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indian dancelizenzfreie Stock- und Vektorgrafiken. Oder suchen Sie nach indianer oder india pattern, um noch mehr faszinirende Stock-Bilder und Vektorarbeiten zu entdecken.

junger mann und frau indische tänzerin mit bindi in traditioneller kleidung performen volkstanz vektor set - indian dance stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Junger Mann und Frau Indische Tänzerin mit Bindi in...

sundancer-digital painting - indian dance stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Sundancer-Digital Painting

digitales Gemälde einer indianischen Pow-Wow-Tänzerin in vollen Insignien

einheimischen indianern der provinz para in brasilien tanzt mit masken - indian dance stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Einheimischen Indianern der Provinz Para in Brasilien tanzt mit. ..

Stahlstich von Ureinwohnern der Provinz Para in Brasilien, die mit Masken tanzen

indische feiertag feier flache farbe vektor gesichtslose charaktere gesetzt - indian dance stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Indische Feiertag Feier flache Farbe Vektor gesichtslose...

indische frau tanzen - indian dance stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Indische Frau tanzen

19. jahrhundert nordamerika – kriegstanz des sioux - indian dance stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

19. Jahrhundert Nordamerika – Kriegstanz des Sioux

Vintage-Gravur des Kriegstanzes der Sioux. Die Sioux sind ein Indianerstamm und First Nations in Nordamerika. Die Sioux umfassen drei Hauptabteilungen, die auf dem Siouan-Dialekt und der Subkultur basieren: die Santee, die Yankton-Yanktonai und die Lakota. Ferdinand Hirts geographische Bildertafeln, 1886.

abbildung einer frau, die indischen tanz im stil des bharatanatyam - indian dance stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Abbildung einer Frau, die indischen Tanz im Stil des. ..

Illustration mit tanzender indischer Frau, die im traditionellen indischen Stil Bharatanatyam tanzt

indianisches mädchen tanzt. wild west indian amerikanische frau in traditioneller ethnischer tracht mit federn, die einen rituellen tanz aufführt. stammestanz der indigenen völker amerikas. vektorillustration. - indian dance stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Indianisches Mädchen tanzt. Wild West Indian Amerikanische Frau...

silhouetten indischen dancers - indian dance stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Silhouetten indischen dancers

Vereinzelte Silhouetten indischer Tänzer. Vektorsatz

juwel in der krone - indian dance stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Juwel In der Krone

diwali feier flache farbe vektor illustration - indian dance stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Diwali Feier flache Farbe Vektor Illustration

Diwali Feier flache Farbe Vektor Illustration. Nepalesische Frauen tanzen zusammen. Teej Festival Ritual. Indische Frau in traditionellen Saree-2D-Zeichentrickfiguren mit Landschaft im Hintergrund

bharatanatyam oder bharathanatiyam frau tänzerin vektor illustration isoliert - indian dance stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Bharatanatyam oder Bharathanatiyam Frau Tänzerin Vektor...

Bharatanatyam oder Bharathanatiyam Tänzerin Vektor Ilustration isoliert. Das Hauptgenre des klassischen indischen Tanzes entstand in hinduistischen Tempeln. Solotanz von Mädchen aufgeführt

satz von flachen indischen straße künstler charaktere. - indian dance stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Satz von flachen indischen Straße Künstler Charaktere.

Set von flachen indischen Straßenkünstler-Charakteren. Cartoon People Musiker und Tänzer in bunten Kleidern, die auf der Straße auftreten und traditionelle Instrumente spielen. Vektor-Illustration.

native american. schamane und feuer, rituelle tanzende menschen. indische krieger vektor-illustration - indian dance stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Native american. Schamane und Feuer, rituelle tanzende Menschen....

feiern holi in indien - gemischte digitale technik - indian dance stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Feiern holi in Indien - Gemischte digitale Technik

Digitale Manipulation einer Fotografie (mein eigenes Bild) mit Filtern und Photoshop-Aktionen für einen malerischen/illustrativen Look.

feier der holi 2d vektor isoliert illustration - indian dance stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Feier der Holi 2D Vektor isoliert Illustration

indian tänzer alten hintergrund. dance club-symbol - indian dance stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Indian Tänzer alten Hintergrund. dance club-symbol

wilde westindische amerikanische frau und mann tanzen. westliche einheimische mädchen und kerl in kostüm vektor-illustration. junge leute, die ritual mit musikinstrumenten durch feuer auf weißem hintergrund durchführen - indian dance stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Wilde westindische amerikanische Frau und Mann tanzen. Westliche...

