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The Book of Boba Fett episode 2 shines in a beautiful final ceremony

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This post contains spoilers for The Book of Boba Fett episode 2.

The Book of Boba Fett episode 2 continues Boba Fett’s backstory with the Tuskens and I cannot stop thinking about it, especially the final scene. The creators of this series are giving fans a detailed look at what happened after the famous bounty hunter fell into the Sarlacc’s pit and it’s incredible. Although episode 1 highlights the Tuskens’ acceptance of Boba Fett, episode 2, “The Tribes of Tatooine,” dives deeper into the relationship built between Boba Fett and the Tusken tribe that has become as unbreakable as the staff Boba wields.

Although the initial capture didn’t seem like it would bode well for Boba Fett, especially with his suit and gear stolen, it has progressed into something wholly satisfying. After capturing him (aka saving him), was Boba Fett’s forced bondage a test of will to see if he was worthy to join their tribe? The entire episode is dedicated to showing off Boba Fett’s capabilities, even when he’s bested by his teacher with the gaderffii stick.

Where episode 1 gives us a sense of Boba Fett proving his will to survive, The Book of Boba Fett episode 2 seems to focus on the journey associated with fitting in and proving his worth. Temuera Morrison’s own upbringing where he received training as a young boy gives all of these fight scenes a sincere quality that lets viewers know that Boba Fett is not to be messed with.

In an interview with Star Wars online, Morrison highlighted his background. He said, “I’m a Maori and I’ve been trained. It gives me something to draw on. I was trained as a young boy back in New Zealand in the art of our haka [warrior dance]. ‘Ha’ is the breath, and ‘ka’ is the fire. I’m using my warrior background as a source of energy and as a source of confidence.” His training absolutely translates to the screen, which gives us intense and heartfelt sequences that culminate in an epic ceremony by the close of this episode.

When Boba Fett has his gaderffii stick knocked away, he wants to learn how to be better. The fire in his eyes is real and it makes Morrison’s impact as Fett even more satisfying, while also clarifying his introduction in The Mandalorian where he wielded the stick as his weapon of choice. The impact of his training extends to this weapon, as he also mentioned, “In our own culture, we have a staff that’s called a taiaha. I’d been trained in that as a young boy, as well.”

The Book of Boba Fett episode 2 is also layered in such a way where the final ceremonial dance is representative of Fett’s journey with the Tuskens and it feels important. He approaches a group of approximately 22 Tuskens at night, sitting in a circle around a blazing bonfire. Fett presents the leader with the gaderffii stick he created. In this moment, he looks to the leader for approval, similarly to when he looked to the leader for some form of recognition or a sip of water. The leader nods, much like Fett being worthy to be welcomed into the tribe earlier and earning that initial sip of water.

He then faces his teacher and they start to artfully move and strike their sticks into the air. This simple face-to-face engagement, staring at one another across the fire, seems to represent the initial stages of acceptance where he’s being trained. This was a new look for Boba Fett, because we watched a skilled Tusken fighter best him again and again. The emphasis on his training, and how he helped them as well, produces this symbiotic merging of two worlds: one of a former bounty hunter and one of a group once only seen as deadly nuisances.

The last stage of this amazing ceremony has the other members of the tribe getting to their feet to participate in this dance. Much like the Tusken warriors and Boba Fett came together to perform this captivating art form, they also worked in harmony to defeat the passing train that caused death and destruction to the tribe. As they circle the fire, their movements are one and the message of their bond seems to be crystal clear.

The ceremony is mesmerizing, beautiful, and the intensity from Morrison and the others portraying the Tuskens is unified in a way that perfectly encapsulates what these characters all mean to each other. They are one family. With this acceptance, trust, and looking out for one another, Boba Fett has learned a great deal from the Tuskens. Ultimately, so have the fans, and this amazing ceremonial dance perfectly captures this episode and means one thing: we’re all the better for it.

What are your thoughts on The Book of Boba Fett episode 2? Did the final sequence give you a further appreciation for Boba Fett and the Tuskens? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Don’t forget to follow the Dork Side of the Force for more The Book of Boba Fett coverage.

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Boba Fett on call. Dark Side Interview - Gambling Addiction

Last October, we spoke with Anthony Daniels, who plays the famed C3PO Golden Robot Translator. The interview turned out great, but what about the Dark Side? Has Igromania sold out to the Jedi?!

Don't panic! Overcoming fear and ignoring the trembling hamstrings, we went to meet the most dangerous bounty hunter in the universe - Boba Fett. And even managed to get away from her alive and (relatively) unharmed. Moreover, Jeremy Bullock, who was hiding under the helmet of a movie hero, turned out to be an extremely pleasant conversationalist.

- Mr. Bullock, let's start with a mandatory question in the program. How did you like The Force Awakens ?

