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Tracy Byrd - Toe the Line!

I was drivin' through Georgia in late July
On a day hot enough to make the devil sigh
I saw a homemade sign writtin' in red
Rhine county watermelon festival ahead

Well, I wasn't in a hurry so I slowed down
Took a two lane road to a one horse town
There was a party goin' on when I got there
I heard a welcome speech from a small town mayor

He said we got a hundred gallons of sweet red wine
Made from the biggest watermelons on the vine
Help yourself to some, but obey the law if you drink
Don't drive do the watermelon crawl

When the band started playin the watermelon queen
Said let me show you somethin' that you ain't ever seen
She grabbed me by the arm said come on lets go
She dipped down, spun around, and do-ce-doed

She rocked back on her heels dropped down to her knees
She craweled across the floor and jumped back to her feet
She wiggled and she giggled and be all you ever saw
She said this is how you do the watermelon crawl

He said we got a hundred gallons of sweet red wine
Made from the biggest watermelons on the vine
Help yourself to some, but obey the law if you drink
Don't drive do the watermelon crawl

If your ever down in georgia around about july
If you ain't in a hurry then you aw to stop by
I can guarantee that you're goin have a ball
Learnin' how to do the watermelon crawl

He said we got a hundred gallons of sweet red wine
Made from the biggest watermelons on the vine
Help yourself to some, but obey the law if you drink
Don't drive do the watermelon crawl

Yeah do the watermelon crawl
Have fun you all
Do the watermelon crawl

Writer(s): Zack Robert Turner, Buddy Brock
Lyrics powered by www.


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HotLinerz's Dance-Log New Dance: The New Watermelon Crawl

Jennifer Choo Sue Chin| March 21, 2020

Description: 70 count 2 wall country style line dance

Music: Watermelon Crawl by Tracy Byrd

Copperknob Stepsheet:


I normally don’t choreograph to music that already has a dance to it. However, someone really dear requested me to choreograph to it to keep up with the group of (modern) dancers who prefer to dance to music phrases. I agreed as other dances were set in unphrased for beginners. This dance is intermediate, phrased and with tags. Part A is danced to the verses and has 38 counts while Part B is danced to the chorus and has 32 counts. The tag is really simple with just a grapevine to the right and another to the left.

I actually used the lyrics of the 4th verse as the basis of my choreography. “She rocked back on her heels dropped down to her knees
Crawled across the floor then she jumped back on her feet.” So part A was just that, Rocking back, Do some heel & footwork, Hitch the knee (no way majority of line dancers would drop down to their precious knees and crawl across the floor!) Jazz Box and jumping back… I try to hit the crescendo with a flick etc. Do dance it with the music and you’ll know what I mean 🙂 Hope you will enjoy it as much as we did.

Try to learn it and dance at home in the global pandemic. I know classes and events have stopped but I’ve decided to release the dance anyway to keep you guys dancing at home. I’ve done a step by step teach video while I was in Mumbai India. Quite unplanned but there was a lovely dance studio at the Clubhouse where we stayed so I made use of it to do a teach video. Also taught my 2 nephews and boy, were they good in picking up the steps!

Anyway, I hope we all stay healthy! Stay at home and hope this pandemic will soon pass and we could all go back to our classes and dance events and NORMAL LIFE.

Demo Video:

Teach Video:

Video  by Angeline:

Demo & Teach by Pony Chen:

Dancing watermelon GIFs - 64 moving pictures

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64 animated GIF images of various dancing watermelons. Lovely and cute watermelons perform stylish moves to the beat of your music. Download these GIFs for free and use them in your art!

Click on the GIF to view it in full size

A pink slice of watermelon jumps from side to side with a charming smile on a black background

A slice of watermelon with a hat and green shoes is dancing a step

A cute pixelated watermelon is dancing with arms raised

A sweet slice of watermelon with a cute face is dancing on a black background

Two slices of watermelon are dancing with bottles on the deck

black background

Ripe watermelon dances and rolls its eyes fervently

Ripe watermelon slice dances, splashing juice on a black background

A piece of watermelon jumps on long legs

A cute slice of watermelon dancing while tumbling

A pixelated dancing watermelon with a love message on a transparent background

GIF image of a rain of cute slices of watermelon

A striped watermelon clapping and dancing

A green striped watermelon jumping on a light green background

A trio of dancing watermelon slices

A happy round watermelon jumping and clapping on a pink background

Dancing watermelon puppet with stormy sky on stage

A group of watermelon slices dancing with sticks

A group of watermelon slices dancing a modern dance on stage with bright background

A little dancing watermelon with green happy legs and hands on an orange background with polka dots 9002 9002 watermelon with big eyes dancing on the road in the forest

Pink sweet watermelon slice raises its legs in a dance on a blue background

Two watermelon slices dance opposite each other on the road

Watermelon slices squat simultaneously in a dance opposite each other on the road

