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Bamboo Panda 熊猫班卜

@ your friend who you wanna dance with #panda #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #animation #dance #funny #tiktok #bamboopanda #趋势 #haiphuthon #animetiktok

335.5K Likes, 2.5K Comments. TikTok video from Bamboo Panda 熊猫班卜 (@bamboopandaofficial): "@ your friend who you wanna dance with #panda #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #animation #dance #funny #tiktok #bamboopanda #趋势 #haiphuthon #animetiktok". original sound.


original sound - Bamboo Panda 熊猫班卜


Bamboo Panda 熊猫班卜

@ur friends who can do it #panda #animation #dance #fyp

57. 9K Likes, 390 Comments. TikTok video from Bamboo Panda 熊猫班卜 (@bamboopandaofficial): "@ur friends who can do it #panda #animation #dance #fyp". original sound.


original sound - Bamboo Panda 熊猫班卜



Disco panda. Do you like it? #panda #dance #cute #fyp

2.5K Likes, 50 Comments. TikTok video from pandahome08 (@pandahome08): "Disco panda. Do you like it? #panda #dance #cute #fyp". original sound.


original sound - pandahome08


Bamboo Panda 熊猫班卜

me??? LOL #leagueoflegends #dancechallege #animation #panda

100.9K Likes, 667 Comments. TikTok video from Bamboo Panda 熊猫班卜 (@bamboopandaofficial): "me??? LOL #leagueoflegends #dancechallege #animation #panda". original sound.


original sound - Bamboo Panda 熊猫班卜



went to the bakala with my friend #pandadancing #crazypanda #pandaqatar #dohalife

3.2K Likes, 78 Comments. TikTok video from Crazy_panda_qatar (@crazy_panda_qatar): "went to the bakala with my friend #pandadancing #crazypanda #pandaqatar #dohalife". Mission Impossible Theme (Movie Trailer Mix).


Mission Impossible Theme (Movie Trailer Mix) - Dominik Hauser


Thấy Hay Là Post

lắc cùng gấu #tiktok #xuhuong #panda #dance

TikTok video from Thấy Hay Là Post (@phanquangtrinh3029): "lắc cùng gấu #tiktok #xuhuong #panda #dance". Đường Tôi Chở Em Về (Cukak Remix).


Đường Tôi Chở Em Về (Cukak Remix) - buitruonglinh


Bamboo Panda 熊猫班卜

@ ur friends who wanna dance with u #goyanguburubur #animation #pandas #foryoupage #dancechallenge #可愛い

262K Likes, 1.3K Comments. TikTok video from Bamboo Panda 熊猫班卜 (@bamboopandaofficial): "@ ur friends who wanna dance with u #goyanguburubur #animation #pandas #foryoupage #dancechallenge #可愛い". original sound.


original sound - Bamboo Panda 熊猫班卜


Smile again

#animals #panda #funny #funnyvideo #dance #fyp

2. 8K Likes, 42 Comments. TikTok video from Smile again (@smileagain111): "#animals #panda #funny #funnyvideo #dance #fyp". 🤣🤣🤣. Gangnam Style.


Gangnam Style - Gangnam Style



#pakistan #tiktok #foryoupage #video #dance #panda

96 Likes, 9 Comments. TikTok video from SARKAR😲555 (@zee_official_): "#pakistan #tiktok #foryoupage #video#dance #panda". original sound.


original sound - Banosgulafridi

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many hours of queues for the talisman, the panda funny parodies the skaters' jumps

"Easier to get it by winning a medal."

It looks like the Beijing 2022 Organizing Committee did something that most Olympic organizers failed to do. In China, they created a memorable talisman that absolutely everyone wants.

Meet the adorable (and incredibly scarce) panda Bing Dun Dun.

"Dun Dun" from Chinese means healthy, strong, cheerful, and "Bing" means ice. The plush version of the ice panda has become mega-popular, but it is extremely difficult for fans to get to the coveted talisman. More on this below, but for now, about the life hack of athletes.

