How to draw a person dancing

How to Draw Stick Figures Dancing

Learn how to draw a great looking Stick Figures Dancing with easy, step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial. You can now easily create a beautiful Stick Figures Dancing drawing.

Complete Stick Figures Dancing drawing

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Anyone can draw a stick figure. Often, they are the first human characters a person learns to draw. But you can add some pizzazz to your stick figure art when you learn how to draw stick figures dancing!

What is a stick figure? A stick figure or a stickman is a simplified drawing of a person. It's not meant to look realistic.

Instead, it uses basic lines and shapes, like a circle for the head. The body and limbs are usually bare lines.

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Did you know? Ancient art is often in the form of stick figures. For example, a stick figure known as a petroglyph can be seen at the Leo Petroglyph in the United States. It is thought to be about a thousand years old.

Stick figures are also used in signage because they are easy to understand, even if you don't speak or read the language.

For example, you can readily recognize the stick figures on men's or women's bathrooms, or the stick figure of a person in a wheelchair. That one is used to mean that a place is handicap accessible. Where would you place a sign with dancing stickmen?

Drawing Idea: You can use this stick figure drawing guide to enhance your drawing skills. Use it as a guide, and flesh out your characters with more detailed clothing and features. You can check out any of our people drawing guides for ideas.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing Stick Figures Dancing

How to Draw a Great Looking Stick Figures Dancing for Kids, Beginners, and Adults - Step 1

1. First, start by drawing a smiley face or happy face emoji. Complete a circle, and shade two ovals for eyes. Notice that we left a small circle unshaded to add light to the eyes. Then, use a curved line for the smiling mouth.

Easy Stick Figures Dancing Drawing - Step 2

2. Use curved lines to enclose a body shaped like a curved narrow trapezoid. Connect the head to the body with a short line, and extend a long line for the arm. Enclose a heart-like shape at the end of the line to form the hand.

Easy Stick Figures Dancing Drawing - Step 3

3. Extend a line for the remaining arm, and begin the hand using a spiral-shaped line. Then, extend a long line to form the leg.

At the bottom, enclose a pointed shape to indicate the high-heeled shoe.

Easy Stick Figures Dancing Drawing - Step 4

4. Draw the remaining leg and shoe. Then, extend curved lines from the head and connect them at the end with a curved line. This is the dancer’s hair.

Easy Stick Figures Dancing Drawing - Step 5

5. Begin drawing another face - a circle and two shaded oval eyes.

Easy Stick Figures Dancing Drawing - Step 6

6. Use curved lines to create an open, smiling mouth. Extend three short lines from the top of the head, indicating hair. Draw the irregular round shape of the body, and connect it to the head with a short line. Then, draw the long line of the arm from the shoulder to the other dancer’s hand.

Easy Stick Figures Dancing Drawing - Step 7

7. Use a curved line to enclose the second dancer’s hand grasping the hand of the first. Extend long curved lines to form his arm and leg, and enclose the irregular shapes of the hand and foot.

Add More Details to Your Stick Figures Dancing Picture - Step 8

8. Draw the remaining leg and foot using a long line and a rounded shape. Then, draw a music note overhead. Draw two curved lines, and connect them with two parallel lines at the top. Shade an oval at the bottom of each line. That’s called a sixteenth note.

Complete the Outline of Your Stick Figures Dancing Drawing - Step 9

9. Draw more music notes to get the party started! Draw a quarter note - a line and a shaded oval - and an eighth note, a line and a shaded oval with a small triangle at the top.

Color Your Stick Figures Dancing Drawing

Color your cartoon dancers.

Easy, step by step Stick Figures Dancing drawing tutorial

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Stick Figures Dancing Drawing Tutorial - Easy & Fun Printable Pages


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How to draw dancing people step by step 4 lessons

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  • How to draw a dancing man and woman
  • How to draw a waltz couple
  • How to draw a breakdancing guy
  • How to draw a dancing girl

Let's draw a beautiful dancing couple in colorful clothes step by step. To color the picture, use colored pencils or gouache.
Materials needed:

  • sheet of paper;
  • colored pencils;
  • black marker;
  • eraser;
  • white gel pen;
  • HB pencil.

How to draw a dancing man and woman

  • Step 1

    Let's outline with a simple pencil a man and a woman in a dance in the form of two circles and several lines.

  • Step 2

    Draw in more detail the legs, arms and torso of each person in the drawing.

  • Step 3

    We finish the hair of the girl, as well as the clothes of each pair. We draw folds and chalk details.

  • Step 4

    In the middle of each circle, draw the contour of the face in profile, and then add small elements.

  • Step 5

    We work on the resulting drawing with a black marker to get a stroke.

