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Updated August 22, 2022


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$23.03 hourly

Entry level Salary




10 %




90 %

How much does a Dance Teacher make?

Dance teachers make $47,909 per year on average, or $23.03 per hour, in the United States. Dance teachers on the lower end of that spectrum, the bottom 10% to be exact, make roughly $32,000 a year, while the top 10% makes $71,000.

Location impacts how much a dance teacher can expect to make. Dance teachers make the most in New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

Highest Paying State

New York

Highest Paying City

New York, NY

Highest Paying Company

The American Musical and Dramatic Academy

What Am I Worth?

Highest Paying State

New York

Highest Paying City

New York, NY

Highest Paying Company

The American Musical and Dramatic Academy

What Am I Worth?

Highest Paying States For Dance Teachers

The darker areas on the map show where dance teachers earn the highest salaries across all 50 states.

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  • County View

Average Salary:

Dance Teacher average salary by State

Rank  State  Avg. Salary  Hourly Rate  Job Count  
1New Jersey$61,894$29.76966
2New York$70,698$33.99889
4South Carolina$51,311$24.67373
5New Hampshire$52,205$25.10167
10Michigan$49,351$23. 73626
16West Virginia$52,289$25.1422
21South Dakota$48,290$23.2217
23Kansas$45,636$21. 94233
29North Dakota$46,095$22.1620
33Rhode Island$46,007$22.1253
34New Mexico$42,140$20.26209
36Pennsylvania$41,893$20. 14903
41District of Columbia$44,732$21.51112
42North Carolina$41,205$19.81788
49Mississippi$39,003$18. 7595

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Top Dance Teacher Jobs Near You

Highest Paying Cities For Dance Teachers

Rank  City  Avg. Salary  Hourly Rate  
1New York, NY$70,827$34.05
2Newark, NJ$61,963$29.79
3Newton, MA$54,984$26.43
4Stamford, CT$53,700$25.82
5Baltimore, MD$52,807$25.39
6Las Vegas, NV$51,904$24.95
7Goose Creek, SC$51,269$24.65
8Detroit, MI$49,532$23.81
9Berkeley, CA$49,001$23.56
10Saint Petersburg, FL$46,561$22.39
11Yuma, AZ$46,323$22.27
12Newport, RI$46,220$22.22
13Washington, DC$44,747$21.51
14Chicago, IL$43,622$20. 97
15Atlanta, GA$43,201$20.77

Dance Teacher Salary Details

Average Dance Teacher Salary Graph, Trends, and Summary

What is a Dance Teacher's Salary?

Percentile  Annual Salary  Monthly Salary  Hourly Rate  
90th Percentile$71,000$5,917$34
75th Percentile$59,000$4,917$28
25th Percentile$38,000$3,167$18
10th Percentile$32,000$2,667$15

Average Salary By Related Titles

Job Title  Annual Salary  Monthly Salary  Hourly Rate  Job Openings  
First Aid Instructor$44,903$3,742$21. 5950,978
Field Instructor$52,928$4,411$25.4569,156
Martial Arts Instructor$34,287$2,857$16.4824,925
Driving Instructor$51,752$4,313$24.8828,948
Guitar Instructor$46,506$3,875$22.3624,514
Piano Instructor$53,474$4,456$25.7124,512

Here are the five companies hiring the most now:

  1. Boston Public Schools Jobs (5)
  2. Distinctive Schools Jobs (5)
  3. Victoria's Secret Jobs (4)
  4. MADE Jobs (4)
  5. California Center for the Arts, Escondido Jobs (4)

Which Companies Pay Dance Teachers The Most?

According to our most recent salary estimates, The American Musical and Dramatic Academy and Success Academy Charter Schools are the highest paying companies for dance teachers.

How Much Do Dance Teachers Make In Different Industries?

Dance teacher salaries can vary depending on the industry. In fact, our data shows that the hospitality, education, and media industries tend to offer much higher salaries for dance teachers. For example, dance teachers make a whopping average salary of $51,036 while working in the hospitality industry. Meanwhile, other people in this field are making $50,744 in the education industry and $48,688 in the media industry.

