How to do the washer machine dance

Washing Machine Dancing across Floor

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Here's some tips on how to keep it in its place.

Washing Machine vibrating or moving helps and tips from RC

It's very important your washing machine be perfectly level and on a solid, stable floor. Off-balance washing machines sometimes shimmy across the floor or even do a full-out jig. This dancing is often accompanied by loud banging noises. If this happens to you, here's how to fix it yourself:

Adjust the machine's leveling legs until a level shows the machine is perfectly level from front to back and side to side. While doing this, make sure the legs are adjusted up as far as possible in order to lower the center of gravity of the machine. Lubricate the leveling legs with something like WD-40 occasionally to prevent them from getting stuck in the up position.

Once the unit is level, tighten the lock nuts on the leveling legs against the base of the washer to prevent the legs from unscrewing due to washer movement.

NOTE: Some washing machines have self-leveling rear legs. If this is true of your washer, tip the machine forward and set it back down firmly to set the rear legs. Then adjust the front legs until the washer is level. You still need adjust the front leveling legs up as far as possible.

To prevent your washer from becoming off balance, don't overload it or run a very small load, with just a few heavy items. Either case can cause your machine to go off balance.

Weak floors also lead to dancing washing machines. If the floor is vibrating when the washer is spinning, the floor should be strengthened. To check your floor, set a half-full glass of water next to the washer and put it into a spin cycle. If the glass of water vibrates, the floor needs to be strengthened. A layer of ¾" fire-resistant plywood that spans underneath both the washer and dryer often does the trick, screw this down to the existing floor.

Some levelling legs have rubber pads built into the legs, this will help the washer stick to the floor to prevent the washer from moving around. Sometimes these pads can wear down or become damaged and new legs would be required.

If your washer slides because it sits on a slick floor, try putting specially made non-slip pads underneath the levelling legs.

If your washer vibrates, try putting specially made isolation pads underneath the levelling legs.

This page brought to you by RepairClinic.

Washing Machine Repair Parts

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What song did Selena do the washing machine to?

What does Selena dance?

“She did mostly cumbias and some norteño and mariachi, and pop in English. Nov 5, 2013

Why is my washing machine dancing around?

Washing machine is not level – A shaking/vibrating washer is most commonly caused by the washer not being level. If the washer is slightly tilted to one side, the washer can shake and move around when running the spin cycle. There may be missing or damaged leveling legs.Aug 11, 2018

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How old was Selena when she died?

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What is cumbia and the washing machine?

What are the "cumbia" and the "washing machine"? Cumbia is a type of music and the washing machine is a dance.

What is a cumbia dance?

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Installing a washing machine: where to find a place in an apartment

If it seems to you that the small area of ​​​​the apartment limits your possibilities for placing a washing machine, I'm coming to you. Jokes aside, without a washing machine, a person’s life in a metropolis is unthinkable. It is only in the countries of Southeast Asia that living in a house without a washing machine is considered the norm: private laundries are literally on every corner, and the service costs a penny. In Russia, on the contrary, the situation is extremely rare when washing clothes - a physically complex process - is carried out exclusively by hand. Any hostess starts her own house with the purchase of a stove, refrigerator and washing machine. And therefore it must decide where to put this very machine. Most often, our compatriots install a washing machine in the kitchen or bathroom, less often - in the corridor, extremely rarely - in living rooms. Let's go through all the rooms and see how the washing machine will look in each of them.

Provincial Kitchens

Laundry in the kitchen
Not the most convenient, but traditional for Russia and acceptable place for placing washing equipment. “Inconvenient” because there is a violation of the functional areas: if you place the washing machine in close proximity to the source of water and sewage, then the machine in this case will clearly compete with the dishwasher.

Tip: Install the built-in washing machine in one block of kitchen cabinets, close the front door - this will help to make the equipment invisible.

Abbie Joan Fine Living

With sufficient kitchen space, a corner arrangement would be appropriate: a washing machine (and even a dryer) on one side of the working line, a dishwasher and sink on the other.

Sussex Kitchen and Bedrooms

Tip: If the washing machine dances during operation, check that it is level and that the transport screws that many people forget about are unscrewed.

Properly installed, the machine is so vibration-resistant that it allows you to carefully store collectible wine.

Total Spaces Design


In the bathroom
Ideal installation location: the whole complex of utilities is present: from water supply and intake, to power supply and exhaust.

Tip: Organize a collection system for clothes and cleaning products near the washing machine and install a heated towel rail nearby. A full-fledged dryer will not interfere (it can even be retractable).