  • Step 6

    We paint over the girl's dress with a red pencil, but the man's suit is dark purple. In addition, we will also draw the shoes in black.

  • Step 7

    At this stage, draw the hair and give color to the face, legs and arms.

  • Step 8

    Finish off with a black and white pencil to get shadows and highlights as well as highlights. Drawing of a dancing couple is ready!

Lesson author: vikl-art

How to draw a waltz couple

Step by step we will depict a couple dancing a waltz on a piece of paper. For the colorfulness of the drawing, we use multi-colored pencils.
Materials needed:

  • sheet of paper;
  • colored pencils;
  • black marker;
  • eraser;
  • white gel pen;
  • HB pencil.
  • Step 1

    Draw two circles. Draw lines from them to outline the torso.

  • Step 2

    We draw in more detail the silhouette of a dancing couple.

  • Step 3

    Refine the contour of the clothes of the girl and the man. Let's add fold lines.

  • Step 4

    You can now draw a detailed outline of the couple's face, as well as the hair. Then we move on to the face, where we draw the details.

  • Step 5

    Outline the dancing couple using a black marker.

  • Step 6

    Now paint over the areas of the face, arms, legs and hair.

  • Step 7

    Use the black, gray and red pencils to color in the couple's outfits and shoes.

  • Step 8

    We finalize the drawing with brown, black and white pencil to get the coveted outline. The drawing of a couple who dances the waltz is ready!

Lesson author: vikl-art

How to draw a breakdancing guy

Breakdancing is a type of street dancing in a sporty style. Let's draw on our blank sheet of paper a guy who performs just such a dance.
Materials needed:

  • sheet of paper;
  • colored pencils;
  • black marker;
  • eraser;
  • white gel pen;
  • HB pencil.
  • Step 1

    Draw a circle to outline the head. Draw two lines down from it.

  • Step 2

    We draw the details of the torso with a simple pencil.

  • Step 3

    Add the rest of the torso sketch lines.

  • Step 4

    We draw in detail the outline of the torso and clothes with all the folds.

  • Step 5

    Let's add a hat and facial features to get a finished pencil sketch of the drawing.

  • Step 6

    Draw the outline of the picture using a black marker or felt-tip pen.

  • Step 7

    We now paint over the clothes and shoes. To do this, select a gray, blue, black and red pencil.

  • Step 8

    For the skin of the face and hands, use a beige and brown pencil, giving volume.

  • Step 9

    Let's add strokes to the drawing with black and white pencil, and then finish with highlights, which we draw with a gel pen. Now you know how to draw a break dance.

Lesson author: vikl-art

How to draw a dancing girl

Step by step we will draw a beautiful dancing girl in a magnificent dress and with a Monroe hairstyle on a sheet of paper, and then color it colorfully with colored pencils.
Materials needed:

  • sheet of paper;
  • colored pencils;
  • black marker;
  • eraser;
  • white gel pen;
  • HB pencil.
  • Step 1

    We start drawing a beautiful dancing girl with a simple sketch. To do this, draw a circle and a couple of lines.

  • Step 2

    Sketching the arms, legs, and the lower part of the dress.

  • Step 3

    Draw in detail the outline of the arms, legs and dress.

  • Step 4

    And now you can take the time to draw a face with all the details and a beautiful hairstyle in the style of Monroe. Remove construction lines from the body and dress.

  • Step 5

    We work on the resulting sketch of a dancing girl with a black marker to get the desired outline.

  • Step 6

    We paint over the girl's dress with a red pencil, but the shoes with black.

  • Step 7

    Let's add a beige, brown and pink tint to the picture.

  • Step 8

    We finish drawing with black and white strokes that will help to get the desired volume. A drawing of a dancing girl in a red dress is ready.

Lesson author: vikl-art

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Other lessons from the section People


How to draw a person in motion with a pencil

Today we have an interesting, simple and not boring topic. We will learn how to draw a person in motion using a very simple and reliable method.

Simple Rule

"Everything ingenious is simple" , this proverb is perfect for characterizing the most accurate and correct method of building a human figure in motion. The essence of this method lies in the fact that initially we begin to build a person from the lines “stick, stick cucumber, we got a little man” , and then we add a certain body shape to this simplified skeleton.

Here is a simple example:

Steps for creating drawings of funny characters

A little clarification: The very first line on your sheet should represent the pose, the action of the person (bending, tilting, posture). If necessary, guides for arms or legs can be added to this line.

Drawing a person in motion is interesting, there is always something to learn and something to strive for. Standing, sitting, moving, a person must maintain balance, balance the mass of his body so as not to fall.

There are two main centers of mass that have to be constantly balanced with each other: mass of the torso and pelvis. The head is usually held straight, and the arms and legs help maintain balance and serve as supports.