Dance teachers may want to avoid working in the health care industry as it offers the lowest average salary of $37,314.

Highest Paying Industries For Dance Teachers

Rank  Industry  Average Salary  Hourly Rate  
4Health Care$37,314$17. 94

High Paying Dance Teacher Jobs

Dance Teacher Salary Trends

Average Dance Teacher Salary Over Time

Compare salaries for individual cities or states with the national average.

Recently Added Dance Teacher Salaries

Dance Teacher Salaries FAQs

What State Pays Dance Teachers The Most?

New York pays Dance Teachers the most in the United States, with an average salary of $70,698 per year, or $33.99 per hour.

How Do I Know If I'm Being Paid Fairly As A Dance Teacher?

You know if you are being paid fairly as a Dance Teacher if your pay is close to the average pay for the state you live in. For example, if you live in New Jersey you should be paid close to $61,894 per year.

What Type Of Dance Teacher Gets Paid The Most?

Voice Teacher gets paid the most. Voice Teacher made a median salary of $56,670. The best-paid 10 percent make $69,000, while the lowest-paid 10 percent make $45,000.

Have more questions? See all answers to common education, training, and library questions.

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Updated August 22, 2022

How Much Money Do Dance Instructors at a College Make a Year? | Work

By Scott Thompson

Dance instruction at the college level is handled much like any other college topic. Different styles of dance such as ballet, jazz or modern dance are taught by professors, assistant professors and adjunct faculty, but on average they are paid less than instructors with the same title teaching other subjects.

Dance Faculty Positions

Not all colleges have a dance program, but those that do organize it much like their other academic programs. For example, the School of Dance at Dean College in Massachusetts includes a dean and professor of dance, an associate professor of dance who teaches ballet, an assistant professor who teaches modern dance, and a number of part-time or adjunct instructors who teach tap, jazz, ballet, dance composition, rhythmic analysis and other topics. One of the adjunct instructors also provides accompaniment services.

Smaller Programs

Smaller dance programs may not employ as many staff members, but the organization of the dance program remains similar. For example, Meredith College in North Carolina employs three dance professors and one adjunct instructor. Coursework includes subjects such as modern technique of dance, movement structure, integrating mind and body, pedagogy or teaching theory, history of dance, ballet, improvisation, choreography, technical production, dance repertory and women's studies issues in dance. Because of the smaller size of the dance program at this school, each professor handles several subjects.


According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, the national average salary of a professor teaching visual or performing arts at a four-year university or college during the 2010-2011 school year was $79,768. The salary for an associate professor was $62,686 and the salary for an assistant professor was $52,127. This compares with an average salary of $80,366 for professors of recreation and related subjects, $84,509 for psychology professors and $82,202 for history professors. The only category of professor with a lower average salary was theology and religious vocations, at $74,267.


The figures provided by the Chronicle of Higher Education for average faculty salaries do not list adjunct faculty as a category. However, they do list "instructors" of visual or performing arts at an average salary of $43,464. This compares with an average salary of $43,503 for recreation instructors, $45,421 for psychology, $42,318 for history and $46,042 for theology. The pay gap between instructors of dance and other topics is not as wide as it is for professors, but dance instructors still tend to earn less than instructors of other topics.


  • Dean College: School of Dance Faculty
  • Meredith College: Dance Faculty and Staff
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education: Faculty Date


  • Bureau of Labor Statistics: Dancers and Choreographers

Writer Bio

Scott Thompson has been writing professionally since 1990, beginning with the "Pequawket Valley News. " He is the author of nine published books on topics such as history, martial arts, poetry and fantasy fiction. His work has also appeared in "Talebones" magazine and the "Strange Pleasures" anthology.

where to study, salary, pros and cons

Author: Professional Guide

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Another name for dance teacher is a dance school teacher or dance studio teacher. It is clear that this is the name of specialists working in a specialized company. But a teacher or dance teacher can be called not only a dance studio teacher, but also a specialist of an educational institution where dances are studied along with other subjects. By the way, the ProfGid career guidance center has recently developed an accurate career guidance test that will tell you which professions suit you, give an opinion about your personality type and intelligence. The profession is suitable for those who are interested in physical education and singing, music (see. choosing a profession based on interest in school subjects). 9Ol000 :

Peculiarities of the profession

Some teachers prefer to work with children, others prefer to work with adults, others can work with both. In any case, the task of a dance teacher is to teach their students to move, expressing themselves in dance. However, the higher the level of teaching, the wider the scope of the teacher's activity. It is also commonly believed that the higher the titles he won, the higher his value as a teacher. Also, he often acts as a choreographer: he puts dance numbers for his students when he prepares them to perform on stage.

