How to do the lilo and stitch hula dance

VIDEO: Now You Can Learn to Hula Like Lilo and Stitch!

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Posted on by Kristin Yep

Credit: Disney / Zoolee

Lilo and Stitch is a feel good Disney movie that has the love of Disney fans of all ages.  You can’t help but get attached to this ohana and all the fun that they have on the island.  It’s really hard to sing and dance along to every song in the background.  But what a lot of people don’t know is you can learn a lot about the Hawaiian culture from the movie.

Credit: Disney

In the making of the Disney film, the movie makers did a lot of research in order to create an animated film that was as authentic to Hawaiian culture as possible.  In Hawaii, Hula dance is a very large part of the Hawaiian arts.  And, of course, there would be no hula without Hawaiian music which in the movie has multiple song including, “He Mele No Lilo,” sung by Mark Keali’I Ho’Omalu & Kamehameha School Children’s Chorus.

Credit: Giphy

Behind the Making of “He Mele No Lilo” Hula

In order to protect Hawaiian history, the Lilo and Stitch film makers went to Mark Keali’I Ho’Omalu’s Halau to capture a traditional hula dance.  When they brought the video back to the studios for the animators, they wanted to make sure that every little detail of the choreographed hula dance was in drawing.  This allows for those watching the movie to see an authentic version of hula, although I’m not sure they had a Stitch hula dancing in the real version.  We’ll have to see when the live action Lilo and Stitch comes to Disney+.

Disney Fan Recreates “He Mele No Lilo” Hula

One Disney fan posted a Youtube video recreating this hula.  As the film makers needed to do a lot of research in order to create an accurate account, so did she.  When you watch the animated film, the hula dance is mixed in with shots of Lilo running in late to the Halau.  From the watching the behind the scenes video and her understanding of hula, she recreated and released what she believe is very close to the original.


Kristin Yep

Kristin is a Southern California native that grew up going to Disneyland with her parents. Now she's a DLR Annual Passholder and still enjoys every bit of roaming around soaking in all the magic with childlike wonder. Outside of the Parks, she's a foodie, coffee addict, hyperactive, and loves seaturtles (and all animals really. ) When she's not writing for Inside the Magic, she's writing on her own blog, which means she know it's always time to go to the Disney Parks!

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Hawaiian dances Miliani Hula Dance - New in Kiev

Hawaiian dances Miliani Hula Dance - New in Kiev | Big Kyiv

Poster Partner materials

13:37 04. 12.2019

“Avikiviki, milohihi…”: who would have thought that these simple and even slightly funny words in the song from the cartoon “Lilo…
Read more

“Avikiviki, milohihi…”: who would have thought unpretentious and even slightly funny words in the song from the cartoon "Lilo and Stitch" will be the starting point on my journey into the world of Hawaiian dances" - likes to say Anastasia, head of authentic Hawaiian dance studio in Kyiv Miliani Hula Dance ( . nine0003

When it's drizzling outside the window and the autumn melancholy rolls in, everyone is mentally transferred to warm countries - the beach, warm sand, the sound of the surf ... Hawaii! Yes, the heavenly atmosphere on the islands is always associated with relaxation, serenity and dancing on the beach. Such a small piece of paradise exists in Kyiv. If you have long been thinking about what to do in your free time or how to overcome autumn sadness, then the Kyiv Hawaiian dance studio is happy to invite everyone to classes.

Immersing yourself in the world of Hawaiian dances, you can learn a lot of new and interesting things about the traditions and culture of the Hawaiian people, and the study of the dance itself begins with the analysis of the lyrics in the Hawaiian language. The hula dance is first and foremost a story told by hand, such as love, friendship, family relationships, long walks to a waterfall, sunset surfing, relaxing on the beach, harvesting coconuts, and sometimes even a war between Hawaiian chiefs. Dancing in the hall, to the sounds of the Hawaiian ukulele guitar and the rhythms of the Hawaiian pumpkin drum or bamboo sticks, you can walk in the rain, enjoy the scent of tropical flowers and the singing of birds of paradise. At first glance, the movements in Hawaiian dance may seem quite easy, but only until you try to dance on bent knees for an hour, while performing completely different movements with your arms and legs. nine0003