geometrischer abstrakter hintergrund, street wall art konzept, festival, straßenfest, karneval event poster, banner design. - indian dance stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Geometrischer abstrakter Hintergrund, Street Wall Art Konzept,...

indische tänzer vektor-illustration - indian dance stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Indische Tänzer Vektor-Illustration

illustration einer familie, die das holi-fest feiert, indem sie farben wirft und tanzt - indian dance stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Illustration einer Familie, die das Holi-Fest feiert, indem sie...

kind im kostüm halbflacher farbvektorcharakter - indian dance stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Kind im Kostüm halbflacher Farbvektorcharakter

nachtclub big sale neon text vektor illustration. - indian dance stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Nachtclub Big Sale Neon Text Vektor Illustration.

indischer tanz tänzerin - indian dance stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Indischer Tanz Tänzerin

Vektorskizze eines tanzenden Mädchens in einem indischen Kostüm, Tänzerin indischer Tanz

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step by step master class on drawing a princess and lol doll with a pencil + tips and pictures

Author: School of Needlework "Bulavka"

Today there is a huge variety of children's dolls. The stores feature Barbie, Bratz, Lol, princesses and many other characters. Each of them impresses with its outfits, accessories and hairstyle.

Today, more than a hundred techniques have been developed that allow you to draw a doll in stages. Each method is performed with the image of certain lines and geometric shapes.

  • An easy way to picture a princess

  • Draw a ballerina

  • Draw a lol doll

  • Pencil Sketch of an Indian Princess

  • Depicting Ariel

  • Photo drawings of the doll

An easy way to picture a princess

How to draw a doll easily? The method is considered one of the simplest. To do this, you need to follow some steps.

They are as follows:

  1. The first step is to draw a line for the shoulders.
  2. Next, draw an oval. It will be used as the doll's head and face.
  3. Now, step by step, we draw a sketch for the dress with a pencil.
  4. From the shoulder line we make two sketches to help depict the waist area for the princess.
  5. The next step is to draw the skirt. It starts from the lower border of the waist.
  6. In this case, the child must independently determine the splendor of the future attire.
  7. Moving on to the hands and feet of the princess. The arms for the doll should be slightly bent at the elbows.
  8. Pay special attention to the brushes. Carefully draw each finger.
  9. Shoes must be present on the feet. You can draw them using oblong ovals.
  10. Let's move on to the hairstyle. To do this, we depict lush hair that will be decorated with a miniature hat.
  11. Next, we make out the princess dress. Here we draw flowers, buttons and bows.
  12. After that, you can proceed to colorize the black and white sketch.

Draw a ballerina

How to draw a doll with a pencil? We offer another simple way to depict a ballerina. The creative process consists of several important points.

They include:

  1. Draw two perpendicular lines in the middle of the sheet. Such a cross will allow you to correctly position the elements of the puppet body.
  2. At the top, draw an oval that will act as a face.
  3. Carefully work out the neck area and draw a smooth torso. It will be decorated with a fluffy tutu skirt.
  4. Pay special attention to the ballerina's legs.
  5. Professional dancers have long, slender limbs whose feet are adorned with miniature pointe shoes.
  6. Let's move on to the face of our doll. We make sketches for the eyes, nose and mouth.
  7. Now it remains to draw an outfit for the ballerina. The main detail is considered a lush tutu.
  8. We make several smooth perpendicular lines that are neatly connected to each other.
  9. Thanks to such a simple drawing technique, it is possible to accurately convey all the gracefulness of the image of a ballerina.

Step-by-step photos help you correctly place each part.

Draw a lol doll

We offer another exciting master class for beginners to help capture the popular Lol doll. These babies have gained popularity among little girls for several years.

Modern sets contain a huge number of additional accessories that allow you to change the style of a miniature baby doll.

How to draw Lol beautifully without artistic skills? To do this, just follow the following instructions:

  1. Draw 2 circles on a sheet of paper. The top piece should be much larger than the bottom piece. The fact is that the head of the doll greatly exceeds the size of its body.
  2. Draw huge eyes. You can make them in the form of ovals. Pupils decorate two hemispheres.
  3. Draw eyelashes, nose, mouth and small eyebrows.
  4. Getting to the hairstyle. We make a couple of smooth sketches. We depict compact bows.
  5. Let's move on to drawing the arms and legs. To do this, draw 4 ovals. We pay attention to brushes. There will be sandals on the feet.
  6. Lol's torso will decorate a striped dress. Our sketch is ready!
  7. The final steps will be to color the workpiece with colored pencils or paints.

