How to do the ice cream freeze dance

CopperKnob - Hannah Montana - Ice Cream Freeze (Let's Chill)

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Ice Cream Freeze (Let's Chill)

Hannah Montana

Line Dances To This Music

Shaky Freeze  Raquel Reynolds (USA) - November 2022

    32 Count    4 Wall    Primary Youth, (Newcomer Adult) Street / Hip Hop   Music: Ice Cream Freeze (Let's Chill) - Hannah Montana

Ice Cream Freeze  Jolanda Korpershoek (NL) - May 2014

    96 Count    1 Wall    Newcomer / Novice Novelty   Music: Ice Cream Freeze (Let's Chill) - Hannah Montana

Ice Cream Freeze (fr)  Maryloo (FR) - Avril 2012

    48 Count    - Wall    Contra danse - débutant    Music: Ice Cream Freeze (Let's Chill) - Hannah Montana : (CD: Vol . 3 - Original Soundtrack)

Ice Cream Freeze  Maryloo (FR) - April 2012

    48 Count    - Wall    Beginner Contra   Music: Ice Cream Freeze (Let's Chill) - Hannah Montana : (CD: Vol .3 - Original Soundtrack)

Ice Cream Freeze (超COOL舞) (zh)  Celia Stevens (NZ) - 2010年03月

    64 Count    4 Wall    Intermediate   Music: Ice Cream Freeze (Let's Chill) - Hannah Montana

Let's Chill (快樂排舞) (zh)  Vivienne Scott (CAN) - 2010年01月

    32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner   Music: Ice Cream Freeze (Let's Chill) - Hannah Montana : (CD: Hannah Montana)

Ice Cream Freeze  Celia Stevens (NZ) - March 2010

    64 Count    4 Wall    Intermediate   Music: Ice Cream Freeze (Let's Chill) - Hannah Montana

Freeze & Shake  Wanda Heldt (AUS) - January 2010

    48 Count    4 Wall    Easy Intermediate   Music: Ice Cream Freeze (Let's Chill) - Hannah Montana : (CD: Hannah Montana)

Let's Chill  Vivienne Scott (CAN) - January 2010

    32 Count    4 Wall    Ultra Beginner / Party   Music: Ice Cream Freeze (Let's Chill) - Hannah Montana



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Ice Cream Freeze (Lets Chill) - Hannah Montana

Ice Cream Freeze (Lets Chill) - Hannah Montana - LETRAS. MUS.BR

Página Inicial Pop Hannah Montana Ice Cream Freeze (Lets Chill)

Alright, here we go
Follow me now
Come on
Hit it

Everybody do your dance
Ain't nothing better than an all night jam (Oh! ha)
Are you ready for a little something new tonight (Oh yeah!)
I got a brand new stepping thing you are gonna like
Come on boys

Gotta do like I do
Just follow my lead

Everybody let's chill

Do the ice cream freeze
Strike your pose
Can you do the milkshake
Shake it shake it down low
Can you snow cone slide left to right
Put your hands in the air
We could party all night

Do the ice cream freeze
Strike your pose
Can you do the milkshake
Shake it shake it down low
Can you snow cone slide left to right
Put your hands in the air
We could party all night
Shake it shake it shake it shake it Shake it down low

Then do the ice cream freeze

All kind of stepping make you feel good (make you feel real good)
Triple step, butterfly, sugar foot (sugar sugar foot)
But, I'm coming with a new thing.
What you need? (That's right!)
Now everybody want to do the ice cream freeze (Whoohoo)
Come on boys

Gotta do like I do
Just follow my lead

Everybody let's chill

Do the ice cream freeze
Strike your pose
Then you do the milkshake
Shake it shake it down low
Do the snow cone slide left to right
Put your hands in the air
We could party all night

Do the ice cream freeze
Strike your pose
Then you do the milkshake
Shake it shake it down low
Do the snow cone slide left to right
Put your hands in the air
We could party all night (party all night)

Did I hear anyone say party? (party)

We're just getting started (woo!)

Wanna take it from the top
Will you know I will
Now everybody let's chill

Light, camera, action, freeze
Everybody let's go!

