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8 Seconds Dance Miller-Mathew Wedding

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Groom Heats Up Floor With Fierce Dance Moves

Who says entertaining guests at a wedding has to cost an arm and a leg? A lot of brides, grooms, and wedding parties are lacing up their own dance shoes for reception performances. And if you’ve been paying attention to YouTube, you probably know there are tons of amazing ones out there.

Even more than saving money, having the bride or groom involved in the entertainment makes it personalized and fun. I mean, talk about something you’d never forget!


Pixabay/NGDPhotoworks - nihan güzel daştan

A group of cowboys took the dance floor at the Miller-Matthew wedding to give everyone a show.

While they may look like they could be hired entertainers, they’re not. It’s the groom and his groomsmen, of course!


YouTube Screenshot

Little did guests know they’d cooked up a special performance that involved a biographical film from the 1990s, which starred a Beverly Hills 90210 castmember. Any guesses?

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The cowboys had decided to recreate a classic dance from the movie

8 Seconds.

Perhaps you remember, 8 Seconds is about the late champion bull rider, Lane Frost, and tells the story of his life, career, and tragic passing.

During the film, there’s a scene that features a memorable wedding “dance-off” to the song “When Will I Be Loved. ” It takes place between Frost and his best friend (played by Luke Perry (R.I.P) and Stephen Baldwin), who are both wearing their cowboy hats.

These guys have been practicing.

In the video, the groom and his buddies light up the dance floor with the epic dance. The guests cheer as the cowboys stomp, kick, and move in unison to the country tune. With how good they are, surely they spent time preparing for the performance!


YouTube Screenshot

One viewer commented:

“This is awesome I really wanna do this at my wedding I’d be nervous as hell usually takes about 5-6 cold ones to start moving like that.”


YouTube Screenshot

Get ready to tap along.

On top of the dance being awesome, the music is too. Phil Everly (of The Everly Brothers) wrote “When Will I Be Loved.” However, it’s Vince Gill and Karla Bonoff’s version in the background. Makes sense because it was also part of the 8 Seconds soundtrack.



Best of all, it looks like they’re having

a lot of fun.

Dancing is one of those activities that’s good for the mind, body, and soul. Then add in your buddies, an energetic routine, and a kickin’ song? It’s no wonder why people decide to do these types of dances at weddings!


YouTube Screenshot

Didn’t have time to plan a choreographed dance? No problem.

If you’re looking to get everyone involved in a reception dance, there are certain songs that have routines most know.

The Wedding Secret Magazine compiled a list of the “Top 10 Wedding Songs With Dance Routines” – and on it were classics like “Macarena,” “Let’s Twist Again,” and “YMCA.” Now those are songs that would get guests boogying.


8 Seconds performance went viral.

In the video description, it says:

“8 Seconds Dance from the groom and groomsmen at the Miller-Mathew Wedding. We modeled our dance after the video uploaded by username TheNameBeithBrad.”


YouTube Screenshot

Since Austin Miller uploaded the video to YouTube it’s been watched more than 329K times. Most people can’t say that about one of their wedding videos!

A viewer wrote:

“Awesome they are having a blast and can Dance wow”


YouTube Screenshot

Ready to see these cowboys in action? You can watch their epic

8 Seconds performance below!

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Austin Miller

Wide Open Country

The Wedding Secret Magazine

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Kathleen Shipman is a contributor at SBLY Media.

How to stage a wedding dance yourself

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  • For those who want to take the risk and try to stage their first dance on their own, I want to give some useful tips. I hope that they will help you competently plan and stage a harmonious wedding dance!
    This article will be useful both for those who already know how to dance a little, and for those who are very enthusiastic and want to try their hand and come up with the dance of their dreams on their own. nine0018 Your first wedding dance is in your hands!

    So, what should be assessed and considered before proceeding with the production?

    Size of the dance floor and height of the ceilings

    If your dance floor is small, then when staging the dance, you should avoid moving around the ballroom, choosing more compact dance figures for your composition.
    At the same time, if your venue is large, it is advisable to include several figures in your dance, in which you will actively move around the hall, thus filling the space visually. nine0017 Let's take a simple example: a wedding dance set to the tempo of a fast (Viennese) waltz. For the case if you have a small dance floor, you should stop at the “figured waltz” option, performing the figures without advancing, and performing the waltz itself “in a square”.
    If you have a large area, I suggest including a big circle waltz.

    Ceiling height is important for high supports, the simplest of which is lifting the bride in her arms. Before performing such support, you need to make sure that the height of the ceilings allows it. For example, in some restaurants and on steamboats, it is problematic to perform high lifts. nine0018

    Spectator's side

    All your movements, and especially postures, should be laid out in directions and oriented to the "spectator's" side. To begin with, determine the configuration of your dance hall, the place where you will go to dance, the place where the main part of the audience will be concentrated, where the photographer and videographer will stand.
    All your poses must be performed facing the audience. To do this, you need to decompose your dance into directions, so that for the performance of certain figures you find yourself facing your audience. nine0017 If you have 2 or more spectator sides, then you need to decompose your dance so that you alternately dance to one or the other spectator side. Preference should be given to the side where the photographer and videographer will stand.


