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Yea new jiggy dance! Over and over dc @aaroncanthoop and I 🙋‍♂️

13.8K Likes, 90 Comments. TikTok video from jeffxtingz (@jeffxtingz): "Yea new jiggy dance! Over and over dc @aaroncanthoop and I 🙋‍♂️". Over.


Over - Lucky Daye


ur mom

i do ma lil dance #fyp #foryoupage #colorcustomizer #jiggy #yktv #dance #original

TikTok video from ur mom (@ightimmafukwityoh): "i do ma lil dance #fyp #foryoupage #colorcustomizer #jiggy #yktv #dance #original". original sound.


original sound - ur mom



Jiggle Jiggle Nuevo Emote de Fortnite #fortnite #gaming #emote #baile #dance #original

4.2K Likes, 34 Comments. TikTok video from Zazuckv2 (@zazuckv2): "Jiggle Jiggle Nuevo Emote de Fortnite #fortnite #gaming #emote #baile #dance #original". sonido original.


sonido original - Zazuckv2



The video you’ve all been waiting for…. 🦏🕺🤳 #Part2 #LeedsRhinos #rugby #jiggy

13.1K Likes, 142 Comments. TikTok video from Leedsrhinosofficial (@leeds_rhinos_official): "The video you’ve all been waiting for…. 🦏🕺🤳 #Part2 #LeedsRhinos #rugby #jiggy". Rate our teams’ jiggy dance Part 2. original sound.


original sound - Dglizz



Blow this up!!!! Make him tiktok famous! #stpattysday #saitpatricksday🍀 #fyp #viral #toofunny #original #gettingdown #dance #jiggy #foryourpage

161 Likes, 18 Comments. TikTok video from CTM_Travelin_Dready (@travelin_dready_sqd): "Blow this up!!!! Make him tiktok famous! #stpattysday #saitpatricksday🍀 #fyp #viral #toofunny #original #gettingdown #dance #jiggy #foryourpage". Always pays off to tend bar sober!!! | Blow this up, make him tiktok famous. original sound.


original sound - CTM_Travelin_Dready



we tried🙃 #jiggydancechallenge

306 Likes, 15 Comments. TikTok video from yoli🦋✨ (@yolisabelperez): "we tried🙃 #jiggydancechallenge". Alex 8.5/10: bold for going first but her head was just... no | Vicky 7.5/10: Hair flip was giving but not enough energy | Yoli 5/10: just no😐 | .... original sound.


original sound - Dglizz



jiggle jiggle POP #fyp #original #dance

TikTok video from twindorsalfin (@twindorsalfin): "jiggle jiggle POP #fyp #original #dance". original sound.


original sound - Zoey


Dec 15 is my birthday

Jiggy🕺🏽🕺🏽 #jiggy #dance #fyp #vsp #bahamiantiktok🇧🇸 #supervalue

826 Likes, 13 Comments. TikTok video from Dec 15 is my birthday (@tallz.vsp): "Jiggy🕺🏽🕺🏽 #jiggy #dance #fyp #vsp #bahamiantiktok🇧🇸 #supervalue". original sound.


original sound - Dec 15 is my birthday

jiggy with it dance challenge



For You



Full Circle

the one that got away ✨ #sturdy #dance #theonethatgotaway #boyband #boybandchallenge #dancechallenge #getjiggywithit

5.1K Likes, 40 Comments. TikTok video from Full Circle (@fullcircleboys): "the one that got away ✨ #sturdy #dance #theonethatgotaway #boyband #boybandchallenge #dancechallenge #getjiggywithit". the one that got away.


the one that got away - el


MonkeyTown 🇹🇭 TikTok

MonkeyTown 🇹🇭 TikTok ( on TikTok

TikTok video from MonkeyTown 🇹🇭 TikTok ( Gettin' Jiggy Wit It.


Gettin' Jiggy Wit It - Will Smith


Erica Rose

If the snow didn’t give it away, this is an OLD draft DC@matt8mccall & @dexrated #gettingjiggywithit #dancechallenge

361 Likes, 41 Comments. TikTok video from Erica Rose (@erica.rosetk): "If the snow didn’t give it away, this is an OLD draft [email protected] & @dexrated #gettingjiggywithit #dancechallenge". Gettin' Jiggy Wit It.


Gettin' Jiggy Wit It - Will Smith



Reply to @g0awayl0l1 it’s a vibe 😮‍💨 #jiggywithit #dancechallenge #request #comment #fyp #follow

1. 5K Likes, 34 Comments. TikTok video from ellalucas00 (@ellalucas00): "Reply to @g0awayl0l1 it’s a vibe 😮‍💨 #jiggywithit #dancechallenge #request #comment #fyp #follow". original sound.


original sound - 〽️onsta〽️ovez



Gotta get Jiggy wit this! #fyp #tiktokph #dance #sydney #foryou #fypシ #dancechallenge #foryoupage

591 Likes, 10 Comments. TikTok video from jetvalencia (@jetvalencia): "Gotta get Jiggy wit this! #fyp #tiktokph #dance #sydney #foryou #fypシ #dancechallenge #foryoupage". Hip Hop Grooves | Jiggy Wit It | Gucci | .... Gettin' Jiggy Wit It.


