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Dolphin Dance Tutorial #dolphindance #dance #tutorial #dancetutorial

6.8K Likes, 184 Comments. TikTok video from Yhan (@yhanyhanny): "Dolphin Dance Tutorial #dolphindance #dance #tutorial #dancetutorial". Hop | Move hips ➡️ | Bend | .... original sound.


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Dancing Momma

Reply to @..cloudy...char Here it is! How to do the dolphin! #danceclasswithmiranda #learntodance #tutorial #dolphin

5.9K Likes, 70 Comments. TikTok video from Dancing Momma (@dancewithscoop): "Reply to @..cloudy...char Here it is! How to do the dolphin! #danceclasswithmiranda #learntodance #tutorial #dolphin". original sound.


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Reply to @changeeeeet inii yaa!🥰❤️❤️ #dolphinomg #ohmygirl #hanatutorial #kpoptutorial

8.8K Likes, 59 Comments. TikTok video from hanamilenia (@hanamileniaa): "Reply to @changeeeeet inii yaa!🥰❤️❤️ #dolphinomg #ohmygirl #hanatutorial #kpoptutorial". 👐 L, R, L, R, L | 👐 flip 4x | 🙌⬇️ 🙌⬆️ 2x | .... original sound - Hana Milenia.


original sound - Hana Milenia - hanamilenia



Reply to @_papa. chxn #dolphin #dolphintutorial #dance #myhobby

1.9K Likes, 18 Comments. TikTok video from [Fa-e-na] (@lawyerswhodance): "Reply to @_papa.chxn #dolphin #dolphintutorial #dance #myhobby". DOLPHIN🐬🐬🐬 | tutorial | Step 1️⃣: jump up | .... Dancing in My Room.


Dancing in My Room - 347aidan


Amanda Carluccio

Reply to @jiyathebeautiful6 The dolphin tutorial! 🐬 #thedolphin #dolphintutorial #dancetutorials #tiktoksdanceteacherajc

2.6K Likes, 26 Comments. TikTok video from Amanda Carluccio (@amanda_carluccio): "Reply to @jiyathebeautiful6 The dolphin tutorial! 🐬 #thedolphin #dolphintutorial #dancetutorials #tiktoksdanceteacherajc". original sound.


original sound - Amanda Carluccio



Slow Mo Dance tutorial #dolphin @wm_ohmygirl . Comment for next dance or video you wanna see from me ♥️@tiktok_malaysia #watchmeglow #fyp

547 Likes, 11 Comments. TikTok video from EliseC (@elisec.40): "Slow Mo Dance tutorial #dolphin @wm_ohmygirl . Comment for next dance or video you wanna see from me ♥️@tiktok_malaysia #watchmeglow #fyp". Dolphin -Soobin & Arin. original sound - EliseC.


original sound - EliseC



KasangkaYAN💙 ginawan kopo kayo ng solong tutorial nito para makarelate kayo/magamit nyo sa mga dance challenge. YAKANGYAKANYOYAN😎💪👊 #yanxxviicooldancemovetutorial #fyp #yanxxvii #dolphindive #dolphindivechallenge #dolphindivetutorial #foryoupage #dolphindivedance #foryou #dolphindivedancetutorial #cooldancemove #cooldancemovetutorial #tutorial #lgbt #lgbtdancer

TikTok video from YAN XXVII (@27yanchrist): "KasangkaYAN💙 ginawan kopo kayo ng solong tutorial nito para makarelate kayo/magamit nyo sa mga dance challenge. YAKANGYAKANYOYAN😎💪👊 #yanxxviicooldancemovetutorial #fyp #yanxxvii #dolphindive #dolphindivechallenge #dolphindivetutorial #foryoupage #dolphindivedance #foryou #dolphindivedancetutorial #cooldancemove #cooldancemovetutorial #tutorial #lgbt #lgbtdancer". DOLPHIN DIVE TUTORIAL 😎. original sound - YAN XXVII.


original sound - YAN XXVII


Alyssa Nordike

#duet with (I accidentally erased the @ so someone pls tag her) BUT IT WORKED!! 😂👍🏼 #HelloFall #dancelessons #fyp #dolphin

296.6K Likes, 2.5K Comments. TikTok video from Alyssa Nordike (@alyssa.minae): "#duet with (I accidentally erased the @ so someone pls tag her) BUT IT WORKED!! 😂👍🏼 #HelloFall #dancelessons #fyp #dolphin". Lmao IT WORKED!!!!. For The Night.