The dance instructor may have a preference for a particular dance direction: Latin American, jazz, Irish, etc. For example, on his resume, he might write "Latin teacher" or "Jazz-modern dance teacher."

But that doesn't mean he can't do anything else. On the contrary, the profession of a dance teacher means constant learning and learning. As a spectator, he regularly goes to musicals, dance shows, competitions to watch the performances of his colleagues; attends dance workshops to learn something new for his teaching. Different dance and musical styles, teaching methods, eminent dancers and bright debutants - everything is interesting for a dance teacher.

The teacher-dancer tries himself in different genres, sometimes changes his preferences, expands his role. In a word, it is in creative search. Beauty, joy of movement and creativity are the formula that can describe this profession.

Of course, no person can perform on stage until old age. But while studying with students, the teacher maintains excellent physical shape for many years.

This is enough to be able not only to explain, but also to show the dance to his students. Even if performances and competitions are in the past, the dancer remains a dancer who knows and feels the dance from the inside.


Dance teacher salary for October 2022

Salary information provided by hh. ru portal.

Russia 15000-60000₽

Moscow 15000-80000₽

A dance teacher can work in a dance school, studio, dance club, fitness center, comprehensive school, university, etc. Many teachers work simultaneously in different places, having time to perform and participate in dance championships. Also, a dance teacher can open his own dance school.

Read also:

Important Qualities

The profession of a dance teacher involves a love of dance, artistry, an ear for music, good physical health, goodwill, patience, leadership qualities, self-confidence and optimism. He should be a sociable person, able to pick up the key to a variety of students.

Knowledge and skills

A dance teacher must be able to dance - this is understandable. But he should also know well the dance directions in which he works, including their history. Be proficient in teaching methods, be able to plan your classes. In order for dancing not to harm the health of students, the teacher needs knowledge in the field of anatomy and physiology. He must be able to competently manage physical activity.

Where to study to become a dance teacher

Most often, dance teachers become dancers who have been trained in dance since childhood. But there are other examples when already adults, having taken a great interest in dancing, reach notable heights and become teachers. Already having dance training, you can learn new directions of dance. As experts say, you can master some kind of dance style in less than six months, having worked out at a dance school.

See also:

Examples of companies with vacancies for dance teachers

Galina Ivanova

moonlighted as a dancer in China

I'll tell you how not to pay agents, not learn Chinese and leave the country without deportation, earning at least $1,000 per month.


Now China has tightened checks against Russian citizens. While the article was being prepared for publication, my friend also went to work in China and ended up in prison there for violating labor laws, because she worked on a regular tourist visa. The fine for such a violation is 50,000 R.

I did not encounter such checks when I worked in China - I was lucky. If you decide to go to China to work, carefully check all the documents and apply for a work visa.

Preparing for the trip

In 2017, a dance coach suggested that I go to China for a month and earn money by performing in a circus. At that time, I had been doing modern choreography for almost a year, as in "Dancing on TNT", and I got excited about the idea.

An agent from Russia promised a salary of 500 dollars, assistance in obtaining a visa, paid return flight, hotel accommodation and meals. Before leaving, they taught three dances for the program in the circus, and upon arrival they gave out ready-made costumes.

The conditions seemed attractive, although I was embarrassed by the low salary. But at my main job, a month's vacation had already been signed, and I decided to combine travel and the opportunity to earn money.

A month has passed since the job offer to the trip. I came to China in February 2017, on the eve of the Chinese New Year, when the whole country traditionally takes a week off: collectively eats dumplings, watches TV and longs for colorful spectacles.