To stand upright, people tilt their chest back slightly and their pelvis forward. This is especially evident when looking at the figure in profile.

Now we need to define one term that will be useful to us today: Jugular fossa - is a depression on the collarbone, it is marked with a red dot in further illustrations for this article. In fact, the jugular fossa is the center of gravity of the human body.

In a straight stance, everything is simple, the weight of the body is evenly distributed on both supports - the legs, and the jugular fossa is directly above the fulcrum.

Notice how the vertical line runs from the jugular fossa to the support when looking at the person in profile. It also divides the body mass into two equal parts, although in this position it is not as clearly visible as in the front.

Single leg support

If a person is standing with only one leg, the center of gravity shifts to this support. The jugular fossa will be directly above the supporting leg. In this position, the mass is distributed differently, taking into account the fact that the supporting leg supports most of the weight of the body.

Drawings and paintings often place much more emphasis on the supporting leg and much less on the other leg. Thus, emphasizing the support and balance of the figure.

Additional support

If you want to depict a person leaning on something, keep in mind that in this position the center of gravity will be between the two supports .

As an example, consider the picture below:

  1. A person leans against a wall, so there are two supports: legs and a wall. The vertical from the jugular fossa (center of gravity) descends between the wall and the legs.
  2. The figure is leaning over the bar. There are two supports: a table and a right leg. The vertical from the jugular fossa descends in the middle between these two supports.
  3. An old man leans on a cane to spread the weight of his body over more points. The center of gravity (jugular fossa) is located between them.


When sitting, the main reference point is the pelvis.

Consider the illustration, the support points are underlined in green:

  • To maintain balance while sitting and leaning forward, an additional point of support for the torso is needed. For example, a table or elbows on your knees.
  • If you want to lean back, you will have to lean on the back of a chair, sofa or put your hands back, leaning on your palms.
  • Another example: sitting, balance can be maintained with both hands, one stretched forward to the knee, the other back, instead of the back of the chair.

With a load

A person carrying any additional weight should take such a posture that the mass of his body and the load are in balance.

The reference point in this case will be between the jugular fossa and the center of mass of the load, and will coincide with the supports (legs).

Consider the illustration: the center of gravity of the human body is marked in red, the center of gravity of the load is marked in blue, and the point of balance and support is marked in green.

  1. For example, a person carrying a heavy basin of water in front of him must lean back as the burden pulls him forward. The mass balance point is at the level of the feet.
  2. If you want to portray Santa Claus with a very heavy bag of gifts over his shoulders, you need to tilt him forward so that grandfather does not fall back under the force of the bag's gravity. The balance point of the masses (bag and grandfather) will be between both supporting legs.
  3. A pregnant woman also has an additional burden - a tummy with a baby. In the last stages, this load is so large that a woman needs to lean back a little with her body to keep her balance, as the weight of her stomach pulls forward.

The heavier the burden, the more the person carrying it must bend. A person leans in the opposite direction to the one where his load is located.

In fact, there are a huge number of examples, these are the first and brightest of those that came to my mind.

Body in motion


Walking can be simply described as side to side rolling or controlled falling. Hands in motion help maintain balance. Legs are supports that change alternately. When walking, the pelvis and chest tilt in opposite directions.


How to draw a running person? To create even more momentum and run forward quickly, a person is forced to tilt the torso forward. Since the center of gravity (torso and jugular fossa) is tilted forward, a person can either fall or substitute a support (leg). Thus, we run, throwing the torso forward and substituting the supports (legs), and the hands with their movements help us move faster.

In the illustration: the center of gravity is in red, the direction of movement is in blue, and the supporting leg is in green. The faster you need to move forward (run), the more you need to throw the center of gravity forward, the wider the step becomes, and the arm movements are more sweeping.

Dynamic movement of the torso and arms

To create a drawing of a person in some kind of pronounced dynamic movement, you need to subordinate the entire body of the character to this movement. In such cases, the center of gravity is strongly shifted in the direction of movement, and the whole body must be placed on very reliable supports - legs wide apart.

For example:

  • The boxer strikes forward with his right hand while standing on two legs. To do this, he adopts a very well balanced stance leaning on both feet. Swinging, transfers the entire mass of the torso and strength into a blow.
  • The same thing happens when a person swings with a sword or a baseball bat, with a racket in his hands.

To balance when the torso and arms are very mobile, it is tedious to find a good point of support, but it is better to play it safe and stand confidently on both legs.

Video tutorial

Let's see a visual video on how to draw a person in motion step by step:

To fix this material, take a pencil and a piece of paper in your hands, and try to thoroughly draw it with various sketches of such skeletons. Sketch a figure in motion, in various poses, adding weight and additional supports to it.

Learn more