Pencil Sketch of an Indian Princess

How easy is it to draw an Indian princess? To do this, it is recommended to adhere to the following sequence of actions:

  1. First of all, draw a large circle. In the middle we make three lines that allow us to divide the surface of the circle into three sections.
  2. Draw a miniature flower in the middle. It will act as an ethnic decoration.
  3. In the lower part, draw the eyes, mouth and a point in the upper border of the forehead. In India, it is also called bindi.
  4. Now on to the neck and shoulder girdle. From it will begin hands.
  5. Then you need to draw a waist and a long skirt.
  6. A distinctive feature of Indian outfits is their colorful details. We decorate the top and skirt with various elements in the form of flowers, stripes, dots and squares.
  7. During the staining process, each zone is given special attention. For this, several shades are used to help highlight the meaning of this decor.
  8. We decorate the doll's head with a long scarf. It also needs to be decorated with various patterns.
  9. On the hands of an Indian princess, there should be wide bracelets that are dyed orange or gold.
  10. It is necessary to complete the sketch with a necklace and earrings.

Playing Ariel

This sea beauty conquered many girls. We offer step-by-step instructions for children to portray a fairy-tale character.

This requires:

  1. Draw two lines touching at the center.
  2. Draw an oval on top, which will act as a face.
  3. We make out the body with smooth lines, smoothly turning into the tail. The fact is that Ariel did not have lower limbs.
  4. The head of the princess was decorated with magnificent hair. We perform them in the form of many smooth lines.
  5. Draw the bodice from the swimsuit on the torso. It is made in the form of large shells.
  6. Moving on to the tail of the sea princess. Its surface was decorated with miniature scales. You can run them in the form of compact hemispheres.
  7. Now let's move on to the design of the face of the sea princess. We depict big eyes, a snub nose and draw a wide smile. Our sketch is ready for coloring.

To make Ariel bright, as in the picture, you need to use a red, blue, green, and orange pencil.

Photos of doll drawings

Drawing with leaves. Leaf prints on paper: painting with children

How do you feel about the idea of ​​making a painting on a leaf, but not on a sheet of paper, but on a leaf of a plant? The idea immediately seems interesting and original. And what is an unconventional drawing technique, why not? Oh, I already told you.

Last year, among other competitions of children's creativity, an autumn crafts competition was announced on the Internet. And there was a nomination-painting on the leaves. It sounded more or less interesting (I don’t like it, but participation in some of them is necessary, such is life), and I began to think about how to put it into practice. You and I, dear readers, understand that things are not done out of the blue. Even if the topic seems tempting, you need to be pretty prepared. It means painting the leaves of trees. Thinking about it, I remembered how once I saw the leaves of some tropical plants for sale, on which beautiful Indian dancers were painted. And then, admiring these overseas souvenirs, I, firstly, tried to figure out what colors it was painted with, and secondly, I puzzled ... WHY and WHY such an original technique was used? Well, really, why draw on leaves if there is paper? Any Indian rituals or traditions? In general, then I felt more bewildered than admired by the idea.

And now - a competition - beautifully paint autumn leaves. The competition… hmm. If you invite children to participate, then you also need to somehow justify it.

First, I collected and dried a lot of leaves of various shapes, chose a free evening, laid them out and began to think what to draw on them.

Maple and poplar trees growing in Udmurtia have leaves that become brittle when dry. They had to be handled very carefully. And still, the teeth broke off. Soooo, leaves as a material for painting are of little use. Minus. And a very big minus. And what can be the advantages? Interesting color?

This is perhaps. And form. That is, when painting, I need to beat either the yellowish-brown background, or somehow rhyme the palmate-lobedness. Draw a hand? On topic, but - it lies on the surface. It doesn't take much intelligence to invent such a topic. What then? I came up with several stories.

Moreover, in the course of the gouache painting itself, it turned out that the leaves are also covered with the smallest hairs and the paint lays down very reluctantly, rolls down in balls, as if from waxed paper.