What professions are in demand in China

Many Slavs come to China: not only Russians, but also Ukrainians and Belarusians. Most work without a special level of training and knowledge of the Chinese language. The Chinese are looking for dancers, gymnasts, singers, models, DJs and other artists. They are recruiting fitness and yoga instructors, choreographers, football coaches. Waiters, bartenders, administrators, hostesses and other service personnel are always needed. They constantly offer jobs in parks, circuses, restaurants and concert venues. There are a lot of vacancies in nightclubs: they are looking for girls and guys for go-go dancing.

There is a growing demand for English teachers. Anyone who knows English at an intermediate level is suitable, but good pronunciation and European appearance are important.


Living in Beijing

The minimum wage for foreigners in China is 7,000 ¥⁣ (70,000 R) per month. There are no official statistics, because most foreigners receive black salaries. I will share my personal experience, stories of acquaintances and analysis of posts in the Chinese social network.

Average salary of foreigners in China

Fitness instructor, yoga, choreographer, trainer from ¥12,000⁣ (R114,500)
English teachers from ¥12,000⁣ (R114,500)
Models, fashion models ⁠11,000—⁠15,000⁠⁣ (⁠104,960—⁠143,127.2727 R)
Dancer, singer, circus performer ⁠10,000—⁠15,000 ¥⁣ (⁠95,400—⁠143,100 R)
Sellers from ¥10,000⁣ (R95,400)

Instructor for yoga, fitness, choreographer, coach

from 12,000 ¥ ⁣ ⁣ (114 500 r)

Teachers of English

from 12,000 ¥ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ (114 500 r)


000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 ⁠—⁠15,000 ¥⁣ (104,960⁠—⁠143,127. 2727 R)

Dancer, singer, circus performer

10,000⁠—⁠15,000 ¥⁣ (95,400⁠—⁠002) 9004 9004 Sellers

from ¥10,000⁣ (R95,400)

How to find a job in China

Through an agent. I went to work in China through a trusted Russian agent: my dance coach found work through him three times. The agent was always in touch on Wechat, helped to solve everyday issues and even translated the names of the dishes in the hotel menu into Russian. I did not pay the agent a commission, but I know that he took a considerable amount from the Chinese employer. I assume that the agent took half of my salary for himself, but she could not verify this.

I did not enter into a written contract with the agent because I trusted him. But I do not advise you to do this: decide for yourself whether it is worth the risk.


How to make money in South Korea

There are a lot of agents of any nationality in China. Psychologically, it may be more convenient to work with Russians, but sometimes it is compatriots who are rude and do not always answer questions - a consumer attitude is felt. Feel free to ask the agent about everything that interests you before you leave. If you are rude or rarely and briefly answered, then it is better to look for another agent, otherwise it will be difficult to find a common language in the process of work and not dig into suspicions.

Long-term agents don't want to risk their reputation. It is easier for them to do what they agreed on than to get a bad reputation. Quite often, groups publish screenshots of correspondence with scammers, warning others not to cooperate with them.

Sometimes workers behave dishonestly. The employer buys a ticket, issues a visa, but the artist does not come. Then messages hang in the groups with a photo of the person who let the agent down.

You don't have to apply for every job - many agents know each other. If you are looking for a girl with a height of 170 cm, and you have 160 cm, then you should not waste your time and your agent - take care of your reputation.

It is not necessary to look for an agent in advance: many people go without dating and find work already in China.

Wechat. Most job offers are posted by agents on the Chinese social network WeChat. There are no direct employers in the groups: vacancies are posted by agents who have worked in China themselves and have acquired contacts. Their services are like a recruitment agency: they earn commissions by connecting candidates and employers.

Wechat app:
in Epstore
in Google Play

Behind any beautiful photo on the social network, scammers can hide: they promise a good job, but in a month they will not pay anything. To prevent this from happening, ask the agent as many questions as possible before the trip: who buys a ticket to China and back, where you will live, who and how often pays wages - a direct employer or an agent. Be sure to ask to send a photo of housing. If the agent ignores questions or answers vaguely, this is a warning sign. I would not rely on a person who is not initially trusted.