Gettin' Jiggy Wit It - Will Smith



LETS GET THIS DANCE CHALLENGE ON THE WAY “GET JIGGY WID IT” BY YUNG T. G.E. USE THE SOUND ON TIKTOK #getjiggywithit #getjiggy #dancechallenge #newsoundontiktok #dance #newmusic #summervibes

TikTok video from TALENT_SHOW (@talent_show54): "LETS GET THIS DANCE CHALLENGE ON THE WAY “GET JIGGY WID IT” BY YUNG T.G.E. USE THE SOUND ON TIKTOK #getjiggywithit #getjiggy #dancechallenge #newsoundontiktok #dance #newmusic #summervibes". Get jiggy wid it with Yung t.g.e. original sound.


original sound - TALENT_SHOW



Was trying to slide but couldn’t. Lol. #dancechallenge #getjiggywithit 💕💕💕

TikTok video from Danis (@therealdjdan): "Was trying to slide but couldn’t. Lol. #dancechallenge #getjiggywithit 💕💕💕". original sound.


original sound - 💕Indigenousvibes420 💕

Falz feat.

Sir Dauda - Boogie

Falz - boogie

Yeah! Bad guys in the building

(dance, boogie, jiggi, Jo o!)

Sir Dauda wuzzup?

(dance, boogie, jiggi, Jo o!)

Baby dance that boogie that jiggie that jo

I see you smiling really digging my goal (yeah)

I'm so polished it's on the nigh-bo

But still razz two toned like vitilligo

Still fake it maybe we can kick it on a low-low (okay)

I just really killed it can you please call the Po-po (Come on!)

Jah! E real like man just won the lotto

Man Ah run this thing them boy suffer Polio

You suppose know way before I show the logo (Ah hahn!)

I get that new flow get you higher than a hobo

You try snap a photo to cast me is promo (Ah!)

Walai! If it's a show you'll catch me on Iroko (OK!)

Shayo must flow

'cause me no day smokey choko (Choko!)

Bad girls from Congo

Senegal and Togo

Dissect the beat

What you spurred up?

It's you don't know

E gba penalty lo throwing

Se ka enlarge the goal post?


Can I get with ya! (With ya!)

hold, lemme take a picture

Say my old

She isn't keeper (Keepers!)

So I had to delete her


Can I get with ya? (With ya!)

Everything is on fleek now

The way you komole to the beat now (Come on!)

Ho' you know you're a teaser?

Lemme see you dance, boogie, jiggi, Jo o

Ah! Ah! Ah!

I'd like to make you touch your tippy toes

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Lemme see you dance, boogie, jiggie jo ooo! (Heey!)

Ah! Ah! Ah!

Money for ground pick it slow

(Pick it slow whatu-know?)

Baby you day look sweet o

Can I get with you? (Ok!)

Shey you want day dull o?

Are you tryna get richer? (Ahn!)

Big boy toast you

You suppose to get ginger

Ah get that deep stroke wey day make the girls shiver (Oooh!)

Flip flops, sweat pants and a wife beater (Yes?)

And the money got the boy saying I'm a proud nigga (He-eh-eh)

You just Mad nigga

'Cause my account's bigger (OK)

The number's really big like fat

chicks round figures (Round big figures!)

Man them claiming that they have cheese bro?

Man them not getting up to five zeros

They can't stand my shine this boy is albino

Too much juice and sauce

even Ycee knows (Yes!)

Check the motor we park near the Condo (OK!)

For do as I do

no day fear to follow

Ava young Olowo

We came here to na 'wo

If we knock this night e go clear tomorrow


Can I get with ya!

hold, lemme take a picture (Picture!)

Say my old girl

She isn't a keeper (Keepers!)

So I had to delete her


Can I get with ya?

Everything is on fleek now

The way you komole to the beat now (Come on!)

Ho' you know you're a teaser?

Lemme see you dance, boogie, jiggi, Jo o

Ah! Ah! Ah!

I'd like to make you touch your tippy toes

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Lemme see you dance, boogie, jiggie jo ooo! (Heey!)

Ah! Ah! Ah!

Money for ground pick it slow

(Pick it slow, pick it slow now!)

I came to dance, boogie, jiggie, jo o!

Where mah man them?

Where mah jiggie toes?