Special style

Tip: Install a shut-off valve in front of the washing machine water supply hose, which must be opened during washing and be sure to close it afterwards.

This will help prevent accidental flooding of the apartment. Each washing machine has a safety valve that closes the access to water at the end of the wash; due to the high hardness of tap water, plaque forms on this valve, which makes the valve unusable.
In addition, now on sale there are special hoses that are worn on the water supply to the washing machine and which react to leaks, automatically shutting off the water in the event of an accident.

Lowe's Home Improvement

Laundry room
If the apartment has enough space, it makes sense to organize a full-fledged laundry room - this is the best place for a washing machine. However, keep in mind: not every room can become a laundry room. When choosing a place, calculate the admissibility of supplying the necessary communications to the washing machine (water, sewerage and ventilation). Please note that you should register this as a redevelopment with the appropriate authority.

If the laundry room is planned in a non-residential part of the apartment and there are no other violations, the redevelopment will most likely be agreed upon.

Mary Englert- Case Design/Remodeling Inc

There are special clothes dryer cabinets that can be installed above the washing machine, which is convenient enough for small apartments. It turns out everything at once: washed at the bottom, dried at the top. Without wasting time hanging clothes, as well as without having to look for a well-ventilated room to dry them.

Advice: I do not advise buying washing machines with an additional “drying” option - not at all because this is a marketing move by manufacturers. The fact is that in fact, “drying” in a washing machine is a hard spin, after which many types of fabrics lose their appearance. Whereas drying clothes in a special dryer is a delicate process.


If you need not only a washing machine, but also a dryer, it makes sense to place it in a column, when one piece of household appliances is installed on another. So that the space between the wall and the appliances does not disappear, I advise you to equip a special storage system for detergents and household chemicals (a great idea in the photo).

John Hall Custom Homes

An obvious advantage of the laundry room is that you can perform all laundry manipulations (from sorting dirty to ironing clean) in one room. Here - to store the necessary tools for easy smoothing of jams, starching linen, etc. Yes, and for the ironing board itself, you can find a stationary (sometimes built-in) position.

Darra Joinery

Can the washing machine be hung up?
If we are talking about an ordinary washing machine, then I would not advise hanging it up, as the vibrations during the operation of the drum will destroy the fastenings to the wall, no matter how strong they are. In extreme cases, they will completely destroy the wall.

The rotation of the drum causes this equipment to vibrate: even the water and sewer lines leading directly to the washing machine are flexible due to possible vibrations of the washing machine.

Now there are special washing machines, the installation of which is designed to be fixed to the wall. The idea is not bad, but I do not recommend mounting it without additional strengthening of the wall. Hanging washing machines do not yet have the same quality characteristics as conventional floor washing machines - a maximum load of 3 kg and three washing modes can hardly be considered relevant. They are noticeably inferior in performance to conventional, narrower, washing machines that can fit even in a modest area, but have many modes and a load of up to 6 kg.

Shane D. Inman

The washing machine can be placed on a special podium with storage space. The height of the podium can be any, as long as it is convenient to load and unload the drum. The ideal height is when the center of the drum is at around 800-1200 mm from the floor level, this height will allow you to do laundry without bending your back: add powder, select a mode, and load clothes for washing, and the podium under the machine can be great a place to assemble clothes or store.


If the law is followed, a utility relocation project and corridor waterproofing will be required. Many Russians set up a mini-laundry in place of a built-in closet or a tiny closet, but this is not always legal.

It is necessary to first check the possibility of transferring the water line and calculate the slope for the drain hose - this will help to avoid stagnation of water in it and the appearance of an unpleasant odor.

Robert Holgate Design

Walk-in closet
A washing machine can be placed if the following conditions are met:

  • The walk-in closet is not located above the living room.
  • There is a technical possibility of supplying communications.
  • The redevelopment project has been approved by the relevant authorities.

Lindy Donnelly

Living rooms
This is the most dubious placement of washing equipment.
The organization of wet areas above living rooms is prohibited by the Code of Rules and conflicts with SNiPs, but, unfortunately, such examples happen. Some “craftsmen”, trying to connect the room, stretch the water supply and intake hoses to the living rooms, completely unaware of what a connection is - a violation that worsens their own living conditions: learning not to trip over the hoses and constantly use an interior air freshener is a dubious pleasure .

An apartment building is a commonwealth and mutual respect of neighbors, but when a washing machine is installed in a living room, living conditions for the whole house worsen. There is a high probability of flooding living rooms. Not a single professional plumber will agree to supply water to a living room, and a non-professional will do and perform this work poorly - a leak will occur in a short time.