List of main job search groups in Wechat Usually, agents ask for photos and videos to make sure that you are, for example, gymnast Wechat group is looking for go-go dancers, gymnasts and a girl for show
List of main job search groups in Wechat Agents usually ask for photos and videos to make sure that you are, for example, a gymnast Wechat group is looking for go-go dancers, gymnasts and a girl for a show

Vkontakte. There are about a thousand groups on the Russian social network for the query "Work in China". Important: most of them were created by scammers: they take money, and then they don’t find any work for you. Before paying, ask for a signed contract, which will indicate what you are transferring money for.

An example of the wording that should be in the contract:

“The contractor provides the customer with job search services, including, but not limited to: selection of vacancies in accordance with the requirements of the customer, assistance in compiling a resume; assistance in preparing for the interview; assistance in obtaining a work visa.

The contract should name specific services, not an abstract "information support", under which only a list of unverified vacancies can be hidden.


How to read the contract

In order not to run into scammers, carefully study the feed, read reviews, check the date the group was created and talk to its founders in person. If in a group, instead of job descriptions, there are only beautiful pictures with Chinese quotes, most likely, here you will only be helped to lose money and faith in people.

Some agents from Russia ask for a commission for selecting a job. In this case, they withhold the agreed amount from the first salary, and do not demand money before the chairs. The group should not ask for money for a job listing because Chinese employers pay for recruiting.

The most popular groups on Vkontakte for job search in China are as follows:

  1. Work in China. They employ DJs, singers, go-go dancers and other artists. They ask for a resume with professional photos and a video demonstrating your talents.
  2. Jobs in China for go-go artists. They have been working since 2015, looking for artists, DJs, singers, dancers.
  3. Work in China Yimuhe Co. Ltd. The group was created in 2017, they employ models, dancers, DJs.
  4. Working as an English teacher in China. They are only looking for teachers, they work on prepaid basis.

My friends and I did not go to work through such groups, so I cannot personally recommend anyone.

There are a thousand groups on Vkontakte with job offers in China, but most of them are scammers looking for dancers. Basic requirements: good appearance, height from 163 cm, age 18-30 years and lack of excess weight

Work in a Chinese circus

The circus ended up in a nice provincial area in the city of Changzhi, where chickens were sold on the sidewalks, and kids in panties with slits on their buttocks urinated right on the lawns. For 150 thousand inhabitants, there were practically no foreigners except us. The circus tent was assembled in three days.

In total, 20 people worked in our international troupe: dancers and magicians from Russia, gymnasts from Ukraine and drummers from African countries. All artists were accommodated in a hotel.

Colleagues from the circus said that my salary is an unheard of minimum, and on average the dancers here are paid $1,000⁣ (63,960 R). I was upset that the salary was different from the average market, but there was nothing to do - I had already agreed to $500⁣ (31,980 R).

Cityscape in Chanzhi where I lived Part of our circus team

The director of the circus spoke neither English nor Russian. All the artists communicated with him through a phone translator or an African drummer who knew Chinese. The director approved the program of performances and the schedule of the show, and we had to follow his ideas.

Circus artists perform every day, seven days a week. The program is repeated at 14:30, 17:30 and 20:30. In each program, I danced three dances: Latin, Russian folk and modern. Total - 9 dances a day.

The director of the circus tried to load me with additional performances, although there was no such agreement. Sometimes I agreed - it was not difficult to meet the needs of an adequate employer, although overtime was not paid in any way. In gratitude, they could treat me to a good dinner in a restaurant or improve the conditions in the dressing room: for example, they put me an extra water cooler and installed a mirror.

An impromptu Chinese poster with our work schedule A concert program in the dressing room on the wall


A work visa is required for employment without violating the law. Visa requirements are listed on the website of the Chinese Embassy.

China visa regulations

A work visa requires an invitation from a Chinese company. Most Russians work in China on a tourist or business visa at their own risk. Both types of visas do not give the right to work. If the police during the check discovers that you do not have a work visa, they will arrest you, fine you and deport you from the country.