Everytime you gimme girl you kill me slow

Lemme give swag city Lasgidi flow (Say Ok!)

To the dance floor

Baby let's go

When she moves dance the boom-by better get know now (Bend down low!)

Fire dancer never let go and light her to her bedroom

Say they got a penny for your thought, panties and your bra too

Pennies in a Lamborghini that's a car move (Car move!)

Girl you know I go deeper than the Shark do (Ah hahn!)

See Ah wanna rock your body but I

need your heart more baby (Ooo-yeey!)

dance, Boggie, jiggi, Jo

call it off Its T. K.O

cause she can light it up like Bisi Cole

And she can throw it down like gidi-gbo!


Can I get with ya Ah!

hold, lemme take a picture

Say my old girl

She isn't a keeper

So I had to delete her


Can I get with ya?

Everything is on fleek now

The way you komole to the beat now

Ho' you know you're a teaser?

Lemme see you dance, boogie, jiggi, Jo o (Yes! boogie, jiggi, Jo!)

I'd like to make you touch your tippy toes

(and I can make you touch your tippy toes)

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Lemme see you dance, boogie,

jiggie jo ooo! (Lemme see you dance, boogie, jiggie, jo)

Ah! Ah! Ah!

Money for ground pick it slow

(Pick it slow whatu-know?)




release date


one La Fete
2 Next
3 child of the world
four Bahd Baddo Baddest
5 polished
6 The Lamba Song
7 My Money
eight Alright
9 Le Vrai Bahd Guy
ten Boogie
eleven way
12 I Do It
13 get me
fourteen Confirm
fifteen Jeje
16 Wehdone Sir

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What to listen to in May 2015? / Lyrics /

A$AP Rocky and Chance The Rapper. Kelela and Ciara. Light disco and abstruse jazz. All these are the albums we are waiting for in the last month of spring

A$AP Rocky “At.Long.Last.A$AP”

When: May 12

Jiggy nigga went to England to record a new album, respected the grime scene there, and let slip that it would be released just about — in the first half of May. It is known that two girls, one more mysterious (FKA Twigs and Lykke Li), will participate on the disc with the code name "ALLA", and the music will be written by Danger Mouse and Clams Casino, who showed themselves perfectly on the rapper's debut album.

Timati / L'One "GTO"

when: to be confirmed

Here is what one of its producers, Capella, told us about this EP. "We wrote five tracks there together with Sasha JF and Will Shine. There will be such unexpected sampled compositions. We are sampling Russian songs. You know “Show Me Love” is such an old house? DJ Mustard sampled it, but initially it was a "tolerant" hit. We also took the song “Fly away forever” by Nikita. It turned out to be a very cool beat, but I don’t know if they will take it. It seems to me that the label’s policy will not approve of such an approach.”

The first single of "Cliffs", sampling who knows who, can be listened to here.

Best Coast “California Nights”

When: May 5

Hello garage! Bethany Cosentino is an expressive lady who plays the canonical garage rock, as it should be in California. Or maybe not too canonical, let's not pretend to be experts. It is important that such music is built into the legend of this American state with the same ease as all the Kendricks with their Comptons. No seriously!

Roisin Murphy “Hairless Toys”

When: May 11

The lady who sang “Sing It Back” and immediately enchanted half of Russia turned out to be too out of this world to become a “normal” pop star. A real diva, refined and subtle, she recorded the same new album (the first in eight years). You can’t take it with a swoop, you can’t figure it out at once. But the patient will be rewarded.

Hot Chip “Why Make Sense?”

When: May 18

What happens if you force nerds to write dance music? There will be Hot Chip. Attention, dancing to this is not always possible! But it is always recognizable from the first seconds (which is not often seen in electronics), gentle, honest, lively and empathetic little thing. The last album was just great, why could this be any worse? (logic is lame on both legs, but the fan is forgiven).

Faith No More "Sol Invictus"

When: May 19

Old farts, alarm! Mike Patton has once again brought together his most popular band. We don’t consider the “live for profit” motive - Mike proved by deed that he doesn’t even smear himself with such an ointment. Another holiday in May for veterans, now for alternative rock veterans.

Kelela “Hallucinogen EP”

When: May 5

We got to know a man called Arca after “Yeezus” - whatever you say, this album helped a lot of great young producers to get more attention to themselves. Since then, the London-based musician from Venezuela has added a couple more achievements to his resume. He helped make a career for our website muse FKA twigs and recorded the latest Bjork album. Now Arca has noticed another girl: the American singer Kelela. Before that, she worked closely with American electronic producers (due to which her cold, futuristic R&B sounded a little different from the rest), so such experiments are not new for the girl.