For The Night - Pop Smoke



More like🐰😭hahaha 🤣 and thank you for 115K followers ❤️❤️ #dance #dancetutorials #tutorials #dolphin Dc: @willdevane

224. 6K Likes, 740 Comments. TikTok video from Isabella (@stellinobella): "More like🐰😭hahaha 🤣 and thank you for 115K followers ❤️❤️ #dance #dancetutorials #tutorials #dolphin Dc: @willdevane". ❤️ | Point 👆🏻 | Roll dice 🎲 | .... What You Know Bout Love.


What You Know Bout Love - Pop Smoke


Masked dancer

TAG A FRIEND WHO NEEDS THIS!!!!🐬🙌 #dolphin #tutorial #dance #viral #trending #Boo #BBMAs #dancetutorial #recordsonmyfingers #dolphinchallenge #fyp

17K Likes, 161 Comments. TikTok video from Masked dancer (@maskedancetutorials): "TAG A FRIEND WHO NEEDS THIS!!!!🐬🙌 #dolphin #tutorial #dance #viral #trending #Boo #BBMAs #dancetutorial #recordsonmyfingers #dolphinchallenge #fyp". 🐬How To Do The Walking Dolphin🐬 | 1. Head Goes Down💕 | 2. Body Roll🔥 | .... original sound.


original sound - Pink Rocket💕🚀

Tom Lippincott - Dolphin Dance


Here's my take on Herbie Hancock's "Dolphin Dance": 

This is a good example of the old Real Book being WAY off. Over the years, I've gradually amended the changes in the book and, inspired by a discussion of the tune on the RMMGJ news group (Rec Music Makers Guitar Jazz), I finally sat down and picked apart the recording to kind of finalize everything. Here are the chord changes I came up with, based on mainly what Herbie plays over the course of the tune (both chord voicings and the single note choices in his solo) as well as what the bass is playing: 

| Ebmaj7 | Eb7sus | Ebmaj7 | Dm7b5 G7 || 

|| Cm7  | Abmaj7#11 | Cm7 |  Am7 D7   | 

|   Gmaj7  |   Abm7   |    Fm7    |    Fm7     | 

|   Cm7    |   Cm7    |    Am7      |      D7      || 

||  Gmaj7   |  G7sus  |   A/G   |   G7#11    | 

| F7sus  |  D\F   |   F7sus  |  Em7 A7alt   || 

|| Eb7#11 |  Am7 D7 |  Bm7  |  E7 Dm7   | 

|   C#m7  |   F#7  |   Bm7/E   |    Am7/E   | 

| Bm7/E | Am7/E | Eb7sus | Bb7b9/Eb | 

| Abma7b6/Eb | Dm7b5 G7 || 

As you can see, if you compare this to the changes in the Real Book, there are quite a few differences here. First of all, notice that the chord in bar 6 is Lydian, not Lydian dominant. Also, in bars 10, and 11 and 12, the ii-V type progressions as written in the RB should be just plain minor 7th chords. Ditto with bars 13 and 14; the Cm7/Bb is really just Cm7, though the bass occasionally hits a Bb as a leading tone into the Am7 on beat four of the previous measure. 

For the "bridge," I always have played the A/G as Lydian dominant, but upon examination of the recording, I found that Hancock indeed seems to be just sticking to the triad over the bass note, and not one of the soloists plays an F or an F# during that bar, so there's really no telling whether it should be Lydian dom or Lydian. I'm not sure about the solos, but on the head the voicing Hancock plays in bar 20 is definitely a Lydian dominant sound rather than the straight sus4 indicated in the RB. 