Penalties for working without the required visa start at $500. Sometimes employers pay fines for undocumented employees and they continue to work, but most often the responsibility is shifted to the employees themselves.

A business visa does not give a legal right to work - only a work visa is a legal basis for employment in China. I worked on a business visa - it was issued in two weeks at the expense of the employer. It is better than a tourist one only in that it is easier to re-register it for a work one.

I understood that in the event of a check, I could be fined and deported, but this did not happen. The police knew that foreigners were working in the city, but they did not touch anyone. Most likely, our immediate employer had the necessary connections and therefore we worked calmly. Sometimes in vacancies they write like this: "There are no problems with the police." How it will be in reality - you can only learn from personal experience.

Looking for a go-go dancer, the conditions say about the police In the ad, the agent promises to make a visa for the DJ
Looking for a go-go dancer, the terms say about the police In the ad, the agent promises to make a visa for the DJ


proposed schedule. In fact, this is an ordinary conversation in which each promised something to the other. If the agent or employer cheats, then it will be impossible to find the truth.

Even if you sign an official contract, it will still be difficult to achieve justice. In a foreign country without knowledge of Chinese, you will have to prove your case first with the police, then file a lawsuit and understand the intricacies of local laws.

I did not have a signed contract - I agreed on everything with the agent in words. Back in Russia, I knew the basic working conditions: schedule, place of residence, meals and fees. I drove without fear, because a trusted agent was also interested in ensuring that nothing happened to us. The agent tries to maintain good relations with artists, because the demand for foreigners in China is huge and it is beneficial for him to have a base of proven workers.


Life in Shanghai

Typically, employees in the entertainment industry are hired for a period of 2 weeks to 6 months - it all depends on the request of the employer. English teachers usually work for at least a year. To stay working longer, you need to please the employer.

Some employers sign a contract directly with employees, but most often for their own reinsurance: for example, they prescribe liability for non-fulfillment of conditions or early termination of the contract.

Description of the requirements for an English teacher from a group on Vkontakte Job description for acrobats


I earned 33,000 RUR in three weeks without days off, because unknowingly I agreed to a low salary. I spent a little on entertainment and food - about 8,000 R. In the Amur region, where I come from, the average salary is only 25,000 R, so I got good money and also looked at a new country.

Getting paid every 5 or 10 days is normal for foreigners in China. If they offer to pay once every 15 days or once a month, then you must be sure that the employer or agent will not let you down: for example, your friends worked through it and received payment on time. English teachers receive a salary once a month.


I earned for three weeks of work as a dancer in a Chinese circus

If they pay less often or do not pay at all, demand yours from the agency: write daily and remind that the delay should not be more than 3 days. If the salary is delayed, it is better to direct your efforts to find another job. The only thing you can do for moral relief is to talk about a negligent agent or employer in job search groups.

Salary is transferred through Wechat. The application has a built-in virtual wallet, with which it is convenient to accept payments and pay for any purchases in China. The agent or employer transfers the money.

The cash is transferred to the head of the group, who then passes it on to the artists. In my case, it was like that: the money was transferred to the coach, she withdrew it through an ATM, and then distributed it to us.

Virtual wallet in Wichat This is how money is transferred in Wichat
Virtual wallet in Wechat This is how money is transferred in Wechat

The Wechat payment system is very convenient: through it you can not only receive and transfer money, but also pay in supermarkets, restaurants, online stores and even on the streets . All payments are in RMB only. To receive money in Wichat, you need to link a bank card in the application - only it is suitable for cashing out.

I received a card from the Agricultural Bank of China. It took a foreign passport and 15 minutes to apply. No additional questions about work were asked. They can clarify the address of residence - I indicated the house opposite. The card is issued immediately. The procedure is similar to the Russian one, everything is simple.

How to get a job directly from an employer

Let me tell you about a friend who found a job without the help of agents. Nastya registered in all groups in Wechat and responded to the vacancies she liked, where there were no requirements for a work visa.

She ended up finding a job as a dancer at a leisure park. The Chinese employer offered apartments and a salary of ¥10,000 (95,400 R) per month, and additionally paid for the flight from Harbin to the province. I had to work for three months without days off. During the season, Nastya was very tired, but she brought home a good amount.