Do the ice cream freeze
Strike your pose
Then you do the milkshake
Shake it shake it down low
Do the snow cone slide left to right
Put your hands in the air
We could party all night

Do the ice cream freeze (hooo)
Strike your pose
Then you do the milkshake
Shake it shake it down low
Do the snow cone slide left to right
Put your hands in the air
We could party all night

(Do the ice cream freeze) Do the ice cream freeze
(Do the ice cream freeze) Then you do the milkshake
Shake it shake it shake it shake it shake it
(Do the snow cone slide) Do the snow cone slide
Put your hands in the air
Go Crazy
Everybody let's chill

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    • Nothing
    • Cone
    • Snow
    • Your
    • Good

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    Ice Cream Freezer Review Gemlux GL-ICM1512

    An ice cream freezer (or, as it is commonly called in conversation, an ice cream maker) is a very valuable device for those who like it colder. And even the fact that we tested it in the winter did not make the desserts and drinks prepared in it less tasty. Although, of course, in the summer we would get even more pleasure from the process.

    So, the GemluxGL-ICM1512 freezer in a metal case with a separately frozen bowl - what is it like in business? How well does it mix and freeze? During testing, we will answer these and other questions. nine0003


    Manufacturer Gemlux
    Model GL-ICM1512
    Type ice cream freezer, uncompressed
    Country of origin China
    Warranty 1 year
    Service life * n/a
    Control electronic
    Display LCD
    Timer 20-40 minutes
    Power 12W
    Bowl size 1. 5 l
    Bowl material aluminum/plastic
    Housing material stainless steel/plastic
    Weight 2.95 kg
    Dimensions ∅225×236 mm
    Network cable length 0.8 m
    Retail offers

    ask price

    * Quite simply, this is the period during which spare parts for device repair are delivered to official service centers. After this period, any repair in the official SC (both warranty and paid) is unlikely to be possible. nine0122


    The box is made of cardboard in traditional Gemlux colors: black and turquoise. A large image of the device, which is located inside, is located on two opposite sides (against the background of a blurry photograph of two chefs, apparently conjuring over the production of ice cream). It also indicates the power of the freezer - only 12 watts.

    On one of the remaining sides, the device is shown in more detail: there are four pictures with the control panel, the inner bowl, the lower part of the body and the lid with the agitator inserted. You immediately understand that the freezer is quite simple. A few technical characteristics are also given here: power, network parameters and case material (stainless steel)

    On the opposite side are the marketing features of the device: electronic control with LCD display, removable 1.5 liter tank, electronic timer. That's all the information about the freezer, which we received before we unpacked it.

    Opening the box, inside we found:

    • ice cream maker body, consisting of a lid and a bottom container;
    • ice cream bowl;
    • agitator;
    • instruction manual, combined with the warranty card. nine0136

    Everything is packed even redundantly securely: the entire freezer is placed in a foam protection, inside it the bowl is on a foam plastic support and in a cardboard ring, all parts of the device are wrapped in polyethylene.

    At a glance

    GemluxGL-ICM1512 freezer assembly is a wide and low cylinder of stainless steel and black plastic, with much more steel and less plastic. The outer case of the device consists of a cover and a lower part.

    nine0002 The bottom part is intended only to serve as a support for the reservoir (bowl) in which the ice cream is prepared. This body element is hollow inside; vertical surface outside from . stainless steel and black plastic inside. On the upper rim, it has a ring with projections for attaching the lid, narrowing the "entrance". On the underside there are four triangular protrusions-legs with rubber pads and holes for air circulation. For the correct positioning of the cover, an arrow is applied to the lower part. nine0003

    The entire freezer unit is located in the lid. It contains a removable control unit: an electric cord comes into it, a motor is located in it, and its upper part is a control panel. In the instructions, this entire block is called the "control panel", therefore, in order not to be confused, we will call it the same.

    Cover made of black plastic with stainless steel inserts on the side. There are also two latches for attaching the cover to the bottom of the case and an arrow indicating the correct position of the cover when closing (it must be combined with the arrow on the bottom). nine0003

    But even if the arrows are aligned, putting on the cover is not so easy. First you need to lift the two latches, then, without lowering them, correctly place the lid on the bowl and then press on a barely audible soft click. During installation, the cover warps a millimeter in one direction or another, and in order for it to snap into place, you need to look for the correct position. It opens much easier: lift the latches and pull up slightly.

    On the top of the lid we see the top of the removable control panel, which consists of two buttons and an LCD display, and a transparent plastic hatch for loading future ice cream. Luke flips up 95 degrees and is fixed only in this position. The hatch has a small cutout so that it is convenient to open it with your finger.