Then, in bar 22, the RB says F7sus4, but Hancock's playing basically a D/F and seems to be deriving this from the D half whole diminished scale based on his chord voicings. In bar 24, I indicated A7alt. instead of just plain A7 since I noticed that he always used this voicing, which is the same voicing more-or-less as the next chord, Eb7#11, with the only difference being the bass note. They're both from the Bb melodic minor scale. 

In bar 28, they always seem to play the E7 with a flatted nine and, at one point in Hancock's solo, he plays the Bm7 in the previous bar as a Bm7b5. Starting in bar 33 is an E pedal tone, not a B pedal tone as written in the Real Book. Then, starting in bar 35, the bass goes to an Eb pedal all the way until the last bar of the form where the minor II V leads back to bar 5 for solos. 

The last four bars of the tune are probably the most problematic. The first bar is pretty easy... just Eb7sus (or Bbm7/Eb, if you are used to seeing the Bbm7 in the Real Book). Luckily, in the first chorus of his solo, Hancock plays a bunch of arpeggiated ideas over this section, so it was fairly easy to see what he was thinking harmonically. He's using a rhythmic device that he often employs where he makes it sound like he's superimposing another meter with the arpeggios. It's sort of like quarter note triplets divided into eighth notes. In other words, instead of dividing two beats into three equal parts, he's dividing two beats into six equal parts, but he's adding to the weirdness by using four note groupings, but I'm not sure if he plays it perfectly in time.

On the next bar, he plays an arpeggio pattern from the Bb auxiliary diminished scale. Awhile back, I had noticed that the voicing he used for this bar was basically like a Bb7b9 chord with an Eb in the bass, and using logic, I took the basic scale to be Eb harmonic major, which is simply a major scale with a flatted 6th degree. He's apparently thinking of it as an actual diminished dominant superimposed over a non-diatonic pedal Eb. 

The next bar is the strangest one of the tune and probably the one that the most people disagree on. I noticed that the other soloists pretty much shy away from this bar (empty the spit valve or whatever). Luckily, once again Hancock continues his arpeggio idea over this bar in his first solo chorus. At first, I figured out that the notes he was playing made up two minor triads a half step apart, C minor and Db minor, and I thought maybe he was just sort of thinking of this as a six note scale that the chord was derived from. Then, I noticed that his chord voicing in this bar most of the time contained a Bb which isn't in either of those two triads. Then, when I put all seven notes together, I realized I had Ab, Bb, C, Db, Eb, E(Fb), and G, which is an Ab major scale with a flat 6th, or the Ab harmonic major scale. 

I figured out that a good way to get the basic "sound" Hancock was getting with his chord voicings was to play an Abmaj7 chord and add the E natural to it. An easy way to do this on guitar is to play a drop 2 Abmaj7 voicing on the middle four strings with Eb on the bottom (Eb, 5th string, Ab, 4th string, C, 3rd string, G, 2nd string), and add an open high E. You could also play that Abmaj9 that a lot of people play on the middle four strings at the 11th fret (Ab, 5th string, C, 4th string, G, 3rd string, and Bb, 2nd string) combined with the open E (though, with this voicing, you have to rely on the bass to cover the Eb pedal note).  

This is what I would call a "vertical modal" tune. I first heard this term in a class taught by Ron Miller at the University of Miami. At the time, I thought he coined the term, but I've heard other people use it since then (though maybe they got it from him). Anyway, the idea is that it's a modal tune in the sense that it doesn't really follow "normal" conventions for a show-tune-type jazz standard of diatonic chords or chords borrowed from a closely related key, and it's "vertical" because the chords move around fairly fast, as opposed to something like "Maiden Voyage" which would be (in Ron Miller's terminology) "plateau modal" because the chords last a lot longer. "Dolphin Dance" is a little bit less "modal" than some tunes because it sort of hints at being from an Eb major/C minor tonality, but I still think it meets the minimum requirements.

