- Martin Singrate, - the guy shook his head in the direction of the cabaret, - Do you hope to see Dilin?

- Yes.

- It won't work. He is devilishly clever, deftly hiding it.

– Why are you here?

"Today is her last performance," Singreit smiled wickedly at the shadow that crossed Mikael's face. - The last performance - and they may not let you in, at least beg. This is his condition. He chooses the lucky ones himself. And don't get inside.

Mikael realized this after looking around the building. Luxurious Legs was a fortress that could not be taken without a fight. The three-story building is lined with stone. There are bars on the windows, two doors - an oak front door and an iron service one - are probably guarded by the gloomy children of Madame Joubert.

- Why are you here? Mikael repeated the question.

– I’m trying to track down Dilin, – the guy swallowed, – I’m trying to keep up everywhere. I rush between his shop and the cabaret. The one that leaves with him is different. I know. Bastard! The guy clenched his fists.

- Why don't you ask the old man himself?

- Do you think I didn't try? I saw them first when both, still unknown to anyone, appeared in the city. First I watched. For her. I have never met such eyes in anyone. I went. The old man immediately put her in a taxi. I wanted to stop him, explain how I feel. He pushed me away, not afraid. Then he called it a cabaret and advised not to come. Like this. You will find it behind Saint Paulina Square. A small alley. But the girl is not there.

They talked a little more. Mikael wanted to go, but there was one last question for this man:

- You are unhappy. What did her dance give you?

“Darkness,” was the answer.

I saw you dancing

" I saw you dancing " - a song by the Swedish band Yaki-Da. It was released in 1994 as the lead single from their first studio album, Pride . [1] Song written and produced by Jonas Berggren of Ace Of Base. It reached the top ten in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Israel, Malaysia. [3] Larry Flick of Billboard called it a "sunny little confection". [4] He wrote that “The jolly Swedish female duo make a great first impression with their bright and shuffling pop confection, proudly showing their mentor's fingerprints. Jonas Berggren from Ace of Base. The track wins with a simple but catchy melody that morphs into a swirling, thick harmonic chorus..." [5] Dave Sholin of Gavin's report commented that "it's easy to get carried away with this plaintive melodic line. 100% pure pop is exactly what you would expect from Ace of Base's Jonas "Joker" Berggren, who produced this song. It's easy to hear that the mission was accomplished. [6] Music & Media commented "Bookers, here's the one to put all your money into. Written by Joker Ace Of Base, it's done in the famous pop reggae form with a touch of ABBA and other past Eurovision winners" . [7] Chuck Campbell of Scripps Howard News Service noted it as "a very ABBA-like single". [8] Atmosphere described the song as "Latin disco pop." the band's biggest hit to date, reaching the top 10 in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Israel, Malaysia [10] and Norway. In Greece it reached number one on Radio Star FM. In their home country Sweden, "I Saw You Dancing" peaked at number 32 and on the Euro Hot 100 it peaked at number 97. In the US, the single managed to climb to number 54 on the chart. Billboard Hot 100, No. 11 at Billboard Dance Charts and No. 41 at Cash Drawer Top 100 Pop Singles Chart. In Canada, the song rose to number 10 on the RPM Dance Chart and number 62 on the RPM Singles table.


At the very beginning of the clip, a dancer is walking along the beach. He finds a medallion engraved with the letter "y". When the music starts, two women, Linda and Marie, in black dresses come ashore past the lighthouse. On the beach, a group of circus performers and musicians are having a party. The dancer dances with a medallion on his chest. Other scenes show two women singing on top of the lighthouse. Sometimes they also stand out in the water in sparkly dresses. A man with a medallion can be seen entering the fortune-teller's tent. He places the locket on the table for her and she follows it with her eyes. tarot cards. Then she looks at him with an astonished expression. Linda and Marie stay the night, standing in the dark, lit only by the fire from the beach party. They watch the party and the people from a distance. At dawn, the women return to the sea. The dancer stands and watches them go out to sea. They look at him as he hesitantly steps forward. The video was uploaded to YouTube in December 2011.

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