    The panel is detached from the lid by pressing the button on its side (when assembled it is part of the side of the lid). After that, keeping the button pressed, it is necessary to lift the front edge of the panel up and remove it from the cover. It is more convenient to do this if the cord coming into the panel next to the button and just below it is wound up.

    If the panel is placed in a cover, it is protected by a plastic shield which is part of the cover. The screen has a hole for the stirrer, and only a very small fragment of the panel around the rod can get dirty with the mixture. nine0003

    The control panel, when detached, is a black plastic cuboid with a slightly rounded front side. On its underside we see a protrusion with a socket for attaching the agitator, a latch tab and deeply recessed screws for disassembling this unit. The back part has a small ledge-visor for mounting in the lid.

    On the smooth sides of the panel, we found small plastic defects that do not affect the performance of the device. nine0003

    The 1.5 liter mixing bowl proved to be heavier than all other parts of the freezer. It has fairly thick double walls, between which a refrigerant liquid is poured. The inner walls of the bowl and its rounded edges are made of metal, which is easy to scratch, so you need to be careful with it, especially when removing the contents from it. The outer walls are made of black plastic.

    The bowl is placed in the lower part of the body and is not fixed in any way. To make it easier to install and remove it, there are cutouts in the upper edge of the case. nine0003

    The agitator, which is inserted into the bottom of the control panel, is made of milky white flexible plastic and is an intricately shaped rod with cut-out double-sided paddle attached to it.

    The agitator is inserted into the slot on the freezer control panel. The instructions say that if it is inserted correctly, a click will sound. We tried to achieve a click for a long time, inserting the stirrer "in the right way", but we did not achieve a distinct sound: it is completely unexpressed. Nevertheless, the stirrer is inserted into the bowl and is held securely in the nest, that is, it does not fall out by itself, and in order to remove it, you need to make a little effort. nine0003

    User manual

    The simplicity of the instrument means the simplicity of the instructions. The small print black and white brochure briefly and clearly explains how to handle the freezer before, during and after making ice cream.

    First we must study the safety rules - more and more often all manuals and instructions begin with them. A small table after them tells about the technical characteristics of the freezer. And then the section on working with the device begins. nine0003

    The diagrams in this manual are the main way to show information. The main diagram showing the configuration and complete assembly of the device is provided with explanations located nearby. We never cease to mention that this is very user-friendly and all manufacturers could do this.

    The instrument assembly description is also accompanied by schematic drawings. But the most important thing is that before assembling, we will have to place the pre-washed with warm water and dried ice cream tank (bowl) in the freezer for 12 hours. Of these 12 hours, 2-4 hours will need to be spent chilling the ice cream mix in the refrigerator. nine0003

    Only after that we begin to assemble the device according to the schemes given in the instructions. When the freezer is ready for use and not earlier, it must be plugged into the network, set up the cooking program using the panel on the lid and the “On” button. start executing the program. After that, through the loading hatch in the lid (also shown in the diagram), it is necessary to pour the semi-finished product for making ice cream into it, close the hatch and wait for the work to be completed. After the end, you need to disconnect the device from the network, disassemble and put the ice cream out of the bowl. nine0003

    The instructions also tell you how to clean the appliance after use, how to store and transport it, and how to properly dispose of it.

    Another section of the brochure is devoted to the warranty card and the warranty repair and return policy.


    The freezer control panel consists of two buttons and an LCD display. The button with the image of the arrow is responsible for starting the program, and with the button with the image of the clock you need to set the operating time: from 20 to 40 minutes.

    nine0002 You can stop and resume the program by pressing the “Start” button, and cancel the program only by unplugging the power cord.


    We washed and wiped all parts of the freezer as instructed and put the thoroughly dried bowl in the freezer for 12 hours. In the future, in between tests, we simply kept the bowl in the freezer to be able to prepare ice cream at any time. After half a day in the freezer at -18 °C, the freezer bowl froze well, and the refrigerant that fills its double walls did not make characteristic sounds when shaken. nine0003

    It should be clarified here that the bowl is quite large, and in freezers, where all the drawers are equally narrow, it will not even fit sideways. In our rather large lower drawer of the freezer, it only fit “lying down”, and we had to pull it out, taking out the drawer completely.