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When the dolphins dance - remidios_fine - LJ

"Striking through the green waters,
symbolizing joy,
you jump from the depths to touch the sky,
scattering spray like handfuls of jewels"

Horace Dobbs

Dolphin is a creature that lives in two elements, sea and air. He serves as a link between the earthly and heavenly and is the king of fish, the savior of shipwrecked people, the guide of souls in the other world. The dolphin is an allegory of salvation, inspired by ancient legends that portray it as a friend of man. It symbolizes the sea, sea power, safety and speed, freedom, nobility, love, pleasure.

Two dolphins, looking in different directions, personify the duality of nature, the cosmic flows of involution and evolution, two dolphins together - the golden mean between extremes, a symbol of balance. Dolphin with an anchor means prudence.

In Sumerian-Semitic mythology, the dolphin is associated with Enki, the god of wisdom, the owner of the underground world ocean of fresh waters. According to legend, people lived like animals until the first man emerged from the sea, the cultural hero Oannes (an epithet of the god Enki) in the form of a half-dolphin (according to another version, half-fish-half-man). He taught the inhabitants of Babylonia writing, science, construction, and agriculture. In addition, the dolphin is an attribute of the goddess Ishtar and is dedicated to Atargatis, the goddess of fertility and prosperity in West Semitic mythology.

Among the Egyptians, Isis, the goddess of fertility, wind, water and navigation, can be depicted with a dolphin.

In Hinduism, the dolphin is the horse of Kama, the god of love.

In Minoan culture, he represents power on the seas. Almost four thousand years ago, ancient artists depicted dolphins on a fresco of the Knossos Palace on the island of Crete: like sea deities, huge animals, smoothly gliding, perform their dance in transparent waters, protecting the peace and tranquility of the underwater kingdom.

In Greek mythology, dolphins often accompany the gods - Aphrodite, Poseidon, Apollo, Dionysus. A dolphin can have both lunar and solar signs: next to Delphic Apollo, it symbolizes light and the sun, but if depicted with Aphrodite or Eros, then it has lunar symbolism.

In its origin, Aphrodite is close to the Phoenician Astarte, the Assyrian Ishtar, the Egyptian Isis, and often, like them, is depicted with dolphins. Dolphin is one of the incarnations of Poseidon. According to legend, one of the dolphins married the god of the seas and Amphitrite. After a fight with the monstrous Python, Apollo in the form of a dolphin catches up with the ship of the Cretan sailors and brings it to the pier of the city of Chrisa.

From there, through a fertile valley, sailors come to the foot of Parnassus, where the main shrine of the Hellenic world is located - the Delphic oracle and the Temple of Apollo - and become the first Delphic priests.

According to legend, the Tyrrhenian sea robbers were turned into dolphins, because they did not see the powerful god Dionysus in the beautiful young man they captured. Since then, they are destined to serve forever in his retinue. In the ancient mysteries, Dionysus was compared to a magical dolphin diving into the abyss and rising to the surface of the water. .. He is immortal and exists outside the boundaries of space and time, either appearing or disappearing in an endless chain of incarnations...

Among the Etruscans and Romans, the dolphin symbolizes the journey of the soul across the sea of ​​death to the promised land. In Mithraism, the dolphin is associated with Mithra, the symbol of light.

In Christian symbolism, the dolphin is identified with Jesus Christ as the creator and savior, with resurrection and salvation. A dolphin with an anchor or a ship represents the church led by Christ. In Christianity, this symbol sometimes replaces the ark of salvation and rebirth. A dolphin pierced by a trident or chained to an anchor means the crucified Christ.

The myths of many peoples speak of a dolphin as a divine being, possessing the gift of prophecy, capable of flying out of the water and reaching the sky in one leap to take its place among the constellations...

So the birds chirp at dawn,
The tired heart of the ship
Gives a signal of bliss,

And sees the forward looking,
cheerful and far-sighted,
Green flashes of lightning
Above the foamy mass of water.

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