Obviously, this was annoying: the paint had to be literally rubbed into the sheet, and the sheet broke under the hands. A negative result, but I gained experience: if I had not tried to paint the leaves, I would not have known about their immunity. However, by perseverance, I managed to get most of the paint to stick to the leaves. Of all my pictures, I myself approved only the fox: I managed to beat the background color and partly the shape-tail and head in the blades of the sheet, but the central blade was left out of work.

In general, not so hot either. Well, and partly a fish, here the shape of the sheet is played up in the subject, but there are no more reasonable reasons to draw a fish on a sheet.

Okay. Now we need to find out what the children will draw.

It was clearly not worth starting to paint dried leaves right away. First, we cut out the contours of the leaves from our simple familiar paper and began to invent plots. Well, who is what. Someone is autumn bouquets, someone is falling leaves, someone is a walk in the park, someone is a crown. You know, drawings in pencil on paper looked even charming. After making sure that there are ideas in the minds of the students and they know WHAT to draw, I carefully distribute my dried wealth - fragile yellow leaves. I must say that I myself am a graphic artist. I work with paints rarely and literally through reluctance. I don’t teach painting to students (for this they have school drawing lessons, my circle does not set such tasks), and this time I asked them to bring paints only for the sake of this exceptional case: an international competition! So, there are sketches, children take out boxes of gouache and squirrel brushes from immense backpacks ... the fifth or sixth number.

Silent scene: I didn't expect this. After all, according to modern programs, they draw on their own on A3 sheets. It is clear that their brushes are appropriate - like a pomelo.

At home I used to draw with the first or second numbers and did not assume that students simply did not have such brushes!

What to do? While I was thinking dumbfounded, the children, not seeing the contradiction, busily took up the painting. You know, comrades, the right tool is not half the battle, but if you get to the point, then the right tool is half the battle. In general, a truism, of course, but with large brushes you need to work on a large format. Despite the fact that pencil sketches on paper were both interesting and sensible, no one managed to draw even a remotely acceptable picture on dry leaves with paints. Frankly, attempts to convey autumn rain or whirling leaf fall with powerful brushes failed to smithereens. But do not ask them to buy thin brushes for the sake of one time.

Such a negative result. I already told you about one thing, but then I still achieved my goal - it was a matter of honor.

In the case of leaf painting, I calmly put an end to the undertaking: things didn’t work out for children with paints, and those leaves that I painted myself to inspire students with my example broke in my bag - too fragile. This obviously original idea is not worth the effort to implement it.

So, what about the conclusion?

The conclusion is this: the external originality of an idea does not mean that this idea is rational. Such cases: I will not recommend an unconventional technique for drawing on tree leaves based on experience.

Marina Novikova's pictures are used as illustrations for the article.

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Leaf prints on paper: draw with children. A step-by-step description of an unconventional technique for painting with leaf prints. Examples and ideas for children's creative work.

Leaf prints on paper – an unconventional drawing technique with preschool children that allows you to get an interesting texture of the image with the help of paints. This technique uses natural tree leaves.

There are several stages in drawing in this technique.

Stage 1. Autumn leaves of trees and bushes are collected together with children on an autumn walk. Leaves of different shapes and sizes are selected.

Stage 2. A plot is invented from the collected elements - leaves. What can be depicted with the help of collected leaves, using them as mosaic elements to create a pattern or plot? What do they look like? What can be added to bring the picture to life?

A child lays out a "sketch" from leaves on paper - his future plot. Can draw something with a simple pencil. Think right away what kind of background will be needed so that it matches the plot and contrasts with the color of autumn leaves.

Stage 3. Let's start creating on the background - create a drawing using the technique of "prints of leaves on paper". First we make the background - draw it with a wide flute brush.

Stage 4. When the background is dry, make leaf prints on it according to our sketch.

For this:

- Step 1. We paint a leaf of a tree on the reverse side (the side where the veins are clearly visible) with the desired color of thick gouache.

Paint must be thick.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: Do not draw too much water on the brush, so we remind the child of the rule: after wetting the brush in a jar of water, you need to remove excess water by applying the brush several times to the edge of the jar. Extra drops of water will flow from it. And only after that you can pick up thick gouache paint on a wet brush.

- Step 2. We lay the prepared sheet with the paint down on the background. This must be done very carefully and carefully. Put a paper towel on top and press down with your palm.