Washing machine in spin mode is excessive noise. The sound of a working drum of a washing machine has a structural origin and it spreads through structures - ceilings and walls. Listen to the washing process will be the inhabitants of the five or six nearest floors.

John Hannah Architectural Design & Rendering

In a private home, you are free to organize a laundry in any part of the space. Decisions can be the most unexpected. Under the stairs, for example.


The owners of this country house have organized a "linen chute" for dirty clothes (similar to a garbage chute). From the private part of the house - children's rooms, bedrooms - dirty laundry can be sent straight to the basement.

Oglesby Construction Company, Inc.

It ends up in a special closet, which is closed with such shutters in the manner of blinds. And there is no need to carry dirty linen on all floors of the house.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Another smart idea is to combine the laundry room with the back entrance to the house. And place here a shower tray for washing dog paws.

Washing machine in the kitchen: pros and cons

For owners of small apartments and studios, a washing machine in the kitchen is the only solution. But still, before moving the machine, we advise you to honestly answer three questions for yourself:

  1. Will you be embarrassed that you wear dirty linen to the kitchen?
  2. Where will you fold it, store it before and after washing?
  3. Will your washing machine deprive you of critical storage space in your kitchen?

There are many advantages to placing a washing machine in the kitchen

  • Save space in your bathroom and get a full size washing machine. In small-sized baths, there is often not enough free space even for the smallest typewriter, not to mention the overall model for a large family.

  • You will save time. A washing machine in the kitchen will allow you to combine household chores and not waste precious minutes moving around the house.

  • You are not dependent on households. You can load things into the machine and get them at any time, without waiting until the bathroom is free.

  • The machine is better preserved. The humidity in the kitchen is not as high as in the bathroom, this will save you from premature rust, for example.

  • You will have plenty to choose from. The choice of full-size models is much larger than the "kids".

  • The kitchen has all communications to connect the washing machine.

But there are also disadvantages.

  • Washing machine takes up storage space;

  • It is not clear where to place the dryer or laundry basket;

  • If there are several generations in the family, it may be inconvenient to start the machine-pull out the laundry in the presence of each other

  • A washing machine may not fit into the interior of, for example, a classic kitchen; in any case, it is desirable that it be combined in style with kitchen appliances.

  • Laundry can pick up particularly strong kitchen odors.

  • After washing, the washing machine door must be left open for a while - a dangerous obstacle in a small kitchen.

  • Will have to wash immediately. Most likely, you will not store dirty laundry inside the machine if it is in the kitchen.

  • Will have to think about where to store the powder. Products and chemistry are not the best neighbors.

If there are no other options for installing the washing machine, consider these points in advance. For example, place a laundry basket not in the kitchen, but outside the door, at the entrance. For a classic kitchen, order an additional false facade. Arrange with loved ones to run the car at night, when there is no one in the kitchen.

Where to place

The built-in washing machine is installed in place of one of the floor-mounted kitchen cabinets. In a small kitchen or studio apartment, she will stand under the worktop in line with kitchen appliances.

With enough space in the kitchen, you can place the machine in a corner: a washing machine (and, if space permits, a dryer) on one side of the working line, a dishwasher and a sink on the other. An important nuance in this case is the correct installation. It may be necessary to extend the connection hoses for draining and supplying water (there are hoses for extending up to 5 and up to 7 m on sale).

Washer (and dryer) can be made part of a column. The top closed section will hold four to five horizontal storage shelves. If the car is leveled, it will not "jump" and will not harm objects standing on top.

The least visible place for a washing machine is behind the front door. You are lucky if water and sewer pipes are nearby. It is better not to pull the connecting hoses through the entire kitchen - when draining and taking in water, the machine will work more intensively, that is, it will wear out faster.

What to consider

If you plan the kitchen correctly, even on 4-5 square meters you will be able to accommodate both furniture and appliances. But, if you are planning, for example, to make a false cabinet for a washing machine, do not forget that you will always have to keep its door ajar. Keep this in mind when planning your kitchen - an ajar door should not interfere with your movement around the kitchen while cooking.

It is more convenient when the functional areas do not overlap. Therefore, we recommend removing the washing machine as far as possible from the main work surface. The easiest way to do this is in the kitchen (even a small one), which is organized in two lines. Put the machine on the floor, and not on the bottom shelf of the cabinet - otherwise the appliance will loosen the kitchen set during the spin cycle.

The washing machine must have all communications (water intake and drainage) in the immediate vicinity. An extension cord is a bad idea.

Learn more