They have an iron and the most desirable way to get a mascot - a panda is given to all winners as a keepsake. “Now there is a shortage of Bing Dun Dun in the Olympic Village. I need another one! I have two children - I need two, - skater Ruslan Zakharov jokes, who has already taken one silver in the team race. - Yesterday we went to a souvenir shop, there is an unreal queue. They deliver a few on schedule. It's easier to get it by winning a medal."

The product is so rare that the figure skater Mark Kondratyuk was even asked if he was ready to sell the panda. “No, of course, this is our talisman,” the Olympic champion replied.

Chinese snowboarder Su Yiming posted on Weibo after winning silver: “A few days ago, when I saw the Chinese speed skating team standing on the podium with Bing Dun Dun, I was very envious. I realized that with effort, I could get it too. I did it, I'm very happy. Hope to win more Bing Dun Dun. "

Panda fell in love because of memes and the Prince of Monaco, and the Chinese New Year increased the shortage

Zhangjiakou shop. This is a queue for the escalator to the store, and another one is gathering in front of the entrance.

Sometimes pandas are sold by pre-order or with a limit of one hand. Not everyone gets it for sure - Dun Dun does not linger on the shelves. At Beijing's main press center, the queues are even longer.

"I'd rather spend this hour at home, but the kids really want it," Dong Yanxue, 54, who came in line with a chair, food and beer, told Bloomberg. He said that he had already bought one toy for his niece before, but for this he had to stand in line for two nights.

The excitement around the mascot flared up right from the start of the Games. The memorability of the panda helps: she dances at the opening ceremony, tries to squeeze through the doors and falls when she tries to jump.

Although ppl said #BingDwenDwen was challenging 4A, I can only give it a 2A<<,but maybe a 10 PCS.

— KillUA1111 (@killua11111) February 13, 2022

And here's a new attempt, even funnier:

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Post by Figure Skating ⛸️ (@figureskating_sportsru)

The popularity grew even more when Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prince Albert II of Monaco started talking about it. During a diplomatic visit, a small panda figurine was presented to a guest, and the prince turned to the donors: “Could you do me a big favor? Can I take a second figurine? I have twins, and if I bring only one…”

Of course, the guest was not refused, and later Xi Jinping mentioned this at the meeting: “You chose two amazing Bing Dun Duns as souvenirs for the children. We hope they grow up to be as passionate and talented in winter sports as you are.

Supply shortages exacerbated the situation as the opening ceremony took place in the middle of the Chinese New Year celebration. At the moment of a sharp increase in demand, many factories were closed. On February 6, a spokesman for the organizing committee of the Games, Zhao Weidong, said at a briefing that they are trying to rectify the situation. "Now we are making efforts to coordinate the production and supply of Bing Dun Dun," Weidong said.

But while there was no offer, it was created by resellers. Those who did not want to stand in line paid as much as 17 times the retail price. On the Internet, the price of souvenirs reached $ 500, so even the Chinese police had to react. She urged not to buy goods from speculators and punished at least three people for price gouging.

On the other hand, the positions of licensed producers of Bing Dun Dun are growing. In the early days of the hype, Beijing Yuanlong Yato Culture Dissemination Co shares surged 10%, Cultural Investment Holdings Co also saw shares rise for several days.

In total, the organizing committee of the Games has developed 16 categories and more than 5,000 licensed products, including badges, key chains, toys, precious metal products, ceramics, clothing and accessories. According to the Shanxi Securities Research Report, the revenue from the sale of licensed goods will exceed 2.5 billion yuan (39$5 million).

Pande was forbidden to speak, but her voice still broke through the air. And it came as a surprise to the viewers

All the cuteness of the image of Bing Dun Dun was almost destroyed by TV. Last week, China Central Television aired the mascot. As usual, he jumped happily, and then suddenly spoke. Of course, it was not a cartoon child's voice. According to the Wall Street Journal, the speaker was a middle-aged man with a distinct northeastern Chinese accent.

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