    Two hours before the end of 12 o'clock, we prepared the ice cream mix and put it in the refrigerator (not the freezer!). This is necessary for a better preparation of the dessert. When the mixture had cooled sufficiently, we assembled the freezer and started the program. Only after the stirrer started moving did we start pouring the mixture into the bowl. nine0003

    We want to tell you right away that it is more convenient to pour from a bowl with a spout, a jug or something that gives a directed stream, rather than a wide stream. Still, the hatch for loading, although convenient, is not very wide, and when pouring, there is a risk of dripping the lid. If this does happen, wipe it immediately with a damp cloth, do not wait for the end of the program: usually the mixtures are sweet and dry out.

    The freezer is quite loud, but not deafening. In the room adjacent to the test kitchen, its sound was clearly audible, but did not interfere with communication even in the kitchen itself. nine0003

    If the freezer bowl is completely filled, then at the end of the work we take soft ice cream out of the bowl. At the same time, a colder and denser mixture is formed at the bottom, and softer and airier at the top, closer to the motor. If the mixture becomes too thick, the rotation of the agitator is blocked.

    Also, if the stirrer is not inserted firmly enough or the mixture thickens too much, the stirrer may remain in the bowl when opened. There is nothing wrong with this, except that the mixture from the mixer will have to be cleaned before being put back into the nest. nine0003

    Filling the bowl half way or less in a standard 20-minute preparation can result in unexpected results: the ice cream at the bottom and sides of the bowl will harden and will only stir in the middle. This is "treated" by checking the mixture during cooking and stopping the freezer as soon as the mixture begins to collect in a solid layer below.

    10 seconds before the end of the operation, the freezer starts beeping - once a second. The end of work is marked by three beeps. The sounds made by the ice cream maker are not very loud, but there are a lot of them - we definitely won't miss them. nine0003

    The finished ice cream can remain almost completely on the mixer - or at least a significant part of it will. Leftovers can be scooped out with a plastic or silicone spoon or spatula, but a metal spoon can scratch the sides of the bowl.

    Ice cream can be served immediately after unloading from the bowl (it looks like “soft ice cream” from the corresponding machine) or brought to the freezer to the look we are used to: it is well mixed, saturated with air and subsequently freezes without ice crystals and stratification. nine0003

    For further freezing of ice cream, silicone molds (large or portioned) can be used, it is only necessary to provide a lid or tighten the top of the mold with cling film, especially if the ice cream is supposed to be stored for some time. Food containers are also great.


    The bowl and stirrer should be removed from the appliance and cleaned with warm water and a mild detergent, then allowed to dry or wiped dry.

    The control panel must be removed from the cover to clean it. The cover and the lower part of the case, as written in the instructions, can be wiped with a damp cloth, but it is not necessary to wash. In fact, a damp cloth, especially if the ice cream mixture was greasy, is not enough: the mixture is found in the most unexpected and secluded nooks and crannies of the device. nine0003

    Tip: After the program is over, lift the lid and look at the doneness of the mixture. When ready, close the lid, unplug the appliance and remove the control panel. It will be much easier this way - the risk of splattering it with a mixture and then carefully rubbing it is minimized. The lid is perfectly washed under running water. You just need to wipe it dry after that and then leave it to dry.

    The control panel is best wiped with a dry cloth and only in extreme cases with a slightly damp cloth. Under no circumstances should the panel be washed. nine0003

    Do not use caustic or abrasive cleaning agents and do not wash parts of the freezer in a dishwasher.

    Our measurements

    We have studied the energy consumption of the device when preparing a full portion of fairly dense ice cream - a classic ice cream. When stirring for 20 minutes, the initial power was recorded when the mixture was even more or less liquid: 8.6 watts. At the end of the cycle, the power increased to 10.8 watts. The freezer consumed 0.003 kWh per cycle. nine0003

    A 40-minute program showed, with the same initial power, 12.8 W at the end of mixing an already very thick ice cream. In total, 0.007 kWh was spent on work.

    Practical tests

    In the freezer we will prepare ice cream, and not only its usual types (ice cream and semifreddo), but also free interpretations: frozen cocktails and even ice soup.

    Almost classic ice cream

    We decided to make ice cream according to the classic recipe. To do this, beat 150 grams of sugar with three yolks until white and add 150 grams of warm milk. The mixture was stirred until the sugar dissolved. nine0003

    In a small pan with a non-stick coating (this is important!) the resulting mixture was heated until it thickened slightly (about the consistency of liquid sour cream), but did not boil or even get too hot. The mixture must be constantly and intensively stirred - this is perhaps the most boring part of the work.