Now my friends are applying for a visa again and are going to China. It seems like a paradox, but they find a job in China in a week, while in Blagoveshchensk or Kaliningrad they can look for months.

In order not to give at least a third of your salary to agents, study vacancies in Wechat and communicate with the contact person from the ad. Be sure to ask with whom you have to negotiate a job: directly with the employer or with the agency. As a rule, they answer honestly or do not answer at all.

Popular groups on Wichat with job offers:
Job Foreigners,
Dancers in China,
House of GOGO,
Jobs in Sanya

. If you are looking for a job in the city in China where you already live, you will be called to meet in person and asked the same questions. Be prepared to provide photos and videos demonstrating your talents.

If you agree on working conditions orally, be sure to duplicate all the points in Wechat and in the contract in English. Ask in a detailed form to confirm consent online and sign the paper. At a minimum, this will show the employer that you are serious and ready to protect your interests.

Housing and food

Housing. Typically, the employer provides accommodation, which may be a hotel or an apartment. 2-3 people live in a room.

To be on the safe side and not settle in a murdered apartment, be sure to ask the agent to send photos of the proposed housing. The ideal option is video. You may come across a garbage dump with cockroaches, and an apartment with new furniture and a gorgeous view from the window.

Food. Chinese dishes taste specific: spicy, with an abundance of spices and sometimes marvelous sweet and sour combinations. I ate at the hotel three times a day - this is stipulated by the terms of the oral contract. The food was the same: rice, noodles and salads. Not a gourmet choice, but for three weeks it is quite tolerable.

If food is not included in the terms of the contract, then you will have to look into local cafes or McDonald's, which is very popular in China. Some people take a multicooker with them and cook on their own. Chinese supermarkets have a huge selection of products, and vegetables, fruits, rice and chicken can be found in any shop.

I lived at the expense of the employer in a hotel with three stars Lunch for 5 people. This is typical Chinese food, I ate this every day for three weeks of work


In China, there is no stealing or robbing - there are video cameras on every corner, and sometimes a police patrol walks on the streets.

The main danger for immigrants is non-payment of wages. Deception is at every step here: there are scammers under the guise of a Russian agent, and dishonest Chinese employers. In my experience, in the field of monetary relations, any Chinese considers it his duty to deceive a foreigner. For example, they will offer the wrong job that they agreed on: instead of a dance teacher in the park, they can be sent to a nightclub. No one will force you to work, but you will have to spend time and nerves looking for a new job.

They may also be sent to work in a city other than what they promised. My friend was going to perform in Chengdu, but she was taken to suburban Meishan, 80 km away. She did not argue, because she went for money, and not for a place.

I do not recommend girls to have close relationships with locals. Some Chinese are vengeful and, in the event of a quarrel, can merge personal correspondence into general working groups. I witnessed how one aggressive Chinese threw off intimate photos of his ex in different groups on WeChat.

Communication with the Chinese

Do not think that the bigger the city, the better the conditions there. In cities like Beijing and Shanghai, the Chinese are accustomed to foreigners and sometimes treat them like foreign labor. In small towns, locals have more respect and desire to help Russians.

Just as the Chinese are people from another planet for us, so are we for them. They are interested and at the same time scared to talk to us. I loved to communicate with the Chinese and did not mind being photographed. Most behave like children - very spontaneous and with a genuine smile. The circus staff were also always welcoming and friendly.

Sign language is the most popular way to communicate. With the help of hands and pantomime, any need can be explained - sometimes it came out faster than through an online translator. In restaurants, we asked in Russian to bring forks - and it inexplicably worked.

I used an interpreter to communicate on more complex topics. Back in Russia, I installed a VPN - all Google services, Facebook, Instagram and even Telegram do not work without it. In addition, Wichat has an automatic translator from Chinese. He translates sometimes funny, but the general meaning is clear.


VPN of a healthy person

English, at least at the initial level, will help you communicate with the Chinese - all correspondence with agents is in English, some locals at the very least speak it and will try to help you.

I used the Trainchinese translator


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