- Step 3. Carefully remove the sheet and napkin from the background. The image is ready. Then we repeat everything with the following leaves.

- Step 4. We supplement the resulting image with details.

Let's consider this technique using examples of drawing an autumn forest with children 4-6 years old using the “leaf prints on paper” technique.

Leaf-on-paper painting: example 1

Subject: Draw an autumn forest

For work it is necessary to prepare: - gouache paints; - white album sheet A4; - a flat wide brush (for example, No. 12), - fallen leaves from different trees.

How to draw an autumn forest with children using the technique of leaf prints on paper: a step by step description

Step 1. Draw the sky in the background.

Let's start with the background design. Place an A4 size sheet horizontally. Dip the brush in white and blue paint and move from left to right to paint the sky and blur it a little with water. Going down the sheet, we try to take more white paint on the brush than blue. The sky can be drawn on 1/4 sheet.

Step 2. Draw the ground on the background.

Have the children think about the colors of autumn? Let them think about the difference between old trees and young ones? What trees will they depict in the picture? Let's paint the ground with fallen leaves with brown-green paints by moving the brush from left to right.

Step 3. Draw a tree using the technique of leaf prints on paper.

Choose a leaflet you like, preferably a large one. We paint it on the reverse side with paint of any color in accordance with the colors of autumn. This is an important nuance, since the veins on the back of the leaves of the trees are more pronounced, which means they will give us a more beautiful print.

Reminder: in this drawing technique, the paint should be thick enough. Do not wet the brush too much in water, otherwise the print will be smeared.

Color the tail of the leaf too.

Then you need to take a leaf, lay it carefully on the prepared background in the background so that there is no shift of the leaf on the paper. From above we cover our sheet with a paper napkin. It will protect your work from smearing the paint that has come out from under the leaflet. Next, you need to press down the napkin with your palm or lightly stroke it with your fist.

Remove napkin. Carefully remove the leaf by the tail.

So the first painted tree appeared in our autumn forest!

Step 4. Draw large old trees with leaf prints.

Similarly, draw a few more trees with imprints of different leaves of large size and paints of different colors. These are old trees, they are larger in size. Try to paint the leaves in several colors. This is what happened to the four-year-old Nastenka.

Step 5. Draw young trees and shrubs with leaf prints.

Now let's choose a few smaller leaves - these will be young trees and shrubs. Let's paint them with different colors of autumn and make prints in the foreground. Thus, we get a landscape - an autumn forest. This is the autumn forest that seven-year-old Liza painted with leaf prints.

Drawing in the technique of "leaf prints on paper": example 2

Subject: drawing an autumn tree

We decided to draw a tree together with a group of children. On a sheet of drawing paper in A1 format, I outlined a tree trunk and branches. And Mark and Lesha painted the barrel with brown paint.

Nastya and two Polinas painted the leaves and made prints on the tree. When the boys had painted the trunk, they also joined in the work with the leaf prints.

This is such a fabulous autumn tree during the fall of the leaves, children came up with and drew it.

We could not throw away the leaves that were stained after the prints. We glued some under the tree with PVA glue. And the rest dried - useful for future creative work.

Leaf print painting is a very interesting and exciting activity. Give free rein to children's imagination and they will "create" wonderful works!

Creative task:

When discussing autumn work, talk to the children and ask:

- What deciduous trees do you know?

— Have you been to the autumn forest? What happens to the leaves on the trees in autumn? Tell me, on which trees the leaves turn yellow, and on which they turn purple?

- Paint the autumn forest with leaf prints.

- Devote an hour to family creativity. Sit in a close family circle and draw a big tree with prints of autumn leaves on a piece of paper. Have fun and decorate your home or your cottage, kindergarten group with this children's creative work.

I am sure that your children will have unforgettable impressions for a lifetime. Good luck with your family work!

Drawing with leaf prints on paper in kindergarten

Here is how children from Saratov painted with leaf prints on paper. This photo was sent to our competition "Autumn Workshop" by Ilyushina Natalya Vasilievna (Saratov, MDOU kindergarten No. 196 of a compensating type, educator of the 1st category).

Such drawings - prints of autumn leaves - were made by children - pupils of Natalya Vasilievna.

Leaf prints on paper: materials for activities with children from other seasons. Spread the leaves of different trees around the children and play the game “We walked through the forest” (a description of the game is given below) and discuss how the leaves of different trees differ from each other in shape and size, color, how they can be recognized.