    In some recipes, the yolks are poured into warm milk along with sugar and whipped together with it during the heating process. However, this is fraught with the appearance of pieces of "brewed" yolk and the need to filter the semi-finished product. nine0003

    After reaching the desired degree of density, we poured the mixture into a bowl and placed it in a large saucepan with ice water. So the mixture quickly cooled to room temperature. If you can mix it several times in the process, great; no - so no. You don’t need to put the hot mixture in the refrigerator, but if you have a low temperature on your balcony, you can take it out there.

    Whip the cold cream until creamy (hanging from the whisk but not falling) with a pinch of vanilla. The cooled mixture of milk, yolks and sugar was poured through a sieve into the cream and mixed (with a mixer) until smooth. nine0003

    The mixture was then placed in the refrigerator for 2 hours and stirred every half an hour. They poured it into the freezer that started working for 2 times for 40 minutes, and the resulting soft ice cream was put in the freezer (do not freeze it at a temperature of more than −18 ° C, but if this happened, about 20-30 minutes before serving, rearrange the form with ice cream in refrigerator).

    What you should pay attention to: when mixing in an ice cream maker, the mixture increases in volume, and if you take more ingredients, it will no longer fit in it. And this time it slightly spilled over the edge, without affecting, however, the control panel. nine0003

    Second: pulling out the stirrer after mixing and not getting smeared is almost impossible. It is better to immediately put a large plate next to the ice cream maker and put the removed lid sideways on it. Then the excess ice cream will be on the plate, and not on the lid, not on the table and not on the hands.

    The mixture was very sweet when semi-frozen, but no extra sweetness was felt when completely frozen. A good recipe, only very satisfying: the taste is quite ice cream, and it is difficult to eat more than 100 grams at a time. nine0003

    If you need to add some flavoring to ice cream (mint, cinnamon, vanilla beans, chocolate, porcini mushrooms, blue cheese), then it is better to do this at the stage of heating the milk.

    Any fillings can be added to the finished ice cream: jam, chocolate chips, syrups, pieces of fruit. You can serve it with meringues. Both soft ice cream straight from the freezer and frozen ice cream mix are perfect for hot apple strudel.

    Advice for those who feel sorry for throwing away the package, which usually still has so much cream left. Open the bag at the beginning of cooking, put the cream in a bowl for whipping, and pour the prepared milk into the bag and shake well. Then heat the milk and combine it with sugar and yolks, as described above. Among other things, this will improve the quality of the mixture when frozen. nine0003

    A small culinary note: the Soviet classic ice cream according to GOST is prepared without yolks. The thickening agent in this mixture is starch.

    Result: excellent.

    Sour cream ice cream

    In the preparation of sour cream ice cream - the simplest one that you can think of - you must firmly remember: the fatter the sour cream, the more the result will be similar to real ice cream.

    We whipped fat homemade sour cream with sugar (for 200 grams of sour cream 50 grams of sugar, the proportions are adjusted to taste), added cinnamon and vanilla. Some recipes advise adding lemon juice or zest, but we decided to use the simplest recipe. nine0003

    The ice cream was perfectly mixed and could be eaten immediately after preparation. When frozen, it retained its consistency, but in order to divide it into portions, it took quite a long time to thaw: after all, it is not as plastic as ice cream, and crumbly when frozen. But our sour cream was not too greasy.

    Result: good.

    Chocolate semifreddo

    Semifreddo is an Italian type of ice cream that can be frozen just like that, but it is better to stir while cooling. nine0003

    We took 270 grams of dark chocolate (the recipe suggested using 70% chocolate, but we didn’t specifically look for it), 4 eggs, 100 grams of powdered sugar or sugar, 500 ml of whipping cream and vanillin (you can use vanilla extract).

    Chocolate melted - you can do it in a water bath, or you can heat it in the microwave. We chose the second, and while the chocolate was melting, we beat the eggs with granulated sugar, making sure that the mixture became white, thick and several times larger. The recipe itself is primitive, but you have to beat a lot. nine0003

    It would be nice if a chef with four hands worked on this recipe, because the cream must be whipped in parallel with the eggs, but in no case in the same bowl. Call a family member for help, use two mixers, one of which is stationary, or act quickly so that the egg mixture does not settle while the cream is whipping.