Stage performance of watermelon slices dancing on a brightly lit stage

GIF image of symmetrically arranged watermelon halves against a purple background with drops

A slice of watermelon dances on the mast of a ship shaking hands and body

twerking a slice of watermelon

Sports watermelon making a quick turn

A fun dance of a group of slices of watermelon with chopsticks on a bright stage

A piece of watermelon moves from side to side and laughs

Rolling and rolling watermelon on a white background with the inscription watermelon

Two slices of watermelon with legs in jeans dance in synchrony

Watermelon with water pistols dances in a small inflatable pool takes a graceful step and disappears into the floor

A little watermelon listening to music and dancing to the beat

A contented piece of watermelon moves his hips against a transparent background

A smiling watermelon dances with maracas

Watermelon with changing head and dancing green body

Watermelon dancing on a blue background with the inscription ready to party

A piece of watermelon dancing on a blue background

A clumsy piece of watermelon with seeds

A funny watermelon dances with its slice

A watermelon dances tectonics on a transparent background

A joyful slice of watermelon sways and loses seeds

A smiling slice of watermelon waves its arms

A piece of watermelon in a flat hat is dancing a step on a transparent background of

Watermelons with maracas and watermelon in a pink skirt

Watermelon slice dance backwards on a transparent background of

Large watermelon in the crown and with two slices on the dancing of

Finefish pieces cool dance with legs

A slice of watermelon dances with a stick on a transparent background

A pink watermelon dances with a mug

A charming watermelon dances with confetti in the background

A stunningly smiling watermelon

Amateur GIF Animated picture of a watermelon, rapidly waving limbs on a bright flashing background

A charming parrot dance with a piece of watermelon on a transparent background of

Little of watermelon dance from the side of


Dancing watermelon in rose pixels 9000

A piece of watermelon twitches its legs

A beautiful piece of watermelon dances against a transparent background


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Watermelon Festival | Methodological development (senior group):

"Watermelon Festival"

Music Director

Laskavaya Larisa Valentinovna

Holiday for children of senior preschool age.

Educational area: "Artistic and aesthetic development."

Children perform a dance composition to the music of Kosmachev

"The city smiles". Track number 1

Host: Our beloved city smiles at all Kamyshans: both big and small! Let's smile at our guests and say hello to them... Please sit down on the chairs.

Every morning the streets of our city are filled with new colors, sounds and voices.

Moms and dads take you to kindergarten, then run to work. Older children are in a hurry to go to school, and uncles and aunts are in a hurry to go about their business ... It seems that I hear the voice of our neighbor, Aunt Varya.

A musical fragment from the film "The Marriage of Balzaminov" sounds. Track №2

Aunt Varya enters the hall dancing. In her hands is a basket of watermelons, covered with a scarf.

Children stage a poem by V. Levin "Miracles in a string bag".

1 child: Aunt Varya! Aunt Varya! Where have you been?

Aunt Varya: At the market.

2nd child: Varya's aunt! Varya aunt!

What did you buy? What are you carrying?

Aunt Varya (puts the basket on the floor. Wipes the sweat from her forehead):

I carry two miracles - yuda,

                  in each miracle - two poods.

They have neither legs nor arms,

neither shirt nor trousers...

Only two big belly...

All children: We know, we know! Two watermelons!

Aunt Varya: I brought you presents. Do you like them? (Shows watermelons to children).

Children: Yes!

Aunt Varya: Can you praise them?

Children: Yes!

A table is brought into the hall, on it is a watermelon and a knife

Aunt Varya: Oh, what a big watermelon! Even cutting is a pity!

Knife stopped halfway. ..Well, watermelon, don't let me down! (cuts)

Children: We chose the watermelon skillfully. Inside it is red - it means ripe!

When a piece was cut off, sweet juice immediately dripped.

Aunt Varya: And let's say words of praise to this big berry. All words must answer the question "Which one?". Begin?

Children: Yes!

Aunt Varya: Today we glorify watermelon at Arbuznik.

We hope it tastes great. He...

Children (together): Green, striped, red, ripe, sweet, appetizing, fragrant, round, sugary, crumbly...

Children are treated to a watermelon treat.

Aunt Varya: Where is my second watermelon?!

can be seen, a butuz was nimble ...

He ran away from me: rolled and disappeared ...


Girls leave the hall and line up behind the scenes

. Maybe he disappeared on the road?

What if he needs help?

You guys help

And find my watermelon!

Children perform the dance “In my garden”. Track No. 3

The music from the movie "Dunno from our yard" sounds. Track №4

Snowflake appears in the hall. Sineglazka and Dunno

Dunno: Wow! What are these balloons?

Sineglazka: These are watermelons. Haven't you ever seen watermelons?

Dunno: We don't grow watermelons. And what are they for?