To help teachers and parents, a small selection of poems to discuss with preschoolers before drawing autumn trees using the technique of leaf prints on paper: these are poems about the colors of autumn. Choose those verses that are more in line with your intention and the intention of the child. There are also hints in these verses about what to paint in the autumn landscape.

Poems about the colors of autumn for drawing lessons in the technique of leaf prints on paper

Autumn on the palette
mixed paints:
Yellow color - for linden,
for mountain ash - red.
All shades of ocher
for alder and willow -
All trees will
look beautiful.
The breeze blew,
dried the leaves,
So that the cold rain
did not wash away the beauty.
I didn’t decorate
only a pine tree, but a Christmas tree,
have too sharp needles. (O. Korneeva)

Who paints the leaves
of oaks, birches.
maples and aspens -
So their outfit is thrown!
In the morning I saw
how on a maple branch
tiny Autumn
in a green dress,
a yellow scarf,
and red boots,
taking with him
different watercolors -
deftly paints the leaves
in different colors.
So, here, this beauty is born
! (G. Ryaskina)

Autumn scattered colors
On trees and bushes.
And they burn brighter and brighter,
Like summer bonfires.
Golden and crimson,
Yellow party dress.
Last leaf falls,
Falling leaves are coming!

I paint autumn in orange -
A leaf that flew away with the last greetings,
Unripe berries of astringent mountain ash,
Small baskets of fragrant flowers.
The path to the house with a bed of leaves,
And an elegant red fur coat - a fox.
And in yellow - grass and weeping willow,
And a lush mane of the prankster maple.
I draw autumn with blue paint:
The rain of the page in a slanting line,
And the nimble clouds of a flying flock,
And a puddle with a brave seagull boat.
There is a lot of work for the red color:
Here the sun rises before the windy dawn,
Viburnum fireworks sparkle on the branches,
And late raspberries are hiding.
And here is a fly agaric in a bright red beret
Standing on a hillock, dreaming of summer.
I'll draw white polka dots for him
And a puffy skirt on a thin leg.
Now I'll add emerald paint
And I'll add a green color to the Christmas trees.
And further, behind the forest, up to the sky,
I draw the expanses of winter bread.
I'll spend some black:
I will paint clothes for crows and woodpeckers.
Brown I paint trees and branches,
And white mushrooms tight berets.
And again I draw the fire of falling leaves...
How many colors I need for autumn!

Autumn gives miracles,
And what!
Scaffolding dressed up
In golden hats.
They sit in a crowd on a stump
Red mushrooms,
And a spider - what a dodger! –
Pulling the network somewhere.
Rain and withered grass
In a sleepy thicket at night.
Incomprehensible words
They mutter until the morning.
(Author - M. Geller)

Who painted the leaves in our park today
And circles them, blows them off the branches?
It's autumn!

Poetry and game "We were walking through the forest"
Autumn came to visit us
Rain and wind brought
The wind blows, blows,
Tears leaves from branches.
The leaves are spinning in the wind
And they lie under our feet.
Well, let's go for a walk
And collect the leaves...
Next, the children stand in a circle and, moving in a circle, pronounce words and among all the proposed leaves of trees, find the leaf that is mentioned in the text.
We walked through the forest, we found an oak leaf….
… we found an ash leaf…
… we found a leaf from a birch tree…
… we found a maple leaf!

Autumn took a basket under her arm
She spread cheerful colors in a bottle:
Yellow for the leaves, blue for the sky,
A little brown to paint the trunks,
A drop of green, so that they would not be withered
The bangs of grass burned by the sun.
I poured a little orange paint,
To paint the mushrooms by the path,
Red and white for fly agaric,
I saw a camelina growing near the fence,
Various colors for russula -
Let the world be joyful, like in a fairy tale!
Brushes in the basket, easel and tripod,
Let them be surprised - that's the artist!
She went out into the street, waved her brush -
Clouds covered the blue sky.
She waved again and became around
Gray grass, and a river, and a meadow ...
-What happened to my paint?
Apparently I can't paint at all.
- Paints do not need to be mixed all at once.
You need to write with different colors. (O. Goldman)

Leaf prints on paper: more options for tasks for children

Anastasia Iosifovna Kalinkova from St. Petersburg sent us this idea to our "Autumn Workshop".
"Autumn Park" was painted in the technique of leaf prints on paper by her son Jaromir (3 years old). Jaromir made prints not with gouache paints, but with finger paints. And then I painted the trunks with felt-tip pens. This is the drawing he made.