    Now that everything is ready, you need to mix (we beat) eggs, cream and chocolate - and pour the resulting mixture into an ice cream maker bowl. We froze it for 40 minutes, and the ice cream turned out to be very dense on the walls of the bowl. nine0003

    Then transferred to a container, closed the lid and put in the freezer.

    Before serving, it is a good idea to put the container in the refrigerator at least an hour before the meal, so that the ice cream can be formed into balls, and not cut with a knife.

    Result: excellent.

    Iced cocktails without scratching your tongue

    If you have the GL-ICM1512 freezer in your kitchen, you no longer need an ice crusher. Cocktails with a lot of soft ice sludge are provided to you: you just need to pour all the ingredients into a bowl and freeze while stirring. nine0003

    First we froze - just to try - a classic gin and tonic. It turned out to be such a pleasant drink that the tests were continued with an impromptu alcoholic sorbet of blackcurrant liqueur and cherry juice, and then we decided to create a classic Mojito.

    For 60 grams of white rum, we took the same amount of carbonated mineral water, the juice of one lime, a pinch of finely chopped fresh mint (as you know, mint for Mojito should not be cut, but torn with your hands) and cane sugar to taste. The ingredients were placed in a freezer and mixed for 20 minutes. The resulting cocktail was spooned into wide glasses, garnished with sprigs of mint and served to the table. The result could be slowly drunk through a straw as it melted, or you could eat with spoons. Honestly, we regretted that now is not summer. nine0003

    In the same way you can get ice coffee and ice tea for especially hot summer days. True, you won’t get by with one portion, because it will immediately freeze to the bowl. Therefore, you need to cook a lot and then store in a thermos.

    Result: excellent.

    What if you put soup in the ice cream maker? Gazpacho and other sorbets

    Let's imagine for a few minutes that we don't have a warm winter, but a hot summer. I really want something light and icy. At the same time, to make it unsweetened. Best vegetable. nine0003

    Now combine the idea of ​​tomato soup with a freezer and get an amazing dish - vegetable sorbet. To begin with, grind bell pepper, cucumber, onion, herbs and, possibly, a little garlic in a blender (we did without it). We put more celery stalks, but if anyone doesn't like it, you can cancel it.

    Added salt, pepper, olive oil and for lack of decent tomatoes (winter is in the yard, alas!) - a pack of chopped. All together vigorously mixed, straightened to taste with balsamic vinegar and lime juice - and into the ice cream maker. 20 minutes turned the liquid vegetable mass into a fairly strong sorbet. Freeze it a little more - and it will be possible to serve it not in plates, but in bowls. nine0003

    A great idea for a smart summer dinner, but if you leave the sorbet in the freezer for a long time, then it will also take a very long time to defrost it. So it's best to cook just before serving.

    The same applies to other sorbets. They are usually made from mashed fruits. We tried it with canned (not summer, unfortunately) peaches and with ready-made applesauce. In both cases, it turned out well, although not photogenic. nine0003

    Result: excellent.


    Ice cream freezer Gemlux GL-ICM1512 is a simple device for preparing medium portions of frozen desserts: sundaes, semifredos, sorbets and other types of ice cream. It can also be used to beautifully serve some homogeneous cocktails that require a lot of ice: Margarita, Caipirinha, Pina Colada, Julep, Bramble, Ice Tee.

    It also makes great ice soups! nine0003

    True, to use this appliance, you need a large freezer with tall drawers, in which the bowl will take up a lot of space, and there will be less space for ice cream and other supplies. But if in the intervals between preparations (for example, in winter) you store the ice cream maker fully assembled in the closet, then there will be a place for dumplings in the freezer.

    • Easy to use
    • Intuitive operation
    • The bowl keeps cold for a long time
    • Removable control panel allows you to clean the device without fear of damaging it
    • Stirrer not very good design: a lot of ice cream remains on it, and it is impossible to remove it without getting your hands dirty
    • Control panel eject button does not always work
    • Product fill hatch too narrow

    Safe Dance Lab | GES-2

    Theory and practice of street dances for everyone.

    Safe Dance Lab is a dance class for beginners developed in collaboration with a production company Battle Project . During 10 meetings, participants will get acquainted with five choreographic styles: krump, popping, hip-hop, breaking and locking. The organizers and teachers sought to create a comfortable and safe space where dance becomes a way to explore their own internal states and feelings, during which the participant will find an opportunity to escape from pressing problems and express themselves.