Jeremy Bullock: I was watching a movie with my wife - there was no one else in the hall - and I sat in a chair with the thought: "Come on, try to entertain me ..." But after five minutes I was thinking: damn, that must be great! The film is literally saturated with youth, energy, dynamism, and the young actors are so alive! In general, yes, I really liked it.

- I hear you answer all fan mail. Is it really true? There must be an incredible number of them!

Jeremy Bullock: I used to really try to answer every one. At first it took an hour, then a couple of hours a day, but at some point I realized that if I continue in the same spirit, then I simply will not have time to live! Nevertheless, I try to devote time to this: I sign photographs, I just thank someone. By the way, which is funny, just before the trip here, they sent me two paper letters from Russia, written in beautiful handwriting. Very cute.

— Are you in Russia for the first time?

Jeremy Bullock: Exactly. My wife and I love to travel, since now there is enough time for this. We traveled around America, were in Japan ... but we had never been to Russia before.

— Did you manage to try something from Russian cuisine?

Jeremy Bullock: Have eaten your traditional red soup a few times, what is it called... borch? Borsch? Delicious, unusual and very nutritious. And before leaving, you should definitely try Russian vodka - for the sake of interest.

- Rumor has it your room looks like a small Boba Fett museum...

Jeremy Bullock: Oh, it's not that bad, although I do collect interesting things related to my character. I find something on trips, sometimes fans send me original drawings. Some people think that I'm a little crazy - I created a museum named after myself (laughs) . My favorite exhibit stands at the top of the stairs and looks at everyone who climbs - you can’t just walk past it. If he still slightly moved his head, then some guests would have had a heart attack.

- Is there a place for Boba Fett in the new trilogy, and would you like to return to this role?

Jeremy Bullock: If only in a cameo. I can see it directly: the cantina is somewhere on a small planet, Boba Fett is sitting in the far corner - just a figure, nothing more. Camera stops, Boba lifts his helmet, takes a sip from his glass, puts on his helmet and exits. Like in some "Fistful of Dollars"

- By the way, about westerns. Is it true that you looked up to actor Clint Eastwood when you played Fett?

Jeremy Bullock: Yeah, I wanted my character to look impressive, and he's standing next to Darth Vader in a lot of scenes. He is laconic, but you literally feel the danger emanating from him. It seems to me that the secret of success is in a long look and small turns of the head. Look at the window behind you, and then slowly turn back around.

- Good. I look at the window, turn slowly...

Jeremy Bullock: (stares motionless ten seconds)

- hmm? ..

Jeremy Balllock: (slightly tilts and continues to look past)

- yes, I probably, I got the gist. But for all the seriousness of the image on the set, there was certainly a place for humor. Can you remember any funny incident?

Jeremy Bullock: The first thing that comes to mind is how I got tangled up in Darth Vader's cape. We were filming a scene in the freeze room and I accidentally tripped over Vader's suit. And now I’m lying on the floor and thinking: “This is the end of Boba Fett ...”

Have you played any Star Wars games? They are everywhere, even on tablets - the strategy "Star Wars: Invasion" , for example.

Jeremy Bullock: I'm still one of those days when, to make a phone call, you had to throw two pennies into the machine and say: "Hello, hello." But sometimes I watch my grandchildren play and it goes through my head: “Damn, he has a helmet and a rifle just like me!” (probably referring to Star Wars Battlefront) .

— But, besides Star Wars, you have a large filmography, you have successfully played in the theater and even voiced cartoons.

Jeremy Bullock: I've been in films since I was twelve, I was in a couple of musicals at seventeen, you know, dance a little, sing a little. I wanted to stay in Spain to play in a western, but it was still too early for this genre - the boom began about five years after the release of Sergio Leone's films. Played the Shakespearean repertoire on stage, managed to light up in the "Bondian" as an assistant to Mr. Q. Roger Moore later told me: "Bullock, you turned out to be a Bond character much more interesting than a bounty hunter"

- Then I'll ask a really difficult question. Still theater or cinema?

Jeremy Bullock: Definitely theater. When, fifty minutes after the start of the performance, having played the first act, you go on stage and see the reaction of the live audience, you can’t help but think: “It will be a good evening!” All the energy of the audience pours into you - you literally seethe from it.

- Do your grandchildren enjoy the fact that their grandfather is Boba Fett? Would any of them want to follow in your footsteps and become an actor?

Jeremy Bullock: No, no, they are very humble and don't talk about it much. It's funny to see how surprised their friends are when they come to visit us. As for the acting career, sometimes they play in school plays, and one of the granddaughters dreams of becoming a ballerina and being on the stage of the Bolshoi. Although, as for me, she is too ostentatious with her: “Oh, look how I pull my leg!” (laughs)

— Thank you very much for the interview, Mr. Bullock!

Jeremy Bullock: Thank you! (leans closer and lowers his voice) And go to the dark side.

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