Anastasia came up with different tasks for her son based on a drawing obtained using leaf prints. She writes:

“The drawing is interactive. We used it as a decoration for a table theater. You can finish the work in the course of a fairy tale story. Yes, it's raining for us. A hedgehog crawled into the park (plasticine and seeds were used for its manufacture) and began to prepare for the winter - to make a nest for itself.

You can also use this drawing for reading lessons. With the help of a thematic poster, we compared the leaf from which tree became our painted tree. Then we signed the cards with the names of the trees with the “hand in hand” technique, and the child picked up the cards with the names for our trees.

More about print painting with preschool children You will find interesting information in the articles on the "Native Path":

More interesting ideas for autumn crafts and drawing with children You will find

Almost without exception, children love to draw, but many parents, due to their own laziness and excuses like “get dirty and smear everything around”, “I can’t draw to show an example of how to do it”, “he too small, still full of these paints ”they don’t give the kids brushes and paints, which is a pity ... We hope that our marathon of children's drawings on the autumn theme will inspire everyone, without exception, to be creative. There is plenty to choose from, dear Creators!

We tried to collect for you the most ideas for drawing, in order to organize your child's leisure time more interestingly when it's time for rains, "dull charm" and sitting at home. Read ideas for things to do at home with your child in bad weather.

Idea #1

Insert the dried leaves between sheets of paper and then color the sheet with continuous strokes using soft colored pencils or crayons. A sheet with all the veins will appear on white paper. Using this method, you can compose compositions: a bouquet in a vase, an autumn landscape, etc.

Idea #2

A similar method, only the leaves need to be waxed (with a candle or white wax crayon) and then covered with watercolor on a piece of paper. It is convenient to paint over large planes with a wide squirrel brush or foam rubber sponge.

Idea No. 3

Paint is applied to the sheet from the side of the veins. Then the sheet is applied to paper and an imprint is made. The effect will be different, depending on which paint to use.

You can come up with many compositional solutions: the imprint of a large leaf can become the crown of a tree if you finish painting the trunk; a few prints - that's a whole forest!

Prints made with white ink on a colored background look impressive. You can combine several techniques, draw images with pencils or felt-tip pens.

Idea #4

By blowing paint through a straw, you can draw fancy trees. This method gives you endless possibilities for experimentation! You can, for example, draw trees on a pre-prepared background.

Idea No. 5

Fill in the background yourself for the kid or offer colored cardboard. Let him draw the crown of the tree and fallen leaves, dipping his finger into the paint.

Idea #6

The crown looks voluminous if you make it clear of colored pencils. Spot glue in the right places and sprinkle with small chips. The trunk and branches can be blown through a straw or drawn in any other way.

Idea #7

It is convenient (and completely non-marking) to draw a crown with a cotton swab. In the same way, you can depict a bunch of mountain ash, a sprig of currants or other berries.

Idea #8

A very unusual picture can be made using foil. Lay a dried leaflet (you can have several) on a sheet of cardboard with the veins up. Cover it with thin foil and gently, so as not to tear, smooth it with your fingers so that the pattern shows through. Cover the foil with dark paint (you can use gouache, acrylic, tempera, ink) and let dry well. Scrub the painting very gently with a hard washcloth. The protruding veins of the leaf will shine, and dark paint will remain in the recesses. Now you can frame your work!

Idea No. 9

Those who love textures will surely enjoy filling various silhouettes with patterns. Draw or circle an autumn leaf according to the template, divide it into small planes, like a stained glass window. Let the child fill in each piece with a different pattern. You can do this with a gel pen, felt-tip pens.

Idea #10

A similar task can be done using the scratching technique. Paint a sheet of smooth (polished) cardboard with paints and rub with wax (candle). You can use wax crayons to create the background. Cover the surface with black ink and dry. Scratch the drawing with a sharp object.

Idea #11

Using a stiff bristled brush or toothbrush, splatter the paint. This method is suitable for drawing tree crowns, creating compositions based on plant prints.

Idea #12

You can paint with more than just a brush! Why not use a kitchen brush?

Idea #13

Even a preschooler can circle his palm. It remains to turn it into a trunk and finish the crown of the tree.

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