Snowflake: The kid doesn't know what watermelons are for! You still ask: why eat apples and pears!

Dunno: And they are also eaten?! You won’t eat such a whopper in a year!

Aunt Varya: And our children and their parents can eat them all at once. Would you like to have a look?

Greedy ride

Feed papa a watermelon ride.

Attraction "Pickle Cucumbers in a Barrel"

Aunt Varya: And now, kids - kids, will sing a song from the heart!

Aunt Varya distributes hats of watermelons and karapuziks from the basket to children

Little bellies are warming in the sun.

In striped pajamas


in a row are . ..

in the Sun lit

Watermelon kindergarten!

And the little bellies are warming nearby

tanning in the sun,

They lie, lie


and invite

funny watermelons!

Children are divided into “Watermelons” and “Karapuzovs”.

Some of the children put on watermelon hats and sing verse 1, and the other sing 2 verses of the song.

Watermelons, after singing the song, turn to the little ones

Watermelon children: Hey, little ones - don't yawn!

If you want to eat us - catch up!

Catch-up game.

Aunt Varya: Kamyshin is our watermelon capital!

And how can we not be proud of this fact?


Child: There are many different festivals,

We will give them all a head start!

Our native Watermelon Holiday

There is only one in the whole world!

Child: This was an old thing,

Here the king tasted the watermelon,

He said: “Excellent fruit!”

This is how watermelon grows here!

Aunt Varya: Elena Robertovna will tell you, guys, an amazing story from the life of our city, which was once called . .. what?

Children: Dmitrievsk!

The teacher reads Nikolai Nenashev's poem "The Legend of the Watermelon"

The vocal group performs ditties.

1 child: Our Kamyshin is a glorious city!

Everyone loves watermelons in it,

We hold the main festival.

We are waiting for you on it!

2 child: Miracle - berry - watermelon!

Tastes amazing!

You try it - a slice, two

Your head will spin!

3 child: Oh, heavy load in the bag,

We are bringing a watermelon home.


4 child: They came to us with melons

Striped balls.

Balls - one bark

5 child: Watermelon - such a berry,

Oh, green, big.

And when you taste it,

Tell all your friends!

6 child: We are the watermelon capital,

How can you not know this?

We will be proud of it,

Come visit us again!

Aunt Varya: At home, together with their parents, the children made crafts from watermelon seeds. Let's take a look at them.

Exhibition of crafts made from watermelons and watermelon seeds.

Aunt Varya: Guys! Outside the window, a cloud frowns and gets angry ...

Children: Our group is not afraid of rain at all!

Aunt Varya: We know the game about rain and will give it to guests.

All children: Rain, rain, - harder!

We have watermelon fields!

Rhythmic game "Rain"

Aunt Varya: Here it is raining in autumn. Our garden is flooded.

And after the rain, riddles grew in the garden.

Invites children and parents to solve riddles about vegetables, berries and fruits.

Aunt Varya: I know that you know a lot of riddles about watermelon. And some of you compose them yourself. Let's split into two teams and find out who knows more of these mysteries.

Two teams compete: “Pinkeys” and “Puzatiki”.

The winners are rewarded with sweet slices.

Teams greet each other with funny slogans

Stripes: We are funny guys -

Naughty watermelons.

We live in a glorious city

And we all chew watermelons!

Puzatiki: Loved by adults and children

The sweetest fruit in the world,

Amazing in taste

Our Kamyshinsky watermelon!

Aunt Varya: Do you know, children, where watermelons grow? (Answer children).

In translation from the Tatar language "Bakhcha" means "Garden". Watermelons live in such a garden. I suggest you go to the watermelon kindergarten and prepare for the festive fashion show. In the meantime, our children change clothes, I want to play a little with our guests.

Game "Compose a poem". Participants are offered rhymes.

Master class. “Lepim watermelon”

Aunt Vera: So, we start our watermelon defile “Watermelons-peanuts”!

"Watermelon Fashion" - fashion show. Track number 5 ("Karapuzy"

O. Gazmanova)

Children demonstrate fancy dress.

To the final chords of Gladkov's music "At the Fair", adult characters appear on the stage: Watermelon and Watermelon.

Watermelon: I am big as a soccer ball

If ripe, everyone is happy.

I taste so good...

What is my name? …

Children: Watermelon!

Arbuzikha: And you can barely hug me,

If you are weak, you will not lift me up.

I, guys, are Arbuzikha.

I know how to dance famously! (referring to children).


Watermelon: And we have excellent taste!

All together: We give you a big watermelon! (In fake watermelon — marmalade "Watermelon slices" and coloring books "Our Kamyshin".0003

All children: We invite you again to our holiday in kindergarten!

The Watermelon Disco ends the holiday. Track No. 6 "Good mood"

Appendix No. 1. Riddles about watermelon.

Round, sweet, striped.

Whiskers in infancy.

Learn more