    You can dance to any music you like. It should be borne in mind that it consists of musical phrases, which in turn are divided into measures. The main rules that I recommend to follow in order to achieve the musicality of your performance:

    a) As soon as a new musical phrase starts, you must change the movement type. The simplest example: while the singer is singing one phrase, you make one movement, when he starts singing another phrase, you start making another movement. Most often in musical compositions there are verses, choruses and losses. They usually consist of several musical phrases.

    b) Play with musical accents and puffs. Accents (beats in music) are perfectly played with rapid hand movements, a sudden stop in movement, or a sharp change in direction. Puffs are best suited for “smeared” smooth poses. nine0018

    c) Within each musical phrase there are several measures (most often the time signature for modern compositions is 4/4, for a waltz 3/4). Try to hear them, isolate and decompose your movements into strokes, achieving clarity of execution.

    Before decomposing your movements into music, I recommend doing a musical dictation: decomposing your music into phrases, measures, highlighting accents and puffs. And then to impose on them movements.


    Suggested duration of the dance: about 3 minutes including entering the platform and bowing. If your musical composition is longer, then it is worth trimming it using software tools. A longer dance rarely looks good: the audience gets tired and the effect of the first impression is lost.
    If you fundamentally do not want to shorten your melody, then I recommend inserting some pantomime scenes into it for contrast (scenes of a meeting, farewell, quarrel, reconciliation). This will advantageously set off the dance part and help make your performance more intense and interesting for the audience. nine0018

    Physiology of the bride and groom

    The appearance of the couple is very important for creating a harmonious dance.
    Couples in which both the bride and groom have an ideal athletic physique and an ideal difference in height (10-15 cm) are few. All dance figures will suit these lucky ones.
    But if your pair has features, then they must be taken into account and beaten, using 100%!

    For example, for couples in which the groom is much taller than the bride (the difference in height is 20 cm or more), elements in which the groom goes down (visually becomes lower) and the bride remains standing will look very good. Also, for such a couple, support with rotation on the hands will look great, in which the bride is taken in her arms facing the groom (see photo above). nine0018

    If there is a small difference in height between partners in a couple or the bride is taller than the groom, then supports are perfect for you, in which the bride deviates, and the groom remains standing straight. Elements in which the girl sits down on bent knees facing the groom will also look good. Rotation on the hands for such a pair is best done in a position when the girl is picked up sideways.

    In couples where the bride has a more dense physique than the groom, we recommend avoiding elements with the bride lifting on her hands, the main emphasis in this case is better to place on the partner's plastic movements and masculine lines in the partner's positions. nine0018

    Video work

    If you are staging your own wedding dance, you will most likely be using video footage. It would be a big mistake to simply copy the movements from someone else's dance.
    When watching the video, be sure to select those movements that you understand how beautiful and correct to perform and avoid complex and incomprehensible elements.
    You should also be aware that what looks easy and beautiful in a professional performance, for beginners, it may not look advantageous at all. nine0017 Think about whether the movements you like are right for your couple, whether you perform them well. Take a video of yourself and compare the resulting picture with the original. Leave only those movements that you are good at.

    Advice for girls

    Girls, think about the features of your wedding dress when staging a dance. If the dress is tight, then you should wear a tight skirt at the rehearsal in order to immediately avoid movements that you basically cannot do in this dress. nine0017 If you have a crinoline dress, then wear a crinoline at rehearsal so that you and your fiancé get used to its size. Remember that the crinoline creates some distance between you in the dance, as well as inertia in the rotations.
    If you have a train - then you need to either stab it or support it with your hand. Accordingly, during rehearsals, always keep something in the hand that will be occupied by the train. Often the choice of movements for a wedding dance is largely dictated by the bride's wedding dress!


    When working on the wedding dance on your own, you need to start staging about 2 months before the wedding. Chances are you won't have much time right before the wedding, and a good staging is time-consuming (especially if you don't have any dance experience), so it's best to start working on the dance early. With the rehearsal mode 1-2 times a week for one hour, you will have time to put on and learn the dance, film yourself on video and work on your mistakes.
    It is a good idea to start doing any pair dance (in a regular dance group), this will allow you to master the principles of pair movement and teach you simple movements that you can use in your production. nine0018

    Staging a wedding dance by yourself is an interesting, creative, but not an easy task. I recommend that after the end of the production, if possible, come to professional teachers for at least one lesson and show them your dance. I wish all the newlyweds happiness, love, joy and good luck in staging the wedding dance!

    Author — Lydia Salop.
    Copyright reserved. For republishing, please contact the PR department.

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    What kind of dress is suitable for preparing a wedding dance?

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