Two main styles of hula dance are studied in the studio: modern (auana) and ancient (kahiko). It is noteworthy that in ancient times only men performed the hula dance. It was a kind of physical preparation for the war - they not only danced, but also to train their memory, they had to list the names of their relatives up to at least 10 generations in one song, carry huge stones waist-deep in water in their hands and climb a palm tree at speed. The modern style of Hawaiian dance appeared much later, when the first immigrants brought non-traditional Hawaiian musical instruments to the islands, such as the ukulele guitar, slek guitar and others. It was this new music that inspired the Hawaiian teachers to create a fluid, gentle, feminine and romantic modern style of hula dance. nine0003

Legends say that the Hawaiian dance appeared when the volcano goddess Pele sailed to the islands and saw a girl dancing on the sand on the shore, and some say that in fact the dance appeared during the “dance struggle” of two women for the heart of one man. Today it is already impossible to know for sure whether these legends are true, given that the Hawaiians are great masters of puns and encryption of information in the words of a song.

Hawaiian dance has an important cultural purpose: Through song and dance, the Hawaiians have passed on their island stories, legends and myths from generation to generation, especially at a time when they were forbidden to practice the hula dance and speak the Hawaiian language. "I'm glad we're choreographing some of the ancient style dances that are almost 100 years old, and we couldn't have done it if it wasn't for the great desire of the Hawaiians to preserve their rich culture." nine0003

In the process of learning hula dance, not only your body develops, but also your mind. With each new dance, the students discover new qualities in themselves: they become more open and liberated, relaxed and at the same time focused on the moment - to be here and now! Hawaiian dances are great for developing the imagination: the dancer must be able to choose the appropriate color of fabric for the skirt for a particular dance and weave leis (garlands) from different materials (flowers, seeds, herbs, straw) that will harmonize with the dance costume. nine0003

Hawaiian dancing is a lot of positive and joy! “I am glad when at the end of the lesson I see smiles on the faces of the students,” says Anastasia, “the hula dance helps to take a different look at the world around us and 100% has a huge healing effect.” A feature of Hawaiian dances is the expression of feelings and emotions through movements, which helps to relieve nervous tension and, as the Hawaiians say, helps to "kindle your inner fire." No matter where you perform the hula dance - in the hall in front of a mirror, on a big stage, in a park or on the river bank - you will certainly feel harmony with your body, enjoying the melody of a Hawaiian song. nine0003

This is a kind of dance poetry that can be shared with other people at any time. Many Hawaiians claim that if they are asked to tell a story from their life, instead of a hundred words, they are more likely to dance it. “In the classroom, I often say: “Dance, if you want to say something, and then speak!”. It is surprising that Hawaiian songs and dances convey the meaning of what is happening around so deeply, considering that there are only 12 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet. “The simplicity of the Hawaiian language is deceptive. The Hawaiians have about 50-80 words for something like rain or wind, and they are great at turning a short word into a long word by repeating it, which completely changes its meaning. For example, the national fish of the Hawaiian Islands is called Humuhumunukunukuapuaa. nine0003

Hawaiian dancing is the ability to turn any moment of life into an adventure to remember it with pleasure 20 years later. Hawaiians greet everyone with the word "Aloha", which means more than a simple "Hello!" and which cannot be fully explained. Aloha is more of a lifestyle: to love, enjoy, not think about the distant future (after all, Hawaiians live near active volcanoes), enjoy every day, respect each other and selflessly help people in need. Hawaiians never say goodbye, but always say "A hui kana" - See you soon! - or literally "Until you and I meet again!" nine0003

“Therefore, see you soon! We are waiting for you in our Hawaiian dance studio in Kyiv!”



Sumy. .


Great Kiev at Google News

Traditional Hawaiian dances - Moana Hula Studio

School of traditional Hawaiian dance "Moana Hula Studio"

Group for the smallest dancers - girls 6-10 years old!

Start on September 16th! nine0003

Children will learn both modern and ancient styles of dance, learn a lot about the culture of the Hawaiian Islands. Learn the language and history, play national instruments and the ukulele.

Hawaiian hula dance is very feminine and your girls will be real princesses! Amazing stories, the sound of the ocean, beautiful costumes and flower decorations, we have all this at our school. Teachers are constantly learning Hawaiian dances, both in Hawaii and in Europe. nine0003

If your little girl has ever dreamed of being the cute Lilo from Lilo & Stitch or the determined Wayana from the cartoon about the Polynesian princess Wayana, then she will definitely like it here.

We also have a group for adults!

The first lesson is free!

Record by phone: +380 (63) 911 07 26.

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