    The program will end with a lecture by dancer Denis Bubnov about the history of street styles, after which everyone will be able to support the teachers at a dance jam, an organic and spontaneous event format where music is constantly played, the audience gathers in circles and takes turns dancing in the center to share their knowledge and skill. nine0003

    * We invite participants from 16 years old. Classes consist of lecture and practical parts and will be held twice a week for two hours.



    Where: Gallery
    When: 16, 18: 00–16: 00


    KRAMP (KRMP) - CHARDSTITION OF THE CHARTARY DANCE originated in the southern neighborhoods of Los Angeles in the 1990s and is characterized by free, expressive, exaggerated and very energetic movements. During its inception, dancers sought to escape from a life of crime and "express raw emotions in a powerful but non-violent way." However, over time, krump has become a separate subculture with its own pronounced philosophy, music and slang. nine0003


    Lena Shibalova
    Dancing since 2012, krump since 2013. Operates under the alias One Shot . He has been teaching for over four years. She gave master classes in Germany, Latvia, Estonia, England, Japan and other countries.


    Where: Gallery
    When: 23, 24, 14: 00–16: 00


    PAPPING ( Popping ) - dancer, dancer from a fan of the dance, more UARDING FROM FROAMS. called boogaloo (boogaloo) and originated in California. The peculiarity of the style lies in the process of muscle contraction, which creates the effect of a sharp flinch in the body of the dancer - pop (from English pop - "clap") or hit (from English hit - "hit"). The movement is carried out continuously in the rhythm of the music in combination with various movements and postures.


    Ruslan Petrov
    Works under the pseudonym Twist . Dancing experience - 15 years, teaching - 7. Participant in the show "Dancing" on TNT. nine0407


    Where: Gallery
    When: November 30, Dec 2, 14: 00–16: 00


    Hip-hop-one of the most “free” street styles , which became popular due to the development of the musical genre of the same name. The dance incorporated the techniques of breakdancing, locking, popping. The basis of the movements is the groove - a rhythmic sensation that makes the body move to the beat of the music.


    Egor Sokolov
    Works under the pseudonym EGO . Founder of Studio P.L.U.R. DC. Choreographer of the show "Dancing" on TNT (seasons 2-4). Resident of the dance center "PRODANCES". Teaching experience - 17 years. Breaking This style requires great strength, stretching and body control, because a significant part of the dance takes place in the stalls - on the floor. nine0003


    Slav Dimov
    Works under the pseudonym Bolgarin. He started his dancing career in 2002 in Bulgaria. Breaking teacher at Leader Sport and Tauras-Fitness fitness centers, dance schools Right Dance and Effort . Participated in performances and theatrical performances. He gave master classes in Russia and Europe.


    Where: Galleries
    When: 14, 16 Dec, 14:00-16:00


    Locking (from English lock - "lock") is a combination of fast movements and fading in improvisational positions for a short time, after which the dance continues at the same speed. This style is based on quick and sharp hand gestures and more relaxed movements of the hips and legs.


    Vladimir Gudym
    Works under the pseudonym Vovan Gudym. Choreographer of the "Dances" project and curator of the "New Dances" project on TNT. Movement Leader Locking4life Russia and project team ID Crew. Competition Winner Juste Debout 2017 .

    Lecture on the history of street styles from Denis Bubnov

    Where: Gallery
    When: 21 Dec, 14: 30


    The program will end with a lecture to Denis Bubnov about the history of street styles about the history of street styles, about the history of the Street Street. where participants will be able to reinforce their knowledge about already studied choreographic directions with new facts. nine0003


    Denis Bubnov
    Dancer (experience - 17 years), teacher, musician. As part of his master classes, he regularly lectures on the history of hip-hop culture. She is the author of theoretical and practical educational online materials for dancers.

    Dance Jam

    Where: Galleries
    When: 21 Dec, 17:30–19:30

    and take turns going to the center to show their knowledge and skills or just share their dance. nine0003

    Within the framework of our laboratory, jam was invented so that participants could open up even more, get to know each other, exchange energy and experience gained in the classroom. Those who wish can come and support the dancers along with the teachers.


    Battle Project
    A dance production company that has been organizing various events from local intensives and jams to international gatherings and large-scale events on the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater for more than 12 years.

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