Snoop Dogg “Bush”

When: May 12

The music is kind, the music of the spring-summer season. We had no doubt that flirting with reggae and renaming Snoop Lion would not last long. Now Snoop has returned to his trusted pseudonym and called in Farrell to co-author the album: the man who once made “Drop It Like It’s Hot”, and in recent years has turned from a hit-maker to a full-fledged pop star. For two, they promised to record "retro-futuristic funk with a touch of R&B and pop." After the first singles, this vague definition took on clear forms - this is the kind of music that should be recorded by the author of the album “G I R L” and a grandfather who exchanged his fifties (seriously, he has a grandson), who has seen everything in this music: from hard gangsta rap to peaceful reggae.

There is a feeling that “Bush” is the first Snoop Dogg album in the last few years, which we will listen not for show, but for pleasure.

Shamir "Ratchet"

When: May 19

A young (just over 20) singer inspired by 80s house, sings like a real soul and disco star. All this is accompanied by solemn electronics, as if something big is really happening before our eyes. Last year this guy captivated the critics with his debut EP, now the album is coming out and it will show how big the artist's potential is. It is published by the XL label, which has M.I.A, The Streets, The Prodigy and other stars on its track record.

Tech N9ne “Special Effects”

When: May 4

43-year-old Aaron Yates is the king of the American independent scene, a great master of "punchlines, doubletimes, all the bullshit." The new Tech N9ne album, if anything, will differ from the previous ones, it will be a more complete guest list: here are mainstream stars in the face of 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne, and various Strange Music artists, and a member of the Slipknot group. And, of course, Eminem.

Nosaj Thing “Fated”

When: May 5

Nosaj Thing is an Asian-American, a true genius of glitch electronics, who once gave Kid Cudi one of the best songs of his career. “I need deadlines, otherwise I'll always be making new drafts,” is how Nosaj Thing describes his creative process. And it shows on the new album. “Fated” is very similar to a collection of sketches: if earlier Nosaj songs rarely lasted less than three minutes, here only one song reaches the 3:00 mark. Do not expect dynamic hits - only calmness, only meditation. An album that is nice to wake up to on a Sunday morning. And two words about the guests, of which there are two. Whoarei, whose song "Loving You Ain't Complicated" was sampled on his album by Kendrick Lamar. And one of our favorites is Chance the Rapper, whose album we will mention below.

Kwabs “Love+War”

When: May 18

The British Kwabs makes pleasant pop-soul, heartfelt and spiritual, but best of all he succeeds in ballads with a lonely piano. And the point here is his luxurious baritone, reminiscent of Anthony and James Blake at the same time. Well, don’t read rap in such a voice, right?

Djigan “Your Choice”

When: mid-May

Dzhigan is our Flo Rida: he easily writes with Yulia Savicheva and Maxim, but on occasion he can give out such a masculine rap, like the title track. Accordingly, his new album is not for a sophisticated music lover, but for the widest audience. A few bits here were written by Roma Bestseller, who invented the sound for Ivan Dorn. A few more - Nel.

Third Wind Triad

When: May 18

Haven't Dino and Nigativ signed up? Are you stuck in self-repetitions? Will there be a song on the album like “The Light Doesn't Burn” or “Gentle Pool”? You can listen album sampler - and draw the first conclusions. All the beats for “Breathing” were written by the beatmaker Prometheus, whose hallmark remains the “Closed Space” of Kasta. In such cases, the record at least turns out to be solid and strong.

Ciara “Jackie”

When: May 1

On her previous record, Ciara experimented with sound (not the last role in this was played by her then fiancé Future, who attracted hit “Body Party” by his good friend, producer Mike Will Made It). On this, everything is more or less traditional and canonical: danceable, masterfully produced pop music. Or we were simply taught that R&B has become the most innovative music on the planet .

Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment “Surf”

When: mid-May

On April 30, the Acid Rap mixtape turned two years old. How time flies! And if the Russians still don't seem to have fooled how cool he is, then in the West this free release turned him almost into a star. Madonna, Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne lined up for the verses. But what does he do? To everyone's surprise, he puts his solo career on pause and throws all his strength into the album "Surf", which he records with friends from The Social Experiment. And “not as a leader, but just as an ordinary participant.”

This is where the whole intrigue lies: will the artist succeed in not losing his position and will his bandmates not “crush” him? The recent single "Sunday Candy" dispelled some of the doubts, but not all.

Kamasi Washington “The Epic”

When: May 4

An unbearable 172-minute album that no jazz fan should pass by. Moreover, jazz is not lightweight - but with stray tempo patterns, free improvisations and a huge number of nuances that attack the listener every minute. But for those who pay due attention and time to the album, a triptych of amazing beauty will be revealed, which simply could not bear any other name than “The Epic”. The saxophonist with the name Kamasi, consonant with the pride of the domestic auto industry, releases it on the Brainfeeder label owned by Flying Lotus.

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